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List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
Due to demand and space constraints, the following undergraduate courses have limited or restricted access for Non-Graduating students.
Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre
Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre
ET9131 Entrepreneurship & Marketing for New Ventures
ET9132 Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance
ET9133 Managing New & Ongoing Ventures
ET9134 Enterprise Strategy
ET9135 Business Venture Implementation
College of Engineering
College of Engineering
FE1073 An Introduction to Engineering and Practices
School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
The following Final Year Projects span over 2 semesters ( 1 academic year):
BG4801 Final Year Project
CH4801 Final Year Design Project
School of Computer Engineering
School of Computer Engineering
CE9005 Open Source Office Productivity Tools
CE3004/CZ3004 Multidisciplinary Design Project
All courses with course code CSCxxx and CPExxx
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
CV4107 Engineering Economics and Finance
CV3016 Civil Engineering Management
CV4201 Project Planning & Management
CV4711 / EN4711 Seminar & Site Visits
All EN1xxx to EN3xxx series courses
CV4911 / EN4911 / MT4004 Final Year Project
CV4912 / EN4912 Integrated Design
All MTxxx series courses
MT1002 Introduction to Maritime Industry
MT3001 Maritime Law
MT3002 Introduction to Marine Insurance
MT3003 Organisation of a Ship Owning Entity
MT3004 Shipping Management
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
EE3015 Power Systems & Conversion
EE3080 Design & Innovation Project
EE4110 Optical Communication System Design *
( EE3080 is a project-based course, where groups are formed before the semester
EE4188 Wireless Communications
EE4207 Control Engineering Design *
EE4179 Final Year Project
EE4503 Power Engineering Design *
Final Year Project span over 2 semesters (1 academic year)
EE4504 Design of Clean Energy Systems *
EE4530 Power System Analysis and Control
EE4532 Power Electronics and Drives
EE4717 Web Application Design *
EE4718 Enterprise Network Design *
EE4756 Computer Architecture *
EE4758 Computer Security
EE4761 Computer Networking *
EE4791 Database Systems *
EE8065 Managing Your Money *
Courses marked with asterisk (*) are heavily demanded, and will not be
pre-allocated to Exchange Students. Instead, they are required to either
register them during the add-drop period or appeal directly to the EEE
Undergraduate Programme Office.
All IEM Courses (Codes: IMxxxx)
Note: These classes are smaller and only caters to NTU IEM students. Exchange
students who want to read any IM courses, may select their equivalents offered in
EExxxx course codes.
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
EE8066 Happiness 101
EE8092 Digital Lifestyle *
These EE8xxx courses are very popular. Priority will be given to NTU
students to fulfill the Liberal Studies requirement.
School of Materials Science & Engieering
School of Materials Science & Engieering
MS301x courses
MS8001 Management with Humour (only for NTU MSE students)
MS4xxx courses
MS8006 Economics of Manufacruting (only for NTU MSE students)
MS45xx and MS46xx courses
MS8004 Introduction to Nanotechnology
MS8205 Materials for Energy
MS8301 Materials and Man
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
MA2012 Introduction to Mechatronics Systems Design
MA2079 Engineering & Innovation Design
MA2013 Creative Thinking Design
MA3079 Industrial Attachment
MA2014 Product Presentation (only offered in Sem 1)
MA3076 Industrial Orientation
MA2071 Laboratory Experiments
MA4079 Final Year Project
MA2700 Aerospace Materials & Manufacturing Process
MA3071 Mechanical Experiments
MA4001 Engineering Design
MA4012 Mechatronics Engineering Design
MA4843 Management of Product Development
MA4850 Supply Chain & Logistics Management
MA4854 Quality Assurance & Management
MA4872 Aircraft Reliability & Maintainability
Nanyang Business School
Nanyang Business School
AB0001 Sustainability: Issues, Reporting & Finance
AB0301 Live, Work and Play in a Sustainable World
AB0602 Communication Management Strategies
AB0401 Sustainable Enterprises
AB1401 Information Technology
AB0402 Sustainable Operations
AB1501 Marketing
AB0501 Green Marketing
AB1601 Organisational Behaviour & Design
AB0601 Communication Management Fundamentals
AB9601 Negotiate to Get What You Want Strategy and Practice
AB0603 Business Gone Green
AB9602 Leadership in organizations
AB0901 Principles of Economics: A Singapore Perspective
AB3601 Strategic Management
AB1000 Career Foundation I
AC2401 Accounting Information Systems
AB1101 Accounting I
AD1101 Financial Accounting
AB1102 Accounting II
BA2206 Principles of Risk & Insurance
AB1201 Financial Management
BC2401 Analysis and Management of IT Projects
AB1202 Statistical & Quantitative Methods
BC2402 Data Management & Business Intelligence
AB1301 Business Law
BC2403 Project & Vendor Management
AB2000 Career Foundations II
BC2404 Financial Analytic and Reporting
AC1101 Accounting I
BC2405 Decision Tools for Managers
AC2101 Accounting Recognition and Measurement
BC3401 Enterprise Computing
AC2102 Accounting for Decision Making & Control
BC3402 Technology Management in Financial Services
AC2103 Risk Management, Control & Ethics
BC3403 Technologies for Digital Marketing
AC2301 Principles of Taxation
BE2501 International Business Environment
AC2302 Company Law
BE2601 Principles of Management
AC3101 Assurance & Auditing
BE3201 Entrepreneurial Finance
AC3102 Risk Reporting & Analysis
BE2501 International Business Environment
AC3103 Accounting Analysis and Equity Valuation
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
BF2201 Investments
AC9101 Business Valuation for Transactions & Financial Reporting
BF2206 Wealth Management
BA2201 Actuarial Economics
BF2207 International Finance
BA2202 Mathematics of Finance
BF2209 Derivative Securities
BA2203 Statistical Modeling
BF2210 Bank Risk Management
BA2204 Models
BF3201 Corporate Finance and Strategy
BA2205 Actuarial Computing
BF3203 Equity Securities
BA3201 Life Contingencies & Demography
BF3204 Financial Modelling
BA3202 Actuarial Statistics
BF3207 Alternative Investments
BA3203 Actuarial Aspects of Asset Valuation
BH2601 Strategic HR Management & Consulting
BA3205 Prpoerty & Casualty Insurance
BH2602 Total Rewards Management
BE1401 Business Operations and Process
BH2603 Talent Sourcing & Acquistion
BE2511 International Business Environment
BH2604 Managing & Consulting through Research
BF2211 Global Financial Markets
BH3301 Employment Law
BF2212 Investment Products
BH3601 Talent Development and Management
BL9304 Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
BH3602 HR Technologies, Metrics & Performance Management
BM2501 Market Behaviour
BH3603 Cultural Intelligence at Work
BM2502 Market Intelligence
BL9301 Law of Commercial Transactions
BM2503 Market Relationships
BL9302 Law of Intellectual Property & New Media
BM2504 Integrated Marketing Communication
BL9303/BL9313 Corporate Finance Law
BM2505 Marketing Channels
BL9305 Advanced Taxation
BM3503 Retail Management
BM3501 Marketing Strategy
BM3505 Services Marketing
BM3502 Global Business Strategy
BT2402 Services Operations Mangement for Tourism & Hospitality
BM3506 Strategic Brand Management
BT2501 Tourism & Hospitality Management
BT2502 Tourism & Hospitality Facility Management & Design
BU8001 Managing Human Relationships, Professionally
BT2504 Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism and Hospitality
BU8241 Money 101
BT2503 Revenue Management
BU8341 Practical Ethics - Thinking about Right and Wrong
BT3502 Tourism & Technology
BU8541 Sport Marketing - Marketing of Champions
BU8101 Accounting: A User Perspective
BU8542 Social Marketing - Marking the World a Better Place
BU8141 Business Frauds & Scandals
BU8543 Tourism & Society - Journeys of Discovery
BU8201 Business Finance
BU8301 Fundamentals of Business Law
BU8401 Management Decision Tools
BU8402 Management of Research and Innovation
BU8501 Marketing for the 21st Century
BU8601 Fundamentals of Management
BU8641 Cultural Intelligence: How to be an Explorer of the World
BU8642 Leadership in the 21st Century
BU9201 Investments
Students are advised to refer to the Nanyang Business School Course Selection and
Registration Guidelines for latest update and instruction.
BU9221 Principles of Risk & Insurance
BU9223 Mathematics of Finance
BU9226 Financial Risk Management
BU9227 Enterprise Risk Management
BU9302 Law of Intellectual Property & New Media
10 School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
CM8002 Forensic Science
CM4225 Chemical Kinetics & Dynamics
PH1198 Physics Laboratory IA
MH310S Real Analysis I
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
PH1199 Physics Laboratory IB
MPS811/PS8001 Defence Science
PH2198 Physics Laboratory IIA
The following courses have not been offered so far :
PH2199 Physics Laboratory IIB
CY1001 Introductory Biology
PH3199 Physics Laboratory IIIA
CY1101 Principles of Modern Chemistry
PH3399 Physics Laboratory IIIB
CY1102 Fundamental Techniques of Experimental Chemistry & Biological Chemistry
CY1201 Calculus of One Variable
CY1202 Calculus of several Variables
CY1203 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
CY1304 Physics Laboratory I
CY1305 Mechanics
CY1306 Electricity and Magnetism
CY1307 Relativity and Quantum Physics
CY1308 Quantum Mechanics I
CY1400 CN Yang Scholars Programme Undergraduate Research Experience
CY1500 Introductory Research Methodology
MH8500 Tackling the odds: Inside Statistics
PH3901 Thin Film Technology
PH8101 Environmental Physics
11 Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information
CS0900 Communication Strategies for Sustainability and Social Change
CS0201 Foundations of communication studies
CS2007 Communication History and Theories
CS0204 Basic media writing
CS2007 Communication History and Theories
CS2005 Speech and argumentation
CS2021 News Reporting & Writing
CS2006 Visual Communication
CS2023 Publications Design
CS2008 Fundamentals of Research
CS2024 Web Design and Technologies
CS2032 Graphic Communication
CS2025 Image and Sound Production
CS2055 Organisational Communication
CS2030 Audio in Media
CS2063 Short Overseas Journalism Practicum
CS2031 Creative Strategies
CS2075 Regional Strategic Communication
CS2044 Basic Photojournalism
CS4002 Media Law, ethics and policy
CS2058 Integrated Marketing Communication
CS4003 Professional Internship
CS4011 Newspaper Editing
CS4004 Final Year Project
CS4024 Writing for Cinema & TV
CS4012 Advanced Writing Workshop
CS4028 Public Relations Writing
CS4090 / COM490 Going Overseas for Advanced Reporting
CS4029 Advertising, Creativity & Copywriting
CS4095 International Strategic Communications Management
CS4031 Media planning and strategies
CS4032 Communication Campaigns
CS4033 Corporate Communications Management
COM2xx series (4AU) are not open to exchange students, they are meant for NTU
students who need to follow a specific curriculum. Exchange students have to apply
for the CS2xxx course series (3AU) instead.
CS4034 Brand Management
CS4053 Popular Cinema
IN9006 Social Computing
12 School of Biological Sciences
School of Biological Sciences
Semester 1
Semester 1
BS1001 Introductory Biology
BS211S Equations of Life
BS1002 Biophysical Chemistry
BS3001 Neurobiology
BS2001 Physiology
BS3006 Bioentrepreneurship
BS2002 Microbiology
BS3018 Plant Biology
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
BS2003 Biochemistry II
BS2004 Molecular and Cell Biology II
BS3334 UAEB Workshop Series II - DNA engineering for fluorescent in-situ
hybridization (FISH)
BS3337 UAEB Workshop Series II - Protein production and fragment based drug
BS3003 Developmental Biology
BS4210/BS4020 Final Year Project
BS3004 Cancer Biology
BS9900 Medical research: How science affects health and society
BS3005 Advance Molecular Genetics
BS4001 Current Topics in Muscle Biology and Neuromuscular Diseases
The following courses are conducted in Chinese
BS4002 Current Topics in Cell Biology
BS1102 TCM in Ancient Chinese
BS4004 Current Topics in Immunology
BS2101 Anatomy
BS4007 Systems Biology and Medicine
BS2102 Chinese Materia Medica
BS4009 Biology of Aging
BS2103 TCM Diagnostics
BS3101 Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases
BS3103 TCM Internship II
BS3108 Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Semester 2
Semester 2
BS1005 Biochemistry I
BS0002 Environmental Microbiology
BS1006 Principles of Genetics
BS211S Equations of Life
BS1007 Molecular & Cell Biology I
BS2007 Immunology
BS1008 Bioinformatics & Biostatistics
BS3014 Biological Foundations of Behavior
BS2008 Experimental Molecular and Cell Biology
BS3017 Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis
BS2009 Advanced Biochemistry
BS3019 Neuropsychology of Stress and Resilience
BS2010 Bioimaging
BS3331 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) Applied Immunology
BS2012 Genetics and Genomics
BS3332 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) Methods in Histology
BS3008 Computation Biology and Modeling
BS3335 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) Applied Biophysics
BS3010 Current Topics in Stem Cell & Developmental Biology
BS3336 Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) Proteomics Workshop
BS3011 Protein Folding and Biomolecular NMR
BS4210/BS4020 Final Year Project
BS3012 Functional Genomics and Proteomics
BS4222 Industrial Internship Programme
BS3013 Drug Discovery and Development Biotechnology
BS8003 Science or Fiction? - Biology in Popular Media
BS3015 The RNA World
CH9200 Food Microbiology (offered to FST students only)
SP0056 Introduction to the Workings of the Human Body (offered to USP students
The following courses are conducted in Chinese
BS1101 Basics of TCM
BS2104 Biomedical Pharmacology
BS2105 Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine
BS2106 TCM Formulary
BS2107 TCM Internship I
BS3102 Synopsis of the Golden Chamber
BS3104 Pathology
BS3106 Seasonal Febrile Diseases
BS3107 TCM Internship III
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
13 School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Centre for Modern Language
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Centre for Modern Language
LC9001 Chinese Languages Level 1
LA9001 Arabic Language Level 1
LF9001 French Language Level 1
LG9001 German Language Level 1
LI9001 Italian Language Level 1
LJ9001 Japanese Language Level 1
LK9001 Korean Language Level 1
LM9001 Malay Language Level 1
LS9001 Spanish Language Level 1
LT9001 Thai Language Level 1
LV9001 Vietnamese Language Level 1
Division of Chinese
Division of Chinese
The following courses are conducted in Chinese . Student majoring in Chinese
degree can apply subject to school approval:
All HC1xx, HC2xx, HC3xx, HC4xx HCxx series course code
Divison of Economics
Division of Economics
All HExx series courses are popular
HE1001 Principles of Microeconomics
HE2006/HE206 International Monetary Economics
HE1002 Principles of Macroeconomics
HE2007/HE207 Money and Banking
HE1003 Basic Mathematics for Economists
HE2008/HE208 Public Finance
HE1004 Introduction to Statistical Theory and Methods
HE2009/HE209 Industrial Organisation
HE1005 Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference
HE2010/HE210 Development Economics
HE2001/HE201 Intermediate Microeconomics
HE2011/HE211 Labour Economics & Labour Relations
HE2012 Economic Thought
HE2002/HE202 Intermediate Macroeconomics
HE2013/HE205 International Trade
HE2015/HE215 Macroeconomic Issues and Policies in Contemporary
HE2020/HE220 Survey Methods and Sampling Technique
HE2005/HE204B Principles of Econometrics
HE3001/HE301 Mathematical Economics
HE3021/HE321 Intermediate Econometrics
HE3002/HE302 Game Theory & Applications to Social Sciences
HE4010 Singapore Economy in a Globalized World
HE3003/HE303 Chinese Economy
HE4013 Experimental Economics
HE3004/HE304 Health Economics
HE4004 Behavioural Economics
HE2004/HE204A Introductory Econometrics
HE3005/HE305 Environmental Economics
HE3011/HE311 Cost-Benefit Analysis
HE3007/HE307 Financial Economics
HE3010/HE310 Energy Economics
HE3013 Urban Economics
HE3014 Economics of Corporate Finance
HE3015 Political Economy
HE3016 Principles of Mathematical Finance
HE3020/HE320 Applied Econometrics
HE4001 Advanced Microeconomics
HE4002 Advanced Macroeconomics
HE4003 Advanced International Finance
HE4011 Current Topics in Economics
HE4012 Advanced Financial Economics
HE4014 Information Economics
HE4016 Quantitative Economics
HE4021 Advanced Econometrics
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
Division of English
Division of English
HL207/HL2007 Contemporary Literature
HL216/HL2016 Literature and Madness
HL209/HL2009 Southeast Asian Literature and Culture
HL211/HL2011 Representations of Asia: Film and Fiction
HL213/HL2013 British-Asian Literature
HL214/HL2014 Urban Culture Asia
HL410/HL4010 Feminist Studies
HZ9101 Introduction to Creative Writing
Division of Histroy
Division of Histroy
HH2002 Gender in History
HH0301 The Environment in History
HH2009 China: From Revolution to Reform
HH1001 What is History?
HH2016 History of Animals
HH1002 Asia-Pacific in Global History: Pre-1800
HH2022 Courtesans,Slave Soldiers and Domestic Drudgery: Slavery in the
Indian Ocean World
HH2002 Gender in History
HH3007 Southeast Asian-China Interactions
HH2009 China: From Revolution to Reform
HH3012 The United States and the Indochina Wars
HH3001 Historiography: Theory and Methods
HH3016 History of Madness
HH3012 The United States and the IndoChina Wars
HH3017 The Environmental History of Oceans
HH3021 Traitors, TV Stars and Taboos: Representing History in Contemporary China
HH3019 History of the Body
HH3020 Introduction to Korean History
HH4007 An International History of Cold War
HH4011 Courtesans, Slaves Soldiers and Domestic Drudgery: Slavery in the
Indian Ocean World
HH4090 Special Topics in History – Global Asia
Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
HG203|2003 Phonetics and Phonology
HG205|2005 Research Methodology
HG211|3015 Psycholinguistics
HG212|2012 Cognitive Linguistics
HG213|2013 Child Language
HG220|2020 Language in Society
HG223|2023 Language and Gender
HG252|2052 Language, Technology and the Internet
HG234|2034 Structure of Modern English
HG222|3022 Sociolinguistics of a Region
HG3005 Statistics for Psycholinguistics
HG3022 Sociolinguistics of a Region
HG3042 Contrastive Linguistics
HG3046 Language Universals and Language Types
HG4012 Structures of Sign Languages
HG4020 Languages in Contact
HG4022 Forensic Linguistics
HG4047 Pragmatic Theory
HG4049 Semantics Analysis
HG8001 Language Puzzle: The Study of Human Language
HG8003 Technologically Speaking
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
Division of Psychology
Division of Psychology
HP1000 Introduction to Psychology
HP4001 Research Laboratory in Psychology
HP1100 Fundamentals of Social Science Research
HP4101 Clinical Psychology
HP2100 Research Design and Data Analysis in Psychology
HP4102 Trauma Psychology, Crisis Intervention and Management
HP2200 Biological Psychology
HP4103 The Forensic Psychology of Crime, Terrorism and Disasters
HP2300 Developmental Psychology
HP4104 Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Psychology
HP2400 Social Psychology
HP2500 Personality and Individual Differences
HP2600 Cognitive Psychology
HP2700 Abnormal Psychology
HP8001 Mind over Stress
HP8002 Working in the 21st Century
HP8003 Are You OK? Mental Health in Singapore
HP8004 Coping with Culture Transition
HP8005 Introduction to Human Resource Management
HP8006 Psychology of Crisis Stress Management
Division of Public Policy and Global Affairs
Division of Public Policy and Global Affairs
HA1002 Introduction to Political Theory
Division of Sociology
Division of Sociology
HS800/8000 level courses
HS101/HS1001 Person and Society (open in Semester 2 only)
For all other Sociology courses, approval will be granted on a case-by-case HS201/HS2001 classical Social Theory
basis during the Add/Drop period, subjected to vacancies.
HS202/HS2002 Doing Social Research
HS203/HS2003 Economy and Society
HS204/HS2004 Culture, Self and Identity
HS205/HS2005 Organisations and Organisational Change
HS301/HS3001 Contemporary Social Theory
HS302/HS3002 Understanding Social Statistics
HS401 Research Practicum I: Qualitative Social Research
HS402 Research Practicum II: Qualitative Social Research
Other HS400/4000 level courses (subjected to coordinator's approval and students
must be in their graduating year)
Language and Communication Centre
Language and Communication Centre
HW0188 Engineering Communication I
Semester 1
HW0203 Research Writing in the Physical and Mathematical Sciences
HW0001 English Proficiency
HW0210 Technical Communication
HW0100 The Craft of Writing
HW0310 Professional Communication
HW0101 Introduction to Critical Writing
HW1201 Research Writing in the Social Sciences
HW0128 Scientific Communication I
HW1221 Essay Writing: Crafting An Argument
HW0202 Research Writing in the Biological Sciences
HW1222 Writing History Essays
HW1301 Mastering Communication
Semester 2
HW0001 English Proficiency
HW0138 Scientific Communication I
HW0302 Mastering Communication
HW0303 Mastering Communication
HW1300 Mastering Communication
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
14 School of Sports Science & Management
School of Sports Science & Management
All SS9XXX series courses:
SS9201 Golf (Only open to NTU SSM students)
SS9001 Conditioning for Physical Fitness
The following courses are open to exchange stduents only if they show evidence of
embarking on similar disciplines at their home university and if they meet prerequisites (if any)
SS9002 Principles of Strength Training
SS9003 Introduction to Pilates Matwork and Hatha Yoga
Semester 1:
SS9101 Badminton
SS1002 Sociology of Sport I
SS9102 Tennis
SS1003 Introduction to Sport Management
SS9103 Squash
SS3001 Statistics, Measurement & Evaluation
SS9104 Basketball
SS3101 Exercise & Sport Physiology II
SS9105 Volleyball
SS3201 Sport Biomechanics II
SS9106 Netball
SS3301 Exercise & Sport Psychology II
SS9107 Table Tennis
SS3303 Coaching & Learning II
SS9202 Soccer
SS3401 Motor Learning & Control II
SS9203 Hockey
SS3501 Sociology of Sport II
SS9204 Floorball
SS3602 Event & Facilities Management
SS9205 Rugby
SS3603 Human Resource Management in Sport
SS9206 Tchoukball
SS3604 Legal Aspects in Sport
SS9301 Introduction to Line & Social Dance
SS9302 DanceSport
SS9303 Introduction to Hip-Hop & its Dances
SS9304 Introduction to Modern Jazz Dance
SS9401 Aquatics
SS9402 Swimming
Semester 2:
SS9402 Swimming
SS0101 Singapore Sport in the 21st Century
SS0201 Ethical Issues in Sport
SS2006 Research Methods & Design in Physical Activity & Sport
SS3102 Exercise & Sport Physiology III
SS3104 Health & Wellness II
SS3202 Sport Biomechanics III
SS3302 Exercise & Sport Psychology III
SS3304 Coaching & Learning III
SS3402 Motor Learning & Control III
SS3403 Adapted Physical Activity & Recreation
SS3502 Sociology of Sport III
SS3605 Managament of Sport Organizations
SS3606 Finance & Business in Sport
SS4104 Health & Wellness III
SS4401 Lifespan Motor Devlopment
SS4402 Leader & Instruction in Physical Activity & Sport
SS4601 Leisure & Recreation Management
SS4602 Quality Management in Sport
15 School of Art, Design & Media
School of Art, Design & Media
DD1003 Introduction to the Histories of Art I
DA1000 / ART190 Thinking and Communicating Visually I
DD1004 Introduction to the Histories of Art II
DA2002 / ART290 Thinking and Communicating Visually II
DD2000 Introduction to the Histories of Art III
DA3000 / ART292 Thinking and Communicating Visually III
DD2004 /ADM220 Introduction to Art Criticism
DD3000 / ADM303 Internship 5 weeks I
DD2005 / ADM235 Survey of New Media
DD3001 / ADM307 Internship 5 weeks II
DD2007 The Art and Architecture of 'The Long Century': 1789 - 1914
DD3002 / ADM306 Internship 10 weeks
List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students
DD3004 /ADM430 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art
DD3003 / ADM310 Professional Attachment
DD3005/ ADM240 Survey of Modern Art 1900-1945
DD4000 Final Year Project
DD3006 / ADM280 Art in the Age of Colonialism
DV2008 / VIS385 Interface Design
DD3007/ ADM340 Nature in Art & Visual Culture
The following courses are open to exchange students only if:
i) currently studying in any one of the disciplines from Art, Design and Media
offered by ADM
ii) show evidence of studying similar disciplines at their home university
iii) pre-requisites must be met (if any)
iv) subject to available vacancies
DD3008 / ADM420 Cities, Bodies, Memories: Art and Everday Life in
Contemporary Singapore
DD3009 / ADM440 Shanghai Modern: Art & Visual Culture in Shanghai
1840 – 1949
DNXXXX - Foundation
DFXXXX - Digital Filmmaking
DD3010 / ADM410 Issues in Global Contemporary Art
DMXXXX - Interactive Media
DD3011/ ADM330 Contemporary South-East Asian Art
DPXXXX - Photography
DD8002 / ADM270 Ways of Seeing: Exploring Visual Culture
DRXXXX - Product Design
DD8004 / ADM320 Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism
DTXXXX - Digital Animation
DD8006 The Modern and Modernism in Southeast Asian Art
DVXXXX - Visual Communication
DD8007 Nineteenth-Century Photography
DAXXXX and DDXXXX - Other ADM courses
DD9010 Imag(in)ing the Silk Road
DD9011 British Art: 1839 - 1939
DD9012 West Asian Cultures and the Art and Architecture of the Ottoman
DF2009 History of Film
DF3008 / FIL280 Sound Design for Film
DF8000 / FIL395 Survey for Experimental Film
DG9001 Singapore Architecture:The Historical, Cultural and SocioEconomic Perspectives
DG9002 Eco-Architecture in the Urban Living Environment
DG9003 Aesthetic and Creative Use of the 2D Media
DG9004 Aesthetic and Creative Techniques in the Moving Images
DG9005 The Magic of Voice in the World of a Singer
DG9006 Creative Thinking in Design Solutions
DM2000 / INT210 Interactive I
DM2001 / INT220 Game Design I
DM2002 / INT340 Sound Art
DM2005 / INT370 Soundscape Design
DM2012 Art, Technology and the Image
DV9001 Art, Design and Science
16 Career & Attachment Office
Career & Attachment Office
ML0001 Absolute Basics for Career
17 Others
Others (C N Yang Scholars Programme, Renaissance Engineering Programme,
University Scholars Programme)
All courses with course code CYXXX (only for NTU C N Yang students)
All courses with course code RExxxx (only for NTU REP students)
All courses with course code SPXXX (only for NTU USP students)
Last Updated: 12 September 2014
Disclaimer: The final list of courses to be offered and opened to Exchange/NG students in each semester are subject to changes.

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