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The Catholic Faith Community of
St. Michael The Archangel
and Mary Mother of Peace
December 28 , 2014
10 days before the publication
202 Edward St., Georgetown, DE 19947 and 30839 Mt. Joy Rd , Millsboro, DE 19966
TELEPHONE: (302) 856-6451
Fax: (302) 856-2353
Mon. – Fri. (except holidays)
BUSINESS MGR: Deacon Jose Rodriguez-Trejo
OFFICE MGR.: Tina Sonzogni
PASTOR: Fr. Robert J. Burk, MSA
Fr. Cesar A. Gomez, Fr. James E. Downs, MSA
DEACONS: Martin Barrett, Kenny Hall, David McDowell,
Philip Ricker, Jose N. Rodriguez-Trejo (retired)
Sister Maria Mairlot
MUSIC: Carole Giarmo (SMA) (MMOP)
WEBSITE:, Tina Sonzogni
E-MAIL: [email protected] TWITTER: @sma_mmop
Parish Mass Schedule Line: (302) 945-4044
BAPTISM: Parents are required to attend a preparation
session concerning the Sacrament of Baptism. Call the
Parish Office for further information.
RECONCILIATION IN BOTH CHURCHES: The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated one-half-hour before Saturday
evening Masses; other times by appointment.
MARRIAGE: Diocesan policy requires a year of preparation. Please contact the Pastor at least one year prior to
the wedding to begin preparation.
ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Parishioners facing surgery or
struggling with serious illness may request the Sacrament of the Sick by calling the Parish Office.
Solemnity—See Mass schedule on pg 2
At St. Michael the Archangel suspended until further notice
At Mary Mother of Peace first Friday of Every Month
following the 9 AM Mass; Benediction at 10:30 AM
Sunday: Gn 15:1-6; 21:1-3 or Sir 3:2-6, 12-14/Heb 11:8,
11-12, 17-19 or Col 3:12-21 or 3:12-17/Lk 2:22-40 or 2:22,
Monday: 1 Jn 2:3-11/Lk 2:22-35
Tuesday: 1 Jn 2:12-17/Lk 2:36-40
Wednesday: 1 Jn 2:18-21/Jn 1:1-18
Thursday: Nm 6:22-27/Gal 4:4-7/Lk 2:16-21
Friday: 1 Jn 2:22-28/Jn 1:19-28
Saturday: 1 Jn 2:29--3:6/Jn 1:29-34
Next Sunday: Is 60:1-6/Eph 3:2-3a, 5-6/Mt 2:1-12
Saturday: 4:00 PM
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
Weekday Mass:
9:00 AM
Mary Mother of Peace
St. Michael (Spanish)
St. Michael (English)
Mary Mother of Peace
St. Michael (English)
Mary Mother of Peace
St. Michael (Spanish)
St. Michael (English)
9:00 AM
Mary Mother of Peace
Wednesday and Friday
Call 302-945-4044 for Holy Day Schedules
Page 2
Feast of the Holy Family
December 28, 2014
St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael the Archangel
Wednesday, December 31, New Year’s Eve
7:00 pm
Solemnity Vigil Mass (Eng)
10:00 pm
Solemnity Vigil (Spanish)
Thursday, January 1, New Year’s Day (Holy Day)
9:00 am
Solemnity Mass (English)
12:00 Noon
Solemnity Mass (Spanish)
Mary Mother of Peace
Wednesday, December 31, New Year’s Eve
4:00 pm
Solemnity Vigil Mass
Thursday, January 1, New Year’s Day
11:00 am
Solemnity Mass
A Prayer for Peace
Mary, Queen of Peace, we turn to you, our Mother.
Into your hands we place our prayers.
For our men and women serving in the military,
protect them!
For innocent victims of war and violence, spare them!
For those who mourn and who are injured,
comfort them!
For people of all nations, unite them in the love and
peace of your Son, the Prince of Peace.
Mary Queen of Peace, pray for us!
House Blessing
How would you like to celebrate moving into a new or
existing home with a religious celebration?
Our Deacons are available to bless your new or existing homes.
If you would like to schedule a house blessing, please
call the office at 856-6451. A Deacon will contact you,
after receipt of the information, to set up a convenient
Mary Mother of Peace
January 1 is the oldest celebration of
Mary in the Catholic Church. The
custom of honoring the Virgin on the
first day of the New Year originates in
the sixth century, when her celebration was tied to the octave day of
Christmas, the eighth day after December 25. In doing so, ancient
preachers would remind their congregations about the role that Mary
played in the history of salvation. Jesus was born of a
woman, and so, as Eucharistic Prayer 4 states, "Made
incarnate by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary,
he shared our human nature in all things but sin." The
human nature of Christ is rooted in his being born like us.
As we round out the Christmas celebration with its Octave Day on January 1, we venerate the woman who
gave birth to him.
Christmas Holiday For Our
Religious Education Classes
The Religious Education Classes will be on Holiday
beginning December 31 and January 1 at MMOP
and December 28 at SMA.
Classes will resume on January 4 for Sunday Classes at SMA, and January 7 for Wednesday Classes,
January 8 for Thursday Classes at MMOP.
Ministry Offerings
at a Glance
Divine Mercy Devotions: 2nd Sunday of the month
at Mary Mother of Peace. Service begins at 2:30
pm; 3 pm Chaplet and Benediction.
Pro-Life: 2nd Saturday of the month at Mary ‘s
House 2 pm
Bereavement: Monday, January 19 at noon
St. Peregrine Cancer Society: 4th Sunday of the
month at alternating churches at 3 pm—December
28 at Mary Mother of Peace
December 28, 2014
Feast of the Holy Family
Upcoming Socials at
Mary Mother of Peace
MMOP Fun Committee will hold a coffee and
donut social in the church hall on
January 11 after the 11 am Mass.
All are welcome. Come join us for fun and
Are You Registered?
If you are new to the area (or maybe not so new) and
would like to become a member of our parish family,
you can register by completing a registration form,
which can be found on the website
or in the vestibules of each church. When completed,
they may be deposited in the collection basket at any
Mass, returned to the parish office at St. Michael the
Archangel, 202 Edward St., Georgetown. DE 19947
or you may come to the Parish Office.
Page 3
St. Vincent DePaul Society Notices
Today is the feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary
and Joseph. We hear the words: The child grew and
became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favor of
God was upon him.” As we remember the poor during
this New Year may we also grow in wisdom and have
the favor of God upon us. In the month of December,
through your gifts, Mary’s Cupboard and the Society of
St. Vincent de Paul was able to help the poor and
suffering to face their hardships and fears, by
providing food and funds for utilities, rent, etc. and
some encouraging words. THANK YOU ALL for your
continued support. Please continue to keep the poor in
your prayers.
Can We Please Have
Your Aluminum Cans
If you are a registered member, this will enable our
parish to best serve your pastoral needs. This is particularly important if you need to request the Sacrament of the Sick in emergency situations; or seek approval to be a godparent at Baptism or a sponsor at
Confirmation. Additionally, in order to be buried in a
Catholic cemetery within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, you will need a letter of testimony that you are a
practicing Catholic.
The Knights of Columbus council at Mary Mother of
Peace has historically supported a seminarian in the
Diocese of Wilmington financially with their living
expenses. The usual sum has been $500, annually,
paid for by our collection of aluminum cans, which are
then recycled. The number of cans received has
declined dramatically, as has the amount per can
recycled. We would like to continue supporting our
seminarian and ask if you would bring your aluminum
cans to church and deposit them in the green trailer at
the rear of the west parking lot near the garage.
Thank you from your Knights.
Being Admitted to Beebe?
Pregnancy Center Donations Needed
To request an anointing by a Priest, have a family
member or the nurse call St. Jude's, 644-7300. If after
business hours, then press a number key indicated for
a sacramental emergency and your call will go to St.
Jude’s answering service who notifies the priest on
duty. If he/she stated he/she was Catholic when he/
she was admitted, he/she should be placed on the
communion list automatically.
Parishioners Frank and Joan Vara need your kind
donations of new or used cribs/porta-cribs and baby
furniture for needy families at Sussex County
Pregnancy Center in Georgetown. If you have items
to donate, please call 732-3601 and leave a message.
Thank you for your help.
St. Jude’s Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion
visit Beebe Hospital most days to distribute communion.
Thank you for
your contributions
to the Christmas collection
and flower collection and
to the Giving Tree. Your
generosity is appreciated
New Parishioners
Barbara Burnap
Ronald and Susan Huff
Javier and Avila Hope Ortiz
Denis Maroux
Jason Rhodes and Kelly Saul
William Teletchea
Ann West
Page 4
Feast of the Holy Family
December 28, 2014
WEEK IN ADVANCE — December 28 to January 4
8:30 am
11:00 am
12:30 & 2 pm MMOP and SMA
2:00 pm
3:00 pm SMA & SMAH
5:00 pm
9:30 am
6:30 pm
Rosary and Mass HSP
Solemnity Vigil
4:00 pm
7:00 pm
10:00 pm
Solemnity Vigil Mass
Solemnity Vigil Mass (English)
Solemnity Vigil (Spanish)
page 2
9:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 am
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
Solemnity Mass (English)
Solemnity Mass
Solemnity Mass (Spanish)
Catechumens HSP
Lectio Divina HSP
9:30 am
7:00 pm
1st Friday Adoration
Emanuel Choir Practice
6:00 am
10:00 am
3:00 pm
3:00 pm
5:00 pm
6:30 pm
8:00 pm
Rosary HSP
Literary/EASL Class HSP
Choir Practice HSP
Baptism and Marriage Prep HSP
Marriage Encounter HSP
Leaders Mtg HSP
8:30 am
10:00 am SMA and SMAH
11:00 am
2:00 pm
3:30 pm
5:30 pm
SMA-St. Michael the Archangel Church
MH-Mary’s House
The Illustrated Bible
When they had fulfilled all the prescriptions of the law of the Lord,
they returned to Galilee, to their
own town of Nazareth. The child
grew and became strong, filled
with wisdom; and the favor of God
was upon him. - Lk 2:39-40
Ministry HSP
Kindergarten HSP
Baptism ENG and HSP
Adult Sacrament Class HSP
Youth Group HSP
Catechist Year of Faith HSP
Ministry HSP
Religious Education Grades 1—10
Kindergarten HSP
Adult Sacrament Class HSP
Youth Group HSP
Exposition HSP
SMACH-SMA Church Chapel
MMOP-Mary Mother of Peach Church
SMACR-SMA Conference Room
As we begin the New Year, it is customary to make
resolutions: to diet, to exercise, to change something in one's life. Like Mary, who reflected on the
events surrounding the birth of her child, we take
some time to reflect on our own lives: where we
have been, and where we are going. The Gospel
gives us the opportunity to situate that reflection in a
spiritual context. What does the birth of Jesus mean
for me spiritually (reflection), and what do I intend to
do about that in my daily life (action)?
December 28, 2014
Feast of the Holy Family
"Let us go, then, to Bethlehem to see this
thing that has taken place, which the Lord
has made known to us."
Take a moment to contemplate the Nativity
scene displayed at your church for the season. Most parishes set up a large stable
hosting the Holy Family, embellished by
lights or greenery and surrounded by the
Christmas cast of characters. Undoubtedly,
at least one of the shepherds in the scene
is carrying a sheep on his shoulders or has
one following close beside him. The image
is one of a faithful man who went straight
from his work in the fields--where the angels appeared--to the manger in nearby
When the shepherds heard the heavenly
announcement, "A savior has been born for
you who is Christ and Lord," they acted on
the news right away. They picked up and
journeyed to find the "infant wrapped in
swaddling clothes and lying in a manger."
The artists who depict these humble men
with their sheep in tow are suggesting that
the shepherds came as they were. They
didn't pause to make arrangements for the
sheep or to take a shower. They went to
worship the baby Jesus without pretense or
preparation. And we are called to do the
same, to come to Jesus as we are, without
Page 5
This week our celebrants will offer
Masses for the following Intentions:
St. Michael the Archangel
Saturday, December 27
5:00 PM
Shawn Michael Moreno
7:00 PM
Allen Schluck
Sunday, December 28
9:00 AM
Michael Vittacco
12:00 PM
People of the Parish
Monday, December 29
9:00 AM
Joseph Downs
Tuesday, December 30
9:00 AM
People of the Parish
7:00 PM
People of the Parish
Saturday, December 6
5:00 PM
People of the Parish
7:00 PM
Allen Schluck
Sunday, December 7
9:00 AM
Marino Family
12:00 PM
People of the Parish
At Mary Mother of Peace
Saturday, December 27
4:00 PM
Barbara Gemmill
Sunday, December 28
7:30 AM
Suzanne Corbett
11:00 AM
Thanksgiving for
A Special Intention
Wednesday, December 31
9:00 AM
People of the Parish
Friday, January 2
9:00 AM
John Downs Family
Saturday, January 3
4:00 PM
Anastasia Oleksiuk
Sunday, January 4
7:30 AM
Russell P. Tedesco
11:00 AM
Anna Gorson
Prayer Line Numbers:
Anne-Marie Juliano
Maureen Gorman
Irene McCormick
Marilyn Walker
Lord, our God, you sent your Son into the world to bear our infirmities, and to
endure our sufferings. For your servants who are sick, we ask that your blessing will give them strength to overcome their weakness through the power of
patience, and the comfort of hope and that with your aid they will soon be restored to health. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen
Today, we celebrate the fact that God came
to earth as a baby, a beautiful, innocent infant who does not judge or reject people.
He came as a tiny child who asks only for
our love and attention in return. Like the
shepherds, we too have received the good
news! We have a savior who loves us and
can be found by all those who desire to
know him. Let us go then, without delay,
into the presence of the baby Jesus who
welcomes us to his manger this Christmas
Advertising your Business
The parish is actively seeking new advertisers. We
would like to thank our current sponsors for making
our bulletin possible and look forward to our new advertisers.
Pray for the Deceased
Please pray for the families and loved ones of our deceased members who now enjoy the everlasting life.
Eternal rest grant upon them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the
souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen
Community Assistance:
Society of St. Vincent de Paul: (302) 945-2814
Mary’s Cupboard: Monday 10:30 AM—1:30 PM
For food distribution
Casa San Francisco: (302) 684-8694 - Food and Shelter
Catholic Charities 406 S. Bedford St. – Suite 9, Georgetown, DE
Child Care Food Program
(302) 856-3414
Energy Assistance
(302) 856-6310
(302) 856-9578
Page 6
Feast of the Holy Family
December 28, 2014
We have so much to learn from the Holy Family: Mary
allows God’s will to change her life; Joseph pays close
attention to and follows the prompting of the angel;
Jesus says to the Father “not my will, but Thine be
done.” What is the Father’s will for you? Are you taking steps to find out?
Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus; from all
women, she was chosen to bring God’s life into the
world. God also calls women and men today to bring
His life into the world by serving as religious sisters,
religious brothers, deacons and priests.
As we celebrate the Holy Family of
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, take an opportunity to Bring It Home by praying
together with your family: “Jesus, Mary
and Joseph, in you we contemplate
the splendor of true love, to you we turn with trust. Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families too may
be places of communion and prayer, authentic schools
of the Gospel and small domestic Churches where we
gather to praise you and seek to do your will.”
Marriage and Parenting Moments
If you think you might be called to the priesthood,
please call or write Father David Kelley, Diocesan Director of Priestly and Religious Vocations (302-5733113 or [email protected]). Be sure to visit our
As the year comes to a close, many people review its
ups and downs. Share the happiest and saddest time
for each of you this past year. Is there anything you
want to change to love each other better next year?
It is three days after Christmas and the house may be
a mess - but hopefully it's a happy mess. Take time to
enjoy your children this weekend. Play some games.
Rejoice in each other's company. Relax
Question and Answer: I was always fascinated by
Mary and have had a devotion to her for many years.
Why does Mary have so many titles? Isn't Mother of
God enough?
Catholic Charities is helping families who have taken
in unaccompanied minors arriving from Guatemala by
providing the families with distributions from our food
We all have many different roles to play and each
title we have is based on a relationship. For instance, a person might be a daughter, mother, wife,
cousin, niece, employer, boss, friend, sponsor, and
customer all in the same day! Our titles identify who
we are at a given moment.
Mary is the same way. Certainly "Mother of God" is
her greatest title. Because of her trust in God and in
the message of the angel, Jesus was born, becoming one of us. But all of Mary's titles are important.
Each title highlights an aspect of her unique relationship with Jesus, with the church, with each of us.
She is wife, mother, intercessor, patroness,
mediatrix, God-bearer, and a host of other roles.
Sometimes her title is one given by a local community of faith; other times, the universal church gives her
a title that all recognize. Above all, it is her faith and
her willingness to say yes to God's plan that places
her in a special place of honor among believers. In
her humanity, she shows us how we too will be filled
with grace, as we say yes to the Lord's plan for us.
We believe that what happens to Mary will happen to
us. She is our model, our mother in faith.
In order to replenish our food pantries, we are asking
for donations of nonperishable food items, as well as
hygiene items, such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and shampoo. Cash donations, or donations of
grocery store gift cards, are also welcomed. Donations can be delivered to any Catholic
Charities location. To make a cash donation online, visit https://
Most Blessed Sacrament
Catholic School News
From the desk of Mark J. Record, Principal…
Christmas Holiday – School Closed
December 23—Christmas Holiday begins
12:10 dismissal—closed thru January 2
School will resume, following the Christmas vacation,
on Monday, January 5, 2015. We look forward to
our students returning to school well rested and
ready to learn.

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