CPD for Nurses and Midwives Feedback As on 21 July

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CPD for Nurses and Midwives Feedback
As on 21 July 2014
The SANC CPD Roadshow workshops was conducted to engage in consultation
with nurses rather than to prescribe the CPD Framework just yet and to refine the
draft process. SANC has developed a CPD framework for all nurses and midwives
registered with the Council. The CPD framework is to be implemented in two (2)
provinces (still to be identified) from January 2015 to December 2016 as a follow up
pilot phase. As from January 2017 the approved CPD framework and system with
its gazetted rules will be applied nationally as part of requirements to renew the
annual practicing certification
Ensuring quality health care to the community is the responsibility of the individual
nurse practitioner, regulatory bodies, employers and the government. Employers
have a responsibility to facilitate, support and provide opportunities for continuing
professional development for their employees.
A wide range of formal and informal learning activities will generate CPD points.
SANC can apply penalties for non-compliance.
SANC will determine criteria for recognising both CPD providers and activities to
ensure the quality of CPD
CPD means a “purposeful statutory process whereby nurses and midwives
registered with the SANC, through personal commitment, engage in a range of
learning activities to maintain and improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes and
professional integrity to keep up to date with new science, innovation and health care
developments to enable them to practise safely, ethically, competently, and legally
within their evolving scope of practice and provide quality care to the South African
 To promote and maintain professional standards of excellence
 To promote life- long learning
 To strengthens accountability of nurses
This CPD framework and system will be based on:
 The value of availability, accessibility, affordability and quality.
 The learning needs identified and prioritised by the individual and the
employer through rigorous and continuous self-analysis of practice against
professional standards.
 Built around an individual’s existing knowledge and skills to link learning to
 Self-directed, reflective
Relevant to current and future professional practice.
Planned in advance, structured and budgeted for in an individual professional
development plan.
Based on adult education learning principles which acknowledges varying
learning styles and includes both formal and informal learning activities.
Inclusive of clinical and non-clinical roles (management, education, research,
policy development, regulation, labour and industrial services).
SANC has a responsibility within the Nursing Act, 2005 (Act No 33 of 2005) to serve
and protect the public. It is within this mandate that the CPD framework is
developed. Participation in CPD is a mandatory requirement for the renewal of
annual practicing certificates for nurses and midwives in SACPD will be administered
and monitored by SANC Administration. For the interim they are not going to check
in which field you did your learning.
A minimum of 15 CPD points will be required each year for the renewal of annual
practicing certificate.
Weighting will depend on input, e.g. presentation will weigh more than attending; a
workshop with input from the audience will weigh more than a conference.
CPD activities are divided into 4 areas:
Ethical and Legal
Area of Practice
Leadership and Management
Teaching and Research
points required by Prof. Nurse.
points required by PN
points required by PN
points required by PN
Recognition of CPD providers and activities
SANC will determine criteria for recognition of CPD providers and CPD activities.
The function will be phased in over a number of years. SANC will provide guidelines
on how such recognition will be conducted. In phase one (1) (Jan 2015 - Dec2016)
current employers, professional associations/ societies, educational institutions and
regional training centres will be deemed as recognized CPD providers by Council. In
second phase (2) (Jan 2017 on wards) CPD providers will need to apply with an
administrative fee to continue as recognized CPD providers. Criteria and guidelines
are still being developed in phase one.
It is the responsibility of each nurse to keep documentary evidence of the CPD they
undertake to demonstrate that they meet the mandatory annual CPD requirement for
renewal of their annual practicing certificate. The documentary evidence must be
kept for a period of 3 years. When applying for renewal of annual practicing
certificate, each nurse will have to submit a signed declaration that they have met
the CPD requirements.
SANC will do sampling of up to 10% every year to check the documentary evidence.
If a nurse is selected for audit, they will be required to provide their portfolio of
evidence within 21 days. A nurse may in extenuating circumstances apply in writing
to SANC for an extension to complete the CPD requirements.
Non – compliance
Any nurse or midwife who has not acquired 15 points in one year, will be considered
non – compliant. SANC will notify them with a registered letter of their non –
compliance status, requesting, within 21 days, a response to advice SANC why they
have not acquired the 15 points.
Nurse on extended leave (e.g. maternity leave or sick leave), military assignments
outside the RSA may apply in writing to SANC for a period of exemption.
Community Service Practitioners, Nurse or midwives who are undergoing formal
education and training are exempted from their annual CPD requirements.
The CPD framework has 3 levels of monitoring:
FIRST LEVEL – individuals monitoring their own progress in attaining their CPD
SECOND LEVEL – Employers who will monitor, facilitate, support and provide CPD
opportunities for their employees and CPD providers in terms of their CPD training
delivery, trainers and content.
SANC will from time to time evaluate the CPD system.
Comments can be sent to [email protected]

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