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ISE and Infor XA Update
March 2014
Infor XA User Group Conference
Infor Communities
Inforum 2014
New Infor XA PCM Apply Process
Infor Customer Satisfaction Initiative
ISE IBM Power Systems Certifications
IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative
Infor XA Summit Week
Infor Work Is Beautiful Campaign
ISE Web Education
Customer Success – 90 Day Infor XA R9 Implementation
Paper-Less Corner
ISE Lunch & Learn Series - 2014 Calendar
ISE Webinars
Infor XA WEBseries 2014
Infor XA User Group Conference, Dallas, March 12 – 13
Infor Update from the initial XA User Group meeting held in Dallas on March 12 and 13.
Greetings to our XA user community. ISE just returned from the first XA User Group
conference. The goal of this meeting was to gather information and initiate a formal XA
user group community, independent from Infor, run by XA customers, with Infor support
and sponsorship. Nine XA customers have volunteered to form and manage the XA User
Toni Kennedy, Global Director, Customer Programs, came to Infor as part of the Lawson
acquisition last year. She led the user group community at Lawson, and is now extending
that role to other Infor solutions. She has a very structured approach, and we are
confident we’ll see an active and beneficial user group starting as a result of this meeting.
Beyond core user group functions, the user group will serve as an advisory board with
direct access to Infor Executive and Product Management teams. All GOOD! We expect
more communications from the user group as its charter is defined, and active
participation grows.
The conference was attended by 110 Infor XA customers, Channel Partners and Solution
Partners. Jack Bullock gave an informative opening session and over the two days, there
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
were 37 breakout sessions plus 16 people attended the 2 day hands-on ION technical
training class. A little fun was had with the St. Patrick’s Day dinner and Family Feud
game. Some of the key presentations included:
Infor 10x, Ming.le, Product Configuration Management, Supply Chain Execution, XA
Roadmap, 7 Solution Partner products, XA hosting, Enterprise Performance Management
and Business Analytics, new Infor financials…
Presentations will be available on the Infor Community website. See information below
on Infor Communities.
Other News.
Infor is now a $2.7 billion company and projected to be over $3 billion in FY14. The
System i team inside Infor is over 1,000 people, and represents 20+% of Infor revenue.
In 2013, Infor added more than 3,000 new customers, and more that 1,200 go-lives of
new ERP implementations. Infor also has more than 3 million cloud subscribers.
The Infor 10x certified version of XA will be available in the coming weeks. Final internal
approvals should occur in late March. Note that this is NOT XA 10, but a version of XA 9
that will be certified to work with Ming.le and the enhanced ION interface (called SoHo),
that will allow you to launch XA NetLink directly from SoHo. There will be no pressure for
you to move to SoHo, but as more and more functions are added to Ming.le and ION,
those functions should provide good reasons to move forward.
Infor will continue to offer PCM based enhancements for XA 9.x. It is likely that soon after
the 10x version is offered, and PCM level release will be offered, and that PCM release
will be XA 9.2
Our requests of Infor to “Finish PowerLink” have been heard. Beyond 10X requirements,
primary focus on XA development through 2014 will be on PowerLink functions that are
missing now. That includes the Enterprise Financials suite that all Flex customers can
move to for no additional software costs, and includes GL, AP, AR and cash. Infor is
actively working on migration projects for both IFM and AM data.
Infor BI. For those of you who have invested in PM10 Corporate Performance
Management or BI, you are well positioned as these tools will serve as the foundation for
Infor 10X certified BI tools. They will incorporate the full CPM tools for budgeting,
consolidations and financial reporting, but out-of-the box OLAP cubes for sales, finance
and production. These tools will be available in the 10X version mentioned above, and
require the BI stack to be in place.
Hosted and Cloud based XA. Infor has partnered with Abacus to offer fully hosted XA
solutions, for both existing and new XA customers. Many options and service levels are
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
available. Barry-Wehmiller is one of Infor’s largest XA customers and is fully hosted
through Abacus.
Infor Community
Infor has created Infor Customer Communities to support customer communications,
networking and information sharing. There are two types: Customer Groups and
Industry Councils. If you Register in the Customer Groups and become a member of the
Infor XA group, you will have access to Infor XA customers and discussions.
Inforum 2014
Sept. 15 -18 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Registration will open in early March. You can look forward to the same prices as
last year! Don't miss these significant registration periods to take advantage of the
best pricing:
Early Early Bird is $1,095 thru May 23
Early Bird is $1,695 thru July 18
Regular is $1,895
Onsite is $2,095
Inforum 2014 call for papers is now open—Share your Infor success story and functional
Do you have a compelling story about how your organization is using Infor products or
cutting-edge implementations of Infor technology? There is no better source of
information than the people who use our products on a daily basis—our customers.
Inforum 2014 is about providing the knowledge, tools, and best practices to help
accelerate your business. Infor’s annual event is a must-attend user exchange, providing
in-depth technical education, one-on-one discussions with product and industry experts,
and peer-to-peer learning, sharing, and networking.
Infor and your peers want to hear from you.
Submit your session proposal and help educate your industry colleagues at Inforum 2014.
Accepted proposals will be promoted in the conference catalog and presented at Inforum
2014. If your proposal is accepted, you may receive a complimentary registration pass for
the conference. The customer call for papers closes May 20, 2014.
For more information about the Call for Papers process, please email
[email protected]
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
New Infor PCM Apply Process
Infor has recently changed the process by which many of the XA code updates are
performed. Instead of requiring a release upgrade (i.e. – XA6-to-XA7.7 or XA7.8-toXA9.1), they are releasing relatively significant code updates as part of PCMs (or “dot”
releases). As a result, some of the rules of the road are changing with regard to how we
do PCM/PTF updates.
Quite often, when a customer is at a PTF level that is NOT the most current level, and
they want to install individual PTFs, we end up chasing prerequisites, and prerequisites to
the prerequisites, etc., until we have such a long list of individual PTFs that it becomes
too cumbersome, and sometimes too risky, to proceed. This is a common occurrence
when you are not current on PCMs, and Infor will strongly recommend at that point that
you get the latest PCM applied first.
As a result of the changes in Infor’s approach, as well as our recent experience with
customer and ISE environments, our recommendations are aligned with Infor’s: stay as
current as realistically possible with your PCM levels.
Infor has made some changes in their recommendations regarding the actual PCM apply
process as well. The key point is that, even if you are applying a PCM to a test
environment that is not a shared environment (common program library), you need to
have everyone out of all XA environments before beginning that apply process. This is
necessary in order to avoid conflicts with objects that still reside in a shared library
(AMCESLIB and AMCESSQL), and may be replaced by the PCM apply process.
If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact ISE for guidance.
Infor Customer Satisfaction Initiative
Infor has contracted with an independent firm to conduct biannual customer satisfaction
surveys of Infor customers. The survey will focus on topics such as support
responsiveness, quality of communication, expertise, professionalism, timeliness of
resolution, and quality of resolution provided.
ISE IBM Power Systems Certifications
Tom Bell and Tony Fleischman just completed their IBM Power Systems and IBMi Sales
and Technical Sales recertification exams to maintain their IBM Power Systems and IBMi
Certified Specialist status.
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative
Are you looking for more IBM i resources and skills? IBM has an initiative to promote the
skills development of IBM i at colleges and universities.
IBM has an initiative to increase the awareness and education of students about Power
Systems, including IBM i. IBM is providing educators with the resources and tools they
need to teach Power Systems technology in their schools. They will also help establish
connections for educators to their local Power Systems business community to
encourage collaboration and to facilitate linkage of graduates and clients regarding
internships and jobs.
The program is open to colleges and universities. There are already over 200 confirmed
member schools teaching Power skills today, 78 in the US and Canada, 60 of which are
teaching IBM i courses. Colleges receive free IBM Power courseware and other
educational and technical resources and materials, and they are eligible for significant
discounts on hardware and sofware. This program will be greatly expanded with a goal of
400 schools by year end 2015.
For more information on this initiate, contact:
Job Board:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 845-433-8500
Infor XA Summit Week
Register now for the
Infor XA Summit Week
Change the way work is done: Infor XA
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
See how Infor's latest innovations can improve your
business performance
Infor XA Summit Week Webinars coming
March 31–April 4, 2014
Registration is now open for our next XA Summit Week webinar series.
Join us to hear product experts, partners and customers speak on industry
challenges, product developments and the latest technology and tools.
Mon, March 31, 2014 through Fri, April 4, 2014
10:00AM EST, 15:00 BST (GMT+1),
16:00 CET (GMT+2) daily
Join us for one webinar, or all five, to discover how Infor's continuous investments
in innovative technology address your toughest challenges. Discover the benefits
that Infor's latest product enhancements and innovations can bring to your
Sign up for as many or as few of the sessions as you'd like, based on the needs of
your business.
Mon, March 31
Extended XA - Expand Your ERP
This is not your father's XA. The scope of what you can do
with XA is much larger than before. From additional core
capability to extended applications that drive value in more of
your business, today's XA is a new animal. This session will
give you the overview of the entire extended suite.
Tues, April 1
Implementing XA - EPAK and Driving Additional Value
New technology is wonderful, but how do you best implement
it? Infor EPAK is a powerful tool to speed up
implementations, reduce risk, and reduce cost. More
importantly, EPAK provides ongoing value by supporting
your need for continuous training to keep your processes
running correctly. And whenever you improve a process,
EPAK is your method for deploying the updated process
quickly - and accurately.
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
Wed, April 2
XA Launches 10x Technology
XA has now released the Infor 10x technology stack. Social
enterprise, Business Intelligence and a new user interface
complements additional core XA capability in the IDF
framework. You will see the new capabilities in action during
this session, understanding how all the pieces work together
to change the way you interact with your ERP.
Thurs, April 3
Complicated Products Made Easy
Product Lifecycle Management supports efficient and
accurate engineering. From managing the development
process itself to breaking changes in XA, Product Lifecycle
Management powers the Concept to Manufacturing process,
with tools to manage and to collaborate across all required
Fri, April 4
Quote an Order on the Fly
How much time does it take to configure a semi-customized
order and create the required quote package? If you are like
most manufacturers, it takes a lot of time and is prone to
errors. Product Configuration Management does much more
than configure a product, it can generate the quote package,
render 2D or 3D product images, and feed the accepted job
into your Infor XA ERP exactly as quoted.
These informative webinars are complimentary, last approximately an hour and
include a Question & Answer session. Register now.
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
Infor Work is Beautiful Campaign
For those of you that have not seen the Wall Street Journal, Infor had an exciting front
page ad about the new SoHo interface and Infor 10x.
Infor Ad Campaign Hits Wall Street Journal Front Page
Enterprise software should be functional and beautiful. That approach sets Infor apart. A
new advertising campaign is spreading the message that, with Infor, "work is beautiful."
On the front page of The Wall Street Journal, national edition, today, Infor's ad boldly
states: "Work is beautiful. Infor-beautifully crafted software that simplifies the way you
The Journal ad will run weekly through June. It expands on Infor's brand campaign
currently running in select airports around the world.
Unlike traditional business software providers, Infor's focus is on a consumer-grade,
beautiful user experience. Created by Hook & Loop, Infor's in-house design agency,
these ads debut a new concept that beautiful work is worthy of celebration.
See for yourself that "work is beautiful."
ISE Web Education
ISE is developing new, result-oriented classroom training that is delivered over the web
so you can get the training you need without ever leaving your workplace. Connect in
real-time to an interactive instructor-led course from any internet-accessible location.
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
We are in the process of developing a broad choice of courses and dates, which when
delivered over the web will help you eliminate the unnecessary expenses for airfare,
hotels and rental cars when attending a class in person.
As our courses become available we will provide sign-up infornation and fees on our
home page and through email. We already have a Procurement Management and
Costing class completed and we expect our Materials Management class to be ready by
the end of April.
Customer Success – 90 Day Infor XA R9 Implementation
ISE recently completed a succesful XA R9 implementation for a plant in Michigan. One of
customer’s requirements was a fast and timely implementation from a green screen
legacy system to XA R9 utilizing Powerlink.
With the help of the customer’s IT department and the dedication of the Michigan staff,
the vanilla implementation XA R9 was completed (start to finish) in 3 months! ISE and
the customer are now gearing up to do the same implementation at their Georgia facility
with the same time frame in mind.
Paper-Less Corner
Norlen Award
Norlen, a metal fabricator and Paper-Less customer, has been recognized with the 2014
Manufacturing Leadership Award (ML Award) in the category of Engineering and
Production Technology Leadership for its Paperless Manufacturing and Next Generation
Production Operations Management project implemented with Paper-Less advanced
Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system software and Infor Fourth Shift
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The Manufacturing Leadership Awards
(ML Awards) honor companies and individuals that are shaping the future of global
The Paperless Manufacturing and Next Generation Production Operations Management
project allowed Norlen to gain better control of shop floor scheduling, better monitoring of
production quality, tighter integration of business critical software applications and a more
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
environmentally friendly working environment. Norlen not only achieved improvement of
production operations management, but is also effectively moving the company forward
through using manufacturing technology innovation for increasing efficiency, quality and
customer service
Norlen has improved process efficiency by 25-30% throughout the shop and Norlen
supervisors are saving at least 2 hours each day through reduced paperwork.
Norlen has successfully improved production processes including:
Reducing paper-based shop floor processes
Improving quality information gathering and tracking
Improving accuracy of labor reporting, time and attendance
Improving production and ship floor scheduling and reporting
Improving materials management.
Norlen is now achieving better on-time customer shipments, improving production
scheduling and catching quality non-conformance issues. The soft benefits have been
driving a company cultural change towards better quality control and increased employee
New Paper-Less MESTM Pick to Ship Supports Various Types of Mobile and
Other Devices
The new Paper-Less MES Pick to Ship software provides a paperless solution for
managing and improving customer order picking from the warehouse location through to
shipping, while providing immediate updates to the pick list and inventory.
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
Whether they are using personal computers or various types of mobile devices, material
handling professionals may access the Paper-Less MES Pick to Ship solution for realtime visibility into materials management details and increased velocity of meeting or
exceeding customer delivery requirements.
For more information, please contact your Infor sales representative.
Paper-Less Lunch & Learn
Paper-Less has implemented a Paper-Less Lunch and Learn Webinar program. PaperLess Lunch and Learns are free, informative, and thought provoking interactive online
presentations covering many different MES/MOM topics related to the Paper-Less suite
of products. Experts from the Paper-Less Xtend Services Group will be presenting each
of the Lunch and Learn sessions. The schedule can be found on:
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
ISE Lunch & Learn Series
The Information Systems Engineering, Inc. (ISE) Lunch & Learn series is a free program
where customers can feed a hunger for knowledge during a mid-day break to learn more
about XA and associated products. Lunch and learns are from noon to 1:00 p.m. (CST).
2014 Tentative Calendar
Power Link/System Link/Enterprise Integrator Best Practices
System Link for Programmers (intermediate)
IBM-110 IBM Navigator for i
PL-120 MES - Pick to Ship
XA security - finding security tasks in Power Link
Working with MM’s Scheduled Receipts
Cool EI App - RAPID PO Receipt
Cycle-Counting with MM
Power Link User Preference Maintenance
IBM i Logical Partitioning and the HMC
Material Planning
Visual Planner basics
Visual Planner advanced topics
Power Link - Templates - Simplify Data Entry
Cool EI App - RAPID Item Whse Create
IBM i OS Upgrades
YrEnd Std Costing Changes
IFM Yr End Processes
AM Yr End Processes
EPDM Costing Simulations
Dates are subject to change. More Lunch & Learns to be announced.
You can register online at
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240
ISE Webinars
MRP | ThruPut | VPi - What is the Right Fit?
April 2
noon Central
COM_Net2 & Commander
April 16
noon Central
AR Traffic
April 30
noon Central
Infor XA WEBseries Schedule
Once again, Infor will be hosting a series of webinars for Infor XA customers. The
following is the current schedule for 2014:
XA Summit Week
March 31 – April 4
Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
April 7
2 p.m. EST
Power Flex 10x
Apr. 29
2 p.m. EST
Information Systems Engineering, Inc. | 262.567.9240

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