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Philip Henry
Philip Henry

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Michael J. C. Gordon
Michael J. C. Gordon

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Henry St John, 1st Viscount St John
Henry St John, 1st Viscount St John

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Howard Peter Blatchford
Howard Peter Blatchford

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Frederick Stanley Maude
Frederick Stanley Maude

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Hans-Dieter Frank
Hans-Dieter Frank

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Louis-Albert Carvin
Louis-Albert Carvin

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George Frederick Baer
George Frederick Baer

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Harry John Johnson
Harry John Johnson

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Willenz, Julius; Poland; Research Chemist; 10, Wellington Square, . Oxford, Oxfordshire. 31 May.
*Winkler, Gwyneth; Germany; Secondary School
Teacher; Dolcniw, Capel Bangor, near Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire. 2 June, 1947.
Winter, Albert Louis; Austria; Toolmaker; 12, Llanbleddian Gardens, Cardiff, Glamorganshire. 29
May, 1947.
Wismann, Alfred; Estonia; Merchant Seaman; 19,
Cran.brook Street, Cardiff, Glamorganshire. 24
May, 1947.
Wissotzky, Nina. See Vyssotzky, Nina.
Witepski, Friedrich. See Hamilton, Fredrick.
Witkowski, Therese (known as Therese White); Of
uncertain nationality; Secretary; 89, Amhurst
Park, London, N.i6. 9 June, 1947.
*Witt, Elizabeth Ethel (otherwise Elizabeth Ethel
Doughty-Witt); Switzerland; Of no occupation;
c/o The Lizard, Cornwall. 4 June, 1947.
Wohl, Kurt Ernst Paul Felix; Austria; Commercial
Clerk; Observatory House, 21, Windsor Road,
Slough, Buckinghamshire. 29 May, 1947.
Wohlgemuth, Gerd Bernhard; Germany; Research
Scientist; Cornerways, Abinger Hammer, near
Dorking. Surrey. 12 May, 1947.
Wolak, Viktor; Czechoslovakia; Shop Assistant; 19,
Grand Parade, Brighton, Sussex. 6 June, 1947
Wolf, Erich Alfred. See Ward, Eric Andrew.
Wolf, Ernst; Germany; Dental Surgeon; 16, Victoria
Park Road, Leicester, Leicestershire. 23 May,
1947Wolf, Friedrich; Germany; Skin Sorter; 191-193,
Iffley Road, Oxford. 3 "June, 1947.
Wolf, Jacob Herz. See Woolf, Jack Henry.
Wolff. Hans Dieter. See Wayne. Peter Howard.
Wolff, Heinrich; Germany; "Electrical Equipment
Assembler; 7, Fxlilom Road, Crumpsall, Manchester, Lancashire. 24 May, 1947.
Wolff, Peter Lothar. See Wolseley, Peter Lionel.
Wolff, 'Wilhelm Salomon (otherwise William Salomon
Wolff); Germany; Company Manager; 447, Hagley
Road, Birmingham 17, Warwickshire. 18 June
Wolff, William Salomon.
See Wolff. Wilhelm
Wolffberg, Fritz; Germany; Fitter; 8, Moorhouse
Road, London, 'W.2. 9 June, 1947.
Wolfner, Wilhelm; Austria; Company Director; 48,
Vallev Road, Ipswich, Suffolk. 29 May. 1947.
Wolfsohn, James Isidor; Germany; Architectural
Assistant; 63, Trinity Court, Gray's Inn Road,
London, W.C.r. 2 June, 1947.
Wolf son, Israel; Russia; Of no occupation; 174,
Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, 8, LancasHire.
10 June, 1947.
Wollisch, Fritz. See Wallace, Frederick George.
Wollner, Igor Ignac; Czechoslovakia; Company
Manager; 16, Melrose Avenue, Rutherglen,
Glasgow, Lanarkshire. 21 June. 1947.
Wollstein, Manfred. See Weldon, Stanley Frederick.
Wolselev, Peter Lionel (formerly Peter Lothar
Wolff); Germany; University Student; 13, Sion
Hill, Clifton, Bristol 8, Gloucestershire. 3 Tune
IQ47Woltair, Susanne; Czechoslovakia; Nurse; Essex
County Sanatorium, Black Notley, Braintree,
Essex. 3 June, 1947.
Wongczewski, Sucher. See Wheeler, Stephen.
Wood, Eric. See Schoenwald, Erich.
Wood. Henrv Philip (formerlv Heinz Philip Zimmer);
Austria; Upholsterer; 26, Clifton Gardens, London,
W.g. 13 June, 1947.
Woolf, Isaac Gershon; Austria; Cotton Goods
Merchant and Manufacturer; The Holme. Sedgley
Park Road, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire.
3 June, 1947.
Woolf, Jack Henry (formerly Wolf, Jacob Herz);
Poland; Manufacturing Furrier; 35. Albert
Gardens, Commercial Road, London, 'E.i. 2 June,
1947Worner, Helmut Erwin; Germany; Metal Sheet
Worker; 50, Orange Hill Road, Heaton Park,
Prestwich, Lancashire. 7 June, 1947.
Wotzilka, Harry Martin; Czechoslovakia; Serving in
His Majesty's Forces, Medical Practitioner; 25,
Sussex Court, Spring Street, London, W.2. n
June. 1947.
Wreschner, Kurt; Germany; Clerk; 31, Alexandra
Grove, Finsbury Park, London, N-4- 4 June,
Wrobel, Peter. Child of Wrobel, Zofja (known as
Zofja (Sofie) Wrobel).
Wrobel, Sofie.
See Wrobel Zofja (known as
Zofja (Sofie) Wrobel).
Wrobel, Zofja (known as Zofja (Sofie) Wrobel);
Poland; Radiographer; North View, Ross Road,
Wellington, Surrey. 3 June, 1947.
Wulkan, Nikolai; Estonia; Marine Engineer; 41,
Cathcart Road, London, 23 May, 1947.
Wulwik, Abraham; Poland; Teacher; 27, Broughton
Terrace, Leeds 9, Yorkshire. 16 June, 1947.
Wurm, Isidore; Poland; Serving Medical Officer in
His Majesty's Forces; 133, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh 9, Midlothian. 6 June, 1947.
Wurzburger, Walter Wilhelm. See Weldon, Walter
*Wuy, Jane; Italy; Of no occupation; Rosehill, St.
Johns Road, Boxmoor, Hertfordshire. 23 May,
• .
Gordon Michael (formerly
Maximilian Weiss); Germany; Serving Officer in
His Majesty's Forces; c/o School Cottage, near
Church, Shotley, Ipswich, Suffolk. 2 June, 1947.
Wyndham, Henry John (formerly Helmut Joachim
Weichmannj; Germany; Student, 298 Oxford
Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire. 31 May, 1947.
Yael, Jack. See Yael, Jacques Isaac.
Yael, Jacques Isaac (known as Jack Yael); Syria;
Exporter; 4, Linden Road, Didsbury, Manchester
2, Lancashire. 10 June, 1947.
Yael, Leila. Child of Yael, Jacques Isaac (known
as Jack Yael).
Yannarelli, Alfredo; Italy; Cafe Proprietor; 67-69,
Strand Road, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. 4
June, 1947.
Y Martinez, German Ramon Feal. See Feal Y
Martinez, German Ramon.
Young, Samuel. See Jung, Samuel.
Youssef, Ashour (known as Hashem or Harry
Joseph); Persia; Merchant and Shipper; 20, Castle
Hill Road, Prestwich, Lancashire. 2 June, 1947.
Zacharias, Edgar; Germany; Engineer; Flat No. 14,
Sollershott Hall, Letchworth, Hertfordshire. 9
June, 1947.
Zade-Oppen, Hanno. See Oppen, Hermann
Friedrich Karl Zade-.
Zade-Oppen, Hermann Friedrich Karl. See Oppen,
Hermann Friedrich Karl Zade-.
*Zago, Audrey Evelyn; Italy; Housewife; Brew
House Farm, Carlton Colville, near Lowestoft,
Suffolk. 3 June, 1947.
Zanellotti, Hugo. See Zanellotti, Ugo.
Zanellotti, Ugo (known as Hugo Zanellotti); Italy;
Chef; 69, St. Johns Way, London, N.ig. n
June, 1947. •
Zanolli, Ludmila Redenta Maria; Italy; Bank Clerk;
221, Westbourne Grove, London, W.n. 13
June, 1947.
fZapula, Elizabeth Joan; Germany; Teacher; 14,
Milton Road, Ickenham, Uxbridge, Middlesex.
2 June, 1947.
Zechenkoff, George. See Zichenkoff, George.
Zeiner. Max Lowy. See Latimer, Maurice.
Zeisler, Hilde; Germany; Cook; 88-90, Central
Drive, Blackpool. 10 June, 1947.
Zelechower, Mojsze Ajzyk; Poland; Leather Cutter,
Window Dresser, Dyer and Cleaner; 18, Denbigh
Road, London, W.n. 14 June, 1947.
Zerzawy, Robert; Czechoslovakia; Expert in Hemp
and Cotton Spinning (Administrative); " Tynrhos," West Bay Road, Bridport, Dorset. 5
June, 1947.
Zichenkoff, George (or Zechenkoff known as Richard
George Goodyear); Stateless; Student; 63, Route
Mayen, Shanghai. 14 May, 1947.
Zieger, Eugene. See Zieger, Jeno.
Zieger, Jeno (known as Eugene Zieger); Hungary;
Company Director; 8, Warwich Avenue, West
Didsbury, Manchester 20. 29 May, 1947.
Zieger, John Harry.' Child of Zieger, Jeno (known
as Eugene Zieger).
Zimmer, Heinz Philip. See Wood, Henry Philip.
Zippel, Carlo Kurt; Poland; Managing Director;
87, Rossmore Court, Park Road, London,
N.W.i. 24 June, 1947.
Zlotnicki, Herman. See Dawson, Harry.
Zoellner, Robert Erich; Germany; Farmer; t Blackdown Farm, Upham, near Southampton, Hampshire. 22 May, 1947.
Zoltobrodzki, Hella Marie; Poland; Tailoress; 217,
Pershore Road,' Edgbaston, Birmingham 5.
2 June, 1947.
Zucker, Max. See Przysucher, Moszek..
* Re-admission to British Nationality.
* Re-admission to Bntish Nationality.

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