Replace Plastic Bags With Non Woven Bags

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These days, Non Woven Shopping Bags even are a new thing but turning into
more famous in our daily life. They, with their benefits like: durable, soft, cheap,
safe to environment, reusable and our health and mainly can decaying in a short
period of time, are performing as one of crucial factors in campaigns of
environment protection. In the mean time, plastic bags are acknowledged as a
wonderful invention because of waterproof ability, contemptible price and
sustainability in natural caused different damages to our health and
environment. To confirm a secure environment for our generations, utilizing ecofriendly plastic bags to change regular bags is required but cost of the
production for these bags is very high. So, Non Woven Bags seem to be a
wonderful option. Please take a careful look at some benefits that non woven
bags provide us:
Without poison: Genuine non woven material are natural plastic, so these bags are
very eco-friendly. After some months, they are totally decomposed in natural
surroundings leaving nothing on the earth and completely can be reused. The
materials generated after this procedure will give good nutrition for soil and trees.
In the mean time, normal plastic bags are prepared from gases, oils and additives
mostly are heavy metals, pigments... very harmful substances to our environment
and health. Manufacturing process of plastic bag makes different toxic CO2
polluting to the ambiance, growing the greenhouse impact and change worldwide
climate. These bags are on landfills which stop oxygen ingress throughout the soil,
erosion of soil; make soil bad, not absorbent, less nourishment, then make plants
develop slowly. So utilizing Cooler Bags Wholesale is to keep secure our health
and the environment.
Simple decomposition: Fabric of Insulated bags is prepared from long fibers,
attached together by mechanical, chemical, solvent or heat treatment that can
completely decompose within some months in the natural surroundings. Thus,
these bags can complete their life cycle in short possible time while plastic bags
want so many years to complete that. With this amazing feature, non woven bags
seem to be an eco-friendly option that adds to keep a long environment for our
Reasonable price: If talking about normal plastic bags then they are very popular in our
life as of reasonable price, simple to use and light weight. In the mean time, biodegradable
plastic ones are much more expensive than normal ones. Even not any type of CO2, no
toxic dioxin, no metal but their cost is too costly and tough for consumers to accept. In
case can’t used in time, these bags also are decomposed by sunlight and oxygen. When we
evaluate the cost to make a plastic bag with Butcher Bags, this bag is more expensive
compare to a plastic bag. Though, because of washable ability, these highly effective bags
can be used again many times and it comes to be reasonable compare to plastic bags.
Therefore, non-woven bags are a best solution for reconciling financial benefit and
ecological sanitation.

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