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A Message from the Manufacturing Operations Management Faculty Director
Life is a process. Finding this program was a process too, and perhaps the start of an
important professional journey for you.
Welcome to Manufacturing Operations Management (MM), or as we sometimes call it,
the “make stuff” degree. In business nothing happens until someone sells something—
and there is nothing to sell until someone makes something. It is this awareness that
is behind the Manufacturing Operations Management B.A.Sc. degree and the way we
prepare our graduates to immediately contribute to the bottom line.
The MM program offers a real-world perspective on the latest manufacturing
processes and technologies, along with practical knowledge of management strategies and tactics that are
critical to productivity and competitiveness in today’s global economy. The classes, most of which are offered
either fully or partially online, offer a flexible way to meet the career development needs of both full- and
part-time students.
The MM program has particular appeal to those seeking career development, because it takes a practicum
approach, blending theoretical subject matter with reality-based knowledge provided by industry
professionals. Our program is ideal for students who are already in the workplace, but also offers an access
point for those who are just entering the field. All of our students graduate with a real advantage as they
start or enhance their careers in a wide range of manufacturing and operations areas.
Core subjects are also process-based, and reflect the key focus areas of the International ISO 9001 Quality
System Standard - Product Realization model:
Supply chain and resource
Manufacturing concepts and
Quality management and
The world of manufacturing has gone global; that is no surprise. Here in Minnesota we understand that, and
we continue to have one of the best economic environments in the United States for development and
production of manufactured goods that are sold worldwide. Become a part of this important sector of the
economy and step into the future of a world-class manufacturing machine.
Mac McKeen
Faculty Director, Manufacturing Operations Management

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