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The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Leadership in Education
Pi Lights
Vol. 69, No. 4
78 years
Published by the New York State Organization
Summer 2014
2014 Fall Executive Board Meeting & Seminar
October 17-18, 2014
The Queensbury Hotel & Conference Center
88 Ridge Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Look for Registration Form & Hotel Reservation/ Directions
on pages 22 & 23 of this issue and on Pi State website.
Seminar Early Registration due by September 10th
Hotel Reservations due by September 10th to receive DKG special rate
Committee Meetings and
Music Rehearsal
FDF Sales
5:15-6:15 pm Optional Dinner
6:30-7:15pm Session I (Workshops 1, 2, 3)
7:30-8:15pm Session II (Workshops 4, 5, 6)
8:30-9:30pm Program: Report of Ad Hoc
Pi State Strategic Action Plan
9:30-10:30pm Dessert Reception and
Area Council Meetings
7:30- 9:00am
8:15- 8:30am
Optional Breakfast
Executive Board Sign-In
Executive Board Meeting
Hotel Check Out
Session III (Workshops 7, 8, 9)
Workshop Proposals are due to Educational
Excellence Chair, Jennifer Lee-Alden by July 15.
The form may be found on the Pi State Website,
One of the ways Dr. Joyce Tang has challenged us to “Invigorate Pi State” is to grow our membership.
Please consider inviting an Early Career Educator or potential member to the Executive Board Meeting/Seminar.
Save the Date:
Pi State 2015 Convention and Seminar,
April 24-26, 2015
Long Island Marriott, Uniondale
Deadline for Pi State Scholarships,
Awards, Stipends and Grant(s)-in-Aid
March 1, 2015
More details included in fall issue of Pi Lights.
Refer to the Pi State website for applications.
Articles in this Issue
President’s Message .................................................... 2-4
Pride of Pi & Awards …….…….……………………. 2-13
BYLAWS & Rules Update ……………..……………. 9
Area Conferences ……………………………………. 9
Pi State Awards Benefit Patrons 2014 …………........ 5-8
Pi State Educational Foundation ………………....... 14
Pi State Initiates …………………………….............. 13, 17, 21
Growing Our Membership: Alpha Tau …………….. 15
Pi State Strategic Action Plan ………………………. 18-21
Registration Form for Fall Executive Board
Meeting/Seminar with Directions …………………... 22-23
Membership Chart, Executive Committee ………….. 24
Page Two
President’s Message: News & Pride of Pi
“Invigorating Pi State”
Dr. Joyce Tang
Pi State President 2013 - 2015
Register NOW for the Fall Executive Board
Meeting and Seminar in Glens Falls!
Summer is the busiest time of this year for many Chapters — year-end Celebration Luncheons/Dinners, Induction of
new members, election and Installation of new Officers and brainstorming programs for a new Biennium (2014-16).
The Executive Committee salutes all outgoing Chapter Presidents and Officers who have volunteered their time and
expertise to the membership and commends all incoming Chapter Presidents and Officers for accepting the daunting
challenges of leadership. To prepare incoming Chapter Presidents to take this assignment with confidence, the
Leadership Development Committee (Chair Ruth Ann Fultz, Sheila Brady-Root, Registrar Deborah Bedard,
Jeanne Schenk, Joan Slagle, Wanda Ward, Beryl Szwed and Karen Butters), Executive Committee (Dr. Joyce
Tang, Rosemary Van Wart, Suzanne Patrick, Mary-Martha Harvey and Ellie Robinson), Jane Tanner and
Terri Palmiero have been working hard to organize a 2-day seminar to be held on June 30 and July 1 at the Hilton
Garden Inn in East Syracuse. Building on the success of the 2013 Leadership Development Seminar for State
Committee Chairs, the Seminar will provide up-to-date information and critical resources from the Society and Pi
State to the attendees on how to lead and move their Chapters forward.
Pi State is also in the process of developing a Strategic Action Plan (SAP). As stakeholders, your support and
input is needed to keep Pi State strong and competitive. The Ad Hoc Pi State Strategic Action Plan Committee
(Deborah Bedard, Barbara Bostwick-Quinn, Karen Butters, Anne-Marie Carlson, Karen Crumley,
Mary-Martha Harvey, Joyce Krupnik, Dr. Andrea Morris, Lochie Musso, Catherine Olinger, Jeanne Schenk,
Jean Sekel, Joan Slagle, Emilie Stris, Beryl Szwed, Dr. Joyce Tang, Jane Tanner, Rosemary Van Wart and
Wanda Ward) will collect and analyze data of membership and Chapter profiles, review recent Biennial Reports
submitted by State and Chapter Presidents and State Chairs, and prepare a report with recommendations. No one is in
a better position than our 2,600 members, who can offer invaluable suggestions on how to strengthen this 78-yearyoung organization for key women educators in New York State. (For additional information on the SAP, refer to
“The 2014 Pi State Strategic Action Plan for 2,600+ Stakeholders” in this issue, pp. 18-21.)
To organize the 70th Pi State Convention at the Long Island Marriott from April 24 to 26, 2015, a Steering
Committee has been appointed. The Committee met at the Convention site in April and via Go-to-Meeting in May
(with Executive Committee members Dr. Joyce Tang, Karen Butters, Rosemary Van Wart and Beryl Szwed) to
form sub-committees and to develop the program and budget. Send your suggestions and ideas to the Committee:
Convention Co-chairs Dr. Valerie Lagakis and Dr. Kumkum Prabhakar; Registrar Sue Spivak; Treasurer Noreen
LeCann; Recording Secretary Beth Borzone; Chapter Presidents’ Line-up and Procession – Loretta Detweiler
(Chair); Hospitality – Penny Ellis (Chair), Danielle Greco, Joyce Chinsky and Fran Brida; Workshops/Speakers –
Beth Borzone (Chair), Emilie Stris and Toni Pomerantz; Entertainment/Tours – Jean Fontana (Chair), Penny Ellis,
Mary Ann Frauenberger and Rita Chiachiere; and Volunteers – Catherine Olinger, Dr. Andrea Morris, Grace
Murphy, Ann Walker, Fern Daane, Rowena Costa, Mary Ann Baldari, Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, Stacey
Portmore-Davies, Phyllis Voegeli and Dr. Rosanne Gonzalez.
In addition to participating in the Go-To-Meetings for the Awards, Executive, Leadership Development and
Convention Steering Committees during the past four months, I had the honor and pleasure of being a part of three
Continued on page three
Page Three
Pi State President’s Message: News & Pride of Pi
President’s Message
Continued from page two
Chapter events. The level of energy and enthusiasm of Chapter Presidents Terri Palmiero, Susan Palmieri, Della
Ludwig and Rita Moloney is contagious!
[1] Joint Alpha Chi and Nu Chapters Meeting at the Franklin Hotel and Restaurant in Rome on April 24 (Thursday)
[2] Omega Chapter’s Seminar for Early-Career Educators at Trinity Church in Geneva on May 17 (Saturday)
[3] Beta Xi Chapter’s 42nd Annual Birthday Luncheon at Stonewalls Restaurant in Riverhead on June 7 (Saturday).
Additionally, since March, Executive Committee members Jeanne Schenk, Deborah Bedard, Rosemary Van
Wart, Beryl Szwed, Joan Slagle and Ellie Robinson have been busy visiting Chapters and attending Area
Conferences as the State Representatives.
The collaboration and support of the Executive Committee, State Committee Chairs and Committee members,
Workshop Presenters and Donors to the Awards Committee Benefit Drawing have contributed to the success of the
Spring Executive Board Meeting and Seminar at the Sheraton Syracuse Hotel in April. Thank you to the 110 Pi
State members and guests who helped Invigorate Pi State at this 2-day event. Participants, who submitted their
evaluations, liked the efficiency of and the information provided at the Business Meeting. They also gave high praises
to the quantity and quality of workshops organized by the Educational Excellence Committee. A big THANK YOU
goes to many Pi State sisters who have worked quietly behind the scene to make the plan of the Spring Board Meeting
and Seminar a reality: Registrar Lisa Huyck; Educational Excellence Chair Jennifer Lee-Alden; Music Chair
Bridget Bishop; Thought-for-the-Day and Finance Representative Della Ludwig; Past President, BYLAWS and
Rules Chair and Workshop Presenter Karen Crumley; Personnel Chair Collene Richardson; Audit Chair Jean
Sekel; Leadership Development Co-Chair Sheila Brady-Root; Membership & Expansion Chair Diane Bootie;
Communication & Publicity Chair Sue Genthner; U.S. Forum Liaison Barbara Bostwick-Quinn; Awards Chair
Erin Merrill; World Fellowship Chair Emilie Stris; Native American Grant(s)-in-Aid Chair Arlene Ida; Pi State
Achievement Award Chair JoAnn Wallace; Travel and Study Stipend Chair Joyce Krupnik; Verna Mulholland
Friend of Education Award Chair Maria Toulas; Pi State Educational Foundation President Agnes Becker; UN-NGO
Representative Grace Murphy; 2015 Pi State Convention Steering Committee Representative Rowena Costa; First
Vice-President and Bea Small Award Chair Deborah Bedard; Secretary Rosemary Van Wart; Immediate Past
President Jeanne Schenk; Second Vice-President, Frederica Hollister Professional Educators Award Chair and
Awards Luncheon Host Karen Butters; Executive Secretary and Liaison to Hotel Beryl Szwed; Treasurer Suzanne
Patrick; Pi Lights Editor and Workshop Presenter Mary-Martha Harvey; Parliamentarian and Workshop Presenter
Ellie Robinson; Past President and Financial Development Fund (FDF) Administrator Joan Slagle; Webmaster Barre
Hall; and Workshop Presenters (not mentioned above) Dr. Gerald Mager (Syracuse University) et al., Terri
Palmiero, Jean Wagner, Dr. Jane Hogan, Joyce Thompson-Hovey and Melanie McDonald.
If you want to share your talents and experiences at the Fall Board Meeting and Seminar in Glens Falls, submit a
workshop proposal to the Educational Excellence Committee by July 15 (download form from Pi State website).
Don’t forget to check out the Program of the Fall Workshops at the end of the summer on the Pi State Website. Start
looking for talented Pi State sisters around you as candidates for State Officers to serve in the next Biennium starting
July 1, 2015. Candidates needed include President, First-Vice-President, Second Vice-President, and Secretary. For
more information regarding nominations and official forms, visit Pi State Website or contact Nominations Chair
Lochie Musso.
Finally, I want to recognize the contributions of the following Pi State sisters for promoting excellence in education,
strengthening our Society and invigorating Pi State.
[1] Dr. Jean Lloyd, a member of Gamma Alpha and an educator and scholar who lives in Manhattan, published
Producing Brilliant Children (New York: Vantage Press, 2012). Jean observes that the kindergarten classroom is a
place of immense possibilities. In the first year of their education, it is there that the children are most likely to be
instilled with a love of learning. She stresses that it is the role of the teacher (using parts magic and method) to turn
that possibility into reality. Producing Brilliant Children will show you how to do it—effectively teach reading and
writing, deal with school administrators, spot and instruct gifted children and handle issues teaching in an
underprivileged school system with students from disadvantaged background.
[2] Dr. Colleen A. Kelly, a founding member of Gamma Alpha and a prolific author and educator who lives in
Connecticut, edited Face of a Chapter (2014). This 55-page book features ten present and past members, active and
honorary, of Gamma Alpha. In the preface, Colleen notes: “Many distinguished members have contributed to the
Continued on page four
Page Four
Pi State Awards & President’s Message: Pride of Pi
President’s Message
Concluded from page three
richness of the Chapter, sharing their extraordinary talents with the Chapter. To preserve the memory of these
outstanding women and introduce them to new members, the Chapter has launched a project to collect [their]
biological profiles in a book.” Face of a Chapter may inspire other Chapters to conceive similar projects to chronicle
the contributions and achievements of our Pi State sisters. Colleen has been appointed to the Pi State Achievement
Award Committee as a member (2014-15).
[3] Linda Smith has accepted the appointment to serve as a member of the Pi State Bea Small Award Committee
for 2014-15. A 25-year member of Omega, Linda is a retired Grade 5 teacher and honored community volunteer.
[4] Appreciation goes to Pi State Past President Carol Ramsey (1995-97) who volunteered her time and expertise to
the Pi State Achievement Award and Bea Small Award Committees (2013-14). Carol’s distinguished service to Pi
State and to Omega was critical to the growth of the New York State Organization. The Society will continue to
benefit from Carol’s wisdom after her relocation to Ohio in the summer.
[5] Congratulations to Jennifer Lee-Alden, a member of Beta Omega, Chair of Pi State Educational Excellence
Committee and Music Teacher, for receiving the DKG Cornetet Professional Development Award ($1,720) to
attend the National Association for Music Education National In-Service Conference. Jennifer will present an
interactive workshop, “Music and Children’s Literature – A Winning Combination for Teaching the Common Core,”
on Tuesday, July 29 at the DKG 2014 International Convention.
[6] Rebecca Maeder-Chein, member of Beta Omicron and Music Teacher, has been selected as a recipient of the
DKG Educational Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Award ($1,000) to fund “Tuning Up the SKCS Library.”
[7] A non-member Michelle Davis of New York also received the DKG Educational Foundation’s 50th
Anniversary Award ($1,000) to fund “Educational Equity Through Preparation for College: Providing
Opportunities for Urban, At Risk, High School Seniors.”
[8] Executive Secretary Beryl Szwed will present a workshop, “STEM for the Elementary Grades: Engineering and
Literature Go Together,” on Thursday, July 31 at the DKG 2014 International Convention.
[9] On Thursday, July 31, Pi State UN-NGO Representative Grace Murphy, the recipient of the 2014 Pi State
Achievement Award, and Pi State Past President Anne-Marie Carlson will present a workshop, “The World We Want:
DKG and the Post-2015 Development Agenda,” at the DKG 2014 International Convention. As a member of the
International Educational Excellence Committee, Grace will co-present two workshops, “Speed Around the Track with
Educational Excellence” (July 30) and “Another Look in the EEC Kaleidoscope” (July 31).
[10] As a member of the International Expansion Committee, Lochie Musso will co-present a workshop, “Power
Up For Success: Strategies for Strengthening State Organizations” on Wednesday, July 30 (by invitation) at the DKG
2014 International Convention.
I look forward to seeing YOU at the International Convention (July 28 – August 1)
and at New York Dines Out (July 29) in Indianapolis!
Dr. Joyce Tang
Gladys L. Mersereau Grant-in-Aid Award
Established in 1975 to honor Beta Rho member and past Pi State President
Gladys L. Mersereau (1946-1948) who wanted to help women become
teachers, this award is given to a non-member whose education was interrupted
and who now needs financial aid to complete certification requirements.
Dr. Joyce Tang presented Patti Kruppo with this year’s Grant-in-Aid.
Determined to learn about autism and to help others who are dealing with
special needs children, Patti would like to complete her graduate studies in
Special Education in August 2015. However, the financial burden on a family
of five has been a major obstacle to achieving her goal. The Gladys L.
Mersereau Grant-in-Aid will help Patti defray part of the tuition costs and takes
her one step closer to becoming a Special Education Teacher in her community.
Dr. Joyce Tang
Patti Kruppo, Recipient of the
Gladys Mersereau Grant-in-Aid
Award with Pi State President
Dr. Joyce Tang
Page Five
Special Thank You to our Pi State Awards Patrons
Congratulations, Pi State!
The Pi State Awards Committee extends a huge THANK YOU to all 2,600 members!
Your generosity and commitment to DKG, Pi State and the Awards, Scholarships and
Grant(s)-in-Aid awarded each year is appreciated beyond words. 84% of our 61 Chapters
participated in the Benefit Drawing this year. With your help, Pi State has exceeded President
Tang’s 2014 challenge to raise $6,100 in Scholarship benefit tickets.
Your contributions totaled $6,333!!
Along with this amazing support, we had nine fabulously generous gift baskets, all to
enhance the theme “Invigorating Pi State,” to share with nine excited members from ……
Area Council
$6,333 in Pi State
Scholarship Benefit Tickets
South Central
West Central
Pi State Awards Chair,
Erin Merrill, drawing
winning names for the
Pi State Benefit Awards
Gift Baskets at Spring
Executive Board
Luncheon on April 26th.
East Central
Invigorating the outdoors-woman in us!
LL Bean bag and gift certificate
Invigorating the Skin
Taking care of our self and skin
Invigorating Pi State from the Northwest
Goodies from Northwestern NY
Invigoration from Buffalo
Sweet Treats and Coffees
Invigorating the Mind
- Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate
- Signed copy of the Genesee River, by John and Sue Babbitt, Mu
- Signed copy of Among the Mohegans: A Puritan's Tale of
Passage by Howard Root (Sheila Brady-Root, Alpha Xi)
Invigorating Your Home
Locally made candle and pottery
Bed, Bath and Beyond gift certificate
Invigorating the Inner Shopper!
Tiffany’s gift certificate
Grow and Invigorate
Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card
Personal herb garden
Finger Lakes Invigorates!
Finger Lakes goodies and $100
Anna May Filor
Alpha Zeta
Doris Knowles
Gamma Zeta
Karen Butters
Beta Mu
Lynn Prehn
Beta Omega
Barbara Opera
Gamma Delta
Julia Schrader
Gamma Gamma
Jean Sekel
Maria Toulas
Alpha Phi
Janet Judson
Alpha Gamma
Exceeding President Joyce Tang’s goal could not have happened without each of you.
Thank you again, Erin Merrill
Pi State Awards Benefit Patrons 2014
Julie Amodeo
Debra Calvino
Faith Fury
Louise Gallagher
Colleen Greco
Patty Hershberger
Debby Hill
Angela Houlihan
Susan Maloney
Mary Grace McCue
Joyce Luby
Katherine Sagarese
Margie VanVliet
Vivian Yettru
Joyce Zawistowski
Jan Argentine
Sandy Attleson
Gwen Barbato
Chirs Baron
Ian Bean
Marcia Bulger
Judy Casciani
Brenda Comolli
Karen Cunningham
Esther Davis
Mary Davis
Linda Delorenzo
Jeanette Dippo
Clara Edwards
Susan Eligh
Anna Finamore
Ester Gros
Mary Kay Hickey
Martha Lang
Lori Megivern
Lynn New
Barb Bostwick-Quinn
Gail Renniger-Smith
Norma Riley
Jeanne Sangiorgi
Kathleen Tavarone
Deb Vibbard
Janet Morstadt
Ruth Whiting
Melinda Young
Molly Celani
Margaret Connoly
Diane Davison
Sharon Patrick
Jean Burns
Nancy Siegel
Valerie McPartland
Kelly Geraghty
Sandy Kay
Martha Bogart
Michele Corona
Pam Mitchell
Jayne Stevens
Doreen Croyle
Janice Steeves
Kelly McIntyre
Patti Hunter
Erica Lauffer
Eileen Hurley
Barbara Quinn
Jane Bogart-Schmidt
Leanne Bucco
Nancy Lussier
Michelle Bulla
Stacey Rhubin
Ann Marie Santorelly
Jessica Szeli
Carol Opdyke
Michele Pinard
Stephanie Allen
Pat Fanning
Laura McGrath
Kathy Londraville
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Page Six
Special Thank You to our Pi State Awards Patrons
Pi State Awards Benefit Patrons 2014
Continued from page five
Sue Babbitt
Janet Chaffee
Kathy Dinwoodie
Eloise Hopkins
Marjean Nielsen
Cheryl Slatt
Yvonne Smith
Natalie Weyand
Nu Chapter Members
Keara Battisti
Andrea Null
Patricia Muselbeck
Lori Shuster
Louise Huth
Susan Napple
Ludima Burton
Joanne Mickle
Lina Cusler
Jean Sekel
Sue Summerfield
Celia Bradford
Dottie Lawson
Joan Ackerman
Jo Salo
Jane Miller
Ev Rogers
Margo Burrows
Karen Rowe
Fran Bliven
Fran Nichols
Betsy Fugerson
Lisa Sackett
Sue Patrick
Joanne Westcott
L. Karen Barkman
Lisa Huyuk
Carol Bandlow
Nancy Carroll
Carol Cramer
Leota Crary
Linda Evans
Jean Martin
Noreen Morris
Joann O’Connell
Sue Rinaldo
Sue Sharon
Carole Valesky
Marjorie G. Tornatore
Diane Bootie
Chris Cummings
Esther Davis
Diana M. Henry
Laurie Ann Ross
Pat Segar
Franci Solomon-Kirtack
Karen Crumley
Barbara Boncek
Zita Kurtzman-Yennie
Lucy Smassanow
Joann Madden
Ginny Dudko
Pat Newman
Karen Bliss
Ann Marie Carlson
Lynn Furgo
Barbara Mallaney
Catherine Reid
Heather Wynne
Barbara Keis
Carol Frost
Judy Corigliano
Glenda Smith Rowe
Fran Baroody
Michele Snyder
Ruth Mowry
Bev Burnell
Sue Kenoyer
Rita Bedard
Elaine Rice
Colleen Ryan
Mary Anne Lake
Mary Brassard
E. Hollingsworth
Joanna Valente Orr
Valerie Jordan
Lynn Mulholland
Billie VanCour
V. Holingsworth
Anne Bailey
Jan Astles
Evie Bottorf
Mary Cherniss
Linda Coons
Phyllis Frantel
Laura Hill
Lynda John
Mary King
Della Ludwig
Lois Ludwig
Cindy Lynch
Mary-Martha Harvey
Marilyn Nicholson
Sharyn Powell
Carol Ramsey
June Renner
Sisters of Omega
Linda Smith
Katja Stevens
Christine Taylor
Linda Upchurch
Jamie Wagner
Jan Wright
Alpha Alpha
Betsy Balzano
Jeannette Banker
Bridget Bishop
Judy Cantleberry
Pamela Eberhardt
Joan Fenton
Mary Lou Galasso
Gretchen Hughes
Elaine Leshnower
Donna Noble
C. Anne Abbey
Sue Genthner
Eileen Weuthrich
Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta members
Mary Ann Baldari
Alpha Gamma
Alpha Gamma members
Alpha Delta
Alpha Delta members
Alpha Epsilon
Maggie McCurry
Diane Lapan
Deb Bedard
Alpha Epsilon members
Alpha Zeta
Martha Strever
Patricia B. Coon
Anna May Filor
Denise Gilhooley-Partrick
Sarah S. Stevenson
Marilyn Wakefield
Peg Hunt
Peggy Slingerland
Linda Greenblatt
Diane Zduniak
Alpha Theta
Nelda Callard
Kathleen Clarke
Celeste Crawford
Phyllis Di Miero
Barbara Filardo
Barbara Filipiak
Kathleen Fox
Lou Anne Hogan
Ruth Houserman
Cathleen Joynt
Sandy Kelley
Jeannette Lindke
Christa Lutz
Diane McKee
Beverly Merritt
Susan Richards
Trisha Stacey
Patricia Turner
Lavonne Walker
Carol Feltz
Krista-Beth Feltz
Alpha Pi
Corinne Wynne
Loan Lederman
Jean Kennedy
Kathy Turkewitz
Jean Reidy
Joanne Carroll
Julia Morreale
Rosemary Van Wart
Alpha Kappa
Alpha Rho
Arlene Ida
Kathy Town
Wynne Wright
Debra Zaffuts
Kathy Brown
Corinne Carlson
Susan Chura
Elizabeth Day
Pegeen Jensen
Donna Langley-Peck
Susan Mahigian
Rita Moore
Linda Seymour
Carolyn Snapp
Maxine Terpening
Jennifer Walbroehl
Maureen Nicolo
Sue Gannestock
Mary Jane Eckel
Cherie Bennett
Gilberta Corneby
Jan Przybylski
Alpha Sigma
Carol Bush
Cindy Baker
Shelley Chaffee
Leslie Chambers
Cindy Havers
Joyce Krupnik
Mary Linda Williams
Kristen Keenan
Candace Clemens
Pat Ash
Betty Pappas
Alpha Lambda
Diane Andriaccio
Leslie Dedola
Marlene Miller
Fran Romeo
Janice Juliano
Rosemary Lombardo
Hettie Domino
Sharon Kulhanek
Marcia Swiatek
Alpha Tau
Laura Janas
Betty Pilato
Jay Lethbridge
Wendy Heffer
Christine Antalek
Marcia Johnson
Linda Utter
Mary Peck
Dawn Goodman
Joan Geise
Tammy Wood
Janice Driscoll
Annita Breitweiser
Ann Smithers
Lucile McKay
Deb Minor
Barbara Paige
Cecilia Colosi
Connie Castaluzzo
Laura Tantillo
Karen Lahue
Arlene Morley
Jeanne Schenk
Alpha Nu
Dodie Gearing
Dee Hushmedy
Linda Drahushuk
Carol Ann Jason
Ann Marie Bonafide
Ginny Nightingale
Maryanne Overbaugh
Carol Gans
Alice Hoffman
Diana Kipp
LuAnn Fredereksen
Kelly Schermerhorn
Mary Ann Shook
Gloria Autry
Alpha Xi
Jane Hogan
Roselyn Freedman-Baum
Linda Beach
Wanda Ward
Alpha Phi
Maria Toulas
Joyce Tang
Alpha Phi members
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Page Seven
Special Thank You to our Pi State Awards Patrons
Pi State Awards Benefit Patrons 2014
Continued from page five
Alpha Chi
Elizabeth Bottini
Susan Butler
Charlene Castelletti
Dorene Clarkin
Ceil Domser
Anna Giacobbe
Rose Hosp
Colleen Jackson
Leanne Jardine
Cynthia Killian
Janet Lascurettes
Monica McCabe
Lois Muniente
Diane Pabes
Teri Palmiero
Marjorie Reese
Andra Rounds
Anne Sheehan
Heidi Smith
Gail Spadafora
Victoria Stockton
Pam Tinker
Joanne Truman
Jean Wagner
Sheri Walczak
Carol Zaleski
Nancy Zukowski
Alpha Psi
Alpha Psi members
Alpha Omega
Jo Ann Wallace
Beta Alpha
Barbara Holder
Shirley Wade
Maureen Widrick
Sue Schmidt
Joan Halfenger
Gail Fowler
Judy Perkins
Priscilla DiRisio
Nora Sands
Peg Lawrence
Jean Smith
Nancy Palermo
Darlene Bianco
Linda Daviau
Bonnie Slocum
Marian MacFarlane
Nancy Arras
Elaine Bezon
Diane Mills
Kathy Weber
Jane Balbick
Colleen Vacanti
Linda Boyce
Karen Cima
Lisa Cudney
Marty Sabato
Beta Gamma
Ursula Fuest
Alice Wilson
Lynne Rowley
Mary Zenta
Jo Konvinse
Laurie McKeown
Ruth Ann Fultz
Linda Flaherty
Lynn Saxton
Ruthanne Vitagliano
Agnes Tamrouskze
Diane Santore
Mary Margaret
Renee Falkowski
George Ann Carter
Jackie McDanel
Cathy Mlyniec
Joan Bellance
Marylyn Hubbard
Kim Monahan
Julie Christner
Pamela Partridge
Angel Lowery
Ruth Gibson
Marie Elena Deeney
Joan Carlucci
Partricia Powell
Sandra Bojanowski
Diane McCallum
Linda Rabeck
Claudia Cersani
Mrs. Stachowiak
Eleanor Smith
Mary Curris
Judy Foss
Joanne Herman
Marie Ochal
Ester Mangino
Beta Delta
Theresa Clark
Beth Gray
Diane Cappellino
Jan Driscoll
Mel Morrin
Diane Macaluso
BJ Garnsey
Janet Fulkerson
Carol Lord
Joan Allbright
Liz Logan
Lynn D’Amico
Karen Greco
Gina Suffrendini
Harlene Gilbert
Beta Epsilon
Michelle Cole
Maxine Dowler
Mary E. Eaton
Mary Ann Hebert
Joanne Mattie
Nan Miller
Maggie Smith
Sarah Smith
Kathleen Sprague
Linda Thompson
Barb Ward
Celestine Welch
Kay Williams
Beta Eta
Kathleen C. Evans
Marion B. Northrup
C. Myrna Di Biase
Susan Moses
Linda Marshall
H. Joanne Underwood
Mary Anna Russo
Beta Theta
Kebby Clute
Christine Stevens
Lin Locklear
Marcia Waterman
Diane Osborn
Kay Gray
Sue Yonda
Ellen Barne
Beta Kappa
Jane Tanner
Beta Mu
Carol Lamb
Sara Kelly Johns
Susan Norris
Elizabeth Johnson
Amy Webb
Cheryl Schiller
Anne Cooney
Beryl Szwed
Karen Dailey
Kathy Curit
Mary Johnson
Dianne Peterson
Linda Warner
Karen Butters
Beta Nu
Amy Thompson
Cathie Phelps
Helen Davis
Carol Poliseno
Marge Wagner
Cindy Regar
Nancy Schwab
Janet Simons
Liz Wascak
Diane Battaglia
Kay Kilburn
Beta Omicron
Ellen Moser
Bea Hinckley
Andi Cammer
Suzanne Ostrom
Dorean McGrath
Robin White
Patricia Thompson
Janet Dolezel
Sue Morales
Kathy Curley
Becky Chien
Beta Tau
Roma Emery
Barb Stewart
Melinda Riviello
Patti Genereux
Janette Lancos
Julee Acomb
Victoria Rose
Beta Phi
Wendy Allard
Kathy Bailey
Becky Sue Bianco
Martha Evans
Heather O’Grady-Evans
Linda Gregory
Karen Rowe
Wendy Grinolds
Barbara Franzese
Dannie Brown
Cyndy Wood
Angela Weeden
Christine Updyke
Susan Mulhall
Suzanne Walker
Ann Shepardson
Beta Chi
Erin Merrill
Lorraine Fiedler
Patty BecerrilDrapikowski
Sharon Muth
Laura Bronson
Barb McDowell
Lisa Bartlett
Sue Gruber
Fran Seymour
Susan St. John-Jarvis
Mimi Whittenhall
Audrey Carr
Cheryl Jordan
Deborah Joseph
Shirley Corey
Bernie Baldini
Ellen O’Hare
Vicie Rolling
Beta Psi
Catherine McDonnell
Jessica Pajdak
Barbara Bruce
Elaine Katsikas
Fern Daane
Katrin Summers
Phyllis Voegeli
Zobeida Acevedo
Catherine Olinger
Loretta Detweiler
Frances Brida
Susan Spivak
Valerie Cordiale
Beta Omega
Julie Roy
Laura Sheldon
Mary Lee Weeks
Joan Slagle
Melanie McDonald
Carol Troost
Joanne Donnan
Barb Cervenka
Carol Viera
Pat Bennison
Lynn Prehn
Susan Peters
Elaine Vandenburgh
Denise Kalinkewicz
Beth Brewster
Lin Jackowski
Jennifer Lee-Alden
Felice Druziak
Alice Crotty
Kimberly Gordon
Kathleen Hoetzel
Gamma Gamma
Leah Robinson
Amy Dentinger
Diane Carlson
Wianne Kotula
Julia Schrader
Rhonda Ball
Gamma Delta
Ellie Robinson
JoAn Holesko
Stacey Jafarjian
Nancy Duffy
Jane Davigon
Karen Mauro
Janice Peters
Mory Fonte
Continued on page eight
Page Eight
Pi State Patrons, News & Awards
Pi State Awards Benefit Patrons 2014
Concluded from page seven
Gamma Delta
Amy Grabau
Mary Lorich
Mary Lostracco
Barb Opera
Agnes Becker
Lori Ellman
Judy Hagan
Donna Krayenvenger
April Carero
Carol Brenner
J. LoCicero
Gamma Epsilon
Lisa Smithers
Cindy Wells
Pat Washburn
Joyce Yianoukos
Diane Dailey
Mary Jo Whalen
Jeanne Garner
Joan Johnson
Morgan Fee
Nancy Love
Metza Hewko
C. Wilson
Ann Groome
Jennifer Haynes
Ann Adams
Charlotte Garofolo
Elizabeth Gleason
Agnes Hudson
Lyn Swafford
Linda Adams
Mary Dixon
Kristine Hurst
Gamma Zeta
Sue Cotter
Geraldine Wolfe
Diane Huggler
Penny Allington
Mary Suffern
Doris Roy
Barbara Cook
Cathy Honess
Patty Kahl
Mary Franklin
Michalene Ahrens- Schultz
Diane Masters
Anne Price
Doris Knowles
Terri Graham
Cathy Peterson
Pi State Bylaws & Rules Update
(All Standing Rule changes become effective immediately.)
On April 26, 2014, the Standing Rule Changes that were published in Pi Lights in the Spring Edition were all
passed by the Executive Board at their meeting in Syracuse. You can find them on the website in the middle column
under New York State News and Important Information.
IMPORTANT: A Standing Rule that had not previously been published is written here as it was passed by the
Executive Board.
Amend Section 10 Pi Lights 10.13 which reads
The copy deadline shall be September1, December 1, February 1 and May 1.
To Read:
The copy deadline shall be September 1, December 1, March 1 and June 1.
This change will equalize the quarterly due dates for Pi Lights. Currently the quarterly due dates are scheduled
Adopted April 26, 2014
Important Information
All proposed amendments to our present Bylaws/Standing Rules shall be submitted to the Bylaws & Rules Committee
by October 1, 2014. Any member, Committee, Chapter or Board shall be eligible to submit a proposed amendment.
These proposals will be studied by the Bylaws and Rules Committee with recommendations going to the Executive
Committee for approval before printing in the winter edition of Pi Lights and in the spring submitted to a vote at the
Pi State Executive Board Meeting and Pi State Convention. The Pi State Convention is April 24-26, 2015 in
Uniondale at the Long Island Marriott.
Karen P. Crumley
Bea Small Awards Honored
Pi State First Vice President Deb Bedard with Bea Small
Awardees: (front) Sue Spivak, Beta Psi; (back row)
Linda Flaherty, Beta Gamma; Delia Olufsen, Beta Delta;
Julia Schrader, Gamma Gamma; Fran Brida, Beta Psi;
missing from photo – Laura Janas, Alpha Tau
Established in 1999 in memory of Bea Small, a member of
Omega, the Award is presented to a Pi State Chapter(s) having an
outstanding existing program or project, which addresses a need of
a specific population within the Chapter’s geographic area. The
2014 Bea Small Awards were presented by Pi State First Vice
President Deborah Bedard at the Spring Executive Board
Meeting/Seminar Awards Luncheon on Saturday, April 26.
In May of 2011, 20 members of Beta Psi decided that they could
help a number of families in the Patchogue-Medford School District
with 11 schools and a total population of 2,524 students by
providing school supplies for students at the beginning of the school
year. With the cost of school supplies increasing each year,
Continued on page nine
Page Nine
Pi State Awards & Area Councils
Bea Small Awards Honored
Concluded on page eight
Pi State Fall Area
Scheduled for 2014
the financial burden on families is often onerous. The children who start
Refer to Pi State website for
school without proper tools are at a disadvantage both academically and
Registration Forms.
socially. Chapter members purchase backpacks and school supplies and then
pack and deliver the backpacks. Tags have been designed and attached to each
Northern Area Conference
backpack wishing the students success in the school year. Project Director
August 12
Janet Fulcher states “In August of 2013 members of Beta Psi helped two
Inn on the Green & Picken’s
hundred children and their families; introduced themselves to the community
Store, Heuvelton
through these projects.”
“Amish Culture in Upstate, NY”
“Warm Scarves and Hugs from the Hands and Hearts of Beta Gamma
Registrar TBA
Sisters” began in September of 2004 as an initiative by Diane Santora during
Eastern Area Conference
her Biennium. Diane had previously come through a difficult time with her
September 27
health and recognized the importance of women being proactive and taking
FDR National Historic Site
care of themselves. Members and friends began to knit scarves, donated
Hyde Park
money for yarn and made special cards to go with each scarf. The idea grew
“Guided & Self-Guided Tour
as a need for women undergoing health issues increased. In the application
Of FDR’s Home”
Linda Flaherty states “The most beneficial aspect of this project has been the
Contact Registrar Janet Judson
warmth and caring feelings our members have as they share hugs and smiles
[email protected],
with the recipients. It has made our Beta Gamma Chapter shine as more
Southwest & Northwest
people are ‘gifted’ by us.”
Area Conference
Delia Olufsen is the Project Director for “Early Literacy for Children and
October 4
their Parents” sponsored by Beta Delta. In fall of 2008 Beta Delta joined the
Roycroft Inn
Seneca County United Way Literacy Partnership Project. Chapter members
visit the Seneca County SPCC-WIC site (Society for the Protection and Care
“Teachers: The Core of
of Children - Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and
Children) in Waterloo to give books to children ages birth to 5, model reading
Dr. Wendy
strategies, techniques and guidelines for families to use at home - all on a
School of
one-to-one basis. WIC also hosts a Red Book Shelf in its office in which Beta
Delta places new and gently used books for families to take home on days
when Chapter volunteers are not present.
[email protected]
Gamma Gamma’s project “Books for Babies Plus” first began in 1984 and
further evolved in 1996 to affect more babies and their families. The goal of
West Central Area
this program is to supply books to needy families to promote the importance of
reading at an early age and to support “Moms in need” with personal supplies
October 25
(for example: hats, scarves, mittens or personal hygiene products) or large
The Avon Inn
items (strollers). Chapter members donate books, sponsor special project
Rte.5, Avon
activities such as making tied fleece blankets or collecting funds to purchase a
“The Genesee River with
specific larger item and needed supplies. During their November Chapter
Authors John and Sue Babbit”
meeting a “Mom and Babies Shower” is held. Rhonda Ball, Project
Contact Co-Chairs
Coordinator remarks, “The most beneficial aspect of this project is that our
Sheila Brady-Root, [email protected]
members know that they are supporting moms and babies in need and making
Mary Lou Galasso,
a difference beyond our classrooms to provide children with a better start in
[email protected]
life and the hope of being better educated.”
The purpose of Alpha Tau’s “Books for WIC Project” is to place books into the hands of young children in Ontario
and Yates County who might not otherwise have access. Begun in 1993 and now reaching 500-800 families, this
project encourages mothers to spend time reading with their children and fostering a love for literature. Alpha Tau
members contribute to WIC collections during Chapter meetings, purchase and distribute books to the WIC offices.
Kathryn Braddon, Alpha Tau, states, “Literacy is a prime concern in both counties. Providing encouragement for
mothers to read appropriate literature to their young children helps to spark the love of books and develop an
awareness of our language. Reading together brings a special closeness for both the child and reader.”
Deborah Bedard
Pi State Awards
Page Ten
2014 Pi State Achievement Award
Grace Murphy, Alpha Beta, Pi
State UN-NGO Representative
and recipient of 2014 Pi State
Achievement Award
Grace M. Murphy, Alpha Beta, was honored at the Spring Executive Board
Meeting/Seminar Awards Luncheon as this year’s Pi State Achievement Award
recipient. A 44-year DKG member, Grace is a retired Assistant Principal of Pupil
Services at New Dorp High School and former Adjunct Professor of English at Staten
Island Community College who found “creative ways to bring out the potential of the
young people with whom she worked.” Her involvement in many community service
organizations includes her role as Coordinator of Bridges to Hope, an outreach
program for single mothers and their children in the New York City Housing
Authority homes that provide food, nutrition, nurses, books and supplies.
Her dedication to Delta Kappa Gamma is reflected in her commitment, serving as Chapter President several
Bienniums; Chair and member of Gladys L. Mersereau Grant(s)-in-Aid, Personal Growth & Services Chair;
Professional & Leadership Development Chair; Pi State Educational Excellence Committee; Southeastern Area Chair;
and Co-Chair of Centerpiece Committee for the Celebration Luncheon and President’s Banquet for 2012 International
Convention. These roles as well as her leadership workshops at the local, State and International levels, “Schools for
Africa,” “Early Career Educators” and the United Nations, exemplify her creativity, charm, organization and
commitment to our Society at all levels. The writer of one of her letters of support noted: “She always reaches out to
others willingly giving of her time and sharing her knowledge and skills.”
Perhaps her most visible and far-reaching impact is her role as UN-NGO Representative since 2008 and her work
for CTAUN, presently serving as First Vice Chair for over three years and as a member of the International
Educational Excellence Committee. She has planned, organized and overseen the CTAUN Conferences at the UN as
well as events in Austin and Dallas, Texas.
The first recipient of the Pi State Achievement Award in 1954 was Gladys I. Mersereau, Pi State President 194948 and first Pi State Executive Secretary. Grace’s faithful service and accomplishments distinguish her as a key
woman educator and worthy recipient of the Pi State Achievement Award. She received a small gold pin in the form
of a Tudor rose and the sincere appreciation of Pi State and recognition of her years of outstanding contributions.
JoAnn Wallace
Ad Hoc Travel Stipends for
2014 International Convention Awarded
Ad Hoc Travel Stipend Awardees Eileen
Venezia, Alpha Delta, and Barbara Keis, Phi,
With Karen Crumley, Pi State Chair Ad Hoc
Travel Stipend Committee, Pi State Past
President and Pi State BYLAWS & Standing
Rules Chair
The Delta Kappa Gamma
Society International
Vision Statement
Leading Women Educators
Impacting Education
The two recipients of the Ad Hoc Travel Stipend have between one and
five years of membership in The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.
This stipend was proposed by the 2012 International Steering Committee to
support International’s initiative voted on in July 2012 at the 2012
International Convention to support early career educators in our Society.
One recipient wrote, “I will be able to gain a better understanding of the
Society from the State to the International level. I intend to share the
information gained with others and encourage newer members to get
involved more in the DKG organization”.
Eileen Venezia, Alpha Delta, was initiated into DKG in 2012. She is
serving as Chapter Secretary. She works for the Department of Education as
School Collaborator for CTAUN.
Barbara Keis, Phi, has been a member of DKG since 2009. She is
serving as Chapter President. One of her goals as Chapter President is to
initiate five new members to her Chapter. She currently teaches Special
Education grades 3-5 in the New York City Public Schools.
Karen P. Crumley
In the 2013-15 Biennium, “plan to Invigorate Pi State” by “growing our membership … enhancing the efficiency
of our operation … and enriching the content of our programs” - Dr. Joyce Tang
Page Eleven
Pi State Awards
Verna Mulholland Friend of Education
Awards Named for 2014
Recipients of the Verna Mulholland Friend of Education Award are persons
who love helping children but are not teachers. This year there were two deserving
award recipients.
Patricia Buono was forced to quit school in order to help support her family.
She married at twenty and raised five children, two of whom became teachers. Pat
has worked with children as a school aid in every capacity in the Riccardi
Elementary School, Saugerties School District in New York. As a Westchester
Foster Grandparent, she has worked in the Resource Room with special education
Maria Toulas, Chair of Verna
children, both CSE and ADHD children and a push-in program in second and third
Mulholland Friend of Education
Award with recipient Patricia Buono
grades. She has helped numerous students with reading, spelling and math skills,
Photo by Sara Kelly Johns
attended workshops and is always sharpening her skills in the latest methods of
interacting successfully with students and modes of instruction as well as the
current child abuse laws. At eighty-five years old, “Grandma Pat” is honored to
serve all children. She was nominated by Colleen Greco, Alpha.
Pat Standish began Angel Action in her home. The project became so big that it
eventually became a part of Community Action of Wyoming County with Pat as the
Director of the 27 Community Action Agencies in New York State. The focus of
Angel Action is on the working poor and children. Backpacks filled with school
supplies are provided on the first day of school to those who cannot afford them.
Emergency food is given to 450 families on the second Thursday of the month. On
Friday, volunteers give food to children that they know will not have enough to eat
on weekends. A baby shower initiative was begun by Angel Action and is growing
in the State. The “Mom and Me Book Club,” started in March, is a Beta Gamma
Project to help open lines of communication between daughters and moms who are
Linda Flaherty, Beta Gamma, with
her Nominee, Pat Standish (front),
in crisis. She was nominated by Linda Flaherty, Beta Gamma.
Founder and Director of Angel Action
Maria J. Toulas
Frederica Hollister Professional Educator’s
Awards Named for 2014
The Frederica Hollister Professional Educator’s Award nominees must meet
the criteria set forth in Pi State Standing Rules (SR 14.72): "...the woman who has
exemplified the best in education in New York State...had considerable visibility
...and made a significantly positive impact on education in New York State and
possibly at the national level. Her contributions should be varied, widely known and
should be well documented over a period of five years." This year there were two
outstanding recipients, who receive a plaque and two checks.
Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld is a 10-year member of Alpha Phi and is a Professor of
Education at Molloy College in Rockville Center. She has dedicated her career to
teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and teaching pre-service and inservice teacher candidates. A Fulbright Scholar, Andrea has published extensively
and is an active presenter at conferences and professional meetings. Andrea has
selected the Ilona Varga Graduate Education Fund to receive the check in her name.
Sara Kelly Johns is a 20-year member of Beta Mu. She recently retired from a
career as Library Media Specialist, Lake Placid CSD, and continues her association
with school library programs as Consultant, speaker and Adjunct Professor for
Mansfield University. Sara has been President of the American Library Association
and is a member of the New York Regents Advisory Council on Libraries. She
received the NY Library Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. Sara has
selected the ALA Development Office, Spectrum Fund to receive a check in her
Karen Butters
Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, Alpha Phi,
Recipient of Frederica Hollister
Professional Educator’s Award with
Pi State Second Vice President
Karen Butters
Sara Kelly Johns, Beta Mu, accepts
Frederica Hollister Professional
Educator’s Award.
Pi State News & Awards
Page Twelve
Leadership Development and Executive Committee members at the Pi State Leadership Development Seminar for Chapter
Presidents at the Hilton Garden Inn in East Syracuse on June 30-July 1, 2014. From left: Sheila Brady-Root, Mary-Martha
Harvey, Ellie Robinson, Dr. Joyce Tang, Jeanne Schenk, Deborah Bedard, Wanda Ward, Ruth Ann Fultz, Karen Butters,
Joan Slagle, Rosemary Van Wart, Beryl Szwed and Suzanne Patrick.
Photo by Barbara Bostwick-Quinn
50-Year Members
Congratulations to our 50-year and
25-year Members
Initiated from January 1st 1964
through December 31st 1964
Alpha Alpha
Alpha Delta
Alpha Eta
Alpha Kappa
Beta Alpha
Elaine Smathers
Jane Anderson
Barbara Hanrahan White
Jeannette Banker
Anne O’Toole
Florence Wildner
Helen Brion
Elizabeth Eide
Phoebe Young Hsia
Rachel Kaufman
Corinne Carlson
Norma Schrader
Dorothy Coughlin
Alpha Beta
Alpha Gamma
Alpha Zeta
Alpha Theta
Alpha Lambda
25-Year Members
Initiated from January 1st - December 31st 1989
Catheryn Berger
Judith Casciani
Karen Cunningham
Lori Megivern
Kathleen Gutleber
Patricia McDonnell
Vivian Johnston
Sally Laughlin Emewein
Carol Opdyke
Charlotte Gregory
Betty Caple
Janet Kolwaite
Constance Vendetta
Alpha Nu
Alpha Xi
Alpha Pi
Alpha Rho
Alpha Tau
Patricia Muselbeck
Jacalyn Robisch
Mary-Martha Harvey
Sally Maxson
Beverly Simons
Linda Smith
Margaret Snyder
Margaret Darraugh
Laura Felmore
Nancy Weiss
Emily Schwartz
Priscilla Slingerland
Candace Pisterzi
Jane Haley
Karen Enderby
Theresa Costello
Ann Archer
LaVonne Walker
Carol Engle
Marcia Swiatek
Doris Gearing
Sandra Gill
Eileen Hansen
Karen Wiktor
Nancy Morningstar
Mary Lou Spencer
Sandra Eddy
Sharon Fredericks
Mary Ann Gillman
Dawn Goodman
Wendy Heffer
Linda Lindner
Barbara Ann Paige
Continued on page thirteen
Pi State News, Awards & Initiates
Page Thirteen
Concluded from page twelve
Alpha Chi
Concluded from page twelve
Congratulations to our 25-year Members
Alpha Tau
Alpha Psi
Beta Alpha
Beta Gamma
Beta Theta
Beta Kappa
Beta Xi
Beta Rho
Beta Chi
Gamma Epsilon
Gamma Zeta
Milestone Birthdays
Mary Peck
Sherrie Winters
Anna Giacobbe
Leanne Jardine
Marjorie Reese
Leslie Hooper
Deborah Packard
Ursula Fuest
Mary Zentz
Diane Santora
Jacqueline McDanel
Diane Rice
Pauline Mirizio
Monnie Murtha
Dorothy Lapinski
Carole McCulloch
Pamela Dewolf
Elizabeth Gleason
Nancy Siegel
Cynthia Wilson
Carol Case
Congratulations to the
Chapters Celebrating a
Special Birthday in 2014!
During the Pi State Executive Board Meeting on
Saturday, 26 April at the Sheraton University Hotel
in Syracuse, Pi State President Dr. Joyce Tang
presented the following Chapters with certificates
honoring their Milestone Anniversaries in 2014.
Date Organized
Alpha Nu
June 4, 1959
Beta Alpha
March 1964*
Beta Theta
March 24, 1969
Beta Kappa
May 21, 1969
Beta Rho
March 9, 1974
Beta Psi
April 27, 1979
Beta Omega
April 30, 1979
*Date Unknown
Travel and Study Stipend Awarded
The Travel and Study Stipend Award recipient for 2014 is Mary Ann Baldari, President of Alpha Beta. A retired
teacher of Social Studies, Mary Ann has served Alpha Beta, holding numerous offices, and is determined to become more
involved with DKG at the State and International level and plans to use the stipend to attend the 2014 International
Joyce Krupnik
Convention in Indianapolis this summer.
Native American Grant(s)-in-Aid Awarded
Pi State offers Grant(s)-in-Aid to deserving young Native American women
attending college and planning to work in the field of Education or a related field.
Recipients for 2014 are Kaitlyn Lauzon of Salmon River and Erin Barnes of the
Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation. Kaitlyn will graduate in May from SUNY
Canton and will begin studies toward a degree in Nursing. Erin is currently a full
time student at Herkimer Community College in the Health Service Management
Arlene Ida
Paula Bianchi with Incoming Gamma
Gamma President Tressa Smith
Paula, a custodian at the Attica Middle
School, was honored with Gamma
Gamma’s 2014 Friend of Education
Award and inducted as an Honorary
Chapter member. Congratulations, Paula!
Photo by Rhonda Ball
Membership = to Recruit,
Retain and Reinstate
Lynn Stepkoski, 3rd Grade
Teacher in Somers CSD, is
Alpha Pi’s newest Initiate.
Jennifer Kendt,
Gamma Delta
Jennifer Kendt has been
recognized as one of 25
Teachers of Merit to be
profiled in Business First's
2014 Guide to Western New
York Schools, highlighting
the outstanding work being
done by skilled educators
throughout the region. She
was nominated by several
sources, including students.
Pi State News & Awards
Page Fourteen
Pi State Educational Foundation
Annual Meeting
The annual Membership Meeting of the Pi State Educational Foundation was held on Friday, April 25 at the Spring
Executive Board Meeting/Seminar in Syracuse. The following business was conducted:
* Virginia Dudko was elected to a four-year term of office as a Director of the Foundation. This is Virginia’s first
full term. She served one year to fill a vacancy.
* The Treasurer’s report indicated that the Foundation has a balance of just over $7,700.
* Award recipients from Tau, Alpha Rho and Rho Chapters presented their projects that received financial
assistance from the Foundation.
* Omega Chapter President, Della Ludwig, accepted the Foundation Challenge plaque recognizing the Chapter
with the greatest percentage of members who are Pi State Educational Foundation members.
At the Pi State Convention in 2015, the Chapter with the greatest percentage of members who belong to the
Foundation will again be recognized. Membership is a one-time, tax-exempt donation of $25.00. Once a member, you
may submit Award Proposals to help finance your individual or Chapter projects that promote literacy, not limited to
reading. Projects may be new or ones that have already been started. Membership and Contribution forms are on the
Pi State web site.
Agnes Becker
Foundation Project Grant Applications are due November 1 and May 1.
Pi State Educational Foundation
(September 1, 2013-May 10, 2014)
Deborah Bedard, Alpha Epsilon, in memory of Helen Cackene
Jane Tanner, Beta Kappa, donation to the Foundation
Patricia Segar, Tau, donation to the Foundation
Virginia Dudko, Tau, donation to the Foundation
Beta Psi, in honor of Josephine Davis
North Central Area Conference, donation to the Foundation
Diane Huggler, Gamma Zeta, in memory of Warren Price
Agnes Becker, Gamma Zeta, in memory of Warren Price
Jane Tanner, Beta Kappa, in memory of Warren Price
Alpha Xi, in honor of Monica Rudd
Alpha Delta, in memory of Gloria Musanto
Elizabeth Eide, Alpha Delta, in memory of Gloria Musanto
Carol Zaleski, Alpha Chi, in memory of Mary Shroyer
Carol Zaleski, Alpha Chi, in memory of Nancy Spadafora
Dr. Vailiki Lagakis, Alpha Phi, donation to the Foundation
Jane Hogan, Alpha Xi, donation to the Foundation
Nu, in honor of Dr. Joyce Tang
Sue Genthner, Alpha Alpha, in honor of Hadden
Sue Genthner, Alpha Alpha, in memory of Hale
Joan Slagle, Beta Omega, in honor of Jeanne Schenk and Jean Sekel
Agnes Becker, Gamma Delta, in honor of Murphy
Pi State Foundation Directors
Agnes Becker, Gamma Delta, Chair
Anne Price, Gamma Zeta, Vice-President
F. Carol Ramsey, Omega, Secretary
Jane Tanner, Beta Kappa, Treasurer
Virginia (Ginny) Dudko, Tau
Pi State Educational
Lifetime Members
(September 1, 2013-May 10, 2014)
Alpha Epsilon
Deborah Bedard
Alpha Phi
Dr. Vasiliki Lagakis
Alpha Xi
Dr. Jane Hogan
Alpha Xi Chapter
Beta Eta
Myrna DiBiasi
Helen Rice
Beta Nu
Elizabeth Wascak
Beta Omicron
Patricia Thompson
Gloria Lenhardt
Katherine Cronn
Patricia Segar
Franci Solomon-Kirtack
Membership Award
Agnes Becker, Pi State Educational
Foundation President, presents Della
Ludwig, Omega President, with
recognition plague for the Chapter
having the greatest percentage
increase in membership in the
Educational Foundation in 2013-14.
Pride of Pi ~ Membership
Page Fifteen
GROWING OUR MEMBERSHIP: Alpha Tau’s 19 Initiates
Our Chapter, Alpha Tau, is an active Chapter with 71 Members, including 10 Reserve and 1 Honorary. However,
like so many of the DKG Chapters, we are aging. We were facing a problem that many Chapters face. We now have
more retired members than working members. We knew we had to bring in some new members to help us keep up
with the ever changing world of education and we needed younger members to keep our Chapter current and vital. We
weren’t sure how we were going to do it, but that was our mission as the Chairs of our Membership Committee.
At the 2012 DKG International Convention in NYC, we attended a workshop called “Young DKG Members:
Growing Our Future” presented by Dr. Kathie Harned and Beverly Smith, both from Tennessee. They gave us
many new and practical ideas. They helped us to understand that even though there are significant generational
differences between our current membership and the teachers of today that we must acknowledge and embrace those
differences when recruiting new members. They helped us to understand how we can use these differences to enrich
our Chapters and make use of the talents of our younger members.
When our Founders formed DKG, it was a secret Society. The only way to become a member was to be invited to
join. It was all done behind closed doors. Many of our members remember that time when they were encouraged to
keep their nomination and membership quiet. Since then there has been a major philosophical shift. That was then,
but this is now, and we’ve come a long way baby! That shift requires a totally new approach to finding new
members. In 2014 we want people to know about our wonderful organization and what we do. We want to
spread the word.
So – our first step in recruiting new members was to put the DKG Bulletin “You & Us… Breaking Glass Ceilings
Worldwide” in the school mailboxes of all the women in our 7 area schools to help introduce them to DKG. We
attached a short note telling them about our Chapter and included our contact information, urging them to contact us to
find out more. We received a few responses from women wanting to know more about our organization and how they
could become members. At the same time, we encouraged all members to look for key women educators in their
home district. We put special emphasis on those districts that no longer had any working members in our Chapter. By
talking to community and school members and connecting with the women who had contacted us, we came up with 19
women eager to join. In addition, we have a list of women who are unable to make the commitment to join now but
would like to be contacted in the future. In April, we initiated all 19 interested women and look forward to
integrating them into Alpha Tau. We feel confident that these key women educators will keep our membership
healthy and growing in this changing world.
Marcia Johnston & Mary Lou Charland
Maggie Turner-Read, Laura Hovey,
Amy Busby and Kristi Curtin
Photo by Ginger Burgess
Erin Marshall Cunningham, Kelley
Johnson, Michele Griffin and
Heather Tillman
Photo by Annita Breitweiser
Amy Zimmerman, Alyson Vittacore, Corrine DeRue, Becky Trank, Brenda Ward and
Rachel Rogers
Missing from photo: Katie Bailey and Peg Daily
Photo by Annita Breitweiser
Karen Brion
Photo by Karen Brion
Stacy Liberati
Photo by Stacy Liberti
Beth Watkins
Photo by Mary Lou Charland
Congratulations to Alpha Tau
Page Sixteen
Pi State News
A New Biennium Needs New Leaders
Now is your opportunity to step forward,
express your leadership skills and expand your horizons!
The Nominations Committee is looking for the next biennium’s Pi State officers (President, First Vice
President, Second Vice President and Secretary) and members for the Finance and Nominations Committees.
These candidates will come from your local Chapters. You can nominate someone you feel would be a good
contender or suggest yourself.
Nominees will need letters of recommendation and support. Depending on the office or position, each one is
slightly different. Go to the website: and scroll down to the Nominations box near
the bottom of the page and click on the proper title for the application forms.
The Finance and Nominations Committees rotate members every four years. The areas needing new applicants for
the Finance Committee are: Southeastern, Southwestern, East Central, Northwestern and West Central. The
Nominations Committee will need representatives from Northern, Central, North Central, South Central and Eastern.
For more information about each role, go to the Pi State Constitution & BYLAWS on the website or call/e-mail the
Nominations representative from your area. Their names and contact information are in the State Directory.
Mail all applications by Friday, November 15, 2014 to:
Lochie Musso, Nominations Chair, 228 Willow Tree Rd., Monsey, NY 10952
Nominations Committee Members are Lochie Musso, Alpha Eta, E; Patricia Alena, Beta Theta, EC; Diane
Battaglia, Beta Nu, SW; Carol A. Engle, Alpha Lambda, NW; Dr. Vasiliki (Valerie) Lagakis, Alpha Phi, SE; Dr.
Margarethe McCurry, Alpha Epsilon, C; Ruth Mowry, Psi, N; Ellen Nowyj, Alpha Iota, NC; Barbara Brooks
Quinn, Beta Eta, WC; Kelly-Jo Riker, Beta Rho, SC.
Lochie Musso
Educational Excellence Committee (EEC) News
Greetings, Pi State Sisters!
Thank you to the members who attended the Spring Executive Board Meeting/Seminar and completed a survey about
the weekend events. The feedback was very positive regarding the QUANTITY and QUALITY of the workshop
sessions! We hope to offer another colorful palette of sessions at the Fall Executive Board Meeting/Seminar in
Queensbury on October 17-18, 2014. So please mark your calendars and plan to attend!
In addition, several active teachers have inquired about earning Professional Development credit hours for attending
the workshops offered at our Meetings/Seminars. Our team will be discussing this idea in upcoming weeks. We hope
to include information on this topic in the fall issue of Pi Lights.
Please consider sharing your talents at the Fall Meeting by presenting a workshop or singing in the choir! Forms for
both are located on the Pi State website under EEC. Workshop Proposals are due by July 15, 2014 to Jennifer LeeAlden, Chair EEC, 227 Fayville Rd., Galway 12074 or e-mail, [email protected]
If you have questions about the work of the Educational Excellence Committee or ideas about how you can better
serve Pi State, please contact me. I hope to see you in Queensbury, October 17-18!
Jennifer Lee-Alden
Voices were raised in song at the morning Executive Board meeting this past spring in Syracuse!! The entire
assembly, led by the Music Representative of the Educational Excellence Committee, Bridget Bishop, remembered
Hudson River champion Pete Seeger by singing This Land is Your Land.
Later in the day, the Pi State Choir entertained those who attended the Scholarship and Awards Luncheon on April
26th with an arrangement of the well known tune, Simple Gifts. Members of the Choir were: Jean Sekel, Pi; Vivian
Johnson, Theta; Karen Butters, Beta Mu; Rosalind Freedman-Baum, Alpha Xi; Martha Strever, Alpha Zeta;
Barbara Gray-Black, guest of Martha Strever; Jennifer Lee-Alden, Beta Omega. Accompanying the group was Dr.
Andrea H. Morris, Alpha Beta. Additional music was provided by Jennifer Lee-Alden, Beta Omega, on the
keyboard and Bridget Bishop, Alpha Alpha, on the flute.
If you are interested singing or playing an instrument at the Pi State Fall Executive Board Meeting/Seminar October
17-18, 2014, please contact Bridget Bishop, [email protected]
Bridget Bishop
Page Seventeen
Pi State News & Initiates
Pi State Visitations 2014
Date 2014
March 26
March 29
April 5
April 24
April 24
May 7
May 15
May 17
May 21
May 30
June 3
June 5
June 7
October 25
Chapter(s) / Area
Alpha Nu
Capital Area Conference
Alpha Chi & Nu
Beta Delta
Alpha Lambda
Alpha Theta
Beta Xi
West Central Area Council
State Representative
Jeanne Schenk
Deborah Bedard
Rosemary Van Wart
Joyce Tang
Beryl Szwed
Jeanne Schenk
Jeanne Schenk
Joyce Tang
Jeanne Schenk
Joan Slagle
Ellie Robinson
Jeanne Schenk
Joyce Tang
Deborah Bedard
Refer to future issues of Pi Lights and the Pi State website for updates.
Alpha Chi Initiates Jamie Reistrom, Mary P. Sundberg, Marie Capuana and Patricia Miller
Photo by Terri Palmiero
Nominations for
The Executive Committee
requests nominations for the
Chair of Pi State Historical
Records and Scrapbooks
Committee. If you know any
members who are willing and
available to take on the
responsibility of heading the
Committee, please encourage
them to contact Dr. Joyce Tang
directly, 718.997.2839,
[email protected]
The Historical Records and
Scrapbooks Committee is
charged to:
[a] Assemble, organize and
preserve materials essential
to the continuation of the
history of Pi State,
[b] Encourage the writing and
updating of Chapter
histories if the Chapter has a
Committee member in this
position, and
[c] Encourage electronic means
to record photos of Chapter
members and activities.
The Chair of the Historical
Records and Scrapbooks
Committee will be working
closely with Communications
and Publicity Committee.
Dr. Joyce Tang
Facebook Page
Omega Initiates Jamie Wagner, Geneva CSD; Christine Bennett, Palmyra-Macedon CSD;
Amy Monchino, Palmyra-Macedon CSD; Jennifer Wohlschlegal, Marcus-Whitman CSD;
Phyllis Frantel , Marcus-Whitman, CSD; and Betty Tillman, Geneva CSD
Photo by Evie Bottorf
Pi State = 78 years
Honoring Key Women Educators
For those of you desiring
discussion of legislative topics,
refer to the U. S. Forum
Facebook page online at
Page Eighteen
Dr. Tang’s Introduction of Pi State SAP
(This is a revised and expanded version of the presentation at the General Session of the
Spring 2014 Pi State Executive Board Meeting/Seminar held in Syracuse on April 25, 2014.)
An action plan is a document that describes the goals that the membership sets for Pi State with recommendations
and tasks that will help our State Organization reach those goals within a specific period of time. For the second time
in its 78-year history, 2,600+ Pi State members will create a ‘roadmap’ for what lies ahead.
In 1994, the Ad Hoc Reshaping Pi State Committee recommended (a) that the number of districts in Pi State be
increased from six (6) to ten (10) and Areas be renamed and (b) that the Pi State Convention be held on odd-numbered
years and the Area Conferences be held on even-numbered years.
[1] – Invigorate Pi State: 3 Goals for the Biennium 2013-15
[a] – To grow the membership.
[b] – To enhance the efficiency of our organization.
[c] – To enrich the contents of our programs.
[2] – Challenge the membership to do more
Pi State should set an example by taking the lead to address the pressing issues that many chapters are facing:
declining membership, finding leaders, and getting members involved.
[3] – The status quo is NOT acceptable.
Like many organizations, Pi State is competing with other professional associations for new members. As a
Corporation, we need to optimize our resources, reduce time and costs and operate as efficiently as possible.
We must think and act beyond our comfort zone. We need to think beyond the Chapter to consider
prospective members in our community and schools, specifically those who have one to four years of
experience in education. We must come up with innovative and exciting ideas to save time and money when
delivering essential services to our members.
Established on April 26, 2014 at the Executive Board Meeting in Syracuse, the Committee will propose a Pi State
Strategic Action Plan and prepare a Report. The Plan will focus on the goals set for the Biennium. The Committee
will oversee the Plan and conduct a survey that will be sent to the Chapter Presidents to poll the membership. Results
of the poll will be sent to the Committee for analysis and preparation of a Report with recommendations. The
Committee will submit the Report to the Executive Board for consideration and approval at the Fall Executive Board
Meeting at the Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls on October 18, 2014.
The Ad Hoc Pi State Strategic Action Plan Committee comprises of members of the Executive Committee, Past Pi
State Presidents and volunteers from State Chairs. The State President is an ex-officio member. To invigorate Pi
State, the stakeholders should have an idea of how Pi State Chapters are doing.
Last year, 63% of the Chapters initiated new members. Returning and new Chapter Presidents who attended the
Spring 2012 Leadership Development Seminar for Chapter Presidents and the Fall 2012 Follow-up Workshops found
the following most helpful:
¾ Resources about the Society, State Organization (Officers, Committees and Websites), Chapters (Guidelines,
Forms and Deadlines) in a notebook binder
¾ Overview of the responsibilities of Chapter Presidents and Officers
¾ Guidance and support from State Officers and peers
¾ Opportunities for networking with experienced and new Chapter Presidents
¾ Technology sessions on how to navigate DKG and State Organization’s websites.
Twenty-three (23) Chapters have a project in support of Early-Career Educators. Many used the following
approaches to support new educators:
¾ Fundraising to support post-secondary education of prospective teachers and/or careers of early educators
¾ Donate school supplies to new teachers
¾ Offer scholarships and awards to college graduates going into teaching
¾ Formal or informal mentoring of new teachers
¾ Publish, update and distribute booklets or brochures of “Best Teaching Practices” or “Tips for Teachers.”
Continued on page nineteen
Page Nineteen
Dr. Tang’s Introduction of Pi State SAP
Continued from page eighteen
In addition, Pi State continues to support excellence in education by sponsoring Chapter projects and providing
critical resources to members and non-members:
[a] – The Pi State Educational Excellence Committee is charged to develop and support projects and programs to
promote excellence in education.
[b] – A State Fund of $6,000 was created to provide travel stipends to Early-Career Educator members.
[c] – Scholarships, Grant(s)-in-Aid and Awards are given out each year to recognize members and non-members
and to sponsor Chapter projects. At the Awards Luncheon held in Syracuse in April, Pi State gave out nearly
$10,000 in awards to Chapters, members and non-members.
The good news is that 22 Chapters have projects that support excellence in education in addition to supporting
Early-Career Educators and 20 Chapters have supported DKG’s “Schools for Africa” project through donations.
Many Chapters help their Chapter, Pi State and DKG to Strengthen the Buzz (i.e., gain recognition in the media for
events or activities). Many Chapters send articles, announcements and news to local and/or weekly community
newspapers and local TV stations. Eleven Chapters have maintained a website. Twenty-six Chapters have newsletters
of which 25 newsletters are distributed electronically. Fourteen chapters have Chapter brochures and/or fact sheets.
Forty-eight Chapters have reported that they had strengthened their Chapters. The Chapter Presidents hope that the
Society could assist them in strengthening or revitalizing their Chapters in the following ways:
¾ Keep membership dues low
¾ Create a separate membership category for long-time members who are elderly and retired
¾ Streamline the DKG process for Chapters to create an official website
¾ Reduce the amount of DKG paperwork for Chapter Presidents and Officers
¾ Update DKG brochures for outreach at schools, colleges and local communities.
However, only seven Chapters have a Chapter Strategic Action Plan. Currently, Pi State does NOT have a
Strategic Action Plan and does NOT provide training for Chapters on how to develop an Action Plan. However, we
are working on developing an Action Plan for our State Organization.
¾ Declining membership
¾ Finding members to take on leadership positions
¾ Encouraging members to attend meetings and participate in activities.
¾ Grow membership (as noted above)
¾ Enhance the efficiency of our operation (Elected and Appointed Officers, State Chairs and Chapter Presidents
spend an extraordinary amount of their personal time (uncompensated) to push paper instead of devoting their
limited resources to reflection and planning.)
¾ Enrich the content of our programs (How to make our State Meetings, Seminars and Biennial Conventions
relevant, interesting and intellectually stimulating to current and prospective members and at the same time to
promote personal and professional growth as well as excellence in education.)
Having members complete a member profile will give the information Chapter Presidents need to complete a
Chapter Profile. Chapter Presidents can survey members at a Chapter meeting to get an idea of the Chapter’s
demographics and then determine what the membership goals will be with the Chapter’s Executive Board and
Committees. Membership (to recruit, retain and reinstate) is everyone’s task, not just the Membership
Are most of the Chapter’s members retired or over 60? Why not develop a plan which will focus on younger
teachers – invite them in twos or threes to help them feel comfortable in your Chapter meetings? Ask current
members (active teachers) to be their mentors. Feeling involved and valued will keep current and prospective
members interested in the Chapter.
Successful students put in the time and effort to develop skills and knowledge. We must start building leadership at
Continued on page twenty
Dr. Tang’s Introduction of the Pi State SAP
Page Twenty
Continued from page nineteen
the Chapter level. Chapters need to send and support newly elected Chapter Officers to attend the Leadership
Development Seminars offered by Pi State.
Be specific and goal-oriented. Write down the number of members your Chapter plans to recruit for 2014-15. Talk
about membership at every meeting and at school functions. Remind the members how special it felt when you were
invited to join DKG. Also ask them to share their fond memories of the Chapter with others.
Did your Chapter lose members in recent years to life events that were temporary? According to DKG’s research,
70% of members who left the Society would return if asked. What is preventing your Chapter from asking them to
reinstate their DKG membership?
Does your Chapter have a website or a newsletter? When we need information on a business or organization, we
search the web. If your Chapter does not have a website, you will lose potential members. Current and potential
members like to see pictures of Chapter activities as well as learn about meetings on the Chapter’s website. The Pi
State Communication & Publicity Committee is available to work with potential webmasters to develop a website for
your Chapter. Why not consider developing a website as one of the activities your Chapter accomplishes in 2014-15
to increase membership and appeal to new and seasoned educators?
(The following excellent suggestions are from DKG Elected Officers, State Presidents from 18 countries and DKG publications.)
To turn the corner on declining membership, the Society has offered three (3) simple steps:
[1] Have members suggest names of qualified potential members.
[2] Send a professional letter on the Chapter’s letterhead with a DKG or Chapter brochure or factsheet, Pi State
newsletter Pi Lights and your Chapter’s newsletters to the nominees telling them that they have evidenced
qualities of Key Women Educators and invite them to a DKG Orientation Meeting for your Chapter.
[3] Follow up with nominees to give them the opportunity to talk about their experiences, interests or expertise or
to ask questions at a Chapter meeting.
All of the above are simple and effective steps to successful recruitment. DKG brochures can be ordered from
DKG’s website. After initiation, engage new members in your Chapter’s activities. Encourage them to take advantage
of the programs and services available to them with their membership from International and Pi State. Ask them to
join you and other members at the Area Conferences, State Meetings and State Conventions, DKG Regionals and
International Convention. Recognize and publicize the contributions that they are making to their employers and
community, the Chapter and DKG.
Appreciation goes to the Chapter Presidents who took the time to complete and submit their “Delta Kappa Gamma
Chapter President 2013 Annual Reports” in February 2014, to the State Chairs for gathering the data and submitting
their “Delta Kappa Gamma State Organization Committee 2012-2014 Biennial Reports” in March 2014 and to the
Chapter Committee Chairs for sending their reports to the State Committee Chairs. These leaders have provided
information essential for the preparation of my presentation at the General Session and for the pre-planning of the
Strategic Action Plan.
Communications and Publicity –
Susan Genthner
Educational Excellence –
Jennifer Lee-Alden
Finance – Noreen LeCann
Membership – Diane Bootie
Necrology – Diane Bootie
Scholarship – Elaine McNulty
World Fellowship – Emilie Stris
#1 - Alpha – Colleen Greco
#2 - Beta – Mary Kay Hickey
#4 - Delta – Sharon Patrick
#6 - Zeta – Annmarie Santorelly
Continued on page twenty
#10 - Kappa – Deborah Szwejbka
#11 - Lambda – Rachelle Romoda
#12 - Mu – Suzanne Babbitt
#13 - Nu – Susan Palmieri
#16 - Pi – Jean Sekel
#17 - Rho – Jo Ann Salo
#18 - Sigma – Carolyn Cramer
#22 - Chi – Carol Frost
#23 - Psi – Susan Kenoyer
#24 - Omega – Della Ludwig
#25 - Alpha Alpha – Donna Noble
#28 - Alpha Delta – Ann Walker
#29 - Alpha Epsilon – Diane Lapan
#30 - Alpha Beta – Mary Ann Baldari
#31 - Alpha Eta – Lochie Musso
#32 - Alpha Theta – Patricia Turner
#33 - Alpha Iota – Gail McKinnon
#37 - Alpha Nu – Dr. Anna Marie Bonafide
#38 - Alpha Xi – Dr. Jane Hogan
#40 - Alpha Pi – Rosemary Van Wart
#41 - Alpha Rho – Maureen Nicolo
#42 - Alpha Sigma – Mary Linda Williams
#43 - Alpha Tau – Laura Janas
#45 - Alpha Phi – Beth Borzone
#46 - Alpha Chi – Terri Palmiero
Continued on page twenty-one
Page Twenty-One
Dr. Tang’s Introduction of Pi State SAP
Concluded from page twenty
#47 - Alpha Psi – Patricia Paser
#48 - Alpha Omega – Susan Kline
#49 - Beta Alpha – Anne O’Geen
#51 - Beta Gamma – Linda Flaherty
#52 - Beta Delta – Janet Driscoll
#53 - Beta Epsilon –
Kathleen Sprague
#55 - Beta Eta – Mary Anna Russo
#60 - Beta Mu – Karen Butters
#61 - Beta Nu – Elizabeth Wascak
#62 - Beta Xi – Rita Moloney
#63 - Beta Omicron –
Patricia Thompson
#65 - Beta Rho –
Dr. Annette Varcoe
#67 - Beta Tau – Julee Acomb
#69 - Beta Phi – Becky Sue Bianco
#71 - Beta Psi – Susan Spivak
#72 - Beta Omega – Melanie McDonald
#75 - Gamma Gamma – Julia Schrader
#76 - Gamma Delta – Eleanor Robinson
#77 - Gamma Epsilon –
Charlotte Garofalo
#78 - Gamma Zeta – Doris Knowles
Growth for an organization takes planning and listening. The following 19 Pi State members have been appointed
to (or have volunteered to serve on) the Committee (in alphabetical order):
[1] Deborah Bedard
[11] Jeanne Schenk
[2] Barbara Bostwick-Quinn
[12] Jean Sekel
[3] Karen Butters
[13] Joan Slagle
[4] Anne-Marie Carlson
[14] Emile Stris
[5] Karen Crumley
[15] Beryl Szwed
[6] Mary-Martha Harvey
[16] Dr. Joyce Tang (Coordinator and Convener)
[7] Joyce Krupnik
[17] Jane Tanner
[8] Dr. Andrea Morris
[18] Rosemary Van Wart
[9] Lochie Musso
[19] Wanda Ward
[10] Catherine Olinger
I want to conclude this article with five questions for reflection:
[1] Where are we as a State Organization?
[2] Where do we want to go?
[3] What is Pi State’s key competitive advantage as a professional Society?
[4] Why does a woman want to join DKG?
[5] Why should DKG be the organization of choice for key women educators?
The Ad Hoc Pi State Strategic Action Plan Committee looks forward to hearing about your ideas and suggestions.
Dr. Joyce Tang
Tutorial for
Creating Chapter Websites
Gamma Gamma Initiates
Jenelle Bauer, Special Education Teacher at the
Attica Middle School and Amanda Datzler, 6th
Grade Teacher at the Attica Middle School
Photo by Rhonda Ball
Leslie Chambers, Beta Epsilon, Adjunct
Professor at St. Bonaventure University, teaching
Graduate courses in Website Management and
Design, has developed an interactive tutorial to assist
Chapters in developing their Chapter websites. The
tutorial will lead users step-by-step through website
Leslie Chambers
development and the choices they will make as they
Photo by Joyce Krupnik
design their Chapter website, using Weebly and other
resources. She is currently finishing the tutorial.
The tutorial will be available on the Pi State website in August. Leslie
will be offering two workshops on “Creating Chapter Websites” at the Pi
State Fall Executive Board Meeting/Seminar in Glens Falls. Regional
Seminars are also being planned.
Sue Genthner
Pi State Chapter Websites: Refer to the Pi State website. Under Pi State Area Council Information, click
on Chapter websites to open: Alpha Alpha, Alpha Nu, Beta Kappa, Gamma Delta, Lambda, Omega and Rho
Pi State Fall Executive Board Meeting/Seminar
October 17-18, 2014
Queensbury Hotel & Conference Center
88 Ridge Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801 518.792.1121
Please PRINT the following information:
Name _________________________________________________________________________________
Guest Name ___________________________________________________________________________
E-mail ________________________________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________________
Phone ________________ Chapter ____________________ Position ____________________________
Your Registration Fee includes Friday Night Dessert Reception, Saturday Lunch and meeting materials.
NOTE: Meals are priced per person. Please note separate charge for guests attending Dessert Reception or Lunch.
Early Registration Fee (Due by September 10th)
Late or On-site Registration Fee (Postmarked after September 10th)
$51.00 ____________
$55.00 ____________
Friday, October 17
Optional Dinner 5:15 – 6:15pm
$35.00 ____________
All meals include Tossed Garden Salad (Iceberg and Romaine Mix, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Shredded Carrots, Balsamic Vinaigrette)
with Chef's choice of starch and vegetable (except for the Risotto), baskets of rolls with butter or margarine and freshly brewed
regular & decaffeinated coffee and a selection of teas.
Please select one of the following:
_____ Chicken Piccata (with Lemon Caper Sauce)
_____ Roasted Salmon (with Citrus Mustard Sauce)
_____ Vegetable Risotto (Italian Sticky Rice with Roasted Vegetables)
Dessert Reception 9:30-10:30pm (Included in Registration)
Guest Charge $9.00 ___________
Assortment includes chocolate dipped strawberries, mini-cream puffs, mini-eclairs, petit fors, mini-cannoli, assorted sorbet and fresh
seasonal berries, freshly brewed regular & decaffeinated coffee and a selection of teas.
Saturday, October 18
Optional Continental Breakfast 7:00-8:15am
$12.00 ____________
Buffet includes chilled orange, cranberry and apple juices, assorted muffins, pastries, freshly brewed coffee and a selection of teas.
Lunch 12:30-2:00pm (Included in Registration)
Guest Charge $24.00 ___________
All meals include Caesar salad (romaine, croutons, grated Reggiano and traditional Caesar dressing); strawberry shortcake with
homemade biscuits, strawberrries, and whipped cream; freshly brewed regular & decaffeinated coffee and a selection of teas.
Please select one of the following:
_____ Roast Turkey (with sweet potato mash and cranberry orange sauce)
_____ Tortellini Alfredo (cheese stuffed tortellini with a creamy parmesan Alfredo sauce)
_____ Vegetable Strudel (roasted vegetables, Asiago cheese layered with roasted garlic lemon cream)
$ ____________
List any dietary needs ________________________________________________________________________.
Please make check/money order payable to Delta Kappa Gamma Pi State.
Mail to Mrs. Susan Kenoyer, Registrar, 254 Allen Road, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 518.561.4538
Refunds and Cancellation Policies:
Cancellation notice must be made in writing. 100% of registration fees will be refunded if written cancellation is received before September 10,
2014. Cancellation and refund requests received after September 10, 2014 will NOT be accepted. All fees are non-refundable after September 10,
2014. Unfortunately, under no circumstances can Pi State issue refunds for no shows. Returned checks will be subject to a $35.00 fee.
Remember to make your ROOM RESERVATIONS directly with Queensbury Hotel 518.792.1121.
Mention DKG to receive room block rate. Hotel directions are on back.
Queensbury Hotel & Conference Center
88 Ridge Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
DKG Room Rates: Single or double room rate is $126.54, including all applicable taxes.
Special Note: DKG special room rate expires September 10, 2014.
HOTEL DIRECTIONS ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Æ NORTHBOUND TRAFFIC / Go right at bottom of
exit onto MAIN STREET
Æ SOUTHBOUND TRAFFIC/ Go left at bottom of exit
Once on Main Street, go 4 traffic lights
Make a right onto HUDSON STREET
Go to the roundabout (traffic circle).
Take the 3rd Exit out of the Roundabout onto Ridge Street.
The Queensbury Hotel is one block up on the left hand side.
All guests will make reservations directly with the Hotel on an
individual basis, identifying Delta Kappa Gamma for special
room rate. Call the Hotel directly 518.792.1121. Guest rooms
have free wireless high speed internet access.
The Queensbury Hotel & Conference Center check-in time
starts at 4:00PM. Check-out time ends at 11:00am. Every
attempt will be made to accommodate either early arrivals or
late departures based upon guest room availability. Later
check-outs must be requested in advance and approved to avoid
additional charges after 12:00 noon.
Guest Parking is free. The Hotel parking lot is behind the
Hotel, off Ridge Street.
2013-15 Pi State
Dr. Joyce Tang, Alpha Phi-SE
4140 Union St., Apt. 12P,
Flushing, NY 11355-8009
E-mail: [email protected]
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Pi State
Mary-Martha W. Harvey, Pi State Editor
185 Park Street
Canandaigua, NY 14424-1231
Seneca Falls, NY
Permit No. 14
Wilson Press, Inc.
56 Miller Street
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
First Vice-President
Deborah Bedard,
Alpha Epsilon-C
P.O. Box 782
Glens Falls, NY 12801-0782
E-mail: [email protected]
Second Vice-President
Karen Butters, Beta Mu-N
P.O. Box 136
Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812
E-mail: [email protected]
Members send address changes to:
The Delta Kappa Society International, P.O. Box 1589, Austin, Texas 78767
Pi State
Rosemary Van Wart,
Alpha Pi-E
105 Tomahawk Street
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
E-mail: [email protected]
(May 30, 2014)
Active Life
Immediate Past President
Jeanne Schenk, Alpha Tau-EC
7835 County Road 12
Naples, NY 14512-9208
E-mail: [email protected]
Executive Secretary
Beryl Szwed, Beta Mu-N
157 Kiwassa Rd.
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
E-mail: [email protected]
Suzanne Patrick, Rho-SC
11189 County Highway 23
Unadilla, NY 13849
E-mail: [email protected]
Pi Lights Editor
Mary-Martha W. Harvey,
Omega- EC
185 Park Street
Canandaigua, NY 14424-1231
E-mail: [email protected]
Eleanor Robinson,
Gamma Delta-NW
61 Parkview Drive
Grand Island, NY 14072
[email protected]
2014 DKG International Convention
JW Marriott in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 28-August 1
Find information and registration forms,
Attention: New York Dines Out!
If you are attending the DKG 2014 International Convention in Indianapolis this
summer July 28-August 1, reserve Tuesday evening, July 29 for sisters and guests to
gather for dinner at the Palomino Restaurant at 6:30pm … about a 10 minute walk from
the JW Marriott. Separate checks will be available.
Contact Karen Butters, [email protected] for reservations.
Information for Fall Issue of Pi Lights (online)
Due September 1, 2014
E-mail Articles, Chapter Initiates, Service Projects, Photographs, Area Conference
information and Pride of Pi highlights to:
Mary-Martha Harvey [email protected] … subject line - DKG
Reminder: Submissions are subject to editorial changes by the State Editor and Proofers
due to space limitations and for clarity.
Pi Lights Deadlines for 2014-15
September 1, 2014 … December 1, 2014 … March 1, 2015 … June 1, 2015

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