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Data sheet
BT Cloud Compute
The power to build your own cloud solutions
to serve your specific business needs
BT Cloud Compute is the next generation for On Demand Compute: a self-serve cloud service
allowing you to request, deploy and manage your own public and private infrastructure, including
virtual machines, networks and storage. You get the resources and expertise to quickly put in place
a complete cloud solution to meet the day-to-day challenges of your business.
Key Benefits
• Cost efficiency. Pay only for what you use; your costs are aligned
to your business needs, and you could reduce them by
up to 40%
• Faster, more agile. Adapt your service and respond to new
challenges in seconds; deploy new applications as you
need them
• Enterprise-class security. Offers resilience and assured availability
at 99.95%
• Enhanced service levels. Complete end-to-end solution that puts
your needs first; it’s about service, rather than reliance
on hardware
• Cloud flexibility and scalability. Scale your public and private clouds
to match your changing needs, and bring in new applications as you
need them
• Environmentally efficient. Virtualisation technology means less
space required, less power consumed and fewer emissions produced
• Global service, delivered locally. Global service using local
infrastructure and support desks in key regions. You know where
your data is hosted at all times and you can communicate and
contract under the jurisdiction of the local law helping you meet
compliance and assurance requirements
Cloud Compute offers you all the advantages and reassurances of
one of the world’s most extensively connected range of network
cloud services. It can be scaled globally, yet remains directly focused
on your local business requirements.
BT Compute
It can be integrated and managed across hybrid environments,
addressing private and public needs. Cloud Compute also allows you
to employ the specific advanced technology that best benefits your
organisation, offering more operational efficiency and better value
from your capital spend. It removes complexity and provides the
highest levels of choice, flexibility and control, as well as enterpriseclass security.
With the growing challenges and opportunities presented by the
emergence of a global services market, Cloud Compute gives you the
power to launch your own business-specific service quickly, reliably
and cost effectively.
Cloud Compute service features
Offering a range of availability zones, including public and private
service offerings and geographical location.
• Self-service: Built and managed through the portal or API interface
• Dashboard: Provides an overview of the running virtual machines,
resources used, and cost
• Catalogue: Used to select configurations and services
• Automation: Ability to dynamically provision virtual machines,
make changes and close down virtual machines as required
• Hardware: Includes blades, storage, firewalls and load balancers,
organised into different geographical availability zones
BT Cloud Compute
The power to build your own cloud solutions to serve your specific business needs
Why BT
Network is dependent upon the availability zone being used. The
majority of services will be using Internet and/or MPLS.
• Global scale, local focus. Expanding our services across the world,
yet providing local services to help you exploit new cloud services
for your specific needs
• Internet access: Fully resilient with pay as you use pricing
• Load balancing: Service supports creation of a load balanced pool
of servers using (VIP) addresses – multiple algorithms available
• Virtual LANs (vLANs): By default, only one network (Primary
Network) will be present which is firewalled; additional ‘private’
networks (virtual LANs) are supported
Server provisioning
You can select attributes for each virtual machine, modify some of the
attributes, and copy attributes to create another
virtual machine.
• Hypervisor: Service supports a number of different hypervisors
• Operating system: System options are presented as templates,
displayed with a corresponding description
• Customer images: You can choose to upload your own operating
system image. Any previous images uploaded can also be selected
and found under ‘My templates’
• Virtual machine type: Deploy virtual machines with a range of CPU
and RAM options available hourly, monthly or annual
• Delivering professional services to any size organisation.
Managing thousands of smalll, medium and large enterprises,
in both the private and public sectors
• More investment. More than $1 billion of IT services acquisitions
from 2005 to 2009; multi-million dollar investment in cloud
services since launch in 2009
• Recognised for innovation. Winner of the 2011 Global Telecoms
Business Innovation Award for Cloud Services; and winner of the
Best Project in Iaas category at Computerwoche’s Best in
Cloud 2011
• Enterprise-class service. Helping enterprise customers make the
transition to cloud, including hosting for the UK Olympics; and NHS
Spine, one of the world’s largest transactional databases
BT Cloud Compute: key features
• Service availability: 99.95%, dynamic provisioning, 24/7 with local
service desks
• Storage (Disk attributes): When building a virtual machine, you can
add disks to support your applications and data
• Access options: Portal, multi-lingual and multi-currency, open API,
role-based access
• Snap shot backup: Means you can take a point-in-time ‘copy’ of
your entire virtual machine
• Architecture: Multi-availability zones across public and
private resources
• Security: Role-based access, virtual security appliance,
port forwarding
Security is set at the availability zone, with options dependent on the
availability zone being used.
• Virtual security application: Allows you to create access control list
or port forwarding rules
Common services
Includes Domain Name Server (DNS) and Network Time
Protocol (NTP)
In-life management
• Virtual machine management: From the dashboard, you can select
an individual virtual machine and stop, start, restart it and destroy
• Remote management: There are 3 methods of access, console
using a browser, Virtual Private Network, or alternatively public
access using common clients such as Remote Desktop Protocol,
Secure Shell etc.
Offices worldwide
The services described in this publication are subject
to availability and may be modified from time to time.
Services and equipment are provided subject to British
Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions
of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part
of any contract.
© British Telecommunications plc 2012
Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ
Registered in England No: 1800000
PHME 64764
• Integration: Active directory and LDAP supported
• Network: Load balanced, multi VLAN, WAN connectivity available,
virtual routing
• Commercial: Flexible pricing per hour, per month, or per annum
• OS supported: Microsoft, Linux, customer generated templates,
ISO images
• Hypervisors supported: VMware, Citrix
If you’d like to discover more about how Cloud
Compute can bring the power of the cloud to your
specific business operations, please visit http://www. or
contact your Account Manager.

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