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Body & Mind Conference
Februar y 20 th -22 nd , 2015
Chico, California
 Tabata BootCamp – 9:00am-5:00pm – Rose Zahnn
 Barre Above™ Instructor Certification – 9:00am-5:00pm –
Carrie Haines & Jeff McMullen
 Charity Workout-“Straight on to the CURE”–6:00pm–7:15pm
It’s a fun, and frolicking good- time circuit training and cardio
workout with the BEST instructors in the world. Help us as we
follow the star in search of the CURE. Entry by donation. Advance
registration recommended: call Lori (530) 343-5678 ext. 324
SESSION 1 - 7:30AM-9:00AM
 Schwinn® Cycling: Metabolic Mash Up – Helen Vanderburg
Want to know what the experts are saying, playing, and doing in
their classes? Here’s your chance! Join Helen for a unique and memorable ride filled with creative HIIT protocols and fresh ideas for
anaerobic interval training. Bonus: a complete ride walk thru and
a class design sheet breaking down every stage!
 Targeted Tubing – Aileen Sheron
This workshop showcases the tremendous versatility of resistance
tubing, integrating strength, cardio, and flexibility exercises.
Combinations will isolate specific muscle groups and combine
others, to allow for a limitless variety of both functional and
traditional training. Learn how to optimize anchoring, placement,
and line of pull to provide different approaches to the targeted
muscles. Throw in some speed, rhythm, and movement variations
to feel the cardio component. Then, use the tube to stretch
muscles, increase proper joint mobility, and focus on flexibility.
From standing to seated to all positions on the floor, tubing can
really do it all. Hit your fitness target with this program, using just
one rubber tube.
 YogaFit® Body Blast – Carol Shankland
Experience the dynamic flow and challenge of the ultimate yoga
class. Push it to the limit with hard core moves that produce a
hard and flexible body. With emphasis on the breath and extreme
fitness flows, you are challenged to listen to your body, go at your
own pace and explore the body/mind connection. Powerful YogaFit®
provides a total body workout that enhances strength, cardiovascular
condition, balance and flexibility. Bring a yoga mat.
 Water World with Foam! – Lori Templeman
Buoyant equipment is one of the most popular choices utilized
in water exercise classes. Working with foam sometimes comes
with challenges and safety considerations. This workshop explores
various foam equipment types on the market and how they affect
our body with submerged movement. Take away guidelines for
educating students on safe and effective use.
SESSION 2 - 9:30AM-11:00AM
 BATTLE FIELD – Patrick Goudeau
The only war here is the one you’ll have with yourself! This interval
training course is one BIG playground that blends strength and cardio
circuits together with battle ropes for a crazy, insane adrenaline rush!
Loaded with drills designed to give you the ultimate challenge, this
team-bonding workout is fought hard and EVERYONE wins in the end!!!
 LTS™: LeHIIT – Rose Zahnn
LeHIIT combines High Intensity Interval Training using multiple
methods, familiar fitness choreography and strength moves with
the Lebert EQUALIZERS for a new and challenging spin on your Group
EX format. LeHIIT alternates between (home base) cardio based
patterns and fat burning strength moves, speed intervals, agility and
power and then into “maximum effort, muscle endurance” Tabatainspired partner drills with the one and only Lebert BUDDY SYSTEM!
The finishing touch is a yoga inspired cool down using the Lebert
Stretch Strap for complete relaxation. You WILL need it!
 Balanced Body: Get Rolling! – Louise Johns
Experience a highly functional, super fun Stability Ball workout
that will get your clients toned and ready for anything. Learn
exciting new choreography to target the core, teach balance and
train functional movement patterns to make your clients move
better in whatever they do. Bring a yoga mat.
 H2O: More for the Core! – Lori Templeman
Join Lori at the pool to utilize vertical core training techniques that
are physically and mentally challenging. Specific exercises will
target joint mobility and posture, mental agility and coordination.
You will learn how to apply this skill set to achieve success working
with multiple conditions in group fitness or personal training.
Lunch & Learn
 Leading The Way as a Health Professional of the Future
– Amy Lacey & Greg Rex
Have you struggled with healthy finances, healthy body or healthy
mind? Maybe a loved one or a friend that suffered from one or
more of these? Come listen to Amy Lacey and Greg Rex as they tell
their tales of being in debt, suffering from depression, lupus, being
overweight, and marital problems to paying off the debt, losing
weight, gaining their lives back to living their dream, and paying it
forward as certified health and life coaches.
SESSION 3 - 12:45PM - 2:15 PM
 Meet Me At The Bar – Patrick Goudeau
In this weighted workout, you’ll learn creative new exercises
using the barbell and plate system specifically designed for group
training. You may be “shaken” after, but you’ll definitely be “stirred”
and excited to try these moves with your students and/or clients
alike. This is one HAPPY HOUR you don’t want to miss!!!
 LTS™: LeBARRE – Debbie Gleeson
Taking the hottest trend in dance-inspired conditioning and using
“make-sense progression” to create a format suitable for every level
of exerciser, LeBARRE is a session like no other! Using the portable
Equalizer this session combines balance, agility, resistance, working
recovery and eloquence into a challenging full body workout. Use the
exercises alone or in unique sequencing patterns provided to create an
entire LeBARRE program! No dance experience or pink tights required!
 YogaLean®– Carol Shankland
This is a fun workshop with plenty of motivation, inspiration and
education to help you create and maintain a fit and healthy body.
Losing weight is a transformational process that involves the mind,
body and spirit. Therefore, YogaLean® is a weight management
program designed to work from the inside out, taking into account
every student’s unique story, size and shape, and customizing a
program that fits their lifestyle, as opposed to the latest fad diet. Bring
a yoga mat.
 HIIT IT! – Helen Vanderburg
High Intensity Interval Training is incredible popularity as a fun,
energetic and dynamic way to train. HIIT training workouts are
highly effective, time efficient and have proven results. Learn how
to apply the science of HIIT training to real life workouts. Experience
workout designs based on a selection of HIIT protocol and come
away with unique ideas to inspire your clients to a new level of
 Aqua Strength Challenge: Buoyancy vs. Drag – Lori
Planning to use equipment in class but don’t have enough for
everyone? This teachable format allows two types of equipment to
be used simultaneously. Safe and effective use of drag and buoyant
equipment will be discussed and directly compared in the pool.
Which type of equipment is “preferred”? You decide by evaluating
the pros and cons of each!
SESSION 4 - 2:30PM-4:00PM
 3D XTREME™ – powered by BOSU® – Helen Vanderburg
3D XTREME™ is a pre-formatted solution to maximize usage of the
BOSU® Balance Trainers in your club. This completely unique, highintensity, team-oriented workout program combines functional,
integrated total body training with calorie-blasting cardio, intense
core, and interactive team challenges to get XTREME results in the
minimum amount of time. The secret is the 3-dimensional impact
of Triplex Training that fuses cardio, conditioning and core and utilizes the BOSU with other favorite training equipment to help you
improve your overall fitness. The exercises will challenge you, the
pace will drive you and the team energy will inspire you!
 Raise The Bar – Aileen Sheron
Get a complete strength and cardio training workout, all in one shot!
Utilizing the weighted bar throughout the entire program, the class
incorporates both functional and traditional resistance techniques,
along with balance, agility, and cardio drills. This nonstop interval
workout will lift your bar work to new heights!
 Balanced Body Fit: Athletic Pilates Mat – Louise Johns
Take your Pilates Mat work to a whole different level with new
moves, new sequences and an athletic approach that will rev up
your classes and have them coming back for more. Adding an
athletic component will bring new clients into your classes and
expand your definition of what Pilates can do. Bring a yoga mat.
 Hit The Deck! – Lori Templeman
Land Based — Aqua Practical Applications: Deck Teaching Strategies and Skills. Time to take your deck skills to the next level! This
grounded workshop explores a variety of strategies for safe and effective deck instruction. Embrace this chance to practice and polish your skills while gaining greater awareness of body movement.
Your participation will help you successfully lead from on land.
SESSION 5 - 4:30PM-6:00PM
Exercise Nutrition Update – Deb McCafferty
This session will be an update on the science and practice of exercise
nutrition as a pivotal component of training. Popular dietary trends
will be discussed, as well as the conflicting evidence in some areas
of the literature. Participants will have an opportunity to apply
what they’ve learned to case studies based on local athletes.
 Body Bar Flexography – Aileen Sheron
This workshop combines the creativity of cutting edge choreography
and the versatility of the Body Bar Flex: Flexography! The Body Bar
Flex is a unique, variable resistance fitness device that is lightweight,
flexible, and can be used to work the entire body. Utilizing the Body
Bar Flex throughout the entire program, this workshop incorporates
both functional and traditional resistance techniques, along with
balance, agility, flexibility, and cardio drills. From standing to seated
to the floor, the Body Bar Flex can really do it all! This nonstop
workout will raise the bar for your sculpting classes!
 Facial Line Flexibility Flow – Helen Vanderburg
This full body stretch class will take you through static, active and
dynamic stretching sequences that target the facial lines of the body. Gain
understanding and practice facial line movement patterns to enhance
performance, decrease tension and increase flexibility. This stretch base
workout is suited for group fitness and personal training. Bring a yoga mat.
 PilogaBall – Rose Zahnn
Pilates meets Yoga and they have a ball! Feel the power in your body
with flowing yoga, sculpting pilates, and the extra challenge of using
the Bender Ball. This practice builds strength, endurance, core work
and flexibility. Leave with a tool box of ideas to enliven your existing
pilates and/or yoga classes, and enjoy a restorative finish that will
leave you rejuvenated. Bring a yoga mat.
SESSION 6 - 7:30AM-9:00AM
 Schwinn® Cycling: ShLOC (Sh*t Load of Climbing) – Keli Roberts
This workshop is based on Schwinn® Master Trainer Keli Roberts’
own weekend team ShLOC workouts battled out in the hills of Pasadena, CA. Come for a primer on outdoor climbing and learn how it
translates to indoor cycling. You’ll learn to authentically recreate four
types of terrain, from rolling hills to long sustained grades, while discovering how to improve indoor fitness and outdoor performance.
 Step CELEBRATION – Jeff McMullen
Step is over 20 years old! Let’s celebrate in style! You've been
teaching step since its inception, through its evolution of lead
changes, tap-free progressions, cross-phrasing, and elimination
of the filler teaching styles. Now let's pull out all the stops, tie up
all the loose ends, and utilize the teaching tools from the past,
present and future. Here’s your chance to inspire a new audience or
revive your current step "fanatic diehards”! Walk away with a class
design and enough choreography nuggets you can deliver Monday
morning, ready to go!
 Balanced Body MOTR: Get your MOTR Running! – Louise
Do you want to try something new? Experience the excitement of a
dynamic, full bodied workout using the MOTR. Combine core, cardio,
resistance training and balance into a powerful and versatile fitness
adventure. Enjoy a true mind body fitness experience backed by the
Balanced Body Movement Principles.
SESSION 7 - 9:15AM-10:45AM
 BOSU® Dimensional Core Training – Helen Vanderburg
Advance your core training techniques by taking a global approach
as you explore multi-dimensional methods to effectively produce
power and improve core function. Learn a series of integrated core
exercises to mobilize, stabilize and strengthen the core, giving you
greater ability to access the core for optimal function. Dimensional
core training delivers results!
 Burn More – Patrick Goudeau
This workout blends the best of the best, strength and cardio to
give you one, dynamic, fat-burning BLAST! Incorporating the
principal of SBT (short-burst training), BURN MORE creatively fuses
short, high-intensity intervals together with unique, compound
strength training you’ll be able to use and implement into your
existing cardio sculpt workouts.
 Deep Release – Aileen Sheron
Myofascial Release is a form of soft tissue therapy intended for
pain relief, increased range of motion, optimized flexibility, muscle
relaxation, and body awareness. This workshop will do all of that
and more. Techniques include massage, rolling, and stretching
with the use of the foam roller and two tennis balls. Learn proper
positioning, how to target specific areas of the body, and how
to vary your approaches. This form of flexibility work will help
avoid injuries, improve posture, increase circulation, and reduce
inflammation. It is time for the ultimate full body massage,
customized to fit your specific needs.
 LTS™: LeBOOT – Jeff McMullen
This EPIC bootcamp style workout combines old school strength
training moves, agility drills, muscle endurance work and 100
exercises (on handout) with the amazing portable Equalizer™,
Buddy System™ and Lebert Fitness’ newest product! This session
combines compound movements with intense isolation, thereby
blurring the lines between aerobic and anaerobic work. Add some
upper body, lower body and core “giant” and “super” sets and you
are going to write home about this one…that is IF you’re able to
hold a pen or type with your elbows!
SESSION 8 - 11:00AM-12:30PM
 YogaFit® POWER – Carol Shankland
A hybrid fitness program that focuses on developing muscular
strength and endurance throughout all major muscle groups in the
body. YogaStrength is a challenging workout that fuses functional
strength and flexibility with benefits of added resistance. With
the safe use of hand-weights/body bars, one can enjoy enhanced
muscular toning, shaping benefits & an overall feeling of mind/
body strength. Bring a yoga mat.
 Power Jam Dance Fitness – Jodi Sorenson & Cindy Stuart
Take your dance fitness class to the next level, increasing the caloric burn through more universal athletic moves to popular music.
Bridging the gap between fitness and dance, Power Jam provides
a whole body workout targeting all major muscle groups through
simple, clearly defined power moves, inspired by popular music
and dance styles. We will provide the tools to teach through clear,
cued choreography incorporating specific dance terminology,
proper alignment, and technique and modifications to adapt to all
fitness levels and abilities.
 The Willpower Dilemma: The Art of Self Control – Keli
Willpower, self-control, discipline... so many people don’t have
enough of it... willpower is such a limited resource and yet so
critical if you want to move forward in the world. Whether the goal
is to lose weight, exercise more regularly, stop procrastinating, quit
smoking, or even get to bed earlier, all of this requires willpower.
In this lecture we will examine the roots of self-control and
mastermind ten powerful strategies to help coach your clients to
develop more willpower and improve daily habits.
 TRX® Strap and Stick Fusion – Jeff McMullen
Learn the basics of what TRX® Training is, and why it is “all core all
the time”. Whether you are a group fitness instructor or personal
trainer, leave this session with the fundamentals of implementing
the Suspension Trainer and RIP Trainer into your classes or small
group training sessions. Experience a fusion format of these 2
entities, a variety of strength and flexibility exercises, and learn
how to adjust intensity options for every fitness level, easily and
Also on Sunday…..
 Schwinn® Cycling Instructor Certification
12:45pm-9:45pm – Keli Roberts
Denotes Aqua Workshop
 A.C.E.
 Alternative therapy solutions
 Arbonne
 Balanced Body tm
 Best Western Heritage Inn
 Body Bar Inc.tm
 CAlifornia dried plum board
 C.A.R.D
 C.H.E.K Institute
 click®
 damsel in defense
 dancing west
 hazelnut industry
 Hedstrom Fitness
 Human Kinetics
 Incrediwear
 javita
 kevita
 Lebert Fitness
 limey tees
 Live the lifestyle
 optp
 Power Bar®
 Power Systems
 Savvier fitness
 Schwinn Fitness
 Sierra Nevada
 Six degrees coffee
 Stretching, Inc.
 take shape for life
 Thorlos®
 YogaFit®
CERTIFICATIONS FRIday 2/20 & SUNDAY 2/22, 2015
Tabata BootCamp certification
Friday, February 20, 9am-5pm Instructor: Rose Zahnn
Tabata BootCamp™, created by Mindy Mylrea, 2015 PFP Trainer of the Year and the winner of “Most Impactful
Program”, is a turnkey program that provides you with all the tools you need to be the best trainer/coach
you can be, to help your clients achieve lasting results, and to generate successful revenue for yourself. This is more than just a workout. You’ll learn the latest
techniques in HIIT research, metabolic profiling, perfect exercise programming, body assessment, and motivational coaching skills for creating positive healthy
habit forming behaviors including the Take 3 Eating method, which is a behavioral science approach that will change the way your clients eat forever. This is the
perfect program for Group X, small group, and personal training professionals.
Includes 2 Manuals, Figure 8 tubing, Over 140 Online Workouts/Nutritional Support Videos, Fully Integrated Website for each Trainer with Complete Ongoing
Support. No Licensing Fees, No monthly dues, and no cost to attend future trainings. Discounts on all Tabata Bootcamp equipment. You will receive everything
you need!
Cost: $229 ($199 special convention price if attending conference)
To register go to www.TabataBootCamp.com
CECs: .9 A.C.E / 9.0 A.F.A.A. (N.A.S.M. pending)
Barre Above™ instructor Certification
Friday, February 20, 9am-5pm Instructors: Carrie Haines and Jeff McMullen
Come Join Barre Above™ for an eclectic and progressive method of barre training for all bodies. Learn all of the essentials in how to implement, launch, and run
a successful and in-demand barre program anywhere. Whether you have mounted barres, portable ones, or even chairs, this education fits all needs for clubs,
studios, and independent instructors. Barre Above is based on applied science to create strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. With foundational education
taught with flexible options, you’ll be able to teach a fun, effective, and efficient barre workout for all fitness levels.
No CPR card required. 2 DVDs, Instructor Manual, & Bender Ball (items a $100+ Value). No Additional Fees once certified. Learn Progression and Regression of all
exercises for any students, from beginners to advanced or even those with injuries. Receive the knowledge to create classes fitting all levels of students, with the
understanding of lengthening the muscles for a more balanced body and the often forgotten “why” each exercise is done a certain way.
• Manual, CEC's
Cost: $199 special B.A.M. Conference Price
To register go to www.barrebiz.com/store.php#chico
CECs: .8 A.C.E., 7.0 A.F.A.A., 8.0 S.C.W.
Schwinn Cycling Instructor Certification
Sunday, February 22, 12:45pm-9:45pm Instructor: Keli Roberts
Get certified in the most respected and progressive indoor cycling instructor training. In one day you’ll get the
tools you need to become a successful, sought-after instructor on any bike. This certification is based on the newly
updated Schwinn® Cycling Coach’s Pyramid, a system that provides an incredible experience for your students.
Learn bike fit, cycling science, class design, music, communication skills, motivation techniques and more.
Take home exclusives include: • The Schwinn® Cycling Workout DVD
• Your choice of Power Music Schwinn Cycling Signature Music Mix CD
• 13 complete class plans
• Comprehensive resource manual
• Certificate of Completion
Cost: $209 by January 30th, $229 after January 30th
CECs: .9 A.C.E. and 8.25 A.F.A.A. CEUs
 debbie gleEson
 keli roberts
Having always had a strong passion for fitness, Debbie states that as a kid she participated
in every sport she could. Her fitness experience spans back close to 18 years! She even had
the pleasure of competing in Aerobic competitions. A current passion right now is cycling,
coaching cycling classes dance fitness, along with all Lebert Fitness programs, personal
and group training. She is a certified NASM personal trainer and has recently added Senior
Fitness Specialist through NASM. She is also a Master Trainer for the entire west coast of
our country for the Flirty Girl Fitness pro program and one of the west coast Master Trainers for the new Lebert Fitness LeBarre, LeBOOT and LeHIIT programs. Other certifications:
Schwinn Cycling , ACE, AFAA.
Keli Roberts is the recipient of the 2003 IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the Year
award and a spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. She specializes in strength
and stability training, group exercise, personal training and motivation. Keli holds certifications from ACSM HFS, AFAA, Precision Nutrition, ACE Group Fitness and ACE Gold Personal
Trainer. Keli is also a BOSU Developmental Elite Team Member, a Master Trainer for the
Schwinn Cycling program and a Body Bar, Gliding and Bender Ball Master Trainer. Keli is a
2007 inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. She teaches classes at Equinox Fitness
Club and trains clients at the Fit Annex in Pasadena California
Patrick Goudeau is a NIKE Elite Fitness Athlete, a National Academy of Sports Medicine
(NASM) certified personal trainer and one of the most sought-after fitness personalities
in the world. Known for his unique and innovative approach to movement, the KING of
CHOREOGRAPHY is a former U.S National Aerobic Champion, celebrity trainer and the star
of more than 27 highly acclaimed workout DVDs. Patrick inspires a healthy body, a fit lifestyle and will empower those around him to achieve their personal best.
Carol Shankland lives in southern CA and has been teaching fitness to all ages for 30 years.
She started out in health clubs and realized helping people improve their health is what
she was meant to do. She obtained a BA in Kinesiology and taught Physical Education in
schools, including colleges. Soon corporations with fitness centers became her passion
where she leads classes in all types of formats. She has earned many certifications including Yoga Alliance 200 Hour E-RYT, AFAA Cycling, and is an Indo-Board Ambassador .Carol
is a Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit and has been with them since 2003.
 aileen sheron
Carrie Haines is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and fitness program director from Truckee,
California. Carrie earned her bachelors degree in theatre arts from the University of Southern
California and later went on to study Kinesiology at Sonoma State. Carrie is certified as both a
personal trainer and group fitness instructor with AFAA, ACE, and NASM and is an IDEA Fitness
Expert/Author for IDEA Fitness Manager Magazine. Carrie is currently the Fitness Manager for
High Altitude Fitness in Incline Village, Nevada and Truckee,California and has over fifteen years
experience in program management and program development. Carrie is a Barre Biz™ Master
Trainer for Savvier Fitness and a Regional Master Trainer for BOSU®.
 carol shankland
Aileen Sheron has been an innovator in the fitness industry since 1979. She has starred in
over thirty exercise videos, has made many TV and radio appearances as a fitness expert,
and is a contributor to several fitness publications. An international presenter and continuing education provider for over 20 years, she specializes in choreography, equipmentbased resistance programming, myofascial release, cardio dance, cycling, and treadmill
training. She is the inventor of the patented OmniBall, as well as other products, and
consults on product and program development.
Louise Johns started her fitness career at the early age of 17 as a personal trainer and group
fitness instructor. After graduating from Farnborough Tech in the United Kingdom in Science
and Management of Health and Fitness she moved to the US and began working at ClubSport in San Ramon CA. committed to continuing her fitness education, Louise holds certifications in Spinning, Turbo Kick, Yoga Fit, Personal Training, ACE, NASM and many more.
She became a Pilates instructor in 2002, opened Absolute Center with her two partners and
is currently a Balanced Body faculty member for Pilates and Barre.
Jodi Sorenson has a BS in Journalism & Communications, and sports coaching experience on the
high school and collegiate level. is the co-creator and CEO of Power Jam Dance Fitness and has
5+ years of experience teaching dance fitness in California, Arizona and Utah. She co-created
and managed the In Mo Dance Club at In Motion Fitness, where Power Jam was born. Jodi has
presented at the SCW Mania Conference,and the BAM Charity workout. She is an ACSM Certified
Personal Trainer, certified in Zumba, U-Jam and Balletone, as well as taught kickboxing, strength
training and RIPPED. Jodi is passionate about health, fitness and the use of music to increase
intensity, empowerment and the overall enjoyment of the fitness experience.
Amy Lacey graduated from California State University, Chico with a B.A. in Psychology. She
is a certified Health Coach from Villanova School of Nursing Center for Obesity Prevention
& Education, a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach Student, and Certified with War on Debt
Life Coaching on Healthy Finances. Amy is owner of Live the Lifestyle located in Chico, CA
and co-owner of NZ Laser Medical Company. She resides in Chico, CA with her husband
and 3 children.
Deb is a Registered Dietitian and holds a Master's degree in Nutritional Science. She and has
taught Sports Nutrition and Medical Nutrition Therapy at CSU, Chico since 1998 and is cofounder of The Body Connection nutrition program. She does group and individual nutrition
counseling for athletic performance, intuitive eating, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and
other nutrition-related topics.
Jeff McMullen, with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, is an international
fitness presenter based in San Francisco, CA and is affiliated with premiere clubs The Bay
Club Marin, EQUINOX, and Sports Club LA, has been featured or starred in over 20 fitness
DVD’s; is a master trainer for TABATA Bootcamp™, Bender Barre Method, WaterinMotion,
Jumpsport® Fitness, Lebert Fitness, and TRX® GSTC / STC / TEAM/ Group RIP courses; and a
Lululemon Ambassador alumnus. CERTIFICATIONS: ACE, AEA, ACSM, AFAA, NASM
Greg Rex is one of Americas first Certified Health Coaches and has an extensive speaking
and training background. Having lost 50 lbs over 12 years ago he can speak firsthand about
the challenges people face maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Mr. Rex is a frequent
speaker at medical conferences, such as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
and several Osteopathic and Primary Care Conferences throughout North America and has
trained over 500,000 professionals. ABC News, CBS News, and Fox News have all interviewed Greg about his work on health coaching, corporate wellness and work-life balance.
Cindy Stuart, creator of Power Jam Dance Fitness TM, has been teaching in upper elementary schools for 18 years and group exercise classes for over 13 years. She is AFAA
and STRONG certified, and has taught everything from kick boxing to weight training, to
Zumba, always looking for ways to make classes challenging, accessible, and fun!
Lori Templeman is the owner of Fitness Temple in California. She is a group fitness instructor,
Aqua Stretch Facilitator and personal trainer. Lori is an AEA Trainer and travels the United States
presenting and leading aquatic fitness programs. She is freelance writer featured in various
fitness publications. Her certifications include AEA, ACE, AFAA, and the Arthritis Foundation.
Helen Vanderburg, BKin, AFLCA, ACE, CanFitPro certified, Pilates Mat and Yoga certified, has
over 25 years of experience as a health club owner, international health and fitness consultant,
is an international fitness and motivational speaker, and owner of Heavens Fitness Club in
Calgary. She is the 2005 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, 2006 and 1996 CanFitPro Presenter
of the Year, 1996 IDEA Program Director of the Year, 2001 Women of Vision award, and the
2001 Mall Peepre National Fitness Leadership Memorial award. Helen developed the Fusion
Fitness Training Mind™ and Body programs and certification courses. She is an educational
consultant and spokesperson for the Nautilus Health and Fitness Group, Schwinn Cycling, efi
Sportsmedicine, BOSU and Lululemon Athletic.
Rose Zahnn has over 25 years of teaching experience and education in the fitness industry
and is currently a Master Trainer for Tabata BootCamp, Lebert Fitness, Balletone and Yapana
Yoga. In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, Rose
has been a fitness business owner for over 20 years, and an international presenter and
Master Trainer for fitness, yoga, pilates, and dance-based programs. She enjoys sharing
the joy of a healthy and fit lifestyle through instructor trainings as well as at Healthy Habits
Studio and Sacramento Fit Body Boot Camp.
_____ Tabata BootCamp – 9:00 am-5:00 pm
_____ Barre Above™ Instructor Certification – 9:00 am-5:00 pm
_____ Charity Workout- “Straight on to the CURE”– 6:00 pm-7:15 pm
 SESSION 1: 7:30AM-9:00AM
_____ Schwinn® Cycling: Metabolic Mash Up
_____ Targeted Tubing
_____ YogaFit® Body Blast
_____ Water World with Foam!
_____ Schwinn® Cycling: ShLOC (Sh*t Load of Climbing)
_____ Balanced Body MOTR: Get your MOTR Running!
_____ Meet Me At The Bar
_____ LTS™ LeBARRE
_____ YogaLean®
_____ HIIT IT!
_____ Aqua Strength Challenge: Buoyancy vs. Drag
Balanced Body: Get Rolling!
H20: More For the Core!
 SESSION 7: 9:15AM-10:45AM
 SESSION 4: 2:30PM-4:00PM
 EXPO BREAK & LUNCH 11:00AM-12:45PM
_____ 3D XTREME™ - Powered by BOSU®
_____ Raise The Bar
_____ Balanced Body Fit: Athletic Pilates Mat
_____ Hit The Deck!
_____ Lunch & Learn - Leading the Way as a Health Professional
of the Future
(must check if attending and to receive credit)
_____ BOSU® Dimensional Core Training
_____ Burn More
_____ Deep Release
_____ LTS™: LeBOOT
 SESSION 8: 11:00AM-12:30PM
 SESSION 5: 4:30PM-6:00PM
 BONUS SESSION: 11:30AM-12:30PM
 SESSION 6: 7:30AM-9:00AM
 SESSION 3: 12:45PM-2:15PM
 SESSION 2: 9:30 AM-11:00AM
Choose & prioritize your classes by specifying (1, 2,
3, & 4) in each time slot: 1 for your first choice, 2 for
your second, 3 for your third, etc. Every effort will
be made to assign your first choice (total ACE & AFAA
CEC’s are dependent on session selections, CPTA CEU
applications available).
= AEA CEC's available.
_____ Exercise Nutrition Update
_____ Body Bar Flexography
_____ Facial Line Flexibility Flow
_____ PilogaBall
_____ YogaFit® POWER
_____ Power Jam Dance Fitness
_____ The Willpower Dilemma: The Art of Self Control
_____ TRX® Strap and Stick Fusion
_____ Schwinn® Cycling Instructor Certification
Best Western Heritage Inn
25 Heritage Ln.
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 894-8600
Take Cohasset-Mangrove Exit of Hwy 99
$69.99 (+ Tax) Single or Double
Must mention In Motion Fitness
Equipment for sale immediately after the conference
or call Lori at (530) 895-6245 ext 324 to pre-purchase.
Register by February 13th and have a chance to win a prize!
First 100 receive a goody bag.
Early Birds receive Thorlos® Socks.
Method of Payment:
Participant (please use mailing address):
Conference Fee (see left)
T-shirt Fee Size _________ $20 $_______
Must order before 1/30/15
Please print clearly.
City_______________St_________ Zip ___________
Conference Fee
Saturday Only
Saturday & Sunday
before 1/30/15
$174 $199
after 1/30/15
Schwinn Instructor Certification $209 $_______
after 1/30/15 $229 $_______
q Check
Make checks payable to In Motion Fitness
q Visa q MasterCard q Discover q American Express
3 Digit Security Code ________________________
Brown Bag Lunch (Includes: Chips, Cookie & Fountain drink)
Opt.1 Brown Organic Fiesta Rice Salad $8.50 $_______
Opt. 2½ Turkey wrap $8.50 $_______
Opt. 3Whole Turkey wrap $10.00 $_______
Order by: 2/15/15
Grab & go options & salad bar available day of event
Expiration _________________________________
Total Fees
Signature _________________________________
Credit Card Billing Information:
Name _____________________________________
Address _______________________________________
City _______________________________________
(Signature is required) I agree to hold harmless In Motion Fitness owners, employees and volunteer staff from any and all liability arising
out of this event including, but not limited to injury or damage or loss to my personal property. I understand the risks involved with
participation in this event and represent that I am in sound physical condition and have sufficiently trained for this event.
St ___________________ Zip _________________
Signature__________________________________________________________________ Date___________________________
All Registration Fees are non-refundable (no credit). Transfer of fees accepted if notification is received by 2/16/15.
Please mail to: In Motion Fitness, Attn: Lori Pine, 1293 E. 1st Ave., Chico, CA 95926 or FAX: (530) 343-5799
For more info call Lori Pine at (530) 895-6245 ext. 324 or e-mail [email protected]

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