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The Landstar
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2015 Appreciation Days......................4
Drive for Tomorrow...............................7
Fall 2014
Moving History....................................9
Transportation Management solutions•air•ocean•rail intermodal•Truckload•LTL•Heavy Haul/Specialized•expedited
Introducing Shipment Manager
There’s a new application for agents,
designed to maximize operational workflow
efficiencies. This tool will enable you to
monitor and manage the entire shipment
life cycle in one application.
With Shipment Manager you can:
Jim Gattoni
Gattoni to Succeed Gerkens
as Landstar CEO
Effective December 29, 2014, Henry Gerkens
will be stepping down from his position as
Landstar Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and
Jim Gattoni will take the reins as President and
CEO. Gerkens will continue to serve instead
as Executive Chairman of the Board through
the Company’s annual stockholder meeting in
"I am honored to follow in Henry's footsteps
and to further build on the Company's
momentum," said Gattoni. "I am excited to
work with each of you – every agent, BCO
and employee – as we guide Landstar into the
future and write the next chapters in Landstar's
success story."
continued on page 2
• Create customized searches and
favorites by user;
• Receive alert and prediction
notifications of shipment exceptions;
• Monitor shipments through milestone
• Acknowledge quotes from the Customer
Order Entry application;
• Respond to and manage your EDI
• Mark important shipments to help keep
a close watch on;
• Assign capacity to LEADS and Orbit
Truckload and LTL shipments;
• Perform status updates; and
• Review detailed shipment information.
You can view the Shipment Manager demo located on
LandstarOnline under Info/Tools & Resources/Reference
Materials & Manuals/Shipment Manager Demo.
For additional information regarding the Shipment
Manager application and/or to be set up to manage shipment
exceptions, please contact the Account Management
department at [email protected]
In the News
Landstar Connect
Gattoni to Succeed Gerkens as Landstar CEO
(continued from page 1)
Upon the announcement, Landstar
Board Member and Lead Independent
Director, Diana Murphy said, "Since
joining the Company in 1995, Jim
quickly emerged as a key player
on the management team. His
financial expertise and commitment
to excellence in customer service
will serve the Company and its
shareholders well into the future. Jim's
promotion is a testament to Landstar's
on-going succession planning process
and is well deserved. The Board is
delighted he will succeed Henry."
"Landstar has greatly benefited
from Henry's many contributions and
leadership over the years," added
David Bannister, Landstar's longestserving Board member and Chair
of the Compensation Committee.
"He has played an integral part in
solidifying Landstar's position as
an industry leader since Landstar's
inception in 1988. His passion for the
Landstar business model is evident
by the Company's growth and success
under his tenure."
Learn to proactively manage capacity and the needs
of your customers with Landstar’s newest mobile app,
Landstar Connect.
"Jim and I have worked together
for more than 18 years. Jim has a
great understanding of the Company’s
culture. His financial expertise
coupled with his commitment to the
safety and the long-term success of
Landstar agents, BCOs and employees
will continue to drive our success
in servicing our customers into the
future,” said Gerkens.
“I want to thank every employee,
every agent and every BCO for
the opportunity to lead this great
Company over the years. It has been
my honor to be part of this industryleading organization.”
As for Gattoni’s first official duty
as President and CEO, “ring in the
new year!”
This new app enables all Truck
Capacity Providers (BCOs and other
3rd party truck capacity providers) to
update loads via smart phone.
Agent benefits include:
• GPS tracking of loads – Updates
location every 15 minutes!
• Load status updates (including
ability to satisfy EDI requirements).
• Direct scanning of paperwork
allowing visibility of imaged
documentation in a more timely
The Landstar Link is published by Landstar System, Inc.
for contractors, agents and employees of the Landstar companies.
All submissions become the sole property of Landstar System, Inc.
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
The Landstar Connect mobile app
will assist in capturing Status Updates
required by your customers. It is a
very simple, user friendly app that
can help eliminate time spent tracking
down the location of a shipment. In
addition, this is a great marketing tool.
If you have any questions,
please contact 866-440-9161 or
[email protected]
Send your ideas and suggestions to:
[email protected]
Please include your name, address and cell phone number.
- Exceed the Need
Defensive Driving Course
Landstar Earns
Chrysler Group
Landstar earned an Excellence in Highway
Safety Award from the National Safety Council
Defensive Driving Courses. Each year the NSC
DDC pays tribute to people and organizations
which have made contributions to their cause.
According to the group, “The 2014 winners came
from vast backgrounds, but all contributed to the
saving of countless lives on our nation’s highways
and the reduction of injuries through their support
of the Defensive Driving Courses.”
Landstar earned the Chrysler Group
award for Outstanding Performance for the
third consecutive year. Congratulations to
the agents and capacity providers who help
make this happen year after year.
Bestway 2015 Mouse Pad Contest Winner
Alfredo Espino is the latest Landstar
BCO to have his truck immortalized
- well, at least for the next year – on
the MIN Agency’s annual mouse pad
A photo of Espino’s 2003 Peterbilt
379 was selected as the winner among
several submissions in MIN’s annual
“Truck Beauty Photo Contest.” The
truck will be featured on the agency’s
promotional 2015 mouse pad calendar,
which will be given out to the
agency’s customers and other business
associates. Bestway, Inc. agent Bobbi
Schlieske says the mouse pad serves as
a very visual way to keep his business
and the Landstar brand in the forefront
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
of customers’ minds. Trucks belonging
to BCOs Larry O’Neill and Peter
Oronos were tied for runners up and
will be showcased on the agency’s
Web site.
Monster Energy Carrier Award
Not a frightful Halloween
surprise, but more like a
delightful freightful prize.
Landstar was just named
Monster Energy 2014 Carrier
of the Year at the company’s
annual conference. Monster
size congratulations go out
to Landstar Agent Ray Hicks
and his staff!
Landstar BCO Alfredo Espino's
Winning Truck Photo
In theConvention
- Exceed the Need
Days 2015
2015 Agent Convention Registration
BCOs, Landstar Appreciation
Days will be here before you
know it. You’re invited to join us
in Jacksonville, January 22-24,
2015. Be here on that first day if you
want a chance to win a brand new
Peterbilt truck! The Landstar Deliver
to Win Truck Giveaway Powered
by Comdata is Thursday, January
All Landstar BCOs are invited to
bring their families to the annual
three-day event. Get to know Landstar
executives and staff, and get together
Landstar’s Annual Convention will be
held March 25-29, 2015 at the Gaylord
Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida.
You’ll be rockin’ down the highway to
the sounds of the 70’s legend The Doobie
Brothers! So, mark your calendars, then
watch for your electronic invitation to
come at the end of November.
with your fellow BCOs to hear the
latest industry and company news.
Attend safety meetings for your
chance to win great prizes or just
enjoy the food, entertainment and
fellowship of the event. All Landstar
BCOs receive one complimentary
night’s hotel stay during the event.
Watch LandstarOnline for registration
details starting in December.
2015 BCO All-Star Event
Plans are in the works for the
2015 BCO All-Star Celebration
honoring the Class of 2014 Landstar
Roadstars and Million Mile Safe
Drivers. New inductees, their families
and invited alumni will spend three days
and two nights at the Hilton Bonnet
Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida,
next summer. The event runs
Wednesday, July 1st through Friday,
July 3, 2015. So, mark your calendars.
You won’t want to miss out on a great
few days of entertainment, guest
speakers and awards. Watch for more
details to come in 2015.
Thank You BCOs!
Professional truck drivers are the backbone of
North America! Landstar knows this better than
anyone and, as a small gesture of gratitude, the
company offered free lunches to BCOs at Landstar
Orientation Centers throughout the country during
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in
September. Hundreds of BCOs stopped by various
centers to enjoy great food and fellowship each day
of the week honoring professional drivers for their
hard work and commitment in tackling one of the
economy’s most demanding and important jobs.
Landstar appreciates the excellence professional
truck operators deliver every day…Thank You!
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
In theConvention
- Exceed the Need
Shipping Christmas Trees
Custom Calendars Ring in the New Year
Order your 2015 Landstar
customizable calendars today to ensure
they arrive in time to share with your
customers for the New Year! The
calendars are designed with Landstar
agents in mind – personalize with your
office staff or agency name, address,
website and phone number so customers
always have your contact information
close. For custom printing, please allow
10 working days for production after
proof approval. So, don’t wait! Visit
www.landstarcompanystore.com now to
choose between Wall Calendars, Desk
Pads, Planners and Commercial 3 Month
At-A-Glance Planners, plus a variety
of other corporate gifts featuring the
Landstar logo.
Holiday Logs
The holiday season will soon be
here and many BCOs will take some
time off to celebrate with family and
friends. But remember, there is no
holiday season from your daily driver
Logs are due every 13 days, even if
you take time off from the road this
season. To remain in compliance,
be sure to send in your off-duty logs
every 13 days, if you are still using
Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Follow these guidelines from the Cargo Loss Prevention department
for a very merry Christmas tree shipping season.
• Remember to pre-qualify BCOs
and truck operators with their
ability and agreement to accept the
requirements of the load.
• Do not put trees on a nonrefrigerated trailer if the Bill of
Lading requires maintaining a
specific temperature.
• If the Bill of Lading requires that
the trees be iced throughout the trip,
retain the receipts for the ice and
submit them with the trip documents.
This is the proof that those instructions
were followed.
• Only composite wall company
vans can be used for tree shipments
requiring the load to be iced down.
These trailer numbers start with trailer
number 689100 & run up to 695144.
users will not have to send in logs
while off-duty. The ELD will
automatically send the log. After return
to work, ELD operators will only have
to confirm the logs.
The ELD Borrowing Program is
still available to all Landstar BCOs.
Landstar will provide BCOs with an
ELD and cover the cost of installation.
For more info on the ELD Borrowing
Program, please contact LCAPP.
Have a safe, compliant and happy
holiday season!
• Call the Cargo Loss Prevention
department at (800) 872-9103 from
the consignee’s if there is any problem
with acceptance or notation of
shortage or damage.
• Do not accept any trees for
delivery later than December 8, 2014.
Agents must contact the Cargo Loss
Prevention department for approval to
ship trees after December 8th.
Remember, the agent is responsible
for seeing that these rules are followed
and that BCOs, operators and
broker carriers are informed of these
requirements. Non-conformance can
result in back charges to the booking
agent – and quite possibly, coal in your
• Beware of delivery schedules that
cannot be met.
• BCOs are required to call the agent
and the Customer Service department
if delayed in route.
Up to Speed
Working Harder than Ever
Coming off a third quarter that
once again resulted in record profits
and revenue, 2014 continues to be an
extremely successful year for the entire
Landstar network. I’m very proud of
what we have accomplished together.
But heading into the fourth quarter on
the heels of such success, it could be
all too easy to kick back and rest on
our laurels.
I can assure you that’s not the route
we are taking. Landstar is working
harder than ever to provide agents and
BCOs with the support and systems
needed to excel to even greater heights.
It’s our obligation to ensure that agents
and BCOs are capable of becoming
more efficient and productive by
providing you the tools and resources
needed to capture all the customer
opportunities available and, ultimately,
by providing your customers with the
services they need.
You can read elsewhere in this
publication about some exciting new
tools aimed at helping you do just
that. These are just a few examples of
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Complimentary BCO Holiday Meals
The holiday season is just around the corner and some BCOs may be
on the road, apart from festivities with friends and family. To show our
appreciation for all you do, Landstar has again teamed up with TravelCenters
of America (TA) and Petro Stopping Centers to offer a complimentary meal on
Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. There are two ways to receive your free meal
Landstar’s commitment to grow its
systems of support per your changing
needs. But know there’s more in
the pipeline as we work to provide
updated and improved technological
solutions to match Landstar’s already
unparalleled scale and support.
This last quarter of the fiscal year
represents the “peak season” for many
of your customers’ businesses. No
matter what level of success you may
have experienced this year, now’s not
the time to let up. Let’s all continue to
support one another and continue down
this road of success and growth. There
are even bigger things ahead!
1. UltraONE, RoadKing Club, and Passport members who activate and use
their cards to purchase fuel prior to November 15 are eligible for a free meal
on Thanksgiving Day; cards used in an authorized process to purchase fuel
prior to December 15 makes you eligible for a free meal on Christmas Day. On
the respective holiday, swipe your card and select the "Special Offers" button
from their Member Services Screen. The Landstar Holiday Meal Coupon will
be available for qualified members to print only on Thanksgiving Day and
Christmas Day.
2. If you are not an UltraONE, RoadKing or Passport card holder, stop by any
Landstar Orientation Center or call LCAPP and ask for a holiday meal coupon.
Coupons are valid for the meal of your choice up to $16.50 for an individual
or up to $33 for two persons (team drivers/spouse) at participating TA and
Petro locations with full service
restaurants. The deal includes a
meal, dessert, beverage and tax.
Not valid for tips. Photocopies
will not be accepted. Coupons are
valid only for November 27 and
December 25, 2014.
Thank you for all you do the
whole year through. Landstar
wishes you and your families a
happy, healthy, and safe holiday
Pat O’Malley, Landstar Vice President and
Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer
In theConvention
- Exceed the Need
Drive for Tomorrow
DOT. The program supplements and reinforces driver’s education lessons with
the overall goal of saving teen lives and developing a culture of safe drivers.
In addition to commercial vehicle safety, “Drive for Tomorrow” featured other
topics including: distracted driving, seat belt safety, work zone safety, alcohol
awareness and motorcycle awareness. Each session involved active participation
from the students with transportation safety professionals such as Buchs, who
organizers referred to as “fantastic.” A big thank you to Buchs for giving his time
to help promote awareness on safely sharing the road with big trucks!
Thanks to BCO Gary Buchs and Landstar, more than 1,000 young drivers in
a suburb of Chicago got a unique opportunity to experience what it’s like to be
behind the wheel of a big rig, sharing the road with passenger vehicles.
Buchs volunteered an entire week of his time to give No-Zone demonstrations
to 15- and 16-year-old driver’s education students, as part of the Illinois State
DOT’s “Drive for Tomorrow” event in Wilmington, Illinois. Landstar Field
Safety Manager Kip Kaske was also on hand to help with the demonstrations.
The week-long event in September is part of an ongoing education-based
program that promotes good decision making by providing memorable
experiences using a range of educational approaches, according to the Illinois
Photos on page 24
2015-2016 Landstar Scholarship Applications Now Online
re-enroll for at least 12 credit hours during the academic year for which the
scholarship may be granted. All candidates must have a minimum cumulative
GPA of 3.0.
Nineteen students were selected to receive Landstar Scholarships for the
2014-2015 school year. An independent selection committee of professors from
the University of North Florida carefully evaluated the eligible applications
and chose 16 students to receive scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each,
two students to receive scholarships in the amount of $3,000 and one student to
receive a scholarship in the amount of $4,000.
Again this year, the Landstar Scholarship Fund is participating in the
eTranscript exchange administered by Parchment, Inc. Through Parchment,
students may transmit their school transcripts securely to the Fund for electronic
retrieval. The student’s school must also be a Parchment eTranscript participant
to utilize this service, so please check with the school administrator to see if your
school participates in the exchange. For more information on Parchment, see
The more applications received, the more scholarships can be awarded, since
the total number of scholarships awarded in any given year cannot exceed
25-percent of the total number of applications received as of the deadline.
All applications and school records must be submitted by March 2, 2015.
Applications for Landstar Scholarships in the 2015-2016 academic school
year will soon be online. Criteria, applications, and information about electronic
school transcripts are available at www.Landstar.com under the Awards tab.
The Landstar Scholarship Fund was established in 1995 to recognize and
reward outstanding undergraduate academic achievement and civic involvement
of children of Landstar employees and others affiliated with Landstar. In the
past 16 years, Landstar has awarded more than 240 scholarships totaling over
Scholarships awarded by the Fund are available to children of BCOs, sales
agents, qualification center owners and employees of independent contractors
under contract with Landstar or Landstar entities. Scholarships are available
as well to children of full-time Landstar employees (other than officers).
Scholarships are also available to children of these independent contractors, their
respective employees and full-time Landstar employees who died while under
contract with or employed by Landstar, as applicable.
Eligible candidates must be currently enrolled in high school and planning to
enroll full-time at an accredited two- or four-year college or university during the
academic year for which the scholarship may be granted.
Candidates already in a two- or four-year college or university must have
successfully completed a minimum of 12 credit hours and be planning to
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Up to Speed
Apps for Success
The long-awaited agent workflow tool “Shipment Manager” is now
operational and in the hands of several agents. A sincere thank you to the
many agents who invested their time and energy into defining the functional
aspects of the tool, reviewed and tested the various components and were
ultimately critical to the project’s success. Feedback from the initial group
of agent users has been very positive, confirming the intent which was
to improve shipment visibility from tender through invoicing. Shipment
Manager allows for key customer-specific milestones to be monitored;
creating the opportunity for exception management.
Landstar Connect, an equally impactful tool is being rolled out
simultaneously. Landstar Connect is a smartphone app that simplifies
the ability for BCOs and carriers to provide shipment visibility and
status reporting. The onerous task of telephone calls, voice mail and
returned calls can be eliminated with Landstar Connect thanks to the use
of the smartphone’s GPS information. Each customer’s status reporting
requirements are sent via the app to the phone, allowing the operator to
provide only those updates that are required, while providing the agent
and/or customer with shipment visibility from origin to destination.
This technology is not new to the industry, however its integration into
shipment visibility at Landstar is a nice enhancement that provides an
opportunity to provide significant visibility, more efficiently and effectively.
A testament to the ease of use and benefit to productivity is seen in one
BCO’s request that we make certain each of the several agents he works
with are trained on the app, eliminating the telephone calls back and forth
throughout the day or night to provide customer peace of mind.
Increasingly, customers see quality information equal in value to timely
and damage free transportation. These tools are intended to allow Landstar
agents and BCOs to meet these requirements more effectively and with
greater efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about either tool,
please email [email protected] All the best for a strong
finish to 2014!
Brent Antil of the BAH agency in
Litchfield, Minnesota, in Region 1,
has been selected as the July LSO of
the Month. Following the Complete
and Accurate Dispatch process is the
cornerstone of Antil’s agency. Brent
and his staff provide top notch service
to their customers by ensuring their
freight is secure and safely transported,
performing check calls at pick up,
in transit and upon delivery. Antil
is a frequent caller on the Safety
Thursday Conference Call, regularly
attends Safety Meetings in his area
and assists with the sponsorship of his
region’s annual BCO Boat Ride Safety
Meeting. Congratulations to Antil
and the entire BAH staff for putting
safety first!
Pepper Webber of the OKO
agency in Edmond, Oklahoma, in
Region 7, is the LSO of the Month
for August 2014. Webber is a regular
attendee and supporter of the annual
LSO meeting in Oklahoma City. His
agency also recently held a M.U.S.T.
visit with a customer to review
product loading and securement
practices. The collaboration resulted
in targeted opportunities for improved
shipping methods. The OKO agency’s
Joe Beacom, Landstar Vice President and Chief Safety & Operations Officer
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
LSOs of the Month
dedication to safety shows in its
outstanding safety record, with zero
cargo claims and zero preventable
accidents year-to-date. Congratulations
to Webber and all the staff at the OKO
Sandra Ambrose-Clark of the
WAD agency in Fairfield, Ohio, in
Region 2, has been selected as the
LSO of the Month for September. The
WAD agency recently hosted a “Safety
Day” for BCOs, customers and the
motoring public, including a Landstar
No-Zone demonstration. AmbroseClark and her staff are also regulars
on the Safety Thursday Conference
Call and have recently begun hosting
the call for BCOs at their facility each
month. Their efforts are reflected in the
agency’s impressive safety record, as
they are accident- and claim-free yearto-date. Thank you and job well done
to Ambrose-Clark and the entire staff
at WAD for keeping safety first!
Know a Landstar Safety Officer who
has gone above and beyond to promote safety
and deserves to be LSO of the Month?
Let us know. Email your nominations for
LSO of the Month to [email protected]
or contact any Landstar field safety manager.
Caring for Our Coast
Rockford Employees Recognized
Landstar employees at the Rockford Service Center were recently
recognized for their volunteer efforts. Read more about it in this link to
the Rockford Register newspaper online: http://blogs.e-rockford.com/
Moving History
It’s not every day that you can say
you moved a piece of world history.
But that’s the case for Landstar
Agent John Langeveld. Two pieces
of the Berlin Wall arrived at the Port
of Baltimore before continuing on
– one piece to Washington D.C. and
the other to downtown Philadelphia,
where it will be used in a display by
the German Historical Society.
Langeveld couldn’t pass up the
once in a lifetime opportunity to
snap some photos and meet the
driver on the day of delivery. To the John Langeveld, Sr.
meeting he brought his 90-year-old
the wall was not yet in existence,”
father, John Langeveld, Sr., a Dutch
said Agent Langeveld. “Shortly after
immigrant and survivor of the WWII
his arrival home, his father put him
Nazi labor camps in Germany, where
on a freighter ship to Port Elizabeth,
he spent three-and-a-half years in
New Jersey, to start an export business
forced labor.
of tulips and daffodils. My father
“This was the first time my father
traveled back and forth twice a year
has seen anything of the Berlin Wall
because when he departed Berlin after from the U.S. to Holland, but never
the war, to return home to Amsterdam, back to Berlin.”
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Landstar Agent
Brian Putzke
Landstar Agent Brian Putzke and his office staff
joined Keepers of the Coast to help sponsor an
International Coastal Cleanup in Vilano Beach, near
St. Augustine, Florida. Keepers of the Coast is a
local non-profit organization dedicated to promoting
coastal stewardship and the conservation of coastal
habitat. Together volunteers picked up 250 pounds
of trash, and 4,000 cigarette butts. Putzke’s office
staff joined thousands of volunteers across the world
in the annual event spearheaded by the global nonprofit Ocean Conservancy. According to the group,
the event is the largest one-day effort to keep trash
out of the ocean.
What’s going on
20���������������������������������������������� Safety Thursday
27-28���������������������������������������� Landstar Holiday
Thanksgiving (observed)
18���������������������������������������������� Safety Thursday
25-26���������������������������������������� Landstar Holiday
Christmas (observed)
1����������������������������������������������� Landstar Holiday
New Year's Day
15���������������������������������������������� Safety Thursday
22-24��������������������������������������� Appreciation Days
Jacksonville, FL
Landstar Milestones
Landstar is delighted to recognize those employees who will reach a milestone of 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years
of service with the company this year. Their hard work and on-going commitment to Landstar over the years is to be congratulated.
35 Years
Terri Corbitt
40 Years
Robert Dugger
Director, Settlement Oversight
My greatest inspiration at Landstar is: “The BCOs.”
And why: “Prior to my career here, I would have never
thought about the amount of knowledge and skills they
must have in order to comply with all the regulations,
and the many other countless demands they must meet in
order to deliver freight to the customers, which is all part
of our livelihood.”
I still can’t get the hang of: “Texting with my
thumbs...but I haven’t given up.”
Something I miss from days gone by: “I can’t say I really miss anything
from days gone by, for it is the present and future that matters the most in
my life.”
My Motto: “Work hard to provide for your family, don’t give up or say I can’t.”
Director Strategic Government,
Government Administration
The best part of my job: “I love taking freight (from
the competition) and I love helping agents turn problems
into opportunities.”
What accomplishments are you the most proud of?
“My family – we raised a great son. And being part of
the Government Services Team.”
My Motto: “Just say yes to freight – find a way to get
the answer to yes.”
What is the one thing you most want people to remember about you?
“I always found ways to make our agents successful and had a lot of fun
along the way.”
I can’t live without: “Live, loud music.”
35 Years
Doug Harbison
30 Years
Connie Byrd
Area Manager, Region 2
What accomplishments are you the most proud of?
“Being part of the region/area success.”
What is the one thing you most want people to
remember about you? “Michigan State University fan.”
The best part of my job: “Watching agents succeed
and customers succeed as a result.”
I can’t live without: “Grapefruit juice.”
I still can’t get the hang of: “Fly fishing.”
My greatest inspiration at Landstar is: “Senior Management.” And why:
“Because of the way they treat employees.”
I’m looking forward to: “Next year.”
Something I miss from days gone by: “When we were small enough that I
knew everybody in the company.”
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Sr. External Customer Liaison, Business Development
& Analysis
The best part of my job: “Being a part of a team
that plays a major role in the improvement of our agent,
capacity and customer work flow and user experience.”
My Motto: “Failure is not an option.”
You can’t tell from looking at me that: “I am a
musician and have played the dog house (stand-up) bass
all of my life.”
What accomplishments are you the most proud of?
“To date, being the only person who has had the honor of being Landstar’s
Employee of the Year twice.”
What is the one thing you most want people to remember about you?
“Remember?...I am not going anywhere anytime soon!”
Landstar Milestones
Landstar is delighted to recognize those employees who will reach a milestone of 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years
of service with the company this year. Their hard work and on-going commitment to Landstar over the years is to be congratulated.
30 Years
Dottie Strobridge
25 Years
Dana Waisanen
Loss Prevention Coordinator, Safety Services
What accomplishments are you the most proud of?
“My family and grandchildren.”
What is the one thing you most want people to
remember about you? “That I was friendly and helpful.”
The best part of my job: “Calling and congratulating
BCOs who have reached million mile status and working
with safety award recipients”.
I can’t live without: “My family.”
I still can’t get the hang of: “Downloading apps and
social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc…).”
My Motto: “Do unto other as you would have done unto you.”
You can’t tell from looking at me that: “I played softball and coached
fastpitch softball.”
Senior Support Specialist, IS Help desk
My greatest inspiration at Landstar is: “The longevity
of so many employees.” And why: “To me, that tells
people this is a good company.”
The best part of my job: “Supporting and assisting our
agents, all carriers and corporate employees with system
issues and questions in a positive, confident and cheerful
My Motto: “I didn’t write the system, I just support it.”
You can’t tell from looking at me that: “I can play
pool and darts pretty well and I love football.”
What accomplishments are you the most proud of? “When I was chosen
to start the Card Services department and when I completed the Dale Carnegie
20 Years
Patsy Hopson
Coordinator, Government Services
My Motto: “Live for the moment…life is too short not
to have fun.”
The best part of my job: “Interacting with all types of
people, whether it’s people at Landstar or the government
You can’t tell from looking at me that: “My original
hair color was dark brown.”
What is the one thing you most want people to
remember about you? “My personality and that I lived life to the fullest.”
I can’t live without: “Socializing.”
I still can’t get the hang of: “Being as old as I am.”
Something I miss from days gone by: “Listening to my grandfather tell
stories of his life.”
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Employees of the Month
Aug - James Simpson
Sept - Steve Miele
Movin’ on up
Oct - Jason Sykes
Nov - Greg Garger
Aug - Corey Neese
Sept - Gayle
Promotions & Appointments
Butler, Michele to Revenue Research Representative, Revenue Processing
Adams, Candice to Director, Account Management
Allen, Maria Fe to Settlement Analyst, Settlement Oversight
Allen, Matthew to Team Leader, I.S. - iSeries Application Development
Ashmore, Lisa to Business Analyst, Business Development & Analysis
Bearden, Debra to Invoice Auditor, Revenue Processing
Curtis, Shanna to eFuel Analyst, Fuel & Miles
Dzierzanowski, Janina to Legalization Representative, Permits
Gogineni, Anitha to Sr. Software Quality Assurance Analyst, I.S. - Quality Assurance
Grantham, Emily to Jr. Business Analyst, Business Development & Analysis
Gray, Mychael to Log Compliance Representative, Compliance - Logs/Drug Testing
Hall, Peggy to Qualifications Technician, BCO Qualifications
Hamby, Vicky to Invoice Auditor, Revenue Processing
Hughes, J.J. to Accounts Payable Check Representative, Finance
Lorber, Leisa to Reporting Specialist, BCO Settlements
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Oct - Nerissa Dahle
Nov - Justin Vaughan
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Lucey, Crizeida to Director, Settlement Services, BCO Settlements
Manandhar, Ashok to Sr. Programmer/Analyst, I.S. - iSeries Application Development
McGovern, Sarah to eFuel Analyst, Fuel & Miles
Minton, Jeff to Senior Staff Writer, Corporate Communications
O’Brien, Teresa to Manager, Truckload Settlements
Pybus, Karen to Supervisor, Transportation Services, Truckload Settlements
Simpson, James to Cargo Claims Analyst, RMCS
Strickland, Ricky to Manager, Billing, Revenue Processing
Vandiver, Jon to Business Analyst, Business Development & Analysis
Velasquez, Kristin to Administrative Assistant, Compliance - Logs/Drug Testing
Watson, Julie to Manager, Revenue Administration
Williams, Brian to Sr. Programmer/Analyst, I.S. - LEA Development
Williams, Margie to Supervisor, BCO Settlements
Wisnieski, Steve to Vice President, Mexico Operations
Welcome New Employees
Biggers, Jessica
Byrd, Sammi
Cafferty, David
Cavazos, Cristina
Chipman, Todd
Conti, Connie
Contreras Jr., Alberto
Countryman, Brian
Daykin, Shawn
Fournier, Anthony
Fye, Laura
Harper, Ashley
Harper, Lisa
Harriman, Derrick
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Haynes, Melissa
Hoover, Meredith
James, Gregory
Jones, Christie
Jordan, Jessica
Lamantia, Nicholas
Lance, Timothy
Happy Anniversary
Brown, Nancy
Burns, Bill
Bean, Sid
Ball, Pam
Staier, Andy
Edwards, Sandi
McBride, Betty
Butler, Roger
Harbison, Doug
Fogle, Chris
Grundy, Velma
McAllister, Rhonda
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Vrabel, Eric
Arnold, Marcia
Bunton, Cathy
Heisler, Tami
Kerley, Linda
O’Malley, Pat
Andrews, Yvette
Jordan, Angela
King, Diane
Zitko, Georgian
Gerkens, Henry
McMenamin, Patty
Baker, Brenda
Brown, Michele
Harris, Mark
Torok, Dan
Conard, Lisa
Johnson, Nancy
Miller, Pam
Davila, Michele
Knoppel, Christine
Lee, Denise
Pike, Lynn
Russell, Randy
Hartsfield, Shelley
Redman, Tim
Wallin, Linda
Ashmore, Lisa
Bauch, Lori
Beacom, Joe
Mallard, Debra
Munoz, Juancarlos
Nielsen, Krista
O’Brien, Patrick
Poppell, Ronald
Range, Veronica
Rivera, Amanda
Employees 10+ Years
Beasley, Cindy
Clingon, Jennie
Parker, Gwen
Yarbrough, Mike
Beeman, Greg
Bryan, Laurie
Fedorczyk, Mike
Flood, Amy
Hovis, Jerry
Pfersich, Barbara
Seaton, Shelly
St. John, Kristin
Sutphin, Sid
Devereaux, Robert
Minton, Tracey
Stolt, Theresa
Theunissen, Rod
Yarbrough, Joe
Rodrigues, Maile
Ruiz, Rodolfo
Samtani, Mohit
Sanmiguel, Lauro
Sellers, Kimberly
Theriot, Chad
Tobias, Laurie
Turoski, Gregory
Walsh-Knitter, Gail
Watkins, Michael
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Arcidiacono, Debbie
Bowles, Christy
Odom, Kevin
Puerner, Merrill
Rowe, Joyce
Bederka, Timothy
Butler, Michelle
Colvin, Jessica
Dines, Stevie
Gallina, Wendy
Harrell, Pat
Kenley, Ron
Lantrip, Brandy
Phillips, David
Roe, Larry
Stout, Kevin
Zawacki, Steven
Frazier, Arlene
Gravel, Holly
Green, Karen
Hall, Rhonda
Helsdon, Lisa
Hinde, Jane
Miller, Elizabeth
Solomon, Alice
Vandiver, Amy
Vant, Joseph
Armato, Cheryl
Baggett, Angie
Bain, Al
Bredeson, Jeffrey
Dorsett, Kellie
Durham, Stephany
Ebensteiner, Mike
Eickman, Nicole
Gooding, Danielle
Jones, Tim
Lato, Ed
Lockhart, Suzanne
Miller, Priscilla
Page, Maria
Prince, Stefanie
Skylark, Glenda
Tallacksen, Teresa
Thomas, Candace
Vaccaro, Mary Ann
Witzler, Kathleen
Bell, Kathy
Broco, Eddie
Buth, Howard
Clark, Linda
Craft, Kimberli
Crosby, Andrea
Grabau, Richard
Happy Anniversary
Haas, Brenda
Harbison, Christin
Jewell, Ann
Larry, Veronica
Oliveros, Mariella
Parker, Robin
Patterson, Angela
Pforr, Sharon
Reoyo, Frank
Runte, Bobbi
Sands, Pam
Seay, Cory
Seidel, Cathy
Smerdon, Joann
Smith, Jazman
Bean, Cheryl
Figueroa, Richard
Jackson, Tashandra
Jackson, Carla
Khoshaba, Rafid
Kimmey, Spryte
Lamprecht, Debi
McGinnis, Mark
Abernathy, Charles - CAH
Alexander, Brian - IMB
Allmeroth, Keith - ANE
Antal, Jozsef “Joey” - DCT
Baldwin, William - XLT
Bardales, Luis - BMS
Barnes, Brian - DLD
Barocco, Barry - BBO
Battle, Keith - KEI
Beaton, Tamie - TLB
Billings, David - OMN
Bokan, Milane - KVL
Bricker, Randolph
“Randy” - RBR
Brignac, Terry - CAJ
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Morgan, Travis
Neff, Sarah
Simmons, David
Southall, Toni
Wright, James
Andralouis, Paul
Clark, Eric
Demattio, Susan
Driscoll, Jennifer
Goldsby, Trish
Gunn, Mitchell
New Agents
Employees 10+ Years
Harper, Anna
Harrington, Maria
Kortus, Connie
Moore, Monique
O’Brien, Teresa
Overeem, Emily
Patton, Rick
Ramirez, Marco
Strickland, Troy
Bailey, Steven
Cisneros, Martha
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Dentremont, Marilyn
Grantham, Emily
Grolla, Jeremy
Hicks, Barbara
Markee, Carol
Meyer, Susan
Nadeau, Sue
Nelson, Kellie
O’Dell, Jody
Pybus, Karen
Ronk, Lori
Sharpe, Shannon
Stroup, Sabrina
Swanson, Elizabeth
Taylor, Lawrence
Watkins, Candace
Cleveland, Chris
Dantzler, Derrick
Donnelly, Dennis
Dunbar, Tarence
Fossett, Shona
Garza, Tammi
Hinson, Cynthia
Jolly, Shelley
Lawson, Trudi
Levingston, Tracy
Matherly, Brian
Mathis, Carol
Millian, Anna
Shores, Amy
Vallimont, Vickie
West, Petra
Williams, Latoya
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Burns, Daniel - BDS
Carnie, John - BCI
Cayton, Jim - JEC
Colarusso, Marlana - MCQ
Copper, Caleb - COR
Cox, Dawn - UNI
Curuvija, Branko - CUC
Davies, Jonathan - JTD
De Leon, Michael - DLE
Dean, Maria - GCY
Dixon, Demetra - DEC
Domaschko, Kelly - KDK
Esterline, Bryan - BRE
Evans, Desislalva “Desi” - DES
Fisher, Brad - SKF
Fix, Andre - FEC
Flowers, Sandra - ASF
Fowler, Geoff - GEF
Franco, Ricardo - FRO
Freeman, Joshua - NOC
Glenn, Chad - CGA
Gossett, Wade - SOR
Grace, George “Greg” - GGL
Gravseth, Ernest - HUD
Heikoop, Annalisa - HLM
Henry, Sasha - SMH
Hong - Garcia, Tammy - TJG
Ison, Philip - POR
Jaskic, Indira - IJO
Jones, Bill - OKL
Kent, Leroy - BLI
Korkutovic, Amela - TXS
Krug, Michele - MLK
Kuharick, Henry - HKM
Lacoste, Kevin - HET
Laws, William “Bill” - NRM
Layne, Danny - DLU
Leonard, John - JLO
Livious, Cleveland Jr. - CJR
Long, Michael - MIK
Lopez, Robert - RLO
Mann, Salle - SBA
Matic, Aleksandra - WOC
McGill, William - WKR
Miller, Robert “Rick” - RCM
Mudrytskyy, Maksym - IVK
Negassi, Daniel - FRE
Pappas, Gillian - GPE
Pascal, Giovanny - GIO
Pasechnik, Avel - AVL
Peele, Andrew - GRP
Powell, Tamara - TAP
Powis, Joshua - JLP
Presson, Debra - DJP
Prygon, John - JWP
Riegel, Brian - LLL
Robinson, Luke - AKR
Rose, Colin - CTX
Schmitz, Ryan - MIZ
Sheikh, Yousaf - SHC
New Agents
Shelsby, Stephen - RAV
Simmerman, Alisa - SCK
Singh, Tejinder - CSK
Soileau, Robert - RJS
Stansel, Julia - HVL
Sullins, Bret - BVS
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Tamburi, Rolando - ROL
Tillman, Josephine - JTH
Troisi, William “Bill” - WNJ
Happy Anniversary
Bowman, Joel - HOU
Hacker, Wesley - WES
Schell, Elsie - AME
Anderson, John - TOL
Barlowe, Douglas - MRN
Bullock, Craig - LOS
Gedig, Paul J. - INN
Knapp, Bill - CRB
Kuchta, Carol - BAV
McGrath, Rick - CRB
Seleway, Steve - SSS
Seleway, Susan - SSS
Stout, Matthew - BAV
Davis, Patricia - CHW
Althaus, Jennifer A. - SDG
Brannum, Susan - KLZ
Maxcy, Charles
“Wayne” - MEM
Nesbitt, Beryl - BHO
Stade, Dan - RPD
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Tucker, Blain - NOG
Tucker, Wanda - NOG
Bartlett, Eugene - MNT
Johnson, Darryl - HFD
Nicholson, Nancy - EVS
Arnold, Stan - FEX
Beauchamp, Brad - FTZ
Beauchamp, Sarah - FTZ
Dabney, Rusty - WIL
Scheel, Leon - DEN
Scheel, Linda - DEN
Shockley, David - BGK
Wurtzberger, Dianne - FEX
Hullett, Sherry - BMT
Hullett, Wayne - BMT
Schlieske, Bobby - MIN
Leach, Greg - RNO
Peterson, Daryl - SPK
Yoder, Francene - AQJ
Williams, Robert - MAC
Agents 10+ Years
Afshar, Allen - SUL
Afshar, Amir - SUL
Kozlowski Jr., Nelson
“Butch” - BLK
Phillips, Cayce - SFM
Phillips, Tony - SFM
Smukowski, Jay - FND
Pincus, Adam - MJE
Marchman, Roger - PFL
Mulhollen, Frieda - AKO
Glass, John - CRW
Reynolds, Connie - WST
Baran, Phil - PBS
Bolin, Duane E. - REI
Dale, Chris - TLJ
Edwards, Rob - LIM
Franks, David - HMD
Hartley, Donna - CNH
Hartley, Thomas J. - CNH
Kinney, Michael - BCK
Kroeger, Brien - STD
Kroeger, Marjorie - STD
Turner, Warren - TNR
Vander Hook, Michael - FMT
Vinson, Matthew - VIN
Wauldron, Michael - MJR
Williams, Gillian - GLN
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Lepior, Brandon - LAN
Lepior, Michael - LAN
Miller, Mike - HMD
Walsh, Effrey - WAL
Ackland, Tim - NFC
Babine, Jeanette “Jenny” - PME
Baker, Joe L. - RIC
Bostedo, Kathy - ELZ
Elliott, Anthony -FLS
Fawcett, Carolyn - CGY
Morse, Larry - WIE
Stewart, Norma - GNB
Wagner, Tom - GNR
Wiebers, Lynn - SUX
Clapp, Roger - RPC
Medley, Gary - BMO
Mitchell, Hiram - LPI
Morgan, Kevin - EBN
Briggs, Frank - EXP
Hilliard, Dennis - BRF
Hinson, Linda - BRF
Hughes, Donna - DOH
Hughes Jr., Robert - DOH
Sheldon - WMB
Palasics, John - CV2
Peterson, Patty - GPP
Smith, Linda - SFI
Baker, Brad - PLO
Borra, Paul - SJV
Carlson, Robert - SJV
Carpenter, Annette - DRE
Crites, Gary - ABL
Faulk, Jack - JFA
Hancock, Tom -THA
Horne, Don - MES
Leitch, Dan - YAW
McGuire, Ashley - COM
McKinney, Rosemary - EGI
Mogensen, Ray - TAZ
Powell, Ben - THH
Powell, Richard - THH
Saracco, Marilyn - SAR
Saracco, Tom - SAR
Coston, Chris - CCT
Happy Anniversary
Gullekson, Steve - GTO
Hathaway, Robert - CDI
Roberts, Dan - JXV
Welch, Mark K. - KCL
Alwine, Donald - DFB
Caskey, Doug - MEE
Day, Robert - RDA
Fox, John - FOX
Fox, Nikki - FOX
Rotar, Elena - BSE
Simmons, Pete - GAP
Baggett, Terry - SWL
Balch, Gary - WFL
Combs, Connie - VBA
Ruppert, Jeff - ASH
Sabino, Stephen M. - HNI
Timmer, Michael - GEI
Toporowsky, Max - BPM
Zachmann, Rick - HIN
Armstrong, Steve - AIR
Batykefer, Scott - PTP
Campeau, Clairette - HON
Cooper, Doug - DOC
Czilinger, Tim - SPA
Jacob, Denise - MBM
Ligon, Carol - HCL
Madden, Patrick - CVL
Mistretta, Phranda - MBM
Peine, Kellie - MDN
Welcome New BCOs
Abbott, David L.
Abbott, David R.
Abdallah, Khalid M.
Abdou, Colleen P.
Abdou, Marc A.
Adams, Carl D.
Adams, Curtis U.
Adams, Emanuel
Adams, Joseph M.
Aguirre, Joseph E.
Agusti, Robert
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
Agyepong, Foster O.
Ahlstrom, Joshua T.
Aime, Stanley B.
Akomprah Sr., Richard
Alejandro, Aimee
Alejandro Jr., Miguel
Alexander, Andre
Alexander, Montrell J.
Ali, Omer H.
Allan, Darrell D.
Allen, Ronald D.
Agents 10+ Years
Peine, Kirk - MDN
Snyder, Faith - TCI
Wishman, Florence - HBM
Augsburger, Donetta - BET
Cone, Shane - TSX
Cone, Steve - TSX
De Haan, Teresa S. - PCF
Downs, Duane - PDX
Owens, Randy - OLI
Putzke, Brian - JXR
Rohlf, James - MN1
Salazar, Frances - EGT
Schauff, Don - MN1
Accardi, Robert - KTI
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Boud, Randall - ABE
Casey, Cynthia - SPR
Daniel, Jane - CSH
Hyatt, Gail - SNT
Kaslly, Rick - WRN
Klemenz, Larry - JEF
Spence, Cheryl - TCS
Winlow, Doug - KDS
Avila, Lisa - TEH
Cook, Angie - GWS
Fay, Steven - EDF
Koeppel, Brenda - CMK
Majors, Mark - FKY
Postiglione, Michael - ESX
Richardson, Michael - WTX
Ashe, Jerry - BAX
Bellis, Jamie - ABB
Bray, Frank - ALI
Campbell, Gary - GWC
Hendricks, Mark - MAH
Holland, Pat - LMG
Komorek, Lori - TRN
Lee, Trey - LEE
Perez, Jorge - BRV
Snyder, Diana - JIL
Starr, Richard - RAZ
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Allinson, Lance E.
Al-Malek, Taleb
Alvarez, Carlos E.
Alvarez, Teofilo
Alzayadi, Riyadh N.
Amidon, Shane R.
Anderson, Kenneth C.
Anderson, Todd
Anic, Dario
Archer, Little John
Armstrong, David A.
Armstrong, Jason W.
Armstrong, Todd E.
Armstrong III, Wade
Artis, Marvin Gene
Atkins Sr., Timothy
Aughtman, Michael D.
Auguste, Marc A.
Axline, Edward S.
Ayala, Luis A.
Ayres, Darren L.
Ayres, Patricia M.
Badia, Lisa M.
Bailey, Ashias E.
Ballard, William R.
Ballew, Bryan Sr.
Barbosa, Miguel A.
Barger, William S.
Barron, Andrew J.
Bartholomew, Stacey M.
Bates, Gary R.
Battle, Dennis K.
Bauer, Michael A.
Baumann, Alan J.
Beatty, Laura Marie
Beaver, Kevin O.
Bell, Keith H.
Benjamin II, Rufus
Bennett, Dennis C.
Benson, Eric
Bethea, James A.
Bickel, Ian
Blackerby, Delora G.
Blacksmith, Eric A.
Welcome New BCOs
Blege, William W.
Blount, Bruce K.
Bobb, Carrie D.
Boczek, Karl
Bohannon Sr., Henry
Bonhomme, Fredo
Bonn, Randall W.
Bonstele, Constance E.
Boonstra, Raymond J.
Botzen, James T.
Bourne, Lyndon B.
Bradley, Jason M.
Bradley, Michael J.
Braswell, Benjamin
Brautigam Jr., Johnny
Brent, Richard D.
Brewster, Robert
Bridges Sr., Lafranco
Brooks Jr., Charles
Brown Jr., Joe
Brown, John P.
Brown, Matthew F.
Brown, Steven
Bryant, Randolph
Buffin, John W.
Bunt, Michael E.
Burns, Bert A.
Byrd, Emory C.
Calhoun Jr., Henry
Campbell, Dewayne L.
Canady Jr., Leroy G.
Cantu, Nelson O.
Carmichael, Sherwyn R.
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Carolus, David L.
Carr, Wanda V.
Carriger, Eric C.
Carter, Cathy A.
Carter Sr., Lawrence
Carter Sr., Nikita
Caruso, Jay
Cassimere, Horace J.
Castro, Elis R.
Castro, Manuel D.
Chadwick, Robert M.
Chadwick, Teresa R.
Chandler, Jessica M.
Chervin, Anderson
Childress, Christopher A.
Choi, Byung K.
Chrobak, Krzysztof
Chronister, Arvel E.
Cisneros, Victor M.
Clark, Douglas G.
Clark, James H.
Clark, Janie M.
Clark, Matthew A.
Clark, Terri L.
Clayson, Robert
Clifton, Dwayne L.
Clinch, Daryl L.
Cobb, Shawn D.
Coffer, Susan E.
Cogbill, Mary Lou
Coleman III, Harvey
Coleman Jr., Theophilus
Compton, Terry W.
Connally, Raymond L.
Cook, Eric T.
Cook, Kim L.
Cooper, Deandre E.
Cooper, Derick D.
Copeland, George L.
Copley, Cloyce II
Corbett, Alexandra S.
Corbett, Andrew M.
Cordingly, Gary
Corvin, Terry V.
Courtright, Zachery
Cowell, Jeffrey L.
Cox, Gregory R.
Craig, Broanner L.
Croft Jr., Charles
Cromer, Anthony T.
Crowder, Tarvio C.
Crymes, Robin M.
Cuff, Jarie D.
Curnutt, Robin Lee
Cyprian, Jitu K.
Dabb, Robert M.
Dai, Mohamed
Dasilva, Cornelio C.
Davids, Charles J.
Davies, Donald C.
Davis, Christopher B.
Davis Jr., Jimmie
Davis, Steven B.
Davis, Willie T.
Day Sr., Damien
Deason, Robert
Del Grande, Michael
Denali, Kameron
Denham, Calvin K.
Denison, Todd A.
Deon, Harold
Dial, Albert V.
Diaz, Francisco
Dinkins, Darryl B.
Dobbins, Craig
Dobrie, William J.
Donovan, John S.
Dooley, William P.
Dortch, Daniel M.
Doyle, Elisha
Doyle, Jackie
Dubinsky, Yvon P.
Duenas, Jesse O.
Duggins, Greg W.
Dukes, Mario L.
Duncan, Billie J.
Duncan, Stephen W.
Dunnam, Kenyadrick M.
Durden, Tarrence S.
Eason Jr., John
Ebbs, Anthony C.
Eccles, Josh A.
Echelberger Jr., James
Edgerly, Shirley A.
Edgerly, William S.
Egu, Chidiebere J.
Elder, Wesley D.
Elie, Joseph
Elliott, Vinson L.
Evans III, Eugene
Fai, Abdirisak N.
Fain, David A.
Fall, Sidy
Farah, Abdi H.
Farah, Abdiqadar
Fast, Harry A.
Felsecker, Joel
Fennick, Myron M.
Fina, Christopher J.
Finley, James Q.
Finley, John T.
Fisher, Timothy L.
Flake, Jeffry H.
Fletcher Jr., Richard
Flood, Timothy E.
Floyd, James M.
Fluker, Wendell
Fontanne, Bonneville L.
Fordyce, Terrence F.
Fowler Sr., Steve
Fowler, Willard A.
Foxx Sr., Wiley
Francique, Dieuney
Frederick, Rick C.
Friedlein, Daniel D.
Fritz, Andries S.
Fyock, Joseph S.
Fyock, Patricia A.
Garcia, Juan M.
Garrett, Dennis C.
Garza, Magdiel
Garza, Ruben A.
Gavlick, Mark J.
Gee, Darnell J.
Gibbons, Billy J.
Gibson, Michael A.
Giraldo, Andres F.
Giron, Carlos A.
Glor, Jedediah D.
Gonzalez, Jose L.
Good, David W.
Goodin, Robert
Goosby, Robert A.
Gordon, Laramie L.
Gordon Sr., Stewart
Gose, Stephen S.
Graham, Mark A.
Gray, Dennis A.
Gray Jr., Richard
Green, Darron D.
Green, Shane L.
Green, Stacy W.
Gurman, Ali O.
Gustafson, Shaun M.
Hagan, Casey S.
Hall, Arshawn K.
Hall, Charles C.
Hall, Dana L.
Hall, Jonathan
Hall, Paul A.
Hammond, Chad L.
Hanes, Ronald M.
Hardy, Jesse R.
Harp, Cathi L.
Harp, Craig H.
Welcome New BCOs
Harper, Thaddeus F.
Harris, Brian R.
Harris, David Lee
Harris, William D.
Harton, Jeremy S.
Haskins, Ovester S.
Hatem, Samer A.
Hayes, Derek L.
Hayes, Michael D.
Hebo Jr., Abdulahi
Helmuth, James J.
Helmuth, Rhonda G.
Henderson, Al
Henry, Earnest W.
Henter, Levente
Henwood, Kenneth W.
Heyward, Rodney B.
Hice, Diane M.
Hicks, Deondra C.
Hiefnar Jr., Martin
Higgins, Andrew W.
Highfill Sr., Robert
Hilliard, Keith R.
Hillman Jr., Richard
Hinders, Rodney D.
Hitchcock, Christopher
Hoaglin, James E.
Hoffman Jr., Charles
Hoffman, Donald B.
Hoffman, Joyce S.
Hoier, Mark A.
Holcombe, Robert T.
Holloway, Roland J.
©2014 The Landstar Link, Fall 2014
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Holmes, Anthony R.
Homer, Michael S.
Hooke, Edward O.
Hooke, Terry L.
Hooper, Tony D.
Hornsby Jr., Ardis
Horsley Jr., Carlton
Housley, Richard L.
Howell, James C.
Hoyles, Trevor M.
Hoyt, Gary W.
Hoyt, Rattiya
Hoyt, Robert J.
Hudson, Nateeyah Y.
Hudson II, Ralph
Huff, Eric A.
Huggins, Gregory
Hunt, Robbie D.
Hunter, Brian K.
Hunter, Jeffery S.
Hunter Jr., Johnny
Hurt, Lamont A.
Hussen, Shukri A.
Huynh, Kyle T.
Iddrisu, Alhassan
Iliff Jr., Robert P.
Iliff, Theresa J.
Ingersoll, David
Isaac, Paul H.
Jackson, Christopher G.
Jackson, Curtis B.
Jackson, Derrick A.
James, Christopher J.
Jenkins, Darrin
Jenkins, Mary Ann
Jenkins, Michael Q.
Jimenez, Victor H.
Johnson, Danny M.
Johnson Sr., Eric W.
Johnson, Jared V.
Johnson, Jeff A.
Johnson, John C.
Johnson, Ralph E.
Johnson, Robert F.
Johnson, Sean F.
Johnson, Shane
Johnson Sr., William
Jones Jr., Arthur
Jones, Jeffery N.
Jones, Maurice J.
Jones, Michael
Jones Jr., Wesley Lee
Joseph Glen Perez
Joseph, Zephrus R.
Judd, Randy
Kamukama, David
Kays, Pamela A.
Kays, Ted A.
Kedian, Mary C.
Keith, Philip J.
Kellahan, Herman
Kennedy, Dimple
Kennedy, Herman L.
Kennedy, Russell A.
Khan, Ishfaq
Khan, Sarfraz M.
Khattra, Harman
Khattra, Simran
Kimble, Korey D.
King, Alan B.
Kitson, Clifton O.
Klem, William B.
Kmetz, John G.
Knapp, Michael T.
Knight, Nicholas S.
Koehler, Robert J.
Kosar, Rashid N.
Kozup, David J.
Krajewski, Krystyna
Krajewski Sr., Peter
Krause, Dale E.
Kravchenko, Alexandr
Krepel, James
Krepel, Windy
Kuma, Raymond N.
Lacasse, Justin D.
Ladera, Rodolfo
Ladson, Eric D.
Laflin, Thomas W.
Lane, Glenn Thomas
Langmesser, Michael J.
Lara, Juan M.
Larusson, Agust
Laubaugh, Lynn L.
Lavelle, Thomas J.
Lawler, Edward E.
Lawson, Timothy
Leary, Eddie
Lemma, Tamirat
Leneave, Larry M.
Lenoir, Fredrick J.
Leonard, Johnny F.
Leticia, Guadalupe
Liddon, Robert E.
Little, Cindy A.
Lloyd, Steven M.
Lopez, Guillermo S.
Lopez Jr., Jose
Louis, Jean W.
Lovelace Sr., Howell
Lovelace, William J.
Lowrance, Toney V.
Lunsford, Rudolph O.
Madison, Wayne J.
Maggard, Billy C.
Mahamed, Abdinasir B.
Mahoney, Thomas M.
Mahotieres, Raynold
Makris, Evangelos
Mancha, Cesar
Manneh, Lamin
Mano, Bilbil D.
Maric, Radmilo
Marks, Kevin D.
Marquette, Doug
Marquez, Edwin
Marshall, Paul A.
Martin, Craig A.
Martin, Derrick S.
Martin, Lendall L.
Martin, Terrance E.
Martinez, Manuel L.
Mason, Justin C.
Mason, Matthew A.
Mason II, Orlen
Mason Sr., Orlen
Matthews, Michael O.
Mattila Jr., Robert
May III, Joseph
Mazzeo, Anthony
McAlpine, Lisa M.
McCane, Timothy P.
McClain, Devonta C.
McClain, Walter
McConnon, Raymond
McCray, George P.
McDaniel, David M.
McGee, Bryan L.
McGuire Jr., Patrick
McKenna, James A.
McLaurin, Todd M.
McMillin, Bradley R.
McNaney Jr., James P.
McRae, Charles R.
McRae, Xingyin
Medlock, Starr L.
Mendoza Jr., Juan R.
Mercado, Luis A.
Merchant, Bernard
Michael Lee Shirley
Michael, Billy D.
Midolo, Jeffrey L.
Mielke, Gregory J.
Millard, Gregg L.
Miller, David M.
Welcome New BCOs
Miller, Kenneth W.
Miller, Pamalethia D.
Miller, Ryan
Miller, Sean J.
Mitchell, Curtis
Mitiku, Tilahun A.
Miziyawa, Zoulkifilou
Mobley, Derek W.
Mohamed, Abdikhani
Mohamud, Mohamud H.
Moore, Cedric
Moore, Christopher Leon
Moore, Leslie H.
Mordaunt, Thomas C.
Morris, Todd
Morrison, Alfred C.
Morrison, Jeffrey C.
Morse, Alexandra R.
Morse, Shane
Morse, Shawn
Morton, David N.
Moseby Jr., Cleveland
Moseley, Stanley C.
Mosley, Marlo D.
Mosley, Ricky J.
Motley Sr., Timmothy
Motyka, Arkadiusz
Mullis, Corey A.
Murry, Daniel Lee
Mutchler Sr., Daniel
Mutti, Sukhjinder
Mwaniki, Stephen W.
Navarro, Scott A.
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7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Neale, Matthew
Negrete, Michael
Nelson Jr., George
Nethunim, Eshkar
New, Randall E.
Nicholson III, Richard
Noel, Homer Ray
Noor, Hassan A.
Nugent, Judy C.
Nutter, Theodore
Okic, Safet
Ollie Jr., Elijah
O’Malley, John A.
Ordaz, Juan M.
Ortiz, Ezriel
Osorio Jr., Carlos
Outzen, Chad S.
Ovivion Jr., Edward
Oyer, Johnathon M.
Pack, Bryan K.
Paoletti, Shelia K.
Parchoc, Richard G.
Parish, Jerome
Parker Jr., Romeo
Patterson II, Ricky
Paul, Wesnel
Peachey, Donald B.
Pearson Norfleet
Peck, Christine R.
Pemberton, Debbie Lee
Penland, Joseph P.
Penner, Gregg A.
Pennington, Robert J.
Percious, Paul S.
Pereira, Jose Y.
Perera Sr., Alejandro
Perez, Ismar
Perez, Jorge L.
Perez, Osvaldo
Perez Jr., Roberto
Perry, Brian J.
Peters, Cornelius
Peterson, Charity L.
Petroj, Florin
Petrykowski, Marek
Phelps Jr., Donald
Phillips, Jared
Phillips, Jeffrey D.
Pierce, Jane E.
Pierce, Paul P.
Pitts, Anthony J.
Poindexter, Garrett J.
Pop, Eugen
Porter, Andre
Porter, John W.
Porter Sr., Robert
Porter, Sharon D.
Potter, Douglas R.
Pramik, Albert W.
Preston, Mary E.
Price, Quincey J.
Prickett, Larry J.
Prickett, Tracy R.
Proffit, Thomas A.
Profit Jr., Dewey
Prue, Frankin R.
Quarles, Bennett A.
Quiles, Angel G.
Rainey, Rodney H.
Ramadan Sr., Mahmoud
Ramsey, Mike L.
Ransom Jr., James
Rapas, Claudiu A.
Rascoe, Timothy C.
Ratz, David
Ray, John L.
Rector, Jerry W.
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Michael S.
Reed, Pamela
Reed, Willie D.
Reese, Kennett D.
Rejon, Luis
Rentz Jr., John Dean
Reyes, Jose Andrade
Reynolds, Brian K.
Reynoso, Lorenzo A.
Rhinehart, Robert C.
Rhodes, Peter L.
Rice, Bryant M.
Richardson, James A.
Richardson, John T.
Richardson III, Prince
Ricketts, Carl D.
Riggle, Bruce W.
Rios, Omar I.
Roberson Jr., Harry
Roberts, George D.
Robinson, Jeffrey
Robinson, Leslie N.
Robinson, Sandra D.
Robinson, Trini L.
Robison, John S.
Rockhold, Richard L.
Rodriguez, Michael A.
Rodriguez, Ralph
Romeo, Clive E.
Romero, Salvador A.
Rosenberg, Kendall S.
Rosser, Deandre B.
Ruiz, Jayson C.
Ryan, Edward H.
Saiu, Mircea A.
Salata, Andrzej
Salinas Jr., Pablo
Sandefur, Michael
Sanders, Marcus L.
Santiago, Nelson L.
Santoyo, Monique B.
Sarco, Cesar R.
Schank, August
Schroeder, Charles R.
Schuler, John F.
Schuttemeyer, Dustin M.
Scimone, John P.
Scoter, Lorie V.
Scott Sr., Wendell
Scutt Sr., Roger
Shadyuk, Oleksandr L.
Shafer, Steve J.
Shaprin, Vladimir Y.
Shaw, Wayne Rex
Shekusman, Muhammad
Shelton, Hector H.
Shelton, Tommy
Sheppard, John C.
Sheridan, Philip E.
Sholes, Andrew E.
Shook, John E.
Short, James B.
Sibley III, William
Simmons, Belva J.
Simon, Jason P.
Simpson, Edward M.
Simpson. Gary S.
Simunek, Petr
Singh, Satwinder
Skabialka, John J.
Skovran, William J.
Sledge, Ollie C.
Sloan Jr., Martin
Smith, Christopher J.
Smith, Delana M.
Smith, Derrick M.
Smith, Ernest
Smith, India R.
Smith Sr., Jeff
Smith, John W.
Smith, Michael W.
Smith, Myron R.
Smith, Shawn A.
Smith, Stuart B.
Smith, Troy R.
Smith Sr., Zachary
Snyder, Jaime B.
Welcome New BCOs
Sorrell, Lois J.
Southall, Timothy
Spears III, Clarence
Spence, Gary A.
Spencer, Christopher M.
St. George, Culvier
Stanley, Luis E.
Starback, Patrick R.
Stein, Gary E.
Stip, Ryan J.
Stone, Donnie Lee
Tannehill, Billy E.
Tassy, Heribert
Taylor, Jason L.
Teichroeb, Johan W.
Terral, Hattie M.
Thirtyacre, Kelly F.
Thomas, Keithon R.
Thomas Jr., Robert
Thompson, Clifton
Thompson, Donna G.
Thompson, Erik J.
Thompson, Frederick A.
Thomson, Dave C.
Thorn, Marilyn R.
Tingen Jr., Roger
Tingler Sr., Gregory
Tinsley, Michael T.
Tobar, Daniel
Tobias, Zachary
Tolbert, Emmett W.
Tolliver, Michael G.
Toombs II, Brian A.
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7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Torre, Gabriel A.
Towns Sr., Thaddeaus
Tracy, Richard D.
Trambles Jr., Scott
Trinidad, Angel E.
Trombley, William C.
Trusty, Rickey L.
Tucker, Michael A.
Tudor, Joyce A.
Tudor, Kenneth B.
Tulafono, Tapueleele
Turner, Chad C.
Turner, Dior L.
Turner, Robert D.
Twiss, Donald P.
Twiss, Sheila A.
Ulysse, Joseph K.
Valdez, Jorge R.
Van Egmond, Charles
Vargas Sr., Edgar
Vega, Jesse G.
Vernon, John H.
Verret Sr., Darrel
Villanueva, Paul A.
Wagner, James P.
Wagner, Joseph L.
Waklee, Stacey L.
Wallace, David V.
Walters, David G.
Ward, Dion D.
Warren, Luther D.
Warren, Michael J.
Watkins, Daniel J.
Watson, Randall S.
Weatherspoon, Barry
Weaver, Barry K.
Webb, Edward D.
Wells, Chane A.
Westbrooks, Charles T.
Wetherington, Jamie
Wheeler, Larry S.
Wheeler, Phillip W.
Wheland, Juanita M.
Wheland Jr., Lynn
Whipps, Russell T.
White Jr., James
White, Marty E.
White, Mitzi M.
White, Shawn A.
Whitelow Sr., Ronald
Whitman, Kathy J.
Wiebe, Richard N.
Wiggins, Henry J.
Willett, Kerry L.
Willett, Peter E.
Williams, Abraham J.
Williams, Andre
Williams, Augustus
Williams, Derrick J.
Williams, Jeffrey M.
Williams, Jeremy L.
Williams, Lloyd J.
Williams, Terry C.
Williams, Victor D.
Willis, Greg
Wilson, David C.
Wilson, Julius L.
Wilson, William H.
Witt, Ervin S.
Witz, Charles A.
Wojtowicz, Pawel T.
Woloncewicz Sr., Robert
Wolverton, James D.
Wolverton, Marcquita M.
Wood, Matthew M.
Woodard Sr., Travis
Woods, Jerry D.
Woolery, John F.
Woolf, Marc Z.
Wylie, Jeremy Lee
Wynn, Linda K.
Wynn II, Nolan
Yasuk, Robert P.
Young, Ray A.
Zapata, Joaquin A.
Zavalza, Hector G.
Zimbru, Valentin
Happy Anniversary
Baker Sr., Joe
Block, James
Jay, Raymond R.
Koehler, Allan P.
Krieg, Ricky
Meilahn, James C.
Stephens, Robert H.
Stumke, Allen L.
Wyatt, Donald R.
Burrows, Richard C.
Coen, Gordon R.
Helmuth, Levi W.
Radley, Timothy C.
Roth, Gene J.
Sims, Steven A.
Clark, Charles W.
Crosson, Hollis K.
Lipscomb, Garry D.
Rasmussen, Kenneth G.
Rupprecht, Robert
Bramm, Kenneth L.
Chambers, Michael K.
Griffin, Ralph H.
Schmieks, Michael S.
Briggs, Regis E.
Chastain, John
Didde, Arthur J.
Grogan, Richard C.
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Smith, Gary W.
Treff, Dennis R.
Deruiter, Robert
Smith, James C.
Szuba, Slawomir J.
White, Stephen M.
Wilson, Keith B.
Harrill, Charles S.
LaPointe, Normand L.
Ward, Burris W.
Adams, Alvin D.
Adams, Ralph T.
Boley, Bobby E.
Dancy, Gilbert N.
Hoynacki, Dennis J.
Koehl, Loyal D.
Noon, Charles M.
Reuman, Dale G.
Terrell, Reed H.
Buckner, Richard
Burton, Ronald G.
Clark, Rollie J.
King, Ronald S.
Kiser, Kenneth D.
Lane, Joel W.
Miller, Roger
Mobley Jr., Melvin
Siefken, Gary L.
Cusick, James E.
BCOs 10+ Years
Hardy, Richard R.
Kron, Steven
Lunsford, Rudy L.
Marcussen, William J.
Ramsey, Kevee L.
Wagnell, Robert
Reed, James T.
Ashe, David H.
Christian, William L.
Coffman, Roy E.
Cox, Rebecca J.
Cox, Thomas E.
McCord, Doris A.
Munn, Bill J.
Pardue, Donald A.
Pardue, Susan P.
Phinney, Ronald A.
Radtke Jr., Emil
Reed, Benny L.
Reed Jr., Tom
Sheckels, Linda L.
Sheckels, William D.
Villeneuve, Iris R.
Villeneuve, Terry J.
Alan, Gary
Benjamin, Ernest W.
Biedowicz, Allan
Burgueno, Patricia A.
Caldwell, Enoch
Castle, George T.
Clevenger, Billy D.
Duke, Richard A.
7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Edwards, Richard L.
Fontana, Raymond J.
Gilbert, David A.
Hillyard, Mark
Hobbs Sr., Roger
Laman, Guy
Logan, Ronnie
Martin, Gary B.
Mason, Paula M.
Milman, Steven I.
Palecek, Frank J.
Panzik, Mark R.
Sills, Michael L.
Simpson, Brian K.
Vandenburg, John C.
Veach, Gary N.
Bowser, William D.
Burke, Dale L.
Burton, James L.
Eamon, Mark D.
Edwards Jr., Lee
Grivich, Carolyn
Grivich, Martin H.
Heilig, James
Howick, Charles H.
Hufford, Michael E.
Jones, Darrell J.
Kenemore, Lester
Martin, Robert
Palek, Dennis A.
Parker, Willa R.
Perez, Daniel
Revis, James D.
Ruch, William E.
Rutledge, William R.
York, John
Azurdia, Francisco
Cash, Donald R.
Dawson, Glenn
Hickson Jr., John
Kaler, Terry L.
Miller, Douglas M.
Musser, Dennis
Myers, Gary S.
Ougriniouk, Vladimir
Padlo, Jaroslaw
Palmer, Dennis M.
Ranger, Driver T.
Ruffner, James O.
Smith, Michael A.
Unger, Mark A.
Wallwork, Dan J.
Willson, Beverly C.
Baker, Jerry W.
Barker, Kenneth E.
Beeson, Jon P.
Black, Winston S.
Crowell, William M.
Currin, Sherry L.
Edwards, Johnnie
Healey, Richard D.
Johnston, John S.
Kapitan, Robert B.
Lizotte, Daniel A.
Mercado, Abel
Oye, Wesley D.
Rowell, Frederick
Ruffner, Diane K.
Salick, Elizabeth A.
Sanders, Timothy
St. Clair, Mark
Walker, Paul V.
Waller, Bob
Williams, Craig S.
Wooters, James
Anderson, Melvin
Barile, Joseph M.
Beeson, Kimberly A.
Boyden, Ricky D.
Ellick, Gail W.
Fouts, Lynne
Fouts, Paul
George, Joseph M.
Gilbert, Charles G.
Hankins, Charles S.
Kauffman, Timothy A.
Long Jr., Christian
Neddenriep, John A.
Page, Daniel T.
Pinson, Victor
Quane, Brian F.
Russell, Charles W.
Schilling, Donald
Stonesifer, Steve C.
Ux, Richard P.
Vanderschaaf, Merril
Wallace, Graham F.
Westleigh, Joseph P.
Happy Anniversary
Wojtal, Tomasz
Wootton, Jeff
Aspas, Paul T.
Bijas, Marian
Brammer, Justin
Burgess, Kyle
Burrow, Dennis J.
Cole, Bradley J.
Everett, Brenda
Everett, Clifford
Foster, Francene
Foster, Tony
Gamble, Joseph
Harwell, David L.
Keller, Albert
Kepner, James M.
King, Lisa
Lemasters, Michael D.
McCleave, Karl L.
McNair, Bryan T.
Mitchell, Anthony T.
Nielsen, Donald
Patterson, Clarence R.
Rhodes, Charles
Rodriquez, Joseph J.
Rodriquez, Paula C.
Tesauro, Richard M.
Todea, Ioan
Tunney, Gene D.
Vallely, Patrick G.
Veit-Harwell, Barbara
Von Neida, Amy Jo
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Wiatowski, Jamie Lee
Birner, Robert D.
Bower, John
Bower, Mary
Brimmer, Fabian
Brinkman, Robert J.
Bump, Austin
Bump, Michelle K.
Carpenter, Jesse
Carrell, Clifford J.
Carter, Alexander
Coffey, Jerry L.
Cortez, John
Cortez, Robin
Dillon, Mike E.
Dobbins, Charles R.
Elliott, Carl
Falloon, Roger D.
Garcia, Steven
Garcia, Virginia
Hackworth, Rosalee
Harman, Kenneth E.
Harvey, Bryan
Head, Jeff H.
Howard, David K.
Howard, Kenneth F.
Jasper, Walter H.
Krekeler, William
Mauney, Jerry W.
McDonald, Clarence E.
McIntosh, Robert
Misik, Krzysztof
BCOs 10+ Years 7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Piwowarski, Slawomir
Rasmussen, William F.
Real, Michael A.
Ross, Michael
Russell, Steven M.
Schwitters, Charles R.
Short, Linda
Stephens, John T.
Swearingen, Robert
Thomason, George
Thompson, David P.
True, Rick J.
Valdez, Magdaleno
Walker, Stanley S.
Williams, Wayne
Woods, James
Albers Jr., Harry
Allen, Clyde V.
Allen, Ward B.
Allton, D. Lanie
Allton, John
Anglin, Bobby
Antczak Jr., Walter
Arnold, Thomas
Baker, Royal E.
Bennett, Gerben C.
Blatter Sr., Daniel
Blue, Chad J.
Browning, John F.
Christensen, Dale
Colson, Norman R.
Dawson, Thomas G.
Deetz, Todd
Demille, Michael W.
Floyd Jr., James
Frederick, Gary D.
Garcia, Thomas R.
Graham, David E.
Haddan, Ronald C.
Harmon, Kathy L.
Horton, Clifford
King, Darren
Klenczon, Caroline
Kosten, Steven L.
Kowalczyk, Roman
Lawrence, Barney L.
Leary, Michael P.
Legrow, Donald
Lewis, Ernie J.
Linville, Erik
Matl, David
Mercer, Melvin A.
Monterrozo, Cesar
Moore, Evans M.
Morlock, Paul
Morris, Kari L.
Newman, David
Nutsch, David
Nutsch, Debbie L.
Obosla, Robert W.
O'Brien, John P.
Pack, Jeffrey A.
Panozzo, Daniel
Peck Jr., John
Penaloza, George
Peters, Russell L.
Pickels, George
Pierce Jr., Edgar
Plummer, Georgiane
Raby, Donnie K.
Reinbold, Gary W.
Reynhout, Frank
Russell, Ted
Sanders, James L.
Scoggan, Lester
Simmons, Gregory O.
Simmons, Keith
Sluss, Fredrick
Stephens III, Jesse
Test, James W.
Tetreault, Justin
Thomas, James R.
Thomas, John H.
Vickers, Michael L.
Ward, Janis K.
Ard, John D.
Bents, Lester
Brewer, Joseph
Brewer, Lisa
Brisendine, Lori S.
Burnopp, Thomas
Campbell, Everett
Cerda Jr., Jorge
Ciochon, Arthur K.
Connelley, Robert L.
Cormier, Barbara J.
Cormier, David C.
Happy Anniversary
Cummins, Robert
Decker, Melvyn
Dunagan, Larry
Felkins, Kevin
Gonzalez, Hector M.
Grant, Edward L.
Gryttr, Jennifer L.
Gryttr, Leif M.
Gutierrez, Manuel Z.
Hatley, Billy L.
Hensley, Robert L.
Hey, Robert A.
Hunt, Kevin T.
Idris, Mohamed
Jones, Albert
Kaufman, Detrell D.
Klar, Barbara
Klar, Larry
Lantia, Blake B.
Lemmon, Jerome
Lewis, Tina H.
Little, Faith
Little, Robert
Maclees, Jay H.
McCann, Larry G.
McCann, Patricia A.
McNicholas, Robert J.
Milam, Leonard E.
Miller, Carman A.
Moore, James
Nickels, Raymond
Oakes, Michael
Palmer, Steven R.
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Parker, Michael G.
Parks, Christopher M.
Pawlik, Larry D.
Plemons, Bobby L.
Plemons, Margaret M.
Price, Norman P.
Quinn, Maynard R.
Rajania, Kuljit
Rice, Jan M.
Riegsecker, Corwin L.
Riley, Warren
Sanchez Jr., Gustavo
Satcher, Kevin
Scott, Gregory A.
Snyder, Robert D.
Stevens, Dinise
Swanson, Mark S.
Teague, Robert J.
Vorce, Gregory
Wilkes, Gerald
Winhoven, Mark W.
Adams, Robert
Armagnac, Martin
Baker, Alphonso
Ballantyne, William H.
Bergvig, James E.
Boughton, Rick
Boulware, Lester A.
Brackner, Garry D.
Bratcher, Bobby
Cherveny Jr., George
Coleman, Phillip R.
BCOs 10+ Years 7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Colvin, Louis
Corbett, Stephen
Crawford, Morris
Creech, Marcus
Davis, Robin H.
Dogaru, Nicu
Edsall, Mark A.
Edsall, Ruth A.
Ellison, Boston E.
Elmore, Regina
Fleig, Robert
Forsee, Cynthia
Forsee, William
Geer, Gary
Gelfand, Gregory
Green, Terry A.
Hendershot, Mary Jo
Henderson, Richard
Henry, Larry
Hounsell, E. Victor
Huffman, Karen L.
Hunt, Harlan D.
Hunt, Mineda
Johnson, Duncan S.
Johnson, Emmett A.
Koster, James
Lashway, John S.
Latham, Stephen D.
Lawrence, Martin
Livingston, David L.
Lorenz, Rodney K.
Lyon, Ronald E.
Mann, Dale D.
Matthews, Richard D.
Matthews, Sherry A.
McLaurin, Charles
Meyer, Michael
Millyard, Terrance
Miskic, Vele
Nichols, Maurice
Oryan, Edward A.
Parrent, John
Parrish, Sharon L.
Parrish, William R.
Peterson, Randy L.
Powell, Robert S.
Renaud Jr., Albert
Richards, Kenneth S.
Rickman, Shane
Rivas, Horencio
Sanders, Jerry
Soto, Daniel
Sparks, Kenneth A.
Stefanescu, Cezar C.
Strickler, Rex
Suttles, Charles
Teifke, Walter D.
Thiemann, Steven D.
Thompson, Larry
Touchstone, Eddie R.
Turner, Paul
Vadasz, Gabor F.
Van Dyke, Steven
Vasquez, Rhonda M.
Vasquez, Ruben F.
Voyles Jr., William
Wager, Gary K.
Walden, Gerald L.
Walker Jr., Lewis
Welch, Robert T.
Wells, Anthony
Whitaker, Joshua C.
White, Ray A.
Williams, Patrick
Womack Jr., Glen
Zivkovic, Dusko
Allan, William A.
Allbright, Charles
Alvarado, Juan
Barnes, Randy L.
Beckley, Chadwic
Beckley, Tamara
Briggs, Larry C.
Brown, Denise I.
Buffington, William M.
Cardenas, Florencio P.
Carroll, Pernell
Cespedes, Jose A.
Chafins, Donald
Christian, Donald
Clark, Michael J.
Cottery, Jamey
Covey, Michael N.
Crull, William
D’apolito, Joseph
Davis, Paul E.
Davis, Thomas
Dewalt, Melvin
Diaz, Douglas
Downs, Lisa
Dumond Jr., Ray
Dunlap, Stephen
Edwards, Kenneth
Elliott, William
Elwood, Jon
Ford, Dennis
Fox, Conrad
Garcin, Matthew R.
Gartin, Chester
Gipson II, Paul
Godina, Eliseo
Goodwin, Roy
Grijalva, Nestor
Grimaldo, Alex
Gunter, Keith
Hamlin, Kenneth C.
Hansford, Todd A.
Harmon, Leverne G.
Hibbard, Steven
Higgins, Gary
Hillmon, Leray
Holck, Ronald V.
Hummel, Heinz J.
Jeter Jr., James
Johnson, Ralfiki
Johnson, Robert M.
Joles, Dale
Joles, Tina
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Kelley, Tyrone
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Lane, Val
Happy Anniversary
Lannon, Clarence
Lara Jr., Pedro
Lucas, Perry Charles
Marra, James
Martinez, Jose L.
Mathis, Henry E.
McIntosh, Richard
Michels, Gregory A.
Miller, Eugene
Morales, Jose Z.
Nelson, Robert T.
Norcross Jr., Norman
Norris, Ralph K.
Oshields, Kenneth W.
Otto, Regina A.
Otto, Steven W.
Page, Robert E.
Pyell, Jimmy K.
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Randall, Leanna J.
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Rice, Ronald
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Stoner, Deborah K.
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Verdino, Bartholomew
Vinson, Melvin
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Ward, Gary W.
Westphal, Wesley A.
White, James E.
Wike, Thomas F.
Williams, Janet L.
Williams, Victor B.
BCOs 10+ Years 7/1/14 - 10/21/14
Drive for Tomorrow Story on page 7
Thanks to BCO Gary Buchs and
Landstar, more than 1,000 young
drivers in a suburb of Chicago got
a unique opportunity to experience
what it’s like to be behind the wheel
of a big rig, sharing the road with
passenger vehicles.
Send your ideas and suggestions to:
The Landstar Link - Corporate Communications
Landstar System, Inc. , 13410 Sutton Park Drive, South, Jacksonville, FL 32224
Please include your name, address and cell phone number.
The Landstar Link is published by Landstar System, Inc.
for contractors, agents and employees of the Landstar companies.
All submissions become the sole property of Landstar System, Inc.
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