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Welcome to our world...
CEPSTAR7 holding
Projects introduction
One Ocean & Blossom Condo
Condo in Lekki
One Ocean & Blossom Condo, Lekki, Lagos
Condo in Lekki
○○ The Project located the primary location in Atlantis Okunde Blue Waters
○○ This condominium is facing the ocean therefore large glass surfaces and terraces has been designed to enjoy views
○○ The Penthouse is a double storey apartment with private green terraces
○○ An overall of 34 units total including 2 bedrooms (200sqm), 3 bedrooms (330 sqm), Deluxe unit (over 600sqm) and
Penthouse (over 800 sqm)
○○ Landscape is sub-tropical with a marvellous swimming pool and leisure areas
Resurgence Plaza Office
Resurgence Plaza Office Building, Lekki, Lagos
Resurgence Office
Resurgence Office
Cosmo Roma Hotel, Lekki
Cosmo Roma Hotel
Cosmo Roma 7 Star Hotel, Lekki, Lagos
Cosmo Roma Hotel
○○ The Project located the primary location in Atlantis Okunde Blue Waters
○○ The Hotel will be a 24/7 tourist / leisure destination including Casino, Nightclub, Restaurants, Conference center,
Retails, Showroom, SPA...
○○ The Architecture is inspired by the Italian Palazzo with monumental accents
○○ An overall of 340 units: 220 hotels rooms and 120 service apartments
○○ 3 levels of parkings for over 400 cars
Atlantis Okunde Blue Waters
Atlantis Okunde Blue Waters Main Gate and Fence Wall, Lekki, Lagos
Main Gate and Fence wall
Main Gate and Fence wall
○○ The Main Gate and Concrete Wall fence will set the image for the prestigious Atlantis Okunde Blue Waters Development
○○ The Main Gate is inspired by the European capital cities gates with classic ornate and monumental architecture
○○ The fence wall is 2730m long and will ensure safety to all the plots of the development increasing market values
○○ Special landscape features will create an unique atmosphere
Nigerstar Energy Park
Nigerstar Energy Park
Nigerstar Energy Park, Port Harcourt
Nigerstar Energy Park
○○ Nigerstar Energy Park will be the new main hub for Oil business in Port Harcourt
○○ Exhibition hall for exposition fair (OTC type), convention center, professional training, lectures..
○○ Office complex for Oil companies with Expats residences next door (up to 72 units 1 or 2 bedrooms)
○○ Multifunction complex open to the city with Supermarket, fast food, shopping, cafe' and casual restaurants
○○ The industrial area will feature a large pipe stack yard with 3 warehouses that could accomodate up to 6 companies
○○ A cheerful hotel with 60 rooms taiolored to workers, and senior employees
Waterfront Oil Supply Base
Waterfront Oil Supply Base, Port Harcourt
Waterfront Oil Supply Base
Waterfront Oil Supply Base
○○ Waterfront Supply base is a artificial platform over the river for support services to offshore rigs
○○ It will feature a large pipe stacking area with jetty to load barges, a shipyard to build and repair barges and 3 industrial
○○ The waterfront block will include workshop areas for indipendent business, office buildings and a restaurant with
entertainment zone
○○ On weekends a boat club with bush bar over the jetty will allow visitors to enjoy aquatic sports
Canyon Valley Olympic Center
Eden East Canyon Valley
Ihiala, Anambra State
○○ The aim is to create an high-end Olympic standard sport destination including Hotel with Conference Center,
Service apartments, advanced Healthcare and Wellness center, IT/Media/TV/Radio Hubs, Amusement Park...
○○ Conceptually we have employed Pedestrian Loop as a way to organize the development of Canyon Valley. The
ringed avenue for access to the Sport Complex also connects all the other functions and uses
Thanks for your attention
CEPSTAR7 holding

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