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DRR’s Newsletter | Volume 001 issue 01 | June 2014 | RID 3291
What’s in the issue.
Theme 2014-15.......01
We are Rotaractors.
This is our time. These are the years that mould us, shape
us. These are the years that make us who we are, who we
aspire to be, and decide what legacy we leave behind.
Rotaract is a plethora of opportunity. Opportunities that
we deserve, because we choose to be in this movement.
Opportunities to serve, make friends, become culturally
aware, develop ethics and change the world.
We will use this time. We will make friends for life. We will
reach our potential. We will build the foundation for a
successful future.
It is up to us to make the most out of each day we have in
Rotaract. It is up to us to utilize every moment to network,
do something good, explore new avenues, discover new
things about yourself and others, work selflessly, feel like
a winner. After all "He profits most who serves best".
Feel the pulse. Feel the buzz. Feel the elation. Feel the
Your journey begins here. This is your time in Rotaract.
Make it your own. Grab the opportunities. Enjoy the
movement. Give back to the community. Feel that sense
of belonging.
Rotaract is mine and Rotaract is yours.
Best Wishes to IDYE Team to
RID 3140, Mumbai
Rtr. Ankit Gupta, RC MCKVIE
Rtr.Srijita Basu, RC Calcutta North East
Rtr. Shreoshi Mukherjee, RC Calcutta Midtown
Rtr. Sayantan Das, RC Calcutta Sun City
Rtr. Joydeep Roy, RC Calcutta Sun City
Rtr. Toushif Haque, RC MCKVIE
District Theme
Firstly, I would like to praise you all for
starting this year so beautifully.
Morning shows the day…so I hope this
energetic beginning will inspire us to
complete this year with a touch of
accomplishment. Congratulations for
putting in your effort.
This is a great opportunity for me to
publish the first DRR newsletter for this
year. Hope you guys will love this issue.
Your pleasant appreciation will give me
a satisfaction.
Hope you will have a great time in the
upcoming months.
All the best!
Happy Rotaracting.
Keep smiling
Rtr.Rameez Ahmed
District Editor
District Official’s Traning
on 29th June 2014
DRR Mainak Bhattacharjee,
I am delighted to know that Rotaract District
Organization 3291 will be holding its Installation and Changeover Meeting for the Rotaract
Year 2014-15 on 27th June at Sobhabazar
I convey my best wishes to You and the
Rotaractors for the forthcoming Rotaract Year
2014-15. I am confident that under Your able
Leadership, the Clubs will be able to take up the
Community Service Projects related with the
Thrust Areas of the Rotary International and at
the same time continuing the other Regular
Community Service Projects.
My Wife Nilima joins me in wishing You and all
the Rotaract Clubs a very successful Rotaract
Year 2014-15.
Lets Light up Rotary.
Rtn. Pinaki Prasad Ghosh
South Asia MDIO
Dear Mainak
Rotaract Greetings! ! !
I congratulate you for being DRR and your
team for having different designations in the
session 2014-15 and my best wishes to you for
a wonderful and successful tenure.
The main motto of Rotaract is To develop
Professional and Leadership Skills in Youth . So
Rotaract is the only movement which provides
Self-Development to youth. In present era,
these two things are so much needed to bring
revolution and it is seen over time that revolution is always brought by youth. So my dream
is to see 100% youth of world as Rotaractors.
My dear friends, there are three points which
you should keep in mind. First, Work is
Worship. Your work will design your identification. So don t make excuses and perform
according to your abilities. Second, Don t think
that only President and Secretary have responsibility and only they will work during projects.
Take the responsibility and show your talent.
Third, whatever you do, do it for a purpose.
Don t do anything without any reason and
there is no concept of bad-good activity. The
goodness or badness of any activity depends
upon the reason and method to perform that
I wish all the members of Rotaract a great year
Keep the Rotaract Spirit High and Chak De
Yours in Rotaract
PDRR Rtr. Amit Singhal (R.I.D.3080)
Rotaract South Asia MDIO
Dear DRR Mainak,
It gives me immense pleasure to learn that you
will be installed as District Rotaract Representative (DRR) on Friday 27th June 2014 at the
Rotaract District Installation.
I would like to congratulate and extend my best
wishes to you on this momentous occasion! I also
convey my hearty greetings to your entire
Secretariat and all the Rotaractors of our District.
I applaud the efforts of DRR 2013-14, Shuvratav
Mitra and his team for presenting us a wonderful
year which has created history in many ways - by
engaging Rotaractors to change lives.
My blessings and good wishes are always there
for you all and I would like to see that the bar is
raised higher during this year. I am sure that your
efforts will Light up the movement to achieve
greater heights.
I have great faith on the leadership of DRR 2014
-15 Mainak Bhattacharjee, and hope that he will
gift us another wonderful year and create a
benchmark for the Rotaract movement in District
I seek the blessings of the Almighty for your
continued success in the years to come.
Thanking You,
DRR s Message
I am really short of words to describe my
happiness after witnessing the present
situation prevailing in 3291! This is undoubtedly an outcome of collective efforts.
The tempo has started rolling and Rotaract in
District 3291 is on an upswing. And it's getting
better by the day!
Congratulations and kudos to all the Clubs
and the Rotaractors for their stupendous
performance in 2013-14. Just one word seems
to be appropriate at this juncture...Keep It Up!
There's lot more to do, its just the beginning,
but this beginning should give you all the
strength and energy to take it forward.
I, on behalf of the District Secretariat take
great pleasure in presenting you, the First
DRR's newsletter of the year.
Rotaract is Ours. Let's make it count!
Yours In Rotary
Ashif Shah
Chairman ‒ Rotaract Rotary Year 2014-15
Hello Mainak.
Rotaract Greetings!!
All of us here, who are reading this will agree to
one thing that the reason you are reading this or
the reason this message is here or the reason that
I wrote this message has one thing in common
and that is Rotaract. We all are bonded because
of this special organization.
Rota year 2013-14 was a success because of the
collective efforts of all the rotaractors and support
of the Rotarians and I give all my good wishes to
Mainak and his team for the next year.
Exult! Lets Celebrate Rotaract in Unison.
Rtr. Shuvratav Mitra
DRR 2013-14
I would like to convey my best wishes to all
the club for the upcoming Rota Year.
If you're looking for a happy ending I suggest
you start searching for a new beginning. A new
beginning means a new struggle, a new
endeavor, but with the determination by our
side we can overcome any challenges and turn
obstacles into stepping stones. The upcoming
year is itself making a lot of promises with the
Rotaract movement growing stronger.
This year all we need is dedication towards
the movement as
''We are not now that strength which in old
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are,
we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.''
''Rotaract is ours. Let s make it count.''
Mainak Bhattacharjee
RC Uttarpara
An ever smiling, calm and proactive guy passionate about whatever he does. A football
fanatic, music lover and one on whom you can count on always.
Shuvratav Mitra
RC Behala
Known as George, there is an aura of serious Rotaracting in him. Arguably Rotaracting
is his only hobby!
Soumya Sarkar
RC Calcutta Mid Town
Mr Professor can be counted upon whenever needed. Nothing is impossible for him!
Chandan Kr Prasad
RC Calcutta Sun City
The Money Man aka Chondon keeps high spirits always and is known to be passionate
for watching movies and making new friends.
Oindri Chakraborty
RC Calcutta Sun City
One of the silent performers who is one of the pillars of strength of our District. Calm
and composed, she’s fondly known as the RotaMom of our District.
Srijita Neogy
RC Calcutta
The seriousness on her face is just a little veil. A very good organizer and speaker who
leads with example.
DS - Admin
Subhro Dey
RC Calcutta Metropolitan
One of the newer guys on this list, but his dedication has won the hearts of many friends.
With two better halves to care for, he has his work cut-out for!
DS - Events
Arijit Sen
RC Behala
The Most Talented Rotaractor of 3291. Period
Rameez Ahmed
RC Calcutta Mega City
The most composed Rotaractor of 3291. Multi talented and has been contributing to the
movement for quite sometime.
CHIEF SERGEANT Ahana Bhattacherjee
RC Uttarpara
Has a shrill voice but is an excellent coordinator. Loves to travel and make new friends.
Srijita Basu
RC Calcutta North East
Beauty with brains, passionate to the core and is technically well equipped and can do
wonders if given the right situation.
Sonal Biswas
RC Calcutta South West
Amaanush, Rajinikanth, he has many names. Known for his dedication and willingness
to volunteer for the most tedious tasks.
Srijita Neogy
RC Calcutta
The seriousness on her face is just a little veil. A very good organizer and speaker who
leads with example.
Subhajit Paik
RC Barrackpore
He’s known as the Sachin of our District. Calm and composed, he is very confident and
enjoys whatever he does.
Amrita Chaudhury
RC Uttarpara
The Wonder Girl, a silent hard worker who initiates new ideas and believes in good
fellowship through service.
Prem Nath Thakur
RC Calcutta Mega City
Thakur saab, as he is fondly called says that he is only interested in Community service
projects. Working for society is what this former interactor is passionate about
Samrat Basu
A Handsome guy who can weave his charm through different Rotaract projects.
Priyashree Guha Roy
RC Rishra
One who never loses focus and achieves her target more easily than others.
RC Heritage Institute of Technology
Devarchan Banerjee
Brimming with talent, he’s focused on making Rotaracting count. Loves to do community service projects and has a clear vision.
Sayani Kundu
RC Calcutta Dalhousie Orbit
Has been in the movement for quite sometime and is a talented dancer and is also
known to be a good organiser.
(PETS- SETS-TETS 2014- 2015)
(PETS- SETS-TETS 2014- 2015)
President Secretary and Treasurer elect training is the
event with which we kick started in 2014-2015 under our
able DRR Mainak Bhattacharjee. This event was hosted
by Rotaract Club of MSIT and Rotaract Club of Calcutta
Sun City. This event was a grand success as we had
more than 100 rotaractors attending this training
session. The training session was conducted in MEGHNAD SHAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Kolkata on
15th OF JUNE.
The session started with the welcome speech by PETS
SETS chair/ Host Club,introduction of the dignitariesand
opening remarks by DRCC. ADS RTR. Arijit Sen
conducted the ice breaker or the introduction round.
It was then followed byan interactive session by
presidents elect about the work and duty toward their
district, society, and their club. The dedication, the
loyalty, the leadership quality that has to be maintained
and thus working as a team.
-PDRR. RTN. DEBASHIS SARKAR conducted a selfanalysis test.
-RTN. VIDHU BHUSAN VERMA training the treasurers
elect of how to go about with maintaining the records
systematically of the monetary transactions as it would
be the vein of the club. Lastly followed by
-PDRR. SAMRAT SENGUPTA highlighting the responsibilities of the secretaries elect. Secretaries being the
aid to thepresident has a crucial role.
All the sessions by the speakers were immensely
interesting, interactive, and fruitful. The session ended
with question answer round and appreciations .There
were hand-outs or in other words, personal guides
provided to all the presidents’ secretaries and treasures
which had a detailed description of the rules and regulations in a perfectly systematic manner which would be of
immense help

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