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ILFA Public libraries Satellite:
Public Library Futures in a global digital world
12-13 August 2014, Library of Birmingham, UK
Tuesday 12th August
Registration and refreshments
Theme 1:
Breaking down barriers between physical and digital
Marian Morgan-Bindon, Chair, IFLA Public Libraries Section
Keynote: Future City, Future Library
Brian Gambles will describe the vision and reality behind the creation of the Library
of Birmingham, one of Europe’s foremost cultural developments, which was opened
in September 2013 by Malala Yousafzai and welcomed one million visitors in its first
hundred days. Brian considers the role of the library in the remaking of the city, and
the contribution that a centre of excellence for reading, learning, culture and
community can make to civic pride and sense of place. Libraries do have a vibrant
and healthy future, and they can and do change lives. Brian analyses the need for
transformed services to meet changing times, in a young, diverse and dynamic city
which is very much the future face of European cities – future city, future library.
Brian Gambles, Director, Library of Birmingham and Chief Executive, Library of
Birmingham Development Trust
Multimedia, creativity and new ways of learning: Vaikky, the new mobile library in
Espoo, Finland
Välkky is a unique Mobile Library in Espoo, Finland. In addition to the traditional
lending stock the bus has a wide range of interactive media. In the mornings the
Mobile library visits schools and kindergartens as a modern children´s library. In the
afternoons and evenings Välkky can function as a Writer´s bus, a movie theatre, a
multimedia workshop, a meeting place for a book club or a handicraft group for
adult clients.
Eva Wilenius, Services Manager, Espoo City Mobile Library
Breaking down barriers between physical and virtual spaces in public libraries:
leading practices in Guandong Province of China
In Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong Province, the barriers between physical and
virtual spaces are fast disappearing with over 200 computers distributed alongside
of print collections, and Wi-Fi readily available. Visitors in virtual space can do
almost same things as in physical space –OPAC, read books, journals and news, ask a
librarian, take part in activities, watch shows and attend lectures
Ms Huang Qunqing, Professorial Librarian, Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong
Province, China
Let’s tear down the wall between physical and digital: ZLB topic room, Berlin
ZLB is Germany’s largest public library and one of the most frequently visited
cultural and educational institutions in Berlin. The ZLB Topic Room iPad Application
ILFA Public libraries Satellite:
Public Library Futures in a global digital world
12-13 August 2014, Library of Birmingham, UK
aggregates tweets and blogs, including links and one feature website. ZLB Topic
Room offers patrons a great chance to get to know and to become comfortable with
modern information technology. The project has led to some strong partnerships.
Sarah Dudek, Head of Humanities and Social Science Division & Vera Binz, Head of
Science and Economy Division, ZLB Library, Berlin, Germany
Lunch and tours of Library of Birmingham and mobile libraries
Welcome back from the Chair
Marian Morgan-Bindon, Chair, IFLA Public Libraries Section
Keynote: Overcoming Barriers to Change and Growth
The Chattanooga Public Library is redefining itself as a 21st Century Public Library.
Our 4th Floor maker space, which also serves as the Library's beta space, is the city's
place to see and be seen. 3-D printing, laser cutting, button making together with
sewing and coding classes are integrated with our traditional services. This program
will address the difficulties and pleasures of implementing innovation and managing
disruptive change.
Corinne Hill, Library Director, Chattanooga Public Library
Making without a maker space: the People’s La in Roskilde, Denmark
The libraries in Roskilde and Aarhus have been experimenting with makerculture as
a part of their library service, but with the restriction of not having a physical room
for a Makerspace with expensive equipment. Instead they have made creative
rooms and ecosystems with ideas from the makerculture, with focus on sharing,
participating, and learning. This resulted in 6 very different events/rooms where
citizens and library staff worked collaboratively.
Allan Thomsen Volhoj, Librarian and Henriette Dybdal, Team Leader, County Library
of Roskilde, Denmark
Madly Innovative: Manchester Libraries and Madlab
MadLab was set up in 2009 with a mission to provide a hands-on space to actively
encourage practical workshops and peer-to-peer learning. A not-for-profit
organisation, it is located in Manchester’s culturally thriving Northern Quarter.
MadLab has 50 active groups and a further 14 ad hoc user groups. From its
inception, Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives has worked closely with
MadLab to deliver a variety of projects and courses across the city, all of which are
over-subscribed and receive excellent feedback from participants. The success of the
partnership has led to a range of interesting and innovative collaborations between
libraries and community groups, digital activists, coders and artists such as Internet
Radio Production Workshops, Curry and Coding Nights, Robogals, DIY Video Game
Development, Social Media Surgeries and Code Clubs. With the re-opening of our
magnificent Central Library, collaboration continues within the high tech Media
Lounge and through the city's newest programme of cuttting edge cultural events LibraryLive.
Sue Lawson, Service Development Coordinator Manchester Libraries, Information
and Archives
ILFA Public libraries Satellite:
Public Library Futures in a global digital world
12-13 August 2014, Library of Birmingham, UK
Keynote: Bexar County Bibliotech - Bringing the Library to the Public
In September, 2013 Bexar County, Texas, launched BiblioTech, the first entirely
digital public library in the United States. Capitalizing on technology, BiblioTech
presents an inverted service model by breaking down the “walls” of the library and
reaching out to provide library access to students, seniors, the disabled and the
visually impaired. BiblioTech has captured the imagination of people all over the
world and has sparked dialog about new and exciting ways library services can be
delivered to the public.
Laura Cole, Special Projects Coordinator, Bibliotech, San Antonio, Texas
Close of day
Marian Morgan-Bindon, Chair, IFLA Public Libraries Section
Drinks Reception and Presentation of Public Librarian of the Year Awards
Hosted by CILIP
Wednesday 13th August
Registration and refreshments
Theme 2:
Libraries in the digital economy
Jan Richards, ILFA Public Libraries Section
Keynote: Transforming public libraries in the knowledge society
Knowledge economy and the wave of digitisation create a new cultural modernity
with deep undercutting of traditional habits and customs. The need for lifelong
learning, personal identity and empowerment of citizens, fight against
fragmentation and loss of coherence is roaring. The traditional public library cannot
cope with these challenges, being basically a 20th century institution; a new kind of
organisation must be created to form the new public library.
Jens Thorhauge, Independent Senior Adviser and Consultant, Denmark
No-one left behind: the role of libraries as we transition towards a digital world
The South Australian Public Library Network has collaborated to provide both the
connectivity and skills development that communities require. Many libraries are in
very small and remote towns and the library is often the only public, connected
social infrastructure. This paper will outline the philosophy, process and outcomes
of this “whole of State”, networked approach in both the physical and digital realm,
working towards ensuring that no-one is left behind.
Geoff Strempel, Associate Director, Public Library Services, State Library of South
Bringing digital enterprise to a rural library network: the experience from Devon
Library Service, UK
ILFA Public libraries Satellite:
Public Library Futures in a global digital world
12-13 August 2014, Library of Birmingham, UK
In a time of intense funding pressure, Devon Library Service has been pro-active in
developing new services to ensure that libraries maintain their relevance and
usefulness, and continue to provide value for local citizens. Devon Libraries are
developing digital making facilities and enterprise support via a linked series of
innovative pilot projects. These revolve around the essential role of libraries in
supporting and driving economic growth
Ciara Eastell, Head of Libraries, Culture and Heritage, Devon County Council
Onsite versus online settings: two ways of reaching the users in the library of
The Libraries of Barcelona are paying special attention to evolution of the digital
world and of the devices for accessing information to adapt to the informational
needs of r users by offering them new services through new channels, taking into
account that we are not only interested in the virtual public, but also all the citizens
who enter the libraries; which is why the Library’s r virtual services always have an
onsite link.
Anna Broll Nadal, Technical Director of Coordination and Services, Anna Cabre
Serra, ICT, & Dolores Gandara Sanz, Librarian, Libraries of Barcelona
Small service, big impact: public libraries’ contribution to urban and rural
development: the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme
Since 2010, the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme has supported 39 new and
innovative services in 23 developing and transition economy countries in Africa,
Asia, Europe and Latin America. This paper explores the ways in which public
libraries are contributing to the economic wellbeing of individuals and communities
in different urban and rural settings.
Jean Fairbairn, Public Library Innovation Programme Communications Coordinator,
EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries), Italy and Ugne Lipeikaite, Public Library
Innovation Programme Manager EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries), Italy
Lunch and tours of Library of Birmingham and mobiles
Welcome back
Jan Richards, ILFA Public Libraries Section
Keynote: Thinking innovatively, acting collaboratively and managing creatively
This presentation will offer a view of the current landscape which Public Libraries are
operating within- the challenges and the opportunities- and the response from the
sector which has been led by the Society of Chief Librarians, to ensure that the
library offer remains engaging, viable and sustainable going forward.
Janene Cox, Past President, Society of Chief Librarians, England
There are no walls: reading online across borders
Online reading groups run by libraries are increasing. Some are using face to face
tools like Adobe connect, others are using social media like twitter. The different
ILFA Public libraries Satellite:
Public Library Futures in a global digital world
12-13 August 2014, Library of Birmingham, UK
methods and strengths of online international reading groups, which the different
authors co-run will be discussed.
Elisabet Brynge, Development Manager, County of Örebro, Sweden, Gary Green,
Technical Librarian, Surrey Public Library Service, UK, Ulf Holke, Culture
Development Manager, County of Västmanland, Sweden, Ellen Forsyth, Consultant
Public Library Services, State Library of New South Wales, Australia
Hospital based Library book lending: a UK first
In February 2013, Warwickshire Library and Information Service installed a 24-hour
library book-lending machine in a local hospital. The Italian-made machine dispenses
up to 400 different books, and anyone with a county library card can use it for free.
It is believed to be the first stand-alone of its type in the UK, outside a library setting.
Ayub Khan, Customer Services Manager (Face to Face), Warwickshire County
Community building for public libraries in the 21st Century: examples from the
Many books about today’s public libraries report about the importance of the
building of communities in and around the public library. However, there is a lack of
innovative examples of community building in the practice of public libraries. Our
speakers will focus on two famous Dutch examples of innovative community
building in public libraries.
Marina Polderman, Librarian & Hans van Duijnhoven, Librarian & Library Manager,
Noord Oost Brabantse Bibliotheken, Netherlands
Round up and farewell
Jan Richards, IFLA Public Libraries Section

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