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“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” III John 4
No Greater Joy®
m a gazi n e
Who Defines You?
pg. 3
Three Types of Children, Part 4 pg. 6
Journey to Reaching the Uttermost pg. 11
Family Proverbs Time III pg. 16
July-August 2014
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Table of Contents...
Three Types of Children, Part 4:
A Balanced Child.................. page 6
Justin & Shalom 28
Who Defines You?..................... page 3
Smoky Mountains 14
The Journey to Reaching
the 11
Youth 29
Family Proverbs Time 16
From Behind 30
Hypocrisy in the
Homeschool 21
Healthy Kids 25
Life 26
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The Felmlys
by Erin Harrison
Michael and Debi Pearl
Shalom Brand, Shoshanna Easling,
Andrew Ryzhkov
Erin Harrison
Erin Harrison
The developing child then says, ‘So
that is who I am.’”
“The earliest image usually
dominates the rest of their lives.”
“When you speak with them,
you discover an impenetrable
wall of self-imposed
limitations. They were
defeated by the time they
were five years old.”
“I have spoken with
thousands of people on the
streets, and have discovered
that even when one of
them becomes “born again”
and enjoys the grace of God, the
most formidable barrier they must
overcome is that self-image by
which they have come to define
themselves. It drags them down and
pulls them back to mediocrity like
feet trying to run in stinking mud.”
By Michael Pearl
In the last issue (May-June
2014), I wrote an article titled “Who
Defines Your Children?” A few
excerpts from it will bring us up to
speed as we explore the subject of
“who defines you?”
“A child accepts the definition of
self that is imposed upon him by his
caretakers. He has no other way of
knowing who he is. Children see
their reflection in the eyes of others. | 1-866-292-9936 If as an adult you feel that you
are burdened with a negative selfimage, blaming your parents or your
early environment is just digging the
hole deeper. It is acquiescence to your
inherited handicap. You are like a
liberated slave who won’t leave your
place of despised captivity because
you were born there and don’t
know anything else. You validate
your captor’s opinion that you are
not fit to self-govern, to succeed,
to amount to anything apart from
their enslaving oversight. The hurt
you feel, the anger, the resentment,
excuses, and emotional weakness are
just links in a chain around your neck
that you keep affixing to your past.
You are allowing those in the past to
define your present and your future.
I know you would like to get a
little sympathy, some appreciation
for the hardships you have suffered,
or maybe you’d like to hear someone
say, “I am sorry; it was my fault that
you are not whole.” But as you sit
and lick your wounds, the world just
passes you by on its way to success
and happiness. People are cheerful
and talking animatedly. They all
have friends and are excited about
life, but you are defeated inside—
alone. Other people get the breaks,
the opportunities, but not you;
everything comes hard for you. You
fear that what your parents, school
teachers, and others have said about
you is true: you will never amount
to anything. Someone repeatedly
slapped you, and long after they
are gone you are slapping yourself.
Even I have slapped you with, “Your
present state is now your fault.” I
wouldn’t do this to you if I didn’t
have a sure cure. You don’t have to
accept definitions of self from the
past. Hang in there a little longer;
help is a few paragraphs away.
Children see their
reflection in the
eyes of others.
This sounds like a good
introduction to a therapist’s
session, but I am going to take you
in a direction that would make a
psychologist cringe and a psychiatrist
define me in ways that express
criminal intent.
The best the world has to offer
is a lot of hype from a therapist or
motivational speaker about accepting
yourself as you are, with a mantra of,
“I am somebody.” Positive thinking
will yield limited and temporary
results, but will never remove that
uncomfortable self-doubt.
I have known people who came
to their adult life burdened with
a poor self-image, who actually
became quite successful, motivated
by a desire to redefine themselves in
the eyes of their parents, teachers,
or peers. Yet even in their financial
success there remains a sense of
inadequacy—always a struggle to
prove something, never satisfied
when they look in the mirror. They
still carry that early definition of
self that was imposed upon them.
Their marriages are unstable; as a
person they never experience true
fulfillment, so they blame it on their
God has a method to cleanse
the conscience from former dead
works (Hebrews 9:14) and from selfincrimination. It is a sure and certain
method that has brought complete
healing in the most unlikely people
(1 Corinthians 6:11).
The adult who is carrying around
a poor definition of self (Romans
7:23, 12:1; Colossians 1:21; Hebrews
8:10) needs radical adjustment. It
begins with being born all over again
( John 3:2) into a new family with
a Father that provides a new and
positive definition of self. One must
die to the old self and be born a
new self (1 Corinthians 15:22). The
past must be crucified and buried
(Galatians 2:20), and the future
must come forth out of resurrection
(Romans 6:4). We are talking
about becoming a new creature (1
Corinthians 5:17) where old things
have passed away and all things are
become new. A new Father, a new
family, a new history (Colossians
1:13)—a new definition of self; it
is God’s gift to his children. I know
that to most Christians this is just
religious rhetoric with no connection
to reality. They view it as just more | 1-866-292-9936
unattainable goals, and the entire
concept weighs them down with
unfulfilled responsibility. “I am
unworthy of a deep spiritual life; I
can’t do what God requires to reach
that high plane of faith.”
Your part is
nothing more
than hearing and
There is only one thing you must
do to live in the “new man” reality.
You don’t even need to have faith;
just believe what God says apart
from your experience. When you
believe, God imparts faith.
I well know that you have been
taught incorrectly. Most preachers
and Bible teachers are totally in the
dark on this subject. They give you a
path to becoming the new man that
is sprinkled with words and phrases
like, “die to self, surrender, have faith,
trust God, pray, read your Bible, turn
it over to the Lord, let him carry your
burden, etc.” You are thinking “Do,”
when God is offering “Done.” It is
not what you can do for God, nor
even what God can
do in you; victory
is a matter of what
God has already
done for you and
TO you. It is not
a matter of God
creating reality in
you but of a reality
that already exists.
Your part is nothing
more than hearing
and believing.
God offers you a new definition
of self and it is yours to believe.
In this context, in a few words,
there is no way I could purge your
mind of all the false concepts
and declare to you the gospel of
sanctification. I have a series called
Sin No More which has steered
thousands of struggling Christians
onto the path of believing God. They
have discovered the realities of their
new self in Christ, and have been
freed from self-doubt and sin.
Truly, this article is not an
advertisement to increase our sales.
Gifts to this ministry allow us to
conduct worldwide evangelism and
ministry without selling anything.
So, during July and August 2014,
you can download Sin No More
free of charge at
snm-download. Or you can order
the MP3 CD from us at our cost at This is
made possible through the gifts of
generous saints that want to make
a difference. So stop accepting the
definition imposed upon you in your
youth and let God define you anew.
You are thinking “Do,”
when God is offering “Done.” | 1-866-292-9936 5
3 Types
Part 4: A Balanced Child
by Shalom Brand
4. Only wants to do things that can
be completed
5. Wants others to live up to the
same standards that they keep
6. Bossy
7. Demanding
8. Conscious of what is appropriate
and what is not
9. Self-motivated
10. Controlling
Each type has its strengths and its
weaknesses. For those of you that
missed the last three magazines, here
is a quick ten-point summary of each
characteristics of a
Dreamer child
1. Dreamer
2. Creative
3. Does not follow through on
some projects
4. Unpredictable
5. Emotional
6. Loves life
7. Cannot focus on one thing for
too long
8. Becomes bored easily
9. Would rather play than work
10. Lacks a balanced view of things;
is prone to extremes
1. Great attention to detail
2. Likes a scheduled lifestyle
3. Confident and sure of themselves
Steady/Servant child
1. Serves others around them
without being told
2. Loving and considerate of others’
n previous issues I have discussed
the three natures of a child:
• Prophet/Visionary type
• Priestly/Steady type
• Kingly/Command type
10 characteristics of a
10 characteristics of a | 1-866-292-9936
3. Content where they are, and with
what they are doing
4. Deep thinker; pensive
5. Cares deeply what others think
about them
6. Adapts to surroundings
7. Can be shy at times, yet friendly
and warm at other times
8. Needs to be appreciated
9. Forgiving to others
10. Slow to share feelings
Balanced Mix
of all
God the Father, God the
Son, and God the Holy
Spirit are three in one.
Each member of the Godhead
reflects a different image. In the
beginning God created the first man
in his image. Man, in God’s image,
can be found reflecting those same
three images. We are each different,
some more like the Father—
commanding, others more like the
Son—priestly, and some like the
Holy Spirit—prophet-like and
visionary. Each of us is a little of all
three but naturally more dominant
in one facet—thus our natural
weaknesses and strengths. With
maturity we should grow into a
balance of all three so as to better
reflect the full nature of God. The
most balanced person is by nature
one or some combination of two of
these types, almost never all three; yet
all children will display a little of all
three types at various times. As you
are able to identify the nature of your
child you will better appreciate their
strengths and weaknesses and be able
to address their needs individually.
A parent’s goal should be to equip
their children to rise to all of life’s | 1-866-292-9936 challenges and not be bound by
their natural limitations. We want
them to be good husbands, mothers,
employees, or bosses.
Parents’ Type
The parents’ type will influence
their children. I was talking to
a young girl whose mother is a
Visionary and her father is a Steady.
Although the daughter is a Steady
by nature, she has picked up some of
her mother’s Visionary traits and is
very flexible (Visionary) and ready
to jump in and do anything (Steady).
Her parents are a very common
pair; Steady men tend to marry
Visionary women—they like their
creativity and spunk. This is a good
combination for raising children;
they have the stableness of the one
parent but the creativity of the other.
If the Steady-Visionary couple
has a Command son, he will by
nature be bullish and confident;
but because he is raised by a Steady
father, the son will learn to be
somewhat Steady, and from his
Visionary mother he will develop
creativity. So the full triune aspect
of God’s nature can be seen in him.
This is our goal as parents.
If your child is a Visionary/
Dreamer type he or she might have
just enough of the Steady/Servant
type to keep her feet on the ground.
Or she might have a little of the
Command/Go-to-girl type and be a
bossy leader with a vision to change
the world.
If your child is a Command
Man or Go-to-girl type he or
she might have just enough of the
Steady/Servant type to make a very
compassionate father, mother, or
boss. If they happen to have a little
Visionary they will be creative in
the way they view life, yet have the
leadership to see it through to the
If your child is a Steady/Servant
type and grows up to acquire a little
of the Command type he could be
a great father that leads the family
with kindness and love, or a pastor,
or a construction manager. This type
might not ever be the one that owns
the business, but he will be the one
that makes it a success.
I had all the signs
of a servant.
When I was a child, if you had
to asked my parents what type I was,
they would have told you without
hesitation, “A Steady, of course.” And
I was. I loved to help people and
served every one. I had all the signs
of a Servant. If you had compared
me to the list of the ten signs of a
Steady, I would have met every one
of them. If you had compared me
to the Command or Visionary list,
I would not have exemplified any of
the traits on that list. When I was
seventeen years old, my parents felt it
was time for me to grow in strength
and learn to be a leader. Though I
was working a good job and was
happy at home, and would have been
quite content to abide there until I
married, my dad and mom told me
about an orphanage they had visited
that needed some help. I applied, was
accepted, and was soon working as a
leader in charge of two boys.
Mom and Dad had given me the
tools I needed to succeed and to learn
other skills if put in that position,
and there I was. They had instilled in
me wisdom and confidence, so when
it came time for me to lead, though
it did not come natural for me, I
could do it. I had to command these
boys around, tell them no, and not let
them walk all over me. At the end of
my year working at the orphanage, I
was a different person. I came home
stronger and more confident.
My parents were wise in seeing
that I needed to leave home for a
little while and be put in a position
to lead others. I am a Steady/follower
by nature, so after one year of being
at the orphanage my parents told me
that they thought it would be wise
for me to come home; so I did. Again
they were wise in the way they dealt
with a Steady daughter. Steadies
can become so involved and content
with what we are doing at the time
that we can comfortably settle into
a rut. I was married one year later to
a Visionary man. According to the
list above, I was 70% Steady, 20%
Command, and 10% Visionary. I
became a mother and a Visionary’s
wife, and now, ten years later, if you
compared me to those same lists, I
would be 40%, 40%, and 20%. Life is
that way; if you hold on for the ride,
it evens you out.
My husband is a Visionary by
nature, but it was not so obvious
when we married, for he had been
raised by a 100% Steady father
and a Visionary mother. He was
encouraged to work hard, to keep
a regular job, and to be steady and
reliable. His dad gave him a constant
example of a good Steady man, just
working daily to provide for the
family. His mom let him express
his Visionary side, but it was still
balanced out by his dad’s Steadiness.
His mother tells me stories of how
he was always taking things apart,
trying to figure out how they were | 1-866-292-9936
made. He created all kinds of gadgets
and ways to do things easier. He
also was the oldest in the family and
therefore had to lead his brother and
sister. I was raised by a Command
father, so that is how I related to my
husband when we were first married.
So, as the years pass, his Command
traits strengthen. Today, when the
guys go out on a motorcycle ride, he
is the one that leads the group. It is
so funny to me to see all the other
guys waiting for him to leave the
parking lot, so they can follow him.
Very rarely will one of them pass
him; they just expect him to do the
leading. One time, he was returning
from a trip and was not due home
for another day, but, instead of
stopping for the night, he kept on
going, wanting to get home to me.
The other guys were single and in
no hurry to get home, and could
have easily stopped for the night and
let him go on, but they continued
to push on and followed him till he
arrived home. He is not a natural
leader by any means; it has just been
He works hard and provides
for his family, like his Steady father,
though working is not his favorite
thing. He would much rather be
building a piece of art or designing
a new bike. He is still very much a
Visionary and loves adventure and
excitement and new things. But
when you look at the list of traits,
he would be 50% Visionary, 30%
Command, and 20% Steady.
My husband is
a Visionary by
nature, but it was
not so obvious
when we married.
My daughter Gracie is a leader
by nature, but at the age of nine has
developed a Servant’s heart. She
still has some of the weaknesses that
go along with the leader types, like
being bossy and never wanting to be
wrong! But I have worked with her
from the time she was just a baby to
learn to put others first and give over
and be a servant to others. Though
at times I can tell it is hard for her
to think about others first, she is
growing into a beautiful young lady
with a kind, giving heart, who will be
able to lead others with compassion
someday. Once you see the nature
of your child, and determine their
areas of weakness and strength, you
will be more prepared as a father or
a mother to help guide them into
Here is a chart to help each of you see
how the strengths of one type can help
balance out the weaknesses of another.
“I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude
Lacks compassion
Gives up easily
Follows through
Not motivated
Balanced emotions
Very motivated
Lacks inner strength
Possesses inner strength
A wide vision
Not flexible
Very flexible
Overly practical
10 Compassionate
Unselfish | 1-866-292-9936
The Journey to
Reaching the
Long stat bilong olgeta samting, taim man i no kamap yet, bipo long
graun, san, ol sta, lait, na taim i stap, God i stap. Em i nogat stat
bilong Em. Em wan i stap, tasol Em i no stap wanpis. God i stap
wantaim Em Yet: tripela long wanpela. Tasol God i gat laik long
poroman. Baibel i tokim yumi olsem long oltaim bipo tru, God i wokim
ol kainkain ensel long apim nem bilong Em long ai bilong sia king
bilong Em. Tasol dispela buk em i no stori bilong ol.
Gutpela Na Nogut
Dispela buk em i stori bilong God na pasin bilong Em long ol manmeri
bilong dispela graun.
Tok Pisin
(Papua New Guinea)
by Debi Pearl
(Reprinted from NGJ 1997.)
Rebekah Anast, at the time
Rebekah Pearl, was on a mountain top
in Papua New Guinea, days away from
“Sister Rebekah, this morning my
daughter Ana was reading to me the
verse that says we shall be witnesses
unto Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and
to the uttermost parts of the earth. I
don’t know where all these other places
are, but I was thinking that we must be
the Uttermost. Are we the Uttermost,
Sister Rebekah?”
Papa Jashun rocked on his heels as
he squatted there in the smoke by the
kamp korip fire. The chickens squawked
in alarm as his brother Tombi waved an
expressive arm and answered Jashun’s
question before I could reply, “Ami
Akai! What makes you think we’re the
Uttermost, Jashun?”
I laughed as Mama Waina spat
toward the dirt floor and managed to
hit a piglet right between the eyes. “If
we’re not the Uttermost, who is?” she
asked reasonably. “Rebekah was the
first white woman we ever saw, and it took | 1-866-292-9936 the gospel of Jesus Christ 2,000 years
to get to us.”
Jashun turned his cassava root
and kawkaw over in the coals before he
answered smugly, “I know some people
that are more Uttermost than we are. I
heard some of the boys talking the other
day about a new place they found while
they were hunting seven days’ walk from
here. They said some people there are so
uncivilized they don’t even know how to
make fire, and they don’t wear any clothes
at all.” The others squatting around
the fire all gasped in amazement and
I eyed Jashun’s skinny loin cloth with
wry humor.
“I guess it’s up to us to take the
gospel to them then, huh?” Tombi
replied. “There is no way a white
missionary would ever be able to bring
them the gospel, but we could probably
do it.” We huddled there in the smoke
of the kamp korip house another hour
or so while they discussed how to go
about reaching the Uttermost, and
my mind went back to the way God
had brought me here among them, the
Kumboi people.
The “Sister Rebekah” these tribal
people were speaking with was our
sweet homeschooled daughter who in
1991 went on a short mission trip to
Papua New Guinea with New Tribes
Mission. Here is what happened while
she was there, written in her own
(Reprinted from NGJ 1991.)
As I stood looking at the tribal
war instruments inside the Papua
New Guinea Museum, I heard a voice
ask, “Yu Misiunlady, eh?” I turned to see
the anxious black eyes of the native
museum attendant. How should I
answer him? I was just a 17-year-old
homeschooler visiting missionaries
overseas. Yes, someday, I wanted to
be a missionary but I really didn’t think
of myself as a missionary now. Unable
to explain this in the Pidgin trade
language, I just nodded. He turned and
pointed out the open doorway to the
vast and unexplored jungle mountain
of PNG. “My people live 2 days’ walk. We
have no missionary. Old men, old women,
all die and go to place that burns with fire.
We need God’s talk. You come.”
The Present
Our daughter came home from
that mission trip with a fire in her
soul that burned through her years
of college and linguistic training. She
returned to Papua New Guinea with
her oldest brother in 1996. Within
a few months she called her daddy
(Michael Pearl) and told him that it
would take many years and thousands
of missionaries to teach the people
of Papua New Guinea who God is.
Without knowing the character and
attributes of God how could they
understand why Jesus needed to give
his life for them? They needed a
picture book of the Bible. She said it
could take the place of thousands of
teachers and preachers, and the people
would love to see and read the stories
12 over and over again.
Rebekah’s daddy started looking
for one so we could buy them by the
thousands, but copyright laws tied
up available literature, so he started
writing and drawing, striving to create
a book that would tell the story found
in the Bible. It was a long, expensive,
exhausting job, but it was worth it. To
date (summer of 2014) the 320-page
illustrated Bible story book, Good
& Evil, has been published in 42
languages and is on the web for free
download in 40 languages (http://ngj.
me/gelang). Starting just this year,
iMissionaries (which includes basically
anyone of any age who is willing to
take our ad and put it on Facebook
or Twitter, in any language they
choose, and pay a few cents per click)
are reaching millions of previously
unreachable people with the tools at From all around the
world, people of every nationality see
the ads in their language, click to open
the free offer, and read the message
of the Bible in their own language.
People who have never heard the
name of Jesus are now believing and
loving him. It would take a million
missionaries many years to reach and
then teach this many people in all
these many languages, especially in the
dangerous areas where the name of
Jesus could mean certain death.
Think for a moment on the
magnitude of what God has done. It
all started with one young homeschool
girl who believed God could use her
to reach the Kumboi people of Papua
New Guinea. How much bigger God’s
vision was than hers!
It was almost 10 years after
Rebekah first called her daddy and told
him of her vision to reach the people
of Papua New Guinea with a picture
book of the Bible that the first Good
& Evil book was published (English | 1-866-292-9936
Papua New Guinea
through Facebook
What NGJ is doing with
Tok Pisin:
• Placed 5 ads on Facebook
• Spent $125 ($25 per ad)
• Those ads reached 136, 200
(number of people who saw
the ads)
• Over 1,110 Likes
• 1,299 visitors to the Tok Pisin
Good & Evil page
From Debi:
If you’re like me and are technically
challanged, partner with a youth at
your church. It may change their
lives forever as they see the fruit of
reaching the lost.
2006). Less than a year later it was
published in Spanish (2007), then the
next year translations included Lao
(2008), Hmong (2008), and German
(2008) and so it goes until now with
42 languages in print and 40 on the
web for free download. However.
nearly 18 years later, Beka’s dream of
a picture book for the Kumboi people
remained unfulfilled.
Just this past spring another
homeschooled young mother, Jael,
who was raised in PNG, finished the
translation of Good & Evil in the
Tok Pisin language. The book is now
being downloaded from the web by the
folks in PNG and as soon as the funds
become available, we will do a print
run of Good & Evil in the Tok
Pisin language and distribute it all over
the country of Papua New Guinea. If
you feel led to give in order to reach | 1-866-292-9936 the folks of Papua New Guinea, you
can do so online at
We have finally made it to the
“Uttermost.” With the Good
& Evil books in their hands, the
mountain people of PNG can carry the
story to those beyond the Uttermost.
Can God use a young girl to
make an eternal difference? God calls
us all to preach the gospel to every
creature. You just read how God used
two young girls to be the instruments
for bringing the gospel to so many. So
can God use you? Sign up to become
an iMissionary today at imissionaries.
org and start hearing from hundreds
of people! (You might not know what
they are saying, as their post to you will
be in whichever language you choose,
but you will know that your voice is
being heard.) You can change eternity!
2014 North Carolina
Smoky Mountains
SEPT. 10-14, 2014
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This year we have invited about 40 exhibitors to
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to the everlasting values exemplified in
handcraftsmanship and homesteading. You’ll
have access to hands-on activities and skills
learning such as canning, soap making,
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Be a Vendor! | 1-866-292-9936 15
Proverbs Time III
by Michael Pearl
It is “Proverbs Time” at the Pearl
house. There are no television shows
or video games to compete for the
moment. The kids are excited. It is
going to be fun. Everyone gets to
share their views. Daddy is likely
to tell some interesting story. The
kids are all seated, some upside
down, others lounging like it was
nap time, some on the edge of their
seats, but everybody is ready with
an open Bible—the one easy for
children to read and memorize, the
one God preserved—the King James,
Authorized Version.
Following is a brief commentary
to aid you in guiding the family in
Proverbs Time.
16 Proverbs 2:1–22
The chapter is addressed to “My
son.” A father speaks to his son on
matters that are critical.
Note that the first five verses are
one sentence describing eight
things a young man can do to gain
understanding of what it means
to fear God and thereby gain
knowledge of God.
Ask your children to underline the
eight things and then discuss them
one by one.
1 My son, if thou wilt receive my
words, and hide my commandments
with thee; | 1-866-292-9936
2 So that thou incline thine ear
unto wisdom, and apply thine heart
to understanding;
3 Yea, if thou criest after knowledge,
and liftest up thy voice for
4 If thou seekest her as silver, and
searchest for her as for hid treasures;
5 Then shalt thou understand the
fear of the LORD, and find the
knowledge of God.
Understanding is more than
knowledge; it is seeing the
connection, the balance,
discerning the temporal from
the eternal. People without
understanding ask, or demand,
“Why God?” They experience
confusion and uncertainty, and
lack direction and discernment.
They make foolish mistakes and
chase rabbits that lead to blind
alleys. They are caught up in false
doctrine and adopt futile causes.
Note the action (proactiveness)
in the eight things:
“Receive” the words of God,
the Bible (commandments). To
receive is to welcome and believe
what the Bible says—the first
step in understanding the fear of
“Hide,” as a treasure is hid,
tucked away where they cannot
be forgotten or removed, God’s
commandments in your heart.
“So that…” The first two verses
are the cause. “…thou incline
thine ear unto wisdom…”
“So that…thou apply thine
heart to understanding.” The
heart, the seat of affections, will
be “applied,” as an ointment
is applied to the skin, with | 1-866-292-9936 5
“If,” indicating it is conditional,
“thou seekest her [wisdom] as
silver, and searchest for her as for
hid treasures…”
“…then…” The former things
you must do first in order to
achieve this end. “…thou shalt
understand the fear of the
LORD, and find the knowledge
of God.” “Fear” is fear and not
limited to respect and honor as
some translations proffer. But
one cannot understand that
reality without hiding the words
of God in one’s heart.
is more than
knowledge; it
is seeing the
the balance,
discerning the
temporal from the
Understanding, knowledge, and
the fear of God are not easily
achieved and do not come
quickly. It takes a lifestyle of
passionately pursuing truth and
The following four verses offer
assurance that God is quite ready
to impart wisdom (knowledge and
6 For the LORD giveth wisdom: out
of his mouth cometh knowledge and
The words from God’s mouth
(Bible) are the source of wisdom,
knowledge, and understanding.
7 He layeth up sound wisdom for
the righteous: he is a buckler to
them that walk uprightly.
God lays up, has a store house
of wisdom, just waiting to be
poured out on the righteous.
He is a buckler, the belt on
which one hangs his weapons,
meaning he is the weapon of
defense to those who walk as
they should.
8 He keepeth the paths of judgment,
and preserveth the way of his saints.
This passage indicates that a
byproduct of wisdom is that God
preserves the saint in matters
that have to do with judgment
and equity. That would include
legal matters—contracts, courts,
9 Then shalt thou understand
righteousness, and judgment, and
equity; yea, every good path.
18 Back to understanding: “Then”
indicates that the process
described above in verses 1–5,
followed by God supporting the
saint with his judgment, will
result in understanding three
Righteousness. The word of
God will cause us to understand
the righteousness of God in the
way he relates to us humans.
Judgment. Many people fault
God or just live in confusion
as to why he judges as he
does. Through his words (v.6)
God imparts the wisdom to
Equity. To understand God’s
impartiality in the way he relates
to all men is both a liberating
concept and an indicting one. It
is liberating because it frees us
from doubt and possible blame
toward God; it is indicting
because we understand that there
are no free rides. All are equally
required to believe and obey; and
all are subject to reap what they
Have your children discuss ways
they have observed God in his
righteousness, judgment, and
The remainder of the chapter,
verses 10–22, gives examples of
how wisdom, knowledge, and
understanding will deliver the
young man from evil men and
strange women.
10 When wisdom entereth into thine
heart, and knowledge is pleasant
unto thy soul;
Ask your children, “Where does
wisdom reside; in the mind or in
the heart?”
11 Discretion shall preserve thee,
understanding shall keep thee:
When knowledge is pleasant to
one’s soul—that is, when one
comes to love the contemplation
of true knowledge, judgment,
and equity—discretion will be
the fruit, and it will preserve and
keep you.
Look up discretion in an English
12 To deliver thee from the way of
the evil man, from the man that
speaketh froward things;
The discretion and knowledge
residing in the heart will deliver
you from evil men.
Look up the word froward.
Or you can observe the Bible’s
definition found in the expansion
of the concept in verses 13–15.
It is the perfect definition. The
Bible always defines its own
Ask the children for examples of
another child speaking froward
The five things in verses 13-15
define frowardness. Froward is a
beautiful word that has fallen out
of common usage. It is made of two
words: fro, as in from, and ward,
as in direction. It is to turn back
from, as in stubborn, rebellious,
and constantly disobedient. | 1-866-292-9936 Note the first description in verse 13
is to leave (turn back from) the paths
(ward, direction) of uprightness.
13 Who leave the paths of
uprightness, to walk in the ways of
14 Who rejoice to do evil, and
delight in the frowardness of the
15 Whose ways are crooked, and
they froward in their paths:
Wisdom, knowledge,
understanding, and fear of God will
deliver the young man from strange
women. Discuss the description of
the strange woman. This is invaluable
to the boys and men in the family.
16 To deliver thee from the strange
woman, even from the stranger
which flattereth with her words;
17 Which forsaketh the guide of her
youth, and forgetteth the covenant
of her God.
18 For her house inclineth unto
death, and her paths unto the dead.
19 None that go unto her return
again, neither take they hold of the
paths of life.
The result of avoiding evil men and
strange women is found in verses
20 That thou mayest walk in the
way of good men, and keep the paths
of the righteous.
21 For the upright shall dwell
in the land, and the perfect shall
remain in it.
Here is the flip side. Two different
paths; two different results.
22 But the wicked shall be cut
off from the earth, and the
transgressors shall be rooted out of
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in the
by Michael Pearl
There has been some discussion
recently about homeschoolers
producing hypocrites. No doubt
among the millions of us there are
some families that have produced
little hypocrites. In what group is
that not true? And every family is
at risk of an occasional hypocritical
response in certain situations. At
one time or another, all of us have
looked in the mirror and discovered a
hypocrite hiding in our home. That is
why we all understand the meaning
of the word and despise it so much.
A vice is never so ugly as when we
discover it is our own.
In its inception homeschooling
was less about quality of education
and more about quality of soul. Not
so much today. We sought to provide
a context where we could control the | 1-866-292-9936 Ranks?
influences and steer our children into
a life of emotional stability, creativity,
intellectual freedom, and, most of
all, spiritual maturity. We wanted
them to love Jesus and be his faithful
A vise is never so
ugly as when we
discover it is our
Why would homeschoolers,
conservative Christians, be singled
out as perpetrators of hypocrisy? He
who advertises his goals, brags about
his achievements, and recommends
his practices becomes a subject of
scrutiny and acquires a thousand
volunteer referees to throw down
the flag when he makes a foul. He
who sets the bar the highest falls the
farthest. Folks not willing or able to
play the game are ready to tell the
players where they went wrong.
As long as we seek to escape
the sinkhole of society, those caught
in its powerful suction will resent
our withdrawal from the norm.
They interpret our successes as an
uncomfortable indictment upon
them. Are they not good parents?
Don’t they love their children as well
as we do? “What do you mean, I’ve
made a poor choice in sending my
children to public school? Who do
you think you are? Do you believe
you are a better parent than I? You
It’s True Sometimes
Again, why would homeschoolers
be singled out as guilty of hypocrisy?
Because it’s true—sometimes. I
have observed parents, who are not
hypocrites at heart, employ tactics
that result in instilling hypocrisy in
their children. In total ignorance—
clueless—they desperately instruct
their children in righteousness,
drilling them in “Christian” virtue.
He who sets the
bar the highest
falls the farthest.
At one point—not so much
now—there was a strong movement
among homeschoolers to publicly
exemplify high moral standards.
Children were taught to “look and
act” like Christians. Emphasis was
placed on dress and etiquette—“Yes
Sir” and “May I, please.” In some
circles there was an organizational
attempt to recreate the old
patriarchal family with a dictatorial
father as head of the clan. Children
were viewed as dutiful ambassadors
22 to the world who exemplify the
exceptional lifestyle of the dedicated
Christian family. The public was
always a boardwalk where everyone
was expected to model homeschool
fashions. Children were raised
under the mandate of, “Everyone is
watching; be on your best behavior.”
Some young adults, who were
brought up to pay more attention
to their public appearance, now
characterize their young home-life as
hypocritical. True to form, with their
own children they are swinging the
pendulum in the opposite direction,
lowering the standards, and seeking
more identity with progressive
world standards. I predict that in
ten years these parents are going to
be greatly disillusioned when they
discover that though they did not
raise any hypocrites, they did raise
little hedonistic heathen. The world
is not a forgiving place, and it is
not conducive to morality, sanity,
stability, or happiness. It is a battle to
raise godly children. If your parents
made some mistakes, don’t think
that just by avoiding their error you
will succeed in parenting. There
are more ways to fail than you can
imagine. You avoid one disease of
hypocrisy, and there are a hundred
other plagues waiting to consume
your children.
Instruction in Hypocrisy
Just the other day I heard a
young mother say to her son, “That
is not kind. A Christian should
be kind and loving.” I have heard
others instruct their children, “A
good Christian wouldn’t do that.”
Or, “What are people going to think
when they see that?” Twenty years
ago, in my book To Train Up a Child,
I addressed this issue: | 1-866-292-9936
“I have cringed at seeing parents
use God to intimidate their
children into obedience. A child
has been ‘bad,’ and the mother
warns, ‘ You shouldn’t do that;
God doesn’t like it.’ Or, ‘God
is going to get you for that.’
Again, ‘Mama might not see
it, but God does.’ Talk about
negative, counter-productive
training! If you constrain a child
by threatening him with divine
displeasure, he will come to hate
God and will throw off religion
as soon as he is old enough for
independent action. It happens
with regularity. Never, I say,
NEVER use God to threaten
or intimidate your child into
compliance. You are causing
the child to associate God with
condemnation and rejection.”
Many parents who are not guilty
of threatening their children with
God will nonetheless challenge
their children to live as should a
Christian, placing the emphasis on
performance. | 1-866-292-9936 Avoiding Hypocrisy
How then should we instruct our
children in righteousness? If children
fail to be kind, do not challenge them
to do kindness so as to conform to
Christian practice or so as to please
God. Read that sentence again; it is
the heart of this article. A pure heart
does not look at the loss of respect
or influence, nor seek to maintain a
certain public image. A pure heart
acts out of love for one’s neighbor.
Virtue speaks for itself. Kindness has
an innate value because of the effect
upon others. Encourage your child
this way: “Johnny, how would you
feel if someone treated you that way?
Would it make you angry or would it
provoke you to love?”
A pure heart acts
out of love for
one’s neighbor.
Don’t instruct your daughters to
dress in a certain fashion because it is
necessary to “dress like a Christian.”
Rather, instruct your daughters in the
nature of men and of their passions
and lust, and then encourage them
to choose their dress so as not to be a
temptation to the boys and men.
Though many interpret it as
such, Christianity is not a religion
with certain forms and rituals. It is
life in Jesus Christ, motivated by the
Spirit of truth and love. Address all
character and social issues on their
own merits. To tailor your life to the
opinions of others is hypocrisy. To
do, or not do, because someone is
watching may gain you a reward on
earth but not in heaven (Matthew
Hypocrisy is an act
of desperation.
One young lady told how her
large family would watch movies at
home but were warned to not reveal
that fact to their peers. Another
young man tells how the family
had one set of rules for public
consumption and another, less strict
set of rules for their private life at
When a family joins itself to a
community of believers who espouse
certain standards and practices, and
they know they must maintain the
perception of conformity lest they
be shunned as unworthy, it creates
a decided formula for the growth of
Hypocrisy is dishonesty, and fear
is a major cause of hypocrisy. When
we are insecure with our convictions
and direction in life, we cling to
others for meaning. We fear rejection
and will be dishonest in order to
maintain social acceptance.
Hypocrisy is an act of
desperation. As a last resort we
pretend to be what we believe we
ought to be but cannot or will not be.
Hypocrisy is trading the eternal
for the temporal, the here and now
(Matthew 5:1-5).
It is valuing the opinions of
men more than one’s self-respect.
Hypocrisy is the certain path to
raising children that will not respect
“Get Real”
The popular phrase, “Get real,”
is not from the Bible; but it very
well could have been! (2 Corinthians
Know what you believe and what
the will of God is for you and your
family, and then let love and honesty
be your primary motivation. Your
children will rise up and “call you
blessed” rather than “hypocrite.”
And we will just ignore those
spying spectators who resent our
lifestyle and call us hypocrites in
an attempt to make us ashamed for
choosing a higher road.
Looking for a way to teach your kids the value of hard work?
Read How My Parents Taught a Good Work Ethic by Leah Driggers-Spina:
Check out the rest of her blog for more great reading:
24 | 1-866-292-9936
by Shoshanna Easling
One thing that really stuck with me
as a kid was what I learned about good
health. Dad was always into gardening
organic vegetables, and Mom was always
teaching me about herbs. Today I still
live and love those subjects.
Taste buds are formed early. Life
habits with health and foods are also
formed early. A big part of my children’s
everyday life education is healthy living.
Talking about the benefits of everything
that we eat makes them look at food
differently. Don’t get me wrong—we
are not those “eat gravel granola” people,
with a smile on our faces, talking about
how healthy it is. We love delicious food.
Jeremiah always says, “It cannot just be
healthy; it has to be delicious healthy.”
Last year I came out with the first of
three books on organic, sustainable,
heirloom gardening. The first book is
called Making Vegetables Vol. 1, and it
covers building a greenhouse, starting
seeds, compost tea, and so much more.
The back section of the book is full of
Jeremiah-approved vegetable recipes.
Here is one from the book.
Kohlrabi Salad
Prep: 15 min.; Serves: 4–6
Kohlrabi is one of those
vegetables that most people
pass up because they do not
know what they are missing! It is
sweet, crunchy, and great fresh or
• 2 2/3 cups kohlrabi, cut in
small cubes
• 1 Tbsp. chopped mint
• 1 Tbsp. chopped basil
• 1 Tbsp. lime juice
• 2 Tbsp. Vegenaise or
• 1 tsp. (or a little more) lime
• ½ tsp. honey
• ¼ tsp. sea salt
1. Wash and chop herbs.
2. Wash and zest lime.
3. Mix herbs, Vegenaise, honey,
salt, zest. and juice together.
4. Wash, peel, and chop small
cubes of kohlrabi.
5. Pour dressing over kohlrabi
and toss. Enjoy!
From Making Vegetables Vol. 1,
pp. 260-261. | 1-866-292-9936 25
Photo by Laura Newman
by Shoshanna Easling
Growing up, homeschooling was
our way of life. It was part of every
job, every fishing trip, and everything
we did as a family. Most of the time
we did not realize that we were
No matter what
we were doing, we
were learning.
The way we were homeschooled
was not an eight o’clock to three
o’clock book time. We learned
wisdom, life, and practical thinking
as a family. Within every recipe there
was a math lesson of fractions and
reading. Inside every fishing trip
there was a lesson of news, politics,
and history. Around every dinner
table we learned the human body—
mostly because Mom and my sister
Shalom plastered the table in muscle,
bone, and nerve posters, covering
it with a clear plastic tablecloth. It
kept things funny (or gross) with
every bite! No matter what we were
doing, we were learning. At the
26 time I did not see what, how, and
why Mom and Dad did it this way,
but looking back I am so incredibly
thankful. Both of my parents taught
me that you can’t know everything,
but they communicated the fun of
always searching to learn more. They
gave me a burning desire to better
myself and to help everyone else who
wanted to learn. They taught me to
stand for truth and let the pieces fall
where they may.
Thankfully, I am still learning,
but I am also teaching, training,
and homeschooling my two little
people. Most of what I learned was
observation; it was when they did not
even realize it that they were teaching
me. It was how my dad loved my
mom when she was not perfect. It
was how my mom honored my dad
when he deserved a good kick. It was
how they loved us and poured their
lives into ours. It was how they loved
our neighbors by sharing the gospel,
giving, and helping those in need. I
learned by example. | 1-866-292-9936
I now stop and look in the
mirror. Who am I as a mother, wife,
friend, and Christian? What will my
children learn from me? I tremble
in fear as I consider the importance
of my job. It is a matter of their life
or death. I have to train them to be
careful, yet to live life fully. It is a
matter of their joy or sadness. Being
thankful for what they have, and
thriving in whatever environment
they find themselves. I want to
see my children and my children’s
children soar. Being a mother is the
best job in the world; it is also the
most important one. This is part of
homeschooling; it is life schooling.
When it first came out, I was
reading though my mom’s new book,
The BIG Book of Homeschooling.
When I got to the bottom of page
87, I told her, “Mom, you should have
used this as the intro of your book.
This is how you and Dad raised us.
Trained us! Imparted wisdom to us!
I want to see my
children and
my children’s
children soar.
Homeschooled us!” She gave me a
pleased look. “Go put that on your
Facebook,” she said. Apparently, I still
have not learned the obedience thing
yet, because…I forgot!
The BIG Book of Homeschooling
is something you should check out!
It shows the fun of homeschooling.
The fun of learning. Once you make
learning fun, you’ll never want to
Dear Pearls,
d and from
I am 11 years ol
en if I am youn
Nebraska, but ev
e BIG Book
I really LOVED th
g. It was great!
r, illustrations
layout, full colo
made it fun
just the design
d Erin Harris
Thanks Debi an
the art)!
Lauren Wilkerso
Travel Report
In May, the Brand family hit the
homeschool convention trail, going to
Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
The reception was WONDERFUL. Shalom
said people would often hug her and
weep with thanksgiving.
Shalom’s subject, Three Types of
Children, and her outstanding delivery
28 landed her as the “favorite speaker”
among many others.
I sure did miss them. They are due
home in early June, and just in time; her
garden’s ready to pick!
—Mama Deb
Read Shalom’s full report online:
Dear Michael and Debi,
us for 10 years! I
What a joy your ministry has been to
lywed and we have
read Created to Be His Help Mee
ading it for the
had the sweetest marriage. I’m
4th time! I also keep extras “onn I was pregnant with
gifts. I then read To Train Up a Child whe
t children. God has
our first and we have two of the
etness I could never
blessed our home with love, joy
have imagined!
n our first daughter
I purchased the Yell and Tell books whe
at least once a
was just a baby and we read one of them
always know the
week. The girls know the stories by
and they LOVE
“answers” (to yell, to run away, to tell
girls were
to practice yelling, “No! Stop!” A few
at a very trusted friend’s house play
went inside to get snacks for the
was inappropriate with my older
she didn’t yell (we’ll keep practicin
me everything afterwards.
happened in the
Although I am deeply upset that this
Thank you, thank
first place, I am overjoyed that she told
ks to help
you, thank you for writing the Yell and
tions. We thank
parents teach their kids what to do in
been, and
the Lord for your ministry and the bles
continues to be, for our family.
Many blessings, [Out West Mom]
P.S. Please come out west for a shindig!
St. Petersburg
by Andrew Ryzhkov
“Rejoice with me, for I have found my
sheep that was lost” (Luke 15:6).
Recently Pastor Andrew and
Casey were both approached by two
different groups to supply Russian
language Good & Evil illustrated
Bible story books to youth athletes
from St. Petersburg, Russia who
were in Atlanta traveling and playing
baseball games as part of a cultural
exchange program. The hand of God
was so evident: bringing these youth
to Atlanta to play baseball, and yet
God had a divine appointment for
them. We were able to give the Word
of God to them and to witness and
share the gospel with them. They
were able to take this literature
back home to their families and
communities! We praise God for
such an opportunity to help change
the heart of St. Petersburg from
Atlanta! | 1-866-292-9936 Dima, one of the athletes, who
had received a Good & Evil book
when he first arrived, had read the
entire book in two days time! He
gave his copy to the doctors and
coach on the team, and they got so
excited that the last day, before they
left, they begged us to give them
copies of Good & Evil for the
entire team, as well as Russian Bibles
for the adults. The host families
were so excited they also wanted the
Bibles in Russian and Andrew was
able to invite them to his church in
Atlanta. It is amazing how Good
& Evil creates such a hunger for
God and an enthusiasm to read the
Word of God!
Download and read this amazing
book at:
by Debi Pearl
Here is a
letter from
one of the
inmates at
the prison
where Mike
Dear Michael and Debi,
For several years you wrote to me and you always
were so kind and encouraging. You sent me several copies
of Good & Evil, two copies of which are now in our
prison library and are checked out all the time. Many of
the men here cannot read, and they have been so blessed
by Good & Evil [because it is picture-based]. I know
you were going to distribute those books around the
world and I have been praying God’s blessing on your
I have been here for 22 years and go home in the
fall of 2016. It will be such a joy to be reunited with
my precious wife, my 3 sons and daughter, my 11
grandchildren and one great grandson.
I play the piano, bring special music, lead singing in
3-4 services a week and also help men with legal work.
I have earned my paralegal degree since getting locked
up as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, a Master’s
from Southern University in Louisville, and I was awarded
an honorary Doctorate from Covington Theological of
Georgia. I still memorize 8–10 verses a week and last
year memorized Hebrews, Ephesians, Colossians, and
Philemon. I share my memorized verses in services and at
our Friday Morning Prayer.
I know you have a very busy schedule, yet I would
love to hear from you. If you can send me your NGJ
magazine I would greatly appreciate it and as the Lord
provides I will donate to your ministry.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and
your kindness in the past. May 2014 be a great year of
harvest for No Greater Joy Ministries.
Because He Lives,
Dr. Donald McCary
30 | 1-866-292-9936
NGJ Resource Catalog
The Happy Family
Family Books
Created to Be His Help Meet
What God is doing through this
book is amazing! We’ve received
thousands of letters from wives
and husbands giving testimony to
marriages restored and old loves
297-page book $14.95
Box of 24 (40% OFF) $215.28
Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95
Spanish book $14.95
Russian book $14.95
Created to Need a Help Meet
Men know they need their wives
sexually, but most don’t know
they need their wives emotionally,
spiritually, and mentally in order
to be well-rounded, thoughtful,
balanced, and motivated men.
You’ll be a better man once you
come to see the whole truth. Men,
this book is for you.
245-page book $14.95
Box of 24 (40% OFF) $215.28
Audio book (MP3 CD)
In Search of a Help Meet:
Finding the Right One
Choosing your life’s partner is the
most important and life-directing
decision you’ll ever make. This
book may save you from making
the biggest mistake of your life.
250-page book $14.95
Box of 24 (40% OFF) $215.28
Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95
Preparing to Be a Help Meet
Being a good help meet starts
long before marriage. It is a
mindset, a learned habit, a way
of life established as a young
unmarried girl—a perfect study
guide for small groups.
296-page book $19.95
Box of 24 (40% OFF) $287.28
Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95
Spanish book Box of 24 (40% OFF) $19.95
The Help Meet’s Journey The Journey is a year-long
companion workbook/journal for
Created To Be His Help Meet. There
are extra pages for your stories,
doodlings, and studies.
184-page workbook $10.95
Box of 24 (40% OFF) $157.68
Holy Sex A refreshing journey through
biblical texts showing that God
designed marriage to be the
context of erotic pleasure. 82-page book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea.
Spanish book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea.
The BIG Book
of Homeschooling
Homeschooling pioneer and
veteran Debi Pearl combines her
over 35 years of experience and
sound wisdom with the input
of other successful homeschool
mothers in this must-have guide.
Includes extensive list of resources
for the busy homeschool family
library. Illustrated and in full color!
288-page book $19.95
8-21 copies (25% OFF) $14.97 ea.
22+ copies (40% OFF) $11.97 ea.
Jumping Ship
Learn how to keep your children
from jumping ship too early.
106-page book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea.
DVD $12.95
Spanish book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea. | 1-866-292-9936
To Train Up a Child
Over 670,000 copies sold in
English, translated into many
languages. From successful
parents, learn how to train your
children before the need to
discipline arises.
122-page book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea. Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95 Spanish book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea.
Spanish Audio (5 CDs) $21.95
Kids’ Books
Listen to My Dream
A beautifully illustrated children’s
book about the work of Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. that inspires
children to make a difference.
40-page book $6.95
12+ copies (25% OFF) $5.21 ea.
25+ copies (40% OFF) $4.17 ea.
Samuel Learns to
Yell & Tell
A child predator loses his power
when he loses his cover. This
beautifully illustrated children’s
book will arm parents and children
against predators.
40-page book $9.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $7.47 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $5.97 ea.
Training Children
to Be Strong in Spirit
This is not a time for weak spirits.
Some call it intestinal fortitude.
I call it guts—spiritual guts. The
greatest gift you can give your
children is to train them to be
strong in spirit, courageous,
unbending in the face of adversity
and temptation.
198-page book $9.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $7.47 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $5.97 ea.
Sara Sue Learns to
Yell & Tell
Debi’s second book in the Yell
and Tell series! Join Sara Sue and
her little sister as they continue to
teach children to yell and tell.
40-page book $9.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $7.47 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $5.97 ea. No Greater Joy, Vol. 1
Reprints of the first two years of
No Greater Joy articles. Covers the
subjects of sibling rivalry, pouting,
bad attitudes, and much more.
104-page book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea.
Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95
Family Audio
No Greater Joy, Vol. 2
Covers the subjects of rowdy boys,
homeschooling, grief, and much
106-page book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea. Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95
No Greater Joy, Vol. 3
Covers the subjects of marriage
relationships and how they affect
children, joy, and much more.
103-page book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea. Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95
32 | 1-866-292-9936 | 1-866-292-9936 Alabama Seminar
Michael Pearl speaking on child
training. These are geared toward
the father’s role in the family.
Tales of Mike and his sons’ wild
adventures. Boys love it!
MP3 CD $12.95
Becoming a Man
This message is for parents
concerned about raising their boys
up to be men and it is for fathers
who never learned to be real men.
Audio CD $6.95
My Favorite
Homeschooling Ideas
Debi discusses her best
homeschooling ideas. 20-plus
years of accumulated wisdom.
A best-seller!
Audio CD $6.95
Only Men
Michael Pearl speaks directly
and frankly to men about their
responsibilities as husbands.
Audio CD $6.95
Spanish Audio CD $6.95
moral purity and preparation to
serve God. His messages come
highly recommended by all who
have heard them.
DVD (135 min.) $12.95
Starting Over Child Training 101
The basic message: “Okay, I know
I’ve messed up in child training; now
what do I do?”
Audio CD $6.95
Testimony of Darlene Rose Hear the missionary story of
Darlene Rose. Rebekah Pearl
listened to these tapes when she
was young. She says they helped
mold her life toward missions.
MP3 CD $12.95
When Children Die Do children who die prior to
reaching accountability go to
heaven? What about stillborn
babies, miscarried fetuses, or the
two-year-old child who died? You
will be thrilled with what God has
in store for your departed child.
Audio CD $6.95
Young Adults & Marriage This message is the story of all five
of our children finding their mates.
Audio CD $6.95
Balanced Patriarch
Today, there is a twisted Christian
doctrine preached that justifies not
cutting the umbilical cord, all in
the name of “Children, obey your
parents.” When do children cease
to be under parental authority?
Michael Pearl goes to the Bible and
tells you what God has to say.
DVD (60 min.) $12.95
Becoming Tempered Steel
As a young teenager Joshua Steele
dedicated his life to serving God
and has followed his calling with
the force of tempered steel. He
came to Cane Creek and addressed
the young men on the subject of
33 If you want to introduce childtraining principles to a friend, this
is the one DVD to give them. It
takes the viewer back to the basics
of child training. Taught by Michael
Pearl. Includes a 25-minute Q&A!
DVD (80 min.) $12.95
Good and Evil:
The Animated Series
(13 Episodes!)
The graphic novel—now as a
professionally-animated video
series! Over 7 hours of dramatic
content that will engage any
viewer, any age.
3-DVD Set (7+ hrs.) $29.95
Making Herbs Simple, Vol. 1 Join Shoshanna and friends as they
teach you how to identify and use
herbs growing in your own back
yard, make poultices, tinctures, and
herbal hair treatments, and much
more! Includes a full-color, 20-page
companion guidebook for helpful
DVD (78 min.) $24.95
Making Herbs Simple, Vol. 2
Making Herbs Simple is a hands-on
DVD about herbs. Shoshanna will
take you into the wild, teach you
to identify herbs, explain what they
can be used for, and how to make
a remedy out of them. Learn how
truly simple it is to use herbs.
DVD (75 min.) $24.95
Homesteading for Beginners
Part I
Teaches you basic country-life
skills like gardening, raising and
butchering chickens, cutting
firewood, baking bread, making
cheese, and much more. Children
love it!
DVD (110 min.) $19.95 | 1-866-292-9936
Homesteading for Beginners
Part II
Journey with this family as they
share some basic homesteading
skills. Learn all about making
maple syrup, soda bread,
vinegar, yogurt, and a variety of
homesteading skills. Geared more
for adults.
DVD (149 min.) $19.95
Did you know?
You can ask us for
FREE copies
of this magazine
Homesteading for Beginners
Part III
More homesteading tips from the
former city slickers. Excellent step
by step instructions for the novice
DVD (120 min.) $19.95
Homesteading for Beginners
Part IV
Additional practical applications
for those of you wanting to
begin your own homesteading
adventure. Topics include
raising various animals, fencing,
gardening, making cheese and
soap, canning, sewing, camping
and more!
6-DVD Set (8+ hrs.) $39.95
Knife & Tomahawk
Throwing For Fun
In this fun-to-watch DVD,
renowned knife thrower Michael
Pearl teaches the basics of knife
throwing. You will learn how to
choose the right knife, find the
correct distance to stand, and learn
how to easily solve common knife
throwing problems.
DVD (60 min.) $16.95
Marriage God’s Way
Husbands, learn how to sanctify
your wife and cleanse her of
spots, wrinkles, and blemishes.
You have the power to bring your
wife into the fullness of all that
God intended her to be. Wives,
learn the freedom of honoring
and ministering to your man. You
can help him become all that God
intended him to be.
2-DVD Set (184 min.) $19.95 | 1-866-292-9936 to give out at
Movers & Shakers
Michael encourages parents
to train their children to be
tomorrow’s movers and shakers.
Teach them to become leaders,
entrepreneurs, statesmen—the
framers of tomorrow.
DVD (50 min.) $12.95
Teaching Responsibility
In this seminar, Michael Pearl uses
humorous stories and practical
examples to illustrate the simple
process of training your children
to work without complaint. Cut
into his speaking presentation
are hundreds of video clips
and photos that help illustrate
his message. Debi says, “The
introduction is just too fun to miss!”
2-DVD Set (119 min.) $19.95
The Joy of Training
Michael and Debi Pearl tell how
they successfully trained up their
five children with love, humor,
the rod, and a King James Bible.
This set contains hundreds of
snapshots and video clips of family
and children, illustrating the things
being taught.
2-DVD Set (180 min.) $24.95
NGJ Resource Catalog
Bible Teaching
Verse-by-Verse Audio
Matthew Michael Pearl describes this
book as the last book in the old
covenant. A grasp of the book
of Matthew is essential to a
proper understanding of the New
MP3 CD $12.95
Galatians Many professing Christians who
don’t have a personal relationship
with Christ are seeking meaning in
Rabbinical Judaism, keeping feast
days and Sabbaths, and resorting
to using Hebrew words for God
and Jesus. Many are “falling from
grace” in their attempt to give the
Mark law of Moses a place in their daily
Michael teaches through the book lives. God gave us the book of
of Mark verse by verse.
Galatians to answer this ancient
MP3 CD $12.95 and now modern heresy.
MP3 CD $12.95
Luke more. There are more practical
teachings in these two letters than
one can imagine.
MP3 CD $12.95
1, 2, 3 John & Jude The epistle of 1 John is the scariest
book in the Bible. He that is born of
God sinneth not! Why did the devil
try to carry off the body of Moses?
Who is antichrist, and why does he
deny that Jesus came in the flesh?
What is the sin unto death?
MP3 CD $12.95
Bible Topics
Michael teaches through the book Ephesians of Luke verse by verse.
Practical and Scriptural Bible
2 Steps to Heaven MP3 CD $12.95 teaching to encourage the
This is the simplest, clearest, easiest
believer. Includes teaching on
John to understand gospel message. It
husbands and wives.
Every verse is discussed, every
is especially suited for those who
MP3 CD $12.95
critical word examined. Here is
have doubts or who are trusting
doctrinal and practical teaching to 1 & 2 Thessalonians in a confusing mixture of faith and
enrich your life.
The Apostle Paul writes to his
MP3 CD $12.95 favorite church, the one that had
Audio CD $6.95
been faithful under persecution.
Acts 50 Sins $12.95
A thrilling drama of the missionary MP3 CD Your sins are found in this list.
activities of the early church. From 1 Corinthians & Colossians
MP3 CD $12.95
gifts of the Spirit to shipwreck,
This is a book of radical answers
A-B-C Bible Verse Songs
stoning to death and deadly snake for radical times. If you enjoyed
Beka and some of the kids in the
bites to angels opening prison
Romans, you need to hear
church sing the A-B-C Bible verse
house doors, this is the story of the Colossians. Learn about your
songs that her mother taught her
men who built the church Christ
spiritual circumcision. Two books
when she was growing up. Your
on one MP3 CD.
little ones will love listening to
MP3 CD $12.95 MP3 CD $12.95
these songs and learning the 26
Romans Bible verses with the references.
Hebrews Until you know the book of
This is a book that will bless you
Audio CD $6.95
Romans you don’t know the
like no other. As you study the
Bible. If you have never listened
book of Hebrews, you will not only Am I Saved? Three message set: Born Again, Am
to any Bible teaching by Michael
learn about faith, you will actually
I Saved? and Repent, discusses the
Pearl, this is the place to start. We
have faith built into you by the
nature of repentance and faith as it
continually receive testimonies
Word of God.
pertains to salvation.
of lives changed and souls saved
MP3 CD $12.95
through listening to this greatest
MP3 CD $12.95
of all New Testament Books.
1 & 2 Peter Body, Soul, Spirit MP3 CD $12.95 Learn about election, adding to
These messages are a
(See also Romans Commentary
smorgasbord of subjects. The
baptisms, Christian suffering,
under Bible Topics Books)
message begins by discussing the
corrupt shepherds, and much
35 | 1-866-292-9936
nature of man (body, soul, and
spirit – mind, will and emotions)
and proceeds with a discussion
of the nature of temptation and
sin. Michael then tackles the
sovereignty of God and the free
will of man, total depravity, and
other like issues. A drawing he
made during the teaching will also
be included.
MP3 CD $12.95
Born Sinners,
or Made Sinners?
Answers the question, “Are we
born sinners, or made sinners by
choice?” From Romans 5.
Audio CD $6.95
Cherubim This message proves that Michael
Pearl does indeed believe some
“strange things.” Learn about
angels and cherubim, strange
creatures nothing like traditional
Audio CD $6.95
Gospel to the Amish Is a man justified by faith alone or
by faith and works? Two messages
tailored to the needs of the Amish
in particular.
MP3 CD $12.95
Prodigal Son A simple message inviting sinners
to repent toward God and be fully
accepted into his favor.
Audio CD $6.95
The Rich Man and Lazarus Fun and serious sermon that
will scare and challenge you. It
discusses the nature of the dead
and the afterlife.
Audio CD $6.95
Righteousness Book as well. Two sets of messages on
Box of 34 (40% OFF) one MP3 CD.
MP3 CD $12.95
Sinful Nature These messages answer some
of the ridiculous teachings of an
ancient heresy sometimes called
“Calvinism.” For too long, Reformed
theology has robbed the church of
the power of God.
MP3 CD $12.95
Sowing and Reaping Better defined as a sermon than
as teaching. It is a truly fun listen
with entertaining stories and
illustrations, designed to warn the
believer that he will reap what he
Audio CD $6.95
Good and Evil
A 320-page, award-winning
graphic novel depicting the Bible
stories from Genesis to Revelation,
written by Michael Pearl and
featuring spectacular full-color
artwork by former Marvel Comic
artist Danny Bulanadi. Many more
Witnesses Unto Me languages available in black-andThree Bible messages on one disc: white through Print-on-Demand.
Ye Shall Be Witnesses unto Me,
320-page book $24.95
Great Grace, and Ye Must Be Born
Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95
The Animated Series
MP3 CD $12.95 3-DVD Set (7+ hrs.) $29.95
Box of 26 (40% OFF) $389.22
Spanish book $24.95
Box of 26 (40% OFF) $389.22
Chinese book $24.95
50/50 DVD
Unscripted and spontaneous,
follow Mike around the farm as
Russian book $24.95
he answers your Bible questions.
Varied questions and answers in a Good and Evil Comic Books
changing context makes this series Our popular book, Good and Evil,
has been printed in one-chapter
comic books. Kids will beg you for
DVD $12.95
the next chapter.
6 1⁄2" x 10 1⁄4" 28 pages each, soft
cover, full color.
English Comics 1-3 $2.99 ea.
25+ copies (33% OFF) $2.00 ea.
By Divine Design 3-pack (33% OFF) $5.99
If you are philosophically minded,
Spanish Comics 1-5 $2.99 ea.
this book will appeal to you. It
addresses the question, “Why, God, 25+ copies (33% OFF) $2.00 ea.
5-pack (33% OFF) $9.99
did you let this happen?”
Bible Questions
Bible Topics
Four messages on salvation: The
Man Christ Jesus, The Blood,
85-page book $7.95 Good and Evil Imputed Righteousness, Saving
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea. Kids’ Coloring Books
MP3 CD $12.95 24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea. Based on the popular Good and
Audio book (MP3 CD) $12.95 Evil book. Sold separately or in a
Sin No More &
4-Book Set.
Sanctification Eight Kingdoms Coloring Books 1-4 $2.00 ea.
Are you still a “Romans 7 Christian”? Understand the Bible by
25+ copies (25% OFF) $1.50 ea.
I assure you, God not only saves
discovering the differences
his children from the penalty of sin between the kingdom of God and 4-Book Set (25% OFF) but he saves them from its power
the kingdom of Heaven. | 1-866-292-9936 36
When the Bible warns a sinner to
repent, what is the nature of
that repentance? Michael Pearl
examines all 112 uses of “repent.”
44-page book $4.50
12+ copies (30% OFF) $3.15 ea.
Revelation Poster
& Handbook This poster is a print of an original
painting done by Michael Pearl
which shows the events of
Revelation in chronological order.
It is 40"x 19" on heavy, glossy
paper. The handbook which
accompanies it is filled with
Old Testament references and
commentary to the events in
Poster & Handbook $12.95
Romans ch. 1-8 Commentary This popular commentary is a
careful word-for-word examination
of the most important book in
the Bible, addressing the hard
theological issues that have been
the foundation of the Christian
faith down through the centuries.
222-page book $8.95
Bible Booklets
1 John 1:9 the Protestant
Confessional Must a Christian confess his sins in
order to be forgiven? Not on your
eternal life.
23-page booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
Baptism in Jesus’ Name Is water baptism made valid by
the preacher uttering the words “in
Jesus’ name”?
17-page booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
In Defense of
Biblical Chastisement
Michael brings clear
understanding back into
the confusing and often
misunderstood subject of corporal
29-page booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
37 Justification and
the Book of James James clearly teaches that works
justify a man while Paul teaches
that a man is not justified by works.
Are they contradicting each other?
26-page booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
Learning From the Atheists Mike tackles the arguments for the
faith by taking the atheists’ own
logic to prove Jesus Christ is God.
32-page booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
Pornography, Road to Hell
Michael addresses the deadly
scourge of pornography head-on.
He shows how repentance toward
God and the power of the gospel
of Jesus Christ can break the
bondage of this wicked perversion.
12-page booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
Spanish booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
The Gap Fact The Bible clearly declares that the
Earth existed before the six-day
creation. Don’t let well-meaning
creation scientists cloud this
Biblical truth for you. Study it for
30-page booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
To Betroth or Not to Betroth
The dangers of the betrothal
system are exposed with the
light of biblical truth, bringing
objectivity back to an oftenmisunderstood subject.
28-page booklet $1.50
25+ copies $1.00 ea.
Other Books by
the Pearls
Rebekah’s Diary
Rebekah Pearl (now Anast),
daughter of Michael and Debi
Pearl, tells the awesome story of
God’s guidance and protection
as she, a 22-year-old girl, all alone
where no white person had ever
been, adapted to a primitive
106-page book $7.95
8-23 copies (25% OFF) $5.97 ea.
24+ copies (40% OFF) $4.77 ea. The Vision
What do you get when Islamic
terrorists and White Supremacists
go up against a small group of
Bible believers in the hills of East
Tennessee? Get your hands on
a copy of this intensely exciting,
informative novel!
338-page book $14.95
Books by
Other Authors
Five Points of Calvinism
George Bryson
Each of the much-touted five
points of Calvinism is carefully
compared with the clear teaching
of God’s holy and infallible Word,
providing both serious Scriptural
challenge and correction to the
extremes of Calvinism.
125-page book $5.95
In Awe of Thy Word
Dr. Gail Riplinger
This book is the first and only
documented history of the words
of the Holy Bible. Michael says,
“It’s the best book written on the
subject” and a “must have” for
anyone serious about learning the
history of the Bible.
1200-page hardback $29.95
The Answer Book Dr. Samuel Gipp
Contains answers to 62 oftenasked questions concerning
Bible translation issues and the
preservation of the Bible in the
Authorized Version. Scrupulously
researched and beautifully
written—a pleasure to read.
165-page book $6.95
Why the King James Bible
is the Perfect Word of God Gary Miller
Today, hundreds of books call
themselves Bibles. In this book
you will see why they cannot all | 1-866-292-9936
be the words of God and why only
the 1611 KJV is God’s perfectly
preserved Word in English.
48-page book $3.99
King James, His Bible,
& Its Translators
Lawrence M. Vance
This collection of essays on the
subjects of King James, his Bible,
and its translators is the result of
painstaking, original research, with
an emphasis on primary resources.
Book $8.95
New Age Bible Versions Dr. Gail Riplinger
The result of an exhaustive six-year
collation of new Bible versions,
underlying Greek manuscripts,
editions and editors. Objectively
and methodically documents
the hidden alliance between
new versions and the New Age
Movement’s One World Religion.
700-page book $16.95
The Hidden History
of the English Scriptures
Pearl’s favorite Bible study tools.
28 pages, oversized, glossy
poster book format. Great for
Dr. Gail Riplinger
Contains original research into the personal, family, or group study.
The illustrations help adults and
manuscripts and languages from
children alike to better understand
which all nations and tongues
the “development of Bible history”
have derived their Bibles.
70-page book $7.95 and to keep in view “the spiritual
purpose of divine revelation.”
The Other Side of Calvinism 19 × 8 ¾ in. glossy poster book
Laurence M. Vance, Ph.D.
This book presents the other side
28-page paperback book $24.95
to the over 400-year-old debate of
the doctrines of Calvinism. Mike
Pearl states, “This is the best book
exposing the heresies of Calvinism.
If you are a Bible believer
concerned about TRUTH, this is a
Swordsearcher Software
must-read.” Hard bound book.
This is an easy program to use.
788-page book $29.95 Includes over 70 study references
such as the KJV, KJV 1611, early
The Panorama Bible Study, translations by Tyndale and
No. 1: “The Plan of the Ages” Wycliffe, commentaries and much
Alfred Thompson Eade
For over 40 years this study
PC-only Software CD $34.95
course has been one of Michael
Bible Study
No Greater Joy Ministries Worldwide
2013 Sales
by Mel Cohen, RFC, CFP, RTRP, General Manager
US/EngChina/Chinese Title
Created to Be His Help Meet6,50050,700
To Train Up a Child7,000
Created to Need a Help Meet3,80021,000
Holy Sex1,100
Jumping Ship800
The chart above shows just one
language (Chinese). We now have
books in 42 languages, with nearly 800
authorized Distributors active in 15
We have established rights and
licensing agreements throughout the
world for publishers to take our books
and translate them into the language
that they publish in. To Train Up a Child
is licensed for the following languages:
Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese
(Simplified and Traditional), and an
English version for Nigeria. Combined
these companies are selling about eight
fold more books than NGJ sells.
NGJ has produced Good & Evil
in over 40 languages. It also has been
licensed in its entirety as well as the
New Testament only. For the continent
of Africa Good & Evil is available
in English, plus Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosn,
Tswana, and Sotho. Add Indonesian,
Korean, Chinese, and Malayalam.
Combined this is another 75,000 books
produced and sold throughout the world
in addition to the books NGJ sells.
Additionally we have licensing
agreements for Created to Be His Help
Meet (9 languages), In Search of a Help
Meet (5 languages), Preparing to Be a
Help Meet (5 languages), along with
Holy Sex: Song of Solomon and Jumping
Ship (each with 3 languages). In the US
we sell approximately 10,000 Created
books per year. Early in 2010 we entered
into a licensing agreement for Created
to be published in Chinese. Since that
date over 115,000 books have been sold
which is almost 6 times the amount we
have sold here during that same time.
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Pleasantville, TN 37033
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