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Paw Prints Fall 2014 Newsletter
President’s Message from Reid Harvey
Again, as we prepare to wind down another year, it’s time to look
back and reflect on what VDACS has done so far in 2014. Even
though we still have a couple of months to go, the number of
animals we have helped is once again staggering. Excluding our
adoptables, we are just shy of the 700 mark. Approximately 35% of
those are ferals/strays. While most people connect VDACS to cats,
it is interesting to note that of the remaining 65% of animals
helped, 25% are dogs.
2014 saw a few more changes for us. While we have always been
primarily a “spay/neuter” society, we have had the good fortune
to be able to help with the adoptions and/or rehoming of
hundreds of cats with the assistance of local veterinary clinics and
pet stores. Sadly, in August with the closing of the Paws and Claws
store we have had to curtail our adoptions program. We still do
have cats in foster homes who are looking for their forever homes,
and we still are able to get some assistance from a couple of the
local animal clinics but their space is very limited, so we must go
back and focus on our original mandate of spay/neuter financial
So far this year, we have had two very successful fundraising
events at Village Green Centre, and thanks to the help of one of
our volunteers/supporters, we were able to have a scaled down
garage sale in June; but by far, the support we get through the
generous donations of North Okanagan residents and businesses is
what keeps us going and able to do the work we do. Of course,
none of this would be possible without the generous help of those
local veterinary clinics that support us, so they get the “Big
Thumbs Up Award”.
2015 Calendars
VDACS Calendars are now available, but
quantities are limited so get them
before they are sold out.
You can choose from:
Calendars are available at these local
Butcher Boys
Hunter’s Store
Creekside Animal Clinic
Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital
Armstrong Veterinary Clinic
Healthy Spot
D & B Home Fires
M & M Meats
Roots 88
A big THANK YOU to the above
for their support.
Did You Know?
According to Spay USA website Dogs are 15 times more prolific and
Cats are 45 times more prolific than humans are at reproducing.
They don’t need your help to expand their numbers--they need your help to reduce them.
Paw Prints Fall 2014 Newsletter
A Letter from the Lost and Found Cat Registry
The Registry was founded in Late 2003 and was introduced to the Vernon public by way of a newspaper
article and also on the local TV Channel.
When one of my cats just “disappeared” I could not believe how painful the loss of a pet could be as I
had not had the experience before. At that time there was no one to turn to for help or suggestions-we
were on our own. I never found out what happened to my precious little friend. So then I got the idea
to start the Lost & Found Cat Registry and approached the Board of VDACS with the idea. Most thought
it was worth a try.
It has not been easy to match up reported lost cats to reported found cats but there have been enough
success stories to make it worthwhile. People who report their cats lost really appreciate the many
suggestions I give to them to try and locate the cat themselves. The most effective suggestion has
proven to be having the owner do up a poster, make copies and distribute a copy to every door in their
neighbourhood. That way everyone in the vicinity gets a copy with a phone number. As I say “someone
may have seen something”. There have been excellent results from doing this. I also encourage owners
not to give up too soon as some are found and reunited months and even years later. There have been
instances of cats returning to former residences and travelling great distances, through town and traffic,
fields and woods.
I must mention also how much I appreciate all the help we do receive from the Veterinary clinics staff
who read found cats’ tattoo numbers and help with owner information. Also the kind people at the
Morning Star who faithfully print the Lost and Found List every Sunday. And the kind hearted people
who take care of cats they find. Each and every time I am able to get a cat home to its owner, I share
their joy. That is my reward.
How to help a stray cat:
Put out food and water every day.
Provide shelter in the winter. (See “how to” article following page).
TNR: Live trap and get the cat fixed. VDACS can help with that.
Return to their territory or find an inside home if they are friendly.
Check VDACS Lost and Found Cat Registry, check for tattoo.
Fixing the cats-- TNR combined with proper feeding, shelter and on-going health
monitoring stops the unchecked breeding of the cats, improves their lives and allows
the colony to diminish naturally over time.
Paw Prints Fall 2014 Newsletter
It is fairly easy and inexpensive to build a cold weather shelter with readily available materials.
No special tools or skills required. A sharp knife or small, fine saw and a tape measure or ruler is
all you will need. Following is a recommended list of materials:
Two “Rubbermaid” type plastic storage 28 and one 18 gallon size.
1” or 1 ½” rigid Styrofoam insulation.
Approximately 1/2 “bat” of ROXUL insulation.....NOT, repeat, NOT fibreglass bats.
A bit of STRAW.....NOT, repeat, NOT Hay.
Start by cutting a piece of the rigid insulation the same size and contour as the bottom of the
larger tub. In the smaller tub, approximately 2-3 inches up from the bottom, cut out a 6” or so
square opening in the centre of one end. Place the smaller tub, centered inside the large one,
on top of that rigid insulation. Transfer the hole of the small tub into the front of the large tub
so when they are “nested” together, the holes line up. Pack the sides, back and front corners
with the ROXUL insulation. Leave a bit of space around the perimeter of that opening so that
you can put some strips of the rigid insulation around it, thereby keeping the ROXUL away from
the opening, preventing fraying of it, and eliminating the temptation for the cat to eat it when
starving. Place a few inches of STRAW in the bottom of the small tub, and put the lid on it. Pack
more insulation on top of the lid of the smaller tub, while ensuring that the lid of the larger tub
will still fit on snugly. If possible, place the shelter, especially the door, in a location where it is
protected from the elements.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The materials suggested do NOT ABSORB MOISTURE. The use of blankets,
towels, cardboard, newspaper, pink/yellow fibreglass insulation and HAY will absorb water,
moisture and humidity in the air, which can then freeze, making the shelter unusable. Other
examples can be found on the internet under “Feral Cat Shelters”.
Paw Prints Fall 2014 Newsletter
Tuesday December 2nd is the Second annual Giving Tuesday. VDACS will be at Healthy Spot on 48th
Avenue and Anderson Way to “kick off the Giving Season” by giving back to Healthy Spot for all they
have done for VDACS. Stop by and have some coffee and goodies. VDACS volunteers will be on site
from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. helping carry-out customer’s bags of cat/dog food to show our appreciation.
Please join us at our annual “Pet Photos with Santa” (photos available instantly) and “Christmas on a
Budget” Sale (used Christmas decorations at bargain prices) on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6th, at the NEW
“WET SPOT GROOMING AND PET CARE CENTRE”, 5201 26th Street, (in the Happy Harry’s building,
across the street from Target). Watch for our ad in the Morning Star, Friday December 5th.
I would like to (a) renew my annual membership @ $25 ___________
OR (b) become a new member...........@ $25 ____________
I would like to make a tax deductible donation of: $ ____________Total $____________
NOTE: Receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.
Name (Please Print)____________________________________________________
___________________________________Postal Code________________________
Please make cheques payable to Vernon and District Animal Care Society and mail to:
VDACS, P.O. Box 1564, Vernon, B.C V1T 8C2
Other Contact Information: email..... [email protected] .....telephone 250-542-7203
Web Site.....
Paw Prints Fall 2014 Newsletter

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