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A UGUST 2014
Mrs. Virginia Potter
937-845-9414 ext. 3102
[email protected]
Mr. Al Vocke
937-845-9414 ext. 3123
[email protected]
Ms. Jody Petty
[email protected]
937-845-9439 ext. 3120
Fax: 937-845-5007
Mrs. Alisha Gross
937-845-9439 ext.3119
[email protected]
FAX: 937-845-5007
K-12 Dean of Students
Mrs. Alexis Dedrick
937-845-9487 ext. 3114
[email protected]
Mr. Craig Vasil
[email protected]
937-845-9487 ext. 3113
Fax 937-845-5092
937-845-9487 ext. 3112
Mrs. Regan Butler
[email protected]
Fax: 937-845-0592
937-845-9430 ext. 3117
Mrs. Chris Phillips
[email protected]
Fax: 937-845-0592
Mr. John Augustine
937-845-9430 ext. 3107
Asst. Athletic Director
Mr. Mark Clute
[email protected]
Ms. Mara Lance
937-845-9487 ext. 3115
[email protected]
Mrs. Karen Newman
937-845-9414 ext. 3103
[email protected]
Fax: 937-845-5007
Assistant Treasurer
Mrs. Lynn Serra
937-845-9414 ext. 3104
[email protected]
Treasurer’s Assistant
Miss Brenda Wilkins
[email protected]
937-845-9414 ext. 3105
Mrs. Gayle Rhoades
937-845-9430 ext. 3118
[email protected]
District News
Free and Reduced Form
Lunch Menu
Newsletter Deadlines
November 10, 2014
February 9, 2015
May 4, 2015
Mrs. Lisa Rief
937-845-9414 ext. 3108
[email protected]
For updates, teacher notes, and other information, please visit the Bethel website:
Please call 845-9430 for more
Articles are due by 9:00 am.
District news
Another year begins with new changes and challenges! First, let me introduce myself…..I am Virginia Potter, the
new Superintendent of Bethel Local Schools. I received my BA in secondary education/English from Cedarville University, MA in educational leadership/principal-superintendent licensure from Wright State University and am presently
enrolled in an educational leadership doctorate program at Liberty University. Throughout my twenty-some years in the
educational world, I served as an adjunct college professor, taught in both high school and middle school and served in
different administrative roles for over fourteen years. Although I have already rolled up my sleeves and started filling
administrative positions for the upcoming school year the last week in July, my first official day was August 1. I count it
a privilege to serve the community, parents and students of the Bethel Local School District and look forward to meeting
all of you throughout the month of August. I will be in attendance at the following activities for you to introduce yourself to me:
Kindergarten Orientation Wednesday, August 13; 6-7:00 PM
Elementary Open House Thursday, August 14, 6-7:00 PM
Junior High/High School Open House Tuesday, August 19, 6-7:30 PM
Recently hired on the Bethel staff is Craig Vasil, our new junior high and high school principal. He comes to us from
Butler High School in Vandalia where he served as an assistant principal. He has his B.A. from Wittenberg University in
Psychology, M.A. from Walsh University in Counseling and Human Development and Educational Leadership/Principal
Licensure from University of Dayton. He has also had both teaching and counseling experience in Fairborn City Schools
and Miami East Local. Although he has been on the job for less than a week, he has “jumped in” with both feet and working to ensure that things are ready to go for the students’ first day!
Students in grades 1-12 first day will be Tuesday, August 19 with an Open House for parents in grades 7
-12 that same evening beginning at 6:45 PM. The Open House is a great opportunity for parents not only to meet their
child’s teachers and see how he/she travels throughout a typical school day but also to get acquainted with Mr. Vasil.
Please check the website for updates to traffic flow in and out of the school parking lot for the upcoming school year
while construction begins on our site. This plan will be posted by Friday, August 8. Thanks for being patient with
the communication and updates regarding the building project. The superintendent and administrative team are getting
acclimated to the needs of the district regarding information “roll outs” and what parents need to make the school year
run smoothly. In addition, the new website is in the final stages and hopefully will soon be ready to present to the community. We’re as anxious and excited about that as you are!
Mrs. Virginia Potter
Attention 6th and 7th
grade parents
Board Minutes can be
found on the bethel
website under
Students entering grade 7 must have a diphtheria-tetanus
booster BEFORE being enrolled in the 7th grade. If your student
has had any immunizations since kindergarten, this is probably
one of them. It would be listed on the immunization record ad
Tdap, Adacel, or Boostrix. We will need a copy of the record
showing that your student has had this immunization for our records.
Joan Campbell RN
School Medication
In compliance with Ohio State law, school
personnel can not administer any prescription medication to students unless a medication permission
form, filled out and signed by physician and parent,
is on file in the clinic. Over the counter medications can be administered by school personnel if a
permission form giving information on dosage, etc.
and signed by the parent is on file. It is no longer
necessary to have a prescriber fill out a form for
OTC medications, but they must be in the original
container. These forms can be requested from the
clinic by contacting any of the secretaries. Medication must be kept locked in the clinic and dispensed
by the clinic aide. Students can not carry and/or
self administer any medications, including over
the counter medications. Ohio law makes an
exception to this rule for epipens and inhalers. If
the physician and parent feel that the student needs
to carry either of these, permission to do so is
granted if the parent and physician sign the required
forms. If the student is carrying an epipen, a back
up epipen must also be provided to the principal or
school nurse. Parents may come to the school to
administer medication to their child at any time.
Bus routes available on the bethel
Please contact Gayle Rhoades with questions regarding transportation. Your child should be picked up and dropped off at your residence. If your child needs to be picked up or dropped off somewhere
other than your home, please contact Gayle. Students must ride to
and from the same location daily. On special occasions, when your
child will be going home with another student, we will require a note
from both parents. Again, if you have any questions, please contact
Gayle Rhoades in Transportation, 845-9414 ext. 3118.
PTO News
PTO is including the 7th & 8th graders again this year on the Entertainment book sales. This year we would like to donate $10.00 of
every book they sell towards their trip.
Michele Coppock
937 620 8425
Joan Campbell RN
Bethel Clinic Aide
Thanks A Million…
Mission Statement
The mission of Bethel Local Schools is to educate with excellence, inspiring each student to
become a responsible, contributing citizen in
local and world communities
Board Meeting Notice
The next meeting of the Bethel Board of
Education will be held Monday, September 8,
2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the
Bethel Schools Auditorium.
The Bethel Music Boosters would like to thank Brandt Self
Storage for their generous donation towards the upcoming school
year of 2014 - 2015. Organizations like ours would not be able to
give the extra assistance that we do without the support of businesses
like BRANDT SELF STORAGE. ( located just south of Route 40 on
Route 201) who so unselfishly donates to Bethel. Thank you !
The Bethel Township Trustees would like to thank everyone who
came to the Easter Egg Hunt at Friendship Park . All the kids found
lots of eggs and had a great time. We would also like to thank the Fire
Department, Brandt Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Brandt United
Methodist Church who co-sponsored this community event with
us. A special thank you to Chief Ehrhart, Annette Brown, Gayle
Rhoades, Phyllis Carmack, and everyone who donated their time to
Bethel Elementary school
Staffing Updates
Elementary School Fees
With the start of a new school year comes the addition of
staff to the elementary building. We would like to take this
opportunity to welcome the following new staff members
to Bethel Elementary School:
Kindergarten =
$ 48.50
First Grade =
$ 41.50
Ashley McElroy will be teaching on our 2nd grade team.
She comes to us from the Springfield City School District in
Second Grade =
$ 72.50
Third Grade =
Mindy Campbell will be teaching on the 4th grade team.
She comes to us from the Trotwood-Madison School District in Ohio.
Fourth Grade =
$ 66.00
Fifth Grade =
$ 42.75
Anna Sampson will be teaching our gifted and talented
program to grades 3-6. She comes to us from the Hilton
Head School District in South Carolina.
Sixth Grade =
$ 54.00
Michael Tayse will be teaching elementary art to our students as he has moved from a long term substitute position
last year with Bethel to a full time teacher status!
Our returning staff members and new hires will hold the
following teaching positions for the 2013 – 2014 school
Grade K: Tara Judge, Rebecca Frey, Krissy Walsh and
Lauren Worman
Grade 1: Barb Bowman, Barb Hamlin and Cyndi Parrish
Grade 2: Erin Henry, Holly Hughes, Ashley McElroy and
Amy Novellino
Grade 3: Abby Manson, Angela Pytel and Mary Roll
Grade 4: Nathan Clark, Mindy Campbell and Betsy Griffith
Grade 5: Rita Boyer, Elaine Koenig, Susan Pytel and Barb
Grade 6: Heather Reittinger, Barb Risner and Joy Vocke
Intervention: Heather Balkcom (K-3) and Holly Smith (4
Title I: Julie Lawson
Michael Tayse
Music: Lara Wolford
P.E.: Dave Wolfe
Feel free to stop by the building to pay those before
school begins or at one of the Open House Nights if you
prefer to do so before the start of the school year.
2013 – 2014 OAA Results for Bethel Elementary School
Bethel continues to be proud of the academic successes of our students. We are grateful to have supportive parents, hard
working students and a dedicated staff who all contribute to these successes. Thank you to everyone who helped us to
reach these results!
The following table indicates the percentage of the students at each grade level who passed the assessment at the proficient
level or above:
The following table indicates the percentage of students who scored at each level on the Ohio Achievement Assessments:
Gr. Level
3rd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
5th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
6th Grade
Grades and homework are available on Progress Book at
Bethel Junior and Senior High School
Homeroom Postings
Homeroom postings will be on the doors as the
students come into school. They are to report to
their Homeroom at the second bell.
Shorts must be at finger tip length, or
your student will need to changes clothes,
NO ripped/ holes in their pants.
Student Handbooks
All 7-12 students will receive a copy of the
Student Handbook and Planner. There are some
changes this year. It is also available on the Bethel
JH/HS website. Please take time to look over
with your student and review key information,
such as: Bell schedules, Dress Code, and the Absence/Tardy policies.
Sophomores and seniors
Representatives from JOSTEN’S will be at Bethel for Sophomores and Seniors, September 11, 2014. Josten’s representative,
Bob Eldridge, will talk to Sophomores about ordering class rings.
He will be talking to Seniors about ordering Caps and Gowns and
announcements for graduation.
JH & HS Open House
Junior High and High School Open House is scheduled
for Tuesday, August 19 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. Please make a
copy of your child’ s schedule and bring it with you.
Smile! Picture Day!
LifeTouch Studios will be taking school pictures
Friday, August 29. Pictures are available in pre-pay packages.
Information will about the packages will go home with students the first week of school. If you are ordering pictures,
students need to bring their order form to school on August
30with payment. ALL students will have their pictures taken
for the yearbook on this day. Picture Re-takes will be November 19.
Attention Parents of Seniors
I want to communicate a few things I think you might find important so you can enjoy your son or daughter’s senior year.
This is a guideline for deadlines and events for your child’s senior year. Students should listen to morning announcements,
check their email accounts or check on the JH/HS webpage. You can view the daily announcements on our website:
www.bethel.k12.oh.us, just click on “JH/HS” under the “Schools” tab. “Daily Announcements” is listed on the toolbar.
Jostens will have a meeting with seniors September 11. They will hand out order packets at that time and they will take
orders September 18. CTC students – Jostens will visit the CTC to make the same presentation. You will have to listen to
announcement at CTC to know when that will be scheduled. If you have questions during the year you can call Jostens directly. Jostens number is 937-552-9904. You can order online at www.jostens.com and use a credit card if you prefer.
The “Class of 2015” t-shirt sale is scheduled for early in the year. I hope to have information out to seniors the first week of
school. The students will have the opportunity to purchase “Class of 2014” t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants. The cost in the
past has been t-shirts ($16), hoodies ($27), sweatpants ($17) there is an additional charge for 2X – 3X. These costs are approximate but it will give you some idea for your budget. These are NOT the same items sold by Jostens. Payment is required with order and we do not order extras.
Prestige Photography is the school’s photographer. If you have your senior pictures done with them they will be sure your
picture is forwarded to the school for the yearbook and the class composite picture. Their number is 800-273-8805. There
are some discounts available for scheduling your portraits early this summer.
You can choose to use another photographer. If this is the case you will need to bring your yearbook picture to the school
or email a copy to Mrs. Brewer, [email protected] To be in the class composite picture you must have
your picture taken at Prestige. The sitting fee is $15.00 and the cost of the composite will be $15.00. Composite photos
will be available for purchase sometime in the spring and payment will be made directly to Prestige. The photos will be distributed at graduation practice.
Yearbook pictures are due to Mrs. Brewer no later than February 13. You will need to submit a baby picture by the same
date. Please put your name on the back of any pictures; both the yearbook photo and the baby picture will be returned. Yearbooks will be on sale from approximately January 20 – March 2, 2015 , the cost has yet to be determined.
Summer is a great time to gather pictures for the Graduation Slideshow. In order to ensure the return of your pictures
please, please write your name on the back of each picture or on your disc. You can send them on a CD or jump drive or you
can scan them and send them to me at [email protected] Look for pictures that have several students in them because these are fun for everyone and we have a time limit for the slideshow so this helps include everyone within the allotted
time. If you have any questions you can call the High School Office, 845-9487.
All school fees will need to be paid before graduation. Fees must be paid by May 15. This includes any outstanding fees from MVCTC, previous school years, damaged book fees, lost uniform fees, AP test fees, Activity Fees, etc. If
you want to set up a payment plan during the year please call the High School Office. If the fees are not paid by graduation
your final transcript will not be released to schools, employers or the military.
Seating for graduation – each graduating student will receive 4 tickets for seating on the floor. Seating in the bleachers is on
a “first come, first served” basis with no restriction on the number of people in your group. The students will receive their
tickets at Graduation Practice on May 22, 2015
Graduation practice is mandatory if your student plans to participate in the Graduation program. Graduation practice begins at 8:00 a.m. Friday, May 22. Please make arrangements with employers and PSEO instructors at least 4 weeks in advance. Work or PSEO obligations are not acceptable excuses for not attending practice.
Scholarships are a big part of the senior year experience. Please make it a practice to check the “Scholarship Links” on Bethel
website under “Guidance Web”. This will be continually updated throughout the year and every effort is made to keep the
information current. There are a variety of scholarships and some with due dates fairly early in the school year. It is the student’s responsibility to read through the various applications to check qualifications for the application.
Have your student create a list of all activities and community service grades 9-12 to be used in the application process. Please
encourage them to follow every direction on the application and to neatly and legibly complete all applications.
Seniors Cont’d
To properly process a scholarship application through the Guidance Office takes time. The scholarship application should
be turned in to the Guidance Office at least 10 working days before the scholarship due date. This will allow time to review
the application and make corrections or additions if necessary, add necessary attachments or recommendations, print and
I hope this letter will answer some questions as you prepare for the whirlwind of the senior year. Check the website
frequently. This is very important for CTC and PSEO students. I send emails to the CTC seniors but if they won’t open
and read the emails with the announcements from the school they won’t get all the information they need. I will make special all-calls from time to time to CTC and PSEO students about important events. They should take the initiative to stop
by the High School Office to keep up to date. Please call me if you have questions. If you would like to be added to my
“Senior e-mail list” please email me at [email protected]
Thank you and congratulationsRegan Butler, Senior Class Advisor
Junior High Magazine Sale
September - October
Junior High students will have the opportunity to participate in our only all school fundraiser – Magazine Sale!
ALL profits (20%) from the subscription price will go into
the students account toward the Washington D.C. trip their
8th grade year.
We DO NOT recommend or encourage students to go
door to door. They are encouraged to ask family and friends
to renew subscriptions.
Information will go home with students. The sale will
run for two weeks.
Absences and tardies
Students who are tardy, (not in class when the bell rings
at 7:35 a.m.), they must sign in, in the Attendance
Office. Students must enter through the main front doors
when arriving late. If your child will be absent, please call
the 7-12 ATTENDANCE OFFICE AT 845-9430 BY
8:30 AM. to report your child’s absence.
Please read the attendance policy in the handbook for
further information regarding attendance and absences.
Grades and homework are available on Progress Book at
Thank you
Bethel Athletic Department
Student Athletic Fees
Parents Please read
All student athletes are required to pay the student athletic fee. All past due school fees are required to be
paid prior to participation in athletics. A payment
plan can be set up for athletic fees. You must come to the
Athletic Office to set up your plan. Fees are as follows:
High School Sports
Junior High Sports
Family Cap
$500.00 per year
You will be charged for each sport your child participates in until your family cap is met. If you have not paid
your athletic fees at this time, they are past due. Unpaid
fees may result in missed playing time. If you have any
questions, please contact the Athletic Office at 845-9430.
Senior Night
Senior Night for all Senior Fall Athletes and Band members will be held Friday, October 24. Please be at the field
by 6:20 p.m. Senior parents will be admitted free, and
will need to sign in at the PASS gate. For more information, please call the Athletic Office at 845-9430.
Director John Augustine
Bethel Junior High and High School is pleased to announce
that John Augustine the new Athletic Director. Mr. Augustine
comes to Bethel from Xenia Christian. John is married to his
wife Chrissy for ten years and they have four children; Concetta
8, John 7, Eli 4 and Micah 2. They currently reside in Xenia,
Ohio. John is a graduate of Wright State University, and has
been the Athletic Director at Xenia Christian for the past three
years. John loves spending time with his family and kids in general! He also is a huge fan of the Cincinnati Reds! Welcome to
Bethel, John!
Homecoming 2014
October 10
Bethel Bees vs. Twin Valley
Festivities begin 6:15 pm
Intervention/Study table
All Student athletes receiving a “D” or “F” on their last
report card (4th quarter grade), or that have a 2.0 or below
gpa, are REQUIRED to attend intervention twice a week.
Your child’s coach will let them know if they are required
to attend. Not attending will result in the following:
1st Offense
2nd Offense
3rd offense +
Meeting with Coach
Meeting with Coach and AD
and detention
Saturday school, loss of playing
time, meeting with AD
Please take a moment and remind your athletes of these
rules. Intervention is for their benefit. Intervention will
begin the second week of school. Forms can be picked up at
the Athletic Office, and returned back to Athletic Office by
Friday morning
Tardies and Absences
for Athletes
For extra curricular activity participation, students must
arrive by the beginning of the second class period. An Early
Dismissal or Late Arrival (after 1st period) must be for a
medical appointment only, and must have prior approval,
along with a note from the medical provider. Arriving after
2nd period starts will result in loss of playing time and practice.
An absence from school on game day means no participation.
Board of Education
Joseph Solch, President
Scott Lawson, Vice President
Scott Hawthorn
Michael van Haaren
Brian Moore
Treasurer Karen Newman
Superintendent Mrs. Virginia Potter
Board Office - 937-845-9414
Bethel Local Schools
The Bethel Connection
Tipp City, Ohio
7490 S. St. Rt. 201
Tipp City, Ohio 45371
Mrs. Chris Phillips, Editor
[email protected]
937-845-9430 ext. 3117
Fax: 937-845-0592
October 27
October 30
November 6
November 11
September 1
September 18
September 26
October 1
October 2
October 10
October 16
October 17
October 20
October 24
August 12
August 13
August 11
August 13
August 14
August 15
August 19
August 19
August 21
7th Grade Orientation 6:00
8th Grade Schedule Pick Up
7-12 new Student registration
Kindergarten Open House
Elementary Open House
Activity Fees Due in Athletic Office
7-12 Open House 6:00 - 7:30
Students First Day
Kindergarten 1 day
Athletic Booster Meeting - 7:00pm
No School—Labor Day
Athletic Booster Meeting 7:00pm
Interims Go Home
7-12 Conferences
K-5 Conferences
2 hr Early Dismissal
No School—Teacher Work Day
2nd Quarter begins
Report Cards Go Home
Senior Night
No School - Staff Work Day
7-12 Conferences
K-6 Conferences
Fall Sports Awards
Mark your calendar!!!

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