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The International MBA (IMBA) is Liverpool
Hope University’s flagship postgraduate
degree. Taught in Liverpool Hope University
Business School, which was rated with the
maximum 24 out of 24 score in the last UK
Government’s Quality Assurance Agency for
Higher Education, you are guaranteed a first
class learning experience.
The International MBA will equip you with the
skills to adapt to a fast-changing global business
environment. The programme is relevant for
students from all over the world who wish to
obtain a professional qualification that takes
account of cultural differences in an increasingly
global business market.
You will develop an enquiring approach to
problems and learn how business management
theories can be applied to produce practical
and successful solutions. IMBA graduates go
on to become executives, senior managers,
and directors in both private and public sector
organizations all over the world.
Liverpool Hope University’s International
MBA reflects the ever-changing business
environment where international management,
entrepreneurship, sustainability and social
enterprise are taking the lead. The IMBA
offers an internationally-focused curriculum,
opportunities for work placements and
consultancy projects, industry interaction and
new executive training. You will also have the
opportunity to gain additional management
qualifications from one of the world’s leading
management organisations: the Chartered
Management Institute (CMI).
Why choose Liverpool Hope
University’s International MBA?
Read about the key features of the programme.
• Top Accreditation - If you want a first-class
qualification you need to be in a first-class
learning environment. With the maximum
possible rating of 24 out of 24 from the UK
Government’s Quality Assurance Agency,
Liverpool Hope University Business School
provides you with a top quality academic and
professional environment.
• International Faculty - The International
MBA is taught by leading academics from
across disciplines with experience from across
the world. The Liverpool Hope University
Business School faculty includes wellpublished academics, experienced business
consultants and industry experts. You can
draw on wide areas of academic scholarship
and expertise including: entrepreneurship;
economic and social development; global
intercultural leadership, learning and
organisational change; international business
and management; fair trade and sustainable
business management; global business
ethics and corporate social responsibility;
international marketing and branding; global
HR; international and Islamic finance.
• Industry Interaction and Employer
Orientation - You will develop your
networks,and be able to enhance your learning
through a comprehensive programme of
external guest speakers. Senior business
leaders from international organizations share
their knowledge and expertise. Experts are
drawn from across sectors and participating
organizations have and will include Tata Steel,
Kraft Foods, Royal Bank of Scotland, to name
just a few.
International MBA
International MBA
What Liverpool Hope
University Students
‘My dissertation addresses one of the
vital aspects of today’s’ businesses,
corporate social responsibility. It is
specifically important to me to become
an ethical businessman, rather than a
marketer with a broad understanding.
This study gave me the opportunity
to research larger corporations and the
responsibilities I believe they should
have to the business itself and society.
Each degree has its own personality
created by its intricacies - I’m happy I
chose Hope.”
Thusitha Abayaratne, Sri Lanka
“I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a
postgraduate student at Liverpool
Hope University and I want to impress
upon all students, both international
and domestic, that with hard work
you can achieve anything that you
set your mind to. I would highly
recommend Hope to international
students considering studying abroad;
it has opened up a whole world of
opportunities for me.”
Bassey Ekanem, Nigeria
“The International MBA gave me the
opportunity to pursue a professionalrelated qualification that expanded my
management abilities. I had to push
myself, it was the hardest thing I have
ever done but the sense of achievement
is overwhelming. Now I feel that I can
now take on the world!”
Jane Blackmore, UK
“It is not difficult to find a university,
but it is difficult to find a really
good university. You need to check
what facilities are available - for both
practical and theoretical knowledge.
You have to consider the location, the
staff, everything that is best for you!
Liverpool Hope University provides
the best facilities available to improve
my knowledge, and my Professors gave
me support in my ideas to gain the best
Mahesh Kurra, India
• Company Visits and Industry Field Trips
- Liverpool Hope University Business
School’s International MBA helps you
experience business environments directly
through an active programme of company
visits and industry field trips. You will gain
a unique insight into the internal workings
of leading organizations.
• Work Experience and Live Projects - The
pinnacle of our International MBA is the
consultancy phase. You can use this as
an opportunity to draw from your own
business setting, your work experience,
or use a ‘live’ business project to explore
in depth a business and management
challenge that is of particular interest to
you. You can use this project to tailor the
IMBA to your own specialism.
• Professional support and additional
qualifications from the Chartered
Management Institute (CMI) - You can
gain three more qualifications in addition
to your main IMBA! As an IMBA student
you will have the opportunity to register
and qualify for CMI’s:
• Certificate in Strategic Management and
• Diploma in Strategic Management and
Leadership; and
• Diploma in Professional Consulting
(accessible to students who choose
IMBA’s Consultancy Project).
• These extra professional qualifications
will further enhance your employability
and career prospects.
You will also have the option to become
a member of this prestigious professional
body which will give you access to
comprehensive management, leadership
and consultancy learning resources and
publications, networking opportunities and
career development.
• Executive Training and Skills
Development - Liverpool Hope
University’s International MBA provides
students with the opportunity to register
for executive classes, delivered by top
business professionals at Liverpool Hope
University’s unique Plas Caerdeon Outdoor
Education Centre in the beautiful and
green landscape of Snowdonia, North
Wales. You will be exposed to the wisdom
and expertise of some of Britain’s top
business minds, and experience new
ways to develop interpersonal and
communication skills, team-working and
negotiation, ethical awareness, and selfanalysis and reflection. You also have the
opportunity to engage in numerous sport
and leisure activities such as canoeing,
archery, pony riding, mountaineering, or
just enjoy the beautiful rural surroundings.
• Dedicated Career Development
Specialists - Liverpool Hope University is
renowned for its first class student support,
encompassing the Student Success Zone
and Career Development. You will have a
dedicated career development counsellor,
with expertise in postgraduate-level and
international career management and
• Opportunities for Placements, Enterprise
Development and Business Networking
- As a Liverpool Hope University MSc
student you will have access to the Hope
Business Network, Liverpool Hope
University’s own business support unit.
Services include internship advice, award
schemes for new business development,
entrepreneur skills workshops and
networking events.
• Academic English and Writing Support Students requiring support with academic
writing will have the option to subscribe to
such a facility.
Programme Overview
The programme consists of ten 15 credits
taught modules (compulsory), plus a choice
of an additional 30 credits research-based
module, either the “Consultancy Project”
or the “Research Project”, thus adding up
to 180 credits. You will be assessed for each
module. Assessment methods may include
practical coursework, essays, reflective reports,
presentations and examinations.
Courses *
September to January - You will study 5
compulsory modules resulting in 75 credits.
Management Strategy (compulsory - 15
credits): You will be introduced to the
principle theories, models and frameworks in
the field of strategy and will be provided with
the critical apparatus to evaluate them.
Human Resources Management (compulsory
- 15 credits): You will develop an in-depth
understanding of the key human resource
management issues and debates and the
significant changes and contingencies in
this area. Topics studied include the key
areas of human resource management, such
as recruitment and selection, performance
management, reward management and culture
management. You will draw on a range of best
practices and international comparisons in
Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
(compulsory - 15 credits): You will gain an
up-to-date knowledge and understanding
of key aspects of organizational behaviour
and leadership, exploring individuals and
groups in organizations, leadership, and
organizational processes.
International Operations and Information
Management Strategy (compulsory - 15
credits): You will gain knowledge and
understanding of the principles and
concepts of modern production, service,
operations and information management
and their importance in the development
of organizational world class performance,
well-informed decision making and the
achievement of a total quality management
service environment.
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
(compulsory - 15 credits): The course
aims to develop your knowledge and
understanding of contemporary issues in
enterprise development and entrepreneurship
in a world-wide context with an emphasis
on scholarly knowledge, practical skills and
strategic thinking. Furthermore, the aspiring
entrepreneur will also learn how to obtain
the resources necessary to strategically pursue
opportunities and to create an entrepreneurial
January to April/May - You will study 5
additional compulsory modules resulting in
75 credits.
International Finance (compulsory - 15
credits): You will gain an understanding of the
world of finance and financial management
in an increasingly global market context. The
module takes an international and strategic
perspective in addressing issues relating to
the structure of business finance and its
application to the decision-making processes
in organizations.
International Marketing (compulsory - 15
credits): This subject is designed to equip
you with an understanding of the selection
and entry of markets and the alternatives
in marketing strategies including ethical
considerations. Particular emphasis will be
given to the challenges as well as opportunities
of international marketing in the emergent
markets of the developing world.
International Business Sustainability and
Ethics (compulsory - 15 credits): You
will develop the ability to think critically,
strategically and globally about the range
of dilemmas, problems and issues that we
address within the fields known as business
sustainability, international business ethics,
international corporate responsibility and
corporate governance
Research Methods (compulsory - 15 credits):
You will examine the key philosophical
underpinnings of social science and
humanities research, as well as looking at
issues that arise in undertaking data collection,
analysis and presentation of research.
Global and Economic Development
(compulsory - 15 credits): You will examine
issues of economic development and the
complex reality of the global economy.
May to September - Research Phase
Consultancy Project (Optional - 30 credits):
You will have the opportunity here to exhibit
your professional and academic skills. You will
critically examine a business and management
issue with an organization and provide
justifiable advice and solutions. You will be
able to demonstrate your expertise through
live presentations and a substantial written
Research Project (Optional - 30 credits):
Alternatively, you can do a research
(dissertation) project on a subject of your own
Location and Facilities
All classes are held at Liverpool Hope
University’s main campus, Hope Park. The
campus is situated just four miles from the
city centre and offers superb academic and
support facilities, including on-campus library
with extended opening hours, free computer
and wi-fi access, and a careers service for
advice on part-time work opportunities and
post-study careers.
Future Career Opportunities
This programme opens up a vast array of
career opportunities, as you will develop a
broad-ranging knowledge and skills base that
can be applied to virtually any organizational
setting, both in the public and private sectors,
in the UK and overseas. Graduates from this
programme may go on to become managers,
consultants, senior executives or start up their
own businesses. You may also opt for further
study by progressing to a PhD.
Research Environment
Liverpool Hope Business School is a leading
international business school renowned
for educational excellence in international
business management, global marketing,
human resource management, accounting
and international finance, business ethics,
social enterprise, leadership and law. The
School has been recognised for its teaching
quality; in the last national UK Government’s
Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Subject
Review of Business Liverpool Hope Business
School achieved the maximum possible score
24 out of 24. In the forefront of research and
innovation, Liverpool Hope Business School
has extended research links throughout the
world, including the Liverpool Hope-Christ
University (Bangalore) Institute of Business,
Management and Leadership. The institute
works on collaborative research projects
particularly in the areas of SME management
and leadership, cross-cultural influences on
corporate social responsibility, and marketing.
Key Information
Award: International MBA
Study Mode: Full-time
Duration: 12 months
Intake: September and January
Entry Requirements: A good honours
degree (minimum Second Class or
equivalent) OR an equivalent professional
qualification AND at least two years work
experience at managerial or supervisory
English language requirement: English
language requirement: Students whose
first language is not English are normally
required to have an IELTS 6.5 (reading
6, writing 6), TOEFL ibt 87 or other
equivalent recognised English language
Fees: For tuition fee information go to
International Students: For additional
information including entry requirements,
fees and scholarships go to
Contact for further information and
how to apply: Postgraduate Enquiries,
telephone +44 (0) 151 291 3111, email
[email protected]
Disclaimer: Information is correct at time of print but
may be subject to change.

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