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Münster – enchantingly old, excitingly young
General Information
A fashionable nightspot within mediaeval walls. The Picasso Museum
in a Westphalian aristocratic town house. Gems of baroque architecture
rubbing shoulders with icons of contemporary building. Over 60 sculptures
as reminders of the “skulptur projekte”, which every ten years makes
Münster a magnet for the art scene. Cosy, traditional pubs, and stylish
“in” places in the canal docks area. It is this mix that gives Münster its
charm: The combination of venerable history and cosmopolitan modernity.
University of Münster (WWU)
Central Auditorium Building – Schlossplatz 2 and
Vom-Stein-Haus – Schlossplatz 34
48149 Münster, Germany
In 1648, with the Peace of Westphalia, European history was made in
Münster’s Historic Town Hall; in 1773, the first university in Westphalia
was created here - the starting point for today’s science city, with no
fewer than 50,000 students.
Why Münster numbers among the “Historic Highlights of Germany”
immediately becomes clear on Prinzipalmarkt: Here, the gables of the
merchants’ houses create a breathtaking silhouette, while under the arcades
below, elegant stores attract people to look and buy. And just around
the corner, in the shadow of Münster’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, is the site of
the twice-weekly market, one of the loveliest in Europe. The Old Town
also provides a wonderful stage setting: from the traditional “Hanseatic
Repast” to the Museum Festival, from the Münsterland Giro cycle race
to the Marathon run, from cultural events along the city’s river Aa to
musical outdoor entertainment on the Promenade. While the baroque
palace provides a perfect backdrop for top stars of international opera,
top stars of equestrian sport and top stars of the local culinary scene.
Gesellschaft für Virologie e. V. (GfV) und
Conference Website
Deutsche Vereinigung zur
Bekämpfung der Viruskrankheiten e. V. (DVV)
Scientific Programme
Gesellschaft für Virologie (GfV, Society for Virology)
Deutsche Vereinigung zur Bekämpfung der
Viruskrankheiten e. V.
(DVV, German Association for the Control of Virus Diseases)
Conference Chair
Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Ludwig
Institute of Molecular Virology
Center for Molecular Biology of Inflammation (ZMBE)
University of Münster (WWU)
48149 Münster, Germany
But amid all the bustle, it is easily possible - especially, in “Germany’s
cycling capital”, by bike – to find green spaces: On the Promenade, in the
Schlossgarten, by the Aasee Lake. And over a delicious latte macchiato,
you can then decide: Which of the 30 museums to visit? Take a guided
tour in the footsteps of the Anabaptists? Drink a traditional “Altbier”
outside the Kiepenkerl tavern or a cocktail down at the Kreativ-Kai (Creative
Quay)? Or come back for another visit very soon indeed?
Scientific Committee
PD Dr. rer. nat. Christina Ehrhardt (Münster, Germany)
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ulf Dittmer (Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Kühn (Münster, Germany)
Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Ludwig (Münster, Germany)
Dr. rer. nat. Mario Schelhaas (Münster, Germany)
Registration, Sponsoring and Conference Organiser
Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH
Sandra Gottschalg
Carl-Pulfrich-Straße 1
07745 Jena, Germany
Phone +49 3641 31 16-350
Fax +49 3641 31 16-243
[email protected]
© Presseamt Münster/Tilman Roßmöller
26th Annual Meeting of
the Society for Virology
6–9 April 2016
Industrial Exhibition
The conference will be accompanied by an extensive, specialised industrial
exhibition. Interested companies are invited to request information on
the exhibition modalities from the conference organisation Conventus.
© Presseamt Münster • Angelika Klauser
6–9 April 2016
Münster • Germany
University of Münster
Call for Abtracts
Welcome Note
Workshops, Abstracts and Registration
Plenary Speakers
Dear colleagues,
Adaptive Immunity
Antiviral Therapy and Resistance
Clinical Virology
Diagnostic Methods
Emerging Infections
Epidemiology and Public Health
Evolution of Viruses – Viruses in Evolution
Host Cell Factors and Modulation
Innate Immunity
Signal Transduction
Structure and Assembly
Tumor viruses
Viral Pathogenesis and Persistence
Viral Replication
Virus Receptors and Entry
Virus Imaging
Virus Vectors and Gene Therapy
Robert Belshaw
Plymouth University • Plymouth (GB)
It is a great pleasure to invite you to the 26th Annual Meeting
of the Society for Virology, which will be held from 6–9 April
2016 in Münster, Germany.
The meeting will be hosted by the Westphalian-WilhelmsUniversity and will take place in the main lecture hall building
at the Schlossplatz, directly opposite of the Münster castle
and in close proximity to the historical city center of Münster.
The University of Münster is one of the four largest universities in Germany
with 43,000 students to date. The high number of students, university teachers and scientists that dominate the city not only creates a stimulating
atmosphere of creativity and scientific curiosity, it also guarantees for the
existence of a wide variety of pubs, bistros and restaurants that are waiting
for you for vivid and stimulating after-meeting discussions.
The scientific program will stand under the main theme “Viruses in Motion”.
This theme will be reflected in plenary sessions such as “Visualizing Viruses”
that will be organized together with the Münster Cluster of Excellence “Cells
in Motion” and will focus on high-resolution imaging of the dynamics of
virus replication. Another plenary session “Evolution of Viruses – Viruses in
Evolution” organized together with the Münster Graduate School of Evolution
will focus on the evolutionary motion of viral pathogens including their role
in evolution of higher organisms. Other sessions will highlight emerging
pathogens as well as the interaction of viruses with the host and immune
system. Of course every other topic in virology will also be covered in workshops and poster sessions and we encourage you to support the conference
by submitting abstracts of your work and research.
Since a major aim of the meeting is to provide a platform for young scientists
to present their results and ideas, we particularly welcome next generation´s
researchers joining us and would like to encourage all senior virologists to
promote their mentees´ attendance.
Many years ago, the city of Münster hosted a milestone event in history,
when, after five years of meetings and negotiations, the Westphalian peace
treaty was signed in 1648, which finally ended the thirty years war. Thus,
Münster can claim a long-standing history to organize successful conferences.
In that sense I am convinced that we will also have a very successful and
stimulating 26th Annual Meeting of the Society of Virology in our beautiful city.
The organizing committee and I are looking forward to seeing you all in Münster!
Heinrich Feldmann
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Laboratory of Virology • Hamilton (MT/US)
Yoshihiro Kawaoka
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Influenza Research Institute
Department of Pathobiological
Sciences School of Veterinary Medicine • Madison (WI/US)
Hans-Georg Kräusslich
Heidelberg University Hospital
Department of Infectious Diseases • Heidelberg (DE)
Martin Schwemmle
Freiburg University Hospital, Institute of Virology
Department for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene • Freiburg (DE)
Abstracts should be submitted according to the workshop topics. Please
submit your abstracts online via
Deadline for abstract submissions is 8 January 2016.
Registration Fees
until 11 January 2016 from 12 January 2016
Regular (GfV-Member)
140 EUR
180 EUR
Regular (Non-Member)
190 EUR
230 EUR
Student (GfV-Member)
80 EUR
90 EUR
Student (Non-Member)
110 EUR
150 EUR
Day ticket
100 EUR
110 EUR
Conference Dinner (8 April 2016)
GfV-Member, Non-Member
Accompanying person
200 EUR
250 EUR
100 EUR
170 EUR
120 EUR
40 EUR
20 EUR
40 EUR
Nicole F. Steinmetz
Case Western Reserve University
Biomedical Engineering • Cleveland (OH/US)
Bing Sun
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute Pasteur of Shanghai
Laboratory of Molecular Virology • Shanghai (CN)
Benjamin tenOever
Mount Sinai Hospital
Icahn School of Medicine • New York (NY/US)
Michael Way
The Francis Crick Institute
Lincoln’s Inn Fields Laboratory • London (GB)
Yuan Zhenghong
Fudan University • Shanghai (CN)
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Stephan Ludwig
Conference Chair
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