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CREATIVE PROJECT: Made In Indiana An Experimental Documentary Using Stylistic
Elements to Produce a Unique Visual Narrative
STUDENT: Joe Vella
DEGREE: Master of Arts
COLLEGE: Communication, Information, and Media
DATE: May, 2012
Society often overlooks the beauty in the minutiae of everyday routines – buried
beneath the frantic pace of modern life. We ignore the world around us by failing to stop
and appreciate the wondrous nature that surrounds us everyday. However, modern media
technology now provides us the opportunity to respect the detailed nuance of our normal
surroundings. The experimental documentary, Made In Indiana utilizes the newest
camera technology to capture the beauty of everyday Indiana moments by emphasizing
routine occurrences - re-visualized with slow motion video capture. This use of slow
motion will allow for a new appreciation of daily life, unique to the residents in the state
of Indiana. 

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