Railway Engineering in Hungary

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Railway Engineering in Hungary
Companies in the spotlight offering
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their products, services and skill
2014.09.16. 17:40
Good Quality Composite Insulators
– a Condition of Safe and Fast Rail Transport
Nyír-Mix-Trade Ltd., (Nyír-Mix-Trade Kft.)
date electric insulators are produced
located at Nyírtelek, 10 km’s from Nyír-
between the range of 0.5-130.0 kV for
egyháza in Eastern Hungary, in the vi-
domestic and expor t markets. The
cinity of the Slovak and Ukrainian bor-
company’s product portfolio includes
ders, has been operating for almost two
suspension insulators, curve brackets
decades with ever growing success. The
(tension insulators), and equipment in-
The company produces the entire port-
company was founded in 1995 specifi-
sulators. Naturally, epoxy resin insula-
folio of insulators used by railways (for
cally for meeting demands for middle
tors are also produced but the company
mast switches, section insulators, fuse
voltage insulation solutions of electrici-
is mostly specialized in the production
carriers, etc.).
ty companies and power utilities. A con-
of silicon based composite insulators.
More see on page 35.
stant monitoring of market needs and a
fl exible adaptation to changing needs,
INNORAIL magazine is a specialized rail quarterly in Hungarian language that was founded with
the intention of positively fostering the present and future of railways in Hungary. Our objective is
to convey up-to-date knowledge to Hungarian experts by presenting design, construction, maintenance and operational experiences and results of scientific research as well by sharing even scientific articles of analyses related to the individual topics from Hungary and abroad.
According to our intentions, INNORAIL will also strengthen the objectives of the INNORAIL series of
conferences organized every second year by offering a forum for an exchange of views between various areas of expertise on railway infrastructure, for a discussion of practical issues and for presenting
innovative developments, tools and methods.
Between the INNORAIL conferences the periodical can provide an efficient tool for representatives of
the profession from Hungary and abroad to present opportunities for development and self-training.
Our permanent columns are as follows:
• Transport policy
• Infrastructure construction and management
• Rails in cities
• Structures
• Telecommunications, signalling, traffic control,
energy supply, catenaries and lighting technology
• Rolling stock development, operation and maintenance
however, led to a significant development of the company.
The result of this remarkable development is the present technological level
of Nyír-Mix-Trade Ltd. that makes it possible for the company to also produce
Be present on the Hungarian rail market,
and supply East European rail networks
with composite insulators considered
most modern under the current market
write professional articles or advertise in INNORAIL magazine!
conditions, besides the power utilities.
Mr. András Pásztor, Managing Director,
highlighted the following features of
the company’s operations: composite
Contact: Innorail Kiadó és Konferencia Kft. (Innorail Publishing and Conference Ltd.)
insulator production has a c. 12 years
history with the company. These up-to-
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Ágnes Balla
Managing Director
E-mail: [email protected]
Balázs Andó
Marketing Manager
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +3630 577 2439
2014.09.16. 17:40
Published by:
Innorail Kiadó és Konferencia Kft.
(Innorail Publishing and Conference Ltd.)
H-1131 Budapest, Dolmány u. 35.
It is a key strategic priority of the Hungarian Government to raise the quality
of public transport, and within that, the
upgrade of the railway track network is
of special importance. We are using all
of our available resources in order to ac-
Managing Director:
Ágnes Balla
E-mail: [email protected]
celerate the process of modernization of
public transport, relying on the results
accomplished so far.
Railway can be one of the largest benefi-
Professional contributors:
ciaries of the financial cycle of the Union
Dániel Hörcher, Gábor Putsay
starting this year. In the upcoming years
a total of approximately 1,000 billion forints will serve the development of railway
infrastructure, from Hungarian and Union
Péter Koczóh
Peer review:
Attila Cseh
Ágnes Balla
Print production manager:
János Blaskó
Front page image:
Bence Takács (benbe.hu)
Printed by:
DEMAX Művek Ltd.
Customers are responsible for the content of
advertisements and paid articles.
sources. Between 2014 and 2020 devel-
is also an urgent task. When the new rail-
opments will focus on the upgrade of the
cars, are to be delivered until the autumn
TEN-T railway network, the elimination
of next year, will have brought into serv-
of structural congestions, the continu-
ice, the railway company will be operat-
ation of the communication and safety
ing the largest FLIRT fleet in the world.
system developments on the tracks and
Presenting the IC+ carriage developed
in the vehicles in order to improve inter-
by MÁV, the company will also be intro-
operability. In addition to the upgrade
duced in the InnoTrans fair as a vehicle
of international and suburban sections,
the comprehensive reconstruction of the
The Hungarian railway is looking forward
South Balaton railway line just started a
to a promising period, however, in order
few weeks ago. The primary aim of the
to realize the anticipated boom it is es-
capital investments underlying the time-
sential that we cooperate with our foreign
table developments is to provide higher
partners owing to the limits of domestic
quality service to the passengers.
capacities. InnoTrans offers an excellent
Therefore, in addition to the restructur-
opportunity to establish and reinforce
ing of the providers of public transport,
partnerships, therefore I kindly request all
the renewal of the obsolete vehicle fleet
of you to visit the Hungarian stands!
INNORAIL magazine
Published quarterly
I wish useful meetings to every
HU-ISSN 2064-6747
László Tasó
Minister of State responsible for Infrastructure
Ministry of National Development
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Dear Reader,
The past two years witnessed progress in all fields of railways in
Hungary. The Hungarian railways, that has been operating
in our country since 1846, grew into one of the densest European rail network and since that time the management and continuous improvement of which do demand adequate financial
background. We could repeatedly witness the difficulties in the
creation of this financial background meant in the past decades; Hungarian railways, just like other Central and East European railways, was confronted with obstacles as compared to
their sister companies in the West. We are working on closing
this gap now together with our colleagues throughout Europe,
partly using EU funds to this end.
for the rebuilding of these lines. Naturally, there are additional track expectations
as well, like environmental protection, interoperable transport or simplification of
the process of border crossing. This latter
one is a highly significant item because
’seamless’ rail transport will come into
being once borders can be crossed without changing engines.
The Hungarian sections of the EU corridors do also make part of the most important main lines in Hungary. Their rehabilitation is supported by the European
Union and this work has been progress-
The guideline for development in Hungary
Rail corridors have been designated that
ing for years.
– just like in other countries – is that we can-
have to meet stringent technical param-
Thinking about the aforementioned, I
not modernize everything. We have to find
eters in order to retain competitiveness.
can state that Hungary did develop in the
the main directions along which we have to
For example, tracks have to be able to
field of rail transport in the past two years.
progress and focus on these areas. Europe
sustain 740 meters long trains, a speed of
Its legal regulations followed those of
out the entire Union; that no competitive
160 km/h and an axle load of 22.5 kN, and
the Union thus numerous sections could
disadvantages emerge due to the spe-
electrification of the corridor is also an
be rehabilitated in the 2007-2013 pro-
cificities of the individual countries. The
important consideration. These param-
gramming cycle. Special mention should
rail packages are updated now and the
eters are, at the same time, those of a safe
be made of the Szajol-Püspökladány,
Fourth Rail Package is being discussed in
and fast rail journey. As it is in the com-
the European Council and the European
mon interest of the EU and the member
Lőkösháza and Sopron-Szombathely-
states, the Union provides major funds
Szentgotthárd lines and the border cross-
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
follows the same approach: high speed
dedicated lines are constructed, the existing network is rehabilitated and railways are made more competitive by legal
means as well.
The first major ’modern times’ crisis hit
the railways in the 1980’s when a veritable explosion of motorway construction
occurred and the number of road vehicles also started to dynamically grow.
The European Union countered this
trend mostly by legal means; the first rail
packages were passed consisting of legal regulations that were mandatory for
the member states and all countries had
to transpose them into their own legal
structures. The final objective of the rail
packages was to provide for a uniform
management of rail transport through-
Dr. László Mosóczi
managing director
Hungarian Rail Association
ing into Slovenia. These modernized
freight trains on schedule under all cir-
sections already meet TEN-T parameters.
cumstances, is very important. A tariff
has recently been passed. It contains the
Hungary is also spectacularly progress-
policy focusing on network access fees
results of the review of the already effec-
ing in the introduction of the ERTMS sys-
is used to encourage haulers to use the
tive rail packages. Hungary, just like all
tem, the GSM-R project, the ETCS-2 train
Hungarian rail network for their rail freight
other member states, will have to trans-
control system and the installation of
transit activities. An e-toll system has been
pose it into its own legal system within
the FOR rail traffic management system.
introduced for motorways in the past two
a specified time period. This work is in
These developments provide for a fast
years and it will expectedly contribute to
progress. Following on the recast and
and safe interoperable transport.
an increase in rail transport. According to
the amendments of national legislation,
Let us now talk about passenger traf-
statistical figures, once this system was
a ’new’ rail act is in the pipeline that will
fic. MÁV Zrt., and GYSEV Zrt., purchased
introduced, an increase of 4-5% was ob-
accommodate EU expectations on one
modern motorsets in the past few years.
served in other EU member states – Hun-
hand and adapt to changed market con-
Renewal of the passenger coach pool is
garian figures are being collected now.
ditions on the other. HUNGRAIL Hungari-
progressing, serial production of Hun-
As I mentioned, transit freight transport
an Rail Association submitted its package
garian-made IC+ coaches is imminent
is important for Hungary as the financial
of proposals to the Ministry of National
and TRAXX heavy-duty engines were
burden of the state could thus be less-
Development in September; the propos-
purchased. Thanks to these investments,
ened. A ramp-up of rail transport be-
als were carefully prepared by member
the number of passengers started to rise
tween the Far East and Central Europe
companies of the Association in associa-
again, after the 2008 crisis. A positive
offers great opportunities, therefore,
tion with non-members.
trend is also discernible in suburban rail
Hungarian experts are working on the
As to the future, Hungary will have to con-
transport around Budapest and the other
signing of agreements that may increase
tinue its corridor strategy in order to pro-
major cities. An improving public trans-
rail transport towards the Hungarian sec-
vide for a maximum amount of traffic on
port tariff policy, integrated clock-face
tion. Reliability and the acceleration of
MÁV and GYSEV lines. EU financing policy
scheduling, construction of P+R car parks,
forwarding time is also important here,
will greatly help here and it could also help
improving on-board and station passen-
this is why preparation of the concept of
in canalizing the European transit traffic of
ger information systems and the addition
the rail ring around Budapest was put on
the growing Turkish market to the Hungar-
of bicycle carriages to trains are all positive
the agenda in the past two years. The line
ian section. Jointly with the rail enterprises
developments. All of this means that more
would skirt Budapest from the South by
and its Serbian partner, the Hungarian
and more people opt for a comfortable
way of a new railway bridge and would
government is making serious efforts to
and fast, environment friendly transport
connect the Budapest-Hegyeshalom line
modernize the Budapest-Belgrade section
as against individual transport.
with the Budapest-Szolnok-Lőkösháza
that could also contribute to the increase
There are more than thirty registered and
(and Szolnok-Záhony) line. There are nu-
of transit traffic. The currently active major
licensed rail haulage companies in Hun-
merous reasons that would vouch for its
cohesion projects (TEN-T, RFC, CNC) as well
gary. Their performance has significantly
construction. Freight trains could avoid
as the revitalization of the border crossing
dropped during the 2008 crisis, howev-
Budapest, travel time would be short-
lines between Hungary and its neighbours
er, the trend has reversed since and the
ened and the burden on the infrastruc-
(e.g., Szeged-Timisoara, Szeged-Kikinda,
amount of goods hauled is on the rise.
ture of the city could be easened.
Debrecen-Oradea) are of outstanding im-
Transit goods volume is also significant
As to topical subjects, directive 2012/34/
portance. By realizing these projects, the
– this is exactly why a good condition in-
EU of 21 November 2012 (recast) on the
Hungarian railways could also contribute to
frastructure, fostering the forwarding of
creation of a single European railway area
the creation of a Europe without frontiers.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Building a Modern Authority
Based on Past Traditions
The National Transport Authority (NTA) is responsible for making
participants of road, rail, air and water transport adhere to the
relevant legal regulations in Hungary. Its regulation enforcement
tools are realised through issuing different operational, technical
and safety licences and carrying out official checks and audits.
The National Transport Authority is also entitled to regulate and
supervise the market in various branches of transport.
The National Transport Authority is a professional organization where approximately 90 percent of its staff are engineers and lawyers.
The Rail Department is in charge of issuing licences for 8,000 km of railways
network and the urban rail transport network in Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc and
Szeged, approximately 40,000 rail vehi-
The NTA has a history of almost 150 years
same organizational structure with con-
cles, almost 1,500 industrial sidings and
– the Hungarian Royal Rail and Shipping
tinuous developement, the Rail Depart-
the related 10,000 loading systems. Furh-
Chief Inspectorate was founded on 21
ment has been performing modern rail
termore, the Rail Department issues safe-
September 1868. The legal predecessors
authorisation procedures in Hungary
ty certificates and safety licences as well
of the NTA underwent numerous transfor-
since 1 July 1984.
as performs annual supervisions and op-
mations and changes since. The NTA has
The Department for Market Supervision
erational audit for 44 railway undertak-
been functioning in its present integrated
and Passenger Rights Unit for railway reg-
ings opertating on national and another
structure encompassing the supervisory
ulation is located at the Headquarters of
4 ones operating on urban rail networks.
and related activities of all branches of
the NTA. Its tasks are supervising the rail
transport since 1 January 2007.
market, issuing operating licenses of rail-
Meet the EU expectations
The Rail Department, which performs
way undertakings and auditing the allo-
After Hungary’s accession to the Euro-
the tasks of the National Safety Author-
cation of infrastructure capacity.
pean Union in 2004, the NTA and thus
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
ity, is part of the Road, Rail and Shipping
Office of the National Transport Authority. On 1 July 2014, the Rail Department
celebrated its thirtieth anniversary with
ceremonial greetings given by Mr. Gyula
Győri, President of the NTA and Mr.
József Bíró, Deputy President in charge
of the Office. Operating in virtually the
the Rail Department became member
sessions, participates in working groups,
Tamás Alscher
of the community. The tasks of the de-
and a standing member of ILGGRI as well.
Head of Department
partment had to be reinterpreted then
The department is proud of its successful
National Transport Authority
reorganised in line with EU law and the
participation in the Pilot Project of ERA’s
Road, Rail and Shipping Office
significant changes effected in the Hun-
Cross Audit. Building relations and sup-
Rail Department
garian legal system.
porting ERA’s work is also served by the
[email protected]
Railway is one of the most dynamical-
fact, that our colleagues have participat-
ly developing sectors of Europe today.
Therfore, the legislative work is carried
out in accordance with this dynamic developement. In line with the decision
of the European Union to create competitiveness in the industry the aim is to
eliminate the state railway systems and
liberalise the market. As a result the rail
sector is witnessing years of regulation
rather than deregulation as it can be seen
in other transport modes.
A close cooperation between the national safety authorities and the European
ed in auditor training as part of the Cross
Railway Agency is necessary for real liber-
Audit and there are procedures where
alisation and to avoid anarchy.
the lead auditor is one of them.
Considering the above, the Rail Depart-
The NTA builds the future as it tries foster-
ment puts a great emphasis on getting to
ing European thinking within the organi-
know the work of the safety authorities of
zation and among the rail actors in Hun-
other member states and on transposing
gary. To this end, the Rail Department
their best practice into its own activities
organises conferences and meetings
as soon as possible. This is why the NTA
where ERA or Commission professionals
is standing participant of ERA’s plenary
give presentations to the participants.
The NTA is serious in its decision to hold
the first regional meeting with involvement of ERA’s professionals still this year
where, besides representatives of domestic actors and the Ministry, NSA’s of
neighbouring countries and market ac-
harmonizing the work of domestic mar-
tors are also most welcome.
ket actors, the government, the interest
Hungary is represented in RISC meet-
representation bodies and the scientific
ings by the colleagues of the Rail De-
fora and thus for the successful interest
partment. The efficient representation
representation of Hungary on basis of
of the national and professional inter-
the objectives set in its National Trans-
ests of the countries can be easily ob-
port Strategy.
served there. Through discussions and
Establishing this organisation is one of
exchanges of thought with representa-
the NTA’s objectives and it has put forth
tives of the member states, the impor-
proposals to the Ministry of Transport in
tant conclusions can be made how to
order to improve rail accident statistics.
efficiently operate an organisation in a
The Rail Department has also submit-
country that prepares the representa-
ted suggestions to launch a National Rail
tives of the member state for an efficient
Transport Safety Action Program similar
representation of its interests. This or-
to the already existing Road Transport
ganisation would provide a venue for
Safety Action Program.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Hungarian Contributions
to the Railway Market
In Hungary both multinational firms, state-owned companies
and domestic private firms are present in the railway industry
and market. From among the international multi-firms the production activities of the Bombardier-MÁV Ltd. and the KnorrBremse Railway Systems Hungária Ltd. as well as the Stadler
Trains Hungary Ltd. must be emphasized.
carriage-building activity of the Hungarian State Railways. The third international
actor is the Stadler Trains Hungary Ltd.
(founded by the Stadler Bussnang AG)
which is the firm in the sector where
the most intensive development can be
found both in quantitative and qualitative sense. At the premise in Szolnok in-
All these tree firms exert wide range of
plications. The Mátranovák factory is the
tegrated full aluminium underframes
activities in the railway vehicle manufac-
greatest welded bogie frame supplier
and car-bodies are manufactured by us-
turing and supplying sector. While Bom-
in Europe with a capacity of more than
ing automated aluminium welding tech-
bardier deals both with new railway ve-
4500 frames a year so almost every Bom-
nology. The car-bodies manufactured in
hicle building and vehicle refurbishment,
bardier carriage and MU runs on bogie
Szolnok and built into EMUs and DMUs
the Knorr-Bremse besides the wide range
frames produced in Hungary. Concern-
achieve almost all states through the
of production and application of several
ing the activities of the Knorr-Bremse in
world since the market position of Sta-
types of new brake equipment, also ex-
Hungary two examples are emphasized.
dler is ever stronger due to the very high
erts a very intensive development activ-
The first one is an interesting result of the
quality and reliability (availability) of its
ity using the recent methods of electron-
brake system development and produc-
products. Stadler Trains Hungary Ltd.
ic designing and testing procedures. The
tion, namely the innovative CFCB system
has furnished also a new Bogie Overhaul
Bombardier has two factories in Hungary,
which is apt to ensure an economical re-
Basis in Szolnok where all bogies of Sta-
namely in Dunakeszi and in Mátranovák.
furbishment of the European standard
dler-built MUs can undergo the neces-
The Dunakeszi factory is equipped for
freight-car bogies Y25. Another example
sary repair works.
producing complete normal gauge pas-
is the disc brake system TA37445/32 for
As for the state-owned companies in the
senger carriages for railway traffic as
high speed passenger carriages which
railway sector, the greatest stakeholder
well as metro vehicles and tramcar ap-
found application also in the Hungarian
of the Hungarian railway market is the
MÁV-Start Co. passenger transport company. The most characteristic factory in
this context is the Szolnok Railway Repair Works where besides the repair of
electric locomotives and re-motorisation
of Diesel-locomotives and railcars new
vehicle development activity is also essential at present. Hereby only the development of a passenger carriage type
of 200 km/h maximum speed is mentioned, which vehicle called IC+ and
satisfies the specifications required in
the EU. As a second remarkable stateowned unit, the MÁV Vagon Ltd. factory
in Székesfehérvár should be introduced,
emphasizing its activity in steel component production with warm-technolo-
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
gy procedures, the versatile machining
supply systems. The training is extended
capacities and the successful develop-
to the field of planning the spatial and
Prof. Dr.
István Zobory
ment of welded bogies and tank-wagons
temporal realisation of transportation
Doctor of
for oil and gas transportation as well.
and logistics processes in the Section of
Engineering Sciences
A further MÁV-owned unit, the MÁV-FKG
Logistics Engineering. The Departments
President of the Committee
Ltd. works in Jászkisér where machines
of the Faculty are in strong co-operation
on Mechanical Structures at
for track construction and track main-
with the actors of the railway industry.
the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
tenance are manufactured. Consider-
Several research and development con-
ing the railway track supplier industry in
tracts base the inseparable relationship
Hungary, the VAMAV Ltd. should be men-
between the industry and the Faculty.
carriage called IC+ at the MÁV-Start to-
tioned whose factory works in Gyöngyös
Besides, the best students graduated
gether with the successful prototype
and produces turnouts particularly.
from the Faculty always achieve lead-
tests as well as the production of newly
Among the domestic private firms the
ing positions in the industry and this
developed freight cars at the Debrecen-
Ganz-Motor Ltd. must be mentioned
fact gives the basis of the reliable living
Grampet prove the statement above.
hereby, the living representative of the
relations once the students know the
Slow but unswerving development can
famous former Ganz-MÁVAG Works, the
best qualities of the staff members at
be observed in manufacturing of signal-
Koh-I-Noor of the Hungarian railway ve-
the Departments. Both on theoretical,
ling and level crossing systems at the
hicle industry. Nowadays the Ganz-Mo-
strategic-planning and also on designing
Műszer Automatika Group.
tor Ltd. develops and produces railway
level as well as in the actual realisation in
diesel-engines and hydrodynamic power
engineering computations and measure-
transmission systems as well as manu-
ments, furthermore in the field of safety
What is expected in the
next future?
factures bogies and passenger carriages.
certification there are wide range of re-
The MÁV-Start Co. has given permission
Also DMUs are under development. The
search and development co-operations
for the Szolnok Railway Repair Works to
most innovative and successful freight-
between the University and the domes-
prepare the manufacturing of further
car production is realised at the Debre-
tic and international railway industry.
48+50 pieces of IC+ passenger carriag-
cen-Grampet Ltd. where highly mecha-
An important scene of the international
es with 200 km/h maximum speed. This
nized freight-car types are manufactured
change of views and experiences is the
manufacturing activity means the renais-
which reliably meet the high operation
Scientific Conferences organised by the
sance of the Hungarian railway vehicle
Faculty. The tri-annual series of the Bu-
production in 2015. The Stadler Trains
dapest Bogie Conferences (in 2013 the
Hungary Ltd. continues and increases the
The human capital in Hungary
concerning railway technology
9th Conference was realised) and the
manufacturing of welded aluminium ca-
biannual series of the Budapest Vehicle
bodies in Szolnok also in the coming pe-
There is a great tradition in Hungary in
Dynamics, Identification and Anomalies
riod. The Ganz-Motor Ltd. together with
training railway engineers. This is the
Conferences (in 2012 the 13th Confer-
the Bombardier-MÁV Ltd. took up the
source of the human capital concern-
ence was realised and the 14th comes
challenge of manufacturing 800 pieces
ing the successful development of the
in November 2014) are worldwide well
of passenger carriages in 2015 and 2016.
Hungarian railway industry. The strength
known, always 15-25 countries send their
Similarly, the Ganz-Motor Ltd. is interest-
basis of training railway engineers is the
representatives to contribute to and par-
ed in manufacturing 10 pieces of DMUs
Faculty of Transportation and Vehicle En-
ticipate in the international conferences
with electric power transmission as well.
gineering at the Budapest University of
mentioned. The substantial Proceedings
Intensive negotiations are in progress
Technology and Economics. Engineers
volumes issued after the Conferences are
concerning a tender for manufacturing
of BSc. and MSc. grades are trained at
known all over the world.
400 pieces of trailer and driven bogies. In-
the Section of Vehicle Engineering in re-
tensive negotiations are going on among
search and development, designing and
Results in the past two years
the Műszer Automatika Group and sever-
manufacturing of railway vehicles, at
In the past two years a significant up-
al Middle East and Far East railway com-
the Section of Transportation Engineer-
swing appeared in the Hungarian rail-
panies concerning their demands for in-
ing they are trained in research and de-
way industry. The continuous and ever
terlocking systems and level crossings. All
velopment of information transmission
increasing production of Stadler alumin-
the mentioned examples show that the
equipment and computer controlled
ium car-bodies in Szolnok, the devel-
upswing has begun and seems to spread
interlocking systems as well as energy
opment of 200 km/h speed passenger
in the next future.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
170 Years in Vehicle Industry
In 1844, 170 years ago, Abraham Ganz of Switzerland established a small plant in Hungary, in the city of Buda. By the last
century, this minor industrial establishment grew into a group
of companies under the name of „Ganz” that came to be considered significant on the international scene too. The group’s
renown activities focus mostly on rail vehicle production and
energy industry.
László Süveges
chief engineer/consultant
Ganz Motor Kft.
H-1087 Budapest,
Kőbányai út 21.
[email protected]
A successor of the above group is Ganz
Motor Ltd. that operates in Budapest as
part of Ganz Holding Co. Ganz Motor
is mostly active in the manufacturing
of Diesel engines, drives and different
trailer and driven bogies. Besides rail applications, Diesel engines and drives are
also built for general industrial use.
The fruit of Ganz Motor’s newest development efforts is a series of 6, 8, 12, 16
and 18 cylinder CR (Common Rail) Diesel engines up to a rated performance of
750-2250 kW offering class IIIA/IIIB emissions as per EU directive 2004/26 EC.
Hydrodynamic power transmission, type H82
Ganz GH250-2.1 Bogie
load of 5-22.5 tons and a gear ratio of 1.2-
bogie and a drive will be exhibited at our
11. The production of industrial drives
stand (hall 9, counter 708).
and that of special cogwheels is support-
On basis of its size, technological level
ed by the Cogwheel Branch.
and not least the professional level of
Bogies are one of the most important
its experts, Ganz Motor can undertake
structural elements in product develop-
to meet special customer demands in
ment, production and QA for all compa-
reliable quality on time and at a com-
nies active in rail vehicle production or
petitive price acceptable in international
related fields.
practice. The company has a computer-
The company produces trailer and driven
ized general admin system but compu-
bogies with 8-22.5 tons axle load and 60-
ter support to the technical preparation
As concerns rail related activities, the
200 km/h highest authorized speed for
branch of product development is to be
H82, H122 and H182 hydrodynamic gear-
760, 1000, 1435, 1520 and 1676 mm gaug-
specially highlighted.
boxes are built with mechanical or elec-
es. Bogies produced are used as running
The company is in possession of the fol-
tronic control in the rated performance
gears of passenger carriages, railcars and
lowing qualifications: ISO 9001:2008 Quali-
range of 400-1800 kW. At the same time,
engines but they can also be used for
ty Management System, DIN EN ISO 38342
axle drives with axle mounted gearing or
special rail vehicles.
Welding of metallic materials, DIN
coupled with reversing gear or supplied
The 600th piece of bogie GH250 possess-
EN 150852 CL1 Welding of Railway Vehi-
with flexible suspension are also manu-
ing all necessary international qualifica-
cles and Components, Nuclear Power Sta-
factured for rail applications with an axle
tions has recently been produced. This
tion Paks approved supplier.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Faster, More Effective,
Safer Rail Freight Transport
A dynamic railway vehicle diagnostic system can help both
carriers and operators in the future. A new development by
evopro Innovation Ltd. will make rail freight transport faster,
more effective and safer. The railway diagnostic system brings
improvements to freight companies, railway carriage operators
and to the passengers.
It is important for all players of rail freight
“The freight companies are interested to
transport to measure the status of rail-
get access to exact load data to ensure
way carriages travelling on the tracks,
quality control of their services for their
the quantity of the transported goods
business partners, while the operators of
and the load on the tracks. Only with
the carriages would like to study diagnos-
these data in hand can stakeholders
tic data to plan for vehicle maintenance”,
Zsolt Szepessy, Phd
evopro Innovation Kft.
[email protected]
pointed out the needs of the operators
Mr. Zsolt Szepessy, managing director of
evopro Innovation Ltd..
The diagnostic system is innovative in
several aspects: attached to the railroad
tracks it measures the actual wheel, axle
and wagon load of trains passing over it.
The system measures the detailed runt-
Wireless acoustic emission sensor for diagnostic
ime profile of the wheels on the tracks
measurements of railway vehicles
with sensors using high resolution digital signal processor components, and it
culated which not only increase railway
performs the qualitative classification of
safety but also increase the efficiency of
the data. If the measurement system de-
freight transport. These vehicle diagnos-
tects deviations or operational param-
tic data will be available to all interested
eters outside the limits, it sends an alert
industry players in the future”, added Mr.
eRDM dynamic wheel and axle load
to the nearest technological station.
measurement sensor
“This technology makes it possible to fil-
The development has entered its next
ter out those dangerous carriages that
phase: based on the experiences gained
get up-to-date information about, for
are overloaded or incorrectly loaded due
from the eRDM system’s measurements,
example, where and exactly what type
to mechanical errors or due to improper
evopro Innovation Ltd. has started a re-
of upkeep is needed in order to main-
loading. Another advantage of the sys-
search project to develop a new, cost
tain the infrastructure. In the future –
tem is that it conducts its measurements
effective sensor type that uses acoustic
besides professionals who manage the
at cruising speed, therefore all trains trav-
signals tapped from the railroad tracks.
maintenance of the tracks – freight com-
elling through the system can be verified
The sensors can be applied in large
panies and the operators of the railway
without traffic restrictions or interrup-
numbers along the tracks and they pro-
carriages can also make use of the latest
tions. Thanks to the high resolution load
vide their vehicle diagnostic data to
innovation of evopro Innovation Ltd, the
profile measurement several other vehicle
subscribers on-demand via wireless da-
eRDM dynamic railway diagnostic system.
diagnostic parameters can also be cal-
ta connection.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Second hybrid locomotive in Szilvásvárad
When you need to roll...
Our company provides an overall service for our Customers in
the field of system design of electric vehicles such as trolleybuses, electric buses, diesel-electric and hybrid locomotives,
electric boats and free-time e-cars.
Furthermore we offer solutions for low power applications of
vehicle traction motors (wheel-hub motors) and the relating
drivetrain equipment.
tractual situation, with manufacturing
or purchasing of them.
Regarding the different sources of energy
we design vehicles powered by AC or DC
overhead line, on-board traction battery
group, diesel-generator set or the combination of these. However we also take part
in unusual solution design with pleasure.
The processor based control system de-
In case of either refurbishment or new
• elaboration of main arrangement, de-
sign and manufacturing are individual or
vehicle design of road and rail vehicles
tailed design of mounting the traction
traction system specific tasks which pro-
dedicated for passenger or goods trans-
system components,
vides high level diagnostic functions as
portation we offer for our Customers the
• preparation of complete system docu-
well besides the vehicle operation.
following activities:
mentation (control and power current
During vehicle design we prepare the con-
• elaboration of main design conception
schemes, assembling documentation,
cept of traction and control systems based
(characteristics and running simula-
cable layout diagrams and cable har-
on technical agreement with our Custom-
tions, energy balance estimation, etc.)
ness design),
ers. Based on calculations and simulations
and providing its feasibility study in or-
• software development of vehicle con-
we define the parameters of power current
der to find the most economical solu-
trol equipment and diagnostic facility,
systems then we elaborate the control sys-
tion for installing new and refurbished
• performing test runs and procedures to
tem arrangement fitting it to the special
units or replacing ones,
set vehicles into operation.
task. We specify the operational software
of chosen controller in detail. During soft-
The first hybrid locomotive in Lillafüred
System design
ware development we test the sub-mod-
Our company’s experts, thanks to their
ules of software in laboratory and if possi-
experience and knowledge, particularly
ble in operational circumstances.
work in the field of vehicle traction, sys-
In software programming we use our
tem design and the relating information
standard and many times approved soft-
system topics.
ware modules and solutions. Thus the
During projects we deal with asynchro-
work can be accelerated and what is more
nous and permanent magnet AC trac-
important the reliability can be increased.
tion system design and also with chop-
We make an effort to use modular arrange-
per controlled and traditional resistor
ment when placing the power current and
controlled DC traction system design.
control components into the vehicle. The
Furthermore we deal with drive system
single units can be tested partly or totally
specification and, depending on con-
immediately after assembling.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Sedulitas-Pro Kft.
H-1041 Budapest, Deák F. u. 41.
[email protected]
Figure 1
After assembling the vehicle we carry out
like CoDeSys, SELECTRON Symphony, SE-
the tests that are required by standards
and requested additionally by our Cus-
C++ Builder, etc. Communication proto-
tomers. These examinations concern insu-
cols we use: RS 232, RS485, ETHERNET,
lation, still-stand and running tests.
Then we test the functionality of opera-
All software passes through a careful and
tional software totally and even the whole
detailed preliminary and site tests dur-
vehicle on a system level.
ing setting it into operation. After the fi-
Furthermore we undertake training of me-
nal software is approved the full version is
chanical experts of our partner companies
given over to our Customers or given on
Besides the vehicle structure modification
in a vehicle refurbishment or moderniza-
trust at a lawyer or notary depending on
our mechanical engineering capability
tion project, giving technical manage-
the agreement in the contract. This solu-
covers the newly designed traction con-
ment even in the framework of a technol-
tion enables later modification or failure
tainers and control boxes as well (Figure 1).
ogy transfer project.
investigation easier for our Customers in
The mechanical designs of course consist
case of our company is obstructed be-
of the cable layouts and wire harnesses
cause of any reasons.
both in container level as well as complete
Software development
Our software design activity covers the
Figure 2
vehicle level too (Figure 2).
development of operational software
Vehicle construction
on PLC or PC based controllers, remote
Our engineers can prepare designs of me-
controllers, data acquisition and display
chanical parts of vehicles by the means of
Design of the traction battery
systems and human-machine interface
most modern, most widespread 3D CAD
Our team designs special traction bat-
units (operator panels, panel PCs). Fur-
software. In most cases components of
tery box for NiMh and Li-ion battery
thermore, involving our partner compa-
our system designs are integrated into
cells with suitable ventilation or air-con-
nies, we can provide embedded software
the structure of vehicle by our mechani-
dition system.
based applications.
cal engineers. The structure modifica-
We design:
Our engineers perform their work relying
tions for installation and the assembling
• enclosed container,
on their decades of experience in the field
documentation also can be provided by
• fully integrated system (main fuses,
of vehicle control and traction system de-
our engineers.
sists of Lithium Iron Phospate (LiFePO4)
sign when they elaborate a specific operational structure and control concept. Dur-
Figure 3
maintenance-free battery cells,
• installation on the roof or in the rear or
ing the software development we strive
on the side of the vehicle,
to follow the modular architecture to
• forced air cooling with internal cooling
achieve the aim of a clearer structure and
later an easier possibility of modification
• monitoring and balancing battery cells,
on wish. We implement all software with
with SEDPRO BMS (Figure 3).
up-to-date development environments
BMS, cooling, optional heating) con-
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Vehicle Components Plc.
The Prospects Are Good
When travelling on premium category Railjet trains, passengers
will not only be attracted by the comfortable environment but
they will most probably recognize the high quality components
too. And although these up-to-date train sets are not produced
in Hungary, certain components are products of Hungarian suppliers such as luggage racks and partitions. Similar elements can
also be found in the InterCity-Express coaches in Germany.
When placing their luggage on the lug-
the Budapest one. Profitability and qual-
the same level. The company has eight
gage rack, the chrome plated edges
ity is guaranteed by the well-trained pool
development engineers and all machin-
and the glass panels fitting excellently
of professionals and vocational work-
ing centres are CAD-CAM controlled –
to the interior will immediate command
ers, the CEO added. 21st century quality,
this is how the quality demanded by the
the passengers’ attention. As Mr. József
modern product and production struc-
clients can be met.
Forgács, CEO of Vehicle Components Plc.
ture is also provided for by its large scale
It is probably due to these endeavours,
(Jármű Zrt.) explained, the company has
cooperation activity and its young devel-
among others, that Vehicle Compo-
been in the business of rail coach and bus
opers. Their most important products are
nents Plc. is part of four major European
component production for more than 40
luggage racks, windows, internal acces-
projects. They participate in the ICx pro-
years. The company underwent a com-
sories and doors.
gram of the Deutsche Bundesbahn as
plete shakeup in the past ten years as a
Out of the 151 employees, 105 work in
systems supplier, they supply compo-
result of which they opened a new plant
Budapest but the company intends to
nents to Bombardier’s double deck trains
at Tiszavasvári in October 2012 besides
bring the Tiszavasvári headcount up to
produced for the Bundesbahn – DO 2010
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Dr. József Forgács
Jármű Zrt.
H-1151 Budapest, Fő utca 63.
[email protected]
least relegated to almost zero. This is
why they were happy seeing the launch
of the InterCity+ program that produced
two prototype coaches till date. Vehicle
Components Plc. was to supply windows,
luggage racks, interior partitions and interior doors. It would be welcome if MÁV
ordered the planned contingent of 48
coaches, the CEO said.
Doppelstock – and the SBB – FV-Dosto
markets, 99.6% of its products are sold
The renown of the company is well exem-
– and, besides ICx, they have also been
abroad. There is hardly any market for
plified by the fact that they have also won
granted significant orders from Siemens
their products in Hungary, József Forgács
tenders where their offer was not the
for British suburban trains – Thameslink.
adds. With the gradual phasing out of
cheapest one and Siemens voted them
The fully Hungarian owned company
the former Ganz company, supplier pro-
its best supplier in 2011.
works almost exclusively for the export
grams also ceased to exist or were at
Gábor Putsay
Producer of Devices for Signalling and Vehicles
Based in Baja / Southern Hungary with
manufacturing culture, the wide range of
matic current collectors
100 employees, GTKB Ganz Transelektro
production capabilities and the accumu-
for trolleybuses, current
Ltd.’s core business covers the manufac-
lated expertise make the company a key
collectors for railway
turing of electromechanic and electronic
player in railway-related manufacturing.
vehicles, heating equip-
devices mainly for fixed track vehicles
The electromechanic devices include a
ment for buses, ground
(railway, trolleybus, tram) and railway sig-
wide product range such as relays, con-
isolator switch for underground, dry resis-
nalling systems including electrohydrau-
trollers, terminals, switches, valves, brake
tor for power supply of railway lines, etc.
lic and electromechanic point machines.
magnets, resistances, etc.
The company maintains close contact
The company, once a plant of the famous
The company is the manufacturer of the
with independent Ganz spin-off engi-
Ganz Electric Works, has been being in
Domino-system railway interlocking sys-
neering offices to preserve and to up-
business for over 40 years. The mature
tem based on Integra licence and that of
grade the Ganz legacy in the framework
electrohydraulic point machine based on
of modern business models.
Alcatel licence.
The range of electronic products includes
high-voltage electronics for vehicle traction and control. The high voltage testing
facilities enable the company to test and
measure different kinds of inverters.
The company has a number of successful
recently developed products, designed
to meet market demands such as pneu-
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Europe’s largest railway adventure museum
Hungarian Railway Museum
The Hungarian Railway Museum is an exclusive event venue
and museum of Budapest - unique also on a global scale - and a
beloved place of amusement of families with children. Here real
steam engines are lined up where the driver’s cabs can be visited and tried out. Guests can travel on a big locomotive of which
they receive a certificate of a ’honorary locomotive driver’. They
can ride the turntable and the garden railway and can even put
their strength to the test in a handcar competition.
Kata Font
contact person for events
+36 70 320 9926
[email protected]
largest single-space event halls in Budapest, and can optionally be separated by
beautiful nostalgic railway cars. Thus, for
The oldest steam locomotive stationed in
of railway architecture and construction.
example, provides a stunning sight for
the realm of locomotive wonders is 130
Even today, nostalgic vehicles take a rest
the guests when a nostalgic car - placed
years old, he is standing at the front of
in the 1911 built Orient Hall after return-
next to the dining area beforehand - rolls
the line – the real giants are at the other
ing from the long journeys. One of them
out of the hall and the next space reveals
end where children cannot even reach as
is, for example, the pride of the Museum:
itself where the musicians start playing
high as the top of the wheels. The garden
the elegant teakwood dining car built in
and the gala programme begins.
railway is the children’s dream – twist-
1912 which once ran behind the locomo-
The other main attraction of the event
ing its way 850 metres long in the park
tive of the world famous Orient Express.
can be an ’engine bursting through a
area and returning to the starting station
The hundred-year-old Orient Hall, with
gate’ when a steam engine majestically
through a tunnel and via the bridge over
its floor space of 2,800 m , is one of the
rolls in among the stunned crowd, break-
the small pond. Next to the station children make their way to the playground
right away where they can blow off steam
on the swings, the jungle gym and the
mini football ground.
At the original location – at the area of the
hundred-year-old engine shed – a highly
valuable collection of more than hundred
railway vehicles is on display. Here we
can see ancient steam locomotives, restaurant and saloon cars, handcars, relics
ing through a gate of the Orient Hall created for this purpose.
The location of the Museum allows
events to be held without time or noise
restriction. As an alternative for getting
there we offer a heritage train departing
from Budapest Nyugati Railway Station
arriving directly at the Museum.
Visitors of the Railway Museum can learn
about the development of the Hungarian Railway from the beginning to
present days.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Background services
Electrification –
Telecommunication – Signalling
Electrification, telecommunication and signalling – if these systems are working properly, we do not hear much about them.
Traction power enables the attractive pieces of rolling stock to
move, telecommunication forms the basis for almost all of the
railway services ranging from the voice communication via the
different information systems to the safety critical supervisory
and control systems. And without signalling systems the railway
domain would not be as safe as it is considered nowadays. Nevertheless if there is a trouble or failure in connection with these hidden services, their importance becomes immediately obvious.
railway, the Hungarian railway has some
special features – to be conform to these
special requirements multinational companies always need local support. More
and more small and medium enterprises
appear on the market supporting big
suppliers with services and products.
A good cooperation between international suppliers and domestic companies
is a key factor in the success of modernization projects.
The growth and the strengthening of the
The intensive reconstruction works on
system, telecommunication systems and
Hungarian industry in this domain are vi-
the Hungarian railway network in recent
signalling systems. The main suppliers of
tal now, when the Hungarian railway in-
years have brought significant changes
power systems, telecommunication and
frastructure is facing a great challenge:
in terms of modernization to these fields
signalling systems are generally interna-
the introduction of the European Train
too, in most of the cases in form of com-
tional enterprises. However the Hungar-
Control Systems with its level 2. GSM-R
plex projects which included track recon-
ian railway industry, the domestic added
network and the trackside installation of
struction as well as the modernization of
value becomes more and more consid-
ETCS system are ongoing on hundreds of
power supply systems, traction power
erable in these fields. Just like any other
kilometres of railway lines and will prob-
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Dr. Balázs Sághi
associate professor
Budapest University of
Technology and Economics
Department of Control
for Transportation and
Vehicle Systems
ably affect not only the technical staff
the equipment are replaced with mod-
of the infrastructure management com-
ern components providing usually bet-
panies like engineers and maintenance
ter properties like higher reliability, less
staff but the whole pool of operational
maintenance demand, wider function-
personnel too – including the staff of the
ality and higher resistance to environ-
railway undertakings. Although GSM-R
mental impacts. Remarkable examples
network plays an essential role in track-
are the new power supply systems at the
vehicle communication of ETCS L2, on
stations, level crossing improvements,
the other hand it will also bring a renew-
upgrade of relay based interlocking sys-
al to the radio based railway telecommu-
tems and remote control of stations. This
nication establishing new protocols in
last item usually consists of the remote
operational calls. In parallel the introduc-
control of the interlocking, power sup-
tion of the ETCS L2 and its adaptation for
ply, catenary and area lighting systems
the versatile interlocking systems influ-
and these functions are placed together
ence the engineering and implement-
in centralised traffic control centres. This
ing companies as well as the train drivers
new form of the traffic control sets new
who will have to get use the on-board
requirements in our profession.
part of this new technology during their
The proper realisation of the mentioned
day-to-day journeys.
projects is essential to the success of the
Apart from the overall reconstruction of
railway transportation in Hungary for the
railway lines and the ETCS implementa-
upcoming decades. While the devices
tion, both subsidised by European Un-
can get worn out in a long-term period,
dependent bodies so the role of the Na-
ion, the main infrastructure manage-
however, the safety level of them should
tional Transport Authority and the NoBo
ment companies, MÁV and GYSEV alike,
be held on the same high level until the
and DeBo organizations must be empha-
try making efforts to enhance their serv-
disposal. There is every reason to check
sized in this field.
ices from their own resources too. These
all safety related systems whether they
The success of the projects would also
developments are sometimes less in vol-
meet all requirements obliged by the op-
support the whole Hungarian railway
ume however higher in importance and
erator, the national, international or EU
network to become a more attractive
generally realized by Hungarian compa-
regulation and international standards.
means of transportation. Hopefully, Hun-
nies ranging from the planning to the
This process includes the acceptance of
garian developers, designers, engineers
implementation. In the course of these
the operator companies, the approval of
and manufacturers will also have an im-
projects the old, obsolete particles of
the authorities and the certification of in-
portant role in the future success.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Steps of an Engineered
Development – Targets of
a Consultant
In the recent years the great International Fairs have received
increased publicity and media presence since these events are
regular opportunities for the professionals of a specific industry to overview the actual trends, innovations and generally
the latest developments of their business but also to meet each
other for networking.
The InnoTrans, to be held from 23 to 26
without limitation the Budapest-Vác, the
of September 2014 in Berlin, is expecting
Gyoma-Békéscsaba, the Budapest-Székes-
over 100,000 exhibitors and visitors from
fehérvár, the South Balaton lines, the Vác,
the transport industry worldwide among
the Székesfehérvár and the Békéscsaba
them an increased number of Hungar-
Stations and a number of urban recon-
ian professionals. As the Budapest based
struction projects like the Budapest tram-
ECO-TEC Technical & Economical Consul-
way line 1-3 or the creation of the so called
tancy Ltd. delegates the leaders of its Rail-
’gauntlet tramway traffic’.
way Division to Berlin we profited from
The role of a technical supervisor today
this opportunity to interview them and
exceeds substantially what we can ex-
the MD’s of the Company about their ac-
pect from an engineering professional
tivities, ongoing projects, targets and their
since they are supposed to have process
expectations regarding InnoTrans.
controlling capabilities, deep knowledge
Consulting engineers have been seeing
of products specifications enabling them
their profession going through radical
to make comparative analyses, acquaint-
transformation during the last decade,
ance in legal aspects of contract execu-
new players have emerged on the mar-
tion and employees rights, to witness
ket beside the traditional firms with long
ethical behavior for proper Client rep-
business history, bringing with them the
resentation which can only be fulfilled
spirit of specialization, responding with
if the precise technical performance is
success focused attitude to the more and
supplemented with analytical capaci-
more complex challenges. As a conse-
ties, selective thinking and resolution
quence of the EU funded infrastructure
oriented approach – summarizes Otto
developments the demand for technical
Schweighoffer, the recently appointed
supervisors controlling the adequacy, the
MD, the expectations of the Company to-
proper technical and the financial man-
wards their engineers.
agement of the processes has substantial-
We have deployed serious efforts in HR
ly increased. The engineers of the Railway
development during the last years re-
Division in ECO-TEC Ltd. participate to the
sulting that today the number of our
completion of a number of reconstruction
full-time employees has reached 50 and
and development projects among them
we are proud to count among them very
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Zoltán Aranyosy
Ferenc Szunyogh
contact person:
head of the Railway
head of Track Railway
András Elekes
TEB Division
and Structure Division
managing director
ECO-TEC Műszaki –
ECO-TEC Műszaki –
+3630 951 0308
Gazdasági Tanácsadó Kft.
Gazdasági Tanácsadó Kft.
[email protected]
H-1126 Budapest,
H-1126 Budapest,
Királyhágó tér 8-9.
[email protected]
Királyhágó tér 8-9.
[email protected]
between decision makers of the economy, stakeholders of the industry and top
respected professionals with rich expe-
conversation András Elekes Ir. Architect,
political players and last but not least to
rience in construction, in development
co-MD of the Company and Head of the
be informed about the problems of our
management, in facility management
Building Division.
profession waiting for a solution in the fu-
and in technological innovation allowing
The Management is strongly committed
ture – justifies Ottó Schweighoffer the im-
ECO-TEC to cover almost the full range of
to its major responsibility which consists
portance of international outlooks for the
Client requirements – completes Ferenc
of finding the best professionals on the
Szunyogh, Head of Track Railway and
market having special engineering skill
ECO-TEC has achieved an important step
Structure Division, the MD’s statement.
and experience, employing and continu-
on the local market by strengthening its
We are almost inevitable players in the
ously training them. Their delegation to
position which needs to be stronghold
field of railway operation safety since the
International Forums like the InnoTrans is
during the next development period by
technical supervision of every ongoing
used as a personal motivating factor but
the correct completion of the present as-
which are executed with the cooperation
more than that it is a strategic decision.
signments, by the permanent improve-
of a number of selected subcontractors
Being present at these events creates our
ment of the employee’s professionalism,
allowing smaller engineering firms to par-
engineers prime opportunities to com-
by the constant up-to-date architecture of
ticipate in the projects and to contribute
pare the actual offer of international mar-
the in-house information technology, by
their local knowledge.
kets with the expectations of our local
the provision of all working tools and soft-
Our aim is to strengthen our two smaller,
market, to follow through the specially or-
ware necessary for the rendered services
the Building and the Hydro structures Di-
ganized and mediated award ceremonies
and by upgrading its office environment
visons as well, which are presently per-
the success of the most respected profes-
to the level of the European competitors.
forming special assignments but could
sionals, to be in close contact with the lat-
The strong local position can be a stable
very well complete in the future the suc-
est product developments of the railway
base for achieving the next important step,
cess of the two large Divisions – joins the
industry, to participate in public debates
the presence on the international market.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
ETCS project is exclusively provided by
our engineers – reveals one of the strongest market positions of ECO-TEC, Zoltán
Aranyosy Head of the Railway TEB Division, who has gained specific experience
by Siemens, the worldwide Multinational,
but strengthens already the Hungarian
private Company.
Beside the Railway Division, concerned by
the Berlin Fair, another important knowledge centre of ECO-TEC is the Road and
Highway Division which provides diverse
engineering services to the National Infrastructure Development Plc. on almost
every ongoing important national road
and highway development projects.
The technical complexity of these developments and their geographical extent
make these services multiplayer tasks
Precise Design and
Skill in Signalling
Bi-Logik Ltd. was founded in 2002 in Budapest with 7 employees. Headcount has increased now to 13. As a core business our
company designs railway signalling and interlocking equipment. All of our qualified designers are in possession of licence
by Chamber of Hungarian Engineers.
Garaguly Zoltán
managing director
H-1139 Budapest,
Petneházy u. 56.
[email protected]
Székely Béla
managing director
H-1139 Budapest,
Petneházy u. 56.
[email protected]
As reflected by the great diversity of
construction of European railway corri-
equipments type, the design activity
dors, mainly in Hungarian sector but we
we perform varies in a wide range from
also have experience in the neighbour-
old mechanical installations to up-to-
ing countries. In strong relation with the
tionship with leading industrial partners
date electronic signalling and interlock-
members of signalling industry we have
in order to introduce latest technology
ing systems. Beside the use of usual CAD
participated in the introduction of ETCS
at railway infrastructure level. To reach
systems, for specific purpose we apply
in Hungary and now we take part in ETCS
these goals, we are relying upon exper-
our self-made software to manage de-
L2 introduction. In the future above our
tise and enthusiasm of our designers
pendence diagrams, locking tables and
recent projects we would like to extend
and colleagues. Based thereupon, we do
circuit diagrams. Nowadays after the
our activities for further areas mainly in
hope to be looking forward to having a
experience of last years in this area we
electronic interlocking and ETCS system
co-operation in railway development
take part in the design activities of re-
development and to extend the rela-
projects to be realized.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Astron: Urban rail dispatching centres for five continents
Hungarian spice in the
kitchen of Siemens
Dr. Attila Kovács
managing director
Astron Informatikai Kft.
H-1117 Budapest,
Budafoki u. 56.
+3620 982 2835
[email protected]
Sao Paolo, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Nanjing, Senzhen, New York,
Sydney and Stockholm – the largest metro operators of the world
with a remarkable common feature. Their traffic control dispatching centre software was realized with the contribution of the
developers of Astron Informatics Ltd. Dr. Attila Kovács, the managing director of the company, explains the clue to the success.
Astron Informatics was founded by a
usually come from the industry having
team of nine engineers in 1999. At the
both operational practice and profound
beginning they developed software for
theoretical knowledge. Some of them are
power control systems, and in the follow-
active in scientific field as well.”
ing 15 years they have become an inter-
Besides developing train control sys-
nationally known experts of mission criti-
tems Astron activities cover engineering
cal applications for rail traffic control. The
works including database population,
secret of their success is the very strong
parameterisation and graphical schemat-
cooperation with Siemens AG, which is
ic display generation. Ranging from the
evolved to a level of strategic partner-
headquarters of the company, located in
ship after six years of the company foun-
Budapest, experts support project imple-
dation and several productive common
mentation, system maintenance or cus-
projects. In the supplier evaluation sys-
tomer training onsite worldwide. Astron
tem of Siemens Astron has gained the
is often involved in tender preparation
grade of ”Level 1 Supplier”, which has
process of Siemens. Balanced growth of
been reached only by a few partners of
Astron is hardly comparable to the rush-
Siemens Rail Automation division.
ing world of start-ups. ”We are active
The Hungarian venture, comprising 84
in very conservative industries where the
colleagues, is the most successful in the
safety of operation is the most crucial as-
narrow market segment of urban train
pect and the life-cycle of the systems is 10-
control systems. “First of all we perform
15 years. Dispatching centres will probably
project specific developments of Siemens
never be developed with start-up methods,
systems according to different operation-
otherwise they would be considered not
exclusively. ”The mission of our business
al and regulation requirements of met-
to be safe enough by the market follow-
development department is the extension of
ro companies.” – says dr. Attila Kovács
ing strict safety norms” – pointed out the
the boundaries of our markets permanently
who is a honorary associate professor
manager of the venture producing 1.2
and we built up the necessary resources and
at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
billion HUF revenue in 2013.
organisational background for this.” – says
and Informatics at Budapest University
Considering the growth of Far Eastern
Attila Kovács concerning the future. This
of Technology and Economics besides
and South American metropolises there
approach is resulted in many meaningful
his managing director task. “The main
are wide perspectives of rail automation
references of the training simulator sys-
strength of Astron is beeing familiar with
industry and the well-established Sie-
tem developed by Astron for electrical
the industrial technology monitored and
mens-Astron cooperation too. Neverthe-
network and rail traction power network
controlled by software. Our engineers
less Astron does not rely on this relation
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Dániel Hörcher
Data-Press: in the forefront of railway IT since 30 years
The Hungarian specialist
of railway ticketing
Passenger railway operator MÁV-Start sells 40 million tickets
of 2500 types of travelcards every year, having 530 electronic
ticket offices at 230 locations throughout the Hungarian rail
network. We talked to Mr. László Juhász, executive director of
Data-Press Ltd., the company which designed and maintains
the IT system behind the ticketing network.
contact person:
Ferenc Márton
technical director
Data-Press Kft.
H-1196 Budapest,
Kisfaludy u. 183.
+36 30 242 6582
[email protected] www.datapress.hu
troduced the first 12 automated ticketing
machines of MÁV in 2002. Even though the
company’s main source of revenue comes
from its maintenance activities, it invests
considerable resources in railway innovation. Data-Press develops on-board engine diagnostics software and high voltage network allocation modules as well as
One may find the company, which played
‘I dare say that within our team of 32 ex-
new ticket vending machines complying
a pioneering role in the development of
perts we have the best specialists of this
with the latest tax regulations, often using
railway informatics in the early nineties,
field’, states László Juhász. ‘The team
EU innovation funds as co-financing.
at one of the calmest suburban residen-
comprises 15 system developers and
Mr. Juhász highlighted among recent
tial areas of Budapest. Founders of Data-
railway engineers, and a similar group of
achievements that on the cross-border
Press Ltd. developed by that time the first
employees is dealing with the daily main-
passenger network of GYSEV (Raaberbahn
widely-used electronic ticketing system
tenance of our country-wide network.
in Austria) Data-Press designed a com-
of the Hungarian State Railways, as well
Among the founders of our company
pletely new ticket sales system in 2012.
as the IT behind its compulsory seat res-
there is a colleague with whom I work to-
Further development of the network of 25
ervation service for long distance trains.
gether since 1974’, he adds, pointing out
ticket vending terminals is still under way
The company is in possession of a unique
one of the key factors of their success.
– at the end of the process all terminals
knowledge and operating experience, as
It is a general tendency that the range of
will comply with the latest regulation of
it remained the single operator of ticket-
ticket sales channels widens in an increas-
the Hungarian tax authority. A new agree-
ing applications of the biggest Hungarian
ingly rapid way. Keeping pace with the lat-
ment with ICA GmbH, signed in May 2014,
railway undertaking.
est technical developments Data-Press in-
is also remarkable: Data-Press will provide
software development services for the
well-know German manufacturer of ticket
vending machines.
‘The contract signed in May 2014 proves
that our 30-years experience in Hungary
is competitive on the international market
as well’, says László Juhász. With regard to
the further future, he awaits the passenger
rail liberalisation with strong ambitions.
Data-Press is ready to serve the needs of
potential newcomers on the Hungarian
market. Mr. Juhász insists: ‘our ticket sales
system developed for GYSEV is able to
provide ticketing services for up to 100 different operators on the
same network.’
Dániel Hörcher
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Smart Displays at Passenger
Information Systems
Today everybody wants to know everything immediately. In these
days railway Passenger Information Systems (PIS) are not able to
meet these requirements – most of them are simply not capable of
displaying enough information because of size or old technology.
Balázs Veszely
managing director
+36 70 320 4346
[email protected]
INFOPIX TFT Smart Monitors can sup-
the operational expenditures (OPEX) low.
port large, high resolution (full HD)
INFOPIX has an Element Manager which
INFOPIX has the full range of visual
screens, providing colorful, dynamic ani-
can be used by operators to get real time
TFT or LCD based displays: information
mated real-time travelling information.
status, performance and alarms of the
boards, platform displays (even with
Smart Monitors pull the information
whole PIS environments: control PC, net-
TFT!!!), station info displays, kiosks, to-
from several different sources and gen-
work elements, displays. In this way the
tems, stretched onboard screens. All of
erate nice, informative graphical layout
responsible railway operator can notice
them can be manufactured in outdoor
for the passengers.
any malfunctions immediately and can
version and IP55 or IP65 protection (with
The fully IP based solution enables rail-
inform the maintenance team to start the
built-in air condition).
way companies to use the latest software
troubleshooting – and not to wait until
Come and see our solutions at the big-
technologies (HTML5, Websockets, etc…)
the passengers call them after facing that
gest Hungarian railway station, Keleti In-
for displaying the information and keep
e.g. a display does not work.
ternational Station at Budapest!
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Company to Start Development Projects for Export
Production of Railway
Signalling Devices
Róbert Sándor Hájas
managing director
+0624 656 544
[email protected]
Our company, HRS-TRAFFIC Ltd., is active in the production
of mobile railway signalling devices that are produced at our
site in Hungary.
The fruit of our development efforts is the rail hand flashlight
that we have produced for the rail sector for different traffic
management applications.
Our main partner is MÁV, its orders cover
We would like to offer our well-devel-
85% of our domestic turnover. Besides
oped and proven handheld models to
MÁV, our customers also include all other
other international rail operators and
railway companies like GYSEV and other
transport companies thus we embarked
rail operators as well as urban rail trans-
upon an export development program
port companies (e.g., the Budapest and
this year. As a first step, we would like to
the Debrecen Transport Company).
commend to your attention the techni-
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
cal specifications of our flashlight shown
at the end of the page.
This year we have effected significant investments in our tooling infrastructure and
increased our production capacity by approx. 30% (approx. 10,000 pieces per year).
We would like to use EU funding for developing our production site and, in prepa-
work in cooperation with HITA (the Hun-
ration for next year, we would like to par-
garian Investment Promotion Agency).
ticipate in InnoRail 2015, the international
Besides the above, we would also like to
conference and exhibition in Budapest.
address our future customers through
Developing our business in the neigh-
such a high-ranking professional journal
bouring countries is an important initia-
in order to get closer to them.
tive for us, therefore we are searching for
business partners on the business offer
We are looking forward to a fruitful future
platform of the Enterprise Europe Net-
business cooperation with you.
White TM
Yellow TM
Red TM
yellow TM
Red-yellow TM Green-white TM
red TM
140 mm x 70 mm x 50 mm
ABS (housing) + UPS
Blue (RAL 5025, 5015)
240 g (with handle)
Light intensity
Both sides
10 cd
3.2 cd
3.2 cd
3.2 cd
3.2 cd
yellow = 3.2 cd green = 3.1 cd
red = 3.2 cd
3500-6500 K
595 nm
595 nm
635 nm
yellow = 595 nm green = 525 nm
red = 635 nm
white = 6500 K
Beam angle
Flashing frequency
635 nm
white = 10 cd
1 Hz
Power supply
Battery voltage
200 mA
100 mA
100 mA
100 mA
200 mA
100 mA
200 mA
current drain
Operating time
48 hours
(constant operation) ± 10%
Level of Protection
72 hours
72 hours
72 hours
48 hours
72 hours
48 hours
± 10%
± 10%
± 10%
± 10%
± 10%
± 10%
IP 40 (basic configuration), higher protection up to IP 54 can also be provided for
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Facts and Figures
MILE Industrial-Electro Wholesaler Ltd. was established in 1991
as a bureau for trading and engineering.
MILE’s scope of activity and yearly turnover is getting larger and
larger ever since. Since 1991 the activity of MILE has been associated with the supply of specialized systems and devices for automation of industrial production, control systems, product supply
for the public facility networks and agriculture, measurement
and automation for the automotive and food industry as well as
for railways, street lightings and heavy industry projects.
Contact Person:
Tamás Körmendi
+3620 978 2636
[email protected]
Official data:
MILE Villamosipari SzakNagykereskedés Kft.
H-1104 Budapest,
MILE has excellent, well trained employ-
ees. Most of our sales managers have a
General Director:
degree in engineering and have suitable
experience in the field of commerce and
Last year turnover was: ~30,000,000 €
technical guidance.
Product portfolio: electrical compo-
nents for industrial mesaurement and
direct contact basis and offers products
data acquisition systems, industrial
MILE generally deals with manufacturers,
which are moderately priced and have
grade sensors, low voltage power dis-
contractors or their representatives on a
short delivery times.
Mádi utca 52.
Andor Mile
150 persons.
MILE built up the new warehouse and office building in 1995 in the industrial area
of Budapest. The everyday activity of MILE
takes place in an area of 9,500 m2, including warehouses, offices, presentation- and
conference halls.
MILE has agencies in the following cities:
Miskolc, Zalaegerszeg, Győr, Dunaújváros,
Veszprém, Békéscsaba.
Nowadays, the name MILE is equivalent
to the high quality electrical, engineering
services in Hungary and is ranked at the
top among the electrical wholesalers.
MILE became a member of
tributor cabinets and devices, installed
the REXEL Group in Sep-
devices and spare equipment, lighting
tember 2000. The scope
systems, fi ttings, LEDs, explosion proof
of activity remained un-
electrical equipment, overvoltage pro-
tection, lightning protection, power and
In April 2009 MILE became
control cables, wireless systems, renew-
again the property of the
able energy systems and devices, etc.
Mile family. The new (old!)
MILE has more than 200 retailers in Hun-
owners steadily continue
gary and deals in countless products of
the activity of the com-
such companies as EATON (MOELLER),
pany with value-added
product portfolio and new
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Moving cities forward
Siemens successfully combines its international expertise
with local competences in the Àeld of railway and road
trafÀc control systems, rail electriÀcation and rolling stock.
Siemens has always been at the forefront of Hungarian
transportation development. Our electronic interlocking
and communication systems make the journeys safer on
main railway lines. Siemens trams in Budapest with their
regenerative braking can save up to one Àfth of the traction
The recently opened metro line 4 connects important railway stations Kelenföldi and Keleti pályaudvar. The scope of
the project includes the installation and commissioning
of the power supply system, the signalling system, the train
control system and the communication system.
All around the globe, Siemens is helping cities become more
accessible, more livable and more sustainable.
uj-metro-hirdetes-siemens.indd 1
Field of Activity of HungaRail
Engineering, Trading and Consulting Ltd.
HungaRail Engineering, Trading and Consulting Ltd. is an
enterprise with wide professional practice standing at
disposal of their Customers
with comprehensive designer
and engineering services.
György Villányi
HungaRail Mérnöki Kereskedelmi és Tanácsadó Kft.
+361 352 0833
+361 201 7495
E-mail: [email protected]
• Preparation of railway operation plans,
phase plans for reconstruction projects
of railway lines.
HungaRail is performing designer’s site su-
• Reconstruction of 25kV powered cat-
pervision in the construction phase of the
Field of activity of HungaRail:
enary system for the construction works
facilities built according to their own im-
• Planning of 25kV, 50Hz electric railway
of multi-level railway crossings.
plementation plans.
traction energy supply networks within
• Design of maintenance plans for rail-
Experts under the leadership of HungaRail
the frame of reconstruction projects of
way traction power systems and roll-
– besides their designer activity – are also
railways on various levels (study, licens-
ing stock, planning of maintenance and
certificated to act as construction manager
ing, tendering and execution plans). Al-
cleaning technology and the relating
and quality supervisor or as a technical su-
so in this context:
traction energy supply, area illumina-
- electric heating of turnouts,
tion, point heating.
Preparation of technical plans in entirely
- area (station) lighting,
• Elaboration of decision support studies
digitalized form.
- remote control of catenary systems,
for procurement or reconstruction of
- line design of outdoor trackside fibre
railway material (study of economic im-
Policy of HungaRail
pacts, LCC calculations, etc.).
• Designer and managing jobs are per-
formed by a professionally committed
staff with wide theoretical and practical knowledge and with many decades
of implementation and operation practice in the railway field.
• Continuous extension of technological,
professional knowledge and of computing capabilities, increase of efficiency.
• Adaptation of quality management
system meeting the requirements of
quality standard ISO 9001:2009 (ISO
9001:2008). First introduction of the
standard was in 07.2002.
The colleagues and sub-designers are
members of the Hungarian Chamber of
Engineers and also have obtained designer
certification for many fields of engineering.
Based on the projects performed to date
HungaRail possesses a wide range of references with domestic railways and railways
of other countries.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
World Class Production
of Light Fittings
Bálint Decsi
managing director
E-lighting Kft.
+3630 530 1170
[email protected]
E-lighting Ltd. was founded in 2010 with the objective of
producing customized light fittings. The underlying
professional approach of the company is to meet professional
challenges, continuous product development, use of the most
modern light sources (LED technology) and controlled quality.
Our products feature exit sign light fit-
to represent the newest development
tings and special light fittings for public
trends in Hungarian lighting industry as
transport spaces (e.g., underpasses and
the only light fitting company to partici-
tunnels, stops, etc.), among others.
pate in the BIG 5 DUBAI Fair. Our light fit-
Most of our clients are state-owned com-
tings are exclusively fitted with LED light
panies, like MÁV Zrt., the Budapest trans-
sources and all meet some special re-
port companies (BKV Zrt., BKK-Közút Zrt.),
quirements, like stand-by lighting, dam-
and operators of underpasses or tunnels
age proof or water proof design or com-
(BDK Kft.), where product reliability, ener-
ing, the highest ranking lighting technol-
gy efficiency and the use of most modern
ogy fair of Europe in Frankfurt where we
technologies is a must.
have talked to a lot of interested parties
What we offer:
All of our products come with a 5 year
not only from Europe but also from Mid-
- meeting unique needs,
guarantee which is unique and outstand-
dle and Far Eastern countries (Russia, Is-
- use of state-of-the-art technologies and
ing on the light fitting market.
rael, Dubai, India, China, etc.).
Our products are also damage proof.
HITA (the Hungarian Investment Promo-
This year, we took part in Light and Build-
tion Agency) has singled out our company
binations of the above.
light fittings,
- efficient and fast project implementation.
Your customized products are designed
and produced in consultation with designers, architects and designers of electric systems.
Our references:
- Stand-by lighting of Budapest Metro
line No. 2
- Stand-by lighting of Budapest Metro
line No. 4, exit sign light fittings and
their central control system
- Stand-by lighting for passenger tunnels
(Baross square, Kálvin square, Móricz
-Zsigmond circus, Kelenföld-Őrmező)
- Damage proof lighting of public spaces: trams stops for tram line 1 and 3,
underpass at Ferenciek square
- Stand-by lighting of rehabilitated MÁV
railway stations
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Products of FUX Co. for Constructors of Railway Overhead Line Systems
Catenary system from Hungary
Fux Co. has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of bare and insulated overhead conductors, underground cables as well as contact wires and other conductors for
railway overhead line systems.
Within the elements of railway overhead
experience with manufacturing from this
line systems our main product is the con-
grade as well. Considering the increasing
tact wire, which we can produce in compli-
number of high capacity lines we are plan-
ance with any standards and with any cross
ning to expand our manufacturing capac-
sections (Fig. 1). We make contact wires
ity in this area. We are showing CuAg0,1
ed conductors we manufacture the wires
not only for main and side railway lines
grade as an example in Table 1. More in-
from Cu-ETP and CuMg0,4 (BzII) grade
and trams but for underground and public
formation can be found about our con-
materials. We can produce these with any
transport as well. Our most popular prod-
tact wires in our railway catalog, on our
standard specified cross sections in the
uct is the general purpose Cu-ETP grade
homepage or through our colleagues.
range of 10 to 500mm2. Just like with the
contact wires. This grade allows trains to
Contacts are at the end of the page.
contact wires, we are ready to meet any
speed up to 160km/h (Table 1a and 1b).
Our second important railway product cat-
customer requests beyond the require-
Another popular product is the CuAg0,1
egory is the stranded conductor. Copper
ments of the standards.
grade, which allows to speed up to
and bronze conductors are subcategories
We also make stranded aluminum conduc-
250km/h. On higher capacity lines magne-
of this (Fig. 2). These are mainly suspension
tors from A11 and A13 grade for overhead
sium alloyed materials are used. We have
and ground conductors. For these strand-
railway lines (Fig.3). Their recommended
Figure 1 Contact wire
table1.b The dimensions of the CuAg0,1 contact wires
nominal cross wire diameter, mm
groove width,mm
section mm
12 11.04
12.24 11.35
12.85 12.27
Figure 2 Copper (stranded)
table1.a The properties of the CuAg0,1 contact wires
Min. tensile strength
Min. breaking load
Elongation at break
Modulus of elasticity
Electrical conductivity at 20°C
Specific resistance at 20°C
Electrical resistance at 20°C
Linear coeff. of thermal exp.
Specific mass
(A200) %
≥ 56.3
≥ 56.3
≥ 56.3
≥ 56.3
≥ 56.3
10 -8 Ohm*m
≤ 1.777
≤ 1.777
≤ 1.777
≤ 1.777
≤ 1.777
≤ 0.229
≤ 0.183
≤ 0.171
≤ 0.153
≤ 0.122
10 /K
103 kg/m3
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Panna Puskás
FUX Zrt.
H-3527 Miskolc, Besenyői u. 8.
+3630 230 3468
[email protected]
Figure 4 Railway map
conductors. We recommend these products for the power supply of overhead railway conductors.
The company has DIN EN ISO 9001 and
14001 and also PLUREL certificates. We
Figure 5a and 5b Difference in heat emission of
are also ready to comply with other re-
normal and surface treated contact wire
quirements and tests from institutes
specified by our customers.
We export our products to Central and
A good example of this is our AFER cer-
Northern Europe. Considering our railway
tificate that was required by the Roma-
products Fig. 4 shows our biggest partners
use is ground, feed and feedback con-
nian State Railways. Both the quality of
in the product category. We have good
ductors. From both grade of aluminum
our products and our certificates are due
relationship with numerous partners, not
we can manufacture conductors in the 15
to our well-equipped testing laboratory.
only on a business but on a profession ba-
to 1000mm range. The packaging and
We can not only perform the standard
sis as well. We try to handle special request
the delivery is always performed accord-
mechanical and electrical tests but also
in a flexible way, thinking together with our
ing to the specifications of our customers.
special tests. These are mainly the meas-
partners if needed. We not only offer our
More information can be found about our
ures of transient phenomena, lifetime
products for our future partners but our ex-
stranded products on our homepage or
tests and high current tests. Our labora-
perience in production and the profession
through our colleagues.
tory also makes development work pos-
as well. Our technical team is committed
In the field of power network we also pro-
sible, which helps us to provide answers
to development and is continuously work-
duce general and special purpose ACSR,
for the arising questions of our partners
ing on new products. This is the reason why
ASC and AASC conductors and insulated
and solve their problems.
Fux Co. has a number of technical patents.
Figure 3 Aluminum (stranded)
We publish many of our results at conferences. For example, the Slovenian winter
Fux Co. is the exclusive manufacturer in Hungary that offers complete railway overhead
malfunctions of the overhead railway con-
line systems including conductors and other elements. Our important products are
ductors impressed our team to think over
contact wires, stranded copper and bronze and aluminum conductors. The stranded
the problem. We have analyzed the effect
products are made on the whole range of demands, like suspension, holding, ground
of a corona-emission reducing surface
and power supply conductors. Our products also include high voltage strengthened and
treatment of our products and the opera-
unstrenghtened bare and insulated aluminum conductors. We are not producing the
tion of the contact wires (Fig. 5a and 5b).
usual solutions alone rather we try to meet special customer requests with flexibility and
This treatment technology is usually used
high quality results.
in ASCR conductors. (Railway Pro, vol. IX,
no. 1.2(104), pp. 54-58. 2014)
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
The Traditional
’Rail Electrifier’ of Hungary
Vasútvill Ltd., established in 1949 and employing approx. 200
people today is a company that was specifically founded with
the objective of constructing, overhauling, transforming and
maintaining the 25 kV, 50 Hz, single phase catenaries of
MÁV’s rail lines up to the target speed of the upgraded lines.
László Uhrinyák
managing director
Vasútvill Kft.
H-1106 Budapest,
Jászberényi út 90.
+36 20 928 3428
[email protected] www.vasutvill.hu
Besides the construction of catenaries
in cross girder or cross beam versions.
proper, the company also constructs and
The headquarters of the company, its
installs different related electric pieces
economic and technical management is
of equipment and transformer units.
located in Budapest and is undertaken
These include, among others, preheating,
from there. The site at the HQ serves the
switch heating and auxiliary transformer
construction areas and houses the work-
stations (for spare energy supply), space
shop specialized in production activities,
lighting equipment and remote control
the material warehouses and the Planned
systems for catenary electricity. The com-
Preventive Maintenance department in
pany has also installed significant lengths
charge of operating the vehicles.
of optical cables along MÁV’s lines all
Our company is open to suppliers of spe-
around the country in recent years.
cialized electric catenary – cables and ac-
Till date, the company has built more
than 2500 km’s catenaries on MÁV’s lines
We invite favourable supplier offers for
and provided 250 km’s catenaries for
25/0.4 kV mast transformers and heated
GYSEV rail sections.
wires for switch heating.
Using its current capacity, the company
We would also be interested in consult-
is capable of constructing approx. 100
ing with suppliers of special rail and road
km’s of catenaries per annum as per the
vehicles as well as those of tools and in-
modern requirements of electric traction
struments used in the installation of rail
in Hungary. Station sections are built
catenary equipment.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Lightweight Composite Insulators
for Rail Catenaries
Norbert Pásztor
Production and QA Manager
Nyír-Mix-Trade Kft.
H-4400 Nyíregyháza,
Insulators are produced at the company’s Nyírtelek site, on
more than 1,000 m2, in numerous departments. At present, the
company employs 45 people who produce 150,000 insulators a
year. Production can be increased as the current annual
capacity of the company exceeds 200,000 pieces.
Kossuth út 70.
+3630 622 3213
[email protected] www.nyirmix.hu
60-70% of the turnover of Nyír-Mix-Trade
In the past decade, Nyír-Mix-Trade Ltd.
Ltd., (Nyír-Mix-Trade Kft.) is realized on
has been developing composite insula-
export markets. Besides Hungary, their
tors that fit well into railway, suburban
up-to-date products are supplied to Slo-
railway and all other electric public trans-
sands of such insulators function on differ-
vakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ger-
port networks.
ent railway networks seamlessly.
many, Bulgaria and Romania to special-
During its development efforts, the compa-
Besides its low weight, another advantage
ized partner companies who are satisfied
ny has been focusing on minimizing weight
of this successful product is the full silicon
with the quality of the insulators pro-
and using the most modern materials so
cover layer, its very long arc-over length
duced at Nyírtelek.
that its insulators prove their worth on fast
and its excellent electric parameters. The
Customer satisfaction is not by chance:
and high-speed railway lines. The result of
vulcanization of the silicone layer are pro-
the company has been working in an
this innovation trend is a composite insula-
duced by two technologies: by LRS silicon
ISO 9001 QA system since 1998. Their
tor produced of a so-called ‘endless’ glass
or HTV silicon-rubber cocooning. These
products come with a 10 years product
rod where the weight of the steel element
modern insulators significantly differ from
guarantee and the warranty period is 35
and connector is only 50-60 grams and the
the fitting type insulators also produced
years. The products are in possession of
resulting insulator only weighs 850 grams.
for railways in the range of 3 to 50 kV’s.
all the necessary electric, mechanical
This extremely light composite insulator
In the meantime, the excellent mechani-
and design documentations demanded
does, at the same time, meet all mechanical
cal properties of the product need to be
by international standards – the tests are
and electrical requirements the old type,
mentioned too: the metal fitting does
conducted in independent accreditted
25 kg porcelain or 3-4 kg other composite
not slip on the glass rod (produced in the
laboratories, says András Pásztor, also
insulators meet. Nyír-Mix-Trade Ltd. started
range of 50-120 kN). Its low weight simpli-
emphasizing the philosophy of the man-
to develop this ’ultralight’ insulator – which
fies transportation and installation in the
agement: The company is committed to
is already under RCD protection in the EU
network and its price is also favourable.
continuous development and quality!
– ten years ago. Today, hundreds of thou-
They also prove their worth in the most
polluted environments (coasts) – enlists
Norbert Pásztor, the production and QA
manager of the company, the positive
features of the product also showing up
technical and human qualities.
The company is continuously developing
its production machinery; the average
age of the machines is 5 years and they are
equipped with the most modern Siemens
computer control in order to meet quality
requirements and customer demands.
Béla Galambos
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Maintenance and Development of
Rail Infrastructure in Hungary
The Hungarian rail infrastructure is managed by two infrastructure managers. The largest is MÁV Zrt. (Hungarian State Railways) with a network of approx. 7300 km’s, the other one is
Austrian-Hungarian owned GYSEV (Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Rail
Co.) that manages approx. 430 km’s of track in Hungary.
by 12,600 people. As a result of organizational transformation, numerous activities have been outsourced or privatized. At present, track management is
undertaken by 4,000 people employed
by MÁV and a further approx. 1,200 people outsourced.
In the aftermaths of the 1990 social, politi-
2. 2000-2004: Approximation of the Hun-
MÁV’s activities are supported by enter-
cal and economic changes, infrastructure
garian legal system to that of the EU,
prises that came into being through suc-
management was faced with immense
reshaping of organizations and regula-
cessful privatization. These companies
transformation challenges. At the same
tions as per EU requirements. Continu-
have successfully transposed or devel-
ation of organizational development.
oped cutting edge technologies and are
time, safe operation had to be provided
for on continuously shrinking funds.
3. Since 2004: Accession to the EU. Struc-
The past 24 years can be divided into
tural reorganization of MÁV, privatiza-
• VAMAV Vasúti Berendezések Kf t.
three phases the results of which are
tion of MÁV Cargo, operational and
(VAMAV Rail Equipments Ltd.): The
summarized below:
functional separation of passenger
company produces high quality, Euro-
transport and infrastructure, intensifi -
pean level turnout systems and struc-
cation of development efforts support-
tural elements that are also in demand
ed by EU funds.
on export markets.
1. 1990-2000: Profile streamlining, separation of construction and production
from infrastructure management (out-
• MÁV-THERMIT Hegesztő Kft. (MÁV
Outsourcing of Activities,
Successful Privatization
THERMIT Welding Ltd.): The creativity
ganizational efficiency, creation of the
structure of infrastructure manage-
Prior to 1990, infrastructure manage-
by the fact that, besides welding rails, it
ment. Commencement of develop-
ment encompassed production, con-
has also grown into a decisive technol-
ment projects financed by PHARE and
struction and track management tasks
ogy centre in the repair of superstruc-
EBRD (from 1998). Stabilization of infra-
alike and employed 27,000 people.
ture materials and the development of
structure operation.
Management proper was undertaken
auxiliary structural solutions.
sourcing, privatization), increasing or-
now in the forefront in Europe:
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
of the company is well characterized
• MÁV Központi Felépítményvizsgáló Kft.
European Corridor IV (Vienna-Budapest-
Dr. Tibor Zsákai
(MÁV KFV. Kft. - MÁV Central Rail and
Lőkösháza) and Pan-European corridor
honorary college professor
Track Inspection Ltd.): The company
V (Trieste-Budapest) both having been
MÁV director emeritus
plays a leading role in the development
high priority EU projects. Corridor IV is
MAÚT expert on
of track diagnostics in Central Europe.
virtually complete with some additional
railway projects
construction work going on in the vicin-
Infrastructure Development
ity of the Romanian border. As to Corri-
In lack of funds, development of the rail
dor V, the section to Budapest is virtually
realized according to European stand-
network slowed down and significantly
ready with exception of the Boba-Székes-
ards. These projects show a significant
dropped at the beginning of the 1980’s.
fehérvár section; development of the
progress in increasing the level of passen-
The productivity of the Hungarian na-
missing section and the one between Bu-
ger service: stations now have 550 mm
tional economy did not permit major rail
dapest and the Ukrainian border will fol-
high platforms, platforms are accessible
infrastructure projects thus its techni-
low in the years to come.
from a higher or lower level and they are
cal level and condition deteriorated by
As far as GYSEV is concerned, its most im-
also roofed in. Another important step is
the end of the nineties. The 1990’s were
portant rail development project was the
that the new projects are all in the speed
a period of stagnation – there were years
development and electrification of the
range of 140-160 km/h.
when only ten km’s of track was renewed.
Sopron-Szombathely-Szentgotthárd line.
Renewal of the system of technical regu-
The appearance of PHARE and EBRD
Besides European level projects, the de-
lations is in progress and an electronic
funds at the end of the nineties revital-
velopment of the Hungarian infrastruc-
database, the so-called e-Vasút (e-Rail-
ized track renewal and Hungary’s EU ac-
ture has also been served by numerous
way) system is being created. The new
cession and the availability of the Cohe-
smaller but still significant projects, e.g.,
system will offer transparency of technical regulations and public access to users
via certain well defined interfaces. Our
expectation is that these will lead to a
more stringent adherence to regulations
and an improvement of work discipline
and quality.
As to the track network, development
of the international main lines and completion of the Corridors will proceed.
At present, work is in progress on the
Szolnok-Debrecen and the DombóvárKaposvár lines and development of the
Budapest-Miskolc, Budapest-Pécs and
Székesfehérvár-Nagykanizsa lines is being prepared. At the same time, GYSEV is
preparing the laying of a second track on
the Győr-Sopron line.
sion Funds stabilized the financing of
parallel with the construction of Metro
Construction of the Southern section of
track development projects.
line No. 4 in Budapest, the intermodal
the so-called V0 line (the rail ring around
The second half of the nineties witnessed
development project of the Budapest-
Budapest) is being prepared with Chi-
the upgrading of the Budapest-Hegye-
Kelenföld railway station, the reconstruc-
nese participation. The line will skirt Bu-
shalom-Vienna line to a speed of 140-160
tion of the Budapest North rail bridge on
dapest on its Southern border, freeing
km/h, followed by the construction of
the Danube or the development of the
the city from transit freight traffic.
the Hungarian-Slovenian rail connection
wide gauge track section of the normal/
As the result of infrastructure develop-
on a new layout and the commencement
wide gauge track transship at Záhony on
ment, Hungarian rail infrastructure is be-
of the rehabilitation of the main lines. Af-
the Ukrainian border.
coming more competitive – it helps in
ter the EU accession, the Cohesion Funds
Another significant achievement was
preserving its role in international transit
have mostly been used for the moderni-
the modernization of Hungarian design
traffic and making public transport more
zation of the Hungarian sections of Pan-
specifications – current projects are all
competitive in domestic transport.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Momentum Going
It’s been three years since GYSEV CARGO Co. first appeared on
the European rail freight market as independent rail carrier.
Similarly to previous years, 2013 was also a successful business
year for the company. Apart from financial success, several
large-scale investments and developments have been implemented. Moreover, the company has some ongoing projects
with the aim to enhance competitiveness, to facilitate the provision of services of an even higher standard of existing and
future customers and to become even more flexible in responding to the constantly changing customer demands.
to take part in Europe’s north-south rail
freight transport too maintaining the infrastructural investments of its mother
company, GYSEV Co., along this transport axis.
In order to achieve our strategic goals
and to be able to respond even more
flexibly to the increased demand of
freight transport, we extended our fleet
of freight waggons in the spring of 2013.
We purchased 50 pieces of Eaos-cars,
which are primarily designed to carry
In the increasingly fierce market compe-
CEO of GYSEV CARGO Co. He empha-
bulk goods, and it allows us an even
tition it is not enough to maintain our
sized that the company will continue to
more efficient and optimal use of our
traffics and results that require special
take advantage of its highly favourable
freight waggons. In the near future we
attention but – perhaps even more im-
geographical location, on the one hand,
would like to expand our fleet even fur-
portantly – we must develop continu-
it will do its best to reinforce its turnta-
ther – told us János Skála.
ously and exploit the new opportunities
ble function in the transport flows be-
The services of rail freight transport and
offered by the market – said János Skála,
tween the East and West, while it wants
block train creation of GYSEV CARGO are
Skála János
GYSEV Cargo Zrt.
ing processes, better traceability and a
faster handling of the trains. A project
element of the first stage was the purchase of a mobile container carrier truck,
which is extremely useful in serving the
increased storage capacity.
The development of the container terminal in Sopron is to be continued with
support of the EU in 2014 too. The current project comprises the purchase and
installation of a new gantry crane with
a hoisting capacity of 41 tons as well as
the associated infrastructural developments. In order to further increase the
capacity of the Intermodal Logistics
Services Centre we also plan to build
three covered and open wood containers made of steel. Additional project
elements are the development of the
managed by its Logistics Services Cen-
tracking system has been developed
operational software of GYSEV CARGO
tre, Terminal and Marshalling yard in
that enables the tracking of container
Co. and the further development of the
Sopron. In 2013, within the first stage of
movements within the terminal, the re-
existing container tracking system. The
the Terminal development project, ca-
cording of loading activities and a GPS-
investments are expected to be imple-
pacity was increased by 20% by creating
based localisation of the positions of
mented by the end of the year – told us
additional storage space for 470 contain-
the containers. The developments have
CEO János Skála in connection with the
ers. Also within the project a container
led to more precise and efficient work-
second stage of the project.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Hungarian Engineering
Experience in International and
Domestic Railway Developments
UVATERV C.C.LTD. is one of the most substantial and diverse
infrastructure design company in Hungary. The accomplishments and reputation of our company are marked by the fact
that UVATERV participated in the design of almost all transport
infrastructure facility in the country. Facilities designed by
UVATERV in more than 30 countries proclaim the ingenuity and
creativity of our engineers.
Gyula Bretz
President-Director General
H-1117 Budapest,
Dombóvári út 17-19.
[email protected]
The predecessor of UVATERV, the state
Designs of many part of the Hungarian
planning company was founded in 1948.
railway network was made by UVATERV
er projects including station reconstruc-
On 1st January 1993, following the regime
engineers including sections of railway
tions, tramways, narrow gauge railways,
change it was transformed into a public
lines, passenger and freight stations,
factory sidings and special railway super-
limited company, privatization was com-
marshalling yards. In the field of railway
pleted in November 1996. The company
design we accomplished our greatest
We had a significant part in the concep-
currently has 233 employees out of which
task so far between 1976 and 1986. In
tual planning of the underground railway
network of Budapest. We led the design
work of the construction of the east-west
(No. 2.) and north-south (No. 3.) lines. The
network is altogether 27.3 km long and
contains 30 stations. We also led design
work of the reconstruction of the Millennium Underground Railway (No. 1.) and
participated in the design of the new Budapest metro line (No. 4.).
Our company is currently undertaking several large infrastructure projects
in Hungary as lead designer, leader or
member of a consortium.
We are looking forward to face the challenges of the 21st century both at home
and abroad in order to make a contribution to the environmentally friendly,
182 are engineers. Spoken languages are
this period we prepared complex designs
sustainable development of transport
English, German, French and Russian.
of the 500 km long Sfax – Tripoli railway
infrastructure. We are eager to utilise
We have the capability to execute de-
line between Tunis and Libya and designs
the expertise and knowledge of our en-
sign work in almost every fields of exper-
for approval of the 730 km long Tripoli –
gineers by undertaking complex design
tise regarding infrastructure facilities.
Benghazi railway line.
work related to every area of transport
For our projects we use state-of-the-art
Beside the big, complex railway projects
infrastructure ranging from preliminary
design software.
UVATERV has references in several small-
studies to detailed construction plans.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
High Precision Rail Track Geometry
Measurement for Maintenance
I was graduated at the Budapest University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering 25 years ago. The diploma work was
created at Railway Engineering Department, its theme was the
development of a new rail track alignment procedure. I have
been dealing with this ongoing development.
Zoltán Weinreich MSc
Civil Engineer, lecturer
University of Pécs
[email protected]
Since the graduation I have been dealing
with railway engineering and related technical services: first of all, the existing railway lines to maintain and modernize.
I have encountered numerous specialized
tasks. Within this outstanding service I
provide high-speed (up to 500 km/h) railroads high precision setting and survey.
So far more than 2,000 km of railway
track maintenance has been performed
with a high quality design. This activity requires high quality, performance
measurement tool technologies thus
hardware and software development
are also taken. My special field of expertise is the regulation of railways track and
turnout geometry preparation. In order
uring device for testing the stability of
mizing human errors and in addition pro-
to enhance track geometry measure-
overhead line masts.
viding up to 500 km/h track speed.
ment to facilitate more accurate and ef-
For the track measurements I have devel-
My method is unique considering that the
ficient measurement a special tool was
oped measurement tools, design technol-
method of the measurement, the measur-
developed which have been successfully
ogy, measuring instruments and design
ing device, the mathematical and geomet-
applied on my job. Apart from the track
software which can be applied with high
ric models as well as the design and other
measurement I have developed a meas-
accuracy and fast pace of work by mini-
software components form a single complex system to ensure maximum quality
and efficiency.
Over the past 25 years several errors
were corrected in the design or construction job in many cases. This is a particularly difficult task.
In 2013 I was invited to teach railway
construction and planning at the University of Pécs.
Since then I am a university lecturer. In
addition I will continue my activities in
the design and development as well.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
DKV Debrecen Transport Services Company is 130 years old this year
“The future is based on the past”
Debrecen is the second largest city in the eastern part of Hungary 30km far from the Romanian border. Its population is
above 200,000; with citizens in the agglomeration it adds up to
400,000. Our company, as a legal successor, goes back a 30
years old way in the field of urban passenger transport in the
area of public transport.
three trolleybus lines and since 01 March
2014 two tram lines.
Besides the ongoing modernisation of our
actual trolleybus network, the city tram
network has also been extended in the
framework of a large project financed by
the European Union, entitled: Development of urban tram network in Debrecen
Similarly to the member states of the Eu-
contribute to a liveable, healthy city life as
(tramway No. 2.).
ropean Union, our company emphasizes
a prominent social player.
Due to this investment financed by the
that electric vehicles should be preferred
Since 2009, in a unique manner in Hun-
European Union and the Municipality, the
developing the public transport sector in
gary, we have been operating 140 pieces
level of public transport in Debrecen has
order to preserve the ecological values
of Euro5, 100% low-floor air-conditioned
improved significantly; moreover, environ-
and healthy living environment.
VOLVO buses in the local public transport.
mental impacts have further decreased.
It is a prime objective for our company
Due to this fact, comparing to the previ-
In areas, that generate high public trans-
to serve transport demands on the high-
ous period, toxic emission has been cut by
port demand between the north-western
est level as possible; furthermore to com-
5t annually in Debrecen since the vehicle
part of the town and the city centre, a ded-
mit to the issue of environmental protec-
fleet has been released to service.
icated tramline provides the optimal solu-
tion. The greatest significance that our big
In addition to the bus network in the
tion for public transport, as one of the cor-
company, with almost 700 employees, can
town, our company has been operating
nerstones of the local transport network.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Nagy Attila
DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt.
[email protected]
pot, tracks, rail-sidings and the catenary
network were demolished and a new depot, storehouse, car-wash, new networks
of tracks and catenary were established instead. In addition, the workshop building
was refurbished and revamped and also
public utilities were completely reconstructed. The new depot can ensure the
simultaneous service for 8 tram vehicles,
whereas the storehouse can host 10-14
tramcars, depending on their type.
The depot also has a new transformer
power supply of almost 300m2 area.
This investment, development has largely
contributed to the implementation of the
most state-of-the-art technological system for tram vehicle repair in the premises
of DKV at Salétrom Street.
With the arrival of the new tramcars, the
The construction phase included the
cal type with normal gauge, maximum
mean age of our urban guided rail vehi-
building of a tramway track from which
length of 32.5m, nominal width of 650
cle fleet (taking into consideration the old
4 km is placed into street surface and
millimetres, powered by 600 volts nomi-
FVV tramcars and also the ZIU and Ikarus
4km is on sleepers; 250 pieces of catenary
nal DC voltage are manufactured by the
trolleybuses in our current fleet) is unprec-
masts (partly combined with the lamps
Spanish Construcciones y Auxiliar de Fer-
edentedly below 10 years.
of street light); 9 km of catenary wires, 2
rocarriles S. A. (CAF). The net price of the
Our vehicles fully comply with the require-
transformer power stations and 31 plat-
tram vehicle fleet is 37,928,258 EUR. The
ments of the European Union, as they are
forms. Road construction covers 25,000
first prototype arrived in Debrecen on 22
environmentally friendly and in an un-
square meters, utility relocation (drain-
May 2013 and the second one in June.
precedented way the 95% of our vehicle
pipes, water, gas, district heating, electric,
This was followed by error-free endurance
fleet is easy and comfortably accessible for
telecommunication and traffic control
runs of 10,000km required by the National
people with reduced mobility.
cables) has added up to the length of ap-
Transport Authority to obtain the certifica-
Summarizing, it can be declared that de-
proximately 9,000m.
tion of this type. The final type-approval
spite the challenges in the current eco-
The several year-long construction is in its
for the CAF Urbos 3 type tram vehicles was
nomic circumstances and system of fi-
last phase. Currently the road, pavement
issued by the Department of Railway Engi-
nancing, due to improvements completed
and parking lot renovations are being car-
neering, Railway Department of the Office
to date, Debrecen is exceptional with its
ried out with the support of the Hungarian
of Road Transport, Railways and Shipping,
continuous revival and local public trans-
Government, which also includes asphalt
National Transport Authority (NTA) on 5
port development.
renewal on large surfaces at several places
December 2013.
Goals for the future development of our
of the town.
The last 18 tramcars arrived in Debrecen
company include, for example, the intro-
Within the framework of the project 18
on 18 March 2014.
duction of an electronic ticket system and
new, 100% low-floor, air-conditioned vehi-
Within the framework of the investment,
the implementation of other innovative
cles have arrived in Debrecen. The bidirec-
the depot of DKV in Salétrom Street has
techniques which can offer attractive serv-
tional, articulated tram vehicles of identi-
also been reconstructed. The old tram de-
ices for our citizens in public transport.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Infrastructure in focus
FERATIL was established in 1996 in Budapest. The professional
calling of the founders materialized in a marketable company,
which is opened to new technologies from the very beginning.
Most of our colleagues have long term experience in both
railway maintenance and construction.
Vadnay Márton
business manager
Feratil Kft.
[email protected]
We have had the opportunity to work in
experience in Hungary and Budapest.
very different fields of railway construc-
Beside the traditional tracks we started
tion from the traditional railway (also in-
to work on different types of embed-
dustrial railway) through underground,
ded rail systems with either discrete or
urban and suburban railways to special
continuous supporting system, direct
types like cog-wheel railway. In the last
fastenings with individual slabs, etc.
10 years we have been involved mostly
FERATIL has always been partner in de-
in projects related to suburban railways
signing and implementing advanced
and tramways. FERATIL is very active in
solutions for each one depending on
public procurement procedures both in-
financial or physical conditions or envi-
dividually – as general – both cooperat-
ronmental protection expectations. For
ing with well-known multinational com-
instance, we are licensed to build Green-
panies. Our work is always in accordance
Track, a special container tray for tracks
with the quality management systems
complying with environmental protec-
of our contractors and also with our own
tion rules. Not so long ago in 2014 we
tool also. It helps to prevent undesir-
one. We take environmental protection
had the chance to finish the first grass
able movements of the track during the
seriously not just on its material side
track in Budapest on tram line 1 at Óbu-
adjustment process and also during the
but also concerning the human environ-
da. The track is placed into monolithic,
pouring. To make the embedded sys-
ment we work in.
reinforced concrete ridge boards – in-
tem more solid and homogeneous the
As the expectations became higher and
dividual board for each channel – and
spacers for the spare tubes and the base
more defined by the investors, cost ef-
embedded with SIKA Icosit KC 340 us-
wedges for the exact cant were also
ficient and long-life solutions came in
ing 49E1 rails in a length of 1,100 track
made from the pouring material. These
front. Due to our mind-set and curiosity
meter. To avoid any problems with ge-
are those small but key elements that
we have managed to try and applicate
ometry, along with SIKA we designed a
show our commitment to perfection
technologies that do not have much
special “jackscrew” type of adjustment
and practical solutions.
We believe that Budapest and Hungary
need cost efficient and low-maintenance
but also practical railway systems. The
Budapest tramway network is more than
150km long with numerous level crossings and common road-tram combined
tracks. It is essential to find the best solution for each one however it is also very
important to adapt and use new technologies. We hope that the investors and operators will get the opportunity to know
and use all the possible systems. With this
attitude, FERATIL is always at your service.
Introduction of MÁV Central Rail and Track Inspection Ltd.
World-class Track
Diagnostics in the Center of Europe
János Béli
managing director
H-1097 Budapest, Péceli u. 2.
[email protected]
important aspect of traffic safety. The
condition assessment of the complete
track network can be realized by track
condition analysis on the basis of regularly performed track measurements.
Rail diagnostics
MÁV CRTI Ltd. performs rail diagnostic
tasks with a train designed for this purpose and with manual devices. Our company has several decades of experience
in the internal inspection of rails with ulRail diagnostic train (SDS)
trasound. The high level of development
in the area of technology, which can be
experienced worldwide, has made it pos-
As a member of MÁV group MÁV Central Rail and Track Inspection Ltd. (MÁV CRTI Ltd.) performs track measurements, rail
diagnostic and other track inspections with modern measuring
devices and instruments as a private enterprise on MÁV railway
lines and in case of orders in several European countries as well.
sible in the recent years to develop the
tools used during inspections and to perform measurements which were not possible in the past.
The optical device for measuring the altering of rail profile and wear as well as the
rail corrugation measuring system for the
The track diagnostic activities of MÁV CRTI
Track diagnostics
inspection of rail running surface rough-
Ltd. cover several areas. The processing,
The principle of forming the results of
ness operate on the rail diagnostic train.
analysis and evaluation of measurement
track diagnostic activity corresponds to
A large number of fatigue damages, rail
results play a role beyond the perform-
the relevant European Union standards.
defects have appeared on the railway
ance of measurements and inspections.
Each measurement system includes of-
lines during the last years due to rolling
During the course of work the company
fice software that helps the playback,
contact. In the last period MÁV CRTI Ltd.
pays special attention to have properly
view and analysis of the measurements
has placed great emphasis on the appli-
trained professionals for the high level
and the export function enables the da-
cation of appropriate inspection method
performance of tasks and in addition con-
ta service for other expert systems. The
to mass-inspect the defective track seg-
tinuously develops its own measuring de-
determination of track geometry qual-
ments therefore the eddy current inspec-
vices and measuring instruments simulta-
ity and the suggested speed on tracks,
tion method was put into operation with-
neously with the growth of technical level.
based on the measurement data, is an
in a very short time.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Bridge and tunnel diagnostics
tion of used materials and the determina-
In case of the freely defined measuring
In the last period a number of measuring
tion of the conditions of reuse are more
systems the data of isolated defects and
and diagnostic devices have been devel-
and more important economic interests
the measuring and qualifying indices of
oped for the inspection of railway bridg-
of railway companies. The applications of
general track quality characteristics are re-
es and tunnels with the application of
modern diagnostic tools play a role in it.
corded which are displayed graphically by
the system along the track on each qualify-
which this activity has been modernized.
This scope of duties includes the inspec-
Substructure diagnostics
ing segments, furthermore as a function of
tion of railway bridges and tunnels, the
Our company has implemented the uti-
time they are displayed on each qualifying
qualification of bridge material intended
lization of track geometry measurement
segments for several measuring periods.
for installation as well as the execution of
data for the detection of substructure de-
Accordingly, the system provides the fol-
load tests and the preparation of expert
fects besides classical substructure and
lowing services:
documentations about the results of these.
soil physical inspections. It is based on
• Analysis of speed adequacy
The steel bridge laboratory assists our
the calculation of level moving standard
• Planning the type and time of mainte-
bridge diagnostic work where supple-
deviation parameter and the analysis of
mentary test are made, moreover, it is
its temporal variation. From its charac-
Various reports, statistics and analyses
possible to perform mechanical and met-
teristics we can make conclusions about
can be created using the software about
allographic investigations related to sci-
track geometry defects originating from
the registered technical and measure-
entific research.
substructural causes.
ment data. The software can be flexibly
nance works
adapted to the different requirements of
Clearance gauge measurement
Track maintenance expert system
We carry out clearance gauge measure-
For the complex registration and diag-
ments with rotating laser by mechanized
nostics of railway tracks MÁV CRTI Ltd.
and manual methods as well. The meas-
has implemented a Track Maintenance
Research and development
urement results are provided by the of-
Planning and Decision Support System
Over the past decades Hungarian rail-
fice software that generates a defect list
(PATER). The purpose of the software is to
way track diagnostics has tried the best
about the obstacles which intersect with
assist track maintenance professionals in
to meet the respective technical require-
the selected clearance profile.
their day to day tasks.
ments and thus to create the conditions
the railway companies.
The structure of central database makes
for safe railway transportation.
Superstructure material
it possible to store and update all data
Together with the activities performed
at one place so the technical and meas-
in the various track diagnostic fields, our
The basic condition of safe railway trans-
urement data are always up-to-date and
company continuously develops its meas-
portation is the reliable operation of the
available for the users.
urement and inspection systems, the as-
various superstructure materials and
A specific rail defect registration module
sociated evaluation methods and has
structures built in the track. Our compa-
functions in the software which ensures
introduced many new procedures and
ny performs the qualification of new and
the monitoring of revealed rail defects
inspection methods. In addition we par-
used superstructure materials. Qualifica-
and provides the actions to be taken.
ticipate in the development of numerous
technical specifications and thresholds.
Measuring probe of eddy
current measuring system
Other services
In addition to the activities described
above our company provides service in
sales of track diagnostic devices, in consultancy and in trainings, furthermore accepts
mutual cooperation with other companies.
Since 2000 MÁV CRTI Ltd. is certified with
e.com CERT Certificate ISO 9001. Our main
target is to further increase railway safety
and to satisfy customer demands with
high quality.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Developing Cost-effective Method for
Evaluating Tramway Track Condition
Wide variety of tramway track structure is
lines. An online failure registration form is
Ákos Vinkó
applied to the urban guided transport due
the part of this model which ensures the
PhD student
to restricting factors of the urban environ-
easy location-based data recording of the
Budapest University of
ment. Determining the condition state of
observed failures for track inspectors. The
Technology and Economics
these tracks is very significant for traffic
form has three parts: the identification of
Department of Highway
safety and for specifying and implementing
fault location and track type, moreover,
and Railway Engineering
the maintenance work. Visual inspection as
specifying the type and the form of failure
+361 463 1458 [email protected]
well as the under load track geometry and
as track structural components. Defect iso-
vehicle dynamics measuring systems are
lation (step 1) is made by specifying travel
used to determine track condition state on
direction, defective track sections or using
the European rail networks. The automatic
GPS coordinates from geotagged photos.
under load condition monitoring of tram-
Identification of track type (step 2) is based
way’s track has not been possible in Hun-
on the pre-recorded data in the database
gary due to the lack of track recording car.
which includes the applied tramway track
Although equipment is available which can
structures in Budapest. After defect isola-
measure the geometric parameter of the
tion and identification of track type, the
track in unloaded state but in most cases
observed failure of the structural elements
this is not sufficient to obtain a realistic view
can be specified (step 3). These defects are
of real conditions of the track.
also stored in the database however they
A Tramway Track Condition Assessment
can be clarified and supplemented based
Model (TCAM) (Figure 1), based on visual
on the practical experiences.
inspection and using of a Geographi-
The tramcar wheels, mounted with inertial
cal Information System (GIS) for defining
sensors, ensure another way of rail defects
georeferenced fault locations, storing at-
detection based on the combined process-
tribute data and displaying data on maps,
ing of multi-sensor data besides the visual
Figure 2 Fixing accelerometer on the wheel and
is worked out by the author (implemen-
inspection. This method uses both the GPS
measured data – additional loads between wheel-rail
tation is in progress) for Budapest tram
location information and data from onboard monitoring recorder of the tram too,
apart from data of wheel-mounted accel-
Figure 1 The planned methodology of “TCAM”
erometers. The possible defective rail sections and approximate geometry of track
can be determined by using acceleration
data from the wheel-mounted inertial sensors. Additional load deriving from the irregular vehicle movement, the wheel slip
and over time the punctual defective failure places can be also available. Figure 2
shows the method of determining the
magnitude of these dynamic effects without recording car.
The purpose of this developing TCAM is to
analyse observed defect and plan more efficient maintenance work.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Quality to the power of three
“Plasser & Theurer“, “Plasser“ and “P&T“ are internationally registered trademarks
With peak outputs of 2200 m/h, the 09-3X continuous action three-sleeper
tamping machine achieves high performance and excellent quality of work.
Dynamic track stabilisation is the ideal complement. In conjunction with
tamping, stabilisation raises the track‘s resistance to lateral displacement
and enables maximum line speed immediately after completion of work. The
combination of these two processes reduces track occupation time. The
modern machine concept of the 09-3X Dynamic Tamping Express produces
an enormous rise in quality and shorter deployment time.
2nd International Conference on Railway Infrastructure and Innovation in Europe
First circular and
invitation for papers
Budapest, 14-16 October 2015 • Organized by: Innorail Kiadó és Konferencia Kft. (Innorail Publishing and Conference Ltd.)
The first InnoRail Budapest conference was held in the Budapest
Congress Centre on 28-30 October 2013. The conference was
called into being by Hungarian professionals committed to rail
transport with the objective of thinking together about the
present of rail transport in order to foster its future development.
Complex arrangement of centralized traffic management systems
Technical solutions and experiences with
ETCS systems and the migration of national train control systems
Modern auxiliary protection systems and
their effect on traffic safety
A total of 303 participants from 18 countries,
including 22 exhibitors, were present at the
first conference. Excellent speakers - 32 from
other countries and 18 from Hungary - have
We are hereby inviting you to
participate in InnoRail 2015, the
second conference in the series to
be organized in 2015.
offered presentations and contributed to
Rail telecommunication
Energy supply, catenaries and lighting
the creation of a level of quality unknown in
Official languages of the conference are
Use of alternative energy sources
Hungary before. In summary, we can state
English, Hungarian and Russian.
Options for economic train hauling, op-
that this tradition-creating event achieved
The first day of the conference will fea-
portunities and limits of dynamic braking
its objective and created a veritable forum
ture plenary sessions while the other two
energy recuperation
for an exchange of views between different
days will be organized into parallel sec-
Electrification; construction, diagnostics
professional fields of railway infrastructure,
tion meetings.
and maintenance of the energy supply
for the discussion of practical issues and for
system of rail traction
Traffic simulation in the design of the en-
Creation of a safe, modern and integrated
Abstracts are most welcome
in all three languages, in the
following topics:
railway network that can make rail trans-
Infrastructure construction and man-
sues of electric traction systems
port more competitive remains one of
the highest priorities of the European Un-
New technologies for subgrade construc-
Rolling stock development, production,
ion. There are numerous endeavours and
tion and superstructures
operation and maintenance
measures focusing on innovation and ef-
Interaction between track and vehicle, rail
Up-to-date drivetrain systems
ficiency. These objectives are also served
and wheel contact, running technology
Hybrid transmission options
by the fact that the European funds avail-
High-speed tracks
Variable gauge wheelsets
able for infrastructure investments in the
Line maintenance and modernization
New tendencies in braking technology
2014-2020 programming period have been
Urban guided transport systems
Ergonomy, comfort and safety in design
trebled and 80% of these will be spent on
Development trends in automated metro
Use of vehicle families, advantages of
railways. Railway-related R&D funds have
the use of unified rolling stock pools
also been trebled in order to make the Eu-
Intermodality in passenger transport by rail
ropean railway network more lucrative to
Track and rail diagnostics
presenting novel innovative developments,
tools and methods.
passenger and freight transport providers
Traffic/operation and signalling simulation
ergy supply system of electric traction
EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) is-
Rail bridges and structures
Bridge diagnostics, monitoring
alike. We intend to contribute to this work
Telecommunication, signalling, traffic
Relations between continuous welded
through organizing a European interna-
rail and bridges – expansion joint struc-
tional rail conference.
New solutions in signalling
tures, bridge superstructures; develop-
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
sional standing of the event. Exhibitors
may purchase exhibition space or 6-18 m2
built-up stands.
Deadline for exhibitor
registration: 31 July 2015.
Continuously widening scope of information
Please follow the homepage of the conference where you will always find the
most up-to-date information:
ment of solutions and regulations
Restoration of the failure of high rail em-
31 March 2015: Submission of abstracts
bankments with soil abutment
(verbal and poster alike)
15 April 2015: Confirmation of the ac-
Presentation of research results
ceptance of presentations
This section will offer an opportunity for
15 May 2015: Deadline for early registra-
university students and researchers to
tion with discount price
present the results of their research.
15 September 2015: Deadline for the
submission of the entire text of the pres-
Infrastructure operators from Hungary
and abroad, industrial partners, researchers and theoretical and practical experts
are all most welcome to the conference.
As a sponsor, we offer you numerous opportunities to reach out to a wide target
For more detailed information on ab-
audience. Gain an advantage from the of-
stracts please visit the homepage of the
fers of various conference sponsor pack-
conference: www.innorail2015.hu
ages where everyone can find their most
Innorail Kiadó és Konferencia Kft. (Inno-
adequate solution.
rail Publishing and Conference Ltd.)
Deadline for sponsor registration:
31 May 2015.
Ágnes Balla
For more detailed information on post-
Secretary of the Conference
ers please visit the homepage of the
Parallel to the three days innovative con-
Balázs Andó
ference, a large scale of exhibition will
E-mail: [email protected]
also be organized, elevating the profes-
Telefon: +3630-577-2439
Poster presentations
Poster presentations in the above topics
E-mail: [email protected]
are also most welcome.
We hope to see You in Budapest!
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
20 Precise Design and Skill in
Hungarian Rail Association
Bi-Logik Ltd.
36 Maintenance and Development of
Rail Infrastructure in Hungary
Dr. Tibor Zsákai
21 Alstom
Building a Modern Authority Based
on Past Traditions
38 GYSEV CARGO Keeps the
22 Astron Informatics Ltd.
National Transport Authority
Momentum Going
23 Hungarian spice in the kitchen of
Hungarian Contributions to the
Astron Informatics Ltd.
Railway Market
Prof. Dr. István Zobory
40 Hungarian Engineering Experience
in International and Domestic
Railway Developments
24 The Hungarian specialist of railway
170 Years in Vehicle Industry
Data-Press Ltd.
Ganz Motor Ltd.
Measurement for Maintenance
25 Smart Displays at Passenger
Faster, More Effective, Safer Rail
Information Systems
Freight Transport
evopro Innovation Ltd.
Sedulitas-Pro Ltd.
Zoltán Weinreich MSc
42 “The future is based on the past”
DKV Debrecen Transport Services
26 Production of Railway Signalling
10 When you need to roll…
41 High Precision Rail Track Geometry
44 Infrastructure in focus
12 The Prospects Are Good
Vehicle Components Plc.
13 Producer of Devices for Signalling
28 Facts and Figures
MILE Industrial-Electro Wholesaler Ltd.
29 Siemens
and Vehicles
GTKB Ganz Transelektro Ltd.
46 World-class Track Diagnostics in the
Center of Europe
30 Field of Activity of HungaRail
Engineering, Trading and
14 Europe’s largest railway adventure
45 G&G Ltd.
MÁV Central Rail and Track
Inspection Ltd.
Consulting Ltd.
HungaRail Engineering, Trading and
Hungarian Railway Museum
Consulting Ltd.
48 Developing Cost-effective Method
for Evaluating Tramway Track
15 PowerQuattro Co.
31 World Class Production of Light
Ákos Vinkó
E-lighting Ltd.
32 Catenary system from Hungary
16 Electrification – Telecommunication
Fux Co.
– Signalling
Dr. Balázs Sághi
49 Plasser&Theurer
50 First circular and invitation for
34 The Traditional ’Rail Electrifier’ of
Innorail 2015
18 Steps of an Engineered
Vasútvill Ltd.
Development – Targets of a
35 Lightweight Composite Insulators
ECO-TEC Technical & Economical
for Rail Catenaries
Consultancy Ltd.
Nyír-Mix-Trade Ltd.
Special Edition for InnoTrans 2014
Good Quality Composite Insulators
– a Condition of Safe and Fast Rail Transport
Nyír-Mix-Trade Ltd., (Nyír-Mix-Trade Kft.)
date electric insulators are produced
located at Nyírtelek, 10 km’s from Nyír-
between the range of 0.5-130.0 kV for
egyháza in Eastern Hungary, in the vi-
domestic and expor t markets. The
cinity of the Slovak and Ukrainian bor-
company’s product portfolio includes
ders, has been operating for almost two
suspension insulators, curve brackets
decades with ever growing success. The
(tension insulators), and equipment in-
The company produces the entire port-
company was founded in 1995 specifi-
sulators. Naturally, epoxy resin insula-
folio of insulators used by railways (for
cally for meeting demands for middle
tors are also produced but the company
mast switches, section insulators, fuse
voltage insulation solutions of electrici-
is mostly specialized in the production
carriers, etc.).
ty companies and power utilities. A con-
of silicon based composite insulators.
More see on page 35.
stant monitoring of market needs and a
fl exible adaptation to changing needs,
INNORAIL magazine is a specialized rail quarterly in Hungarian language that was founded with
the intention of positively fostering the present and future of railways in Hungary. Our objective is
to convey up-to-date knowledge to Hungarian experts by presenting design, construction, maintenance and operational experiences and results of scientific research as well by sharing even scientific articles of analyses related to the individual topics from Hungary and abroad.
According to our intentions, INNORAIL will also strengthen the objectives of the INNORAIL series of
conferences organized every second year by offering a forum for an exchange of views between various areas of expertise on railway infrastructure, for a discussion of practical issues and for presenting
innovative developments, tools and methods.
Between the INNORAIL conferences the periodical can provide an efficient tool for representatives of
the profession from Hungary and abroad to present opportunities for development and self-training.
Our permanent columns are as follows:
• Transport policy
• Infrastructure construction and management
• Rails in cities
• Structures
• Telecommunications, signalling, traffic control,
energy supply, catenaries and lighting technology
• Rolling stock development, operation and maintenance
however, led to a significant development of the company.
The result of this remarkable development is the present technological level
of Nyír-Mix-Trade Ltd. that makes it possible for the company to also produce
Be present on the Hungarian rail market,
and supply East European rail networks
with composite insulators considered
most modern under the current market
write professional articles or advertise in INNORAIL magazine!
conditions, besides the power utilities.
Mr. András Pásztor, Managing Director,
highlighted the following features of
the company’s operations: composite
Contact: Innorail Kiadó és Konferencia Kft. (Innorail Publishing and Conference Ltd.)
insulator production has a c. 12 years
history with the company. These up-to-
borito.indd 2
Ágnes Balla
Managing Director
E-mail: [email protected]
Balázs Andó
Marketing Manager
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +3630 577 2439
2014.09.16. 17:40
Railway Engineering in Hungary
Companies in the spotlight offering
More see on page 9.
borito.indd 1
their products, services and skill
2014.09.16. 17:40

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