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Diversity, Human Relationships, Teacher, and Instructional Leader
B. Instructional
C. Teacher
G Diversity
H. Human
Apply current instructional
design models to the
development of curriculum,
instruction and learning.
Select, prepare and use
strategies, activities and
resources appropriate for
diverse population with
varying backgrounds,
cultures, abilities and
interests (G2)
Collaborate with teachers in
integrating instructional
resources, including core
literature, into the
development of instruction
and learning across the
curriculum areas (B4)
Plan and implement staff
development activities to
increase teacher
competence in using a
systematic instructional
development process to
design, develop, produce,
implement and evaluate
instructional units, lessons
and activities related to
school library media
resources and technology
Integrate the use of
information skills and a
variety of types of literature
into all curricular areas in
order to assist students in
Assess the effectiveness of
curriculum design and
development at classroom,
department/grade, school
and district levels5.
Plan and teach
cooperatively with teachers
in all curricular areas using
appropriate instructional
strategies, activities and
resources which motivate
students' interest and
develop a positive attitude
toward the use of
information (C1)
Work cooperatively with
teachers to plan, develop
and teach, using literaturebased instruction in all
curricular areas (C3)
developing a systematic
mode of inquiry in locating
and using ideas and
information (C2)
Accept individual
differences and be
sensitive to cultural
heritage, community
values, and aspirations of
diverse students, teachers
and community populations
Evaluate and modify
learning activities based on
feedback gained from
observation and interaction
with students (G3)
Understand, appreciate and
be sensitive to cultural
heritage, community values
and individual aspirations of
the diverse school
community (H2)
Work effectively with
students and teachers,
including those who are
different from candidate in
ethnicity, culture, gender
and language, or
socioeconomic background
Motivate and guide
students in the
development of reading,
listening and viewing
competencies and
enjoyment of literature,
including critical thinking
skills for lifelong learning
Use a variety of
instructional methods with
different user groups and
demonstrate effective
production, use and
integration of media and
technologies into the
curriculum, including
graphic, photomedia,
display graphics, and video
, instructional materials,
computer programs,
telecommunications and
distance learning (C4)
Use techniques of group
dynamics to encourage
individuals to work together
effectively (H3)

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