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Gerd W. Clabaugh, MPA
Terry E. Branstad
Kim Reynolds
Lt. Governor
Interim Director
May 1, 2014
Iowa Providers:
For healthcare providers and laboratories NOT pursuing achievement of the federal meaningful use requirements, methods of
submitting data to IDPH still exist which will NOT require enrollment in the Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN). Data can be
submitted to Iowa’s Immunization Registry Information System (IRIS, a voluntary data collection system for immunization data) and
the Iowa Disease Surveillance System (IDSS, to which healthcare providers and laboratories must submit data) without enrolling in
the IHIN.
For healthcare providers who ARE pursuing achievement of the federal Meaningful Use requirements, the Iowa Department of
Public Health (IDPH) is committed to helping Iowa providers achieve meaningful use of health information technology. As part of
successful completion of Stage 1 Meaningful Use, providers or hospitals must select one of the three public health measures. IDPH
is ready to receive Stage 1 test messages for both immunizations and laboratory reporting.
During Stage 2 Meaningful Use, all three public health measures from Stage 1 become core objectives and ongoing electronic
submission of data in all areas is required where supported. Only three of the four measures are supported in Iowa as indicated
below with a check mark. The state cancer reporting is new to Stage 2. Achieving the connection to IDSS is an additional
requirement of Stage 2 Meaningful Use and requires facilities to enroll in the IHIN. To begin the process, providers/hospitals must
sign a participation agreement with the IHIN. The agreement can be obtained on our website at or by emailing [email protected]
Current Public Health measure status:
 Immunizations - Iowa’s Immunization Registry Information System (IRIS) has the capacity to receive immunization data
electronically from electronic health records. Initially, health care providers are being prioritized based upon the volume of
immunizations administered to patients. Upon successful submission of HL7 messages, health care providers will be placed
in queue for ongoing data transmission as IDPH resources are available. IRIS Data Exchange file specifications are posted on
the IRIS website, under the Forms tab. Stage 1 immunization meaningful use documents are available on the IDPH IRIS
 Electronic Lab Reporting - IDPH is capable to assist facilities achieve Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use for electronic
laboratory reporting (ELR). The IDPH SmartLab™, a component of the IHIN, is required to implement ongoing submission of
laboratory reports and achieve the Meaningful Use Stage 2 objective. The implementation guide for electronic laboratory
reporting and testing is available at
X Syndromic Surveillance - IDPH does not maintain a syndromic surveillance data registry at present and therefore cannot
accept syndromic data electronically from electronic health records. The IDPH is conducting an assessment to determine if
syndromic data will be electronically collected in the future; however there has not been any decision made at this time.
 Cancer Reporting - The State Health Registry of Iowa/Iowa Cancer Registry is working with IDPH and the IHIN to move
forward with the objectives of Stage 2 MU in Iowa. A timeframe has not yet been determined. Information about the
reporting file layout can be found at If you are interested in testing
with the Iowa Cancer Registry please email Registry Director, Kathleen McKeen at [email protected]
Gerd Clabaugh, MPA
Interim Director
Iowa Department of Public Health
Lucas State Office Building, 321 E. 12th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319-0075  515-281-7689 
DEAF RELAY (Hearing or Speech Impaired) 711 or 1-800-735-2942
FAQ for Meaningful Use and Public Health
May 1, 2014
Does my facility have to enroll with the Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN) to achieve the Meaningful Use public
health objectives?
A: Yes in Stage 2
The Stage 1 Meaningful Use objectives require that test messages in the appropriate format be submitted to the Iowa
Department of Public Health (IDPH). The key element in Stage 1 is the structure and content of the message. The message
itself does not need to be submitted to IDPH via the IHIN.
The Stage 2 Meaningful Use objectives require on-going electronic submission of data. IDPH is using the IHIN to minimize
the number of connections that must be maintained with data sharing partners. Any facility pursuing the electronic
laboratory Meaningful Use public health objective must enroll with the IHIN.
If my facility does not intend to pursue the achievement of Meaningful Use Stage 2, will I still be required to enroll in the
IHIN in order to maintain my legal reporting requirements?
A: Healthcare providers NOT pursuing Meaningful Use Stage 2 will be able to meet their legal requirements of reporting to the
Iowa Disease Surveillance System (IDSS) through existing methods of direct data entry of information into IDSS. Healthcare
providers will continue to have the option of direct data entry for both IDSS and IRIS.
What costs are associated with enrolling for IHIN services?
A: Costs for IHIN connectivity are dependent upon organization size and type. More information is available on the website at
When will the IDPH be ready to accept syndromic surveillance data?
A: The Iowa Department of Public Health is exploring the possibility of adopting the latest PHIN specification, currently the
PHIN Messaging Guide for Syndromic Surveillance: Emergency Department and Urgent Care Data, Release 1.9 (April 2013)
and using the CDC-sponsored BioSense 2.0 application for syndromic surveillance. It is unlikely that IDPH will begin a
project related to syndromic surveillance before federal fiscal year 2015.
Q: How do I report to the Iowa Cancer Registry?
A: Cancer data can be reported by via Direct Secure Messaging via the IHIN. Since 1982, cancer has been a reportable disease
in Iowa, and the State Health Registry of Iowa/Iowa Cancer Registry at the University of Iowa has been delegated the
responsibility for collecting data on cancer. Since the Iowa Cancer Registry database is used for research, chapter 135.40 of
the Iowa Administrative Code protects persons and hospitals from liability of any kind or character by reason of having
provided such information.
Program Contact Information
IDSS - [email protected]
IHIN - [email protected]
IRIS - [email protected]
Iowa Cancer Registry - [email protected]

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