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2014 Season
Flatirons Volleyball Club is entering the 15th season as a member of the Rocky
Mountain Region USA Volleyball (USAV). USAV governs the Olympic teams,
Paralympic teams, Beach Volleyball, adult leagues, and junior clubs for boys and
girls. The Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) is one of 40 regions in the United
States. Over 100 junior clubs are members of the RMR.
Five Power Tournaments are run by the RMR and are held throughout Colorado
from Windsor to Pueblo; Sterling to Evergreen. At the end of Power play, the
top 8 teams from the region earn the right to compete in the RMR Junior
Olympic Qualifying Tournament. The winning team earns a bid, in the National
Division, to the culminating tournament of the season: Junior Olympic
Championships. Second place finishers earn a bid in the American Division. The
other means of gaining bids to Junior Olympics is by winning National Qualifying
Tournaments hosted in various states by USA Volleyball.
Mission Statement
Our goal at Flatirons Volleyball Club is to develop young women into
accomplished volleyball players. We plan to achieve this goal by recruiting top
quality coaches who will run physically and mentally challenging practices.
Flatirons athletes will be taught the competitive spirit along with sportsmanship.
In addition, there will be a strong emphasis on self-discipline, time management,
the development of healthy relationships and the importance of keeping the
“fun” in volleyball.
Time Commitment
Club ball requires a large time commitment. The season begins in September
and ends as early as April 29th or as late as July 7th. Teams
practice between four and six hours per week.
Power Tournaments, hosted by the Rocky
Mountain Region of USA Volleyball, are
held on Sundays. They are scheduled on
important days such as Super Bowl,
Mothers Day and over Spring Break.
six hours a week. In addition,
National team players will need to miss
school for travel to out of state
Tournaments and Colorado Crossroads.
When athletes commit to club volleyball,
they commit to attending all events and all
Season Plans
Plans for the upcoming season include two
teams at the 13’s, 14’s, 15’s and 16’s age levels. We also plan for one team at the
12’s and one team at the 17’s/18’s age divisions. The number of girls who attend
tryouts and commit to teams plus the availability of a coaches and gym space
will determine the final number of teams that will be fielded.
The National teams will compete nationally while the Regional teams will
compete in Colorado. All teams compete in Power Tournaments that begin in
January and end in April. Power Tournaments are held on Sundays from 8:00
AM till approximately 4:00 PM. After the Power Tournaments, the RMR
Regional Tournament is held; all Flatirons team will compete in Regionals. An
All Region team will be selected from the Division I teams.
The top 8 teams from each age division compete in the RMR Junior National
Qualifier Tournament. The first place finisher earns a bid to the Junior Olympic
Championships in the National Division. The second place finisher earns a bid in
the American Division. The site for the 2014 JO Championships is Minneapolis.
The Championships run from late June through early July and more than 1200
teams will compete.
AAU and JVDA Championships are held in June and July. These are tournaments
that Flatirons National teams may attend.
All Flatirons players have the option of conditioning and training in addition to
regular practices. A discounted, customized program is offered by Impact Sports
Performance in Broomfield for any Flatirons player who wants additional
physical training.
Here are some websites that will help you navigate the club season:
USA Volleyball: www.teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball
Rocky Mountain Region: www.rmrvolleyball.org
Flatirons VBC: www.flatironsvbc.org
Follow Flatirons (and “like” us, please) on Facebook:
Follow Flatirons on Twitter: www.twitter.com/flatironsvbc
Do not call the Rocky Mountain Region office!
Flatirons Volleyball Club tryout format
consists of open gyms and tryout sessions.
The details are outlined on the Teams page
of our website. Please read them carefully.
All open gyms and tryouts sessions are very
important. Contact Director Susan Cancilla
if you’d like to play on a Flatirons team but
cannot attend a scheduled tryout.
All players must hold current membership in
the Rocky Mountain Region USA Volleyball.
Membership is obtained on the RMR site and
the cost is $55; payable online. Your
membership card must show a 2014
expiration date.
The tryout period is a stressful one for players, coaches and parents. It’s
important for athletes to be rested and able to focus during the tryouts.
Athletes may be offered a spot on a team at Open Gyms or at Tryouts. An
immediate response is welcomed. Without a verbal commitment, the offer may
be extended to the next player. After 24 hours, the offer is rescinded.
When trying out for more than one club, keep the lines of communication open.
If another club makes an offer, contact the Flatirons coach to find out where you
Cuts are an unavoidable part of club tryouts. Coaches will inform each player
by a phone call or email.
Team Commitment
When a commitment is made to join a team, the team takes priority over other
extracurricular activities. In the event of the school prom the night before a
tournament, players will be required to adhere to limitations. If prom is
scheduled during a travel tournament, players will have to forego the prom.
They must remain at the tournament for the entire weekend with their team.
Flatirons Volleyball Club reserves the right to add players to a team over the
course of the season. We also reserve the right to move players from one team
to another. The most common reason for this is injury. These decisions are not
taken lightly; much thought and discussion surrounds decisions of this nature.
Multi Sport Athletes
The option of choosing a multi sport athlete for a Flatirons team is the choice of
the head coach. Parameters and expectations must be discussed in advance.
2013-2014 USA Volleyball Age Definition
New: Age Definitions, the rules for determining which team a player is eligible
for, are stated on the USA Volleyball web site: http://www.teamusa.org/USAVolleyball/Membership/Forms-and-Information Scroll down to “2014 Jr Age
Definition” Age division definitions are also posted on the Flatirons website.
Players may be moved up during or after tryouts. You can determine your
proper age division by the age you are on September 1, 2014. For example, if
you are 14 years of age on the first day of September 2014, your proper age
division is 14 and under.
There are inherent risks when participating in sports. Your membership in the
Rocky Mountain Region provides supplemental coverage to your major medical
Flatirons Volleyball Club strongly recommends every family carries medical
insurance that covers athletic injuries.
Teams practice four to six hours a week. Saturday practices will be held in
November and December. Beginning in January, teams will practice on
Saturdays before scheduled Sunday tournaments. If your team does not have a
tournament on Sunday, you will not practice that Saturday.
Practices are closed to parents. If you’d like to observe a practice, ask the coach
to consider a designated date. The reason for closed practices is so athletes can
focus fully on learning the lessons being taught.
Missing practice is detrimental to the team. If a player misses practice, playing
time may be affected (see team rules). In the case of illness or injury, players
must attend practice unless they are contagious.
Team rules will address how and when an athlete must inform their coach of
lateness or absence from a practice.
Each team has the option for establishing practice rules. They may choose to use
the rules set by Flatirons. See Flatirons practice rules at the end of this
Because we practice in local school gyms, there will be school activities that take
precedence over our practices. We are usually informed in advance. We make
every effort to make up the practice time. This gets challenging during Dawson’s
basketball season. These adjustments go with the territory and we have
factored the conflicts into our plans and fees.
Facility Rules
Gym space is at a premium and we must respect the facilities or risk losing them.
The fewer the gyms, the fewer the teams we can offer. Each gym has its’ own set
of rules which must be followed. Food and drink are not allowed in any gym.
We are contracted to use the gyms for volleyball activities only. Horseplay and
abuse of school equipment will not be tolerated. At the request of the schools,
parents and spectators may not sit on bleachers that are folded up against the
Inclement Weather Cancellations
Under extreme weather conditions, Flatirons will cancel practices. The criteria for
cancelling practices includes, but is not limited to icy roads, blowing snow,
traveler’s advisory, poor visibility, low temperatures, school closing and wind
chill/extreme temperatures. The decision to cancel will begin at 4:00 pm unless it
is obvious before that time. Once the decision is made, a notice will be posted on
the calendar page of the website and Parent Reps will be notified. The phone
tree will be started to inform families.
Coaches and Coaching Qualifications
Flatirons Volleyball Club prides itself on the quality of our coaching staff.
Coaches are carefully selected based on experience and the ability to teach
female athletes. All coaches must be IMPACT (Increased Mastery and
Professional Application of Coaching Theory) certified as mandated by USA
Volleyball. A national background check is required by USA Volleyball.
New: Our coaches undergo comprehensive training. Prior to the start of each
season, the following topics are discussed: team selection, running an efficient
practice, communicating with and understanding female athletes, incorporating
physical conditioning into practice, safety requirements, psychology of sport,
technical considerations such as offense, defense and systems, goal setting, team
management, coaching styles, motivation, season planning, match management
and much more. One of our primary practice goals is for each player to touch
the ball a maximum number of times. The results are faster, more
comprehensive learning.
Pi’i Aiu, former University of Colorado Head Coach, has joined our staff for 2014.
He will lead clinics and work with coaches to develop stronger and more efficient
techniques. We are thrilled to have his expertise in the Flatirons gyms.
Flatirons coaches are experts at coaching volleyball. It is not appropriate for
parents to suggest or advise coaches how to do their job. On the other hand, if
your daughter is struggling and cannot bring herself to discuss her needs with the
coach, please encourage her to email the coach to let her/him know about the
situation. (I would make this a stronger statement)
In the circumstance of dispute or need for clarification, coaches will not debate
club policy. Contact club administration to discuss club policy.
Playing time
Studies show that playing time is the number one issue in junior sports today.
Flatirons Volleyball Club is a competitive volleyball club and one of our goals is
to win matches. Each team will consist of players who can contribute to the
success of the team. Our commitment to the players is to train them to become
proficient volleyball players. Training takes place during practice. Playing time
is never guaranteed – on any team for any event. Playing time will be
determined by the coach and is not open for discussion. Court time is
determined by attendance, work ethic, attitude, performance and the needs of
the team. On game day, it is the obligation of the coach to field the team that
will produce winning results. It is inappropriate to question the coach’s decision.
Power Tournaments
Flatirons teams will participate in most of/all the Rocky Mountain Region Power
Tournaments. Tournament dates are posted on our web site in the “Calendar”
section and on the “Teams” page. Directions to sites can be found on the RMR
site in the “Directions” section. We encourage players and families to carpool to
tournaments. In some cases, teams may elect to stay overnight in the city where
tournament is held.
The sites for the Power Tournaments will be posted on the RMR site; usually by
Wednesday before the tournament. Power Tournaments are not canceled due
to inclement weather. Commitment to the team includes commitment to the
tournaments in spite of the weather. Do not call the RMR office!
The Junior Handbook is available in the “Club Director Forms section”. This
handbook explains the tournament format, rules and regulations, and the
workings of the Rocky Mountain Region USA Volleyball.
Travel and Tournament Information
The purpose for traveling to National Qualifier Tournaments is to obtain
experience at a high level of competition. College coaches accomplish 95% of
their recruiting at these tournaments. Commitment to a National team is a
commitment to travel to all scheduled tournaments.
Travel to National Qualifier Tournaments can involve out of state trips.
To learn which tournaments are scheduled, visit the website, click on teams then
click on National Teams.
The complete tournament schedule for the 2014 season will be posted on our site
as soon as it’s confirmed.
In the extreme event a traveling team has fewer than 8 players available to
travel, Flatirons reserves the right to cancel the trip without refund.
National team players will arrange their own out of state travel. Flatirons will
arrange travel for coaches. The additional travel fees cover the cost of the
tournament entry fee and the coaches expenses. All other travel expenses will be
the responsibility of each player. Tournament officials require hotel rooms be
booked through their agency. After Flatirons books the rooms, you will transfer
the rooms to your name and credit card. Keep in mind that at the time of
booking hotel rooms, our playing site is not known and could be some distance
from your hotel.
Flatirons’ recommends teams stay overnight on Saturday and Sunday night for
the RMR Showdown Tournament in Greeley. Hotel and food arrangements
need to be made by parents. Because there in not an abundance of hotels in
Greeley, it’s a good idea to book your rooms as soon as the team is formed.
All National teams and select Regional teams will compete in the Colorado
Crossroads Tournament in Downtown Denver. Crossroads is held at the Colorado
Convention Center.
Regional teams and some National teams will compete in the RMR Showdown
Tournament in Greeley over President’s Weekend in February.
Travel Rules
Coaches will take the lead at all
tournaments. They will discuss travel
rules with their team. A copy of the
rules will be distributed to each player.
Please ask your daughter to see these
Parental Involvement
Athletes need the support of their parents in order to grow and excel. Flatirons
Volleyball Club encourages parents to show their support by participating in the
following activities:
Team Rep is the communication link between parents and Flatirons
Volleyball Club. The Team Rep oversees all other parent jobs, coordinates travel
details for out of state tournaments, distributes uniforms & Fan Apparel,
paperwork, and helps coaches with special requests such as keeping the med kit
Social Chairperson organizes social functions, parties, and holiday
Fundraising Chairperson: If your team chooses to fundraise, coordinate and
lead fundraising activities.
Communication Chair: Communicate important and last minute
information via phone and/or email.
Team Mom/Dad: Main responsibility is helping out at the Power
Tournaments. Organize food, ensure player’s water bottles are full, organize car
pools etc. If needed, make hotel reservations when the site is a long distance
Spectator/Parental Behavior
It is inappropriate for spectators to yell at
or coach players during practice or
tournament play. It is unacceptable to boo
or harass match officials including coaches,
refs, scorekeepers and line judges. The
tournament director is authorized to
remove parents or spectators who do not
exhibit respectful behavior.
Tournament day is one that requires focus
and direction. Coaches and players have
much to think about. Emotions can run
high ~ everyone wants to play and perform
their best. Tournament day is the wrong
time for parents to voice complaints of any
nature. Flatirons Volleyball Club prohibits
parents from approaching coaches to
discuss playing time, coaching decisions, or
any other complaint on tournament day.
If this rule is violated, coaches are required
to report the infraction immediately. A
board committee will review the
circumstances and determine
consequences, which could include player
removal from the team.
Appropriate contact times are before or after practice, non-practice nights, or
email at any time.
Parents and/or guardians are prohibited from coaching their daughters during a
tournament or practice.
(This legally binding document may be reproduced as often as necessary)
1. I WILL abide by the official rules of USA Volleyball.
2. I WILL display good sportsmanship at all times.
3. I WILL encourage my child and his/her team, regardless of the outcome on the court.
4. I WILL educate myself on the unique rules of this facility.
5. I WILL honor the rules of the host and the host facility.
6. I WILL generate goodwill by being polite and respectful to those around me at this event.
7. I WILL direct my child to speak directly with his/her coach when coaching decisions are made that may
be confusing
or unclear.
8. I WILL redirect any negative comments from others to the respective Event Director or Program
9. I WILL direct all concerns regarding officials to the Head Coach or Club Director for my team/club as
opposed to
contacting the Head Official directly.
10. I WILL immediately notify the Event Director and/or Program Administrator in the event that I
witness any illegal
11. I WILL support the policies and guidelines of the team/club that I represent.
12. I WILL acknowledge effort and good performance, remembering that all of the players in this event
are amateur
13. I WILL model exemplary spectator behavior while attending this event.
14. I WILL respect the history and tradition of the sport of volleyball by being a good ambassador.
1. I WILL NOT harass or intimidate the officials or other match participants.
2. I WILL NOT coach my child from the bleachers and/or sidelines.
3. I WILL NOT criticize my child’s coach or his/her teammates.
4. I WILL NOT participate in any game or game-like activities unless I have a current
membership card with
the Region and I am on the roster for the team on the court
5. I WILL NOT bring and/or carry any firearms at any Region event.
6. I WILL NOT bring, purchase, or consume alcohol at any Youth/Junior volleyball
Note: Any violation of this Code of Conduct will result in you being asked to leave the
site/facility, and may
result in you possibly being banned from attending future Region sanctioned events.
Fines will be assessed to
the Affiliated Club and will be collected by the Region, these fines may range from $200
- $500 depending on the
type of violation. Multiple violations of this policy will be reviewed by the RMR Junior
Committee in which they
will assess fines and possibly revoke permission for any individual to attend any RMR
Sanctioned Event for any
length of time. The Event Director has the FINAL say regarding their individual event.
Local law enforcement will
be contacted if necessary to resolve any disputes or altercations. Questions or concerns
may be directed to the
Region office, Wendy Sapp at [email protected]
Parent Name:
Parent Signature:
Club Name:
New: Parents who violate the RMR USA Volleyball Code of Conduct
will be held responsible for any and all assessed fines associated
with their misbehavior.
It is the shared responsibility of the entire team to call lines, keep score, libero
track and referee. Every athlete is expected to stay until released by the coach.
Do not ask to leave early . . . you are required to stay until the entire team
Grievance process
In the event of dispute and/or complaint, there are proper steps to follow:
1. Encourage (even insist) your athlete to talk to coach about her concerns.
If there is no resolution:
2. Request a meeting with the coach. Coaches will not speak with you
during practice or on tournament days. It is inappropriate to approach a coach
with concerns or complaints during a practice or on a tournament day. Player
and parent must be present when voicing concern. Attempt to resolve conflict.
If there is no resolution:
3. Request a meeting with the Assistant Director Chris Warner (contact
information is located in the Resource Directory located at the end of this
handbook). Individual or family meetings will be scheduled. Group meetings
are against club policy.
Disciplinary Procedure
The Head Coach will handle minor infractions such as unexcused missed
practices. For serious infractions the followed process will take place:
1. Verbal warning
2. Written warning
3. Suspension
4. Expulsion
Suspension and/or expulsion can be instituted without warning in the event of a
serious infraction. Examples of serious infractions include assaults and/or illegal
Team Rules
Each team will compose a set of team rules based on guidelines provided by
Flatirons Volleyball Club.
In the event a team does not establish their own rules, team rules will
automatically revert to the rules set by Flatirons VBC as posted at the end of this
A couple rules of note:
Negative postings about Flatirons Volleyball Club, coaches or teammates on
public sites such as Facebook, Twitter and My Space are inappropriate and will
result in severe consequences the most severe being expulsion from Flatirons
Volleyball Club.
Cell phone rules are simple: whenever the team is together at practice, at dinner,
in a meeting or at tournaments, cell phones are not to be looked at. Additional
clarification and/or rules may be added by your daughter’s coach.
Ask your daughter what the rules are for her team. You may be asked to sign a
copy of the rules.
Social Networking
Flatirons coaches are discouraged from engaging in online “relationships” with
players or parents via social networking sites. Do not search for or attempt to
befriend a Flatirons coach on any of the social network sites.
Fan Apparel
Flatirons has partnered with Spirit Gear Direct for our 2014 Fan Apparel. There
will be one Spirit Gear Drive in November and a possible second drive in
January. You will receive an order form via email with instructions on how to
place your order. The order form will also be available in hard copy and will be
posted on our website. Items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sling
bags will be available for order.
Show support for your daughter and Flatirons Volleyball Club by wearing
Flatirons apparel to tournaments!
Fundraising is optional for each player. Teams and players may participate in
raising monies to help with club expenses. All monies earned are credited directly
to the player’s account. While Flatirons Volleyball Club supports the goal of
fundraising, the club is not equipped to lead or organize fundraising activities.
Suggestions for a variety of fundraising options are listed on our web site.
In addition, Flatirons Volleyball Club is a state registered 501c3 organization.
Donations are tax deductible.
Scholarship monies are available through:
1. RMR Hardship Assistance Fund: www.rmrvolleyball.org Click on Juniors then
scroll down to Hardship Application. Deadline: January 30, 2014.
2. Flatirons Volleyball Club does not award scholarships in order to be in
compliance with NCAA rules that prohibit athletes from receiving money for
Financial Commitment
Commitment to a team and Flatirons Volleyball Club is a commitment to the
financial obligations for the entire season. The budget is based on a team of 11
players. Therefore, all eleven players are committing to their part of the season’s
costs at the moment of verbal commitment and again when the contract is
signed and notarized.
A $500 deposit will be required at Tryouts. This deposit
will be applied toward the total costs for the season. It is not refundable after
a verbal commitment has been made. If an offer is not made, the deposit check
or credit card transaction will be destroyed.
Flatirons Volleyball Club makes every effort to contain the costs of club
volleyball. The fees cover the expense of gym space, uniforms, equipment,
insurance, team registration fees, physical training/conditioning, coach’s stipends,
administration, tournament entry fees, memberships, and tech support.
Payment plans are available upon request.
The fee schedule for 2014 will be posted on the Teams page of this website in the
“Fees” section. While payment in full is welcomed, payment plans and extended
payment plans are available upon request as long as the account is paid in full
by July 1, 2014. We accept Visa and MasterCard with a 2% surcharge. Monthly
statements with a “click and pay” option will be emailed. Check your spam
folder if you have not received your invoice by December 7th. The bookkeeping
service is named Bottom Line Bookkeeping. Contact person is Renee Loewen at
[email protected] Accounts that are past due by 30 or more days will result
in player suspension. Players will be held out of participation in practice and/or
tournaments. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments
while suspended.
Additional expenses such as chaperone expenses, Fan Apparel or hotel expenses
that have not been paid by the parent will be added to the players account.
If the balance is not paid in full by July 1, a report will be filed with the Rocky
Mountain Region.
Balances that remain on the books after July 1st, are subject to penalty fees and
interest charges. A $25 charge will be assessed when accounts are reported to the
Rocky Mountain Region.
Outstanding Debt
To be a “member in good standing” in the Rocky Mountain Region, players must
have no outstanding debt for previous seasons. Registration in the Rocky
Mountain Region will be denied to a player who owes money to any club. In
order to accept a position with Flatirons Volleyball Club, you must be in good
standing in the Region. If you are on the RMR “hold” list, contact the club and
rectify the dispute.
Programs offered by Flatirons Volleyball Club
Summer Camps are offered for 12’s – 16’s. 2014 camps are slated for June 2 - 12
at Eldorado K-8 School. This is a great opportunity to learn about the sport of
volleyball and to increase your skills.
New: Coach Gavin Markovits of Metro State will work with Flatirons players and
their parents on identifying their college playing goals and how to achieve those
Little Spikers League is an introductory program for girls in 4th – 5th grade. This
year, Jil Thomason will run the Little Spikers. Check our website for details.
Registration and program details will be announced mid December.
Flatirons VBC heads up the Monarch Gold Crown Volleyball program. Tryouts
and practices begin mid August. The season ends around November 1st. To be
included on the email list, send your request to [email protected]
2014 Resource Directory
Susan Cancilla
College Consultant:
Gavin Markovits
[email protected]
(720) 280-2326 ©
[email protected]
Assistant Director: Chris Warner
Parent Liaison
(303) 554-9113 (h)
(303) 819-2571 ©
[email protected]
Coach Development & Clinician:
Pi’i Aiu
(303) 229-4013 ©
[email protected]
Kay Pahl
(303) 438-1773
[email protected]
Renee Loewen
(303) 466-6373
[email protected]
Flatirons Volleyball Club Board of Directors:
Robyn Read
[email protected]
Vice President
Gaynelle Tuck
[email protected]
Susan Cancilla
[email protected]
Renee Loewen
[email protected]
At large
Corinne Read
[email protected]
At large
Greg Hand
[email protected]
At large
Effie Stone
[email protected]
At large
Therese DeBenedette
[email protected]
Practice Rules
Arrive 10 minutes early; wait in the hall until it’s your time to practice.
Remove jewelry before practice
Wear your volleyball shoes for volleyball only. No street shoes on the court.
Practice jerseys are required: white on first practice, yellow for second practice
and black for third practice of the week. Do not wear your competition jerseys.
5. Leave bags in the hall or on top of the bleachers with valuables zipped inside
Do not leave them at court endlines.
6. Enter the gym leaving your cares and concerns of the day behind
7. Bring water in a plastic bottle with a secure lid
8. Keep water bottles together – in a spot away from flying balls
9. Everyone helps to set up nets, pads, antennae (Dawson: only adults handle
10. Respect equipment: don’t kick balls or pull on nets
11. Practice the way you want to play
12. Change your warm up/practice partner at every opportunity
13. When coach is talking, you are listening
14. Yell “ball” when errant ball rolls onto court
15. During drills, clear errant balls immediately without rolling them onto adjoining
16. Return balls to destination by rolling them, not throwing them
17. Be positive – encourage your teammates
18. Refrain from coaching your teammates
19. Honor teammates and coaches on and off the court
20. Hustle at all times
21. Keep area around the court clear – clothing, equipment, papers etc. can be
22. Inform coach if you are not feeling well
23. Contact coach if you will be late for practice: determine deadline time
24. In the case of illness or injury, attend practice – there’s much to learn
Exception: fever, contagious
25. Do not leave the gym until all equipment is put away & balls are counted and
26. Pick up trash, water bottles and hair ties
27. Wear practice shirts
28. No gum during practice
Flatirons Volleyball Club Team Rules
1. Be early to practice. Start time is 6:00 PM. This means you are courtside and
ready to go at 5:55 PM.
After the third instance, the team will perform physical exercise to be determined
by the coach.
2. You are late for a match if you are not warming up with the team with the
first warm up exercise. Consequence is a loss of playing time. The amount will
be at the discretion of the coach.
3. Unexcused missed practice
First offense: loss of playing time to be determined by coach
Second offense: player will sit out one entire match
Third offense: player will be suspended from the team
Each missed practice, regardless of the reason, must be made up with another
team. This make up practice must be prearranged through the head coach.
4. Excused missed practice
Make up practice with another team or be an assistance coach for a younger
team. Missed practice before a tournament may result in loss of playing time at
the discretion of the coach.
5. Jewelry worn at practice/start of warm ups at match
Team will perform crunches until jewelry is removed and put away.
6. Bring all volleyball equipment to every practice and every match.
Consequence for not bringing assigned equipment is apology with baked goods.
7. Unsportsmanlike behavior:
Loss of playing time at the discretion of the coach; possible suspension from the
8. Bad attitude at practice/match will result in a practice suspension or loss of
playing time at the discretion of the coach.
9. Other infraction/poor judgment not listed above will be dealt with on a case by
case basis.
10. If you are going to miss a practice, you must contact your coach at least one hour
in advance. Delayed notification may result in loss of playing time. No
notification will result in loss of playing time and/or suspension from the team.
11. Respect all coaches and your teammates by listening while instruction is being
12. Cell phones must be muted and put away in your backpack/bag for the duration
of practice.
13. Negative postings about Flatirons Volleyball Club, coaches or teammates on
public sites such as Facebook, Twitter and My Space are inappropriate and will
result in severe consequences the most severe being expulsion from Flatirons
Volleyball Club.
The following notice will be sent to your parent(s) and the club director in the
event of extreme behavior violations such as aggressive behavior, cursing, blatant lack
of respect, excessive absences and any other behavior the coach deems as harmful to
the player, teammates or the team.
Notice of Unacceptable Behavior
Due to the nature of the behavior described below, notification is deemed
Unacceptable behavior:
Date of infraction:
Description of infraction:

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