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Leaders Guide
2016 Pumpkin Chuckin Camporee
Quail Hill Scout Reservation
October 14 - October 16, 2016
The Monmouth Council Activity Committee reserves the right to change or
modify the contents of this guide at any time.
2016 Pumpkin Chuckin Leaders Guide
Scoutmasters, Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders, Crew Advisors and Crew members,
The Pumpkin Chuckin Camporee will be held at Quail Hill Scout Reservation from Friday, October 14th, through
Sunday, October 16th. You are welcomed to invite Webelos to join your Troop for this event.
How to Register
It is important that you pre-register for this event as soon as possible to ‘Hold your Spot’, To do this you will
need to visit the Monmouth Council website (www.monmouthbsa.org). Click on Activities Tab, scroll to Boy Scout
activities, scroll down to “Pumpkin Chuckin Camporee Registration” then Log on to Tentaroo and select Pumpkin
Chunkin Fall Camporee, at this point you will need to enter an estimated roster and pay a $25 holding fee that will
be credited to your final fees.
Final Headcounts and $10 per Scout/Adult fees are due September 30 by 5pm so we can obtain the most
accurate count of Scouts attending for the purchasing of materials needed for the activities.
If paid Oct 1st -Oct 12th by 5pm, the fee will be $13 per Scout/Adult. No exceptions!
If don’t register and pay for your Troop until the day of the event (Oct 13th ) you will pay $15 per Scout/Adult at the
Check-In desk, at which time we will do our best to work your Troop in the events rotation schedule, but it’s not
(Please note just because you have pre-registered to ‘Hold your Spot’, the date fees for attending are based on the
day of your final payment)
Please send one leader to the Check-In desk. At Check-in your Troops will be assigned camping areas. Please do
not arrive before 5:00 p.m. on Friday as campsites will not be available until then. Your Troop Roster (see roster at
end of this guide) will be collected at check-in and must include all scouts and adults attending and number of
patrols. Wristbands will be issued at check-in for all attendees (Scouts and adults). We will be issuing passports for
each patrol. They will use the passport to determine their scheduled sequence of activities as well as their scores for
each challenge.
Mandatory Requirement
Your support is necessary to ensure a successful event. Every Troop attending the camporee is expected to assist in
running this event. All units attending are requested to adopt one of the challenges (activities) or duties (parking
etc.) at our camporee. You will be supplied with all materials to setup the stations at your challenge as well as a
detailed instruction guide explaining the rules, setup and scoring. The sooner you volunteer the better prepared you
will be. To sign up for a Challenge or duty go to: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4eabaa23a1fb6-2016
As additional duties or stations are needed, sign up list may change.
There will be a campfire Saturday evening 8:00pm. We will have a PA system so that everyone that attends
can hear recognition given to the winners from the day.
Please come out and join us for a weekend of great fun!!! We look forward to seeing all of you at the Camporee!!
-Monmouth Council Activities Committee
Pumpkin Chuckin Monmouth Council Fall Camporee 2016
Rules and Regulations
Camp Code:
The Scout Oath and Law will be the law of the camp.
Dress Code:
The dress code for the weekend must be weather appropriate, so please pack accordingly.
Sturdy boots are highly recommended. NO open toed shoes will be allowed. Class A is
not required, Class B is recommended.
Must be worn at all times.
Half barrels only will be permitted for cooking or a fire. If you need a half barrel,
please get one from behind Lawrence lodge. (One per Unit) No ground fires are
Generators are not allowed for unit use.
Cooking Fuel:
Use wood, charcoal, or pressurized as fuel in preparation of meals.
In the interest of conservation, charcoal is recommended and encouraged.
Pressurized Fuels:
The use of either high or low-pressure lanterns or stoves must be in accordance
with current council policy.
Use of Water:
Water sources are only for filling water containers. They are not to be used for
personal hygiene, washing or rinsing dishes, or washing clothes.
Tent Ditching:
“Proper pitching avoids ditching.” Digging ditches around tents is strictly
Each unit must take their trash home with them when they leave.
No person under the age of 18 is allowed to use tobacco products.
All adult smokers are encouraged to refrain from smoking around the Scouts
during the weekend. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Early Arrivals:
Those persons not on staff that arrive prior to 5:00 pm will be asked to wait.
Early Departures:
Units needing an early departure on Sunday should make prior arrangements with
the Camporee Administrative Staff and follow the rules listed below in Sunday
Sunday Departures:
You must have a Camporee official check your campsite before you are released
to leave. Upon approval of your clean campsite, you will receive the envelope
containing the Camporee patches for your unit. Your half barrel has to be put in
the collection spot. All ash must be put in the cans marked ASH.
Sheath knives, alcohol, fireworks, fire-arms, and non-medically
prescribed drugs are strictly prohibited.
Cutting Through Campsites:
Please do not pass through other unit's campsites, there will be
walkways clearly marked out. A scout is courteous, kind, and
obedient to name a few. Please be considerate.
All Staff members need to have a current 2016 Health Form with sections A & B
filled out and signed. Please bring it with you to the Camporee.
Be sure EVERY Scout and adult has a current BSA Medical Form. Keep copies in
your Troop binder.
Check the forms before leaving on every outing. Don’t just assume that they are all
there… Have the Troop leader bring the binder.
On all outings, have an Adult take charge of ALL youth medications (in original
containers), keep secured, and dispense as prescribed.
Medic Information
Medic can be found at Devlin Lodge
Pumpkin Chuckin Camporee
Pumpkin throwing/catapults
Pole Raising
Walking Trestle
Stretcher Relay
Match Splitting
Bow Saw Relay
2 Man Saw Competition
Crossing the River
3 Man Sling Shot
Obstacle Course
Kim's Game
Timber Hitch Drag
Frisbee Golf
Pumpkin Cook Off
Orienteering Course
Tomahawk Throwing
Knife Throwing
Pumpkin Carving Contest
Gateway Contest
Official Rules for Challenges
All Supplies will be provided for the challenges with the exception of the Catapult, Pumpkins for Carving, Gateway
Materials and Pumpkin Cook-off.
Watch us chunk, throw, fling, shoot, hurl, chuck, lob, and let fly hundreds of pumpkins. The scout
patrols will be launching their catapult. Registration is required to ensure we have enough
Pumpkin will be provided by council (Only the provided pumpkin can be used with no
Material needed by scout team:
- A basic designed catapult such Trebuchet, Torsion, Ballista, Mangone.
(see below for regulations)
Two Patrol Flags are required: Teams must bring two flags to add to the visual
spectacle. One flag will be placed by the team's catapult. The other flag will be placed at
the team's best throw. This will allow spectators to see who is winning during the three
launches. (flag dowel height should not exceed 2ft)
• For every 10 scouts the unit registers they will be eligible to enter one catapult
(example: 38 Scouts up to 3 catapults entered). If you have less than 10 scouts you can
still enter one catapult.
• Troop/Patrol group participation is required.
• An adult mentor is permitted to assist in the construction only when and if necessary. It is
recommended to preassemble prior to bringing to camp so that you can make sure the
catapult functions correctly.
Best of 3 launches for the maximum distance (trophies award to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd)
****It is highly recommended the troop/patrol test the catapults prior to the event.
Catapult (cont’d)
• Patrols must be able to carry it to launch site; assistance can be provided if necessary
• The important factor is the counter balance weight cannot exceed 100 lbs. This
is for safety.
Catapults must be cocked manually by the Scouts, no winches will be permitted.
Machine shall consist of springs, cords, rubber, dead weights, or other mechanical means of
creating a stored energy (no air pistons, compressors, power air, etc.).Height of catapult
including throwing arm fully extended (the un-cocked height, straight up in the air) may not
exceed limit of 72” high. The sling and cocking mechanism is not included in the height.
No digging into the ground is allowed (like a pit for the counterweight to fall further). You
may use the ground to stake the catapult to prevent rocking. Ropes, wires or straps are also
allowed. This is encouraged again for safety reasons.
There is no advantage given to catapult that are under weight or under height.
All catapults must have a safety device (like a C-clamp) to stop the throwing arm from firing
prematurely during loading of the projectile. Another excellent safety device is a support
which can be placed directly under the counterweight, preventing it from falling. The safety
committee will determine if the trebuchet is safe. If the trebuchet is deemed not safe, the
safety committee will make every effort to help the team make it safe, time permitting.
Once the counterweight is lifted, the catapult is dangerous. Be careful not to put hands, feet
or any body part in the potential path of the throwing arm or counterweight. Put the safety on
immediately after the counterweight is lifted (before loading the sling, etc.)!
All catapults will be inspected before firing and must pass the inspection to fire.
Pole Raising
Six scout team; judged on time
There is a 5 m pole in a 10m circle with one end of the pole touching the edge of the circle. You
have 30m ropes. Without entering the circle, erect the pole in the center of the circle.
Walking Trestle
Using materials provided the Patrol builds a trestle (the competition staff will dictate whether it
is an “A” Frame or a “H” Frame). One member of the Patrol rides on the trestle while the
remainder of the Patrol walk it to a mark about 25 feet away, around the mark, and walk it back
to the start point. At the start the Patrol may organize the materials anyway they like except no
part of the materials shall be over the start line and no ropes or spar maybe touching any other
rope or spar. The clock stops when all the parts of the trestle are over the start line and free of all
other parts of the trestle. If the rider falls off the trestle they must go back to the start line or the
turn mark, whichever they passed last, and begin again. If the trestle fails, the Patrol is
disqualified. This is a timed event. Fastest time wins.
Stretcher Relay
Using the materials provided including two 8 foot 2x3s, two 3 to 4 foot 2x3s, four 6 foot lashing
lines, and one 50 foot (or two 25 foot) lacing lines, construct a lashed stretcher, load a victim on
it, carry the victim through a designated course, return the victim to the start disassemble the
stretcher, and make up all lines. This is a timed event. Lowest time wins. The weight of the
victim and difficulty of the carry course should be selected according to the age and experience
of the Scouts. Generally, two duffel bags, each with about 30-40 pounds of sand, makes a good
victim. A mark of approximately 25 feet away is a good run.
Match Splitting
Supplies provided: 1 hatchet, 1 wooden block with 10 holes for wooden matches, wooden
matches. Instructions: Scouts will be given 1 minute to split as many matches as possible.
Match does not need to be fully split. One point is awarded for each match split.
Bow Saw Relay
Patrols will be timed on how long it takes them to cut 5 disk off of the log. Patrol members will
start at the starting point and two team members will run over once the clock has been started,
one team member will cut and one to stabilize the log. Once the section has been fully cut they
will run back pass the starting point and two more members will duplicate what just took place
until all 5 sections have been cut. This event will be judged on time.
2 Man Saw Competition
The patrol will need to cut two disk off of the log and must choose 4 members of their patrol to
do so. This will be a timed event.
Crossing the River
The goal is to move your entire patrol across a stretch of river using only the
provided materials. You must not step foot in the river and you must bring all of
your supplies with you to the other side nothing can be left behind (leave no trace).
3 Man Sling Shot
Your patrol will be given 10 projectiles to attempt to hit as many targets as you can. It will be up
to the patrol to decide who takes place in this event. Targets are given a point value based on
Obstacle Course
This is an individual event and is scored by time.
Kim's Game
Your patrol will be given one minute to look at several items and will be scored on
the amount that they can correctly write down in 1 minute.
Timber Hitch Drag
Your patrol must tie a timber hitch around the log and drag it to the finish point.
This will be a timed event.
Frisbee Golf
Patrols will play a round of Frisbee Golf with the lowest score being the winner.
Patrol members should take turns.
Pumpkin Cook Off
The main ingredient in your dish must be pumpkin, canned or fresh. Entries will be
judged on taste and creativity. Entries must be cooked in campsites and turned in to
be judged at 4:30pm at Lawrence Lodge. Award will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3 Place.
Orienteering Course
Patrols will begin at the starting point and use the provided coordinates to locate
and obtain the proper identification markers. Points will be awarded for each
marker located in the proper order.
Tomahawk Throwing
Each Scout will be taught how to throw a tomahawk and given a chance to
practice throwing it. After the Scout has had a chance to practice, he will throw
three "hawks" for his score. The target is a cross-sectional area of a log from
18" to 24" in diameter (as big as the local area is able to provide). The target
will be set upon a tripod to help support the log and to steady the log when the
tomahawk hits it.
Throwing Knives
Throwing Knives will follow the basic Tomahawk Throwing listed above
Scout will learn the Quail Hill Range Safety rules and be taught how to safely
inspect and then to shoot the Bow and Arrow. After the Instructors lecture each
Scout will shoot one practice round and then a final scoring round. 1st, 2nd
and 3rd place Archery Awards will be awarded the Scouts with the highest
scores at the end of the day.
Scout will learn the Quail Hill Range Safety rules and be taught how to safely
inspect and then to shoot the BB gun. After the Instructors lecture each Scout
will shoot one practice round and then a final scoring round. 1st, 2nd and 3rd
place Archery Awards will be awarded the Scouts with the highest scores at the
end of the day.
Pumpkin Carving Contest
You purchase the pumpkin, carve it at home, and bring to 5:00pm at Lawrence
Lodge, where we will light the candle that is inside or turn on your battery
operated candle.
Gateway Contest
Each unit will design a theme-based gateway to their campsite which will be
judged on creativity and complexity. Everyone will be camping on the main
field. You may put PVC pipes in the ground to construct your vertical poles.
Points awarded 1-25. Gateway must be constructed by 10 AM Saturday
Camp Roster
EVENT: Pumpkin Chukin Camporee DATES: October 14th to October 16th, 2016
CAMP: Quail Hill Scout Reservation
will be assigned at Registration
UNIT #:_________________________
DISTRICT: _____________________
Total # of Patrols __________________
(NOTE: Please list Scouts by Patrols, include Webelos camping with your Troop)
Adult Name
(Minimum 2)
Cell Number
Email Address

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