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Wind Energy
PV Energy
Grid Integration
8.2 Group
Your reliable partner in renewable energies –
successful now since 1995!
A complete network of independent experts has developed nationally as well as
internationally within only few years since the foundation of the first 8.2 office in 1995.
Today, with more than 18,000 technical inspections, over 4,500 MW technical Due
Diligence projects worldwide, and 22 independent locations, the 8.2 group under the
organisational roof of 8.2 Consulting AG is one of the leading specialists in the various
fields of sustainable energy. 150 experts handle a total of 5,000 clients from more than
39 countries offering comprehensive consulting services, technical inspections for
wind turbines, PV, biogas plants and electrical grid / grid integration. Furthermore,
right from the beginning 8.2 has been working Offshore and is involved in nearly all
German Offshore projects in various fields.
Services offered by the 8.2 Group are facilitated by the specialist knowledge of the
8.2 Group members in subjects such as glass fibre-reinforced composites, vibration
analysis, video endoscopy, Condition Monitoring, rotor blade inspection by rope
access technique as well as foundation control.
Our active way of knowledge management will be your profit
The close cooperation of all 8.2 offices as well as the exchange of experience and
information on a regular basis supports a constant transfer of valuable knowledge.
Thus, every 8.2 expert is able to access the Group’s complete knowledge which is being
improved and updated continuously by additional and regular training programs in our
8.2 Academy. The technical knowledge of the 8.2 experts is always on an up to date
level due to their active work in certification bodies, committees, advisory boards and
quality initiatives; moreover, our experts are working actively for the development of
norms, basic principles and inspection methods.
You as our customer will profit from this unique professional background based on
our advanced knowledge and high quality level of work.
8.2 Academy
Networked know-how resulting from
practical and scientific experience
Special expert knowledge and experience are the key to the success story of the
8.2 Group.
In the 8.2 Academy, this special expert knowledge and experience is bundled by a
regular exchange of experience and information between the different experts.
A pool of experience is growing continuously and thus, the 8.2 Group is a step ahead
in the market.
The most important objectives of the 8.2 Academy are to sustain and intensify the
competence of the 8.2 Group by a continuous development of the internal knowledge
pool as well as by a constant and high-quality professional education and training of
the 8.2 experts. Therefore, the 8.2 Academy is developing appropriate training courses,
workshops and discussion panels with reference to up to date topics in the areas wind
energy, photovoltaic and biogas/biomass as well as to interdisciplinary topics.
Our vision: we would not only like to meet your expectations in us and our know-how
but rather to exceed them constantly.
Wind Energy
Trust in experience and know-how!
Due to long term experience with wind turbines, the 8.2 team is able to assess technical
problems competently and thus to implement your projects perfectly. Our aim is to
increase the reliability and availability of your wind turbines as well as to optimize
your operational results or energy yield possibilities.
Right from the start with the first discussions up to the decommissioning of the
turbines after the respective period of operation 8.2 will be your reliable partner with
a manifold know-how concerning the erection of turbines, the planning of wind parks,
the quality control of turbine manufacturing and the sale of turbines as well as
statement on condition during the whole period of operation.
» support in contract negotiations with manufacturers, banks, investors
» support in sale and service contracts as well as in the purchase of external services
(e.g. assessment reports of ground, wind and noise, performance measurement).
» experience in turbine manufacturing and in planning of wind parks
» quality control with regards to manufacturing and sale of wind turbines
» construction monitoring
» control of technical documents / contractual documents
» assessment reports (e.g. court’s opinion)
» valuation report
» Due Diligence
Wind Energy
Technical Inspections
Flexible solutions are your profit!
Technical Inspections
The cost-efficiency of every wind turbine is based on the perfect operation of all
technical elements. Therefore, the 8.2 team of experts performs all necessary
inspections and measurements and, in addition, inspects the quality of each respective
component of the wind turbine.
»commissioning assessment (incl. check of requirements resulting from
building permit if necessary)
»recurrent / condition based assessments (according to requirements,
e.g. in Germany every 2 – 4 years)
» factory inspection
Some Projects
» assessments before end of guarantee/warranty
» assessments after damage and provided for insurance companies / owners / banks
» Morocco: 300 MW Owner’s Engineer
» inspections before purchase, sale and repowering
» Norway, wind park Havoygavlen: end of guarantee assessment
» inspection of individual components e.g. gear box, generator, rotor blades etc.
» Romania, wind park Fantanele: commissioning assessment
» Spain: video endoscopy of 90 gear boxes
» USA: damage analyses
Due Diligence Projects
» with a total of 4,500 MW in:
Bulgaria // France // Germany
// the Netherlands // Poland // Romania // Turkey
Wind Energy
Trust our specialists!
» support in negotiations for EPC / building contracts / purchase of turbines
» consultant /decision-maker during contract preparation
» review of technical documents / Due Diligence of purchase projects
» Offline- and Online-Condition-Monitoring (CMS)
Due to increased wind speed combined with technically advanced turbines special
» independent analysis of manufacturer’s CMS before end of warranty
know-how is necessary for the performance of economically promising offshore
» vibration analysis of gear box and drive train on test stand before delivery
projects. 8.2 will support you proficiently with the help of our practical experience
» support in ship building contracts (Jack-Up barge)
resulting from various offshore projects.
» input on O & M costs as well as input on decommissioning
» Due Diligence of turbine technology
The 8.2 team is familiar with handling offshore turbines of the following manufacturers:
» quality assurance during turbine and foundation manufacturing (selection and
» AREVA// REpower // BARD // Siemens // Vestas // GE Wind Energy
evaluation of suppliers, control and evaluation of ITPs etc. , manufacturing of
components, assembly, FATs and final inspections)
Some Projects:
» monitoring of prototype erection
»alpha ventus: factory inspection, commissioning monitoring, acceptance test
» construction monitoring of wind parks, offshore structures, ships and Jack-Up barge
offshore, end of warranty inspection
» consulting on ships new-building projects, purchase of ships etc. as for the
» BARD Offshore 1: manufacturing monitoring, construction monitoring,
respective choice of ship
commissioning monitoring
» planning, review and assessment of maritime logistics
» Global Tech I: manufacturing inspection, technical consulting
» on- and off-hire inspection of ships and barges
» Baltic I: acceptance test offshore
» damage surveys on ships and offshore structures
» strength (finite elements) and stability calculation
Wind Energy
Offline Vibration Measurement
Ask for Our Special Disciplines!
Vibration Analysis:
How to Detect Problems on the Drive Train
With the experience resulting from more than 3,000 offline vibration analyses of
300 kW - 6 MW wind turbines the 8.2 Monitoring GmbH inspects drive trains with the
Detailed Assessment of Main Components –
First-hand Support!
help of highly efficient vibration analyses. In order to evaluate the results, the certified
Offline Vibration Measurement
Main Characteristics of the 8.2 Vibration Analysis:
Online-Condition-Monitoring (CMS)
experts use their own software (VibraLyze™PRO) which was especially developed for
the analysis of wind turbines.
» extremely high sampling rate up to 52 kHz and long term recording up to 300 seconds;
» simultaneous measuring on 4/8 channels with 16 different sensor positions;
» recording of rotational speed along with vibration signals;
» standardization of rotational speed and order analysis for exact problem detection.
Video Endoscopy
Vibration analyses offer the possibility to identify irregularities on the drive train
especially on the shafts, bearings and gear stages. We are able to provide 7 service
teams for measurement in order to work efficiently even in larger wind parks.
Moreover, we will evaluate your own measurements and will produce an expert
Rotor Blade Inspection
Foundation Control
report based on your data.
Our significant reports with procedure recommendations will provide more security
for you and an appropriate margin for the planning of maintenance works.
Wind Energy
Online Vibration Monitoring (CMS)
Online Vibration Monitoring:
Avoid Engine Breakdown and Interruption of Operation
Advantages of Independent Monitoring by 8.2 Monitoring GmbH
of CMS Installed by the Manufacturer:
Our extensive know-how is based on 15 years of experience in the online
»a neutral analysis of the CMS data will help the operator to get an own and
monitoring of wind turbines. The 8.2 Monitoring GmbH offers:
independent expert report of turbine status;
»detection and documentation of problems which have already occurred during
»Online CMS for onshore and offshore applications as well as online
foundation monitoring. Our control system-integrated CMS solutions
for well-known control manufacturers improve the quality of the data
as well as the analysis’ results.
» Our professional CMS service and support in our monitoring centres
warranty period but which have not caused a standstill until now or which have
not yet been detected;
»subsequent analysis of data in cases of damage which have not yet been reported
by the CMS maintained by the manufacturer;
» own data hosting and access to all data by the operator;
in Hamburg and Kiel result in an increased security for your planning
» better planning possibilities for offshore services;
as well as in reduced risks.
»our software VibraLyze™PRO is open for further signals (i.e. particle counter,
» Our analysis software VibraLyze™PRO sets standards for failure de-
process signals or foundation measurement technique etc.); thus, possible problems
tection and efficiency. This software facilitates the analysis of different
can be detected more easily by signal correlation and the reporting as demanded
types of CMS and can be used by operators as well as manufacturers
by the BSH with reference to stability of offshore foundations can be integrated.
for successful and economical monitoring.
The know-how of the 8.2 Group and previous experience resulting from on- and
Profit from our know-how! We are your independent CMS service provider.
offshore projects can support operation efficiently.
Wind Energy
Special Discipline
Video Endoscopy:
Since 2004 the 8.2 Group has performed more than 1,000 inspections by video
During the inspection of the electrics of wind turbines or photovoltaic plants the
endoscopy – a visual examination with the help of a video camera. There is no other
8.2 Group uses the technology of thermography. Thus, problems caused by cable
technique which provides a quick, secure and reliable optical examination of difficult
connections installed in an in­appropriate way can be detected more easily.
For early detection of defects in components
to access areas as for example cavities or internal components of a machine.
Apart from being able to visualize the internal structure of objects the video endos­copy
Easy detection of problems with cable connections
On- & Offshore Rotor Blade Inspection:
Experienced specialists
offers the possibility to assess the condition of objects as far as possible defects are
concerned. Costly stand still periods of wind turbines will be reduced if defects of
During factory and guarantee acceptance tests, repair monitoring as well as recurrent
components are detected during an early stage.
inspections, the 8.2 Group has already inspected more than 3,000 sets of rotor blades.
Due to the vast know-how concerning the use of fibre-reinforced composites the
Within wind turbines the video endoscopy is mainly used for the inspection of gear
8.2 Group is considered a specialist in this sector.
boxes. However, the 8.2 experts use the video endoscopy also for the inspection and
assessment of generators, pressure chambers of rotor blades and other components.
Rotor blades are inspected by:
» rope access technique (for all heights)
» platform (as far as available and as far as possible
according to respective hub heights)
Wind Energy
Special Discipline
Construction Surveillance:
Evaluation and Expertise Reports
inspect the conditions of foundations and determine existing damage. The 8.2 support
Quality Assurance and Control of Foundation Construction,
Cable Works and Access Roads:
contains optimized construction consulting during design and construction of wind
With several years of professional experience our 8.2 team is now working actively
turbine foundations.
in this area and in the control of construction works with foundation as well as the
8.2 helps to prevent damage by continuous monitoring and Quality Assurance during
control of providing cable and access roads. The on-site building control is part of
the construction phases via the inspection of access roads, foundations and towers.
quality assurance, thus guaranteeing an operation without problems until the erection
We develop refurbishment concepts to eliminate damage at wind turbine foundations.
of the wind turbine and resulting in a minimum of standstill times during transport
During the surveillance and evaluation of wind turbine foundations 8.2 experts
and erection of the wind turbine.
Measurement of Unfixed Tower-Restraint
The measurement of unfixed tower-restraint at foundations is the most important initial
Additional services:
point for the evaluation and the planning of refurbishment. This measurement method
» Consulting of foundation design
is to be used to check the fixed anchorage of the tower in the foun-dation. One
» Due Diligence for wind turbine projects
advantage of this measurement method is that the elastic elongation of towers can
» Planning of refurbishment for foundation
be detected and eliminated. The output provides exact results.
» Quality assurance and control for foundation refurbishment
PV Energy
Technical Inspections
Consulting and supporting –
all in one!
The 8.2 experts are performing their inspections independently from manufacturers and
operators. You will receive an impartial status report and respective recommendations.
Technical Inspections
Some Projects
Working as independent experts the 8.2 team performs technical inspections of your
» 80 MWp technical inspection after commissioning, Eggebek, Germany
photovoltaic plant and clarifies proficiently any technical problem. However, the actual
» 13 MWp technical Due Diligence, Targovishte-Buhovtsi, Bulgaria
work already begins with the contract control right before the erection of the photo­
»52 MWp Due Diligence, construction monitoring, assessment after
voltaic plant. All requirements of the building permit will be checked with regards to
commissioning, operation monitoring, Lieberose/Turnow, Germany
their respective fulfilment and the delivery of the plant according to contract will be
» 18 MWp energy yield assessment and module tests, Thüngen, Germany
controlled. The results of any possible quality defect can thus be reduced to a minimum
» 3,3 MWp assessment after commissioning , Abuzaderas/Albacete, Spain
due to continuous construction monitoring and factory acceptance tests of components.
» 20 MWp technical Due Diligence, Rothenburg/Oberlausitz, Germany
» Over 2,000 MWp controlled photo­voltaic plants
PV Energy
Consulting and Monitoring
Energy Yield Projection:
You would like to invest in the construction of a photovoltaic plant? The 8.2 Group
will examine in advance the cost-effectiveness of your investment and will guarantee
the best possible security for your investment by quality assessment.
Energy Yield Assessment:
The future energy yield is based on the respective selection of your plant’s site. Even
before its construction, 8.2 is preparing an energy yield assessment with respect to all
site conditions such as surrounding and shadow, infrastructure, grid connection and
weather conditions. You will receive detailed proposals for improving your energy
yield and selection of site based on detailed analyses.
With the help of our management and monitoring software SolMan™ PRO we will
monitor your portfolio reliably and neutrally. We will detect promptly any problems
of the system or in the operation due to our special algorithms. The sophisticated
ticket system will support effective reporting and work flow control. Thus, quick fault
detection and troubleshooting will result in sustainable improvement in profitability.
» Due Diligence
» energy yield assessment / energy yield projection
» technical inspection
» construction monitoring
» consulting
» system certificates
» optimization of operation / System monitoring
» evaluation of operating data
Don’t miss new opportunities!
Technical Inspections
Biogas is an especially manifold source of renewable energy. As neutral consultant the
8.2 team will perform all respective technical inspections in this sector according to up
to date technology.
» assessment before commissioning
» recurrent inspections (also individual components)
» assessment before end of guarantee
» assessment for insurance companies / owners / banks etc. after damage
» technical inspections
8.2 is your reliable partner for consulting services, assessment and claim settlement
» endoscopy of gas engines and generators
of mechanical components of biogas plants. Based on their long term experience of
several years our experts will be able to consult you in detail, proficiently and according
to the respective situation. You will receive qualified assessments and elaborate bestpractise solution proposals.
The 8.2 Group will accompany your projects from the preliminary discussions up to
the commissioning of the plant, its extension and of course its long term operation.
» support in contract negotiations with manufacturers, banks, investors
» control of technical documents / contractual documents
» Due Diligence
» construction monitoring
» project planning
» efficiency analysis
» optimising operations
Grid Integration
State-of-the-art expertise!
The grid connection has to meet high requirement levels so that the power produced
by the turbines can be safely fed into the grid.
Projects performed by the business division
“8.2 Grid Integration”
»Certificates and reports according to BDEW medium-voltage guideline for
power supply units, SDL WindV, TR8 and transmission code
»System certificates for mixed wind farms with already installed turbines of
The business division “8.2 Grid Integration” inspects and examines your grid
connection, simulates with the help of the latest software tools the performance of
your turbine when connected to the grid and will guarantee that the power generation
units are in accordance with grid demands. According to the principle of dual control
we will supply a system certificate in cooperation with the VDE Institute which will
enable you as operator to connect your turbine to the electrical supply grid.
different manufacturers and newly installed turbines
»System certificates for wind farms with transfer turbines consisting of already
installed turbines and supplementary new turbines
»System certificates for wind farms with already installed turbines which will
be modified according to SDL WindV
»System certificates for wind farms with newly installed turbines and with
already installed turbines from different manufacturers
Due to our long-term know-how in grid connection we will provide extensive
»System certificates for wind farms with newly installed turbines
consultancy services for our customers as far as grid connection and electrical supplies
»System certificates for PV plants
for renewable energies are concerned. As competent consultants we will also support
»System certificates for CHPs (required by 2014)
you as far as the direct marketing of renewable energies is concerned.
»Support in performing technical Due Diligence for wind farms especially
for grid connection and transfer stations
»Performance of loss calculation and deduction of optimization measures
for farm constellations
Operating Worldwide!
Since 1995 the experts of 8.2 have performed more than 18,000 technical inspections
on turbines: commissioning assessment, end of warranty assessment, recurring assessments, damage analysis, blade inspections, video endoscopy, vibration analysis etc.
No one else knows more about turbines!
Offices Germany:
Arnsberg · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Tönnissen // W
T +49 29 32-89 46 43
[email protected]
Business Divisions
8.2 Consulting AG
Hamburg · 8.2 Ingenieurpartnerschaft
Kesenheimer & Loos // W
T +49 40-181 26 04 80
[email protected]
[email protected]
Offices Europe:
France · 8.2 France SARL
Bruno Allain // W // B
T +33 467-29 74 43
[email protected]
Lippetal · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Daniel Tönnissen // W // B
T +49 152-54 57 19 31
[email protected]
8.2 Consulting AG
T +49 40 380 72 53-0 · [email protected]
Aurich · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Jürgen Holzmüller // W // F // **
T +49 49 41-604 44-100
[email protected]
Berlin · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Andreas Wild // W
T +49 174-320 32 02
[email protected]
Hamburg · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Nikolaus Kromm // W
T +49 176 - 62 28 12 68
[email protected]
Münster · 8.2 Ingenieurgesellschaft
Timo Poetschke – Münster mbH
// W // F
T +49 251-144 38 12
[email protected]
Hamburg · 8.2 Ingenieurpartnerschaft
Obst & Ziehmann // W // PV
T +49 40-181 26 04-00
[email protected]
[email protected]
Nordfriesland · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Axel Jensen // W
T +49 46 63-76 21
[email protected]
Berlin · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Christof Schwarz // W
T +49 30-324 66 21
[email protected]
8.2 Monitoring GmbH // W // CM
T +49 431-66 84 68 50
[email protected]
Rennerod · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Jürgen Fuhrländer // W
T +49 26 64-993 29 80
[email protected]
Berlin · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Jörn-Jakob Bauditz // W
T +49 30-44 03 61 10
[email protected]
Kassel · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Berthold Hahn // W
T +49 170-534 22 16
[email protected]
Süderdeich · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Manfred Lührs // W // *
T +49 48 33-29 13
[email protected]
Hamburg · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Alexander Behrens // W
T +49 40-380 72 53 40
[email protected]
Kiel · 8.2 Sachverständigenbüro
Marcus Mordhorst // W
T +49 43 44-413 31 90
[email protected]
Thüringen · 8.2 Ingenieurbüro
Ingolf Rauschenbach // W
T +49 366 01-76 99 39
[email protected]
8.2 Offshore: [email protected]
8.2 Grids: [email protected]
8.2 Biomass: [email protected]
Austria · 8.2 AUSTRIA
Christof Flucher // W
T +43 664-405 36 87
[email protected]
Christian Szodl // W
T +43 699-113 03 402
[email protected]
Portugal · 8.2 Portugal Unipessoal LDA
António Monteiro Pinho // W
T +351 919-45 12 10
[email protected]
8.2 Consulting AG
8.2 International Projects
& Institutional Investors
T +49 93 21-388 60 90
[email protected]
Experts for
» W Wind turbine engineering
» PV Photovoltaics
» B Biogas & Biomass
» F Foundations, supporting structure
» CM Condition Monitoring
Expert publicly appointed and
authorized by the Chamber of Industry
and Commerce for
» * wind turbine engineering,
certified commercial mediator
» ** w
ind turbine engineering
and respective assessment
» *** wind turbine engineering
8.2 Experts
Your Experts in Renewable Energies!
8.2 Personally
What does 8.2 actually mean?
Actually, 8.2 does not exist but 8 and 2 are my
favourite numbers. At that time, I did not want
to found just another office for wind energy.
Therefore, I deliberately chose a logo for the first
The company’s name is inspired
consultant’s office which would be kept in mind.
by the details on the heads of
From this time onwards, 8.2 thus represents a
hexagon bolts where you can find
group of engineering offices, the first of which
imprinted the respective material.
was founded by myself in 1995.
As for wind turbines the bolts
usually used are 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9.
Manfred Lührs,
Consultant, Inventor & Founder of the 8.2 Group
8.2 is always celebrating a New Year’s Reception every year on 08/02/ for all customers,
partners, fans and friends of the 8.2 Group.
8.2 Consulting AG
Winterleitenweg 1
97318 Kitzingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 93 21-388 60 90
Fax: +49 (0) 93 21-388 60 97
[email protected]
Copyright: All pictures by 8.2 Consulting AG
except picture page 8/left by Messe & Congress
Husum / Tim Riedinger
8.2 / 2014 / 02
// Due Diligence // Technical
Inspections // support in sale and
service contracts // valuation report
// recurrent and condition based
assessments // factory and guarantee
acceptance tests // video endoscopy //
construction monitoring // vibration
analysis // Foundation Control // OnlineCondition-Monitoring (CMS) // support
in contract negotiations // consultingservices // ...

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