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John Burgess Karslake
John Burgess Karslake

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Mary Jo Wilhelm

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Parish Priest
Parish Council President
Sunday School Director
Philoptochos President
Choir Master
Acolyte Advisor
Senior Citizens
GOYA Directors
HOPE & JOY Directors
Women of the Word
Dance Groups Director
Greek Language School Director
Toddler Playgroup
Library and Bookstore
Welcoming Committee
Legacy & Gift Planning Chair
Papanicolaou Scholarship
SUNDAY, FEB 1, 2015
St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church
3655 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92103
Office (619) 297-4165
Fax (619) 297-4181
Fr. Andrew Scordalakis
Mrs. Vicky Ragousis
Mrs. Tina Kallas
Mr. Spero Tzathas
Mrs. Alina Kleinhenz
Mrs. Julie Karagianides
Mrs. Kathy Meck
Mr. Jim Leventis
Mrs. Sophia Mellos
Mr. Bill Navrides & Mrs. Stephanie Navrides
Mrs. Renee Maude & Mrs. Deanne Hormovitis
Miss Lauren Jury
Mrs. Susan Miserlis
Mrs. Sia Sooklaris
Mrs. Helen Gevas
Mrs. Julie Dennis
Mrs. Mary Mastorakos
Mrs. Janet Burgess, Ms. Maria Kelmis, Mr. John Burgess
Mr. Themis Gallanis
Mr. Dino Gougoulas
Mrs. Helen Mellos
16th Sunday of St. Luke (Publican and Pharisee) - Triodion Begins
Orthros 8:30 am; Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
Epistle Reading: Romans 8:28-39
Gospel Reading: Luke 18:10-14 Red Div Lit book pg. 129
St. Basil: Co-cap. Steve Terris, Co-cap. Stefan Kleinhenz, Theo Couris, Dimitri
Giannousopoulos, Demetrios Gilpin, Vasilios Gilpin, George Terris.
St. Demetrios: Jim Kesaris, Team Leader, Francesca Captain, Evan Arapostathis,
Ken Kleinhenz, Mary Wilhelm.
The Hymn of St. Spyridon: can be found on the back cover of the red Divine Liturgy book.
Pre-Communion Prayers: offered before receiving Holy Communion can be found on page 29 of the
red Divine Liturgy book.
Thanksgiving Prayers: offered after receiving Holy Communion can be found on page 40 of the
red Divine Liturgy book.
The Memorial Service: can be found on page 164 of the red Divine Liturgy book.
WELCOME - AND A FEW WORDS ABOUT COMMUNION... We warmly welcome all visitors and seekers in our
midst today, trusting that your experience here will be an uplifting and enriching one. The Greek Orthodox
Churches are the ancient and native communities of the biblical world, with centers in the Holy Lands,
Syria, Egypt and Asia Minor, and by extension in Greece, Cyprus and thoughout the world. Like the ancient
Christians, we engage the whole person, heart, mind and all senses in Divine Worship. This experience has
been so powerful to seekers in the past that it was often said “We knew not whether we were in heaven
or on earth. We knew only that there God dwelt among human beings.” That communion experience of
heaven on earth and God in our midst forms the heart of all Orthodox worship. It culminates in the sharing
of Holy Communion, which not only unites us with the Divine, but also expresses the deep unity in faith and
life between all Orthodox believers. Since Holy Communion expresses that deep unity in belief and practice
alike, it is reserved for observant Orthodox Christians. This does not mean, however, that non-Orthodox are
‘excluded’ - rather, the Orthodox choose not to make an external display of unity when actual unity does
not exist. While working to restore the full communion that did exist in antiquity, today we offer the sign of the
blessed bread at the service’s conclusion as a symbolic gift of hospitality and growing unity that is offered
to all present. If you would like to learn more about the Orthodox way of life, or have any questions about
worship or Holy Communion, please approach Fr. Andrew following services. We welcome you all.
wait to allow our Sunday School children and their teachers to be the first to receive so they can depart for
their lessons. Then, allow the choir to approach from the right side. Then, quietly, row by row, at the direction
of the Parish Council members. Those remaining in the pews are asked to move into the center aisle, receive
Holy Communion and return to their pew for the remaining Thanksgiving Prayers using the side aisles.
Presentation of the Lord Into the Temple
Orthros 9:00 am & Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
Nikitoula Moises - 5 years
SUNDAY’S MEMORIALS: Mary Marinos - 40 days
Manousos Saridakis - 9 months
Sultana Crosby - 11 years
Argirios Livas - 1 year
Vasiliki Smirniotis - 22 years
Fr. Demetrius T. Dogias - 2 years
Nickolaos Apostolopoulos - 35 years
Michael Rosenmeyer - 3 years
Ray Crosby - 37 years
Sophia Apostolopoulos - 5 years
Monday, February 2nd
Today’s fellowship and coffee hour is in loving memory of two best friends and generous
benefactors of our community, Nitsa Crosby and Niki Moises, by the Parish Council, friends
and Godchildren of these two remarkable women. May their memories be eternal.
Stewardship 2015 Update - Your Stewardship Committee would like to thank all of you for your
overwhelming response as faithful stewards in 2014. Your generous and diligent efforts last year ensured
that we significantly reduced our budget deficit. It is both exciting and gratifying to see our community
joining hands to support the many services enjoyed by our parishioners. We have already received over 230
pledge cards for 2015 and we thank you all for doing so. If you have not yet mailed your 2015 pledge card
to the office, please do so today. We respectfully ask that you accept the challenge to increase your 2014
pledge amount by just 75 dollars from last year and submit your pledge card to the church office. Finally,
we ask each of our families to thoughtfully adopt a plan for regular monthly giving to support and sustain
the monthly obligations of our parish. As we prayerfully work to fulfill our financial stewardship obligations, let
us not forget that we are all equally called to minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ. In doing so, you
proclaim His Word and fulfill His commandments. The Stewardship Committee: Fr. Andrew Scordalakis, Ben
De La Riva, Stewardship Chair, Jim Gilpin, John Kalas, Greg Kostas, Bill Navrides, Stephen Thiros and Spero
“Ask Father” - As was mentioned from the solea and from the Monthly Newsletter starting today I am
excited to introduce the opportunity, if you are so moved, for you the faithful to ask 2 or 3 questions at the
conclusion of the homily, which follows the Gospel reading. Let’s call it “Ask Father.” As I have previously
mentioned, this should only add a few minutes to the sermon. The context of these 2 to 3 questions will
pertain to the divine services of the Church, i.e. the Divine Liturgy, etc., the upcoming Lenten Services, etc.,
the Epistle and Gospel lesson, the hymns of the Church, the Saint of the day, the feast days of the Church,
the season/theme that we may be in, i.e. Epiphany, Triodion, the Fifteen Days of August, etc. For all this to
work and for us all to grow together in Christ, both intellectually and spiritually, I encourage you be on time
for the start of the Divine Liturgy. Come to hear both the Epistle and Gospel readings and then if so moved;
ask a fruitful question following the sermon. To read the entire newsletter article please refer to the latest
copy our parish (February) Newsletter or this week’s Digital Bulletin Builder.
Philoptochos Membership Luncheon - You are invited to attend the Luncheon on Sat, Feb 7th at 11 a.m.
in the Cypress Room, featuring guest speaker, Presvytera Joy Corona. Call the church at (619) 297-4165 or
email [email protected] for reservations.
GOYA – Please join us for Laser Tag at Ultra Zone on Sat, Feb 7th. Arrive no later than 5:15 pm. Please let us
know by February 1st. GOYA will cover Laser Tag but please bring money for dinner at a nearby restaurant.
RSVP to Bill & Stephanie Navrides at 619-992-6775 or [email protected]
Senior Citizens Gathering – Roses are red, violets are blue, hope to see YOU at our Valentine Potluck
Tuesday, February 10, at 11:00 a.m. Cupid will be disappointed if you don’t show up !
Today’s Sunday Bulletin is sponsored by the Navrides family in honor of James Angeles 94th birthday.
Chronia Polla Dad!

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