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Saint Joseph Catholic Church
Berwick, Pennsylvania 18603
Please keep the following individuals in your
prayers during the coming week:
Shirley Smith, Marianne Schwoob, Steven Klinger,
Bob Gower, Doug Shrader, Steve Felix, Stephen J
Lazar, Siobhan Sheehan, Dr Jack Canfield, Maria
Tossini, Frank Bolick, Debbie Beaman, Raymond Ash
Jr, Q A Keck, Mya Dendler, Olga Prushinski, Benny
Cerullo, Seenie Dalto, Lucille Whitmire, Debbie
Thennes, Mariann Waselus, Louise (Cashman) Martin,
Butch Karpenski, Patrick Mattucci, Aaron Cadman,
Nick Marnejon, George Atkins, Nester Urban, Connie
Fetterman, Donna Hutton, Susan Hart, Dorothy
Dalessandro, Jim Whitmire, Suzanna Gibbons, Bob
Phillips, Toni Phillips, Gloria Dendler, Tony Thomas,
Stephen M Lazar, Graham Burrell, Lou Dalessandro,
Camilla Schleicher, Al Creveling, Tim Legg, Pia
We will certainly include anyone on our prayer list, whether a parishioner or not.
Please get their permission to add their name here. Underlining and bold print
indicates someone new has been added to the list. If anyone can be removed
from this list please notify us as soon as possible.
Collection for December 14, 2014
Regular Offertory: $4,460
Religious Retirement: $896. (National Collection)
Votives: $96.
50/50: $30.
Thank you for your responsible support of the parish.
Your priests wish to say “thanks” for the prayers,
cards, money, food, gift cards, and other items that
were sent and given to us during this holiday season.
In a special way Fr Laicha wants to thank you for the
“ohs” and “ahs” he received on the rectory
A Priest Forever—a vocation story.
Father William Carmona, of the Diocese of
Nashville, Tennessee, will live his priesthood literally,
with the Lord. A native of Colombia, he was studying
theology as Assumption Seminary in San Antonio,
Texas, when doctors discovered that he was suffering
from an aggressive, terminal cancer for which there
was no treatment.
Since Carmona was scheduled for ordination
in the spring and his death was imminent, Bishop
David R Choby offered to ordain him a deacon and
then a priest as soon as possible. His health failing
rapidly, Father Carmona was ordained a priest of
Monday, September 8 (the feast of the Nativity of Our
Lady,) and died of Wednesday, September 10—a
priest forever.
(Priest Magazine/Our Sunday Visitor)
O Father, may that holy star
Grow every year more bright
And send its glorious beams afar
To fill the world with light.
Parish Bulletin for January 4, 2015
Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord
Votive Intentions
Sanctuary Lamp
+Virginia Jordan
Edith Marsicano
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Intention of Jim/Lucille Whitmire
Dolores Norce
Infant Jesus of Prague
+Mary Cerullo
Ed and Josie Cuba
Our Lady of Fatima
Intention of Mary Altieri
Dolores Norce
Saint Anthony of Padua
+Esther Pellegrino
Kathie DiPippa
Stations of the Cross
+Nick and Mary Daddio
M/M Angelo Gialanella
+Paul Wrazien
Ed and Josie Cuba
+Addie Paolinelli
Elaine DeFinis
Nancy Pasak
Katie (Pasak) Eckhart
Frances Zinich
Kay and Frank Norce
Intention of Phyllis Urban
Nancy Pasak
Katie (Pasak) Eckhart
Marian Cenacle
Mass Intentions
Mon 5
Tue 6
Wed 7
Thu 8
Fri 9
Sat 10
Sun 11
8:30 AM +Addie Paolinelli
7:30 AM +Mary Youshock
8:30 AM +Bob May
7:30 AM +Mickey Blass
6:30 AM +Mary Cerullo
3:30 PM Confessions
4:30 PM +Betty Crème
7:45 AM For the People
10:30 AM +Maria Vezendy
We gratefully acknowledge a gift to Saint Joseph
Parish of $1,000 in memory of Mary Pasak Cerullo
given by her sisters Nancy Pasak and Katie Pasak
Eckhart. This gift will be deposited in the Sabatini
(Assumption) Fountain Fund.
Two other gifts were received: $300 in memory
of Addie Paolinelli from her family, and an
anonymous gift of $1,000. These, too, will be added
to the Sabatini Fund. THANK YOU.
Christmas Poinsettia Plants 2014
Poinsettias for the Christmas holidays have been donated to the
parish “in memory of” or “for the intention/honor of” those listed
below. (Typed in bold and underlined.) The donor/s are found in
parentheses following each listing. If there are donations found to
be incorrect or missing, please notify the parish office at 75270000. (x 101)
One multi-bloom plant
Vincent Altieri (wife, Mary, and daughter,
Vicki): Deceased members of Altieri and DiPippa
families (Mary and Vicki Altieri) 2 plants; Deceased
members of the Anderson, Bilek, Uram and
Welgosh Families (Rick and Melissa Anderson) 4
plants; Eleanor and Joseph Berkes (Scott and
Brandon Berkes); Maria C. Berlin and Derna
Colone (M/M Charles Berlin) 2 plants; Michelle
Marshman, Mickey Blass, Lena Blass (Roberta
Blass) 3 plants; Charles Bujno Sr. (Rose Bujno);
Frank and Mary Poland, Irene and Alphonso
Cerase (Cerase Family) 2 plants; Joseph Carter and
Guiseppe & Josephine Galanti) 2 plants; Anthony
Cicerchia and Bill Weaver (Tyler Cicerchia Family);
M/M Edward Cuba and M/M Ralph Marsicano (Ed
and Josie Cuba Family) 2 plants; Bob May (Sherry
and Family.
(Margaret DiBattista); Louis C.
and Rose DiPippa (Kathie
DiPippa); In Honor of son, John
DiPippa, and husband, John
DiPippa (Theresa DiPippa) 2
plants; Shirley Hoffman (Ed,
Regina, Liz and Eddie Hoffman); M/M Angelo
Romania (Elaine Hunsinger) 2 plants; John and
Millie Sabatini (Mary Jane Hunter); Frank and
Mary Cerullo, Anthony and Christine Cerullo,
Sandra Mason, Jean DeFranco (Loretta Hyde) 4
plants; In honor of Jackie Melchiorre, Margie
Lovecchio, Elaine DeFinis (Teresa and Bernie
Kimsal) 3 plants; John and Mary Komar (J.V.
Komar); M/M George Levitski, M/M Peter
Gaydosh, Paul M. Levitski Jr. (Paul and Shirley
Levitski) 3 plants; In Honor of Mary Lee and Gabe
Scala, Aunt Jackie Melchiorre, Patrick Mattucci;
Deceased Members of Melchiorre Family,
Deceased Members of Matash Family (Rich and
Pennie Matash) 5 plants;
Joseph, Mary and Peter Scheno, Wedo and
Elizabeth Mattucci, Rev. James Mattucci (M/M
James Mattucci and Family) 3 plants; In honor of
Coma Bonnie Montecalvo (Lawrence Melchiorre);
Mike Miknich, James, Helen and James Rose Jr.,
Nicholas and Julia Miknich, Katherine Geezi, Anna
Lupinski, Pauline Remley (Elaine Miknich) 2 plants;
Thomas Minier, Deceased Members of Volpicelli
Family, Deceased Members of Montecalvo Family
(Roseanne Minier) 3 plants.
Nicholas Montecalvo, Luigi and Pia
Baiocchi, Antonio and Antoinette Montecalvo,
Peter Baiocchi, Gerald Biacchi (Antoinette
Montecalvo) 5 plants; Ralph and Mary Norce, Dr.
Ralph and Anthony Norce (Dolores M. Norce) 2
plants; Dolores Petruzella, Theresa Petruzella,
Martha Emmett (John Petruzella) 2 plants; Joyce
Samsel and Dolores Quick ( Yvonne Samsel) Agnes
Mattucci, Angeline and Michael Scala Sr. (Tony and
Carla Scala) 2 plants; Christopher Troiani and Paul
Troiani IV (T. Troiani) 2 plants; Angelo James
Tuzzi, Angeline (Lolly) and James Tuzzi Sr., Maria
and Angelo Tuzzi, John Norce Sr., Michael Norce
Sr., Dr. Ralph Norce, Anthony Norce Sr. (Susie and
Jimmy Tuzzi and Mary Tuzzi-DeNaples) 5 plants;
Steven Cerasoli (Mary Tuzzi-DeNaples);
John Venditti (wife, Darl); Rachel and
Rollin Yohey, Theresa Hittle (Dan and Rick
Venditti); Belardino and Colombo Venditti, M/M
Enrico Venditti, John and Richard Venditti (Dan,
Tom and Rick Venditti) 2 plants; Albert Volpicelli
(Lucy Volpicelli); Ann L. Garrison and Deceased
Family Members (M/M Ronald Yost); Deceased
Members of Procida Family, Deceased Members
of Zinich Family (Frances Zinich) 2 plants.
Two-Multi-bloom plants
Jim and Connie Cerase and Patricia Cerase
Brown (Cerase Family) 2 plants; Betty and Anne
Creme (Matthew Creme Sr.); Deceased Members of
Carl DeFelice Family and Deceased Members of
Hanley Hess Family (Pauline DeFelice) 2 plants;
Louis V. DiPippa and four brothers (Lillian DiPippa
and Family); Lynn Hartley (Christine Hartley); Betty
and Anne Creme (Ed, Regina, Liz and Eddie
Hoffman); Sean James Dolan, (J.V. Komar); Adelene
Paolinelli (M. Lovecchio); Wedo and Elizabeth
Mattucci (Tony and Roseann Mattucci); Mary and
Frank Cerullo (Sisters, Nancy and Katie); Michael
Scala (Mary Lou, Megan and Marissa and daughters;
Lorraine and Greg Rheude (Valerie Rheude); Don
Ruggiero (Sherry Ruggerio); Orterio and Rose
Villa, Joseph and Mary Robsock, Julia Sorce,
(Flavia and Tom Robsock); Mario and Ann
(Angelo and

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