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Creation of an Andean Platform – Merger between CorpBanca
and Itaú Chile
Questions & Answers with Respect to the Proposed Transaction
Key Terms of the Agreements
December 19 , 2014 Update:
In response to several questions regarding the development of the proposed transaction between
Itaú and CorpBanca, CorpBanca updates the Q&A N°1, N°3, N°9, N°12, N°13, N°17, N°18, N°26 and
N°28 highlighted as “UPDATED”:
Transaction Structure
1. What are the main terms of the transaction? UPDATED
Itaú and CorpBanca will contribute their banking businesses in Chile and Colombia to create an
Andean banking platform. CorpBanca’s current shareholders will own 66.42% of the bank
resulting from the merger of CorpBanca and Itaú Chile (the “Chilean Bank”), while Itaú will own
the remaining 33.58%. Prior to the merger, Itaú will inject US$652 million into Itaú Chile. We
expect to complete the merger during 2015.
2. What are the necessary steps in order to achieve the final transaction structure after all required
1 Step: Through one or more capital increases, Itaú will inject US$652 million in capital into Itaú
Chile. The controlling shareholder of CorpGroup has to transfer a 1.53% stake in CorpBanca to
certain non-affiliated parties, other than Itaú.
2 Step: Merger of Itaú Chile with and into CorpBanca, with CorpBanca as the surviving entity,
whereby 100% of Itaú’s stake in Itaú Chile will be exchanged for a 33.58% direct stake of Chilean
3 Step: Itaú will sign a shareholders’ agreement with CorpGroup to determine certain aspects
related to transfer restrictions, corporate governance at the board and committees level, dividend
policy, among others.
4 Step: Acquisition by CorpBanca, directly and indirectly, of 100% of Itaú Colombia with
CorpBanca assuming all the assets and liabilities of Itaú Colombia.
5 Step: The Chilean Bank will offer to purchase the minorities’ interest in CorpBanca Colombia.
3. What is the resulting ownership structure? UPDATED
The resulting ownership structures will be:
Shareholding Structure of Chilean Bank
33.58% owned by Itaú
32.92% owned by CorpGroup and affiliates
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
33.50% owned by CorpBanca’s minority shareholders
Chilean Bank will own, directly or indirectly, UPDATED
66.28% up to 100% of CorpBanca Colombia, depending on certain minority shareholders’
decision to sell their stake to the Chilean Bank
100.00% of Itaú Colombia
4. Will the proposed transaction require the launch of an Oferta Pública de Acciones (“OPA”)?
The transaction structure does not trigger an OPA. This is a merger of two existing legal entities, a
stock-for-stock transaction, expressly exempted from the OPA mandatory rules under Chilean
5. Will the transaction include a shareholders’ agreement between the two largest shareholders?
Itaú and CorpGroup will sign a shareholders’ agreement to determine aspects related to corporate
governance, transfer of shares, liquidity, dividend policy and other matters.
6. What are the main risks associated with the proposed transaction?
The transaction poses customary execution risks related to mergers, including uncertainty related
to obtaining all regulatory and shareholders’ approvals, successful integration risks, among
7. Does the transaction contemplate the possibility of delisting CorpBanca’s shares or ADRs?
No. The transaction contemplates the issuance of new CorpBanca common shares to Itaú Chile’s
shareholders, with CorpBanca’s shares and ADRs remaining listed in the Chilean Stock
Exchanges and New York Stock Exchange, respectively.
8. Which Itaú subsidiaries are included in the scope of the transaction?
The Itaú entities included in the scope of the transaction are Banco Itaú Chile and its subsidiaries
and Itaú BBA Colombia S.A. Corporación Financiera.
9. Why will Itaú-CorpBanca seek to acquire the 33.72% that it does not already own in CorpBanca
Colombia? UPDATED
In its acquisitions of Banco Santander Colombia and Helm Bank, CorpBanca did not acquire
100% stakes in both banks due to certain regulatory restrictions in Chile and Colombia, including:
a) Chilean banks’ investments in foreign subsidiaries in the same country cannot exceed 40% of
regulatory capital; and b) no single shareholder can own a stake higher than 95% in a Colombian
As a result of the capital injections contemplated as part of the transaction, CorpBanca will be
permitted to acquire part of the minority stakes in CorpBanca Colombia that it does not already
One of the pillars of the transaction is to enhance Itaú-CorpBanca’s earnings potential and to
consolidate a strong position in both Chile and Colombia going forward. Itaú-CorpBanca will seek
to capture the largest percentage of the earnings potential of CorpBanca Colombia and, as a
result of becoming a larger entity in Chile (as measured by technical capital), restrictions in foreign
subsidiaries will, after the merger, allow Itaú-CorpBanca to acquire this additional stake.
If and when the proposed transaction is approved and Itaú Chile merges with and into CorpBanca,
Itaú-CorpBanca will seek to acquire those shares owned by minorities at the same implied
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
valuation given to CorpBanca Colombia in the transaction and fund the transaction with its own
resources. The purchase price offered for minority stakes will be the same for all shareholders.
Itaú-CorpBanca will be able to effect this acquisition as a result of the improved capital position
(which is today the only reason why CorpBanca’s stake is limited to 66.28%) derived from
CorpBanca’s current capital as well as Itaú Chile’s current capital and the US$652MM additional
common equity injection prior to closing of the transaction. As a result, Itaú-CorpBanca will not
expect further capital increases for this purpose.
10. What is the valuation contemplated for the acquisition of Itaú BBA Colombia, S.A. Corporación
The price has been set at book value. As of the date of the announcement of the proposed
transaction, such value was approximately US$170MM. Final price will be defined at the time of
closing of the transaction as the book value for the operation is expected to fluctuate as a result of
potential earnings, losses and other factors.
11. Which CorpBanca subsidiaries are included in the scope of the transaction?
The CorpBanca entities included in the scope of the transaction are CorpBanca, CorpBanca
Colombia and their respective subsidiaries.
12. Will the IFC stay as a shareholder? UPDATED
This decision will depend on its investment policies as for any shareholder. However, regarding
the proposed merger, on December 10, 2014 IFC issue a press release stating that the
transaction is consistent with its original investment strategy and “look forward to its partnership
with Itaú CorpBanca”.
In this context, IFC announced it is working with Itaú Unibanco and CorpGroup to formalize their
consent for this transaction.
13. Will CorpGroup receive cash in exchange for carving-out some of its shareholders’ 1.53% in
CorpBanca? UPDATED
CorpGroup has the contractual obligation to sell or otherwise transfer 1.53% of its shares in
CorpBanca at market price without any premium, through an auction on the Santiago Stock
Corporate Governance
14. What are the key terms of the shareholders’ agreement to be signed between CorpGroup and
Itaú will be the sole controlling shareholder of the Chilean Bank. Within this context and without
limiting the above, Itaú and CorpGroup will sign a shareholders’ agreement to determine aspects
related to corporate governance, dividend policy (based on performance and capital metrics),
transfer of shares, liquidity and other matters. The shareholders’ agreement will grant CorpGroup
certain corporate governance and liquidity rights in consideration for obligations assumed under
the shareholders’ agreement.
Key corporate governance terms include the following:
Board of Directors
Chilean Bank will have 11 directors and 2 alternate directors.
CorpBanca Colombia will have 9 directors.
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
Chairman of the Board
CorpGroup to propose the Chairman of the Board as long as it holds at least a ~13%
ownership in the Chilean Bank. CorpGroup has chosen to propose Jorge Andrés Saieh as
Chief Executive Officer
Itaú to propose the CEO of the Chilean Bank. Itaú has chosen to propose Boris Buvinic,
current CEO of Itaú Chile as CEO.
ROFO, Tag-Along Right and Drag-Along Right: These rights are customary in shareholders’
agreements. Itaú requested ROFO (the right to have proposed transfers by either Itaú or
CorpBanca offered first to the other party) and drag-along rights (the right of Itaú to, in certain
circumstances, force CorpBanca to sell all of its shares along with a sale by Itaú of all of its
shares). CorpGroup requested ROFO and tag-along rights (the right of CorpBanca to participate
in sales of shares by Itaú), and the latter are a corollary of the drag-along rights and appropriate
given the limited liquidity of CorpGroup described below.
Liquidity Mechanisms: Itaú requested that CorpGroup indefinitely refrain from selling
approximately half of its stake in the open market. Given this significant sale restriction, which no
other minority shareholder is undertaking, CorpGroup may put shares to Itaú in certain
circumstances. In other words, CorpGroup’s liquidity mechanisms compensate for the fact that,
unlike minority shareholders, it has restrictions to sell shares in the open market (in addition to
other covenants, such as non-compete restrictions and a pledge over a portion of its shares). The
price applicable to such mechanisms will always be set at market value without premiums or
privileges, using as first benchmark, the Santiago Stock Exchange.
14.a. How can CorpGroup exercise its right to sell and repurchase 6.6% of the shares of ItaúCorpBanca under the Shareholders Agreement?
CorpGroup shall have the right to sell directly or indirectly to Itaú shares representing up to
6.6% of the capital stock of Itaú-CorpBanca at market price. This right may be exercised for a
period of up to 18 months from the consummation of the transaction.
CorpGroup may choose to carry out an indirect sale transferring shares issued by its
intermediate holding companies (that are shareholders of CorpBanca) that represent up to
6.6% of the capital stock of Itaú-CorpBanca (the “Indirect Put Option”) as long as this is
performed at the implied market price of the underlying shares of CorpBanca without any
discount. The Indirect Put Option shall be implemented through a stock purchase outside of
the Santiago Stock Exchange that will not provide the seller with the benefit from the
exemption on capital gains set forth in Article 107 of the Chilean Income Tax Law, triggering a
significant tax effect for CorpGroup.
Alternatively, CorpGroup may cause that its intermediate holding companies directly transfer to
Itaú Unibanco up to 6.6% of the capital stock of Itaú-CorpBanca (the “Direct Put Option”). The
Direct Put Option shall be implemented through one of the mechanisms available in the
Santiago Stock Exchange that only allows block sales. Because the Direct Put Option shall be
implemented through the Santiago Stock Exchange, a third party may intervene and purchase
the shares. CorpGroup will lose its repurchase right set forth below if a third party purchases
the shares. This mechanism is intended to minimize potential overhang pressure on the stock.
The price for both the Indirect Put Option and the Direct Put Option shall be market price
without any premium for CorpGroup.
CorpGroup shall have the right to repurchase any shares it has transferred through the
exercise of the Indirect Put Option or the Direct Put Option (the “Repurchase Right”). The
Repurchase Right shall last five years from the exercise of the relevant put option. The price
of the Repurchase Right shall be the price for the Indirect Put Option or the Direct Put Option
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
plus an annual interest rate equivalent to the Índice de Cámara Promedio plus a spread that
shall not be higher than the lowest spread Itaú-CorpBanca is offering to non-governmental
debtors in Chile.
If an Indirect Put Option has preceded the Repurchase Right, it shall be implemented through
a stock purchase outside of the Santiago Stock Exchange.
If a Direct Put Option has preceded the Repurchase Right, it shall be implemented through one
of the mechanisms available in the Santiago Stock Exchange that only allows block sales. In
this case, the exercise of the Repurchase Right will allow a third party to intervene and
purchase the shares. The expectation is that if this mechanism is implemented, the price of the
shares to be repurchased will converge towards the market price as any market participant will
be allowed to step in, and as a result, any arbitrage opportunity should disappear.
15. Will there be changes to the Board of Directors and senior management teams of the combined
The Board of Directors of the Chilean Bank will have 11 directors and 2 alternate directors, while
the Board of Directors of CorpBanca Colombia will have 9 directors. Mr. Boris Buvinic will be
proposed to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Chilean Bank. Other senior management
members will be elected by the Board of Directors following recommendation of the Management
and Talent Committee.
16. How will credit decisions change as a result of the change in control?
Credit decisions will be subject to procedures established by the Credit Committee of the Chilean
Bank and CorpBanca Colombia, respectively. This committee will be composed by local
executives and have a majority of its members proposed by Itaú.
17. The Hecho Esencial of January 29, 2014 also mentioned that CorpGroup obtained a credit line
from Itaú. What is the rationale behind this? UPDATED
The facility made available by Itaú Unibanco to CorpGroup will be used to avoid potential
obstacles to the completion of the transaction and thereby enhances the certainty of such closing,
which is in the best interests of all CorpBanca shareholders. Certain holders of CorpGroup ’s
existing indebtedness currently have change of control or security interests that, unless waived,
could hinder closing of the transaction. Therefore, to avoid subjecting the transaction to the need
for third party creditor consents, any non-consenting debt must be refinanced. The loan has
customary terms and conditions, was negotiated and executed on an arm’s length basis, requires
that CorpGroup post collateral and may be used by CorpGroup only to refinance its existing
The granting of a credit line by Itaú Unibanco to CorpGroup was a regular commercial decision
taken by Itaú Unibanco in the normal course of its client-banking business and the loan was made
under the same conditions as would be applicable to any other comparable credit line made
available to any potential client with a similar credit profile. The credit line granted to CorpGroup
was subject to Itaú Unibanco’s rigorous routine credit approval processes. It was negotiated and
executed on an arm’s length basis by dedicated credit-officers under customary terms and
conditions prevailing at the time the credit line was granted and required CorpGroup to: (i) pay an
origination fee, (ii) post high-quality collateral, (iii) comply with strict over-collateralization rules and
(iv) have its dividends received from CorpBanca on the pledged shares directed to Itaú Unibanco
to cover interest and principal payments.
Accordingly, considering that Itaú Unibanco is in the business of making loans that satisfy those
criteria, Itaú Unibanco confirms that until 30 days after the date of the shareholders’ meetings for
the approval of the Itaú/CorpBanca Merger , it will evaluate a credit application from any
CorpBanca shareholder for a credit line that is on comparable terms to the CorpGroup credit line,
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
including with respect to pricing, over-collateralization, amortization and duration, based on Itaú
Unibanco’s customary credit approval standards and extend such line of credit if the credit
application satisfies those standards, it being understood that the terms of any such credit line
may differ from those of the CorpGroup credit line to the extent required by either market
conditions in effect at the time such credit line is granted or the credit profile of the particular
shareholder relative to CorpGroup.
Timeline of the Proposed Transaction
18. What are the key conditions to closing the merger? UPDATED
Key conditions to closing include:
Regulatory approvals (Banking Regulators in relevant juridiction and Central Bank of Brazil).
In October 2014, the Central Bank of Brazil authorized Itaú Unibanco to merge its subsidiary
Banco Itaú Chile with CorpBanca.
- Shareholders’ approval (2/3 of all outstanding shares quorum, audited financial statements
and an informe pericial on the exchange ratio); and
- Filing and registration of the capital increase (of the Chilean Bank) with the banking /
securities regulator in Chile (in this case the SBIF acts as securities regulator)
19. Will approval of the transaction be subject to shareholder vote in an extraordinary shareholders’
meeting? If so, what percentage of favorable votes is required to approve the merger?
Yes, a shareholders vote of at least 2/3 of all outstanding voting shares will be required for
approval of the merger in each of the Chilean banks during an extraordinary shareholders’
meeting (currently CorpGroup holds less than 2/3 of CorpBanca’s outstanding shares).
CorpGroup is allowed and has agreed to vote its shares for the approval of the merger.
20. Has reciprocal due diligence been performed on the assets in the scope of the transaction? Are
there any specific problems identified?
Reciprocal due diligence has been performed on the assets in the scope of the transaction under
strict confidentiality provisions and in compliance with all applicable regulations. No specific
material problems have been identified.
21. Can the terms of the merger, specifically the exchange ratio, be modified prior to closing of the
The exchange ratio is not expected to change between signing and closing.
Strategic Rationale and Financial Impact
22. What is the rationale for CorpBanca’s merger with Itaú?
As a result of the partnership, CorpBanca’s will enjoy several benefits:
Combined franchise will have a greater scale and resources to compete more effectively;
Greater local presence, achieving a ~12.4% loan market share (excluding gross loans from
CorpBanca Colombia and Helm Bank);
Affiliation with a leading global partner with regional/global presence;
Ability to leverage strong client relationships of global partner;
Combined entity has the potential to generate significant synergies in Chile;
The language in bold is added for further clarity.
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
Sustainable dividend flow supported by greater scale and earnings capability of the combined
enterprise; and
Higher market visibility with a potential increase in the number of research analysts who
actively cover CorpBanca could improve investors’ appetite.
23. How could the Chilean Bank extract synergies from the proposed transaction?
We believe the transaction enables the creation of synergies through:
Improvement in cost of funds as a result of higher credit ratings;
Ability to further leverage Tier I Capital;
Synergies related to improvements in administrative expenses;
Reduction of costs from services rendered by mutual service providers; and
Relevant savings derived from redundant IT expenses.
24. How will this transaction impact the capital position of CorpBanca?
Although we are still analyzing the potential capital impact on the Chilean Bank; at this stage we
expect that our capital position will be positively impacted as a result of the transaction (given the
capital derived from the merger with Itaú Chile, which will include current capital plus an additional
capital injection of US$652 million).
25. On a pro-forma basis, how large will the Chilean Bank be?
The Chilean Bank will be the fourth largest private bank in Chile with a ~12.4% market share by
loans (excluding gross loans from CorpBanca Colombia and Helm Bank). With US$44BN+ in
assets, US$33BN+ in loans, US$27BN+ in deposits, 389 branches and 758 ATMs, we believe the
Chilean Bank will achieve greater scale, exploit various cross-selling opportunities and access
funding at lower cost.
26. Have ratings agencies provided feedback on potential ratings changes that would result from this
transaction? UPDATED
All ratings agencies (both on national and global scale) have evaluated the transaction as credit
positive, although the way to recognize it has been different depending on each rating agency:
Moody´s changed the rating review direction to 'possible upgrade', from 'review for downgrade',
on the long and short term ratings of CorpBanca.
Standard & Poor´s placed CorpBanca 'BBB/A-2' on 'Watch Developing' on merger agreement with
Itaú Chile.
Feller Rate affirmed the ratings on CorpBanca on merger agreement with Itaú Chile
announcement. The Outlook was confirmed in 'Stable'.
ICR affirmed CorpBanca’s 'AA' ratings on long term debt, 'AA-' rating on subordinated debt and
'Nivel 1+' on short term deposits. At the same time changed the outlook to 'Developing' from
Humphreys affirmed in 'AA-' long term deposit and senior unsecured debt, in 'Nivel 1+' short term
deposit and in 'A+' long term subordinated debt. At the same time changed the outlook to
'Positive' from 'Developing'. In July 2014, the agency upgraded CorpBanca’s ratings to "AA" from
"AA-" and changed the outlook to “stable”, as a result of the performance of the bank.
CorpBanca’s and Itaú’s management will continue to work diligently to provide all the necessary
inputs and analyses of the combined bank to facilitate ratings agencies’ evaluation.
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
27. What will be the combined bank’s dividend policy going forward?
CorpBanca’s 2014 dividend corresponding to 2013 earnings will be proposed by the Board of
Directors to the Annual Shareholder Meeting at a 57% payout ratio. Post-merger, generally the
Chilean bank will target a capital ratio based on the greater of 120% of the minimum regulatory
capital requirement or the average regulatory capital ratio of the three largest private banks in
Chile and Colombia. After the necessary earnings have been reserved to comply with this
requirement, all excess cash earnings will be distributed to its shareholders.
One of the key objectives of this transaction is the creation of sustainable value creation to all
stakeholders. In this regard, Itaú as the post-merger controlling shareholder has committed to
continue to provide shareholders of Itaú-CorpBanca with a strong dividend payment consistent
with CorpBanca’s history for eight years while maintaining a healthy capitalization to allow the
combined bank to continue to grow.
28. What will be the combined market share in Chile? UPDATED
Using industry data as of October 31, 2014 from the SBIF, the Chilean Bank’s combined market
share (excluding gross loans and deposits from CorpBanca Colombia and Helm Bank) would be:
 12.6% by gross loans
 11.9% by deposits
29. Will the SBIF require a higher minimum capital level as a result of this merger?
The SBIF will evaluate the position of the pro forma entity as the transaction progresses but at this
time, we have not been provided with any specific guidelines. The pro forma entity is not expected
to go above the 15% market share loan threshold (which may trigger a higher minimum capital
30. What, from a customer's stand point, is the upside of this merger?
As a result of this merger, customers will have access to a greater array of product offerings as
well as a more extensive branch network (389 branches in Chile and 172 branches in Colombia).
31. Is this indicative of a future M&A strategy?
This transaction is not necessarily indicative of any future M&A strategy. Itaú and CorpGroup,
through the Chilean Bank will evaluate potential business opportunities as they arise, providing
one another with exclusive right to participate in any new opportunity in Latin America, specifically
in Chile, Colombia, Peru and/or Central America.
32. What is the valuation of CorpBanca that was determined for this transaction?
The transaction has been proposed as a stock for stock transaction (a merger) with the purpose of
value creation in the long run. Itaú contributes its assets in Chile to CorpBanca in exchange for
newly issued shares of CorpBanca and as a result, Itaú retains control of the combined entity:
Itaú-CorpBanca. As a result, there is not a specific dollar or peso denominated amount for such
transaction, but rather a specific share exchange ratio. In the merger, Itaú, as sole shareholder of
Itaú Chile, is expected to receive 172,048MM shares of Itaú-CorpBanca if the transaction receives
all the necessary approvals from regulators and shareholders.
It is important to mention that CorpBanca has not only evaluated the earnings potential of
CorpBanca and Itaú Chile when analyzing the financial implications of the proposed transaction. A
key point that has also been identified as a key value driver is Itaú Chile’s strong capital position
today with more than US$1.1 billion in common equity plus the additional US$652MM in common
equity that Itaú will inject prior to the transaction closing. As a result of Itaú Chile’s strong capital
position, the combined entity will enjoy a significantly enhanced capital level to grow in Chile and
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
elsewhere (including by acquiring the shares of the minority shareholders of CorpBanca
Colombia); while significantly increasing book value per share for all shareholders after the
issuance of the 172,048MM shares to Itaú.
33. What is the implied premium that CorpBanca shareholders are expected to receive? Is CorpGroup
receiving the same, lower or higher premium relative to other minority shareholders?
All shareholders of CorpBanca will be receiving the same consideration in the proposed
transaction. Since CorpBanca is the surviving entity, new shares are to be issued to Itaú and as a
result, all CorpBanca shareholders will have their equity stakes proportionately diluted in the
merged bank. This is a stock for stock transaction (a merger) and as a result, the premiums to be
received by all shareholders are implied in the accretion to earnings and/or book value per share.
This implied premium is amplified by the effect of the potential synergies that such a transaction
could generate. Also, as a result of Itaú Chile capital position, the deal is expected to be capital
accretive to CorpBanca shareholders’.
Other Clarifications
34. Has CorpBanca analyzed other potential partnerships?
CorpBanca retained two internationally renowned investment banks (Bank of America Merrill
Lynch and Goldman Sachs) as financial advisors in connection with the merger transaction and
with the purpose of conducting a comprehensive and competitive process for identifying a merger
partner. In this regard, CorpBanca and its advisors contacted multiple well-known international
and Chilean banks who may be interested in a merger. The goal of the process was to obtain the
best transaction (in terms of value and certainty of closing) for CorpBanca and all of its
shareholders. After a thorough analysis by CorpBanca and its financial advisors and Chilean and
U.S. legal advisors of the proposals received from the different parties and several rounds of
negotiations with certain of the parties, CorpBanca concluded that Itaú offered the best available
transaction for CorpBanca and its shareholders.
35. Will CorpBanca seek to merge with other Itaú subsidiaries in Latin America?
Itaú intends to use the Chilean Bank and its subsidiaries as an exclusive vehicle for pursuing
business opportunities in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Central America, with certain exceptions.
36. When will operating systems be integrated?
The integration plan is expected to be fully executed over the next three years following the date
of the merger, with synergies expected to be fully-realized by the fifth year following the closing
date of the merger.
37. What will be the Bank’s brand going forward?
The bank in Chile will operate under the brand name Itaú, while the legal entity’s name will be Itaú
38. What is the committed amount under the credit facility granted by Itaú to CorpGroup?
The additional financing for CorpGroup under the credit facility is US$950 million, from a total of
US$1,200MM. The difference of US$250MM can only be used to refinance an already existing
loan with Itaú, under the same terms as the additional US$950MM
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
About Itaú Unibanco
Itaú Unibanco is the largest private bank in Latin America and one of the largest banks in the world by
market cap with a universal product offering and market-leading presence in Brazil. Itaú Unibanco’s Latin
American footprint outside Brazil includes banking operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay
and Uruguay. The entity has a track record of delivering consistently strong financial results and
outstanding ROEs.
Banco Itaú Unibanco entered the Chilean market with the acquisition of BankBoston’s operations in 2007.
Its Chilean subsidiary is the largest outside of Brazil. In Chile, Itaú was in December 2013 the 8 largest
privately owned bank with a 4.7% market share by loans and the 6 largest by total deposits with a 4.5%
market share. Banco Itaú Chile operates in retail banking, commercial banking, global corporate banking,
and treasury businesses and has a leading presence in the high-income segment (ABC1). In 2011, Itaú
Chile acquired HSBC’s premium banking operations in Chile and strengthened its presence in the highincome segment. Its distribution network is comprised of 96 branches and 72 ATMs.
About CorpBanca
CORPBANCA (NYSE:BCA; SSE: CORPBANCA) is Chile’s oldest operating private bank founded in
1871. Based in Chile, CorpBanca also participates in Colombia and Panama. It also has a branch in New
York and a representative office in Madrid. Its total consolidated assets are US$35 billion approximately
and the equity totaled US$3.2 billion. Focused on large and medium companies and individuals,
CorpBanca offers universal bank products. Its remarkable performance in the past 18 years has allowed
consolidating CorpBanca as the fourth largest private bank in Chile. In 2012 CorpBanca started the
process of regionalization with the acquisition of two banks in Colombia, becoming the first Chilean bank
to have banking subsidiaries abroad.
As of October 31, 2014, according to the Chilean Superintendency of Banks, CorpBanca was the fourth
largest private bank in Chile in terms of the overall size of its customer loan portfolio (11.7% market share
on a consolidated basis and 7.4% market share among private banks on an unconsolidated basis only
taking into account its operations in Chile).
At the same date, according to the Colombian Superintendency of Finance, CorpBanca Colombia and
Helm Bank combined operations were the sixth largest bank in Colombia in terms of total assets and in
terms of total loans and also the sixth largest bank in Colombia in terms of total deposits, as reported
under local regulatory and accounting principles.
This press release contains forward-looking statements. Forward-looking information is often, but not
always, identified by the use of words such as "anticipate", "believe", "expect", "plan", "intend", "forecast",
"target", "project", "may", "will", "should", "could", "estimate", "predict" or similar words suggesting future
outcomes or language suggesting an outlook. These forward-looking statements include, but are not
limited to, statements regarding benefits of the proposed merger, integration plans and expected
synergies, the expected timing of completion of the transaction, anticipated future financial and operating
performance and results, including estimates for growth. These statements are based on the current
expectations of CorpBanca’s management. There are a number of risks and uncertainties that could
cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements included in this
communication. For example, (1) the companies may be unable to obtain shareholder approvals required
for the merger; (2) the companies may be unable to obtain regulatory approvals required for the merger,
or required regulatory approvals may delay the merger or result in the imposition of conditions that could
have a material adverse effect on the combined company or cause the companies to abandon the merger;
(3) conditions to the closing of the merger may not be satisfied; (4) an unsolicited offer of another
Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014
company to acquire assets or capital stock of Itaú or CorpBanca could interfere with the merger; (5)
problems may arise in successfully integrating the businesses of the companies, which may result in the
combined company not operating as effectively and efficiently as expected; (6) the combined company
may be unable to achieve cost-cutting synergies or it may take longer than expected to achieve those
synergies; (7) the credit ratings of the combined company or its subsidiaries may be different from what
the companies expect; (8) the businesses of the companies may suffer as a result of uncertainty
surrounding the merger; (9) the industry may be subject to future regulatory or legislative actions that
could adversely affect the companies; and (10) the companies may be adversely affected by other
economic, business, and/or competitive factors. Forward-looking statements and information are based on
current beliefs as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to CorpBanca’s
management. Although management considers these assumptions to be reasonable based on information
currently available to it, they may prove to be incorrect. By their very nature, forward-looking statements
involve inherent risks and uncertainties, both general and specific, and risks that predictions, forecasts,
projections and other forward-looking statements will not be achieved. We caution readers not to place
undue reliance on these statements as a number of important factors could cause the actual results to
differ materially from the beliefs, plans, objectives, expectations and anticipations, estimates and
intentions expressed in such forward-looking statements. Furthermore, the forward-looking statements
contained in this press release are made as of the date of this press release and CorpBanca does not
undertake any obligation to update publicly or to revise any of the included forward-looking statements,
whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. The forward-looking statements
contained in this press release are expressly qualified by this cautionary statement.
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Santiago, Chile
Phone: +56 (2) 2660-2555
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Q&A KEY TERMS December, 2014

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