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MARCH 2014
March PAGE
P.O. Box 82304
Lincoln, NE 68501-2304
Masonic News
Board of Directors
157th Annual
David Peck, President - Masonic News Board of Directors
Wade Kendle, Editor Emeritas
The Board of Directors of
the Masonic News held their semiannual meeting on February 24,
2014. The financial report for 2013
was reviewed and the budget for
2014 was approved. Advertising
rates for 2014 were increased
by ten percent. Advertising is
an important source of revenue
and there is a continued need for
new advertisers. A proposal to
revise the current Masonic News
Bylaws was presented and will
be voted upon at the next regular
meeting on November 24, 2014.
The following officers
were elected to serve the
President....................James Batten
Vice President............Mark Poston
Business Manager..Bette Cummins
Mark Turner was selected
as the new Editor of the Masonic
News and will assume his position
beginning with the April issue.
Mark will be scheduling a meeting
with all of the Masonic News
correspondents in the near future.
We welcome Mark and also
extend our thanks to Wade and
Deb Kendle for their many years
of service to the Masonic News.
May 13-15
Watch For Details Next Issue
The Masonic Youth leaders of Nebraska attended
the public opening of Grand Lodge: State Master
Councilor Adam Medley, Grand Bethel Honored Queen
Rachel Ducket, State Senior Councilor Maximilian Carter, Grand Worthy Advisor Shelby Lynne Walsh, State
Junior Councilor David Strang and Miss Congeniality
Alyssa Vance.
Photo courtesy of Rachel Ducket
Dues for all Nebraska
Masonic Lodges for 2014 are
due Jan. 1. Send payment to
your Lodge Secretary. Members
with unpaid dues are delinquent
as of March 1. Suspension by
Grand Lodge comes April 30.
Suspension in Blue Lodge also
means suspension in Eastern
Star, York Rite, Scottish Rite
and Shrine.
Look at your dues card.
if it does not say 2014,
send payment today to your
Eastern Star dues are
also due Jan. 1. Send dues
to your Chapter Secretary.
Unpaid members will become delinquent Oct. 1, with
suspension Dec. 31.
Feb. 6-8 saw the Masons
of Nebraska gather for our 157th
Annual Communication at the
Younes Conference Center in
Kearney. Most Worshipful Brother
Thomas L. Hauder ran a fabulous
communication, though I wish more
brethren were present to enjoy the
occasion. Besides the business
portion of the communication,
banquets, workshops, award
presentations, a re-obligation of
our Master’s Degree obligation,
and some darn good entertainment,
were part of the festivities.
A couple new programs by
the Grand Lodge were announced
that I was particularly interested in:
(1) The Artificer Award - designed
to help our newly raised Master
Masons get more involved in our
lodges. The award sets down a
list of 15 things a newly raised
Master Mason must do over the
first 14 months of membership in
order to earn the award. One such
requirement is “to attend each of the
blue lodge degrees at least once.”
The progress of the individual
will be tracked by the Brother’s
Mentor and his application for
the award will need signed by his
mentor and the Worshipful Master.
The award is based on similar
programs in other jurisdictions.
(2) An Individual Proficiency
Class designed to help brethren get
proficient in our degree work. The
class will run year long meeting
one day a month with the goal of
presenting each class member their
individual proficiency card at the
next annual communication. The
prerequisite for the class is giving
the EA Questions and Answers
before a deputy grand custodian. I
know the first class in the Lincoln
area has already taken place.
Joe D. McBride became the
148th Grand Master of Masons
of Nebraska at his Installation of
Officers on Feb. 8. Most W.Bro.
Joe is the owner operator of RanchLand Western Store on Main Street
in Ainsworth. In his spare time
he can usually be found wearing
a cowboy hat and strumming an
acoustic guitar. There have been
many annual communications
where I have spent time in the
hospitality room while M.W.B.
Joe has entertained us all with his
guitar and vocals. Congratulations
to M.W.B. Joe on his Installation!
For the final part of my Grand
Lodge report, I’d like to share part
of MWB Hauder’s Grand Master’s
Address: “The State of the Craft.”
“I struggled with how to approach
this portion of my address. Should
I catalog all the challenges we are
facing, lest some of the Craft think
all is well and focus only on the
good things that are happening and
avoid the other? In the end, I’ve
decided, like Solomon, to split the
In This
Masonic News
Board of Directors
Page 1
157th Annual
Page 1
I bid you Adieu!
Page 2
Temple Chapter
Page 2
Hickman Lodge
Page 2
Cotner Lodge
148th Grand Master
baby and expose both sides of our
Craft so that the Brethren can have
a clear picture of where we are.
Craft is that it is in danger.
Nebraska Masonry currently
has 135 Lodges and approximately
11,594 Masons. Fully 40% of
new Masons are suspended for
non-payment within the first 3.5
years of their membership. We
have done a poor job of educating
our membership about the meaning
and application of Masonry in their
lives. Craft Masonry is often seen
only as something to get out of
the way so that the Brother can
go to an appendant body. Many
of our Lodges are in poor repair
and many are Lodges only on
paper...they rarely open and have
not done any work in years. Our
ritual, which is the instrument
through which we transmit our
knowledge and lessons, has become
trivialized and finding a Lodge
or a Mason that can perform the
ritual with quality has become the
exception and not the rule. In an
effort to revitalize Masonry, some
changes were made in an attempt
to make Masonry more attractive
and accessible. Instead we ended
up dumbing down Masonry to the
point where virtually no appreciable
work or learning is expected of the
candidate to receive the degrees of
Masonry and when there is no effort
involved then the candidate assigns
little value to the Craft. We have
become so fascinated with quantity
that we have sacrificed quality in
our members. In short, we have
become complacent, unfocused
and are giving away Masonry and
therefore killing it from within.
However, I do not believe that
all is lost and Masonry is destined
to disappear. ... We have seen the
creation of two new lodges in our
State. ... Ritual is starting to get
more attention ... We are turning
back towards regarding quality
over quantity ... We must ... work
in the quarries of Masonry. The
decision is yours.” Brethren, make
sure you read his whole address.
Page 3
Electa Chapter
Page 3
$1 per Member
Page 4
Myrtle Chapter
Page 4
Lincoln Lodge
Page 4
College View Lodge
Page 5
East Lincoln Lodge
Page 5
Martha Washington
Page 5
Bethel 5
Bethel 27
Page 6
Page 6
Page 7
Central Schools of
Instruction Calendar
Page 7
Robert Burns Dinner
Page 8
Get your Masonic News
in color at
Nov. 24
7:00 pm, 1635 L St
MARCH 2014
Vol. 107 March, 2014 No. 3
BY MASONIC NEWS INC., 1635 "L" St. 68508
Deb Kendle, Editor
Bette Cummins, Business Manager
Subscription Rates $6.00 Year
Masonic News P.O. Box 82304 Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
News/Editorial/Mailing List Attn: Deb Kendle
or via E-Mail to: [email protected]
Advertising/Subscription Attn: Bette Cummins
The Masonic News has been publishing news of the Lincoln Masonic Community since 1921.
Tell our advertisers
you saw
Authorized Factory Service
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New & Used Motors
Periodicals postage paid at Lincoln, Nebraska
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Masonic News, P.O. Box 82304, Lincoln, NE 68501
their ad
476-2121 - 520 West “O” Street
Bob Jr. & Ron
I bid you Adieu!
Temple Chapter 271
Wade Kendle, Editor Emeritas
Jean Crary, Correspondent
As this is the last Masonic
News that I will have a direct
hand in producing, I want to take
this opportunity to say a few
words of thanks. First, thank you
to the Board of Directors of The
Masonic News, Inc. for allowing
me the opportunity to serve as
your editor. I came into the
position during a rough period in
the history of The Masonic News
and hope I helped “right the ship”
so to speak and helped increase
the quality of this publication.
Before The Masonic News, I had no
experience in editing a publication.
I have to credit an exceptional 8th
grade teacher (Mrs. Curtiss) who
helped me develop a good eye for
detail and introduced me to the
MLA Handbook. My secondary
education is in computers and I
earned a B.S. in Computer Science
from UNL so the opportunity
to serve as Editor has been a
fabulous experience. Thank you!
Secondly, I’d like to thank
our readers. You are the reason this
publication exists. Our forefathers
started this publication in 1921 to
publish the news of the Lincoln
Masonic community. While the
format has changed over the years,
the content has stayed much the
same. The Masonic News spreads
the good works of our local
Masonic organizations far and wide.
People have noticed - during my
seven years serving as your editor,
I’ve had several inquiries from out
of state about our publication - how
it got started, costs involved etc.
to make a publication like ours
a reality in other communities.
As we enter our 93rd year,
expect a few changes in the near
future. The board is looking into
the possibility of changing our
black and white tabloid sized
paper into an 8.5’ x 11’ full color
publication with a similar look as
the newly redesigned Nebraska
Mason. There is also talk of
revamping our website and the
incoming editor, Mark Turner,
certainly has the web development
skills needed to make it a reality.
Third, I need to thank my
family - not just my immediate
family, but also my extended
family. There have been numerous
times where, in order to get The
Masonic News out the door, it has
bit into my family obligations. I
now have a 13 year old, 11 year old,
7 year old, and soon to be 5 year
old in my house. My productive
time seems to have decreased for
some reason! Thank you for putting
up with me working on the News
on vacation, over nights, and even
not attending school functions
in order to get the job done.
Fourth, a big THANK YOU
to our correspondents! There
is no way the editor can be at
all the meetings of our member
organizations. Without your
reporting, this publication would
not exist. Thank you for the time
and effort you put in month in
and month out reporting on the
activities of your organization.
I’d also like to thank those
who have taken the time to let
me know how much they enjoy
receiving The Masonic News. How,
even though some of them have
not lived in the Lincoln area for
many years, they feel a little more
connected because of the News.
Thanks to Chuck in Texas, Frank,
who was living in Friend when I
started as editor, moved to Haiti,
and now lives in Kyrgyzstan, Jim
in Hawaii, and John in Louisiana
to name a few. Also, thank you to
those locally who have told me in
person what a good job I’ve done
with this publication. Your words
of thanks and encouragement have
made those long nights worth it.
Do not expect me to disappear
from our fraternity though I’m sure
I will not be as active as I have
in the past. My seven year old
is now in Cub Scouts and, as an
Eagle Scout myself, I’m looking
forward to sharing the Scouting
experience with him, and in two
years, his brother will join the fun.
Again, thank you for the
opportunity to serve as your editor.
I look forward to seeing where The
Masonic News goes from here.
Temple Chapter 271 held
their 2014 Installation of Office
on Jan. 18 at the Scottish Rite
Temple. Sis. Wendy Garrison
and Bro. Keith Garrison were
installed as Worthy Matron and
Worthy Patron. Other officers
installed for the ensuring year are:
Assoc. Matron............Carolyn Plants
Assoc. Patron...................Carl Plants
Treasurer...................Marilyn Jepson
Assoc. Conductress..........Jean Crary
Chaplain.........................Bill Raecke
Organist.....................Karan Birdsall
Ruth.....................Tiffany Warterholt
Esther...........................Earlene Ladd
Martha...........................Pam Raecke
Warder...............Mary Lou Dempsey
Sentinel.......................David Jelinek
In addition to the 2014
Chapter Officers, W.M. Wendy
and W.P. Keith appointed Honorary
Chapter Officers for the year to
assist and support the Officers.
These Honorary Officers include
long-time members of Temple
Chapter who have much wisdom
to share with the newer members.
The Chaper will look forward to
their input during the coming term.
The Installation ceremony
was conducted by Installing Grand
Officer Don Jalinek, PGP, Installing
Grand Marshal James F. Brown,
PGP, Installing Grand Chaplain
Greg Mason PGC, Installing
Grand Organish Brenda Frank
Collins, PM. Nadyne Bauer,
PM, attended the guest book.
Stated Meeting
The first meeting of the 2014
year was held on Feb. 3. There
were 53 members present. W.M.
Wendy and W.P. Keith welcomed
and thank all in attendance. W.M.
Wendy said that her emblem this
year is butterflies. She talked
about how butterflies are developed
from caterpillars and only lays
eggs on plants that they will eat.
The life of a butterfly is a symbol
for life, death and resurrection.
W.P. Keith thanked everyone for
coming but said due to all the
activities of the evening would
not say anything. The minutes
and the treasurer report of the last
meeting were read and approved.
Unfinished Business: The
following officers were installed
by W.P. Keith Garrison and A.P.
Carl Plants acting as Marshal.
Marshal..........................Larry Brage
Secretary....................Melinda Brage
Adah...............................Laurie Sieg
Electa.........................Alea Landrum
The Chapter voted
on a petition for Pamela
McLeod and was unanimous.
New Business: The Children’s
Home in Fremont will have a chili
feed on March 1st from 5-7 p.m.
and will cost $5.00 at the door.
The Chapter voted on contributing
$275.00 to Grand Chapter for a
the Masonic Band Camp that will
be held on June 3-7 in Kearney.
Grand Chapter is also looking for
adult sponsors. The Chapter draped
the charter in memory of Charles
“Jiggs” Evans, PWGP who died last
month. Get well cards were sent to
Wilma Dietrick, Norma Walgreen
and Deborah Waechter, daughter of
Melinda and Larry. W.M. Wendy
talked about the activities of her
upcoming year. The first one will
be Feb 16 when the Chapter is
invited to Go To Church. There
will be a brunch at the Green
Gateau following the service.
W.M. Wendy gave her closing
thoughts. The caterpillar thought
the world would end so it turned
itself into a beautiful butterfly.
Hickman Lodge 256
Greg Vlasnik, Worshipful Master
On Feb. 20, Hickman Lodge
No. 256 conferred the Entered Apprentice degree on three new brothers - Dick Stephenson, Christopher
VerMaas, and Justin Hamel. Please
welcome them into our fraternity.
Hickman Lodge is busily
preparing for the month of March.
On Feb. 20, Hickman Lodge No. 256 conferred the Entered Apprentice degree on
Dick Stephenson, Christopher VerMass, and Justin Hamel. Gary Jarzynka photo
We will be participating in the
School of Instruction and preparing
for a Fellowcraft degree on four of
our brethren. Many of us will be
involved with the Shrine Circus
coming March 19 through the 23rd.
We are always looking to
have our members attend lodge
meetings, new members and old,
all are welcome to come to lodge
and participate in our activities.
We will be starting a fun Masonic education segment to our
meetings and Hickman lodge will
once again host the north Shrine
football team picnic (we’re gonna
win!). We have many things to
keep our members active in lodge.
We would like to thank
the Grand Lodge officers for
attending our latest Entered Apprentice degree work, I think
we all learned a few things
new and had some fun doing it.
Also, our congratulations
go to W.B. Olin Boone, the
lodge secretary, for receiving his
5 year award of achievement as
secretary from this past Grand
Lodge meeting held in Kearney. Olin does a great job and
keeps us all on task at the lodge.
MARCH 2014
PAGE Cotner Lodge 297
Jerry Pigsley, Correspondent
Jan. 27 saw Bros. Anthony Fey, Jessie Kozak, and Steven Masters initiated into the
fraternity. All three brothers
are serving our country as U.S.
Army recruiters here in Lincoln.
M.W.B. James Brown and
Bruce D. Wood, 33°, General
Secretary of the Scottish Rite
Valley of Lincoln, spoke to the
brothers attending the dinner prior
to the Feb. 3 regular communication on Scottish Rite. At the
regular communication Brother
Don Manley was presented his 60
year membership pin by Worshipful
Master Jerry Pigsley. The brothers approved giving two Masonic
All-Star Band Camp scholarships
and passed the hat to give a third
Band Camp scholarship this year.
W.M. Jerry Pigsley and J.W.
Robert Sanford were the voting
representatives for Cotner Lodge at
the 2014 Grand Lodge of Nebraska
Annual Communication held in
Kearney on February 6-8, 2014.
Cotner was once again awarded
the Rock Maul Award for the best
overall large lodge in Nebraska for
2013. W.M. Jerry Pigsley received
an award from Most Worshipful Brother Thomas Hauder for
his work in membership recruitment (sixth place in the state).
On February 10, W.B. Ritchie
Inns traveled from Ogden, KS, to
present the middle chamber lecture
to our new Bros. Anthony Fey,
Jessie Kozak, and Steven Masters.
W.M. Jerry Pigsley congratulated
On Jan. 27, Cotner Lodge No. 297 initiated Brothers Anthony Fey, Jessie Kozak and
Steven Masters into our Fraternity. All three are U.S. Army recruiters. Welcome
to the Fraternity!
Photo courtesy of Jerry Pigsley
past worshipful master Don Gray
for a job well done by presenting him the Rock Maul Award
presented at the 2014 Annual
Communication for best overall
large lodge in Nebraska for 2013.
March 3 – Dinner and program (6:30 p.m.): Brownell Elementary Principal Chris Shefdore;
Regular Communication (7:30 p.m.)
March 10 – FC DePractice (7:00 p.m.)
School of Instruction, Liberty Lodge 300 (7:00 p.m.)
March 24 – Masonic Education Symposium (7:00 p.m.)
Jr. Warden Robert Sanford and Worshipful Master
Jerry Pigsley are pictured with the Rock Maul Award
presented to Cotner Lodge by Most Worshipful Brother Thomas L. Hauder at the Annual Communication.
The Rock Maul Award is given by the Grand Master to
the Lodge he feels represents the best overall lodge
in the state via an application process. Cotner won in
the large lodge category. The large plaque hangs in
the Grand Lodge Office with a listing of yearly winners,
the small plaque stays with the lodge for perpetuity,
and the Rock Maul stays with the winning lodge for
the year.
Photo courtesy of Jerry Pigsley
March 26 – FC/MM 1st
section School of Instruction,
North Star Lodge 227 (7:00 p.m.)
March 31 – MM 2nd section School of Instruction, East
Lincoln Lodge 210 (7:00 p.m.)
April 7 – Dinner and program (6:30 p.m.) – Dawes Middle
School Principal Angie Zabawa;
Regular Communication (7:30 p.m.)
On Feb. 10, Cotner Lodge No. 297 passed Brothers Anthony Fey, Jessie Kozak,
and Steven Masters to the degree of a Fellow Craft Mason. On the same day, the
Rock Maul Award was presented to Junior Past Master Don Gray by Worshipful
Master Jerry Pigsley presented to Cotner Lodge at the 2014 Annual Communication in Kearney.
Photo courtesy of Jerry Pigsley
Electa Chapter 8
Brenda Collins, Correspondent
upcoming events
Well, we have the 2014
year off to a good start. We look
forward to the annual Supervisor’s
Visit on March 1. This will
surely remind members of specific
detailss in the ritual, and any new
changes to the work within it.
The month of March is busy,
and we hope you can come to our
activities. There are events to help
us become active in the chapter
again. Upcoming activities are:
Sat., March 1st: Supervisor’s Visit.
3:00 p.m. – All Officers report.
6:00 p.m. Pot-Luck Supper
7:30 p.m. Stated Meeting,
w / S u p e r v i s o r .
Thu., March 6th: KENNSINGTON
N o o n , M a s o n i c Te m p l e
Marge Thomssen, Hostess & Chef
Fri., March 14th: Past Matrons
7:00 p.m. at Dona Hurst’s home.
Sat. March 15th: CHARTER DAY
Fashion Show & Refreshments
2 : 0 0 - 5 : 0 0 p m . N O C O S T.
Tues., April 15th: “Eat & Treat”
D i n o ’s
84th & VanDorn, SW corner mall
Percentage of the total “take”
Will be given to Electa Chapter.
members soon, and often.
$1 / Member Campaign
Taken from LIGHT of the George Washington
Masonic National Memorial, Volume 19 Number 1, 2013
The George Washington
Masonic National Memorial is
pleased to announce that the Grand
Lodges of Idaho, Nevada, Delaware
and Connecticut have adopted a $1
Per Member Annual Contribution to
the Memorial. Our sincere thanks
and appreciation is extended to Jim
Kelley, our Memorial Ambassador
and Past Member the Board
of Directors of the Memorial
Association, for his efforts to secure
this much needed support from the
Brethren of Nevada. The Officers
and Brethren of the Grand Lodge
of Idaho are to be thanked for their
commitment of support for the
Memorial. Board Member Richard
W. Aydelotte did an outstanding job
in securing the annual contribution
from the Brethren of Delaware.
We also thank the Officers and
Brethren of the Grand Lodge
of Connecticut for their pledge
of support for their Memorial.
The Grand Lodge of
Nebraska—the jurisdiction of our
recently departed Past President,
Warren D. “Duke” Lichty—
increased their annual contribution
to the Memorial from $1 Per
Member to $1.50 Per Member.
This is very appropriate, since
it was President Lichty who not
only initiated the $1 Per Member
Annual Contribution Campaign,
but who also secured the first $.50
Per Member Annual Contribution
from a Grand Jurisdiction,
which was from the Brethren of
Nebraska. This is a fitting tribute
to the memory of our beloved
Brother and friend, Duke Lichty.
The number of Grand Lodges
participating in the Memorial’s $1
Per Member Campaign is now
24 (including Nebraska). The
participating Grand Jurisdictions
are: District of Columbia, North
D a k o t a, M i c h i g a n , A l a s k a ,
Virginia, Maryland, Washington,
Massachusetts, Nebraska, New
Jersey, New Hampshire, Oklahoma,
Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, Utah,
Oregon, Wyoming, Alabama,
Rhode Island, Indiana, Idaho,
Nevada, Delaware and Connecticut.
More than one hundred years
ago, the founding members of
the George Washington Masonic
National Memorial Association had
a vision: to build a magnificent,
durable Memorial to forever
honor the memory and legacy
of the Father of our Country,
Brother George Washington. Now
it is up to us to ensure the unified
support from all of America’s
Freemasons to perpetuate this
symbol of veneration for our first
and greatest President. Thank
you for your continued support.
MARCH 2014
Myrtle Chapter 94
Lincoln Lodge 19
Emily Schoenleber, Correspondent
Bruce Anderson, Correspondent
2014 Dues are due. If you have
yet to take care of this obligation,
send them to our secretary.
Robyn Mason
415 Laramie Trl
Lincoln, NE 68521-3230
Robyn can be reached at 402484-5756 if you have questions.
Recent Activities
Jan 26 – Installation
of Officers
A beautiful ceremony was well
attended to kick off the 2014 term.
The 2014 Officers are:
Worthy Matron.......Connie Weir, PM
Worthy Patron................Jim Weir, PP
Assoc. Matron......Dehnia Bullerdiek
Assoc. Patron............Harry Storz, PP
Secretary..............Robyn Mason, PM
Treasurer.....................Bill Cummins
Conductress............Deb Kendle, PM
Assoc Conductress
...........................Jeanne Bonnett, PM
Chaplain..................Greg Mason, PP
Marshal.............Bette Cummins, PM
Organist..........Linda Livingston, PM
Adah..............CaraLynne Livingston
Ruth.............Emily Schoenleber, PM
Esther........................Marilyn Wallin
Martha.........................Laura Kilmer
Electa.................Dayle Prenosil, PM
Warder................Allen Plucknett, PP
Sentinel..............Albert Chatfield, PP
WM Connie’s themes are:
Motto – “Love One Another”
Flower – “Red Rose”
Honor Stations – Electa and Esther
Colors – Red and White
Scripture – “A new commandment
I give to you, that you love
one another: Just as I have
loved you, you are also to
love one another.” - John 13:34
Feb 11: Stated Meeting
Members dressed for
Valentine’s Day, wearing red, white
and hearts. PM Jeanne served as
Worthy Matron Pro-Tem the first
meeting. She opened the meeting
with a “Recipe for Valentines” prose
and shared WM Connie’s regrets for
not being able to attend. WP Jim
shared this month’s observations on
his emblem, the circle. The most
prevalent circles he’s found are
the Olympic rings. The rings are
each five colors: black, red, blue,
green and yellow. It is said that
the rings represent all nations by
containing at least one color of the
flag from all participating countries.
WM pro-tem Jeanne
welcomed our visitors, introducing
Sis. Kristen Swisher, WM of Electa
Chapter No. 8 and Bro. Bruce
Anderson, WP of Electa Chapter
No. 8. Also visiting were three
of Electa Chapters other Officers.
The annual OES scholarship
information will be distributed
soon. The Chapter will make
our scholarship available to the
members of Job’s Daughter Bethel
27 who submit their applications.
Good of the Order
WM pro-tem Jeanne
recognized the February Birthday
in attendance – Associate
Matron, Sister Dehnia Bullerdiek.
Upcoming Activities
March 1 – Nebraska Statehood day
March 9 – Daylight Savings
Time begins – don’t forget
to set your clocks forward!
March 11 – Stated Meeting
– Worthy Matron Connie
encourages all to attend and
“Think Green” with your attire. The Chapter will also
recognize Red Cross Month.
March 15 – School of Instruction
– District Grand Supervisor Sis. Cheryl Beckius will
be visiting us and working with the Officers to ensure our work is accurate.
March 17 – St. Patrick’s
Day! - Slainte! (Cheers!)
Fundraising &
Special Projects
Fireworks Stand – Our
major fundraiser for the year will
again be our fireworks stand on
July 3rd & 4th. Look for more
information in the coming months.
Best Choice Labels –
Continue clipping Best Choice
labels and turn them in as a
quick and easy way to help the
Chapter raise funds! Bring labels
to Chapter any time and drop them
in the bag on the bulletin board.
February Courtesy
Committee Chair Delores
Finch and various members shared
the Courtesy report as follows:
Va l e n t i n e ’s d a y c a r d s
were sent to several members.
WM Connie has been
having foot problems of late.
She greatly appreciates the calls
and emails of support she’s
received from the Chapter.
PP George Sawyer was called
home to the Heavenly Father on Jan.
29. Services were held Feb. 4. The
sympathy of the Chapter has been
extended to PM Liz and their family.
Deb Kendle and Jeanne
Bonnett’s young cousin had a
successful surgery to remove the
tumor on her pituitary gland.
PM Helen Plucknett is
home, but continues to require
a high level of oxygen 24/7.
She is able to take phone calls.
March Fun Fact
Worthy Matron Connie Weir and Worthy Patron
Jim Weir of Myrtle Chapte No. 94 were installed
on Jan. 26.
Ken Livingston photo
Sis. Robyn Mason, PM, presented Sis. Elva Lange
her 50 year pin at her residence. Congratulations
Sis. Elva!
Greg Mason photo
The March equinox occurs
the moment the sun crosses the
celestial equator from south to
north. This happens either on
March 19, 20 or 21 every year. –
On Feb. 18, Lincoln Lodge
No. 19 conferred the Entered Apprentice degree on Steve Gealy. Mr.
Gealy is an attorney with Baylor
Evnen and has practiced law in
Lincoln for many years. His father,
Gordon Gealy, was present and
is a Past Master of the lodge in
Gordon, NE. There were several
other brothers on the sidelines.
Steve is very enthusiastic about
beginning a new chapter in life
as a Mason. There were several
brothers in attendance that we have
not seen in a while and they took
part in the degree. It was good to
see new blood in the degree work.
Our officers are still in
the learning process but progress is being made. The coming Schools of Instruction will
help greatly in that learning.
As we have just celebrated
President’s Day and Washington’s
Birthday, I decided that I would
look in some of my books about
Washington for some information. I came across the following
about his death in a book called
“G. Washington: Master Mason.
At three’ clock on the afternoon of December 18, 1799, the
large funeral procession left the
house for the old family vault.
“Troops, horse and foot” led the procession, followed by four members
of the Clergy, three of who were
Masons. “The body” was “born
by Freemasons and Officers.” The
pall bearers were all Colonels and
all but one were Masons. “When
the body arrived at the vault, The
Rev. Mr. Davis read the service,
and pronounced a short address.
Dr. Elisha Cullen Dick,
the Worshipful Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22, conducted
the Masonic ceremonies and the
body was deposited in the vault.
There was disbelief in The
Congress when, on the day of
the funeral, word reached it of
Washington’s death. Upon confirmation, it adjourned until the next
day. Then John Marshall addressed
the House: “Our Washington is not
more! The hero, the patriot and
the sage of America; the man on
whom in times of danger, every
eye turned and all hopes were
placed…lives now only in his own
great actions, and in the hearts of an
affectionate and afflicted people.”
To the Senate, President
Adams wrote: “Malice could
never blast his honor, and envy
made him a singular exception to
her universal rule. For himself he
had lived long enough, to life and
to glory; for his fellow citizens,
if their prayers could have been
answered, he would have been immortal; for me, his departure is at a
most unfortunate moment. Trusting,
however, in the wise and righteous
dominion of Providence over the
passions of men, and the results of
their councils and actions, as well
as over their lives, nothing remains
for me but humble resignation.
“His example is now complete; and it will teach wisdom
and virtue to magistrates, citizens,
and men, not only in the present
age, but in future generation, as
long as history shall be read.”
Adams words proved prophetic, more so than he could
have imagined. “As long as history shall be read” Washington’s
wisdom, virtue and genius would
be a part of the history of man.
Bronze of George Washington wearing a Past
Master’s Jewel (1990.03),
sculpted by Edward Virginius Valentine (1838–
1930). Donated to the
National Masonic Memorial by Thomas J.
Shryock. Courtesy photo
The 2014 Officers of Myrtle Chapter No. 94 were installed on Jan. 26. Installed
were: 1st Row (L-R) Jeanne Bonnett, Dale Prednosil, Dehnia Bullerdieck, WM
Connie Weir, WP Jim Weir, Harry Storz, Deb Kendle. 2nd Row: Bill Cummins, Greg
Mason, Emily Schoenleber, Linda Livingston, Albert Chatfield, Marilyn Wallin. 3rd
Row: Robyn Mason, CaraLynn Livingston, and Bette Cummins. Ken Livingston photo
MARCH 2014
PAGE College View Lodge 320
East Lincoln Lodge 210
Paul Hadley, Correspondent
Charles Godwin, Correspondent
Curtis Wolbert was installed
as Master of the Lodge during
a Jan. 12 ceremony. Among the
many guests and dignitaries were
Past Grand Master James Brown
Jr. who served as installing master,
Grand Secretary Bruce Watkins as
Installing Marshall and WB Earl
Robinett of George Washington
Lodge 250 as Installing Secretary.
Other officers for 2014 are:
Senior Warden Paul Hadley
and Junior Warden Ben Berck and
WBs Robert Brommer as Treasurer,
Douglas Johnson as Secretary,
Thomas Anderson as Chaplain,
Byron Van Patten as Senior
Deacon, David Caudy as Junior
Deacon, Jairo Cabieles as Marshall
and Gary Kassebaum as Tyler.
Brethren participated in an
unusual event at College View 320
on Wed., Feb. 26. Three members
were passed to the degree of
Fellow Craft Mason on the same
evening. These new Fellow Craft
Masons are Kevin Edelmaier,
David Johnson and Andrew
Kritikos. Congratulations, brethren!
the state highway department,
where he worked in road design.
Max and Doris Thielbar raised
two children in the capital city.
Congratulations to our brother
on his many decades of membership.
WB Jairo Cabieles, who was
unable to attend the installation
on Jan. 12, was installed as
Marshall of the Lodge at our
regular meeting of Feb. 5.
We will hold our annual Past
Masters banquet at The Knolls in
April – watch for news from your
officers confirming the date and time.
A petition for membership
was received and approved at
the meeting, and an investigating
committee formed. We continue to
grow and welcome new members!
PM Robert Brommer
provided an interesting chapter
during the Masonic Education
portion of the meeting.
He summarized passages
from a 1910 edition of Dr.
Albert Mackey’s “Encyclopeadia
of Freemasonry” regarding the
symbolism of the cable tow.
According to WB Mackey,
a cable tow signifies a rope or
line for drawing or leading. Thus
we refer to leading a candidate
in the Entered Apprentice degree,
but in later degrees we refer to
the cable tow as a tie that binds
us together in brotherhood. Dr.
Mackey also notes that the length
of a cable tow — originally a
specific range of 3 miles from an
Entered Apprentice’s home to the
Lodge — now properly means
the scope of a man’s reasonable
ability to meet his commitments.
WB Brommer promises
to present more insights from
the two-volume reference set,
which belonged to his brother,
the late Dr. Richard Brommer.
WM Curt Wolbert and Senior
Warden Paul Hadley, Secretary
Douglas Johnson and Chaplain
Thomas Anderson attended the
157th Annual Communication of
the Grand Lodge. Brothers from
across the state met in Kearney
Feb. 6-8; our representatives
will present observations
at our next regular meeting.
College View 320 will meet
in regular communication Wed.,
March 5. All brothers are welcome
to share in a meal and comradeship
in the Brown Fellowship Hall at
6:30 p.m., then gather upstairs for
the business meeting at 7:30 p.m.
Brother Max Thielbar of
Lincoln was recognized Feb. 5 for
60 years in the craft. It should be
noted that 50-year members Robert
Brommer and George Douglas
were present when WM Curtis
Wolbert presented the pin from
Grand Lodge to recognize this
significant milestone in Brother
Thielbar ’s Masonic journey.
Following a stint in the
U.S. Navy, Max Thielbar joined
the Masons in 1953 at the
Lodge in Wilsonville, where
his father was the Worshipful
Master. The 23-year-old veteran
proved up as a Master Mason at
College View 320 later that year.
He moved to Lincoln to
begin a 40-year career with
Dr. Albert Schweitzer said,
“Just do what you can. It’s not
enough merely to exist. Seek always to do some good, somewhere.
Every man has to seek in his own
way to make his own self more
noble and to realize his own true
worth. You must give some time
to your fellowman. Even if it’s a
little thing, do something for those
who have need of help, something
for which you get no pay but the
privilege of doing it. For remember,
you don’t live in a world all your
own. Your brothers are here, too.”
Lodge Activities
In my last article I indicated
that our next meeting would be
Thu., Feb. 6, but with Grand Lodge
meeting at the same time, our meeting was postponed to Thu., Feb. 13.
Another delicious potluck preceded
the regular meeting. W.M. James
Michaelson opened the meeting
in due form . The regular order
of business was conducted followed by Sr. Warden Bill Hayes
giving a report on the proceedings
at Grand Lodge. It was reported
that East Lincoln Lodge has been
certified proficient by the Grand
Custodians for a period of 80 years.
W.M. James Michaelson stated
that there will be activity at the
lodge on most Thursdays in March.
Contact SR Warden Bill Hayes if
you wanted to know more about
them. The next potluck and regular
meeting will be Thu., March 6.
Schools of Instruction by
the Grand Lodge Custodians begin in March and East Lincoln
will host the 2nd section of the
Master’s Degree on March 31.
Also, we will have our annual
soup supper prior to the school.
SR Bill Hayes represented
the lodge at the installation of the
officers of the Acacia Fraternity on
Jan. 27. Our lodge participated in
laying their cornerstone when the
building was put in place. From
time to time, they use the lodge
for new member initiations and
for other events. Their new Venerable Dean is Patrick McGovern.
“America provides the
brushes, oils, pigments, and the
canvas on which you can paint
your life as you want. You
choose your own form, design,
and pattern. What does your
painting look like to the world?”
Martha Washington 153
Gwen L. Hurst, Correspondent
Bro. Max Thielbar receives his 60-year pin from
Worshipful Master Curtis Wolbert at College View
Lodge’s Feb. 5 business meeting.
Paul Hadley photo
Coming events
Worthy Matron Janice Nitz
and Worthy Patron Mark Poston
warmly greeted all who braved
the cold and lingering snow for
the February meeting of Martha
Washington Chapter No. 153.
W.M. Janice, a self-described
“computer nerd,” shared some
little-known facts about Valentine’s
Day, and W.P. Mark provided
witty insights that caused chuckles, groans and welcomed warmth.
One highlight of the evening was the installation of Sis.
Sue Bell-Heilman as Star Point
Ruth. Sis. Shirley Boardman
served as Installing Marshal, and
W.M. Janice served as Installing
Officer. Congratulations, Sue!
Other highlights included
discussion regarding The Masonic News and its reorganization,
unanimous support for providing
a Masonic Band Camp scholarship and an Eastern Star Scholarship for a graduating high school
senior. There was considerable
discussion about and creative
ideas offered to generate additional
revenue for the Temple Board.
After the close of the meeting, Conductress Erin Stone escorted Sis. Betty Kirby, PGM, and Bro.
John Kirby, PP, to the altar to sign
the Bible. W.M. Janice gave them
their Past Matron and Past Patron
cards and led the Chapter in a round
of applause, thanking them for their
considerable service to the Chapter.
Aloha! All are welcome to these coming events:
Thu., March 6, 7:30 p.m.
Sat., March 8, 4:00 – 6:30 p.m.
– Creamed Chicken Dinner
Thu., April 3, 7:30 p.m.
Sat., April 12, 4:00 – 6:30 p.m.
– Creamed Chicken Dinner
Thu., May 1, 7:30 p.m. – Special
meeting honoring Past Matrons and Past Patrons of any
Chapter (special ceremony will
be performed by the officers)
March birthdays
1 ..................... Charlotte Contatore
4..................................Ayla Wilhite
17..............................Wanda Fisher
19............................H. John Kirby
22.......................Rachel Lundholm
26..........................Egon Fagerberg
27..........................Bryan Bingham
31........................Maxine Buchardt
4430 N. 70th St.
4:00 - 6:30 p.m.
$6.00 per person
College View 320 officers for 2014 are Robert Brommer (left), Thomas Anderson, Paul Hadley, Byron Van Patten, WM Curtis Wolbert, David Caudy, Ben
Berck, Gary Kassebaum and Douglas Johnson. Jairo Cabieles was unavailable
for the photo.
Photo courtesy of Paul Hadley
Creamed Chicken over
Biscuits or Mashed
Potatoes. Veggies,
Coffee, Tea, or Water.
To benefit Masonic Temple
Association of Havelock
MARCH 2014
Bethel 5
Bethel 27
Cora Redwine, Correspondent
Emily Schoenleber, Correspondent
Electa Installation
of Officers
a personalized caserole
dish and support Bethel 5!
On Jan. 18, the Bethel performed the Floral Cross for the
installation of Kristen Swisher and
Bruce Anderson, Worthy Matron and
Worthy Patron of Electa Chapter.
Upcoming Events
Robert burns dinner
On Jan. 24, seven members,
and one prospect, served the Robert
Burns Dinner at the Scottish Rite.
Lancaster lodge 54
valentines day
ladies at the table
On Feb. 14, Bethel No. 5
served the Ladies at the Table Dinner
for Lancaster Lodge No. 54. We
received nice compliments about the
girls - their behavior, demeanor, and
professionalism. Nice going ladies!
[See ad page 7].
Mar 1 - Serving Daughters
of the Nile Mardi Gras Dinner
Mar 8 - Prospect
Mar 9 - Go To Church Sunday
Mar 15 - Electa Chapter
Charter Day Celebration, 2:00 p.m.
Mar 23 - Grand Family
Offices and Grand Reps, 3:00 p.m.
Job’s Daughters Founder’s
Week will be observed March 2
– 8 this year! Everyone is encouraged to support and promote Job’s
Daughters. Talk to a friend about
Jobies, wear your Jobie swag to
school or work, and distribute
some brochures or other information on what an outstanding
organization Job’s Daughters is!
The girls will be enjoying a reprieve from their studies
this month. LPS Spring Break
will be March 10-14 and UNL
Spring Break will be March 24-28.
February Activities
Guardian Secretary Deb
Kendle shows some spirit
at the Robert Burns Dinner.
Micah Evans photo
The ladies of Bethel No. 5 clean up the kitchen at
Lancaster Lodge No. 54’s Valentines Day Ladies
at the Table Dinner on Feb. 14. Cora Redwine photo
Feb 2 – Was the first Business Meeting of the term. This
was a change from our usual 1st
Thursday of the month, due to a
conflict in the Honored Queen’s
schedule. This was a busy day;
we had a lot to catch-up on after our January vacation period.
Feb 9 – The members of
Bethel 51 – David City joined
our Daughters for Bethel Bowling at Parkway lanes in Lincoln. Everyone had a great time!
Feb 16 – The second Business Meeting of the
term was well attended.
Feb 22 – Brought a special
meeting for the Ceremony of Initiation. The Daughters were thrilled
to have Miss Journey Woodson
and Miss Shelby Chesnut join
our Bethel! Welcome Daughters!
Feb 22 – Later that night,
several Daughters attended the DeMolay Sweetheart Ball in Lincoln
to support retiring Eiche Chapter
Sweetheart, PHQ Marissa Roesler.
Bethel 27 was also extremely proud
of our Junior Princess, Becky
Bleess, who was crowned as the
2014 Eiche Chapter Sweetheart!
Congratulations Becky and Marissa! We’ve very proud of you both!
Upcoming Activities
On Jan 18, the girls of Bethel No. 5 performed
the closing cross at Electa Chapter No. 8’s Installation of Officers.
Cora Redwine photo
Mar 1 – Honored Queen
Rachel will be hosting a Princess
Tea Party as a prospective member
fun activity. Daughters will don
their biggest, brightest tiara as they
enjoy tea, snacks, and write letters
to their favorite Disney Princesses.
Mar 2 – Will be our regular
monthly cleaning of ECCO Park,
adopted through Lincoln Parks and
Recreation. A little hard work will
then be rewarded with some fun at
lunch out with our favorite sisters.
Mar 6 – Is the date of
our third Business Meeting this
term. Daughters will be honoring
Job’s Daughters founder “Mother
Mick” with a special ceremony.
Mar 9 – Daylight Savings
Time begins – clocks spring forward!
Mar 16 – Will be the
fourth Business Meeting of the
term. Hope to see you all there!
Mar 17 – St. Patrick’s Day!
Mar 23 – Join the lovely
ladies of Bethel 27 for our Flapjack Feast! This fundraiser will
support the Daughters in their
individual activities funds. Please
see our ad for further details.
the Spirit Ambassadors’ project
by actively engaging in character
building activities throughout the
year. These activities emphasize
the six pillars of Character Counts:
Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship
Grand Guardian’s Project
– HIKE Fund Raffles – Bethel
27 supports Grand Guardian
Debbie’s project of HIKE Fund
raffles by purchasing raffle tickets at each state event we attend.
Programs & Projects
March Birthdays
GBHQ Project – Rite Care
Clinic – Bethel 27 is supporting
Grand Bethel Honored Queen Rachel’s project by passing our “brag
bank” at each business meeting,
allowing Daughters and Council
to “brag” on whatever’s new in
their lives for a donation to the
bank. GBHQ Rachel will recognize
each Bethel’s contributions to this
project at Grand Bethel in June
MNJD Project – HIKE Fund
- Monkeys – Bethel 27 is supporting Miss Nebraska Job’s Daughters
Taylor’s project with our “birthday
bank” and a planned HIKE Dance.
The birthday bank is collected
each month, and Daughters and
Council who have a birthday
that month deposit funds into the
bank, sharing their birthdate, age,
and plans to celebrate. For each
increment of money submitted,
MNJD Taylor will send us a paper
monkey to display on our palm
tree at Grand Session in June.
MNC & Spirit Ambassadors Project – Character Counts
– Bethel 27 supports Miss Nebraska Congeniality Alyssa and
February Birthdays
Feb 2 – Emory Anderson, First Messenger
Bullerdiek, Bethel Guardian
Feb 15 – Ashlyn Eveland, Past Honored Queen
Bleess, Junior Princess
Feb 15 – Stephanie
Bleess, Guardian Secretary
Mar 5 – AlexanTitsworth, Marshal
Mar 9 – Ethel T Wead
Mick, Job’s Daughters Founder
March Fun Fact
The International Center
for Job’s Daughters building in
Papillion, Nebraska was dedicated in March of 1990 and
houses the Supreme Office and
Mick Memorial Room today!
Know a youth who
could benefit from
our youth groups? Be
sure to tell them about
it: Job’s Daughters,
DeMolay, and Rainbow. You could be
the one that changes
their lives forever,
and for the better.
Give them a petition!
Metals, Inc.
Helping Build
Tomorrow’s New
Rieke Metals, Inc.
1001 Kingbird Road
Lincoln, NE 68521
The members of Bethel No. 5 and a prospect
who served the Robert Burns Dinner at the
Scottish Rite on
Jan. 24.
Cora Redwine photo
Bethel 27 ladies at the Sweetheart Ball. Congratulations goes out to Becky on being selected as Eiche Chapter’s 2014 Sweetheart. Photo courtesy of Rachel Duckett
MARCH 2014
Please send all changes on a
post card or file card to
The Masonic News, Box 82304,
Lincoln, NE 68501-2304 or email
them to [email protected]
All phone numbers begin with (402)
unless otherwise noted.
Grand Lodge of Nebraska
Ancient Free
and Accepted Masons
Joe D. McBride
Grand Master
301 N. Cotner Blvd.
Lincoln, NE 68508-2315
Masonic Lodges
Lincoln Lodge 19
1635 L St. 68508
John Duling, W.M.
1540 Garret Ln. Apt 3151 68512
Charles Burk, Sec.
8041 South 16th St. 68512
1st Tues. Reg. Communication 7:30 p.m.
Lancaster Lodge 54
1635 L St. 68508 476-3453
Shane T. Rhian, W.M. 326-2771
2002 S 11th St., 68502
Russ Reno, Sec.
4710 Larkwood Rd 68516
1st Fri. Reg. Communication7:00 p.m.
Bennett Lodge 94
4641 Cooper Ave. 68506
Fred Liebers, W.M. 466-8229
842 W Rose St 68522
Rick Harris, Sec.730-7425
1433 SW 24th St 68522
1st Tues. Reg. Communication 7:30 p.m.
East Lincoln Lodge 210
2700 S St. 68503
James Michaelson W.M.
3608 NW Palm Ct 68521
Mark Lighthall, Sec304-7323
335 N 35th St 68503
1st Thurs. Reg. Communication 7:30 p.m.
North Star Lodge 227
2610 N. 48th St. 68504 466-2236
David L. Sierks, W.M. 466-2514
6525 Hartley St., 68507-1860
Steve Wetzel, Sec. 488-8198
1518 Skyline Drive 68506
1st Wed. Reg. Communication 7:30 p.m.
George Washington Lodge 250
4430 N. 70th St. 68507
Mark Poston, W.M.
4601 S 45th St 68516
Donald Eisenbarth, Sec.-Treas. 464-5564
Address unpublished
1st Tue. Reg. Communication 7:30 p.m.
Hickman Lodge 256
4641 Cooper Ave., 68506 Greg Vlasnik, W.M.
1120 Lakeshore Dr Crete 68333
Olin Boone, Sec. 486-3801
6101 S Richland Circle 68516
[email protected]
1st Thurs. Reg. Communication 7:00 p.m.
Lebanon Lodge 3
Prince Hall Affiliation
1630 N. 24th St. 68503-1117
Frankie White W.M. 4939 W Thatcher Ln 68528
Floyd Williams, Sec.325-8337
4835 Fremont St 68504
Address all correspondence to the Sec.
2nd Tue. Reg. Communication 7:00 p.m.
Temple Chapter 271
332 S. Centennial Mall 68508 435-2144
Wendy Garrison
2309 S W 18th St, 68522
Keith Garrison, W.P. 476-3026
2309 S W 18th St, 68522
Melinda Brage, Sec.
620 Leavitt Ln
1st Mon. Stated Meeting 7:30 p.m.
York Rite
Past Matrons and Past Patrons Club
James F Brown, Jr., Pres. 483-1727
Diane Brown, Sec.-Treas. 483-1727
Lincoln Chapter 6 R.A.M.
1635 L St. 68508
Bruce Anderson, High Priest 435-0974
2010 S. 26th St. 68502
Tom Michaelson, Sec.
901 Starview Ln, 68512
1st Wed.
Covered-dish dinner 6:15 p.m.
Business Meeting 7:00 p.m.
Lincoln Council 4 Cryptic Masons
1635 L St. 68508 476-3453
Mervyn Moeller, Ill. Master 785-7545
4805 Davey Rd., Ceresco 68017
Tom Michaelson, Recorder 423-1984
1st Wed., Business Meeting7:00 p.m.
Covered-dish dinner 6:15 p.m.
Mount Moriah Commandery 4
1635 L St. 68508
Rick Harris Cmdr. 477-8969
1433 SW 24th St 68522
Tom Michaelson, Recorder 423-1984
1st Mon. Business meeting7:00 p.m.
Covered-dish dinner 6:15 p.m.
Scottish Rite
Scottish Rite Temple
332 S. Centennial Mall
P.O. Box 95013 68509-5013
Bruce Wood, Gen. Sec.
Tom Greenlee, Venerable Master
Todd Tinnean, Wise Master
TBD, Commander
Mark Kinzie, Master of Kadosh
3rd Wed. Bus. Meeting 6:00 p.m.
Sesostris Temple
1050 Saltillo Rd
Roca, Ne 68430
Keith Houfek, Potentate
2615 Krauter Place Roca 68430
Daughters of the Nile
Naphis Temple No. 66
Paula Beezley, Queen 489-4241
310 Carolyn Court 68512-2209
Eastern Star
Eastern Star Grand Chapter
of Nebraska
Beverly Donham
Worthy Grand Matron
Jim Dusch
Worthy Grand Patron
Jan Thoman
Grand Secretary
Box 156
Fremont NE 68025
Cotner Lodge 297
1542 No. 65th St. 68505 Jerry Pigsley, W.M. 434-3000
2627 Ammom Ave 68507
Ralph Riemann, Sec.
3101 Fox Hollow Rd. 68506
1st Mon. Reg. Communication 7:30 p.m.
Electa Chapter 8
1635 L St. 68508
Kristen Swisher, W.M. 806-4524
416 N 19th St Beatrice 68310
Bruce Anderson, W.P. 435-0974
2010 S. 26th St. 68502
Susie Dunn, Sec.
4600 Garfield St. 68506
1st Sat. Stated Meeting 2:00 or 7:30 p.m.
Liberty Lodge 300
1635 L St. 68508 476-3453
Andrew Seachord, W.M.
4640 Myrtle St 68506
Brent Myers, Secretary770-0901
901 Rosewood Dr. 68510
1st Thurs. Reg. Communication 7:00 p.m.
Electa Chapter Kensington
Marion Kantner, Pres. 435-0378
2540 Worthington Ave., 68502-3963
Susie Dunn, Sec. 484-5202
4000 Garfield St. 68506
1st Thurs.
Craftsmen Lodge 314
2645 B St. 68502 475-2820
Byrl A Shear Jr, W.M. 770-6536
1728 West B St., 68522
James P. Heinke, Secretary436-5691
P.O. Box 6813, 68506-0813
1st Tues. Reg. Communication 7:00 p.m.
College View Lodge 320
4641 Cooper Ave. 68506
Mail to Box 6865, 68506-6865
Curt Wolbert, W.M.
5140 S. 80th St. 68516-6318
Douglas B. Johnson, Sec. 421-7006
4600 Birch Hollow Dr. 68516-5107
1st. Wed. Reg. Communication 7:30 p.m.
Tabula Rasa Lodge 332
1635 L St. 68508 476-3453
Joe Huskey, W.M.730-1158
3920 Lasalle St 68516
Dennis Brydl, Sec.
2510 Kessler Blvd. 68502
3rd Tues. Reg. Communication 6:00 p.m.
Past Matrons Club
Bridget Anderson, Pres.
Ilah Anderson, Courtesy Chair
Dona Y. Hurst, Sec.-Treas. 421-1108
Myrtle Chapter 94
2610 No. 48th St. 68504 466-2236
Connie Weir, W.M. 488-9040
4110 Mohawk St 68510
Jim Weir, W.P. 570-7371
4110 Mohawk St 68510
Robyn Throckmorton, Sec. 484-5756
415 Laramie Trl 68521
2nd and 4th Tues.7:30 p.m.
Myrtle Club
Deb Kendle, Pres.325-9653
Delores Finch, V.P. & Courtesy
Bette Cummins, Sec/Treas 423-2689
Martha Washington Chapter 153
4430 N. 70th St. 68507
Janice Nitz, W.M. 1301 Frances Goehner 68364
Mark Poston, W.P.
4601 S 45th St 68516
Elizabeth Wilhite, Sec. 421-7308
6201 Queens Dr., 68516-3163
1st Thurs.7:30 p.m.
Past Matrons Club
Marilyn Jepson, Co-Pres.
Earleen Ladd, Co-Pres
Columbia Chapter 275
1542 No. 65th St. 68505 466-0890
Kristi Thornburg, W.M. 430-4533
401 S 84th St., 68510
Leonard Martin, W.P. 488-6388
401 S 84th St., 68510
Kayleen Martin, Sec.
401 S 84th St., 68510
1st Tues. Stated Meeting7:00 p.m.
Columbia Chapter Kensington
Kaylene Martin, Pres.
401 S. 84th St. 68510
4th Tues.
Past Matrons and Past Patrons Club
Trudy Thornburg, Pres.
Nancy Weers, Vice-Pres. 466-3750
Starcraft Chapter 307
2645 B St. 68502 475-2820
Julie Fowler, W.M.
2020 Jefferson Ave., 68502
Dennis Brydl, W.P.
2510 Kessler Blvd., 68502
Ileen Smith , Sec.796-2204
3500 NW 126th St, 68524
1st Wed. Stated Meeting7:30 p.m.
Starcraft Kensington
Shirley Douglas, Pres.
5208 Locust 68516
Bonnie Kalkwarf, Sec.
1100 Cambridge Ct Apt 12 68505
1st Tue. Mar.-June, Sep.-Dec.
Past Matrons and Past Patrons Club
Ruth Beach, Pres. 464-0513
Glee Warnke, Sec. 465-8486
[email protected]
DeMolay-Dr. Frederick Eiche Chapter
Jon Lighthall, Master Councilor
Becky Bleess, Chapter Sweetheart
Garen Miller, Chapter Dad 890-4320
Meetings 2nd and 4th Wed. 7:00 p.m.
2700 S St. 68503
Please send all correspondence to:
Garen Miller
8029 Palmilla Ln., 68516
Job’s Daughters
Bethel 5
Please send all correspondents to:
1635 L St. 68508-2510
Cora Redwine, Guardian
4101 N 12th St. 68521
[email protected]
Greg Prososki, ABG
21040 NW 70th St., Agnew, NE 68428
[email protected]
Deb Kendle, Sec.617-3991
1400 North 64th St. 68505325-9653
[email protected]
Emily Nelson, Honored Queen
2nd and 4th Sat. 10:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.
Dark July and August
Bethel 27
2610 N. 48th St.
Please send all correspondents to:
Dehnia Bullerdiek, BG540-1785
1417 Sioux Street 68502
[email protected]
Harry Storz, ABG788-2566
15900 Olive Creek Road 68301
Stephanie Bleess, Sec. 488-4066
903 Eastridge Dr. 68510
[email protected]
1st Thur., 7:00 p.m.3rd Sun. 1:30 p.m.
Rachel Ducket, Honored Queen
Bethel 63
1542 No. 65th Street
Dyana Burton, Guardian
9415 South 28th St 68516
Kevin Thornburg, Assoc. Guardian 430-9393
5410 Wyman Ave 68512
, Sec.
6104 N.W. 7th St. 68521
Tiana Hudson, Honored Queen
1st and 3rd Thurs.7:00 p.m.
Rainbow for Girls
Lincoln Assembly 6
Capitol Chapter 320
Cindee Lighthall, W.M.304-3402
335 N 35th St 68503
Gary Kassebaum, W.P.328.9096
4401 S. 27th St. Apt E7, 68512
Kathy Berger, Sec.
5448 High St. 68506
1st Mon.7:30 p.m.
Capitol Chapter Kensington
Kathy Berger, Pres.
5448 High St., 68506
4th Thurs.
Capital City Past Matrons
and Patrons Club
Imogene Kermoade, Pres. 423-0188
Carolyn Cook, Vice Pres.
Martha Countryman, Sec. 488-7473
Karen Cook, Treas.
1st Tue. Oct-May Legacy Estates Noon
Youth Groups
DeMolay-Lincoln Chapter
No Master Councilor
No Chapter Sweetheart
Meetings 2nd and 4th Tues. 7 p.m.
Scottish Rite Temple
Please send correspondence to:
Tom Greenlee, Chap. Dad
3401 S 33rd St, 68506
PAGE 332 S. Centenniel Mall (Scottish Rite)
Please send all correspondents to:
Jen Birdsall, Mother Advisor
749 Sunny Slope Rd 68505
[email protected]
Laurie Sieg, Advisory Board Chair
7600 Baldwin Ave 68507 464-2410
[email protected]
Zoe Maurer, Worthy Advisor
1st and 3rd Tues. 7:00 p.m.
Other Bodies
Masonic News, Inc.
Box 82304, Lincoln, NE 68501-2304
Jim Batten, Pres.
Mark Poston, Vice-Pres.
Bette Cummins, Sec.-Treas. 423-2689
Mark Turner, Editor
New Masonic Temple Assoc.
1635 L Street
Virgil Meints, Pres.326-1464
Bruce Watkins, Sec-Treas. 489-4317
Please address all correspondence to Sec.Treas., 1635 L Street, Lincoln, NE 68508
2nd Tues. Board of Directors meeting
Members welcome
4:30 p.m.
Nebraska Masonic Home
Mary C. Stapp, Exec. Dir. 1-800-245-5812
1300 Avenue D
Plattsmouth NE 68048-1055
Masonic-Eastern Star
Home for Children
Ron Giesselmann, Exec. Dir.
Box 1327 (2415 N. Main St.)
Fremont NE 68025-1327 1-402-721-1185
Acacia Fraternity
2255 Vine Street, 68503
Patrick McGovern, Ven. Dean
Greg Straley, Sec.
Widows Sons Memento Mori Chapter
Richard Lassak, Pres.
Scott VonMinden, Secr.
Lincoln Boys Choir
Burton Schernikau, Director
Kelsey Klein, Business Manager 499-4446
Address Corrections?
Ad Rate Information?
E-mail Notifications?
Contact us at:
[email protected]
When: Going on NOW til JUNE 2014
If you would like to see a brochure or samples of the
items, feel free to visit:
If you have any questions, please call Deb Kendle at
402-325-9653 or 402-617-3991
or email at
[email protected]
Funds generated will go into the girl’s Bethel
5 personnel accounts to help pay their way to
Grand Bethel in
Kearney, NE in June of 2014
Attention Lodge Officers–
Thu., Mar. 13, 7:00 p.m.
Host: Liberty Lodge 300,
1635 L Street
MASTER MASON Degree, Sec. 1,
Wed., Mar. 26, 7:00 p.m.
Host: North Star Lodge 227,
2610 N. 48th St.
Wed., Mar. 26, 7:00 p.m.
Host: North Star Lodge 227,
2610 N. 48th St.
MASTER MASON Degree, Sec. 2,
Mon., Mar. 31, 7:00 p.m.
Host: East Lincoln Lodge 210,
27th and S Street
The Grand Custodian of the Ritual and his Deputies will take us through
the degrees word by word and step by step, and answer our questions.
MARCH 2014
THU., MAR 6, THU., MAR 13, WED., MAR 26, MON., MAR 31, MON., MAR 31, SAT., APR 12, TUE., APR 15, FRI., APR 25, Kensington, Electa chapter No. 8, Masonic Temple 1635 L St., Noon
EA School of Instruction, Liberty Lodge 300, 1635 L St., 7:00 p.m.
FC/MM 1st Section School of Instruction, North Star Lodge, 2610 N. 48th St., 7:00 p.m.
MM and Second Section, School of Instruction, East Lincoln Lodge 210, 27th and S
Soup Supper, East Lincoln 210, Four types of Soup Available, $5 per person,
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
District #5 Grand Representatives Brunch at Stauffer’s, 5600 S. 48th St,
Lincoln, 10:30 a.m.
“Eat & Treat”@ Dino’s East Side Grill, 84th & VanDorn, SW corner mall,
Electa Chapter Fundraiser, 5:00 p.m.- 8:00p.m.
Spaghetti Supper, Cotner Masonic Temple, 1542 N. 65th St., Adults - $6.00,
Children (12 and under) - $3.00 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Robert Burns Dinner
Article Courtesy of Micah Evans, Development Director, Orient of Nebraska
A great evening was held at
the Lincoln Scottish Rite Robert
Burns dinner on Sun., Jan. 26.
Scots celebrate the birthday
of their most-loved national poet,
Robert Burns on January 25
with bagpipes, Scotch, and the
guest of honor, the haggis – “the
Great Chieftan o’ the puddin’race” in Burns own words the traditional seasoned pudding
simmered in a sheep’s stomach.
The Valley of Lincoln joins
that tradition each year with a Robert
Burns dinner, toasting Scotland’s
famous son and Freemason. This
year, the Burns dinner was held
at the Lincoln Scottish Rite on
January 24. 85 guests partook of
the annual dinner, many wearing
kilts and traditional Scottish clothes.
This year, Burns Dinner
chairs, Merv (32° KCCH) and
Sharon Moeller added a silent
auction to the dinner, raising
money for the Lincoln Scottish Rite
Presevation Foundation, including
the RiteCare Speech and Language
Clinic and the Distinguished Teacher
of the Year award. Guests bid on
a Huskers cooler, Avon products,
homemade cinnamon buns, a beer
and chip basket, and autographs
by famous actors and musicians.
Guests enjoyed wine, Scottish
Belhaven ale, or a wee dram
of Scotch, with Ted Johnson
and Venerable Master of the
Lodge of Perfection Tom Greenlee
volunteering behind the bar.
Craig Gavin, 32°, Rector of St.
Matthew’s Episcopal Church, served
as emcee for the evening, welcoming
guests to the Scottish Rite, and
led the group in an invocation
and the Pledge of Allegiance.
D r. S t u a r t We s t b u r g
entertained guests with several
Scottish selections on the bagpipe,
and the Knights of St. Andrew led
the procession with the haggis,
prepared by Stoysich’s in Omaha.
Dave Caudy recited Burns famous
poem “Ode to a Haggis,” and Jim
Batten, 32° KCCH ceremoniously
stabbed the haggis with a dagger.
Led by Dr. Westburg, the Knights
of St. Andrew then proceeded to
escort the haggis through the room.
Chef Julie Harper prepared
an excellent Scottish-themed dinner,
beginning with a spiked peach salad
on romaine, followed by stuffed
chicken breast, savory potatoes,
and Scottish vegetables, with
ginger whiskey cake for dessert.
The young women from Job’s
Daughters, Bethel #5 were on
hand, serving guests and picking
up dishes. And of course, there was
the haggis, delicious and spicy, for
all who wanted it – with plenty
left over for those who wanted a
bit more of the delicious pudding!
After dinner, RiteCare
clinician Amber Jara, M.S. spoke
about the kids she serves at the
Barkley Memorial Center, and
several upcoming events including
WalkRite for RiteCare in September.
Stephen Lahey, Associate
Professor of Religious Studies
at the University of Nebraska at
Lincoln recited several poems
from Robert Burns, followed by
a medley of Scottish melodies by
Stuart Westburg on the bagpipes.
Shane Rhian, 32° gave the
toast to the lassies, and Paula
Rhian gave the reply – to great
applause from the audience.
Closing the evening, silent
auction winners were announced
and about $500 was raised toward
the Scottish Rite philanthropies.
Craig Gavin gave a toast to
all brethren, near and away,
and the evening closed with
everyone singing Auld Lang Syne.
As always, the Valley of
Masonic News Business Directory
Real Estate/Estate/Busi. Equip./Benefit Auctioneers
Great Plains Realty Auct.-Randy Fleming CAI Auct’r/Broker. 402-210-4885
[email protected]
45+ years exp.
B. Lynn Alexander, a member of Lancaster Lodge 54
I make housecalls.
Antique & Coin Appraisals
Tom Bassett - 30 Years Experience
E-mail: [email protected]
Ferris Financial Group
Scott C. Keller (Lincoln 19)
[email protected]
401(k)s, IRAs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and insurance.
“Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC”
Avon Representatives
Susie Dunn (Electa 8)
Deb Kendle (Myrtle 94)
Craig Gavin, 32°, Rector
of St. Matthew’s Episcopal
Church in Lincoln served
as emcee at the Robert
Burns Dinner on Jan. 26.
Lincoln hosted a fantastic evening
at this years Robert Burns dinner.
The next Robert Burns dinner
will be in January 2015, and all
Scottish Rite Masons, guests,
and the public are welcome. 402-484-5202 402-325-9653
Voice News of Southeast Nebraska
Bill (256) & Linda Bryant, publishers, Hickman
News & advertising from Lincoln & 24 bedroom communities
Sellstate Performance Realty
Ron Herms, a member of Lancaster Lodge 54
20+ years of real estate experience
Wadlow Rozanek Funeral Home
Rod Rozanek, a member of Cotner Lodge 297
Our compassionate staff has served families for four generations. 5200 R St
Kinsey Rowe Law Firm
Rob Kinsey, a member of Cotner Lodge 297
Estate Planning-Litigation-Corporate 3800 VerMaas Pl. Ste 100 68502
Lincoln’s Local Mover: Heartland Moving
Lee Saltzgaber, Owner/Manager
O: 402-466-1112 C: 402-440-8424 [email protected] 8305 N 58th Cir, Suite A 68517
Your business or professional service can be listed here in two lines
for 12 months for just $31.50. Write The Masonic News.
Box 82304, Lincoln, NE 68501 or e-mail [email protected]
This Space Reserved for YOUR Business!
Shane Rhian leads the
“Toast to the Lassies” at
the Robert Burns Dinner.
Ladies bidding on silent auction items benefitting
the Lincoln Valley philanthropies. Micah Evans photo
Dr. Stuart Westburg, bagpiper, leads the procession
of the Haggis by the Knights of Saint Andrew, a
service organization within the Scottish Rite Valley of Lincoln, around the Robert Burns Dinner on
Jan. 26.
Micah Evans photo
Amber Jara, RiteCare clinician at the Barkley Memorial Center talks about
the Scottish Rite’s philanthropy, the RiteCare
Speech and Language
Clinic and how Scottish Rite Masons are impacting children’s lives
who suffer from speech
and language disorders.

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