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In order to make pre-taxed employee contributions with TIAA-CREF you must set up a
deferred SRA account.
Go to and click “Enroll Now”. In the mid-section of
the page called Enroll now, click on the plan name, Gettysburg College Tax Deferred
Annuity Plan.
This will take you to another page where you are asked to Log in. If you do not
have a user id and password for TIAA-CREF then follow the steps to register with
Once registered or logged on, you will follow the on line prompts to walk you
through enrollment. You will be asked basic demographic (name, address, SSN,
birthdate). You will be asked to set up beneficiaries (name, SSN, birthdate). Then
you will be asked to choose your investment allocation. TIAA-CREF will recommend
an age appropriate life cycle fund option, you can choose that option or you can
make your own selections from the investment menu.
You will get a confirmation that the account has been set up. Please print that for
your records. Please remember that you can log back into your account as often as
you would like to change your investment choices, your beneficiaries, and address
or to simply check your account balances.
Next, please complete a salary reduction agreement that states how much per pay
period that you would like to contribute. You can start, stop or change this amount
as often as you would like throughout the year. The annual maximum amount that
you can contribute in 2015 is $18,000 if you are under age 50. If you are age 50 or
above you may contribute $24,000.
To set up an Individual investment counseling session with a TIAA-CREF Financial Consultant
here on campus at no cost to you, contact Christine Clabaugh in the Human Resources office at
To speak with a TIAA-CREF Financial Consultant by phone call 800-842-2252.
Or visit on line you would like assistance in setting up your
TIAA-CREF account on line, contact Karen Re at [email protected] for an appointment.

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