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The Conference will help us for Post
Disaster Reconstruction
he chief guest Mr. Prem
Suwal, the chairman of college
management committee and
of Parliament of Nepal Workers
and Peasants’ Party noted that this
conference would push all the concerned
for constructing the buildings with
earthquake risk reduction technology.
Distributing the prizes to the participants
of the conference, Mr. Suwal expressed
that it is natural to the victims having
no alternative for residence to expect
material and financial support from
such conference.
He appreciated the experts –
presenters, session chairs, questioners
for pouring their valuable concepts,
ideas and knowledge especially in the
presentation programs,
He further informed that for
reconstruction Post Disaster Need
Assessment was ready equivalent to
Rs. 7 hundred billion 5 hundred million
but present price hike and Nepal Army
as well as the ministry of land reform
which were left to consider, should be
included, and it would require Rs. 800
billion now.
Mentioning that out of 14
most affected districts, detail damage
assessment of 11 districts has been
ready, and as the news now, the detailed
damage assessment of the three districts
in Kathmandu valley is being prepared,
Mr. Suwal indicated that the path would
be open for Rs. 200 thousand relief
support per family in the district, Rs.
1500 thousand loan at minimal interest
per family in village development
committee and Rs. 2500 thousand loan
per family in municipality from the side
of government.
Finally, he thanked all the
participants from Nepal and foreign
countries informing that the work of
Heritage preservation is being done by
researchers, planners, students and relevant stakeholders together and to
provide platform for rigorous discussion on how to manage disasters like
earthquake and help our communities to become resilient to the disasters.
He believed this conference provided opportunities to the participants and
delegates to establish research relations and to find a global partnership
for future collaboration. He was also hopeful in bringing some meaningful
conclusions that would surely help in building back our communities
to original state with betterment in various aspects. He believed that
this conference elevated the educational and scientific aspects of the
participants and sharing experiences and knowledge of faculties and as
well as staff.
Prof. Jorgan Eskemose, presenter of international conference
from Denmark, also spoke at the closing ceremony. He stated that it has
been a good start from the side of Nepal in this kind of work. He pointed
out the fact that sharing with international experts is a very important
aspect of learning, and this has proved to be proper venue for international
conference even for the future.
Message of Appreciation from our guest
Greetings and Namaskar.
It was really a wonderful international conference. Congratulation.
It is very relevant and timely organized.
I have noted the valuable strength of the conference as follows:
1. It was started very timely in the morning.
2. The documentation preparation and distribution is praise worthy.
3. The participation of the 14 countries in our Colleges is our
4. The mobilization of College manpower is remarkable.
5. The College ground utilization is very good.
6. The opening session is quite interesting and short and sweet..
7. The written address of the speakers is very appreciable.
8. The management of two conference halls is remarkable.
9. An Invitation of two Professors as key note speakers is very
academic and powerful.
10. The tea and lunch management is imitable for other organizations.
Congratulation Once again
Finally I hope the dissemination of the final report properly at the end.
Professor Dr. Uttam K. Karmacharya
the participation of local people and their labor contribution in
a transparent manner.
In his speech of closing ceremony, keynote speaker
of ICEE-PDRP, Prof. Dr. Prem Nath Maskey congratulated
the organizing committee for grand success of this conference.
He appreciated all the valuable contributors and also for the
solidarity to Nepalese people in this moment of sorrow shown
by the international delegates by their presence. In addition he
noted that the city of Bhaktapur has always been exemplary
in many aspects of development works, and the successful
organization of this conference is another shot in arms of
Bhaktapur. He finally noted the organization and hosting of
event through Engineering Education Institution is another
lesson to be learnt.
Prof. Dr. Sudharshan Raj Tiwari started his speech in
the closing ceremony with the appreciation of the organizers
for the excellent management. He expressed his belief that
such a conference would give for of mutual sharing which
will open up new avenues for the reconstruction of Bhaktapur.
He hoped it would use the resultant concept to reconstruct
houses heritages, what not. The knowledge, experience,
shared from the determined human resources, would help to
alleviate our suffering and would help build a prosperous and
happier future of the victims.
Mr. Ganesh Nepali, the Acting Executive Office of
Bhaktapur Municipality, in his speech, expressed his happiness
on the organization of international gathering on Earthquake
Engineering and Post Disaster Reconstruction Planning
by the colleges which are in fact undertaking of Bhaktapur
Municipality and wished for such other conferences in the
college premises in future too.
Er. Sujan Maka, Principal of Khwopa Engineering
College expressed his gratitude to all professors, researchers
and professionals for their valuable presentations and to all
who provided us with their research work as Poster. He also
thanked all the participants in this conference for their active
participation. He believed this conference would provide a
platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge and technologies
among researchers, academicians, professionals and students
in different fields of earthquake engineering and post disaster
reconstruction planning. He assured that all the research
findings would be conveyed to Bhaktapur Municipality. He
further added these research works have been proved to be a
great asset at this high time.
Er. Sunil Duwal, Principal of Khwopa College
of Engineering, in his speech stressed that both Khwopa
Engineering College and Khwopa College of Engineering
are only two Engineering colleges run by local government
in the whole country inform that these colleges have been
successfully producing quality engineers for last 16 years for
serving the nation. He further added that the prime objective of
this conference was to bring engineers, architects, scientists,
Cordial thanks to all who helped us to successfully conduct this international
conference on Earthquake Engineering and Post Disaster Reconstruction Planning
(ICEE-PDRP-2016), jointly organized by Khwopa Engineering College and Khwopa
College of Engineering, an undertaking of Bhaktapur Municipality. This conference
has been possible as Bhaktapur Municipality established these colleges in time.
Therefore we would extend our gratitude to the Bhaktapur Municipality.
Newsletter Committee
Chief Editor
Sujan Maka
Sunil Duwal
Naba Raj Budhathoki
Kamal Keshari Thuyaju
Field editors
Nirajan Shakya
Swopnil Ojha
Bal Krishna Banmala
Shyam Basukala
Laxmi Prasad Chawal
Rajan Koju
Kaji Bahadur Pancha
Rajan Jati
Rakesh Gwachha
Shiva Kumar Shrestha
Shreeram Dhoju
Kaushal Raj Gnyawali
Punya Ram Swongamikha
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