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Women in Professional
Services Leadership
Summit 2015
Practical Advice and Strategies for Women’s Leadership
Excellence and Career Advancement in Legal, Accounting
and Consulting Firms
Liquid Learning is delighted to present New Zealand’s premier event
Women in Professional Services Leadership Summit 2015. A unique
opportunity to obtain strategies from the industry’s leading experts,
and network with other high potential women in law, accounting and
consulting. The summit will provide the practical skills necessary to
lead effectively and achieve career success.
Ms Miriam Dean CNZM QC
Queens Counsel,
Banking Ombudsman Scheme, NZ On Air
Bruce Hassall Chief Executive Officer and
Senior Partner
Cathy Quinn Chair and Senior Partner
Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
Sophia Gunn Chief Operating Officer
Rachel Paris Partner
Bell Gully
Joanna Doolan Partner
Ernst & Young
Nicole Xanthopol Partner
Kensington Swan
Heather Ash Partner
Simpson Grierson
Michele Embling National Assurance Leader
Kim Jarett Partner
Amanda Watt Principal - Business Advisory
Crowe Horwath
Kirsten Hodgson Owner
Kaleidoscope Marketing
Jan Blair High Performance Coach
Jan Blair Consulting
21 April 2015
Stamford Auckland
Plus One Full-Day Workshop
22 April 2015
Inspirational stories of achievement
from the professional services
leadership experts
Developing and enhancing the key
skills necessary to lead effectively
Strategies and skills to overcome
common career challenges faced by
existing female leaders
Overcoming challenges, navigating
changes and seizing opportunities
Book & Pay by 4 December to
receive an additional Value Plus Discount!
Phone: +64 9 927 1500
Fax: +64 9 927 1525
Booking Code - W
Learning Practical Strategies and Key Skills for Leadership Success
21 April 2015
8.30 - 8.55
Registration and Morning Coffee
8.55 - 9.00
Official Welcome and Opening Remarks from
the Chair
9.00 - 9.20
To be considered for partnership or a high level executive
position, it is critical to construct a strong personal brand and
sustain an effective network. There are numerous benefits to
both an individual and the firm when this is done productively.
A strong profile and a meaningful professional network enables
leaders to share their knowledge and support, and to progress
their careers. High-profile personal branding and networks are
also essential when it comes to expanding and generating new
business. Kirsten specialises in assisting professionals to build
their personal brand and develop their networks in order to
progress their own careers and drive the commercial success
of the firm. Kirsten will explore:
• Building your professional profile to position yourself for success
• Using social media, such as Linkedin, to promote yourself and effectively establish a strong network
• Utilising existing networks to their greatest potential
Advice on making it to the top in professional
Cathy Quinn is one of New Zealand’s leading senior corporate
partners and the chair of a major New Zealand law firm. In her
professional capacity she specialises in mergers, acquisitions,
securities, corporate governance and private equity. In order
to attain the position she holds today, Cathy has faced and
overcome numerous career challenges, and has successfully
mastered the skill set required to enable success in the legal
profession. Today, Cathy will discuss:
• Her personal leadership journey
• Challenges faced, opportunities seized and lessons learnt
• Practical advice for aspiring and existing leaders
Cathy Quinn Chair and Senior Partner
Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
9.20 - 9.30
Strategies for expanding your professional network
and building your profile to be successful in business
Questions and Discussion
Kirsten Hodgson Owner
Kaleidoscope Marketing
11.45 - 12.00 Questions and Discussion
12.00 - 1.00 Networking Lunch
1.00 - 2.00
9.30 - 10.00 CASE STUDY
Creating a positive workplace culture to help
women into leadership
Kim Jarett Partner
Heather Ash Partner
Simpson Grierson
Amanda Watt Principal - Business Advisory
Crowe Horwath
Nicole Xanthopol Partner
Kensington Swan
Michele Embling National Assurance Leader
Bruce Hassall Chief Executive Officer and Senior
10.00 - 10.15 Questions and Discussion
10.15 - 10.30 Morning Tea
10.30 - 11.00 CASE STUDY
In order to achieve leadership excellence, it is critical to
hold and project authentic confidence. It is well-known
that a lack of confidence has previously held women
back from partnership and more senior positions. Being
assertive, proactive and confident are all critical attributes
when it comes to advancing your career. Jo will discuss the
importance of embracing your true value in order to become
authentically confident. She will discuss:
• Lessons learnt when achieving partnership
• Identifying your strengths and value as a leader
• Continuously building authentic confidence and overcoming self-doubt
Aiming for balance - Strategies to create a satisfying
and successful career, family and personal life
The demands faced by those working in the professional
services are diverse and complex. To achieve success it is vital
to take control over work and life responsibilities in order to
manage time efficiently. In this session, panelists will share their
own practical strategies which have helped them to master an
effective work / life blend. Panelists will explore:
• Balancing professional and personal commitments efficiently
• Strategies to help identify priorities, set boundaries and optimise time
• Returning from a career break successfully
• Creating a personal and professional support network
Professional services has long been considered a typically
male space, and as a result women continue to be challenged
by unconscious bias engrained in the workplace. PwC have
made significant efforts to reshape gender attitudes, as they
regard that only by providing the right environment, women
can develop and thrive. Bruce understands the value of
having senior women in the firm, and knows the importance
of challenging an orthodox structure. He will discuss:
• Challenges faced when bringing more women into senior leadership roles
• Changing attitudes within the workplace to reduce unconscious bias
• Supporting women to reach their greatest potential
Leading with authentic confidence to reach career
2.00 - 2.30
Creating, identifying and seizing the right opportunities
Chances for progression are not always obvious and so it is
critical to identify and seize the right opportunities to increase
prospects. Miriam was the first female partner at Russell
McVeagh in 1987, and has since proceeded to enjoy an
inspirational career. Miriam will share her advice on:
• Positioning yourself for leadership success by seizing every opportunity
• The importance of mentorship for proactively increasing prospects
• “Speaking up” to nominate yourself for impending openings
Ms Miriam Dean CNZM QC, Queens Counsel, Chair
Banking Ombudsman Scheme, NZ On Air
Joanna Doolan Partner
Ernst & Young
11.00 - 11.15 Questions and Discussion
2.30 - 2.45
2.45 - 3.15
Questions and Discussion
Supporting and retaining women in professional services
Plus One Separately Bookable
Full-Day Workshop on 22 April 2015
Receive $300 off registration if you
register and pay by 4 December 2014
To significantly increase the number of female partners in
professional services firms, women must be supported in
their advancement and the traditional structure of professional
firms must be challenged. In order to manage her demanding
commitments of a successful legal profession alongside
motherhood, Rachel became the first female partner to be
appointed in a part-time capacity at her firm. Today, Rachel will
share her insights on:
• Reforming the professional services organisation to retain women
• Obstacles involved when working part-time
• Supporting other women’s careers
Rachel Paris Partner
Bell Gully
3.15 - 3.30
Questions and Discussion
3.30 - 3.45
Afternoon Tea
3.45 - 4.15
Being strategic and planning for success in a
professional services environment
It is critical to plan and be strategic so that your greatest potential
can be reached. Successful women can advance into the roles
they want through consideration of their current skills, profile and
position. Sophia will reflect on her career path and offer advice to
those wanting to get ahead. Sophia will discuss:
• Reflections on the challenges faced to achieve senior leadership in a global firm
• Identifying career goals and priorities
• Key strategies utilised to position self for success
Sophia Gunn Chief Operating Officer
4.15 - 4.30
Questions and Discussion
4.30 - 4.45
Jan Blair High Performance Coach
Jan Blair Consulting
Concluding Remarks from the Chair
4.45 - 5.45
Networking Reception
More women are entering the professional services than ever before and now
make up a more balanced proportion by employee count in the consulting, legal
and accounting profession. Despite this increasing balance in employee numbers,
this equality does not extend to senior leadership where women continue to hold a
minority of partnership or senior executive positions.
The Women in Professional Services Leadership Summit 2015 will provide an
exceptional platform for women to share their experiences of overcoming challenges,
seizing opportunities and reaching senior leadership positions. Practical advice
and guidance will be given on issues including work / life balance, strategic career
progression, executive presence and navigating career transitions and interruptions.
Successful women will highlight the skills they have developed and strategies they
have used to progress into senior leadership roles. Existing and aspiring female leaders
will have the opportunity to build their leadership capabilities and their professional
networks to enable them to achieve professional success and satisfaction.
Leaders and aspiring leaders in Professional Services firms in roles such as:
Partner / Managing •
Manager / Senior
Managing Director •
Executive Director/ •
Chief Executive
Associate / Senior •
Principal / Director •
Consultant / Senior
Practice Leader /
Team Leader
Lawyer / Solicitor
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22 April 2015
9.00 - 4.30
Confidence, Courage and Conviction – Safeguarding
Your Authenticity to be a Successful Leader
Professional services are characteristically a very male-dominated
space - where rules and traditions pressurise female leaders to
conform to masculine leadership styles. For women to continue
progression into senior leadership roles, and to remain there, it is
critical to enable female leaders to stay true to themselves.
This interactive workshop will explore experimental methods to build
confidence and help identify the right leadership style. To hold an
executive presence it is important to be authentic and to continuously
develop the essential skills for leadership success. Practical and
interactive sessions will provide the tools for emerging and existing
leaders to enable them to reach their greatest potentials and to
achieve success.
This workshop will explore:
Communicating with confidence and conviction
• Developing and conveying confidence, poise and assertiveness
• Constructively dealing with conflict
• Clarity of direction and goal setting to advance your leadership into the future
Enhancing your self-awareness and authenticity
• Consider what it means to bring authenticity to your executive presence
• Examine what currently holds leaders back from being as authentic as they might really want to be
• Evaluating your experiences to identify effective strategies
• Finding your unique leadership style
Building resilience
• Building resilience to adversity and conflict
• Resilience and its role in stress management
• Developing the personal resources to be emotionally resilient in challenging situations
Expert Facilitator: Jan Blair High Performance Coach
Jan Blair Consulting
After a very successful 15 years as a National Manager [HR Coach]
at premier law firm, Russell McVeagh, Jan has established her own
consulting/coaching/counselling and experiential training business.
As a HR Coach her role provided an in house counselling and
coaching service for partners, managers and staff as well as
developing and facilitating training modules in the communication,
leadership, personal and professional skills development.
Jan has presented at a number of conferences across Australasia
and is regularly used as a resource person and consultant for
executive coaching, conflict resolution and for the development
and sourcing of top talent. She has also developed and facilitated
workshops in the community, schools, universities and other
corporate organisations and professional service businesses.
8.30 - 9.00
1.30 - 3.00
Session Three
9.00 - 10.40 Session One
3.00 - 3.20
Afternoon Tea
10.40 - 11.00 Morning Tea
3.20 - 4.30
Session Four
11.00 - 12.30 Session Two
Close of •
12.30 - 1.30 Lunch
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Women in Professional Services
Leadership Summit 2015
21 April 2015
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Stamford Auckland
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