Completion and Approval of Employee Profile on MIS Portal.

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Director Secondary Education, Haryana, Panchkula
Director SCERT
All District Education Officers
All District Elementary Education Officers
All Principal DIETs
All Block Education Officers
All Block Elementary Education Officers
Memo No. 1/13-2016 e-Gov.
Date: (/
Sub: Completion and Approval of Employee Profile on MIS Portal.
Refer to this office letter no. 1/13-2016 e-Gov. dated 28.01.2016 vide
which personal profile and service profile of all employees was ordered to be
updated by the employee themselves and verified by their senior authority after
consultation of his/her personal record upto 06.02.2016 which was further
extended upto 18.03.2016.
List of all employees who had not initiated their profile as on 16.02.2016
was sent through email on 16.02.2016 with a request to complete the activity
of filling up and approval of the profile latest by 18.02.2016. But no progress
has been made till now. Not only this, one School Information Manager has
been deputed each in the office of DEO and BEO to assist them in the task of
approval of the profile.
In this connection, it is pertinent to mention that all activities pertaining
to transfer, promotion, extension in service beyond 58 years, approval for
foreign visit and higher studies are to be done through MIS Portal only. In the
absence of completion of profile and approval thereof, it will not be possible to
carry out these activities through the portal. The academic session is going to
end in a few days and Department will be carrying out transfers and
promotions in the beginning of new academic session. Non-completion of this
exercise will put all the efforts of the Department initiated towards automation
and transparency into vain.
In view of the above, it directed that all DEOs, DEEOs and Director
SCERT will get the profile completed and approved in respect of employees
working under their control during holidays and submit compliance report to
the Directorate by 21.03.2016 evening. Officers/ Officials not completing the
task upto 2j .03.2016 will be liable for disciplinary proceedings.
Additional Dir or
For Direc
ondary Education,
Haryana, Panchkula
Endst. No. Even
Dated: tg(f/4
A copy if forwarded to the following for information and necessary action:
PS/ACSSE for kind information of Additional Chief Secretary School
Education, Haryana
PA/DSE for kind infor5maiton of Director Secondary Education, Haryana
PA/DEE for kind information of Director Elementary Education, Haryana
All Headquarter officers, Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents,
Incharges of various cells of all three wings of the Directorate.
ector Administration-I
For Di or Secondary Education,
4 •Haryana, Panchkula

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