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Paul St. Pierre
Paul St. Pierre

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Valentina Lisitsa

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William Wood, 1st Baron Hatherley
William Wood, 1st Baron Hatherley

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He is the vine – we are the branches
Link of the Month
The Lutheran Hour
Pastor’s Page
Help Needed!
Mortgage Update
Comparing Different Beliefs
Prayer Group
ATTN: Embroiderers
Scrapbooking Days
Activities for our Seniors
Grace Prayer Chain
Men’s Bible Study
Soup & Meals
Tender Loving Care Group
Inn from the Cold
Giving God Our Best
Grace LWMLC News
Crafter’s Corner
Communion Set-Up
Royal Park Lay Services
Sunday School News
Junior High Youth Update
Senior Youth
Lutheran Hour Ministry
Board of Lay Ministry mtg
PPC next meeting
Our Sudanese Community
Grace Family News
News from ABC District
Church Calendar
Link of the Month @
Daily Devotions
Lutheran Hour Ministries provides a brief daily devotion at
These can be a great way to include time with your Lord into
each and every day.
Free Topical Booklets from Lutheran Hour Ministries
(Many available in our church foyer or downloadable at
Forgiveness is a Choice
With real-world scenarios and points to ponder, this
booklet shows how forgiveness takes work and a desire to
get beyond the offenses we’ve experienced or have
committed against others. The forgiveness model in this
difficult task, of course, is what God the Father has done
for us thought His Son. The act of forgiving is central to
many problems people have with each other. God's free
gift of forgiveness leads to peace and eternal life. Also
available online at:
God’s Family in
Gospel People
with a Vision
Our congregation's vision is to reflect God's love in word and deed so Jesus can change lives
for eternity. Your congregational leaders have been preparing for this new year as they seek ways
and means of organizing the resources God has given us. Pray for them. If you are asked to serve in
any way, be involved!
We have the desire of God's heart in our hearts: that people be saved for eternity and that lives be
changed by God's grace. So our prayerful dream is to grow as God's family. But that growth also, and
first of all, means growth in God's Word as individuals. That is vital, for it is God's will, not our own,
that we seek; it is God's grace and power in the Gospel that changes hearts and lives, not our
programs or congregational charm. The word "family" is prominent in our thinking, for our faith is
reflected in how we care for one another--especially those who are also part of the family of God
through Jesus Christ. Our Lord himself said to his disciples: "By this all men will know that you are my
disciples, if you love one another" (John 13:35). He was not talking about warm feelings, but about
the kind of commitment to one another that makes a family work.
People don't always care how much we know about this or that answer to every question of life, but
they can't help but notice how much we
care. And they can't help but notice that
our caring and our contentment do not
shift with every moment--at least not at the
deep-down level that matters.
Most folks are overloaded with information in this day and age. Christianity can become just another
philosophy, religion, opinion or way of life. It's seen as rules for living, of which there are too many
already in our "politically correct" times. Yet in the middle of all of this there is a desperate lack of
personal contact and tender care. Until people see the reality of God and his forgiving love in the
lives of people who have already been touched by Jesus, and who are committed to one another for
Jesus' sake, they may not realize that Christianity is a personal relationship with the living and loving
God, and that it is ours freely--no strings attached--through the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
But how do we do that? Our lives are busy already. We're already taking part in church activities. I
just can't find the right words to witness. Here's a few simple and non-time consuming possibilities:
Worship! Support your congregation and its efforts by your presence. Show your concern for
one another in that simple manner.
Talk positively about your congregation. At home, at work, at play--show by your conversation
that there is a place called Grace Lutheran that is important to you. It's filled with your "brothers
and sisters in Christ."
Express your faith to your children. "Do as I say and not as I do" doesn't teach much about your
Do you own family or private devotions. If we waste five minutes every day one something else,
we have time for this!
Share ideas and support your congregation it the direction it has taken.
Just a few simple ideas. You could probably think of many more much more imaginative than mine.
Act on them this new year. Together, let's grow in God's family as we remain founded in his Word.
Balance owing as of
January 1, 2015
We are still in need of someone who would be willing
to be a communion set-up volunteer. Each team sets
up just one month, every 10 months. PLEASE let
Jina know if you can do this! 403-249-8562.
We are featuring a new series, featuring a different belief in each month’s GraceVine over the next
few months. January’s is on “Mormonism”. If you would like to read it online, the link on our website
Other information on how a variety of different beliefs compare to those of the Lutheran Church can be found at:
Information is taken from “The Lutheran Witness”, Issue 133, #9
“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with
Matthew 18:20
“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful”
Colossians 4:2
The prayer group meets on Tuesdays, following Bible study. We will meet in the boardroom
from 2:00 pm to approximately 2:45 pm on Tuesday afternoons – resuming on Tuesday,
January 6th. Anyone is welcome to come! You do not have to pray out loud if you are not
comfortable doing so—please feel free to still join us and share in this special time of prayer.
Everyone is welcome!
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this group, please let me know.
God’s blessings, Michelle Ruf
[email protected] 403-279-2387
If you would like to work on your photo albums, cards, or other craft projects,
please join us for Scrapbooking Days in the church gym. These days are from
9:00 am to 4:00 pm (come & go as you like) with a potluck lunch for those
interested. The next Scrapbooking Day will be on:
Monday, January 12th, 9 am – 3 pm
Monday, January 26, 9 am – 4 pm
Please be sure to mark this on your calendar. If you have any questions, please contact
Janice at 403-239-5944. Everyone welcome—we hope to see you there!
The friend of one of our members was kind enough to
embroider this pattern onto cloths and give them to the
church to use as our baptismal cloths. She is no longer able
to do this and we are hoping to find someone who would be
willing to take this on as it makes it so personal & special. If
so, please call Jina in the office, 403-249-8562 or email me!
Board Games will be on the 4th Thursday of every month!
EXCEPT please note that Thursday, Dec 18th is CANCELLED.
The NEXT date is:
Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 1 pm
Please DO come out and play your favorite games, learn and play a new
one or bring a game for us to try!
Coffee, cookies and laughter are free 
As with last season, the cost is $10.00 per performance, payable in cash at the
door of the Jack Singer Concert Hall. As we don’t usually have enough persons to
make up their required minimum of 10 people, I include us as part of another
group. We usually see the whole of the program to be performed during the
rehearsal. They want to be notified how many people are planning to attend so if
you plan to go please send me an e-mail ([email protected]) or phone me
(403-240-2130) up to the afternoon before the performance.
Classic America: Rhapsody in Blue
February 27, 2015
10 am
The Spirit of Vienna
March 6, 2015
10 am
Russian Masters: Stravinsky’s Firebird*
*Please note The Firebird will not be rehearsed
April 10, 2015
10 am
Dvorák’s Epic Cello Concerto
May 8, 2015
10 am
Best of British: Britten, Elgar and More
May 29, 2015
10 am
Mussorgsky and Rachmaninoff with Valentina Lisitsa
June 5, 2015
10 am
The rule on caregivers accompanying attendees is now clarified to mean someone providing actual assistance
to a senior (with mobility or sight issues for instance) however these caregivers are not required to pay the
admission fee. They will not be staging pre-rehearsal music/ performance sessions in the lobby prior to the
rehearsals as they did last year but instead intend to put a microphone on the conductor so that the audience
will hear his instructions and conversations with the orchestra members. Remember you can choose any seats
in the lower levels of the concert hall except my favorite one!!
Hope to see you there! – Ed Emerton
We meet every Wednesday morning
at 10 am. EXCEPT Wed. December
24th and Wed. December 31st
We will resume on Wed., Jan 7, 2015.
Please do join us!
Choir Practices
The Choir will be taking a break for the
month of January.
Please check the February Gracevine
for further dates! Thank you!!
JANUARY Prayer Chain
Jeanette Wood
Next TLC meeting: Sunday, February 1, 2015 at 9 am
In order to give the children some variety in the tote bags, we are asking for donations of
children’s books—board books are more durable, but other books would be welcome too.
They must be small enough to fit in the tote bags so no larger than 10 inches. If you have any
new or gently used children’s books that you would be willing to donate, it would be greatly
appreciated! Donations can be left with any of the TLC members, or on the table in the
photocopy room (labelled as “Books for Tote Bags”). Thank you!
The TLC Group would hugely appreciate any donations of
simple non-spicy soups & frozen meals if you are able to
donate any. We often provide these to members who are
ill, recuperating from surgery or other treatments and
unable to deal with food preparation. If you are able to
provide any, please mark what it is with “TLC” on the item
& leave with one of the TLC members OR put it in the
freezer in the gym storage room.
As always, if you are aware of any members dealing
with a crisis or in need of encouragement, please let
one of the TLC members know. Members include:
Ansie Diedericks, Faith Staines, Jeanette Wood, Linda
Horton, Melody Herbert, Michelle Ruf, and Sally
God’s Blessings, The TLC Group
PLEASE NOTE: The TLC Group welcomes new members. If you would be
interested in joining the TLC Group, please speak with Michelle Ruf.
The NEXT Inn from the Cold will be on
Future Inn is on February 28, 2015
THANK YOU to all the volunteers for helping with Inn from the Cold!
We ARE HOSTING up to 33 people which include
children & seniors now!
Thank you also for the wonderful donations of money, blankets and
sheets, clothing and toiletries. These will always be put to good use!
If you are not able to help with IFTC on the evening and morning we host our guests, there are
several other ways you can donate. Each month we need staples for the dinner and breakfast
meals. We always need milk, butter or margarine, fresh fruit, vegetables or salad, buns,
bread for toast, jam, yogurt and usually eggs and juice. If you are able to donate of these items
or money to purchase them, this would be greatly appreciated.
Sign-up sheets for
January & February are posted on the bulletin board in the Narthex.
We are now hosting a minimum of 30 guests each IFTC, so we need dinner for about
30-36 people and lunches for 28-30. When signing up to prepare lunches & dinners, please
remember these numbers. Thanks!
Those who donate lunches, dinner, breakfast and desserts can be given a tax receipt
for a charitable donation. Please submit your receipts to receive this either to the
Church Office or to Leigh.
We are also still collecting clothing and some small accessories for our guests. They need warm
clothing especially t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, new socks, new underwear and long johns in all sizes
from 2 years old to 70 years (male and female)
We are also in need of small, travel size toiletries such as deodorants, Kleenex, mouthwash, foot powder, etc.
Our clients can use
reusable water
small back packs and travel mugs for coffee and tea and
Hot packs for their feet and hands are also appreciated.
- Leigh McLachlan
“Therefore my beloved, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding
in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labour is not in vain”
(1 Corinthians 15:58)
God wants our total devotion and commitment. Scripture is
clear that God expects and deserves our best. We are to
“walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him,
bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the
knowledge of God” (Colossians 1:10). He does not appreciate
laziness, idleness, or fruitlessness. He wants our time,
talents, and treasures to make an eternal difference in the
lives of others. God calls us to bear fruit (John 15:16), to
serve (Ephesians 6:7), to obey (John 3:36), to love (Matthew 10:8), and to witness (Ephesians
Wherever God places us, we are called to be in ministry for Him. We are the instruments
through which He works. Through our hands and feet, He brings love and care to the needy;
through our lips, He tells others of His life-saving Gospel; and through our hearts, minds and
chequebooks, He supports the work of the Church. As God enables us, we can give ourselves
fully to the work of the Lord.
As we enter a new year of God’s grace let us self-examine our lives as stewards and ask
ourselves the following questions:
 How can I use the gifts God has given me?
 How can I become a better instrument for the work of the Lord?
 How am I serving? What are some ways I can serve more?
 How can I be more faithful in the use of the money and gifts God gives to me?
 Are there neighbours, fellow workers, or friends with whom I can share my testimony?
 How can my life reflect that Christ’s sacrifice was not in vain?
 What work has the Lord prepared for me to do today, this week, this month, this year?
Lord Jesus, if I make only one New Year’s resolution this year,
let it be that I will live each day as a steward.
From “Living Each Day as a Steward” materials
Board of Evangelism and Stewardship
Please remember our Mite Box Sundays!
First Sunday of every month with the next one being:
Sunday January 4th!
THANK YOU !! for your continued support with Mite donations for the Lutheran Women’s
Missionary League - Canada Grants. Your Mite donations are used to support Mission Grants both
National and for the ABC District.
The LWML-Canada Triennium ends on March 31, 2015 and 6 of the 9 Grants have been completely
paid in the amount of $57,000.00. The 6 Grants were: D.J. Kim Ministry Outreach in Regina, Sk.;
Sewing School in Nicaragua; Evangelist Deaconesses in Thailand; Deaconesses in Nicaragua; Camp
Lutherland in Qu’Appelle, SK.; Social Outreach in Etobicoke, ON. The 2 designated Grants Ukraine Seminary and Evangelist Deaconesses in Cambodia; have a balance owing of $12,405.00.
The Mission Opportunity Grant has $28,000.00 of the $35,000.00 still available for Grants. The
recipients of the $3,500.00 already distributed were the ROC Outreach in Winnipeg and
Shepherds On The Hill in Airdrie, AB. Praise The Lord for He Is Good!!
The LWMLC ABC District Triennium is from April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2016. Their Mission Grant
Budget is $95,000 of which $41,121.07 has been paid out. They also had $22,325.00 deferred
Mission Grant Money from their 2007-2010 Triennium which has been completely distributed;
$10,000.00 of this was granted to the Sudanese Nuer Group here at Grace, Calgary last year!
On behalf of the LWMLC Grace Society I say “THANK YOU!” for your support this past year
and pray that you will continue to support our Mission Grants with your Mites (financial
May God’s Blessings be poured out to each of You this Christmas Season and may His peace and
joy be with you not only as we celebrate the Birth of Our Lord and Savior but throughout the
entire year of 2015!
All Glory Be To God,
Linda Horton – LWMLC Grace Society Treasurer
The Craft Group
Meets on
Thursday mornings at 10 am!
Please speak to Marge Bennett if you
have any questions!
Royal Park Lay Services
We invite you to join us on
Saturday, January 10th at 11 am
Royal Park Retirement Residence
4315 Richardson Road SW
(a couple blocks straight south of the church on Sarcee Road)
Come share God’s Good News, join in singing and fellowship! If you
are able to help by sharing your gift of music by accompaniment,
please let me know and we can schedule you in the month(s) you
are available! Thank you to everyone in advance to ALL who come
out, volunteering their time and talents in service to God and
putting some joy, hope and reassurance into the hearts of the
residents. If you have any questions, please direct them to Steven
Herbert, who has agreed to be the new Coordinator.
In His Name,
Steven Herbert
Communion Set Up
Please note … the communion supplies are
now all kept locked together in the cabinet
where the wine has been kept and it would
be hugely appreciated if the supplies could
all be returned there upon completing
communion set up each time.
Thank you so much!!
TO our dedicated Sunday School teachers, our beautiful Sunday School
children, and Chris DiMaio for all their hard work in preparing the delightful
Christmas program we were treated to on
Sunday December 14th!! That was a LOT of work and preparation
and it was wonderful !!
Junior Youth Class meet
SUNDAYS at 10 am – 2nd floor
Grades 5 – 8
Classes resume: Sunday, January 11, 2015
The Junior Youth raised money with their Purdy’s Chocolates
fundraiser – thank you to everyone for your continued
support!! The funds raised will be donated to the Alberta
Children’s Hospital.
The Youth would like to thank everyone who supported this
fundraiser once again!
The Senior High
Youth class (grades
Sunday mornings at
10:00 am.
meet in the large classroom, on the second floor, next to the board room.
We will resume classes on Sunday, January 11, 2015.
Don’t Forget!!! We are preparing & serving
supper for the Inn From The Cold guests on
Saturday, January 31st! Please ask your
parents if they would be willing to provide a
salad or dessert for the dinner that night. The
youth will prepare the main dish in the church
kitchen. Please talk with me to find out more!
Get your creative juices flowing—we will begin
brainstorming on a creative project in January—
something we can eventually share with the congregation
(video presentation, puppet show, play, etc.). Bring your
thoughts & ideas to class in the New Year!
Friends are always welcome! If you have any favourite snacks you’d like to
help stock the room with, please bring them with you as well.
Michelle Ruf - [email protected]
Thank you for your support !
Through donations we have received, we were able to sponsor the Lutheran Hour
on Radio Station AM 1140 (CHRB) in High River Sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. on the
several dates in 2014!
Thank you to everyone who donated the funds needed to continue spreading the
Gospel Message!
Respectfully submitted,
William Wood, President, Calgary and Area LLL
Sat., Jan 17, 2015, 9 am – 12 pm
Tuesday, January 13, 7 pm
everyone in our congregation with
a JANUARY birthday! May you
have a blessed celebration & a
year full of God’s grace!
Sudanese Community
The South Sudanese Nuer
Grace Lutheran Church
Please continue to keep Joseph and Mary Nhial in
prayer as they move into the new year, leaving
behind a very tough year for them in many ways.
Their daughters, Nyagoa and Sunday, remain in
the Sudan, going to boarding school there and
they would also appreciate prayers for them as
well. Thank you.
Help for South Sudanese refugees
About Seeds of Hope
Every spring, we ask you to plant Seeds of Hope around the world, to
help families grow to their full potential.
The need is especially urgent in refugee camps, where people are
forced to start over with next to nothing. When you plant a Seed of
Hope, you give food, water, shelter and clothing to those who need it
most, you provide medical care and psychosocial support to those who
are suffering, and you provide schooling and job training to help build
better futures.
You can also donate by:
-mailing a cheque to CLWR, 600-177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB,
R3B 0W5. Please indicate you wish to give to the Seeds of
Hope appeal.
- calling our toll-free number: 1.800.661.2597 or locally at 204.694.5602, to donate with a credit card
- making a designated offering donation at any Lutheran Church congregation in Canada. Please
indicate you wish to give to the Seeds of Hope appeal.
THANK YOU!! To our Choir and Choir Director, Nancy Guebert
For the wonderful praise and worship music
with which you filled our Christmas and the whole year through!
Sad to be saying goodbye to Chris
and Natalie West as they move
back to Texas in January …
We will miss you!! You have been such a
blessing to our church family in the short
time we’ve had the chance to know you, in
many ways! We wish you all, the very best.
May God continue to bless you
and guide your footsteps!
Many thanks to Leigh McLachlan and to the MANY volunteers who help
each month with the Inn from the Cold, with everything from set up to food
and meal preparation; donations of meals, time, money and other articles
for the guests we host. It’s a MAJOR undertaking every month and we’d like
to highlight it this month, asking everyone to prayerfully consider if they can
help at the Inns each month in some way in 2015.
The next Inn will be on Saturday, January 31st and the sign-up sheet is on
the narthex bulletin board!
Thank you everyone!!!
We are pleased to announce
the 2015 ABC District Youth Gathering
taking place at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC
July 2-5, 2015
Please visit to download a registration package and poster.
Please note that the early bird registration deadline is April 1, and the final registration deadline is May
7, 2015.
New this year: heavily subsidized registration fees for iBod volunteers!
The DYG Planning Committee: Tracy Wemyss and Michelle Heumann (Co-chairs), Jennifer Kerr,
Sarah Wemyss, Andrea Worcester, Monica Schultz (Registrar), and Pastor Lee Loveridge (Spiritual
"Come to Him Who Answers Prayer."
St. Paul connects praying for government leaders with God's desire to save
all people (1 Timothy 2:1-6).
During the ABC District Week of Prayer (January 18-25, 2015) Jesus' followers will
be praying for leaders both at home and abroad and for people in all nations to
come to faith in Jesus as their Saviour. Plan to pray with us! Looking for some
prayer resources as you prepare to participate in this Week of Prayer? Then visit:
Resources of the Week
Ha! Ha! Among the Trumpets
by Franzmann, Martin
Pastors and parishioners alike will enjoy this assemblage of Rev.
Martin H. Franzmann's moving and inspirational sermons. Fifteen
sermons delivered at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, have been
reprinted for this truly eloquent collection.

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