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United Ministries News
Winter 2014
‘Tis The Season For Giving Thanks…
United Ministries began a prayer wall at Lent this year. Due to
popularity, we have left it up all year. It stands as a reminder to those
who grace our lobby that we have so much for which to be thankful,
while so many struggle daily for the basics of shelter, electricity and
water. Prayer requests range from praying for ill family members or for a job to parental prayers of wellbeing for
their children. This Thanksgiving and Advent season, let us pray for the “least of these”.
… And Peace On Earth, Good Will To All people.
Currently United Ministries is working to provide rent to two families that are
days away from homelessness. One family consists of one child and a single,
disabled mom who is a victim of domestic violence. Peace on earth is a foreign
concept to them lately. She cannot legally return to her home because it is the
home of her abuser’s family. And today we met a single working mom whose
spouse abandoned her, leaving her to live with 3 children in a camper damaged
by the flood. To compound matters, this mom is contending with the ghost from
a past due Gulf Power bill left unpaid by the father and the reason they have
been living in the camper instead of securing a rental property and establishing an account with Gulf Power.
Because of the generosity of our donors, partner churches, and partners like The Community Foundation of
Northwest Florida and United Way Escambia, United Ministries is able to help both of these families with rent and
a new start just as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach. We are thankful for our generosity and for peace on
earth because of God Incarnate in Jesus Christ. But peace on earth is also possible because Christians minister to
Jesus by ministering to the “least of these” (Matthew 25) who are society’s most vulnerable. Thanks be to God!
Community Foundation of NW Florida Awards
United Ministries $5000 for Flood Relief
The Community Foundation of Northwest Florida (previously
the Greater Escambia Community Foundation) awarded United
Ministries $5,000 to use for flood relief. The funds went to help
families who suffered damage not covered by FEMA or insurance.
Each family assisted with these funds had extensive damage from
water and mud in their homes and hailed from the central, east and
north ends of Escambia County. The Community Foundation was
established in 1995 through a grant from the D.W. McMillan
Pictured LtoR: Cathy Laird, Community Foundation Director, Jean
Foundation. Originally formed to serve the needs in the Greater
Silva & Henry Roberts, Community Foundation Board Vice-Chair
Escambia County area, it now serves all of Northwest Florida. For more than 15 years, the Community Foundation
of Northwest Florida has been assisting donors in establishing long-term charitable giving that reflects their
individual philanthropic interests while positively impacting our local communities. Their mission is “to enrich
lives and strengthen the communities we serve” and their vision is “to be Northwest Florida’s premiere provider of
philanthropic services”. Thank you to Community Foundation for their generosity to this community!
United Way Awards United Ministries Funds to Help Flood Victims
A big thank you to United Way for entrusting flood relief funds to United Ministries to administer to flood victims
in Escambia County. United Ministries helped 33 families with 12 rent payments, 19 utility bills, a doctor’s bill
and bike repair bill totaling $13,3410.20 in flood relief!
United Ministries News
Winter 2014
Robert Lupton
Author of Toxic Charity &
Founder of FCS Urban Ministries
Sponsored by:
Pensacola Collective Against Toxic Charity,
First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church,
Trinity Presbyterian Church & United Ministries
Trinity Presbyterian Church, 2-4 pm
“Compassion & Justice:
Rethinking Our Work with the Poor”
For Nonprofits and
Anyone Who Cares for the Poor
is coming to Pensacola
Thursday, February 5, 2015!
First Baptist Church, 6-8 pm
“Toxic Charity: How Churches &
Charities Hurt Those They Help
(And How To Reverse It)”
For Churches and Church Leaders
Robert Lupton is an urban activist and community developer who has four decades of experience transforming
poverty stricken neighborhoods into vibrant communities. Founder of FCS Urban Ministries (Focused Community
Strategies) in Atlanta, Lupton has authored several books about serving the poor including, Toxic Charity and
Compassion, Justice and the Social Life: Rethinking Ministry to the Poor.
“The poor, no matter how destitute, have enormous untapped
capacity; find it, be inspired by it, and build upon it.” - from Toxic Charity
The premise of Toxic Charity is that people cannot be serviced out of poverty. Lupton believes that “oneway” charity sets the table for an unhealthy, counterproductive relationship of dependence between the “giver” and
those on the receiving end. As a result those who receive charity lose dignity and motivation.
Our mission is to create healthy places in the
city where families flourish and
God’s shalom is present.
Community is a deeply imbedded value of FCS. Nearly four decades has demonstrated that the most
transformative urban ministry is community-based. Thus, FCS focuses on a single neglected neighborhood for an
extended period of time until health returns. Though not all FCS programs are exclusively single-community
focused, all share the same commitment to community development.
The ultimate goal is creating avenues for distressed neighborhoods to become self-sustainable.
Examples of FCS Urban Ministries:
Charis Community Housing - Creating wholesome, viable mixed-income communities with housing types
FCS Community Economic Development - Equipping citizens with economic strength through increased
purchasing capacity & community-based economic power including: South Atlanta Marketplace, Beltline Bike
Shop, Community Grounds Cafe, Refugee Beads
Moving in the Spirit Dance- A nationally recognized youth development program that uses dance to positively
transform young lives in Atlanta
Urban Recipe - A nationally recognized food cooperative that provides community purchasing power
United Ministries News
Winter 2014
A hug thanks goes to Seville Rotary for choosing United Ministries
as one of six recipients of proceeds from the
Fourth Ever Arrogant Steak Cook Off
At Seville Quarter on October 24th. In addition to the sale of 50
tickets totaling $1250 in proceeds for United Ministries,
Seville Rotary gave another $500 in proceeds to United Ministries
because of the overwhelming success of the event.
Thanks to everyone who supported this fun event for a good cause!
The Leidner Group of
Merrill Lynch
hosted a wine tasting
event to benefit United
October 23rd.
Chad Leidner, Senior Financial Advisor, approached United Ministries to do a fundraiser. Chad and his brother
Mark Leidner, Wealth Management Advisor, wanted to find a way to give back to the community through a wine
tasting fund raiser using Wines for Humanity. Proceeds from the wine totaling $400 and donations in the amount
of $230 resulted in a fun and successful fundraiser for United Ministries. A big thank you to the Leidner Group for
the wonderful food and beautiful event held at the lovely Bayou Texar home of Mark and Halli Leidner. Cheers!
Thanks be to God for Volunteers!
The dedication of our volunteers (averaging 275 hours/month) enables United Ministries to keep operating
expenses very low. 85% of donations made to United Ministries goes to program services to our clients.
Camille Barr
Kay Mitchell
Ruth Sneed
Sylvia Beall
Norma Muller
Peggy Stagner
Laurine Bennett
Betty Nickinson
Jean Stout
Nancy Bradley
Ken Overholt
Anna Taylor
Jean Calvert
Christopher Phillips
Lucy Trawick
Norma Crooke
Jane Pulford
Bennie Jo Toth
Ona Gilbert
Judy Scruggs
Steve Warner
Anna Exner-Gilley
Glenn Serotsky
Frances Wilkinson
Peggy Groves
Angie Shehee
Kitty Yax
Rosie Herrera
Barbara Shilling
Sally Zorn
Mary Catherine Hinton
We Still Need More Volunteers!
*In-House Counselors, Wed., 9 am–1 pm *Follow-up Phone Counselors, Mon.-Thurs., 11:30 am-2 pm
Call Jean at 434-7371 for more information!
United Ministries News
Winter 2014
Church Partner Report - August thru November 2014
Appointments Made/Completed– 215/172
Helped Before? Yes - 42 No – 132
Rents paid – 45 Utilities paid–100 Counseling only- 5 Amount spent-$52,459.97
Clients Referred by:
(all others referred by 2-1-1or by word of mouth)
9–Tender Hearts, Caring Hands of Olive
4 - Churches
2 – Catholic Charities
3 – Website
8 – DCF
1 - Favor House
3 – Children’s Home Society
2 - Deliverance Tabernacle
2 - Community Action
2 - Samaritan Hands
1- Head Start
1- HUD
2 - Lakeview
Client Crisis:
Lost Job/unemployed – 55
Disabled, disability pending – 6
Hours Cut – 15
Benefits reduced//ended–
Lost wages (injury, illness) – 15
Unable to work/illness– 16
Separation/Divorce (lost wages) – 9
Maternity Leave - 3
Domestic Violence - 3
Child Support stopped/interrupted-15
Incarceration (either spouse)/lost income - 1
Flood/ Lost wages/Damage – 17
Unexpected expenses (repairs, etc.) – 6
School Grant Funding Ran Out- 1
Extra high utility bill(s) – 2
Client Zip Codes:
32501 -10
32514 - 18
32502 - 5
32526 - 17
32503 -15
32533 - 7
32504 - 5
32534 - 6
32505 -25
32563 - 2
32506 -29
32570 - 5
United in Mission
Thanks to United Ministries
Member Churches for sharing your time,
talent and treasure!
*Calvary Way Full Gospel
+Charity Chapel
+Christ Episcopal Church
+Cokesbury United Methodist
our Station Chapel
*East Hill Baptist Church
Ebenezer Baptist Church
*Ferry Pass United Methodist
*First Assembly of God
*First Christian Church
*First Pentecostal Church
+First Presbyterian Church
+First United Methodist Church
*Gadsden Street United Methodist
*Gonzalez United Methodist Church
+Grace Christian Church
+Greater Little Rock Baptist Church
*Holy Cross Episcopal Church
*Immanuel Lutheran Church
*Lutheran Church of Resurrection
*McIlwain Memorial Presbyterian
+Mt. Olive Baptist Church
+ = financial & volunteer support
* = financial support
No symbol = volunteer support
*Myrtle Grove Baptist Church
*Myrtle Grove UMC Women
+New Beginnings Baptist Church
+Northminster Presbyterian
*Pinewoods Presbyterian Church
+St. Christopher’s Episcopal
*St.John Divine Missionary Baptist
*St. Luke United Methodist
*St. Monica’s Episcopal Church
St. Paul Catholic Church
+Trinity Presbyterian Church
United Ministries News
Winter 2014
Individual Donors
Corporate/Foundation Angels
Gulf Coast Traffic Engineers
Landrum Companies
Society of Debutante Charity
Angel Donors
(give monthly/quarterly)
Frank and Sylvia Beall
Wayne and Lucille Bryant
Bill and Jean Calvert
William and Mary Cowart
Lee Elebash
Irv and Pat English
Bob and Jane Graves
Glenn Griffith
Eddie Jean Holmes
Sharon Kerrigan
June Maxwell
Brandon & Jennifer McFarren
Denise McLeod
Laurie Meyer
Ted & Betty Nickinson
Marie Percy
George & Freddie Prettyman
Ed & Angie Shehee
Jean Silva
Mark and Cathy Sowell III
Gene and Sandra Turnipseed
George and Joyce White
Kitty Yax
Thank you to our donors!
Donations from
Aug. 31 – Nov. 20, 2014
Special Thanks to:
Leidner Merrill Lynch Group
Northeast Pensacola Sertoma
Seville Rotary of Pensacola
St. Mark UMC
Wines for Humanity
Foundation Donations
Calvin Bentley Charitable Trust
Community Foundation, Inc.
United Way Escambia
Memorials Given By:
In Memory of:
Jimmy & Linda Eddins
Ben Williamson
Beverly A. Fowlkes
Miriam Patton
Friends in Faith ChristCare Joe Ed Smith
Group/Trinity Presbyterian
Mike & Debbie Layton
Sylvia Robbins
Calvin & Betsy Moore
Statia Beidleman
Francis Harrell
Jessie Jordan
Harriet Riley
Gayle Batson
Patricia Caro Smith
Jessie Jordan
Tommy & Dawn Tait
Molly McGuire Martin
Martha Tissington
Bud Tissington
Patty Arnett
John and Anne Baehr
Nancy Banks
Pat Baumann
Tracey Bethea
Thomas Brown & Stephanie
Morgan and Anne Bunch
Bill & Jean Calvert
Scott Covell
B.M. Currin
Robbie and John Earle
Lee Elebash
Patrick and Penelope Elebash
Bob & Ona Gilbert
Pat Griffin
Robert Griffith
L. John and Faye Groves III
Sandra Gureck
Kathryn Hall
Tim Heindl
Rosie Herrera
Darlene Homrighausen
James Hunter
May D. James
Walk and Nancy Jones
Ralph and Barbara Kenan
Jane E. Litvak
Jennifer McFarren
W.C. and Jane Merrill
Alan and Margie Moore
Sue Nicholson
Jewel Partridge
John Woods
Ken Woolf
Mary Woolley
Gerry & Leslie Yandle
Dale & Sally Zorn
Honorariums Given By: In Honor of:
Eddie Jean Homes
All the Volunteers
Janice Hulburt
Alan Hulburt
Florence Royall
Sue Summer
Denise McLeod
Rose Thompson
Jean Norman
Sylvia Beall
Betty Olliff
Sue Butsch
Elizabeth Mayhugh
United Ministries News
Winter 2014
This Christmas, instead of giving your family or friends a present
they don’t need or want, give them the gift of providing warm,
well-lighted and safe homes for families in our community!
$50 keeps the water flowing for a family
$75 heats a home with natural gas on a cold night
$150 sheds like in the darkness for children this winter
$250 prevents a family from homelessness
Want to give a gift that
keeps on giving?
Consider United Ministries
in your estate planning.
Contact Jean Silva at
434-7371 to learn more.
A big thank you to the
Northeast Pensacola Sertoma Club and
St. Mark United Methodist Church for
providing Christmas to 36 children!
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from
the United Ministries Family ! Peace on earth and
peace be with you today and every day!
Jennifer McFarren, Vice President-Trinity Presbyterian Church
Rev. Scott Grantland, Past President - First United Methodist Rev. Lonnie Wesley, VP - Greater Little Rock Baptist
Leah Harrison, Secretary - Trinity Presbyterian Church
Tim Heindl, Treasurer - Christ Episcopal Church
Dwight Babcock – St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church
Lee Elebash, Past President - First Presbyterian Church
Rev. Randy Jackson - First Presbyterian Church
Rev. Joseph Marshall-St. John Divine Missionary Baptist
Barbara Shilling - St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church
Jeff Dannelly - First United Methodist Church
Caroline Huff – Trinity Presbyterian Church
Rev. Frank Jenkins, Sr.-Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church
Trip Maygarden - First United Methodist Church
Rev. Mark Truex – Grace Christian Church
United Ministries
Mission - The mission of United Ministries is to provide assistance to families with dependent children who
have emergency needs such as housing and utilities, and to offer hope, encouragement, and spiritual guidance.
Vision - United Ministries envisions the greater Pensacola area as a thriving, sustainable, and safe community
where residents are treated with respect and work together for the common good; where churches unite in
purpose to demonstrate the compassion of Christ; and where the United Ministries’ volunteers and staff act on
behalf of local families with financial and spiritual needs in order to prevent homelessness.

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