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Curriculum Vitae
Hae-Jeong Park, Ph.D.
Date prepared:
Jan 10, 2015
[email protected] or [email protected]
Office Address:
82-2-2228-2363, Fax: 82-2-312-0578
Address: Department of Nuclear Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine,
50-1 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-752, Korea
Electrical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Seoul National University
Seoul National University
Seoul National University
Postdoctoral Training:
2002 - 2004 Research Fellow, Surgical Planning Laboratory, MRI Division, Department of Radiology,
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
2001 - 2004 Research Fellow, Clinical Neuroscience Division, Laboratory of Neuroscience,
Boston VA Health Care System-Brockton Division, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Brain Korea 21 Postdoctoral fellow in the Medical Research Center, Seoul National University
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Seoul National University
Academic Appointment:
2014Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine
2014Adjunct Professor, BK21 PLUS Medical Science, Departments of Radiology and Psychiatry, Yonsei University College
of Medicine
Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Severance Biomedical Science Institute, Yonsei University
Associate Professor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Division of Nuclear Medicine, Severance Hospital, Yonsei University Health System
Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Division of Nuclear Medicine, Severance Hospital, Yonsei University Health System
Director, Laboratory of Molecular Neuroimaging Technology
Instructor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Division of Nuclear Medicine, Severance Hospital, Yonsei University Health System
Academic Careers:
Honorary visiting research fellow, Wellcome trust center for neuroimaging, University College London, UK.
Professional Societies:
2001Member of Organization of Human Brain Mapping
2004Member of Society for Neuroscience
2004Member of International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)
2002Member of Korean Society of Human Brain Mapping (KHBM)
2015Secretary of General Affairs of KHBM
1993Member of Korea Society of Medical and Biological Engineering
Awards and Honors:
Research Excellence Award, Yonsei University
Young Researcher Award, Yonsei University College of Medicine
Siemens Academic Excellence Award, Korean Society of Human Brain Mapping
Excellent poster award, Korean Society of Human Brain Mapping
Young Investigator Program Award, Korea Research Foundation
Industry-Academy Cooperation Scholarship Awards, SAMSUNG Electronics
Major Research Interests:
1. Integrating systems and theoretical neurosciences to model neuro-cognition and disease mechanism.
2. Predicting brain plasticity based on network organization theory.
3. Reading mind and facilitating network reorganization using real-time fMRI and brain decoding.
4. Bayesian inference of linguistic, communicative and social brains.
5. Medical image processing, registration and segmentation for surgical planning and medical diagnosis.
Peer-reviewed publications: International Journal (* corresponding author, †equally contributed authors, #cover page)
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Book chapter
1. Hae-Jeong Park. Quantification of White Matter Using Diffusion-Tensor Imaging, Neuroimaging, Part A, edited by Michael F.
Glabus, International review of neurobiology, volume 66, pp. 168-209, ISBN: 0123668670, Academic Press, 2005.
2. Hae-Jeong Park, Dae-Jin Kim, Seung Koo Lee, 박해정, 김대진, 이승구. “확산강조영상과 확산텐서영상 Diffusion
Weighted Imaging and Diffusion Tensor Imaging”. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ch. 14, Korean society of magnetic
resonance in medicine 자기공명영상학, 제 14 장, pp.221-241, 대한자기공명의과학회 엮음, 일조각, 서울, 2008.
Workshop & Invited Presentations (selected)
2003, Aug.
2003, Aug.
2003, Aug.
2003, Aug.
2003, Nov
2005, Oct 8
2005, Jul 7
2005, Jul 12
2005, Jul 16
2005, Oct 13
2005, Nov 4
2006, May 19
Challenges for Case-Based Reasoning in the Workshops at ICCBR’99, Munchen, Germany, 1999
“Automated Sleep Staging Using Integrated Rule- and Case-based Approach,”
Symposia and workshops of ‘Digital polysomnography’ in the 3rd Asian Sleep Research Society
Congress, Thailand, 2000, “Algorithms for event detection and automatic sleep stage scoring”
Advanced Biometric Research Center, Seoul National University, Korea
Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience Center, Seoul National University Hospital, Korea
Dept. Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea
Dept. Psychiatry, Yonsei University, Korea
Dept. Radiology, Yonsei University, Korea
The 1ST Korea Rep. of China Japan international joint conference of Radiological Technologists, Seoul,
The Third Symposium for Computer Aided Diagnosis, Seoul National University Hospital, Korea
보건복지부 지정 휴먼의료융합연구센터 공동개최 Symposium, 서울 교육 문화회관
Neuro Rehabilitation Symposium - Functional Brain Mapping of Neural Plasticity, Samsung Hospital,
2005 Annual Meeting of The Korean Neurosurgical Society, Hotel Grand intercontinental
2005 Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping, Korea.
Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping (KHBM) 대한뇌기능매핑학회 춘계학술대회 강의 발표
2006, Nov. 2
2007, Jan 13
2007, May 4
2007, May 11
2008, Apr 19
2008, May 2
2008, May 17
2008, May 24
2009, Mar 21
2009, May 16
2009, Jun 12
2009, Jun 1
2009, Sep. 2-6
2010, Mar 27
2010, Mar 30
2010, April 1
2010, May 14
2010, May 15
2010, Nov 6
2010, Dec 3
2011, Jan 26
2011, May 4
2011, Jul 2
2011, Aug 24
2011, Oct 13
2011, Oct 27
2012, Jun 2
2014, Mar 29
2014 April 25
2014 Aug 24
2014 Nov 31
2014 Nov 21
2014 Dec 6
Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping 대한뇌기능매핑학회 추계학술대회 강의 발표
Avison Biomedical Symposium 2007
Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping (KHBM) 대한뇌기능매핑학회 춘계 심포지엄
Korean Society for Biomedical Engineering 대한생체의공학회 춘계 학술대회
KSMRM(Korean society of magnetic resonance in medicine) education program 자기공명영상의학회
연수 교육
ISMRM2008 Education course (국제 자기 공명 학술 대회 교육 프로그램 초청연자), Advanced
topics in analysis of structural and functional MRI data. “Multimodal data analysis”
Korean Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 대한소아청소년정신의학회 춘계 학술 대회,
삼성 서울 병원 대강당
Korean Society of Pediatric Rehabilitation and Developmental Medicine 대한 소아재활의학회 춘계
학술대회, 백범기념관 컨벤션홀
World Brain Awareness Week, KHBM public lectures: 뇌과학주간 대한뇌기능매핑주관 시민 강좌:
뇌의기능을 어떻게 보나요? 서울대의대
Invited speaker, KSMRM education program, 카톨릭의대
10th Asian & Oceanian Congress of Child Neurology: AOCCN 2009
Philips Headquarter (Best, Netherland)
Session organizer of ‘Real time neuroimaging and applications’ of the 31st Annual International
Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society to be held in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, USA.
Society for Functional Neurosurgery, Korea
Human Connectome, View from MRI to Microscopy, Ehwa University, KOREA
The Korean Society of Clinical Neurophysiology 대한임상신경생리학회
Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping 대한뇌기능매핑학회 춘계 심포지엄
Korean Society for Biomedical Engineering 대한생체의공학회 춘계 학술대회
Korea Neurological Association 대한신경과학회 Functional neuroimaging: recent developments
KAIST workshop on Neuroimaging and Brain mapping
HCI workshop symposium
Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping 대한뇌기능매핑학회 춘계 심포지엄
Korean Medical Imaging Association 의학영상정보 분야 공동학술대회, 최신 뇌영상 분야의
연구, 일산 킨텍스, 심포지움
Philips Medical Systems, Best, Netherlands
Samsung Electronics
Korean Congress of Radiology, KOREA
The Korean Society for Cognitive Science, Korea University
The 2nd International Congress on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (ICMRI 2014) & The 19th Annual
Scientific Meeting of KSMRM (KSMRM 2014), Grand Hilton Hotel
2014 KHBM Spring Workshop and Symposium, Seoul National University Hospital
Brain Engineering Society of Korea Summer School, Korea University
Korean Neurological Association, 2014 Fall conference, Grand Hilton Hotel
A3-IP meeting (Korea-China-Japan), Jeju convention center
Science-Art conference (과학예술컨퍼런스), Project Daejeon 2014: The Brain, Daejeon Museum of Art
Research Funding Information:
The Korea Research Foundation, Young Researcher Encouraging Program, Principal Investigator
“A study on the developing polysomnographic expert system adaptable to the subjects’ characteristics”
The Visits-abroad Post-doctoral Fellowship Program of Korea Science &Engineering Foundation.
Principal Investigator.
“Spatio-temporal analysis of brain function by integrating multimodal functional brain imaging”
2004.7 - 2005.6
The Korea Research Foundation 학술진흥재단, D00503, Principal Investigator.
Automated segmentation and quantification of neuronal bundles using diffusion tensor imaging
“확산텐서자기공명영상을 이용한 신경섬유의 자동 구획화 및 정량화 기법에 관한 연구”
2004.9 - 2005.9
Yonsei University 연세대 신진 교수 연구, Principal investigator
An application study of diffusion tensor for white matter integrity
“확산텐서 영상술을 이용한 뇌 백질 섬유의 연결성과 통합성 분석 및 응용연구”
2004.12 - 2008.11
Korean Health Technology R&D Project, 02-PJ6-EV07-0002, Researcher
Functional and Metabolic Imaging Research Center 인체기능 및 대사영상화 신기술 개발연구센터
Korea Science &Engineering Foundation 과학기술부, M20504030004-05A0703-00410, Researcher
Development of medical imaging physics and standardization technique
의료영상물리 및 표준화 기술 개발
2005.4 - 2008.3
Korea Science &Engineering Foundation (한국과학재단), R01-2005-000-10522-0(2005)
Principal Investigator
Investigation of neural-network reorganization in the blind using multimodal neuroimaging 통합적
뇌기능 영상을 이용한 맹인의 뇌 신경망 가소성 및 신경 연결성연구
2008.3 - 2009.2.
Wonju medical device techno valley 현장맞춤형기술개발사업 (7-2008-0045) 원주 의료기기
테크노벨리, 위탁연구, Principal investigator, Image processing for permanent magnet MRI 영구
자석형 MRI 형 유방 촬영 수신 코일 및 영상 처리법 개발
2008.3 - 2009.2.
Korea Science &Engineering Foundation (한국과학재단), 위탁 연구, Researcher
Study on the Nuclear Neuro-imaging
Technology & Radiation Brain Science 뇌질환의 핵의학적 진단과 방사선 뇌 과학 기반기술 연구
2007.10 - 2008.9.
Yonsei University (연세대학교) 교수 연구비, Principal investigator
Analysis of the neuro-anatomical connectivity and its application to the research on developmental
disease 고각 해상도 확산자기공명영상을 이용한 뇌의 신경 해부학적 연결 구조 분석법 개발
및 뇌 발달장애 연구에의 응용 (6-2007-0222)
2008.5 - 2010.3.
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (보건진흥원), Co-Investigator
A new pathophysiological approach in cerebral palsy 뇌성마비의 새로운 병태 생리학적 연구
2008. 7 - 2010. 6.
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 교육과학기술부, 바이오기술개발사업,
M10862020005-08N6202-00410, Co-Investigator,
Neuroimage analysis of brain connectivity in the movement disorder 복합 뇌영상을 이용한
운동장애질환의 뇌신경 연결 기전 연구
2008.9 - 2011.8.
Korea Science &Engineering Foundation (한국과학재단), R01-2008-000-20545-0 (2008), Principal
Realtime imaging and fusion techniques for MRI guided neurointervention and intra-operative MRI based
neurosurgery (MRI 유도 뉴로인터벤션과 뇌수술을 위한 실시간 MRI 제어 및 영상 융합 기술
2010.5 – 2013.4
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology(교육기술과학부), Principal co-investigator
Neural Correlates of Communication Intelligence Quotient (CQ) and Developing Educational Programs
for Enhancing Communication Intelligence 뇌과학에 기반한 소통지능 지수 개발 및 소통지능
향상을 위한 교육프로그램 개발
2010.5 - 2015.4
Korean Health Technology R&D Project, Ministry for Health, Welfare & Family Affairs(보건진흥원),
Principal Investigator
OCT segmentation and quantification (OCT 영상 세그멘테이션을 이용한 관심영역 정량화 기법
2010.5 – 2015.4
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (교육기술과학부), Principal investigator
Development of real-time neuroimage analysis techniques for the communicative intention based on neural
model of the human intention 뇌신경 모델에 기초한 상호작용 의도의 실시간 뇌신경영상정보 분석
기술 개발
2014.5 – 2014.12
National Forensic Service (국립과학수사연구소), Principal Investigator,
Brain state decoding as an appropriate application for legal psychology by means of neuroimaging,
뇌영상을 이용한 뇌상태읽기 기술의 법심리학적 응용 가능성 연구
2014.4 – 2015.3
Yonsei University College of Medicine, Principal Investigator, 연세대 의대, 장기해외연수교수
연구비, 뇌파 및 기능적 자기공명영상을 이용한 수면에서의 대뇌 기능적 네트워크 분석
2014.12 – 2016.10
Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Korea-UK R&D Collaboration Project, Principal
Investigator, Large-scale brain network modeling for treatment of brain disorders, 보건진흥원, 한-영
연구협력과제,뇌질환 치료를 위한 대규모 뇌 연결망 모델링
2014.12 – 2017.10
National Research Foundation of Korea, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
(미래창조과학부), Bayesian Inference on Brain Networks and Applications to Brain Disorders,
연구재단 중견연구자지원사업(도약과제), 베이지안 뇌 네트워크 역추론 및 뇌질환 응용기술
Contribution to Brain Research Community (Developed software)
CdrSPM 1.0: statistical comparison toolbox for EEG source localizations
DoDTI: Automated analysis of diffusion tensor MRI toolbox (
ViStim: Visual stimulator for PET, fMRI and ERP
PETICA: ICA analysis toolbox for multiple PET images
Neuroan: software for neuroimage analysis
MNET: network analysis for structural and functional brain network
Science, Neuroimage, Human Brain Mapping, Brain connectivity, Medical image analysis, PLOS one, etc.
SIEMENS IDEA Sequence Programmaing and Imaging Calculation Programming, 2007.9.17-9.27, Cary, NC, USA
PHILIPS Pulse programing course by Gyrotools Ltd., 2009.9.14-25, Zurich, Switzerland.
PHILIPS RealTI workshop, 2009, 7.2-3, Bordeaux, France
Korea Patent
1. Author: Jun Soo Kwon, Hae-Jeong Park
Title: “Statistical analysissis method for current source localization of EEG (뇌파의 전류밀도 모델의 신호원 국소화 추정을
위한 데이터 처리방법)
Patent number: 10-0452628, Date of registration: 2004.10.04
2. Author: Hae-Jeong Park, Changwon Jang,
Title: “Realtime Inter-subject Neuro-feedback Systems” (다인실시간 상호작용 뉴로-피드백 시스템)
Patent number: 1014771310000, Date of registration: 2014.12.22
Media Art Performance
1. Codirector of Neuroimage Modeling (뉴로이미지 모델링),
“춤을 추며 산을 오르다”, 김형수 예술감독, 예술의전당
자유 소극장 (Seoul Arts Center, Jayu Theater), 2008. 3. 19
2. Codirector of Neuroimage Modeling (뉴로이미지 모델링), “카마스투라, 꿈”, 김형수 예술감독, 한국예술종합학교
(Korea National University of Arts), 2008. 6. 11
3. Codirector of Neuroimage Modeling (뉴로이미지 모델링), “산에서 꿈을 꾸다”, 김형수 예술감독, 국립현대미술관,
National Museum of Contemporary Art, KOREA 2008. 7
4. Codirector of Neuroimage Modeling (뉴로이미지 모델링), “문화원형미디어아트”, 김형수 예술감독, The 1st Korea
Contents Affairs 제 1 회 대한민국콘텐츠 어페어전, 2008. 9
5. Codirector of Neuroimage Modeling (뉴로이미지 모델링), “봄의제전(Le sacre du printempts) III”, 김형수 예술감독,
예술의전당 자유 소극장 (Seoul Arts Center, Jayu Theater), 2009. 3. 31

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