300 Things To Do At UND Before You Graduate

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Things To Do
Before You Graduate
1. Make www.und.edu your homepage
2. Learn the words to the UND school song “Stand Up and Cheer!”
3. Get to know your advisor
4. People watch in the Memorial Union
5. Get at least one parking ticket on your vehicle
6. Attend a concert at the Chester Fritz Auditorium
7. Check out the glass ceiling in the Ryan Hall Atrium and look for your nation’s flag
8. Attend Cultural Night at the Loading Dock sponsored by the Office of International programs
9. Watch the Homecoming parade and game
10. Admire the holiday lights on University Avenue
11. Walk around the Soaring Eagle Sculpture and enjoy the prairie wildflowers
12. Exercise in the Student Wellness Center
13. Listen to a lecture in Gamble Hall, Room 1
14. Discover the story of the mysterious West Hall Ghost
15. Ice skate and play hockey or broomball on the frozen English Coulee
16. March in the “Take Back the Night” Rally
17. Rollerblade, skateboard, or bike with friends around campus
18. Sled down the giant snow piles in the campus parking lots
19. Take a picture in your underwear next to the temperature sign at the Chester Fritz Auditorium
when it’s below zero
20. View the mural painting in the Selke Hall tunnel
21. Walk the Fox Memorial Bridge between the Hughes Fine Arts Center and Twamley Hall
22. Yell like crazy at the Homecoming celebrations
23. Go to a men’s basketball game
24. Take a 1 credit physical education and wellness class
25. Direct traffic in the radar lab in Ryan Hall
26. Find the gnomes in Merrifield Hall
27. Pause for reflection at the Tribute to the Fallen near the Aldephi Fountain
28. Run around the track in the Memorial Stadium with friends
29. Spin in the spin room at the Student Wellness Center
30. Take a cooking class from the Culinary Corner
31. Visit an art exhibit at the North Dakota Museum of Art
300 Things to Do
Page 1
Attend the UND Wind Ensemble Concert
Eat in every dining center
Join a student organization
Run up to the 5th level of the parking ramp and take the elevator down
Star gaze at the UND Aerospace Planetarium
Get a 4.0 GPA for at least one of your semesters at UND
Study by the fireplace in the Student Wellness Center
Get 100% on an exam
Host a movie marathon with friends
Take advantage of free food at special events on campus
Walk through the Ina Mae Rude Entrepreneur Center and look at the art
Attend the UND Indian Association’s Time-Out Week and Wacipi (Powwow)
Dine in the North Dakota Museum of Art’s Café
Freeze your eyelids when you walk across campus in the winter
Play football or wiffleball in the Quad
Check out the Hopper-Danley Memorial Quiet Lounge in the Student Wellness Center
Audition for a student play or musical
Make cookies or a fun snack using the kitchenettes in the residence halls
Get your blood pressure checked at the Health and Wellness Hub
Check the time using the clock in the Quad
Visit Odegard Hall's and find the display about John D. Odegard, founder of School for
Aerospace Sciences
Check out a book at the Chester Fritz Library
Make sure you know how to access Student Health Services in McCannel Hall
Play pool in the lower level of the Memorial Union
Tour the anatomy displays in the lower level of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Walk through the gerbil tubes connecting the Aerospace buildings
Build a snowman in the Quad
Learn to ballroom dance
Take an art tour of the Chester Fritz Library and ask for the brochure
Serve as an officer in a student organization
Study in the Internet Café in the Memorial Union
Soak up the quiet as you study or read a book in the Chester Fritz Library Fishbowl
Tour the greenhouse in Starcher Hall
Visit the Music Library
Participate in the Involvement Expo in August and get loads of free stuff
Buy giant-sized gum from the Union bubblegum gas pump machine
Eat “Late Night” at Wilkerson
Get lost in Abbott Hall
Form a UND Relay for Life Team and participate in the April event
Make a wish at the Aldephi Fountain
Read about Sitting Bull and view the sculpture in front of the Ralph Engelstad Arena
Shake the UND President’s hand
Explore the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union
Buy "to go" food at the "to go" cafes in Wilkerson and Squires Halls
Tour the Gorecki Alumni Center and walk through the Hall of UND History
300 Things to Do
Page 2
Walk under the “Eternal” Flame in Old Main Plaza and read the names of past UND Presidents
Buy popcorn in the Memorial Union to support a student organization
Pick your favorite cereal from a cereal bar in one of the dining centers
Partake in a snowball fight outside of the residence halls
Move to the beat of the UND Steel Pan Band
Read the Gamble Hall sign that spells “University of North Dakota” in Hollerith code (old
computer punch card code)
83. Study outside and enjoy the sun
84. Venture to the 3rd floor of the Hyslop...the dance studio!
85. Visit the Student Government Office
86. Watch a theatre production in Burtness Theatre
87. Find the location of UND’s 100 year time capsule
88. Have your blood sugar checked at a health and wellness screening
89. Go to a UND volleyball game
90. Paint in the Hughes Fine Arts Center
91. Check the status of your stocks on streaming ticker tape outside the Lanterman Investment Center
located in Gamble Hall
92. Get a bird’s eye view of the stage from the balcony of the Chester Fritz Auditorium
93. Sweat in the Hyslop sauna
94. Cook at least one bowl of Ramen in your residence hall
95. Cheer with the pep band at a hockey game
96. Visit the Women’s Center Clothesline Project
97. Watch a UPC Movie in the Union
98. Pick up a FREE city bus pass at the Student Government office
99. Wear green to show your UND spirit
100. Take a nap in the Memorial Union
101. Go to a UND soccer game
102. Attend Moonlight Pizza
103. Order or try pizza from all the pizza places in Grand Forks
104. Show your spirit with the pep band at a football game
105. Visit the UND Art Collections Gallery at the Empire Arts Center
106. Eat soup on Fridays at the American Indian Student Center
107. Attend a live Studio One show
108. Check out equipment from the Lifetime Sports Center or the Wellness Center's Outpost Rentals
109. Experience an event sponsored by UPC
110. Wear shorts during the winter
111. Find the bronze buffalo in the Ina Mae Rude Entrepreneurial Center
112. Feel the carpeted walls in the large lecture room 301 in Merrifield Hall
113. Swim in the Olympic-sized swimming pool in the Hyslop Sports Center
114. Volunteer for The Big Event
115. Use the campus shuttle
116. Go to a womens’ basketball game
117. Watch the North Dakota Supreme Court hear cases in the UND Law School Baker Court
300 Things to Do
Page 3
118. Check out the Armory/ROTC building built in 1918 and used for commencement ceremonies
in the 1920s
119. Enjoy a cup of coffee at Stomping Grounds in both locations
120. Attend the Writer’s Conference
121. Visit the Hopper Danley Spiritual Center
122. Buy a hockey jersey
123. Find the oldest or smallest book in the Chester Fritz Library
124. Participate in Open Mic Night at the Loading Dock
125. Buy green and white mittens or winter cap to show your school spirit
126. Free printing available at the Multicultural Student Services Center
127. Go to a special holiday dinner at the dining centers
128. Receive a piece of candy from Dr. Doug Munski
129. Sit in on a Student Senate meeting
130. Tailgate before a football game
131. Eat at the Old Main Marketplace on campus
132. View the fossils in Leonard Hall
133. Walk around the Celebration Wall along the English Coulee
134. Watch the Pride of the North Marching Band
135. Put at least one UND sticker on your car
136. Enjoy a UND Choir concert
137. Attend the concerts at Springfest in University Park
138. Attend one of the Film Festivals offered on campus during the year
139. Attend the Winter wUNDerland of Music event sponsored by the Music Department
140. Scrape the frost off your windows with your ID or a credit card
141. Get a free newspaper from the readership program
142. Walk through the UND Hall of History at the Gorcki Alumni Center
143. See and read about the model locomotive built by engineering students in the 1920s
144. During finals week study at the library until it closes
145. Get UND Men’s Hockey season tickets
146. Jumpstart your car during the winter
147. Participate in the Etiquette Luncheon sponsored by Career Services
148. Tour “The Ralph”
149. Attend Welcome Weekend events
150. Check out the Student Financial Wellness web page for student discounts
151. Sit on “Gertrude,” a bench donated by the Class of 1909
152. Have dinner at the President’s house
153. Visit the Medical Library and check out the antique medical instruments on display
154. Attend the Feast of Nations
155. Watch a movie on the lawn with the Association of Residence Hall's inflatable movie screen
156. Wear pajamas to class
157. Eat leftover pizza
158. Wear a fun costume or outfit to an athletic event
159. Use a tutor from the Student Success Center
160. Make s’mores on a grill in University Park
161. Play racquetball in the Hyslop Sports Center
162. “Rock the Wall” at the UND Student Wellness Center, it's free with your student membership
300 Things to Do
Page 4
163. Do the “air drum” during the song, "In The Air Tonight" at a hockey game
164. Visit the Writing Center and get help with a paper
165. Visit the Math Learning Center
166. Check out the “Persistence” sculpture in the Quad and find out its meaning
167. Use all your Dining Dollars before the academic year ends
168. Be a marshall at commencement
169. Study or grab a coffee at the Archives Coffeeshop
170. Rent a tandem bike from the Lifetime Sports Center and ride around campus
171. Take a haunted tour of campus
172. Visit the Law Library
173. Stand outside in the hockey line to get "near the glass" seats
174. Take advantage of the $1 hot chocolates at the UND Bookstore before hockey games
175. Take a course in the SCALE-UP classroom
176. Stay after a UND Football game to view the 5th quarter marching band performance
177. Go to the Forensic Science Club’s Haunted Lab on the 4th floor of O’Kelly Hall at Halloween
178. Slip and fall at least once on the icy sidewalks
179. Sit on the wonderful comfy brown couches in the Internet Café
180. Ponder what the coulee is actually composed of
181. Walk around the celebration fountain at night
182. Find the oldest building on campus and look for the remnants of the Grand Forks trolley
183. Find the location of UND’s 125 year time capsule
184. Find the only 1 cent gum ball machine on campus.
185. Don’t litter…keep a green and clean campus.
186. Help with the English Coulee clean-up project
187. Take a picture with the blue moose at the Blue Moose
190. See the city of Grand Forks by air
191. Eat a grinder at the original Red Pepper at 1:45 am - just before it closes
192. Play Frisbee golf in Lincoln Park or in the East Grand Forks Park
193. Eat fries at the Potato Bowl French Fry Feed
194. Visit the Sertoma Japanese Gardens and Sertoma Park
195. Do the time warp at the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Empire Arts Center
196. View the Forks and Flood Records monument along the Red River near downtown
197. Get your picture with the giant bra on 2nd Avenue North
198. Walk on the Grand Forks Greenway
199. Bike the Grand Forks Greenway
200. Golf at the Ray Richard’s Golf Course
201. Check out the fossils in Leonard Hall
202. Go to Witmer Hall and look through the historic displays of technology and lab equipment
203. Get the cheesy biscuits from Red Lobster
204. Visit Widman’s Candy Store and buy a box of chippers
205. Sample foods at Sam’s Club on sample day
206. Get lost in Grand Forks, explore, and find your way back home
207. Eat the T-Rex pizza while on the roof of Rhombus Guys Pizza
208. Get a free birthday dinner from Paradiso
209. Get free popcorn from the Ground Round
300 Things to Do
Page 5
Get stuck on 42nd Avenue waiting for a train
Go tubing in Red Lake Falls
Try the Blazin’ Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings
Go to Dakota Harvest and try their huge caramel rolls
Attend the Potato Bowl Parade
Watch fireworks on the Greenway at First Night activities December 31
People watch during the late hours at Walmart
Go garbage bag sledding on the sledding hill at Lincoln Park
Help sandbag during flood season
Go to the Jason Stadstad Arena in Manvel and take advantage of skating and play hockey for
free in an indoor rink
Go to The Kegs, an old-fashioned drive-in and try their famous sloppy joes
Order a sandwich from Jimmy John’s before they close at 3 AM on a Friday night
Go to a midnight movie at the River Cinema Theatre in East Grand Forks
Ride the city bus
Go to the farmer’s market downtown at the Town Square
Eat the all-you-can-eat pancakes at Gramma Butterwick’s
View the holiday lights in Lincoln park
Go to the Canad Inn waterpark on a Wednesday night for college night
Visit the Grand Forks Historical Society at the Myra Museum
Go to the butterfly garden in East Grand Forks
Go bowling
Go fishing at Turtle River State Park
Go to the air show at the Grand Forks Air Force Base
Visit Home of Economy
Play bingo at the Bingo Palace
Go to a race at the River Cities Speedway
Eat dinner at Whitey’s, a restaurant opened in 1930 and remodeled after the flood of 1997
Visit the Cabela’s in East Grand Forks and look for the giant fish tank
Visit Heritage Village in East Grand Forks
Eat at Sander’s 1907
Take the Amtrak somewhere
Fly out of the Grand Forks International Airport
Participate in Karaoke Night or Trivia Night at Rhombus Guys
Get a cup of coffee from Urban Stampede
Vote in a local or national election
Eat as much bread as you can at the Texas Roadhouse
Explore the world on a spring break trip with your friends
Invest in a warm winter coat
Volunteer for a Pay It Forward Tour
Study abroad
Attend a post-season athletic event
Enjoy the Grand Fork’s summer sun
Visit Winnipeg or another city in Canada
Visit Medora, North Dakota during the summertime
Travel to an away UND athletics event
300 Things to Do
Page 6
Go to a drive-in movie in Warren
Attend a Great Conversation event and ask a question
Attend a UND Art Collections art opening at the Empire Arts Center
Consider getting involved in student government
Go home with a friend
Celebrate a holiday with a friend
Go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Take a cheap flight using Allegiant Air
Use the Jefferson Bus Line
Visit the zen den at the Student Wellness Center
Stay warm in the winter by walking through the tunnels
Enjoy the Potato Bowl parade
Check out the Loading Dock for many free events during the year
Help weed the Soaring Eagle Prairie Garden
Try cross country skiing on the trail starting from the Student Wellness Center
Walk by the original Carnegie Library built in 1908
Find the hole-y rock near Babcock Hall
Discover the Sites 2 C at UND by going to http://www.und.edu/sites2see/
Watch the ducks float along on the English Coulee and count their babies in the spring
View the UND Art Collections satellite galleries across campus
Stop at the statue of George Walsh to discover how UND came to be in Grand Forks
Dance with the three muses at the Adelphi Fountain
Sit in the couch potatoes near the North Dakota Museum of Art
Search for explorer, Carl Ben Eielson’s fur parka
Find the sidewalk to nowhere
Locate the buildings for the former Wesley College acquired by UND in 1965
Discover the 66 million year old skull of a triceratops
Walk the labyrinth in the Student Wellness Center
Locate the first building designated as the Medical Science Building
Notice the similarities in the buildings designed by architect, Joseph Bell DeRemer (Merrifield,
Babock, Gustafson, J. Lloyd Stone Alumni Center)
284. Visit the ROTC Building (Armory) and note the motto and logo in the patio outside the
285. Discover the chair used by Norwegian Crown Prince Olav in UND’s 1939 commencement
286. Determine where the North Dakota Entrepreneur Hall of Fame is located
287. Visit the building known as “The Heart of Campus”
288. Imagine telling time on the Armillary Sphere, the sundial between Twamley Hall and Babcock
289. Visit the “green family” residing on the back side of the North Dakota Museum of Art
290. Like us on UND's Facebook page
291. Play an intermural sport
292. Take a walking tour of downtown Grand Forks and study the architecture of the older buildings
along the way
293. Go to the Career Fair to help in your job search and find out about intern possibilities
300 Things to Do
Page 7
Read about the history of UND on the storyboards located on the first floor of Twamley Hall
Ride the city trolley bus
Read The Dakota Student
Attend an opening art exhibition in the Col. Eugene E. Myers Art Gallery in the Hughes Fine
Arts Center
Take advantage of all the student services available to you – Student Success Center, Student
Health, Counseling Center, and Disability Services.
Attend the Grad Expo to help you prepare to graduate
300. Graduate and participate in commencement!
Updated: October 15, 2014
300 Things to Do
Page 8

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