HE NCEL Preceptorship Standards 2014

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Preceptorship Standards
HE NCEL Preceptorship Standards
The organisation has a preceptorship policy
There is an organisational wide lead for preceptorship
There is a structured preceptorship programme that has been agreed by the Executive
The organisation facilitates protected time for preceptorship activities
There is a clearly defined purpose of preceptorship that is mutually understood by
preceptors and preceptees
Preceptorship aligns with the organisational appraisal framework
Preceptors have undertaken training and education that is distinct from mentorship
There is a central register of preceptors
Systems are in place to identify all staff requiring preceptorship
Systems are in place to monitor and track newly registered practitioners from their
appointment through completion of the preceptorship period
Every newly qualified nurse has a named preceptor allocated from day 1 of employment
Preceptorship is tailored to meet the need of the individual preceptee
The preceptee undertakes a transitional needs analysis
Preceptorship is monitored and evaluated
A range of relevant skills training and assessments are available to meet the needs of
Action learning, group reflection or discussion are included in the preceptorship process
Preceptees contribute to the development of preceptorship programmes
The preceptorship programme is clearly linked to the 6 C’s and includes the following
1. Accountability
2. Career development
3. Communication
4. Dealing with conflict/managing difficult conversations
5. Delivering safe care
6. Emotional intelligence
7. Leadership
8. Quality Improvement
9. Resilience
10. Reflection
11. Safe staffing /raising concerns
12. Team working
13. Medicines management (where relevant)

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