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Are you ready? Your Next Step: Granada, Nicaragua Ÿ July 3-­‐10, 2016 Granada, Nicaragua Ÿ July 3-­‐10, 2016 Who? Service-­‐minded individuals of all ages and backgrounds from across the U.S. What? Building homes for families that work in the garbage dump; becoming immersed in local culture, building relationships, growing spiritually and seeing beautiful sites like Lake Nicaragua and Colonial Granada Why? Because a home is more than walls and a roof: it’s safety, security, and well being for those that need it most. (see inside of brochure for more details) How much? Price includes: Personal expenses (not included): Cost per person: Call or Email to RSVP and receive your application today Summer Service Immersion Round-­‐trip airfare, ground transportation in Nicaragua, housing, most meals, translators Passport, snacks, souvenirs, airport exit tax, vaccinations $1,950 Due to International Samaritan by: Dec. 3, 2015 •
$500 deposit Application and passport copy •
1 payment -­‐ $900 Feb. 3, 2st016 June 3, 2016 •
2nd payment -­‐ $550 Katie Beasley International Service Coordinator [email protected] (734) 222-­‐0701, Ext. 1009 Sarah D aniel International Program Assistant [email protected] (734) 222-­‐0701, Ext. 1013 International Samaritan 803 N. Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 A volunteer and a local community member help build a home for a family of garbage dump workers in Granada, Nicaragua. 2
Why build a house? It’s more than just walls and a roof. New homes built by our volunteers lead to: ü Improvement in sleep and breathing among children ü Decreased frequency of colds ü Increased motivation and pride in schoolwork ü Improved security, with fewer robberies and rapes ü 10-­‐20% increase in family income Source: Research by Mark Brahier, Notre Dame University. July 2015. Granada, Nicaragua. “Teach us to give and not to count the cost.” -­‐St. Ignatius of Loyola Our History In 1994, Fr. Don Vettese, SJ led a group of high school students in volunteer service p rojects at an orphanage in Guatemala City. After a day of service with the orphans, the group’s bus b ecame stuck in a traffic jam. The driver then took a detour, leading them down a road through the city garbage dump. Outside their windows, students witnessed children rummaging for food and adults scavenging through massive p iles of trash for items that could be recycled and then sold. Burning trash and tire smoke filled the air. Imploring the driver to stop the vehicle, the young men got out and could not believe the stench of rotten food and raw sewage that surrounded them. After witnessing the horrific conditions of the landfill community the volunteers wanted to do more, and from their initiative International Samaritan was born. Before Today, International Samaritan is dedicated to serving the “least of God’s people” living next to garbage dumps in conditions of extreme poverty through housing, education, nutrition, child care, microfinance and scholarship programs in countries around the world. During After 

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