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Greetings from Technology United!
On behalf of the Technology United Team and all of our gracious sponsors – THANK YOU! We are extremely
grateful you have made the trek to Arizona to attend our 3rd Annual Executive Connection Summit!
The 3rd Annual Executive Connection Summit brings C-Level executives from the Print and Imaging industry
together from around the world. Attendees will see proven strategies for IT services providers and Imaging
Dealers. Connect with North America’s thought leaders from SAP, INTEL, Samsung, SHARP and OKI. This
exclusive format provides C-Level executives the opportunity to network with peers, connect and discover
unique ways to convert new business ideas into an executable action plan for rapid growth.
…AND, it's a lot of fun!
Social Details and Housekeeping
We like to keep it casual and social here at ECS – so business casual it is! Also, we like to feed you and keep you
hydrated! All meals and drinks are included from breakfast to dinner and everything in between – special
thanks to our very generous sponsors! If you see them wandering around, don’t be afraid to thank them!
Speaking of food and beverage? Below are some very important details!
Monday, October 27th, 2014
Dinner @ The Hotel Valley
Cocktails – 6:30pm
Sponsored by: GreenHills Software
Dinner – 7:00pm
Sponsored by: Samsung
Hotel Valley Ho
6850 E Main Street
Scottsdale, AZ. 85251
Join us for a seated poolside dinner at the Hotel Valley Ho. All registrants, speakers, and presenters will be
attending! Enjoy cocktails and dinner in the beautiful, fall AZ weather!
There will also be a new and brief awards presentation!
Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
The Executive Connection Summit begins promptly at 7:00am with breakfast followed by the morning keynote
speaker, Kevin Gilroy. The first day of this event is all about innovation! You won’t want to miss executives from
software and hardware giants – but don’t take their word for it! You will have the opportunity to hear
feedback from our Customer IT Panel.
Dinner @ the House
Cocktails and Appetizers: 6:30pm
Dinner: 7:30pm
Sponsored by: OKI
6936 E Main St.
Scottsdale, AZ. 85251
(Don’t worry – its walking distance and we will have cocktails upon arrival)
You won’t want to miss this exceptional dinner! Scotch tasting and casual dining.
Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
The Executive Connection Summit begins promptly at 7:00am with breakfast followed by our morning keynote
speaker, Doug Albregts. The second day of this event focuses on application of innovation! Don’t miss speakers
from Technology United, Dealer Panel, and our New Business Scramble!
Dinner on the Roof @ Hotel Valley Ho
Cocktails: 6:30pm
Sponsored by: Intellinetics
Dinner: 7:00pm
Sponsored by: LMI
Enjoy the last night with friends on the roof, watching the AZ sun set. Cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres will
be served and, of course, dress is casual!
Thursday, October 30th, 2014
Join us for a casual breakfast – bright and early @ 7am! Also, we will also have roundtable discussions with our
attendees and presenters to wrap-up our Executive Connection Summit
We love social media and want to hear what you think about the Executive Connection Summit! Please tweet and post
away and use #EpicECS
Thank you!
Monday, October 27, 2014
6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Cocktail Hour Sponsored by GreenHills Software
Dinner Sponsored by Samsung
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
07:00 AM – 08:00 AM
Kevin Gilroy
Senior Vice President
SAP Global
Indirect Channels
08:00 AM – 09:00 AM
09:15 AM – 10:15 AM
Tod Pike
Senior Vice President
Samsung Electronics
10:15 AM – 10:30 AM
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
2:15 PM – 3:15 PM
3:15 PM – 3:30 PM
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Bob Ferrar
Senior Director
Intel, IoT Solutions
Greg Van Acker
VP Sales
Joseph Bradley
Managing Director, IoE
Paul Dippell
Service Leadership
Breakfast Sponsored by GreatAmerica
Title: SMEs at the Technology Inflection Point:
Building a Next Generation
Description: Kevin Gilroy will be discussing innovation and SAP Business One
and its future and impact within the print imaging industry. Join him in
discussions regarding SAP B1′s commitment to MWAi and FORZA and to the
dealer channel.
Title: Dealer’s Role in the Connected Enterprise
Description: Tod Pike will be providing insight into the OEM mind and how it
will change the future of dealers. Listen to Samsung’s incredible innovation
plans and outlook for the future. Be part of the change!
Break Sponsored by INTEL
Title: The Internet of Things: The Next Evolution of Computing
Description: The Internet of Things is growing all around us. We will discuss
Intel’s long history of driving technology into the Internet of Things and how
this will impact the printing ecosystem in coming years.
Lunch Sponsored GreatAmerica
Title: Looking to add a Second Line? Let OKI Be Your First Choice
Description: When it comes to adding products and solutions to supplement
your primary copier line, look no further than OKI. We have the printing/MFP
technologies and solutions you and your customers are looking for!
Title: Building on IoT to Create new Revenue Resources
Description: When you think about today’s connected offices, IoT may come
to mind where M2M and M2P connections dominate. After all, imaging
devices and other business equipment are inherently “things” to include
“people,” “process,” and “data” – the four components of the Internet of
Everything (IoE). In this interactive and engaging presentation, Joseph Bradley
 Define IoE in the context of office technology and imaging channel
 Showcase the are of what possible with IoE using real deployment
Explain how to create new revenue sources by “lighting up” dark
(unconnected) assets to provide intelligent information to people through
apps and new processes
Break Sponsored by INTEL
Title: Success Traits of Office Equipment Companies with Top Managed IT
Description: Managed IT represents both an offensive and defensive
opportunity for Office Equipment companies. The offensive value is to garner
greater revenue and account control from their existing contract base and
add new ones. The defensive value is to protect that client base from
traditional Managed IT companies and other OE dealers going into Managed
IT, as well as an important hedge against the potential drop in click count as
mobility, cloud and Millennials continue to influence the workplace. Our
speaker is Paul Dippell, CEO and founder of Service Leadership, Inc., the
leading consultancy to IT and Office Equipment companies seeking to attain
best-in-class growth, service quality and profit in their IT lines of business,
including Managed IT. Paul is also publisher of the Service Leadership Index®,
the largest and longest running private financial and operational benchmark
of IT solutions and services businesses worldwide. Paul and his team work
with many of the largest and most successful Office Equipment companies
with established or new IT business units to help them attain best-in-class
results. Join us as Paul presents his observations and analysis of the key
success traits exhibited by those Office Equipment companies who have built
materially-sized Managed IT business units performing with top quartile
profitability. You’ll come away with practical, actionable steps to assess your
own readiness for or effectiveness at building a similar business and compare
and critique your plans and methods against those attaining top performance
today. Paul prefers an interactive discussion and encourages questions from
the audience during the session.
Paul Dippell will be discussing the opportunity for success in Managed
Services within your dealership. This 90 minute session with focus on a 60
minute workshop followed by a panel discussion from IT experts both inside
and outside of our industry:
 Bill McLaughlin – VP/CTO – Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office
 Simon Vermooten – EVP – Auxilio, Inc.
 Greg Walters – President – Greg Walters, Inc.
 Lance Hoiby – Director Global Enterprise IT - Starwood
Wrap-up – Michael Stramaglio, President/CEO MWA Intelligence, Inc.
Cocktails @ The House Sponsored by OKI
Dinner @ The House Sponsored by OKI
5:00 PM – 5:15 PM
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
7:30 PM – TBD
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
07:00 AM – 08:00 AM
08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
Doug Albregts
Breakfast Sponsored by ESP
Title: Big Data, MICAS and FORZA - a great 1, 2, 3, punch!
Description: Doug Albregts will be discussing Big Data, MICAS, and the
importance of infrastructure. Don’t miss Doug’s take on the future of our
industry and the importance of data integration into the hands of those who
need it most!
Title: Tee’d Up or T’d Off
Don’t miss this invigorating open dialogue about great new opportunities
within the print imaging industry and what barriers, both inside and outside
of print might cause a headache.
Panelists Include:
 Bill McLaughlin – CTO, Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office
 Gary Rainsberger – President, CBI
 Chip Miceli – President, DPOE
 Jeff Boate – President, Perry proTech
 Michael Stramaglio – President/CEO, MWA Intelligence, Inc.
Break Sponsored by Digitek
Title: Office Solutions: Expanding Beyond the Core
Description: Today’s office equipment market is as much about solutions as it
is about hardware. OEMs and channel players alike understand the
importance of a compelling solutions strategy, not only in terms of pulling
hardware sales but also for driving new and incremental revenue. But the
solutions market itself is changing. Businesses are looking to gain greater
value from their office technology investment by expanding beyond print into
09:15 AM – 10:15 AM
10:15 AM – 10:30 AM
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Dealer Panel
Atlantic, CBI, DPOE,
Perry proTech
Robert Palmer
Senior Analyst
BPO Media
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
2:30 PM – 2:45 PM
2:45 PM – 3:15 PM
3:15 PM – 3:45 PM
3:45 PM – 4:45 PM
Gavin Williams
Chief Solutions Officer
MWA Intelligence, Inc.
Margaret Cuba
Vice President
David Kleidermacher
GreenHills Software
Stephen F. Galloway
Matthew McGuire
Director of Sales
Jennie Fisher
GreatAmerica Finacial
Matthew Chretien
New Business Scramble
Airwolf 3D, EFI, In-Map,
MWA Intelligence, Inc.,
areas such as process optimization, security, workflow, service automation,
back-office integration, and data analytics. These trends are placing greater
emphasis on the need for a well-defined solutions infrastructure and
embedded systems architecture. In this session, we will closely examine the
trends impacting the future of office solutions and identify strategies that will
lead to long-term success.
Title: Eye of the Tiger
Description: When you’re the champion of your business its easy to get
caught up in the, “because it's the way we always did it” mentality and get
blindsided by hidden costs – both tangible and intangible. Join us in learning
how FORZA is not just another business system to add to the many you
already have…it is the PRESENT and the FUTURE of the print imaging industry.
Lunch Sponsored by ESP
Title: Market Trends and Forecasts-New Incremental Opportunities
Description: Don’t miss Margaret Cuba discuss the importance of incremental
revenues within the print imaging industry.
Title: Are You Ready for the Internet of Things?
Description: How many of you consider the area of technology you work on
to be related to IoT? Assimilation of billions and ultimately trillions of objects
into the Internet.
Title: Survive and Advance
Description: ESP SurgeX discusses how today’s leaders can “survive and
advance”. Learn how to find immediate revenue opportunities within current
and prospective customers.
Title: LMI MPS Gameshow
Description: Join your host from LMI Solutions for your chance to win a prize
and find out if your current MPS Program is as GREEN as it could be
(Profitability & Sustainability) – GET READY!
Break Sponsored by Digitek
Title: The Times They Are A Changin’…is your business?
Description: Learn about available resources, tools and programs to navigate
today’s converging marketplace.
Title: A Case Study in Technology United Innovation: Intel and IntelliCloud™ The Program IS the Product
Description: The aim of Intellinetics business and technology strategy is to
deliver strategic selling advantages and revenue sources for SMB solution
providers by enabling them to easily integrate cloud-ready, turnkey vertical /
departmental document solutions into products and managed services they
already deliver. Critical business, technology and customer activation aspects
of its IntelliCloudTM Channel Program are a direct reflection of TU’s mission in
action – synergy between industry thought leaders joined by a common goals
of innovation and intolerance for status-quo. The session will share the
IntelliCloud story with specific reference to the role of TU member Intel’s NUC
technology as a strategic enabler.
Title: It’s Not Just About the Eggs
Description: You won’t want to miss this fun and engaging panel discuss
everything from 3D printing to advanced sales planning! Dealerships don’t
just sell hardware anymore – learn about vertical and new business growth in
and outside of the print imaging industry!
Panelists Include:
 Mark Matthews – President, Airwolf 3D
 Frank Malozzi – SVP, EFI
 Jan De Kesel – Director, In-MAP
 Michael T. Stramaglio – President/CEO – MWA Intelligence, Inc.
 Ralph Hess – VP, N’Ware
Moderator: Jackie Paralis – Marketing Aficionado at Large
4:45 PM – 5:00 PM
6:30 – 7:00
7:00 - TBD
Wrap-up – Michael Stramaglio, President/CEO MWA Intelligence, Inc.
Cocktails on the rooftop @ the Hotel Valley Ho sponsored by Intellinetics
Cocktails and heavy apps on the rooftop @ the Hotel Valley Ho sponsored
by LMI
Thursday, October 30, 2014
07:00 AM – 08:00 AM
08:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Roundtable Discussions
Meet the Speakers
Name: Greg Van Acker
Title: Vice President, US Sales
Company: OKI Data
Greg Van Acker is Vice President of U.S. Sales at OKI Data Americas, Inc., headquartered in Mount Laurel,
New Jersey.
In his current position, Mr. Van Acker is responsible for managing the U.S. sales organization, including the
company’s national sales strategy to ensure continued growth, as well as the development and
maintenance of relationships with OKI Data Americas’ enterprise, SMB and channel partners.
Mr. Van Acker joined OKI Data Americas in November of 1992.
Mr. Van Acker has over 20 years of service at OKI Data Americas, including the position of Director, Marketing Services and Support,
which included public relations, corporate communications, trade shows, internet, e-commerce and sales support responsibilities.
Most recently he was Vice President of U.S. Channels and Public Sector Sales, in which he oversaw the company’s distribution
partner, large format retail, direct marketing, public sector and BTA sales areas.
Prior to joining OKI Data Americas, Mr. Van Acker worked for Thomson Consumer Electronics as Brand Manager, Marketing Manager
and ProScan Training Manager. Prior to Thomson, Mr. Van Acker served as an Area Sales Manager and Manager of Sales Training for
General Electric’s Major Appliance and Consumer Electronics division.
Mr. Van Acker graduated from Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas in 1979 with a BS in Business Administration.
Mr. Van Acker is married with three grown children.
Name: Doug Albregts
Title: President
Company: Sharp
Doug Albregts serves as the President of Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America at Sharp
Business Systems of Georgia. Mr. Albregts served as Vice President and General Manager of the global
prepaid and enterprise growth division at American Express Company. He served as Vice President of
enterprise business division for Samsung Electronics America, Inc. He served as Vice President and General
Manager of Canvys, a division of Richardson Electronics Ltd., where he oversaw all aspects of the global
division. He began his career in the electronics industry at NEC. Mr. Albregts served as Vice President of
Sales & Marketing at NEC Display Solutions Of America Inc. from April 2004 to April 2007 and served as its
Vice President of Marketing. He served as Vice President and General Manager of Display Systems Group
(DSG) at Richardson Electronics Ltd. since November 21, 2007. Prior to joining Richardson Electronics, he was employed by NEC
Corporation of America, Inc. as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development for Display Solutions Division from April
2007 to July 2007; Vice President, North American Sales from October 2003 to April 2004; Vice President, Enterprise Sales Division–
North America and Canada from April 2001 to October 2003 and Director of Sales, Central Region from November 1997 to April
2001. Previously, he served as Vice President, Sales and Marketing at NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America, Inc. from April
2004 to April 2007. Mr. Albregts graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a Bachelor of Arts degree and also holds
a Masters of Business Administration degree from Loyola University Chicago.
Name: Kevin Gilroy
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: SAP
Kevin Gilroy has been the Head of Global Indirect Channels at SAP AG since January 2012. Mr. Gilroy
served as Vice President of Channel Sales for North America at SAP AG from January 2010 to January
2012. Mr. Gilroy served as Strategic Advisor of OnForce, Inc. He served as Secretary of Computing
Technology Industry Association Inc. Mr. Gilroy served as a Treasurer of Computing Technology Industry
Association Inc. Mr. Gilroy served as the President of Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions, Inc. from
January 2007 to April 2008 and also served as its Co-President since December 13, 2006. Mr. Gilroy served
as Senior Vice President of Arrow Electronics Inc. from January 2007 to April 2008. He was an Independent
Consultant from October 2005 to November 2005. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of
OnForce, Inc. from May 2006 to December 2006 and Senior Vice President of Sales and General Manager from January 31, 2006 to
April 2006. He served as a Strategic Consultant at Computer Repair Systems LLC. After a twenty-four year career at Hewlett-Packard,
Mr. Gilroy joined OnForce in November 2005 as a strategic consultant. He served as a Hewlett-Packard channel (HP) and global SMB
executive. Mr. Gilroy left Hewlett-Packard on September 30, 2005 after 24 years. Mr. Gilroy’s last position at HP was Senior Vice
President and General Manager of worldwide SMB business operations. Mr. Gilroy served as a Board Member of OnForce, Inc. since
June 22, 2006. Prior to that he served as President and General Manager of HP’s Solution Partners Organization. Mr. Gilroy served as
CMP Channel Group Executive and he was instrumental in designing HP’s current Partner One channel program. He served as a
Director of Computing Technology Industry Association Inc.
Name: Tod Pike
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: Samsung Electronics Americas
Tod Pike is senior vice president for Samsung Electronics America. He leads overall strategy and growth for
the company’s Enterprise Business Division, which encompasses a complete portfolio of solutions for
organizations of all sizes including virtualization, printing, displays, notebook and tablet PCs, set top box,
hospitality displays, health and medical equipment and digital signage. Tod is responsible for driving the
vision and implementation around these products and solutions while strengthening channel
Tod joined Samsung in spring 2012 with more than 35 years of B2B sales and marketing experience.
Prior to Samsung, he held a number of leadership roles during his 19 year tenure at Canon USA Inc. and Canon Canada Inc.,
managing multiple aspects of their enterprise business across all channels. Most recently Tod led Canon Business Solutions at Canon
USA Inc. as president since 2009. Prior to Canon, he spent the early part of his career with Xerox in various sales leadership roles.
Tod holds a BSBA from Bucknell University. A native New Yorker, he currently resides in Rye, NY with his wife. Tod is based in
Samsung’s Ridgefield Park office.
Name: Bob Ferrar
Title: Senior Director, IoT Solution Group
Company: Intel
Bob Ferrar is a Senior Director of Segment Development and Architecture within the IoT Solution Group.
Bob responsible for the ISG’s seven focus segments of: Industrial, Energy, Digital Security and Surveillance,
Health, Gaming, Military Aerospace Government, and Print Imaging.
In 1986, Bob joined Intel’s Chandler Microcomputer Division in test engineering. From 1987 until today,
his focus has been on product development, strategic marketing, and general management roles in
networking, graphics, video, 8/16/32bit processing technologies in embedded markets. These markets
include; telecom, cellular-PDA, Internet appliances, network terminals, and Industrial Computing, Set-top
boxes, and wireless WiFi access point/clients, Digital Security and PC Graphics and Video Processing and Video Analytics. For the past
27 years Bob’s focus has been in developing new business and expanding existing. Bob holds a Master’s degree in Business
Administration and Bachelor degrees in Chemistry & Biology. Bob enjoys running, reading historical fiction, woodworking and
remodeling, and cooking.
Name: Jeff Boate
Title: President
Company: Perry proTECH
Currently, Jeff Boate is the President of Perry proTECH which is experiencing rapid geographic expansion
and growth. Jeff has been with Perry proTECH for 10 years, in various positions, before being named
President in February 2013. Prior to Perry proTECH Jeff successfully launched a digital media company in
1996 and completed the sale of this company in 2004; thus facilitating his move to Perry proTECH. Jeff
served five years on the faculty at Wright State University: Raj Soin College of Business teaching a range of
courses around the coming digital age and its impact on business. Jeff graduated from Florida State
University College of Business as a Marketing Major in 1991.
Perry proTECH:
Established by Rex Perry in 1965, PERRY proTECH is recognized as a leading provider of business technology solutions throughout
north and western Ohio, northeastern Indiana, and southern Michigan. PERRY proTECH serves thousands of companies of all sizes in
a variety of industries including financial services, health care, manufacturing, education, telecommunications and utilities. The
company offers a wide-range of services including multifunction printers, document storage and retrieval, physical security, wireless,
VOIP, networked systems/managed IT and managed print services.
PERRY proTECH is 100% Employee-Owned and a member of the ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Plan) Association and
Community. Perry’s 200+ team-members have a high degree of involvement in work-level decisions, are dedicated and have a true
sense of ownership in the company.
Name: Matt Chretien
Title: President
Company: Intellinetics
Matthew is a co-founder of Intellinetics and a strategic entrepreneur backed by more than 20 years of
experience in technology sales, consulting and software product life cycle management within the
aerospace, public safety, government and select commercial markets. After graduating from The Ohio
State University with an engineering degree in 1990, he spent two years in the Fisher College of Business
Doctoral Program at Ohio State in computer science to work on his Ph.D. During this period, Matthew
discovered his research would be far too narrow to satisfy his interests and ultimately co-founded
Intellinetics in 1994.
Name: Jennie Fisher
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: GreatAmerica Financial Services
Jennie Fisher, Senior Vice President and General Manager, GreatAmerica Financial Services, Office
Equipment Group, is responsible for sales, marketing, operations, and financial performance for this
business unit. She has been involved in lease financing since 1989.
Prior to joining GreatAmerica in 1993, Jennie worked for GE Capital. In her tenure with GreatAmerica,
Jennie has held various leadership positions including Team Leader East Coast, Sales Director Office
Equipment, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Vice President of Sales for the Office Equipment
Jennie earned her M.B.A. from the University of Iowa in May 2004. Jennie serves on the Board of Directors for the MPSA, ITEX
Advisory Board and Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa.
Name: Joseph Bradley
Title: Managing Director, IoT
Company: Cisco
As an Internet of Everything (IoE) Evangelist and the Managing Director of the IoE Practice in the Cisco
Consulting Services organization, Joseph M. Bradley is responsible for ensuring the world’s top business
and public sector leaders understand how to capture their share of $19 trillion in value that IoE will create
over 10 years. In this capacity, he leads a team of technology and business consultants who are uniquely
qualified to assist CXOs, government leaders, and their management teams to realize the potential of IoE
in today’s rapidly changing world caused by the convergence of mobile, social, data, and cloud computing.
Bradley was instrumental in developing Launchpad, the next-generation consulting model for Cisco
Consulting Services. Launchpad provides a data-driven path to outlining what customers need to do today to capture value from IoE.
Further, Launchpad leverages the IoE Practice’s proprietary customer research and network analytics to identify dark assets that
should be connected to the Internet. Once these things are connected, the IoE Practice enables customers to analyze the new data
they produce to create useful information. New processes are then created so that insights are delivered to people where, when,
and how they need them to improve the way they work.
Bradley built the foundation for Cisco Consulting Services and the IoE Practice by directing the research and production of Cisco’s
influential IoE thought leadership titled, “Embracing the Internet of Everything To Capture Your Share of $14.4 Trillion” and “Internet
of Everything (IoE) Value Index: How Much Value Are Private-Sector Firms Capturing from IoE in 2013?” This project was followed by
further groundbreaking research that showed the total IoE value at stake for both enterprises and public sector organizations to be
$19 trillion. This thought leadership was embraced by Cisco starting with the 2013 “Tomorrow Starts Here” corporate brand
campaign and later became the rallying point for Cisco to align behind the most significant transformation of the Internet since the
Internet was created. With Cisco’s backing IoE has now been embraced by the technology industry at large and most of the world’s
top businesses and public sector organizations.
Prior to his current role, Bradley led the Research & Economics, Strategic Communications, and Operations functions of the Cisco
Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), which is now part of Cisco Consulting. In this capacity, Bradley co-authored the influential
papers titled “21st Century Corporation:
Using Business Virtualization To Unleash the True Power of Innovation.” In addition, he co-authored several papers for Cisco’s
“Horizons” program, including “Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models, “BYOD: A Global Perspective,” and “Decision-Driven
Bradley’s dynamic and engaging style, combined with his passion for disruptive technologies, inclusion and diversity, and the role
people play in driving technology innovation to create a better world, have made him a popular speaker and thought leader
worldwide. His recent keynotes include The Mobile Show Middle East 2014 and Cisco Connect in Chengdu, China. Additionally, his
work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, InfoWorld, and The Financial Times.
Before joining Cisco, Bradley held a number of leadership positions at C3, including senior vice president of shared services, CFO, and
CEO. Previously, he was general manager of the Data Communications group at AT&T. He began his career at Pacific Bell, where he
worked in finance and operations, and became known as a “turnaround expert.” Bradley holds a degree in economics from the
University of California at Berkeley.
Name: Margaret Cuba
Title: Vice President
Company: Digitek Computer Products
20 Year Veteran in the Industry.
Digitek Computer Products is one of the largest privately owned distributors of IT products, hardware and
imaging supplies. Digitek invests heavily in technology to simplify ordering. Our personal approach is
unique, and eases doing business. Digitek has distribution centers in Virginia, Illinois, Texas and California
with the ability to reach over 99% of the US population in two days or less. Your “One Box Solution”.
Name: Jan De Kesel
Title: Managing Director
Company: In-Map
Mr. Jan De Kesel has been a pioneer in applying technology to managed print services, and he continues
to lead the industry today through innovative and practical ideas and projects. With 25 years of
experience in the printing marketplace, De Kesel has been involved in the sales and development of MPS
software since 2004. In his prior role as president of Tradimex in Belgium and ICT-Coatings, he helped
bring solutions to OEMs and large resellers in the copier and printer channels. For 8 years as president and
managing director of a larger provider in Fleet Management Software, he has worked with dealers across
Europe, helping them drive managed print services and sales.
As managing director of DocuAudit, he started a new project, called In-Map, in 2009.
In-Map closes the gap between MPS sales people and the audit specialist who takes care of the proposed status in an MPS Project.
In-Map, a floor plan based assessment tool, no has huge interest from OEMs and dealers since its launch in January 2012.
Name: Paul Dippell
Title: CEO
Company: Service Leadership
Paul Dippell is CEO of Service Leadership, Inc. a leading global consultancy to IT solution provider
companies and technology vendors, and publisher of the Service Leadership Index®, the foremost
technology solutions/services company benchmark of both financial and operational performance. The
company also developed the groundbreaking application to enable IT partners worldwide to advance
their operationally maturity level: SLIQ©, which enables IT partners to safely accelerate their business
transformation and performance. Prior to Service Leadership, at USBX Advisory Services, Paul founded its
technology M&A practice. At All Covered, Inc., a large SMB Managed IT Services Provider, he led M&A
and Acquisition Integration. At Xerox, Paul was V.P. of Managed IT Services, serving F500 customers
worldwide. Before that, at CompuCom, he was V.P. of Enterprise IT Operations Consulting for this $2BB IT Solution Provider. Paul is a
highly rated speaker at IT, Telephony and Office Equipment industry events worldwide. Service Leadership, Inc. supports or
operates more than 50 C-level peer groups of independent technology solutions/services company executives, making it the largest
provider of technology executive peer groups worldwide.
Name: Ralph Hess
Title: Vice President
Company: N’Ware Technologies
Ralph Hess is the Vice President of Global Channels and responsible for the Warehouse Management
product and practice at N’Ware Technologies. He is a 28 year veteran of distribution and manufacturing
automation and has been involved with SAP Business One since early 2003. Prior to that he was involved
in both the LE space with IBM solutions and the SMB markets with Epicor.
Name: Stephen F. Galloway
Title: President & CEO
Company: ESP SurgeX
Stephen Galloway is President and CEO of ESP SurgeX, the leading provider of premium energy
intelligence and power protection solutions for the Imaging, IT, Audio Video, and Gaming industries.
Under Stephen’s leadership the company has transformed from a power protection manufacturer to an
energy intelligence leader. The company expanded its technology portfolio, acquired SurgeX, and has
become a trusted business partner for leaders in the server, digital signage, gaming, and security markets.
Stephen has a wealth of expertise in the office equipment and IT industry and joined ESP SurgeX in 2009.
Shortly after joining the firm, Stephen initiated significant technological research and development
advancements and radically expanded the firm’s product lines to incorporate diagnostic intelligence in less than twelve months. He
quickly expanded the company’s sales network into new verticals, global markets, and additional channels resulting in unparalleled
growth for the firm with a 30% CAGR. Today the company is an award winning technology provider that is utilized in mission critical
installations worldwide, including the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Hubble Space Telescope Technology Center, and Carnegie Hall.
Before joining ESP SurgeX, Stephen worked for Xerox for 28 years and served in numerous management roles including Vice
President and General Manager for North American Supplies. While at Xerox, Stephen managed both the operations, engineering,
distribution, and the worldwide marketing development of key programs. He earned a Master of Science in Math and Applied
Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Syracuse University.
Name: Lance Hoiby
Title: Director of IT
Company: Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Lance Hoiby is the Director of IT, Global Enterprise Applications and Business Intelligence for Starwood
Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Lance leads a team of global IT professionals responsible for the strategy,
implementation, deployment and ongoing management of enterprise business application solutions in
support of a broad set of global business processes. Lance partners closely with business leaders to
identify and maximize opportunities to use technology to improve business process efficiency and support
global business strategies, while considering local business practices.
Prior to Starwood Lance served as Vice President Corporate Systems for Fidelity National Information
Systems. Lance is a Leadership-Scholarship Graduate of Arizona State University with a B.S.E. degree in Industrial Engineering.
Name: David Kleidermacher
Title: CTO
Company: Green Hills Software
David Kleidermacher is Chief Technology Officer at Green Hills Software where he is responsible for
technology strategy, platform planning, and solutions design. Kleidermacher is a leading authority in
systems software and security, including secure operating systems, virtualization technology, and the
application of high robustness security engineering principles to solve computing infrastructure problems.
Kleidermacher earned his bachelor of science in computer science from Cornell University and has been
with Green Hills Software since 1991. David is the author of the book, “Embedded Systems Security”,
Elsevier 2012 and Embedded World 2014 Keynote speaker, “Securing the Internet of Things.”
Name: Frank Mallozzi
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: EFI
Frank Mallozzi is Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at EFI, a world leader in
customer-focused digital printing innovation. He is one of six senior executives driving company strategy
to speed the advancement of markets through its vast portfolio of best-in-class products. Frank joined EFI
as Vice President of Sales in 1998, when EFI’s sole product offering was the industry-leading Fiery, the
world’s first color digital print server. With EFI’s growth through product development and acquisitions,
Frank now leads the successful global sales and marketing operations for the print industry’s most robust,
comprehensive product portfolio.
Frank is responsible for EFI’s sales and marketing efforts, from strategy to execution, for the company’s Fiery digital color print
servers; enterprise printing products and workflow software; VUTEk superwide digital inkjet printers; UV and solvent inks; wideformat, label, and ceramic inkjet printers; Jetrion industrial inkjet printing systems and solutions; and print business automation
software. His role encompasses ensuring EFI’s successful OEM, dealer, and distributor relationships along with direct software and
hardware sales and marketing in more than 90 countries.
Frank has more than 30 years of experience selling and marketing imaging and printing solutions in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Prior
to joining EFI, he was Director of Marketing at Ricoh Corporation, where he managed key marketing and sales initiatives. His
previous experience includes Sales and Marketing roles at Canon USA and the Bell and Howell Company.
Frank holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the New York Institute of Technology.
Name: Mark Mathews
Title: President
Company: Airwolf 3D
Mr. Mathews is President of Airwolf3D, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of desktop 3D printers,
supplies and technology to the 3D printing and additive manufacturing markets. Currently undergoing
rapid expansion, Mr. Mathews is tasked with engaging outside investors and partners as well as building
the internal infrastructure and external distribution to sustain Airwolf3D’s phenomenal success and
leverage their strong brand reputation.
Previously, Mr. Mathews served at Toshiba as the President and CEO of Toshiba America Business
Solutions, Inc., a company that distributed document imaging products and professional services
throughout North and South America. He also held the positions of President and COO, VP / General Manager, VP Marketing,
Director of Product Marketing and Senior Product Manager.
Mr. Mathews began his professional career by proudly serving in the United States Air Force as a project officer where he attained
the rank of Captain.
As a committed life-long ‘learner’, Mr. Mathews has earned degrees from UCLA John Anderson School of Management, Columbia
University School of Engineering, and the United States Air Force Academy. Mr. Mathews has also studied at the Aspen Institute and
is a graduate of The Master’s Program.
Mr. Mathews and his wife strongly believe in philanthropic work and social causes. Mr. Mathews is an advocate of affordable
housing and works with Habitat for Humanity of Orange County where he serves on the Board of Directors. In addition, the
Mathews’ are actively involved in canine rescue with Lovebugs Rescue 501(c).
Name: Matt McGuire
Title: Director of Sales
Company: LMI Solutions, Canada
Matthew McGuire joins LMI as the Director for LMI Solutions Canada, and oversees the new business
development teams in both the US and Canada. His success in the industry implementing and going-tomarket using Managed Print Service (MPS) as a sales strategy on both a channel level and dealer specific
level, is a strong example of LMI’s continued commitment to innovation and partner support.
McGuire comes to LMI having worked in the industry with PrintFleet Inc., where he was responsible for
driving business development for the software manufacturer throughout North and South America. His
expertise and understanding of MPS was acquired working with OEM partner programs, distribution MPS
models and independent dealer partners, and was evident as McGuire set new levels of growth and performance relative to MPS
targets. McGuire has been a featured guest speaker at OEM National Sales Meetings and many industry conferences.
Name: Bill McLaughlin
Title: Vice President & CTO
Company: Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office
Bill McLaughlin is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office. Bill has been
instrumental in the development of our Managed Services operations bringing new and innovative
technology, solutions and services to Atlantic. Prior to Atlantic, Bill was Vice President of Managed
Services for NER Data Products. While at NER, Bill’s team managed and serviced 65,000 devices nationally.
He has also served as the Corporate Vice President of Data Center Solutions and Managed Services for
Allied Office Products who was acquired by Office and Tech Depot. Bill has over 12 years’ experience in the
Name: Chip Miceli
Title: President
Company: DPOE
Chip Miceli is President of Des Plaines Office Equipment (, a leading, second-generation
document solution/imaging provider for greater Chicago.
In the early 1970s, he left the accounting industry to join the family business that his father, Vince Miceli,
started in 1955. In 1988, Mr. Miceli and his brother Victor acquired Des Plaines Office Equipment from
their father.
Under Mr. Miceli’s direction, the firm has expanded to include three locations: the corporate
headquarters at Elk Grove Village; a downtown Chicago location (211 W. Wacker), and a third office in Rockford (Loves Park). The
firm has further expanded with several recent acquisitions, most recently Kee Business Systems, and before that Document Vision
Technologies and Synergistic Office Solutions as well as through the addition of new product lines and services.
In addition to being a national speaker and industry resource on the topic of Managed Print Services (MPS), he a leader in the
integration of Managed Network Services (also known as IT, Information Technology) in the imaging industry. His firm is in the
process of developing a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center, and he and his firm work with Agiliant, a Seattle-based IT
consultant, to bring an advanced level of Managed Network services to a wider market.
Mr. Miceli is an original founder and current President of the Board of Directors of the Select Dealer Group, a national trade
association committed to sharing best industry practices and benchmarking standards. He also serves on the SHARP Document
Solutions of America’s Dealer Advisory Board. Additionally, he was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Phoenix, AZ
based International Business Products, Inc. (IBPI), a buying group with a focus on copiers, duplicators, accessories, supplies and
He has led his company to win industry awards including the Hyakuman Kai Award and the Elite Dealer Award. His company is the
recent recipient of the Business Ledger (Chicago) Annual Awards of Business Excellence, and an Honorable Mention recipient of the
Alfred P. Sloan Award for Workplace Flexibility.
Mr. Miceli is a resident of Palatine, IL, and is a Boy Scout leader in the community. He is an active member of the Schamburg
Business Association, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce.
Name: Robert Palmer
Title: Chief Analyst
Company: BPO Research
Robert Palmer is chief analyst for BPO Research and a managing partner for BPO Media, which publishes
The Imaging Channel and Workflow magazines. He is an independent market analyst and industry
consultant with more than 25 years experience in the printing industry covering technology and business
sectors for prominent market research firms such as Lyra Research and InfoTrends. Palmer is a popular
speaker and he presents regularly at industry conferences and trade events in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.
He is also active in a variety of imaging industry forums and currently serves on the board of the Managed
Print Services Association (MPSA).
Name: Mike Stramaglio
Title: President & CEO
Company: MWA Intelligence
Mike Stramaglio has a long history of leadership in the Office Equipment industry. Over his nearly 40-year
career, Mike has served as president and COO of Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions, Inc., and held senior
management positions with Minolta Corporation and Ricoh Corporation. Under his stewardship, Hitachi
earned the prestigious Most Innovative Manufacturer of the Year award for two consecutive years. He was
also formerly CEO of Imaging Portals, Inc., and a two-time winner of the Executive of the Year award,
presented by Marketing Research Consultants, Inc. Mike joined Electronics For Imaging as General
Manager of EFI’s Service Automation division in 2003. In this role, Mike was responsible for Automated
Dispatch Systems and the Intelligent Device Management solution set, bringing them together under a new
name: Mobile Workforce Automation. In acknowledgment of his experience and expertise, M2M Magazine elected Michael T.
Stramaglio as M2M Technology Advisor (Imaging) in early 2007.
Name: Simon Vermooten
Title: Executive Vice President
Company: Auxilio
With 25 years experience in key positions with a number of global copy/print manufacturers and service
companies, including Lexmark International and IKON, his professional responsibilities included
developing business and print strategy solutions for clients such as Catholic Health East, Bon Secours
Health System, Johns Hopkins and Sutter Health. Simon graduated from the University of Surrey in
England, earning a BSc in Business and Hotel Management and a BA in Marketing. He also holds an MBA in
Global Management and is a certified Six Sigma Process Professional. Simon has been the driving force
behind Auxilio’s continued year-on-year double digit growth over the past 8 years.
Name: Greg Walters
Title: President
Company: Greg Walters, Inc.
Greg Walters has been in the technology realm for over 25 years. As President of Greg Walters, Inc., a
consultancy and geared to help business optimize their communications challenges and optimize their
technology investment, Greg is often in the field discussing real world strategies and solving everyday
business problems.
During an IT sales and services career, he managed a large West Coast VAR’s struggling managed print
services practice into profitability. Between the years of 2007 and 2011, Greg authored the notorious,
destination site, TheDeathOfTheCopier. A prolific writer and frequent speaker, Greg has a unique and
provocative view of technology’s affect on business and society.
Greg volunteers for and is President of the Managed Print Services Association a global, non-profit, all volunteer organization intent
on educating members about cutting edge managed services practices.
Name: Gary Willert
Title: President
Company: LMI Solutions
Gary Willert is President and Chief Executive Officer of LMI Solutions. He acquired the company in 1997
and is responsible for all North American business operations including manufacturing, human resources,
customer service, marketing and sales. Since purchasing LMI, Gary has expanded the company to become
a North American leader in the aftermarket consumables arena including global recognition in 2010 as the
worlds best “Infrastructure Provider” by the Managed Print Services Association. Gary’s commitment to
excellence and entrepreneurial style has been recognized as visionary in the areas of process optimization
and cost control that has enabled both LMI and their customers to grow market share through a variety of
economic climates. Gary holds an Honors BS in Finance from the University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio, and
is an active member with several industry trade associations. He resides in Phoenix with his wife and 4 children.
Name: Gavin Williams
Title: Chief Solutions Officer
Company: MWA Intelligence
Gavin Williams joined MWA Intelligence in June of 2009 as Director of Sales. Since that time Gavin has
provided initiative for both sales and marketing growth for MWAi. As Chief Solutions Officer, Gavin is
managing daily activity and growth surrounding MWA Intelligence, Inc.’s FORZA solution built on the SAP
Business One platform. From pre-sales to sales, Gavin is responsible for the implementation and growth of
the MWAi Solution Suite. Gavin has 18 years of technology experience beginning in the late 90’s. He
owned his own computer and network services company in Montana while attending college. After
graduating in 1999, he moved to Arizona and began his career in the copier industry. Over the course of
the next decade, Gavin worked at IKON PD&F in Scottsdale, AZ and eventually moved to the IKON Tempe
Sales Branch in 2004. In 2007, he took over a sales team in outlying Arizona regions, continuing until his departure in 2009. Adding to
his field experience, he also served as the VP of Sales with an independent copier dealer until his move to MWAi. Gavin earned his
Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Carroll College in Helena, MT.

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