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Robot Kits
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Welcome to one of the largest selections of robot kits on the internet!
Building a robot from a kit is one of the best ways to get involved
with robotics. Kits are also fun and educational. Our kits range from
the very simple Weasel and RocKit to the moderately simple Robotic
Arm and the more advanced Robosapien. Many of these kits are
available in soldering and non-soldering versions!
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Robot Lady Bug
The Ladybug Robot
moves with its six legs
and makes use of
infrared emitting
diodes as its eyes to
avoid obstacles along
its path. Ladybug
automatically makes a
turn the moment it
detects an object in its
path. It continues to
move forward again
when no obstacle is in
the way.
More Robotics
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Power: Four AAA batteries (not included).
Includes motor, gearbox and all parts
Easy to follow instructions
Soldering is required
Requires basic hand tools to assemble
Titan Tank Robot Kit
Titan Tank Robot Kit is a wireless infrared
remote control kit. Its microprocessor
provides 4 different channels to have up to
4 Titan Tanks fight each other at the same
time. Each Titan Tank Robot Kit fires 8
shots and is designed to make a sound
when shooting. Once a Titan Tank is
struck 4 times by an enemy tank, it will
turn 360 degrees and make a sound like an
ambulance. When a Titan Tank "dies" it
must be restarted in order to join the battle.
The Titan Tank Robot Kit moves by 6 Wheels which can move the tank forward, backward,
right and left for a total of 8 movements which provide endless fun and excitement.
Save on 2 - Buy our "Pair" and start a Titan Tank robot war today!
Ages 10 and Up
Clear Illustrated Directions
No Soldering Required
Tools Required: Long Nose Pliers, Diagonal Cutter, Screwdriver
Batteries not included
Non Soldering Kit $28.95
Buy Two Kits and Save! $56.95
Sound Reversing Robot Car Kit
This Robotic Car is a great introduction to
soldering as well as the basics of sound
control and mechanical motion. The car has
a microphone that feeds noise to the control
circuitry. When a loud enough sound (like
a clap) is heard it will cause the car to stop
moving forward and reverse itself turning
slightly left for a few seconds. Then the car will resume forward motion in a different
direction. You can adjust the circuit sensitivity so that very soft or very loud noises will
reverse the motion. Learn motor theory, transistor switching and R/C time constant circuits.
Power: 2 AA batteries (not included).
Includes sound activated circuit.
Circuit board requires solder assembly.
Requires basic hand tools and soldering equipment.
Soldering Kit $17.95
TriBotz Robot Kit
The Tribotz is three robots in one!
The Tribotz Robot kit teaches the fundamentals of
sensor technology and shows you how it all fits
together. Using only basic hand tools (cutting pliers,
long nose pliers, and Phillips screwdriver) you can
assemble this robot kit for a fun learning experience.
Tribotz can operate in 3 different modes:
* Avoider mode - In this mode, on-board sensors
help Tribotz to avoid obstacles.
* Sound mode - Sounds dictate the direction of movement in this mode, as Tribotz changes
direction in response to sound impulses.
* Line Tracer mode - Sensors enable the robot to follow a line drawn by a felt-tipped pen.
The TriBotz will react to sound impulses and objects in its way. It will reverse away from a
sound or obstruction and then move forward. Make a path with a black felt-tip marker or
black tape and watch how infrared sensors allow the TriBotz to make corrections. This kit
contains wonderful instructions and educational background information on each
Tribotz Specifications:
Power Source: One 9V and two AA batteries
Height: 4.4 inches
Length: 5.8 inches
Width: 6 inches
Non Soldering Kit $54.95
Hydrazoid is an ideal introduction for someone
wanting to investigate the fascinating world of robots
and intelligent machines.
This kit introduces the fundamentals of sensor
technology and shows how sensors, electronic circuit
boards, and motors can be combined with carefully
designed mechanical gears and shafts to produce a
robot that walks and responds to sounds.
Clap your hands and watch Hydrazoid walk and then
stop. How does it do that?
By assembling the robot you will find out what the
different components in your robot do and how they work together to generate its behavior.
You will also be introduced to basic electronics and mechanical design. When you have
built and mastered the Hydrazoid, you will be ready to move on towards the more advanced
robots that are used for research. Have fun!
Using only basic hand tools assemble this robot kit for a fun learning experience. LEDs and
illuminated fiber optic antennas give the Hydrazoid a cool alien appearance. You'll feel like
an engineer when you're done. Size: 7 inches tall x 6 inches long.
Non Soldering Kit $34.95
Antoid Robot Kit
The Antoid is a unique, beginner-level robot kit that
features obstacle detection and avoidance. Powered by
two DC motors, the Antoid walks on six legs and avoids
bumping into objects by detecting them with an infrared
sensor. The robot walks forward until it detects an
obstacle, at which point it backs up and turns before
resuming its forward gait. By assembling the Antoid robot
kit, you will gain an appreciation for basic sensors,
gearboxes, and electronics.
The kit includes all the parts you need to put it together,
including two pre-soldered circuit boards, two DC
motors, and high-quality, durable plastic parts that screw together nicely, and a large front
shell with a decidedly extraterrestrial look.
Because the printed circuit boards are pre-assembled, putting the Antoid together is largely
a mechanical project. All you will need are a small Phillips screwdriver and wire cutters.
The instructions are easy to understand.
The Antoid is a good robot kit for anyone as young as 10 who wants to get into robotics.
The robot is fairly straightforward to assemble, yet it is more than just a snap-together kit.
Through construction of this robot, you will learn valuable skills that will help you with
more advanced projects in the future. As you interact with your Antoid robot, you will gain
an appreciation for the capabilities autonomous robots. Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 6 inches (L x W
x H)
Non Soldering Kit $49.95
WAO Kranius
Introducing the fourth generation of the popular
WAO programmable robot kits. WAO Kranius is a
two-wheeled robot that you can program without a
personal computer. The brain consists of an 8 bit
micro-controller and keyboard with 33 tactile
buttons. This bundle of brains can store up to 60
programming steps and 30 FOR-NEXT multiplex
loops. In addition to its futuristic and powerful design, it features 6 vision sensors to see in
front and below the robot. The forward looking "eyes" are two infrared LEDs and an
infrared detector IC. The 4 floor light sensors enable it to distinguish the contrast of light
and dark underneath its shell for line-following or other navigational clues.
This robot is more than just fun. Assembling, building, and following instructions help
develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Because it's programmable, one has to
plan ahead, think systematically and logically, and develop problem-solving skills. Kranius
will challenge you to think creatively.
The optional computer interface allows for dual (computer and manual) control of the
Kranius. It features programming, saving, editing, and downloading capabilities using your
USB port. Operating System: Windows XP or VISTA
Easy to assemble, this robot kit makes a great entrant for robotic competitions, robotic
workshops, after-school programs, special events, gifts, science enrichment camps, and
classroom activities.
Non Soldering Kit $89.95
USB Computer Interface $89.95
Jungle Robot
Jungle Robot is our newest edition to our award
winning line of robotic and science kits.
Jungle Robot is a mysterious robot. One day, you
may look up and catch a glimpse of Jungle Robot
crossing hand-over-hand high across a string
extended from tree to tree in the jungle mist.
Another day, you can catch him walking through
the fallen leaves on the ground. A microphone and
printed circuit board controls your multi-function
(walking or climbing) friend. When you think
Jungle Robot is asleep, just cry Wake Up! Your
robot will immediately start climbing or walking and wait for another command.
Jungle Robot is an excellent beginners robot. This robot kit can teach the basic principles of
robotic sensing and locomotion. It features a pre-assembled printed circuit board, hardware,
and mechanical drive system that can be handled by almost anyone from age 10 and up.
Only basic hand tools are required for assembly.
Non Soldering Kit 19.95
RocKit Robot Kit
OWI introduces to their award winning Beginner
Series of educational electronic robot and science
kits...RocKit Robot! The new futuristic style
includes high performance and superior
materials. RocKit Robot is a spunky little robot
that you can build. Explore the fundamentals of
robotics with this informative and entertaining
robot kit.
Appropriate for ages 10 and up, RocKit Robot is
an intelligent robot with a touch/sound sensor. If
it comes in contact with an object or hears a loud noise (such as hands clapping), RocKit
Robot automatically reverses, then turns before embarking on a new course. RocKit Robot
is lots of fun from the moment it arrives. Requiring only basic hand tools, it includes stepby-step instructions, pre-assembled printed circuit board, condenser microphone, and an
easy-to-assemble mechanical drive system. It's an ideal gift for the educator, hobbyist or
budding scientist. Available in soldering and non-soldering versions.
The Institute for Childhood Resources has selected the RocKIT robot kit as a "Top Ten
Creative Products" winner and "100 Best Children's Products" winner!
Non Soldering Kit $22.95
Soldering Kit $22.95
Weasel Robot
Weasel is a tenacious little robot warrior that
includes two types of sensors that allow it to see a
line or feel its way along walls and around corners.
The contact sensor activates the wall-sensing micro
switch to control the motors. It is the classic robot design using the “Left Hand Rule” to
escape mazes. Underneath Weasel's sturdy plastic base, you will discover photo transistors
that enable it to detect and follow a black line. Its three-speed gearbox will help navigate at
the speed you determine.
Quick and easy to assemble, this is a beginner robot kit that makes a great entrant for
robotic competitions, robotic workshops, after-school programs, special events, gifts,
science enrichment camps, and classroom activities.
Weasel has been selected by the Children's Institute for Childhood Resources as one of the
"100 Best Children's Products" and "10 Best Software/High Tech Products" for 2003.
Requires two AA batteries (not included).
Soldering Kit $22.95
Non-Soldering Kit $22.95
Moon Walker Robot Kit
Moon Walker II has combined the technology of two
sensors. It begins to walk when it detects a change in light
intensity or sound commands. Moon Walker II continues
it's four legged voyage until instructed by an internal timer
to stop. This kit presents an engaging opportunity to learn
about some of the mechanics, operation and history of
When assembled, this robot uses a phototransistor to sense
changes in light (such as turning on a lamp) and a
condenser microphone to sense changes in sound (such as
clapping). It converts those stimuli into electronic signals
to power a motor. The sensitivity of the sensors is
Specifications: Movement: 4 legs powered by crankshafts.
Sensors: sound and light. Power Source: "AA" x 1 (not included). Size: 5" tall X 4"
diameter. Power: About 210mA.
Non Soldering Kit $34.95
Soldering Kit $34.95
Soccer Jr. Walking Robot Kit
This award winning legged soccer robot has been
redesigned to create more excitement and
interaction. A new third motor is used to catch
and shoot the soccer ball (included)!
Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions allow
you to build this exciting interactive robot. The
Soccer Jr. Robot Kit has six operational legs, a
retrieving and kicking mechanism, and a wired
controller to activate movement and ball control.
It runs forward, backward, turns left or right, and
executes 360-degree turns. It will even help
develop your hand/eye coordination skills. Play games, tournaments, and surprise friends
with great moves. Order two for great one-on-one soccer action!
After you have perfected your shooting skills you may want to learn more about robots. Our
highly acclaimed set of instructions allow you to explore robotics. Topics include: Discover
the History of Robots; Mechanism of three motor drive systems; Mechanism of legged
drive system; and Investigate Wired Remote Control Systems. No soldering required.
Non Soldering Kit $39.95
Hyper Line Tracker Robot Kit
This cyber bug has a line tracking system
and it is fortified with a multitude of sensors.
Phototransistors enable it to detect a black
line, and tracking memory allows it to
memorize its last track of the black line.
Two red LEDs flash to tell you which side of
the light sensor is activated. What this all
means is that Hyper Line Tracker is the fastest line navigator that we have ever seen.
Hyper Line Tracker follows a course of your own design! Make a path with a black felt
marker or black tape and watch how light sensors enable the robot's motors to make course
corrections. By using a light emitter, light sensor circuitry, and tracking memory, it
demonstrates how robots "see" a pathway.
Specifications: Movement: 2 wheels driven by 2 DC motors. Control: LED/photo transistor,
tracking memory. Power Source: "AA" x 4 each (not included). Size: H4.3" x L6.1" x
W6.3". Power Consumption: (circuit) 60mA, (mechanical) 300mA. Available in soldering
and non-soldering versions.
Non Soldering Kit $49.95
Soldering Kit $49.95
Spider Robot Kit
"Cool" just got even cooler with the invention of
Spider III, the third generation in the quest to
offer the most advanced design and technology
available. Spider III emits a light sensor beam to
detect obstacles in front of it. Detecting an object
causes the robot to turn and continue in a new
Specifications: Movement: 3 legs on each side
powered by crank shafts, 2 DC motors. Power:
"AA" battery x 2 each, 9v x 1 each (not
included). Control: infrared/photo transistor.
Size: H4.3" x L5.5" x W3.9". Available in soldering and non-soldering versions.
Soldering Kit $49.95
Non Soldering Kit $49.95
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Robot Kits
The BattleKits line of robot kits is a great starting point for robotics projects like educational robots, industrial robotics,
experimental robots, hobby robots, and robotic sports and competitions.
BattleKits are designed along the lines of one of the most successful competition robots ever: BioHazard. We started with some
of the key features in BioHazard and developed four rugged, low-profile, high-performance, mobile platforms on which you
can build your next educational or sport robot.
We offer three different kits:
Light Weight
Middle Weight
Heavy Weight
Our kits feature:
Heavy-duty frames
Light-weight base plates and bulkheads
Complete drive trains
Built-in motor and speed controller mounting
Custom wheels
Optional components include:
Batteries and battery mounting kits
Motor speed controllers
Radio remote controls
We feel that the above combination of features results in a kit that will save you countless hours and hundreds, (or even
thousands), of dollars.
Maximum Versatility
We started with some of the key features in the design of BioHazard and improved upon them in several ways. "Kit" might not
be the best word to describe our products. We ship them fully assembled, (except for electrical connections), so that you can go
right to work adding your finishing touches. This preserves maximum versatility and flexibility. Start with our rugged, lowprofile, mobile platform to simplify and reduce the time required to complete your project.
Rugged Construction
BattleKits feature a bulletproof drive train that is completely housed in a square aluminum extruded
The one-piece extrusion (one each for the left and right drive trains), is precision CNC machined
with mounting holes for all the sprockets, wheels, shafts, and motors. Each drive component is
supported on both sides of the 3" x 3" square aluminum tubing to avoid "overhung" loads.
The tubing is made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The light weight robots have frame tubes with
1/4" wall thickness and the middle and heavy weights have tubing with 3/8" wall thickness.
Drive train modules include a separate two-stage speed reducer for each wheel.
All the drive chains are continuous loops with no connecting links. (Connecting
links reduce chain strength by almost 30%.) All our kits feature #35 chain. The
sprockets, shafts, and axles are custom-made from 5140 Chromoly steel. Two
different sets of sprockets are available so you have your choice of medium-fast or very fast, (details below). One of our
powerful Motors mounts on each drive module and is plenty strong for any ordinary robot. Our middle and heavyweight drive
modules also have mounting provisions for a second set of motors if you are looking for truly extraordinary acceleration.
The wheel assembly is made from the popular 4" Colson Performa tire. These are machined
and mated to our custom hubs, bearings, and 19-tooth Chromoly sprockets. This combination
weighs in at just 1.1 pounds - including the drive sprocket.
These are also available separately. Visit our wheels section for more details.
The base plates and the bulkheads are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The base plates
are drilled and countersunk with all the mounting holes for the bulkheads, drive modules,
speed controller, and several different sizes and types of batteries. All components are
CNC computer machined to tight tolerances for maximum consistency and lowest cost.
One of the key features of our kits is that they are held together entirely with screws. Using
screws instead of welding makes it easier to modify and repair. The heavyweight base
plate has over 90 screw holes! The thickness of the base plates ranges from .156" for the
heavy weight, down to .125" for the light weight. Bolting the bulkheads and the drive
modules to the base plate results in a very stiff structure. You can easily drill and tap holes in the drive modules to mount your
own custom components
None of the sprockets hang below the bottom surface of the drive modules - not even the sprockets on the wheels. The screws
are all countersunk on the underside so nothing protrudes from the smooth surface of the base plate except the rubber part of
the wheels.
Battery Options and Mounting: We offer three different battery options. The batteries are
held in place with steel mounting hardware that is bolted to the base plate. The base plates
have been pre-drilled and countersunk for the hardware for each type of battery and for every
optional battery location. To hold the batteries down onto the base plate we use 2" wide
Velcro strapping. This combination of steel and Velcro makes for a very secure and low-cost
mount while making it easy to remove the batteries for maintenance.
Visit our batteries section for details.
Tip Resistance: The wheels are positioned so that they stick out of the frame towards
the front and the rear. This allows the robot to be tipped up onto its front or rear and
still maintain contact between the drive wheels and the floor. You can decide to keep
this feature or cover the wheels. The wheels are also positioned as close to the sides
of the frame as possible so that even sideways tips will still have to be quite extreme
before the frame comes in contact with the floor.
Another key feature is the low profile. The highest point on any of our kits (the
bulkheads) is just 4.4 inches from the floor. This allows you plenty of room to mount your educational project or other devices
on top of the kit's mobile platform without creating a robot that is unreasonably tall. A low center of gravity also makes it very
difficult to tip the robot over.
Ground Clearance: In place of the standard four-inch
wheels, optional five-inch, 28-tooth wheels can be fitted
to any of our kits for additional ground clearance. This
requires drilling new axle holes and removing some
aluminum around the wheels. Contact us and we will
provide detailed drawings, or we can do the job for you
at an additional cost. Shown on the left is the Light
weight kit with 5-inch wheels. The ground clearance is
increased to over 1.8 inches.
Here is our 5-inch conversion kit if you already have a
BattleKit and you want to make the switch.
Minimum Weight
The only steel components in our kits are the sprockets, the axles, and small hardware. Everything else is made from aluminum.
The following chart lists the size and weight of each basic kit along with the weight of the kits with our motors, batteries, and
speed controllers installed. Note that the kits can be configured with many different motor and battery combinations. The
combinations used in the chart are just examples.
Full Kit
The "Full Kits" in the above chart include the following components:
(Two of
(Two of
AmpFlow 160
AmpFlow 160
AmpFlow 160
Light Weight Kits
All the kits share the same wheels and speed reduction
hardware. The light weight kit is the simplest and lightest
possible 4-wheel-drive configuration using our custom
hardware. It includes two dual-wheel drive train modules,
aluminum bulkheads, and a base plate. The motors are located
in the center of the drive modules and each wheel has its own
two-stage speed reducer.
The base plate is drilled and countersunk with all the holes
required to mount the speed controller, batteries, and other
components - a total of 62 holes.
Available options:
Three different motors
MC-1250 batteries
AmpFlow speed controller
High-speed gearing
Radio control
Ships fully assembled (except for electrical connections)
Length: 17.7"
Width: 15.6"
Weight Bare: 21 Lbs.
Weight with two E30-150 motors, two MC-1250 batteries, AmpFlow 160 controller: 37 Lbs.
Visit our order page to place your order.
Middle Weight Kits
You can order this kit with up to four motors and four MC545 batteries installed. The square footprint works well for a
many types of robotics projects.
Note that four motors are not required in any of our kits in
order to achieve four-wheel drive. All wheels will be driven
even if only two motors are installed in the kits. But if you
decide to go with the E30-150 economy motors, we suggest
you use four of them in the middle weight.
A total of ten chains are used for power transmission and
speed reduction. The ten chains have no connecting links, and
they are all exactly the same length. In fact, every chain in all
of our kits is the same length, (except two chains in the heavy
weight). This enables us to buy these in large quantities and
reduce costs. All the kits also share wheels, axles, sprockets,
shafts, and other hardware so we are able to take advantage of
volume discounts on all those items.
The base plate is drilled and countersunk with all the holes required to mount the speed controller, three sizes of batteries, and
other components - a total of 84 holes.
Available options:
Six different motors
MC-545 or MC-680 batteries
AmpFlow speed controller
High-speed gearing
Radio control
Ships fully assembled (except for electrical connections)
Length: 22.4"
Width: 21.3"
Weight Bare: 30 Lbs.
Weight with two A28-400 motors, two MC-545 batteries, AmpFlow controller: 62 Lbs
Visit our order page to place your order.
Heavy Weight Kits
The Middle and Heavy weight kits can be configured with two
or four motors. Ether configuration will provide four-wheel
drive. Robots with just two motors employ a "jack shaft" in
place of the second set of motors. The jack shaft is simply a
shaft with two sprockets that runs in two ball bearings
mounted in the aluminum drive module. Four motors are
required in the heavy weight kit if you choose to use the E30150 economy motors.
The base plate is drilled and countersunk with all the holes
required to mount one or two speed controllers, three sizes of
batteries, and other components - a total of 92 holes.
Available options:
Six different motors
MC-545 or MC-680 batteries
AmpFlow speed controller
High-speed gearing
Radio control
Ships fully assembled (except for electrical connections)
Length: 30.0"
Width: 24.0"
Weight Bare: 43 Lbs.
Weight with two A28-400 motors, two MC-680 batteries, AmpFlow controller: 83 Lbs
Visit our order page to place your order.
Modular Drive Units
If none of our standard sizes will do the job, consider
using our Modular Drive Units. With the "MDU" you
can easily construct a mobile platform that is exactly
the length and width you need.
Each unit is basically one half of one of our middle
weight drive train modules. It includes a 10" length of
the 3/8" extruded square tubing. The tube houses a
two-stage chain-and-sprocket speed reducer and a 4" wheel. It bolts right up to our E30, A28, or F30 motors. This unit is very
easy to use. Just bolt it in place, plug it in, and go play!
You can easily mount these modules into your robot by drilling and tapping four 1/4-20 screw holes right into the 3/8"
aluminum wall. You can also mount other components directly to the module using more tapped holes. We left the hole
locations up to you so that you would have maximum flexibility in mounting.
The extruded aluminum frames are symmetrical so the motor can be mounted on either side. We call these "Type-A" and
"Type-B". For a four-wheel drive robot, you would typically need two of each type. Just choose the types that you need on our
order form. You can always reconfigure them if you change your mind.
Like all our kits, no chain tensioners are used in the modular
drive units. The axle locations are machined to such tight
tolerances that chain tensioners are not required. This is one of
our key cost-cutting features in all our kits. We reduced the
parts count and the cost with no impact on the ruggedness. We
tried to heed the advice of Antoine de Saint-Exupery when he
said "You know you've achieved perfection in design, not when
you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing
more to take away." But we made sure to temper our
enthusiasm for that philosophy with Albert Einstein's advice:
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not
Reduction Ratios: These drive modules are available with either 5.6 or 3.4 to 1 reduction ratios, (the same ratios used in our
kits.) The standard ratio uses sprockets with 9 and 24 teeth and the high-speed ratio uses sprockets with 13 and 21 teeth. To
switch to the faster ratio you just replace the standard sprockets with our high-speed sprockets.
The following chart shows the robot's top speed using various combinations of motors and reduction ratios:
Motor RPM
5.6 ratio
High Speed
3.4 Ratio
10 MPH
17 MPH
12 MPH
20 MPH
10 MPH
17 MPH
14 MPH
23 MPH
11 MPH
19 MPH
11 MPH
19 MPH
Ten to twelve MPH is plenty fast for almost any type of educational or fighting robot so we ship all our kits with the 5.6
reduction ratio. Those who have had lots of driving practice at that speed might want to try the faster ratio so we offer a highspeed upgrade. We recommend the following motors for use with the high speed ratio:
Light weight kit: Two of the A28-150 motors
Middle or Heavy weight kits: Four of the A28-400 or F30-400 motors
The modular drive units (unlike our kits), are available with the high speed ratio factory installed.
Available options:
Six different motors
High-speed gearing
Ships fully assembled with 5.6 or 3.4 reduction ratio
Length: 10.5"
Weight Bare: 5.1 Lbs.
Weight with E30-150 motor: 8.7 Lbs
Visit our order page to place your order.
Low Cost
An important goal when designing and specifying components for these kits was keeping the cost low. We have achieved
surprisingly low prices by:
Standardizing as many components as possible
Using the fewest number of parts required to get the job done
Buying our components in high volumes
Visit our order page to order your kit. For more information, or to order individual components please visit these
Visit the Motors page
Visit the Batteries page
Visit the AmpFlow Controllers page
Visit the Wheels page
Visit the Radio Control page
Order your robot now!
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