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Message from the Chair
Summer | Fall 2014
It is that time of year when, once again,
…Autumn begins to be inferred
By millinery of the cloud,
Or deeper color in the shawl
That wraps the everlasting hill…
—Emily Dickinson
As we pause to welcome new and returning students to Oyaron Hill, we realize, with a touch
of the bittersweet, that time marches on. Seasons change, as does the world around us. It is the
natural order of things, particularly in academia, where we cultivate learners and then, within a few
short “growing” years, stand by the sidelines as they walk away into a promising future. This year
is no different. While we welcome the Class of 2018, we pause to remember the Class of 2014 and the indelible mark that they made
on Oyaron Hill. In particular, the faculty would like to thank members of the Class of 2014 (and 2015) who worked with us over the
course of 2013-2014 to reshape the senior curriculum as we collectively struggled to adapt to the double-edged sword of growth in
enrollments and increases in retention. The many meetings in which we hashed things out resulted in curriculum modifications that
preserved our desire for small classes and sound clinical experiences while allowing for a full-term thesis course, the beginnings of
an embedded NCLEX-RN review course, and a restructuring and sequencing of course work to better prepare students for a more
robust senior independent practicum. While change that is done to you is never easy, the Class of 2014 and the senior level faculty
— Professors Boyer, Brophy, Casler, and Dalrymple, — proved themselves to be true professionals, mature and flexible in the face of
necessary change. I thank all of you for your pioneering and “can do” spirit. Congratulations to the Class of 2014, you will be missed!
Jeanne-Marie Havener
Student News
Class of 2014
Senior picnic farewell with Dr. Penny Boyer.
Lindsay Bowker ’14 and Ariel Kellum ’14 celebrate.
2014 HoNoRS CoNvoCAtioN
Honors Convocation recognizes Hartwick students and faculty for
significant academic and scholarly contributions they have made
to the College during the academic year.
A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital Excellence in Clinical Practice Award: Jillian Price
Harriet Babcock Nursing Scholarship: Sara Tessitore
Frederick M. Binder Scholar-Athlete Award: Megan Lefeber, Mateo Munarriz
Faculty Scholars in Nursing: Elise Bannigan, Emily Glaner, Monica Prager, Kaitlyn Rose
Picture perfect | Class of 2014 Hartwick College Nurses Pinning Ceremony graduating class.
Honor College Honors Society
Shelby Austin-Manning
Traci Bologna-Jill
Carolyn Dudden
Cindy Ezimora
Alyssa Galea
Amanda Ginder
Elizabeth Greco
Steven Grzeskowiak
Joshua Johnson
Sabrina Jones
Katherine Kasacek
Megan Lefeber
Kristina Loeffler
Hayley Lown
Jessica McCaffery
Grace Mele
Julie Morse
Abigail Nelson
Michelle O’Dell
Aaron Parisi
Katie Pennings
Sarah Pope
Kristin Pullyblank
Dawn Rivers
Jenna Rodrigues
Michaela Shipman
Jessica Spitz
Nichole Sturm
Rebekah Talbot
Elizabeth Tenney-Domanski
Ryan Thomas
Catherine Winters
2014-15 John Christopher Hartwick Scholars
Gavin Jenkins
Kyle Murray
Kalindi Naslund
Tricia Phillips
Krista Poore
Monica Prager
Jessie Jenks Scholarship: Emily Glaner
Edith M. Macey Schoarship supported by the Burchan Fund: Emily Glaner, Kaitlyn Rose
Hartwick College Honors Program
Nursing Alumni Memorial Scholarship: Brenda Ludwig
Tanae Adderley
Victor Angeline
Brittany Aponte
Lindsay Bierwert
Traci Bologna-Jill
Thomas Boyd
John Burns
Zhaojing Duan
Francesca Eisenhauer
Matthew Feeman
Alyssa Galea
Danielle George
Omicron Rho Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau Award: Paige Hacker, Molly Snelling
Edward Rayher/Richard J. Kohlmeyer Award in Mathematics: Megan Van der Horst
John and Gertrude Rohrer Award in Mathematics: Nathan Nichols, Aaron Parisi
Sanyo Scholarship: Amanda Tavormina
Andrew B. Saxton Undergraduate Fellowships: Nursing: Justin Pascucci
Sigma Alpha Iota Collegiate Honor Certificate Award in Music: Julie Opdyke
Grace Jones Spain Scholarship in Nursing: Haley Swift
HCASN Gets Recognized at the NSNA
The Hartwick College Association of Student Nurses became recognized
this academic year as a chapter of the National Student Nurses Association
(NSNA). The NSNA strives to provide professional guidance to those
entering the nursing profession. Accompanied by faculty advisor Professor
Lisa Casler, the President and the Vice President of our chapter traveled to
Nashville, TN in April in order to attend the NSNA Annual Convention.
The conference, held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, was attended by nursing
students from programs across the country. Megan Lefebre and Jillian Price
represented Hartwick College voting as delegates. Hartwick College’s chapter
of the NSNA is now recognized as a club on campus and is eligible for financial
support from the Student Senate.
The convention began with an incredible keynote address given by noted author
Dr. Gloria Ferraro Donnelly Ph.D., RN, FAAN, FCPP, who serves as Dean
of the College of Nursing and Health Professions at Drexel University. Dr.
Jillian Price ’14 and Megan Lefeber ’14.
Donnelly emphasized the need for members of the profession to innovate health
care using our educated “hunches.” A focused NCLEX review was lead every
morning by Judith Miller, President of Nursing Tutorial and Consulting in Henniker, NH. The NCLEX review was especially
helpful, as test strategies were explained thoroughly along with specific topics. The remainder of the day was spent amid various
focus sessions depending upon one’s interests. A few of the concurrent sessions our representatives attended included those
pertaining to compact licensure, clinical nurse specialists, the breastfeeding mother, clinical midwifery, pharmacology made easy,
and working with wounded soldiers.
The convention came to a close on April 13 with an endnote address from Virginia Trotter Betts, MSN, JD, RN, FAAN,
Professor in the Department of Advanced Practice and Doctoral Studies Program at the University of Tennessee Health Science
Center in Memphis, TN. Betts presented focused on the challenges nurses face and the importance of striving towards one’s
goals in the face of such challenges. The convention also offered a wide variety of professional development opportunities such
as the exhibit hall. Exhibitors included nursing schools, NCLEX review providers, and healthcare agencies to name a few. The
information available pertaining to summer internships and graduate schools was especially helpful for new graduates.
Elizabeth Greco
Emma Heritage
Sabrina Jones
Megan Lefeber
Hayley Lown
Nichole Maughan
Grace Mele
Kayla Murphy
Michelle O’Dell
Thomas O’Leary
Aaron Parisi
Katie Pennings
Amanda Phelps
Dawn Rivers
Jenna Rodrigues
Hannah Ruszala
Molly Snelling
Jessica Spitz
Ryan Staudle
Nichole Sturm
Shannon Turnbull
Catherine Winters
Hartwick Makes the
World a Better Place.
Find out why:
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Department of Nursing
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In Other News
Alumni News
Congratulations to PNoP and RNoP Graduates
PnoP and RnoP: in February of 2014 hartwick honored graduates of the Bassett-hartwick Partnership for nursing opportunities
Program and the Rural nursing opportunities Program.
o’CoNNoR CHAiR LeCtuRe
Hartwick’s Spring 2014 Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Chair
Lecture featured Emily Edelman MS, CGC, Associate Director,
Clinical and Continuing Education, The Jackson Laboratory.
Ms. Edelman, the former Director of Education at the National Coalition for Health Professional
Education in Genetics (NCHPEG), presented lectures and a workshop on the topics of genetics and
genomics to both public and professional audiences. Edelman, a board certified genetic counselor
whose work focuses on genetics education for health professionals, provided targeted education programs and clinical tools in genetics for use by healthcare providers. Citing specific examples from her
extensive work as a genetics counselor at the Genomic Medicine Institute at Cleveland Clinic — where
she held roles in cancer genetic counseling, cancer research, family health history and personalized
medicine initiatives — Ms. Edelman helped audience members better understand the pivotal role
genetics and genomics play in diagnosing and treating illnesses now and in the future.
Velgan Rodrigues ’12 RNOP, will be starting a new position in the
Cardiothoracic ICU at Duke Hospital.
Frances Nesi ’14, is working at Robert Wood Johnson University
Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. Frances is participating in RWJ’s
Periop 101 Program designed to train new grads and non-OR
nurses how to work in the OR.
Shelly Lynch MSN RN CCRN, AMN Travel Nurse 2001-2007, RN.Com Author & Editor 2003 – Current
Imagine yourself walking through
the mall, a grocery store,
or the airport, and you see a
person on the ground. What do
you do? Do you hesitate? Or do
you instinctively respond
knowing you’ve done this a
thousand times before in a
hospital setting?
Of the countless times I have performed BLS skills in
the hospital, performing these skills when I wasn’t wearing
my nursing scrubs and did not have skilled professionals
Amanda Cronis, RN BSN, Cardiac Intensive Care, South Georgia
Medical Center sends an update: “I now live down in Valdosta, GA
where I work as an open heart surgery and cath lab nurse! It is the
most exciting and rewarding experience I could have ever asked for
and I am so thankful for the preparation I received ... I am growing
so much as a nurse and it’s only been two years! After attending
the AACN conference in May I am considering graduate school.
Recently I was selected by the INA as a top nurse in Valdosta which is
quite an honor. I am a proud Hartwick alum!”
Cindy Ezimora ’13 RNOP, has accepted an offer at the Cleveland
Clinic working in the Neuro ICU.
Making a Difference and Saving Lives, An Alum’s Perspective
Early in April I was traveling. While awaiting my flight I
walked around the airport. During my walk I noticed some
commotion and saw a man lying on the ground. Quickly
assessing the situation, I noted people were responding and
overheard that 911 had been called. As an ICU nurse of 15
years, I peeked around the police officers to see if I could be
of help . The man was gasping for breath (although they were
agonal breaths), and he was unresponsive. I told the police
officer that I was a nurse and asked if they needed any help.
They allowed me to step in. After five seconds of checking
for a pulse, I asked the police officer to bring me the AED,
confirmed that the gentleman did not have a pulse, and
began CPR. The police officer and I performed early
defibrillation and continued CPR until the paramedics
Lindsay Bowker’14 ends her four-year career as the top female
diver in Hartwick history, holding school records in all four diving
categories. This season Lindsay secured 216 points with eight wins
and two second and two third place finishes. She placed third in
the one- and three-meter diving competitions at the Dick Comanzo
Diving Invitational, sixth in three-meter diving at NCAA Regional
Qualifier and 10th in the one-meter event. Bowker is the first
Hartwick Female diver to compete at NCAA Championships; she
placed 20th in the three meter event and 23rd in the one-meter
competition. Congratulations Lindsay!
Erin Sprague ’13 is a nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering on the
Lymphoma and Leukemia floor; she sends her thanks to the Hartwick
nursing faculty for her nursing education and recommendations.
SiM Lab 2014 Nursing 257 Labor and
Delivery Simulations: Sophomore nursing
students practice labor and delivery
simulations during women’s Reproductive
health lab day. Pictured here, Bassett
Medical Center nurse Educator tasha
Rathbone portrayed a standardized
maternal patient with the help of the
Prompt nursing Pelvis, to provide a handson experience related to emergency birthing
Statistics from the American
Heart Association suggest
that 70 percent of Americans feel
helpless to act during a
cardiac emergency because they
either do not know how to
administer CPR or their training
has significantly lapsed. As
a nurse, it is part of our role to update our basic life
support skills. Further, given that the annual rate of out-ofhospital cardiac arrests is nearly 383,000 and a shocking 88
percent of arrests occur at home, laypersons should also be
encouraged to know the basics of CPR.
Good News from Dana Paganico ’14 “I was accepted to a
new graduate bridge-to-practice program at Vassar Hospital in
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.” The highly competitive program provides 15
new graduate nurses with a 12-week orientation and on-going
mentoring. “When I heard the news I was ecstatic; this is the type of
transitional program I wanted.”
In Memoriam
Alice Tobey Morell, 75, of Oneonta, passed away on Tuesday,
January 14, 2014, at the A.O. Fox Nursing Home in Oneonta.
Born in Norwich, NY, Alice married Robert Morell in 1960, with
whom she had a son, David. A 1960 graduate of the Hartwick
College Nursing Program, nursing was Alice’s true joy in life. Alice’s
career began at A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital in maternity nursing.
A teacher of parenting classes for many years, Alice also worked for
two local gynecologists in Oneonta, before moving onto geriatric
nursing at the Chestnut Street Nursing Home where she worked as a
head nurse and supervisor until her retirement. After “retiring” Alice
stayed active as a nurse by providing home care nursing for several
years to families in the community. She was always proud of being a
nurse and using her gifts and skills to help those in need.
Alumni News
Make a Difference
around me with the usual emergency equipment was a very
different feeling. The best feeling of all was saving a life when
it wasn’t expected of me.
As a BLS and ACLS instructor, this story of the importance
of simply responding is now part of my clinical instruction.
Don’t be afraid to act! Call 911. Check for a pulse. Call
for an AED if in a public place. Perform CPR, and give
early defibrillation when indicated. Most importantly,
Recently, Massport Authority at Boston’s Logan
Airport provided me and members of the Massachusetts
State Police with an Outstanding Achievement Award for
providing life support measures to a fellow traveler who was
in need. It felt weird to receive an award for something that
I am trained to do. This experience has made me appreciate
the courage it takes for those who are not trained
health-care professionals to respond to life threatening
cardiac events in their homes and in the public.
So, if you are walking through the mall, a grocery store,
or the airport, and you see a person on the ground, just
respond. A life may depend on you.
Alumna Reaches out
to Support S.H.o.W.
(Student Health outreach for Wellness)
Students from many disciplines (nursing, medicine,
nutrition, speech/language, social work, and even
business, law, music, and art) are for looking for
financial support to open a free health clinic for the
homeless population in Phoenix, AZ. I’m asking for
your help.
Thank you for your support, Aliria Munoz ’07
For more information and to donate visit online at

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