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OBA/CLE Presents:
Tee Hee! A Funny CLE
November 13, 2014
Hyatt Regency Tulsa
100 E 2nd Street
This course has been approved by the Oklahom a Bar Association Mandatory Continuing
Legal Education Com m ission for 6 hours of m andatory CLE credit, including 3 hours of
ethics for the all-day program; 3 hours of m andatory CLE credit, including 2 hours
of ethics for session A only; 3 hours of m andatory CLE credit, including 1 hour of
ethics for session B only.
$200 for early-bird registrations received with paym ent at least four full business days
prior to the sem inar date; $125 for session A or B; $225 for full-day registrations received
within four full business days of the sem inar date; $150 for Session A or B registrations
received within four full business days of the sem inar date. Register online at:
Discounts not available.
Annual M eeting
registration is required.
Program Presenter
Sean Carter
In 2002, Mr. Carter left the practice of law to pursue a career as the country's forem ost Hum orist at Law. Since
then, M r. Carter has crisscrossed the country delivering his Lawpsided Sem inars for state and local bar
associations, law firm s, in-house corporate legal departm ents and law schools. Each year, he presents m ore
than 100 hum orous program s on such topics as legal ethics, stress m anagem ent, constitutional law, legal
m arketing and m uch m ore.
Mr. Carter is the author of the first-ever com edic legal treatise -- If It Does Not Fit, Must You Acquit?: Your
Humorous Guide to the Law. His syndicated legal hum or colum n has appeared in general circulation
newspapers in m ore than 30 states and his weekly hum or colum n for lawyers appeared in the ABA e-Report
from 2003 to 2006.
8:30 a.m.
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Session A:
The Ethys Aw ards: 2014 Edition (ethics)
Each year, Hollywood celebrates the best perform ances in m otion pictures at the Oscars. W ell,
this year, we will celebrate the worst ethics violations in the legal profession at the Ethys. The
festivities will be hosted by legal hum orist Sean Carter, who will announce this year’s winners
of the coveted Ethy for Best Original Escuse, Least Com petent in Legal Representation, Most
Over-Anim ated Courtroom Outburst, a special Lifetim e Achievem ent Award and so m uch m ore.
In the process of recapping som e of the m ost egregious instances of unethical behavior, Mr.
Carter will dem onstrate ho the rest of us can avoid the com m on ethical violations.
Lawyer Jokes are No Laughing M atter (ethics)
There are thousands of lawyer jokes told each day. Lawyer bashing is quickly becom ing
Am erica’s favorite pastim e. But why? Is it because the typical layperson is jealous of our
intellects, incom es and good looks? Sean suggests that while this m ay be true in his case,
there m ay be other factors at work as well. In this presentation, Mr. Carter explores the topic
of lawyer jokes, whether they have any basis in fact and what they say about our adherence
to the rules of professional conduct.
Session B:
2:00 p.m.
Fantasy Supreme Court League: 2014 Edition
Here is your chance to participate in the fam ous (or perhaps, infam ous) Fantasy Suprem e
Court League. In this unique presentation, Mr. Carter hum orously recaps the m ost significant
cases decided by the high court during its m ost recent term . After receiving the facts of the
case, you will com pete with your fellow audience m em bers by attem pting to rem em ber (or
guess) the outcom e and vote spread (m argin of victory).
Lies, Damn Lies and Legal M arketing: The Ethics of Legal M arketing(ethics)
W hat is effective advertising in other fields is rarely acceptable in the field of law. This
entertaining ethics course, Mr. Carter exam ines in detail the ethical rules concerning m arketing
and their practical im plications. The program also covers com m on advertising strategies
em ployed by attorneys, and the pitfalls m any attorneys will encounter.
Cancellations will be accepted at any time prior to the seminar date; however, a $25 fee will be charged for cancellations made within
four full business days of the seminar date. Cancellations, refunds, or transfers will not be accepted on or after the seminar date.
Full Name____________________________________________________
G November 13- Tulsa
Firm ________________________________________________________
You will receive a link to
Address _____________________________________________________
download materials in
City ______________________________
advance of the seminar.
If you w ould like a hard
Phone (
State ________Zip_________
) _______________________ E - Mail _____________
Are you a Member of OBA? “ Yes “ No OBA Bar#________________
copy of the materials,
there will be a $25 charge.
Make Check payable to the Oklahoma Bar Association and mail entire page
to: CLE REGISTRAR, P.O. Box 53036 Oklahoma City, OK 73152
For “ Visa “ Master Card “ AMEX
Phone •(405) 416-7029 or Mail
Credit Card#
Fax (405) 416-7092
cvv / cvc# ___________
Exp. Date ___________
Authorized Signature
Register online at
Printed materials will not be available the day of the seminar; how ever, you can order a copy to be
mailed to you at a later date for $25.

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