InfoObjects Explorer for SAP Business Objects BI 4.1

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InfoObjects Explorer for
SAP Business Objects BI 4.1
Developed By:
BDI Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
InfoObjects Explorer was conceptualized to aid customers of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 to explore and
understand the often deep and myriad folder structure. A detailed list of all the various info Objects like
Folders, Web Intelligence Documents, Crystal Reports, Xcelcius swf files &xlf are unearthed along with its path,
CUID &ID. InfoObjects Explorer communicates with the SAP Business Objects Platform by consuming the
RESTful web services provided by SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1.
About the Application
InfoObjects explorer consumes the RESTful web services exposed by SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1. The
Business Intelligence platform RESTful web service SDK lets you access the BI platform using the HTTP
protocol. You can use this SDK to log on to the BI platform, navigate the BI platform repository, access
resources, and perform basic resource scheduling. You can access this SDK by writing applications that use any
programming language that supports the HTTP protocol, or by using any tool that supports making HTTP
requests. Both XML and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) request and response formats are supported. For
more information on the JSON format, see and For more
information on the XML format, see .
To use the Business Intelligence platform RESTful web service SDK, you must know the protocol, server
name, port number, and path of the service that listens to RESTful web service requests. Collectively, these
form the base URL. Whenever you make a request to RESTful web services, the beginning of the request starts
with the base URL and is followed by the specific details of the request. Basic installations of the BI platform
that are installed on a single server use the default base URL, http://<servername>:6405/biprws/
Please refer to for
more details.
In complex deployment scenarios, there can be multiple instances of the Web Application Container
Server (WACS), which hosts the RESTful web service. In this case, RESTful web services may be hosted at a
different location. The BI platform administrator defines the location base URL that is used to access RESTful
web services, and you can discover the base URL programmatically or through the Central Management
Console (CMC).
About SAP BusinessObjects - SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions simplify data
manipulation, allowing users to access, navigate, analyze, format, and share information across a corporate
environment. It comprises of various products that allow a wide range of processes, from search and
navigation to advanced analytics, enterprise query, reporting and analysis, dashboards and visualization, and
information infrastructure management. Please refer to:
How to register and use the InfoObjects Explorer App?
InfoObjects explorer is a free iOS application targeted for users of SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.1 and
above. Any valid user of the SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.1 Business Intelligence platform would be able to login
to the Business Intelligence platform RESTful web services by providing valid credentials - username/password.
The use case for InfoObjects Explorer iOS application is as follows:
The use case is valid only for SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.1 customers who have enabled the RESTful web
services running on port 6405 through the CMC. It is enabled by default on the port 6405.
1) Please ensure that the port - 6405 is open via the firewall.
2) Ensure that the RESTful web service - http://<servername>:6405/biprws/ is accessible through a web
browser. Please refer to for more
3) Install the InfoObjects Explorer iOS application and launch it.
4) Login to the SAP BusinessObjects application via the app by supplying a valid SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.1
platform credential (user name/password).
5) Supply the RESTful web service URL as applicable –http://<servername>:6405/biprws/. You need to
change <servername> to the SAP BusinessObjects platform host name and ‘6405’ to the applicable port
in case 6405 is not the RESTful port in your SAP BusinessObjects deployment.
6) Click on the login button. If the credentials and the URL are correct you should be able to login to the
SAP BusinessObjects platform, the outcome of which is the home screen of the iOS application
depicting a list of all the folders.
Please note that, no other specific registration process exists for the InfoObjects explorer application as
there is no need to register with the developer organization of the application.
Are there any additional costs or subscription fees due for accessing the app on iOS
devices? If so, are these charges based on the number of users or devices?
InfoObjects Explorer is absolutely free of charge and has been envisaged as a means to communicate
BDI Systems & Technology Pvt. Ltd capability to develop iOS applications for the SAP BusinessObjects platform.
About BDI Systems and Technologies
BDI Systems is a leading end-to-end analytics firm with expertise in BI Visualization, Big Data Engineering,
Business Intelligence, and Decision Sciences to help companies implement Data-Driven decision making. BDI
Systems, with its own platform and skills in multiple technologies, is a rare combination of products and
services in the Big Data Analytics Space. Please refer to our link for more information –

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