Never Underestimate the Power of Labelling Your Boxes

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Never Underestimate the Power of
Labelling Your Boxes
Most people think that the stresses of a move are over when all the boxes have been moved to
the new home. Unfortunately, if you haven’t labelled the boxes properly, unpacking them would
be as stressful and time-consuming a job as moving was. Not knowing which box contains what
items will make it difficult for you to unpack them in a systematic manner and create a mess.
How Can Labelling Boxes Help?
All this hassle can be avoided if you just label the boxes yourselves. For people who can’t afford
professional movers, this is the best course of action as it can significantly reduce the unpacking
time. One of the reasons people are hesitant to label the boxes is because it takes a lot of time. It
is an added chore that they have to do before the actual move. However, keep in mind that the
time spent in labelling the boxes would double the time you save during their unpacking.
What Items Do You Need?
There aren’t many items required for labelling boxes. You only need permanent markers, post-it
notes or even differently coloured stickers and some sticky tape. The permanent markers are
especially necessary if you are planning on storing some of the boxes in a storage unit. This will
ensure that the labels don’t fade away with the passage of time.
Which Labelling Method is best?
When it comes to labelling boxes, there are two choices available to you. You can either label
the boxes according to items or rooms. In the method involving labelling as per content, you will
have to put labels corresponding to the items placed inside the boxes. For instance, if a box
contains all your spoons and knives, you can label it as ‘Cutlery’. Similarly, the box containing
books can be labelled as ‘Books’. This labelling method is ideal for boxes that are to be placed in
If you are labelling boxes as per rooms, it is a good idea to assign them a different colour scheme
as well. For instance, a box containing kitchen items can be assigned yellow while the box
labelled bedroom is given blue. Coloured labels are easily identifiable and can make grouping
the boxes together a simple task.
Redcliffe Removals are the best removals company in Brisbane. If you need any help in labelling
the boxes, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you out.

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