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Denne melding til obligasjonseierne er kun utarbeidet på engelsk. F or ytterligere informasjon
vennligst ta kontakt med Nordic Trustee ASA på telefon +47 22 87 94 00
To the bondholders in:
ISINNOOOl 070031.3
Dannemora Magnetit AB Super Senior Secured Bond Issue due 9
January 2015
Oslo, ^
January 2015
Maturity Extension of the Bonds
Nordic Trustee ASA ("NT") acts as trustee for the holders of the bonds in the above mentioned
issue (the “Bonds”) with ISIN NO001 070031.3 issued by Dannemora Magnetit AB (the
On 25 February 2014, a meeting of the Bondholders approved the proposals contained in the
Bondholder Meeting summons dated 18 February 2014. As a result, NT is empowered to agree
(on behalf of the Bondholders) to implement further extensions to the maturity date of the
Bonds at its reasonable discretion (in consultation with its advisers).
In the context of continuing discussions and negotiations with the Company regarding a
potential restructuring of its capital structure, NT, having consulted its advisers, has exercised
its discretion referred to above and agreed to further extend the maturity date of the Bonds to 16
January 2015.
Yours sincerely,
Nordic Trustee ASA
300668494 v!2

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