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The Staff of Pine Forest UMC
Pastor: Dr. Andy Blackmon
Administrator: John McBride
Secretary: Nikki Childress
Youth Director: Erin McClellan
Children’s Director: Cheri Schofield
Choir Director: Paul Morrell
Worship Leader: Jacob Hall
Pianist: Janet West
Sound Technician:
Maintenance: Don Pierce & Pete Wright
Custodian: David Johnson
Nursery : Jackie Davis , Kay Carmack &
Clarissa Clayton
Pine Forest United Methodist
2800 Wilde Lake Blvd Pensacola, FL 32526
Phone: (850) 944-0170 Fax: (850) 941-2111
Website: www.pineforestumc.org
Email: [email protected]
Mission Statement
Our purpose is to magnify the Lord our God by
bringing people to Jesus and into membership
within His family, nurturing them to a Christlike maturity, and equipping them for their
ministry in the church and for their mission in
the world.
Jan. 1, 2014
01/01 Jeanette Webb
01/26 Erickson Sweeney
01/02 Edwina Kirchharr
01/26 Jacob McBride
01/02 Heather Summerford
01/28 Eunice Williamson
01/06 Stan Brown
01/28 Carol Sasser
01/08 Wayne Shelton
01/28 Courtney Thompson
01/09 Betty Bratcher
01/29 Bob Mitchell
01/10 Paul Jones
01/31 Jerry Shelby
Allen and
Angela Williams
Jan. 10, 1948
Carl and
Eunice Williamson
Jan. 12, 1957
01/10 James McClellan
01/11 Debbie Odom
01/13 Ashley Wright
01/15 Hubert Smith
01/15 Val Smith
01/17 John B. Webb
01/17 Jan Johnston
01/19 Marie Pierce
01/20 Angela Williams
01/24 Megan Howlett
01/26 Jack Browning
If you have a Birthday or Anniversary in the month of January and your
name is not listed, please contact the church office
@ 944-0170. Please help us keep our records up to date!
Nikki, Church Secretary
Charlie and
June Daniel
Prayer Concerns
Our Pastor, Our Church and our
If you need to reach the Pastor, he
may be reached by email
Mike Heffner
Brian Childress
Gayle Cravey
Daisy Carmen
[email protected] .org
George Kirchharr
Gordon Webb
Charles Daniels
Norman & Imogene Wells
Kenneth Smith
Prayer and Praise Reports
Prayer requests should be sent to the church office, (850)944-0170 or email:
[email protected] If an urgent need should arise after office hours, please contact:
Janet Butler 324-3006.
Email [email protected]
Kathy McBride 450-0133
Email [email protected]
Thanks so much to Jetta Witt for all her years of service in this ministry.
Prayer Shawl News
The Prayer Shawl Ministry recently added a new member, Joann Hope. Her grandson is a
kidney transplant patient and still sees doctors in Birmingham. Joann brought to us some
prayer shawls to be blessed that she made for the children at the Birmingham clinic, choosing
to use the clinic’s colors of green and blue. When she said that she will be making more for
the next trip there in February, of course we offered our help. Our shelves are stocked well
with prayer shawls, the craft show is over, and this new assignment AND JOANN are very
welcomed. God sent Joann to us at just the right time.
In Christ’s Love,
Debra Jernigan
Christmas Greetings
“To our brothers and sisters in Christ, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and one of the best
Happy New Years in a long time!”
Duane and Phyllis Johnson
Lets start the year off great!
Help me keep the church records updated:
If you’ve had a change in your address, phone, email etc. please let me know. Have you given
me your birthday or anniversary information? If you are not sure I have updated information on
you, just come to the office between 8:30 & 2:30 and feel free to fill out a ‘Contact Information
Thanks, Nikki
God Keeps His Promises
Let me encourage you to take the New Year, one day at a time looking for how God is
keeping his promises to you, and praying for God’s direction as you face the
opportunities and challenges of the next 12-months. It’s impossible to determine the
exact number of promises in the Bible because they’re scattered throughout the
scripture in many phrases and forms that it’s often hard to say whether a verse is a
command, a promise or a prayer. It’s like a vault full of precious jewels, but wherever
we find them in the Bible, they are precious and true; and A promise a day keeps the
devil at Bay. So get a jump on 2015 by committing yourself to a promise
anchored year. The New Testament writer assures God is not slack concerning
his promises!
Happy New Year and Shalom
Dave Johnson
The Mission’s Team would like to extend a huge
To all who have contributed so generously towards the Thanksgiving and
Christmas outreach this year. With you’re continued support and love we’ve been able
to help many people in need.
Thanks, The Mission’s Team
From the Prayer Team
Nothing is more foundational to who we are as Christians than the principles of prayer
and intercession. This is our starting place...everything we do flows from our belief in
the power of prayer.
Put simply, prayer is walking and talking with God. It is the very essence of why we
were created...to be in relationship with Him. Prayer ushers in order out of chaos, pulls
peace out of confusion and destruction, and brings joy in the midst of sorrow. It takes
what Satan meant for evil and brings us good. Prayer...and the pulse that beats
between us and God through it...is the essence of who we are as believers. Our life
without prayer has no meaning, power, or purpose. Prayer for the Christian is as
natural as taking a breath. It is a relationship that is extraordinary. We pray (or talk to
God) because it is part of the DNA stamped into our genetic makeup. Quite simply, we
were created to talk with God! (from Generals of Intercession, international)
Join us for a Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, January 17th, 2015
at 8:30AM in the FH
Your Prayer Team
Communication . . .
Health Update . . .
Praise the Lord . . . I’m continuing to
improve! While I’m still not ‘cancer
free’, I am able to get around much
easier and I am thank God every
morning for another glorious day to be a
small part of. Please continue to keep both
Nikki and me in your prayers that the Lord
will completely heal me and allow us to
resume some ‘normalcy’ of life.
Christmas Cantata…
The Christmas Cantata was on December
scheduled for 5 PM.
Sunday, 1/18, there is a Baby Shower in the
Fellowship Hall at 2:30 PM for Lani Powell.
She is registered at Target and Babies-RUs. Everyone is invited.
Saturday, 1/24, the Wilde Bunch has an
outing planned. Time and location to be
For the latest information about Pine Forest
and the complete church calendar, please
visit the web site:
I’ll leave you with this Thought:
Success is...
Success is setting goals, but not in concrete.
Success is staying focused, but turning
aside to help someone.
Success is following a plan, but remaining
Success is moving ahead, but not too fast to
smell the flowers.
14th at a combined service. It was a
blessing to behold. The Choir and musicians
were great and the performers did an
outstanding job presenting “Coffee With
Jesus”. Also, the Sanctuary was full with 206
in attendance - Praise the Lord!
Some of the upcoming January highlights
Monday, 1/5, regular office hours resume.
Monday, 1/5, there is an Evangelism
meeting scheduled at 6:30 PM.
Wednesday, 1/7, the Wednesday Evening
meal and all Wednesday activities resume.
Sunday, 1/11, UMM Men’s Breakfast and
meeting is scheduled.
Success is taking a bow, but applauding
those who had a part in your success.
Until next month, Brian
2015 Council Members
Thanks to all the people who are continuing to serve again this year and welcome to all
our new leaders.
Council Chair
Lay Leader
Staff Parish Chairperson
Lay Delegate
Alternate Lay Delegate
Finance Chair
UMM President
Trustees Chair
Finance Secretary
Pam Lord
Marcia Nowlin
Marie Strohl
Jim Witt
Ella Minchew
Mike Butler
John Coe
Dave Johnson
Marcus Lord
Adult Ministry Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Stewardship Coordinator
Worship Chair
Missions Chair
Education Chair
Evangelism Coordinator
Family Ministry co-chairs
Historian co-chairs
Benevolent Chair
Young Adult Ministry
Arts & Crafts
Prayer Committee
Roberta Loy
Brian Childress
Rick White
Dave Johnson
Kathy McBride
Allie Holland
Olivia Brill
Jennifer Thorne & Christie McBride
John Webb & Mildred Jackson
Francis Fowler
Margie Shelton
Rhett & Heather Summerford
Sue Wilson
Janet Butler
Members at Large
Terry Lee Smith
Charles McCormick
Jim Rockwell
Tammy Smith
Claudia Lambert
Carolyn Livingston
Carolyn Voight
Trudy Youngs
Rhett Summerford
Heather Summerford
Leilani Powell
Daniel Hansen
Cheryl Voight
Church Wide Baby Shower honoring
Lani Powell
Sunday, January 18th 2:30PM
Fellowship Hall
Lani is registered at Target and Babies R Us
January Menu
Wednesday night dinners are at 5:30PM in the F.H.
Cost is $5.00 each, children are free
For dinner reservations please sign the attendance sheets Sunday morning or call the church
office by noon on Monday.
January 7
Baked Chicken
Squash Casserole
New Potatoes
Yeast rolls
January 14
Baked Ziti
Garlic bread
January 21
Chicken Noodle Casserole
Green Beans
Yeast rolls
January 28
Smothered Hamburger
Mashed Potatoes
Mushroom & Onion Gravy
Sweet Peas
Yeast rolls
Routine weekly events listed below
Monday, Jan. 5
Evangelism Meeting Room 214 6:30PM
Wednesday, Jan. 7
All Wednesday activities resume
Sunday, Jan. 11
Men’s Club Breakfast (Postponed from the 4th)
Sunday, Jan. 11
Council Meeting Room 213 5:00PM
Saturday, Jan. 17
Prayer Committee Breakfast FH 8:30AM
Saturday, Jan. 17
Kairos Meeting FH 4:00PM-8:00PM
Sunday, Jan. 18
Church wide Baby Shower for Lani Powell
FH 2:30PM
Saturday, Jan. 24
Wilde bunch Outing (time and location TBA)
Calendar Weekly Events
Contemporary Worship
Sunday School
Traditional worship
Prayer Shawl Ministry (FH)
Walk the Walk (FLC)
T.O.P.S (Bldg 2)
Boy Scouts (Scout Hut)
Fellowship Dinner
Handbell Practice
Prayer Group (Chapel)
Bible Study
Bible Study
Worship/Doxology, Youth
Chancel Choir practice
Walk the Walk (FLC)
Calendar Monthly Events
1st Sunday
UMM Breakfast (FH) 8:00 AM
2nd Monday
Alzheimer’s Support Group 2:30PM (Bldg 2)
3rd Tuesday
Friendship Circle 10:00AM (FH)
2nd Thursday
4-H Meeting 5:30-9:00PM Room 209
Last Sunday of each Month
Richard’s Memorial Dinner Outreach
Meet at Richard’s at 3:30PM
20th of each month
Deadline for newsletter articles
to be in church office.
The church calendar is available anytime
on the website.

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