Xceleration Media Group® Adds John Nichols As Publisher

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Xceleration Media Group® Adds John Nichols As Publisher
Memphis, TN – Xceleration Media Group® (XcelerationMedia.com), a leading automotive aftermarket multi-channel
media company, announced continued expansion of its staff by hiring industry veteran John Nichols. Nichols will assume
the role of Publisher, concentrating on sales and distribution of the Xceleration Media properties.
In making the announcement, Director of Operations Shawn Brereton was confident
in the decision to hire Nichols.
“John is an industry veteran who understands the automotive marketplace and has
the resumè to back it up,” Brereton said. “We are excited to have someone of John’s
pedigree and experience leading the charge when it comes to getting our message to
the masses. Having him in this role will not only solidify the foundation we have
laid, but will allow us to continue to build upward as we grow.”
A veteran of the Air Force, Nichols received his MBA in Marketing and Finance
from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He started his automotive publishing
career with Dobbs Publishing as Sales and Marketing Manager for such publications
as Mustang Monthly, SuperFords, Corvette Fever, Mopar Muscle, MuscleCar
Review, Chevy Truck, and JP Magazine.
He was also Publisher for Amos Automotive Publishing — helping launch and grow
Cars & Parts, Corvette Enthusiast, Mustang Enthusiast, Musclecar Enthusiast,
Pontiac Enthusiast, Chevy Enthusiast, and Auto Enthusiast magazines.
His experience in all aspects of media for the automotive industry — including print, digital, web, social, and video — make
him a great fit for Xceleration Media’s broad offerings to the aftermarket. Although he has spent the last two years as Sales
and Marketing Manager for Heacock Insurance, he has maintained many contacts forged through his years of dedication
within the industry.
Nichols was excited about the opportunity to join the already-talented Xceleration Media team and help build on the
momentum the brand has gained within its first two years of operation.
"I am excited to be a part of the Xceleration Media Group,” Nichols said. “The team is comprised of talented automotive
industry professionals, and I feel honored to be a member of this exclusive group. My love for cars, the automotive industry,
and all the people involved, makes this my dream endeavor."
Nichols is set to start his new endeavor in mid-June.
About Xceleration Media Group®
Xceleration Media Group® is an automotive focused, multi-channel relationship marketing company at the forefront of today’s changing
media landscape. With properties in five major automotive/motorsports segments, Xceleration Media Group® uses a variety of
innovative delivery channels to ensure its hard-hitting technical content reaches high-value enthusiasts, racers, and hobbyists. Also visit
us online at xcelerationmedia.com or on YouTube at youtube.com/xcelerationmedia.
Media Contact: [email protected], 901-260-5910

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