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This email was sent to the Fairness Commission on 26/11/2010
In the past, if you were too ill to go to your doctor the doctor would come to you.
These days this has gone. If you can't get to the surgery you don’t get the medical
help, unless in exceptional circumstances.
What if any protection/safeguards will there be for vulnerable disabled and older
people in Islington when the PCT comes to an end, to ensure GPs will provide the
care they need. At the moment GPs are allowed to refuse to visit in the home and
people suffer in silence because few GPs advertise the PALS service. I would like to
see a community GP set up that surgeries take it in turn to cover/ staff. This will
ensure that people who cannot get to the surgeries are covered. As we know the cuts
are going to include DLA/AA allowances in some for or another which will make it
increasingly hard on disabled and older people to get around.
This email is in its original format and Islington Council accepts no responsibility for any
factual inaccuracies or opinions expressed.

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